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It's my birthday...... kind of.....
It's my birthday...... kind of.....
Right, well, those of you who have been looking closely, very closely, will have noticed that this is indeed my 500th ‘blog for nufcblog.org.

I’ve been scrabbling around trying to think of something special to do for it, but I haven’t been able to come up with much to do for it in way of a celebration. I could just put some photos of me up, but whilst it would look good, of that there is no doubt, it would be very NUFC related would it?

So what I have decided to do is hand pick a selection of Newcastle matches from over the years that hold some special memories for me personally, starting with the first ever match I went to. Now I’m only 28, so my reference period may not be as long as some of yours, but it’s always nice to have a look back, a wander down memory lane if you will, through the good times and the inevitable bad times.

This is the first Newcastle match I ever went to see live at St James’ Park, and it is where my love affair officially began I suppose. Don’t get me wrong, I was always a Newcastle fan, but at just 5-years-old at the time, I couldn’t really go to many matches myself, and this was the first one my Dad too me took. Not a bad one to choose to be fair as The Toon slammed 5 goals past Swindon in an FA Cup tie way back in 1988.

Next up, the day that Newcastle clinched promotion to the Premier League the first time around at Grimsby’s Blundell Park. Whilst this was undoubtedly a joyous day for Newcastle fans and effectively kicked off a new era for the club, it is well worth noting that the joy you see from fans in this clip was mirrored the season before where it took some heroics to avoid us getting relegated to what would now be League One and leave the club facing near certain extinction. Bad times followed by good – It’s the Newcastle way.

How could I leave this out? In answer to that, I couldn’t. I actually cried the day we beat Manchester United 5-0.

Keegan left, Dalglish came in and gave us a night to remember against Barcelona. He got sacked, the Ruud Gullit arrived, and got sacked. Then Newastle struck gold with Sir Bobby Robson. The lifelong Newcastle fan came home and led us to the Champions League. This night in Feyenoord sticks in my mind more than any other. I was sat in a pub with a load of Geordie contracters. That was some night!

For me, you can never beat the feeling of beating The Mackems. This 4-1 win on the cheesy chip munchers own doorstep is one of the most moemorable in my view. Unfortunately it was a game that signalled the end of Alan Shearer’s playing days, although he did manage to play a small part in his testimonial at the end of that season.

It was downhill from there as Newcastle limped out of the Premier League a couple of seasons later with a squad that, on paper, should never have got relegated. Unfortunately, football isn’t played on paper, and a season of off-pitch turmoil, managerial changes and a dressing room full of ego’s combined to take us down.

A ‘character building’ season in The Championship followed, and the turmoil continued, briefly. Nobody knew what to expect and many people tipped us to struggle to adapt to our new surroundings. We did that in spades and won the league scoring 102 points on the way. This goal by Kevin Nolan sealed promotion back to the Premier League, and if you look closely you can just about see me and my mate in the crowd in the East Stand.

I appreciate that there are loads of matches that I could have of put in, but these ones strike a chord with me, plus I had to limit myself as I doubt that you lot will want to read me rattling on forever!

That concludes my 500th ‘blog for nufcblog.org, and offers a timeline of my support from when I was a bairn right up to the modern day adult that I have (debatebly) now become.

Here is to the next 500!

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76 Responses

  1. Some happy memories there Toonsy, fences crap pitches, happy days.congrats on 500…..howay then where’s 501?? ;-)

  2. Great stuff Toonsy. U’ve had some cracking blogs along the way. Followed them for a long time now.

    Keep’em coming, love the banter.

  3. Well done mate.
    Informative and interesting. Blogs always stimulate debate which why we all congregate on here.

    Me and the laddie will be there tomorrow. Don’t care who are wearing the shirts as long they give their best.

    Detest cockneys. They are so full of themselves

  4. Toonsy…just “got” the headline….I just thought it was a threat the first time I read it :lol:

  5. BTW Toonsy,

    Cheers for the all the videos mate. Brought back some great memories. Am only 30 myself so I’ve shared pretty much all the same highs and lows as yourself.

    As bad as the lows were the highs were just incredible. Sometimes its difficult to be a Newcastle supporter but the good days make it all worthwhile. Great stuff!

    Love the Toon and always will! HWTLs

  6. Some prolific writing that is by the way kiddo. Always enjoy your view of things, don’t always agree with them obviously but respect them nonetheless and always enjoy your bites. Here’s to many more.

  7. loved that toonsy,so will batty when he wakes up,good to look back,lets hope we get some more to look back on

  8. Grimsby definitely the highlight for me. We were stood against the corrogated iron fence when Kelly scored, so we were the first to see his shot was going in and were already surging down the terracing before it went in.

