Lovenkrands: “it’s not too much fun playing against Arsenal”.

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Lovenkrands: Hoping for a place.
Lovenkrands: Hoping for a place.
On the eve of Newcastle United’s League Cup clash with Arsenal, Newcastle United striker, Peter Lovenkrands, has been hailing the stylish passing play of the North London giants, likening them to Barcelona. However, the great Dane still thinks that victory is possible, especially after the Magpies’ scintillating 4-3 victory against the mighty Chelsea in the last round. Another one against the “Gooners” would mean a place in the Quarter Finals.

Lovenkrands said of Arsenal:

“They are the team who come closest to the passing game of Barcelona, it’s a similar style with the same kind of players like Fabregas, who can pass like Iniesta or Xavi.”

On what it’s like to actually play against them, Lovenkrands added:

“I’d pay to watch them because it’s so exciting, but it’s not too much fun playing against Arsenal when you’re running about after them. It’s a matter of trying to get hold of the ball first and if we can play like we did at Chelsea, you never know.”

Thanks to manager, Chris Hughton’s seeming preference for big target men such Andy Carroll and Shola Ameobi over swift gundogs such as Lovenkrands, it has been a lean time in terms of first team action for the Dane recently, however the League Cup has provided an opportunity for him to get some more time in, however it is still unknown whether he will feature for the Magpies tomorrow evening.

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46 Responses

  1. He’s right about arsenal being good to watch.
    Though i prefer to watch them than barca.
    Less rolling about on the pitch.
    & barca are the pundits hat.

  2. PL should get some minutes tomorrow.

  3. Worky you have been on fire lately ;)
    I do feel a bit sorry for Lovens he done a lot to get us in to the prem but seems to be cast aside now. I hope he gets a cup game and maybe play himself into the prem as I do think he could do well in the ( No10) role but I dont really think he is going to get it :(

  4. I think we should play a strong side



    R. Taylor


    That should give us a chance but also keeps most first XI players fresh for the big game vs scum!

  5. pearceet,
    i know what y’saying mate & normally i’d say yea, but i think he offers us more solidity at the back & in MF.
    So on this occasion i’d give him the game.
    It’s gonna be a tough enough game as arsenal will put out a decent team.

  6. CLiNT-Now you’ve said that, I hope we dont put any starters for the Scum out the moro night or i’ll be laying the blame on you should owt happen to any of them ;) haha

  7. Ross,
    i just dunno if we should put all our eggs in one basket.
    It ramps up the pressure too much.

    Feel free to blame away man.

  8. defo no starters. We simply can’t risk them. Not that the Gunners would do a hatchet job, but shite happens and that’s the last thing we need ATM.

  9. Think team will b krul, rayor,perch,kadar,ferguson routledge,smith,guthrie,vukic ranger,lovenkrands

  10. we do have options these days, it’s quite exciting. If man u had gone out earlier i would have been tempted to twist on this game. But then our 2nd string is strong. Only real borderline 1st team regular decisions for hughton are shola, krul, colo. I would be tempted to play shola to give us a genuine target up front. Mcloven, ranger could lack presence. Ranger on the wing looks good.

  11. i even get excited about the team sheet these days, nearly always decent logic to it. MAN I love Hughton. One smart bloke managing our club these days.

  12. I think steve taylor could start simpson needs games for fitness so i would not be suprised if he starts but i can see hughton starting a strong team tonight

  13. CC,
    it’s my best guess mate.
    Couldn’t think of owt else to write when i talking