    What’s incredible about that footage, is when you see the supporters steam on at about 1:30, you have to realise we weren’t even supposed to have supporters in that section. They’d been rounded up from all over the home section and marched into an empty dividing section in the middle. Tremendous.

  9. * corrogated iron fence * in the corner by the way, looking across towards the dugouts. Anyway…, twas a good feeling.

  10. toonsy ive been looked looking for a vid of the 5 nil for years and u just pull 1 oot of fresh air :)

  11. budalovesa patsy says:
    October 26, 2010 at 8:20 pm

    “Detest cockneys. They are so full of themselves”

    Detest bigots. They are so full of themselves.

  12. DJG – haven’t been away that much, it’s just finding time to get involved again!

    Right, I’m away to watch the football. And maybe have a bit of banter later.

  13. Batty

    What do you need aberdeen to do?

    Win the game or is your bet both teams will score

  14. Trip down memory lane – good stuff, yeah lots of others that could be in there but all good uns just the same
    Well done on your 500th, here’s to the next 500

  15. Fair play Toonsy for reaching a milestone, I’d have personally went with a Title of “Howay 5-00”, in reference to the Newcastle/Manu VHS that was released of the drubbing..but then again I could probably write terrible headlines for a red top rag all day long :D lol.

    Loved watching through some of these. Have to say I remember going absolutly mental in my living room at the Feyenoord game, Bellamy always holds a special place with me purely for that game.

  16. fourfouroneone says:
    October 26, 2010 at 9:11 pm
    Trip down memory lane – good stuff, yeah lots of others that could be in there but all good uns just the same
    Well done on your 500th, here’s to the next 500
    <<<< yes no doubt he will if you and rich stop pickin on him :)

  17. ya must hoy a bit on to get that back like…must have been a good week with the scrap ;-)

  18. toonsy, toonsy, toonsy.
    Happy Birthblog y’aad get.

    Well done mate, keep it coming bonny lad.
    Y’playing a blinder.

  19. This game v arse isn’t gonna be an arsenal team littered with bairns btw.
    wenger is gonna put out a pretty strong team, with plenty of back up on the bench. He knows it represents a good chance of a trophy with just manure, us & villa left in it.

  20. Toonsy well done Lad for the long awaited 500 mate maybe now you have got the hang of it you might start knocking out an odd decent one :lol:

  21. Well Batty lad hows it going me old bean ;) yeah mate just finished there and im really wrecked tonite, but im off tomorrow night so hope we do well against the Arse ;)

  22. Congrats, Toonsy. You do a brilliant job and I’m looking forward to your future musing on NUFC.



  23. Thanks for posting the vids. I am new here but enjoy reading the posts & comments and VIDEOS.

    I imagine Toonsy to be someone who could grow a very powerful beard if not already.


  24. Nice touch for the 500th Toonsy. Brought tears to my eyes some of those pictures. Missed them all cos I was travelling the world. If I’d picked my top 5 there’d be nothing after 1973.

    Keep up the great work.

  25. That 4-1 against the mackems always sticks in my head.A bunch of us spent the 2 hours before trawling round town trying to find a place with it on telly, went from tynemouth to town, to the Holystone in Northumberland Park only to find it was full. In the end back to a mates back garden, crate of shite lager and the radio only to find the scum one up. Sunshine, pissed, derby win was a good time.

  26. Well done Toonsy, big achievement 500 blogs (and probably having the pee taken out of you on most of them lol)
    Brought back some good memories watching them vids..

  27. Toonsy!! :) Congrats mate. I love reading your blogs. Thank you. Would have liked to have seen a photo of you ;)
    Cheers, Jilly Bean

  28. Jill says:
    October 27, 2010 at 10:14 am
    Toonsy!! Congrats mate. I love reading your blogs. Thank you. Would have liked to have seen a photo of you<<<< jil beleive me you wouldnt like too see a photo of the monster that is called toonsy :)

  29. Thank-you very much for the comments everyone :)

    Time for 501 now though :)

    Ross – Howay 500 :lol:

  30. Well done Toonsy, glad to see you get past all of the strife provided by some of the idiot commenters on the blog.

    Interesting choice of games, I have to say some of my memories would almost certainly be in B/W footage. :)

    Our Fairs cup win and that bizzare 12-1 win against Bella Vista would probably figure somewhere for me.

    Sorry for absence on blog (commenting wise) but have been popping on to see wasup like.

  31. Congrats to everyone involved on the blog for 500!

    Always entertaing and thought provoking

    Thanks for helping me get throught my shite job from day to day :)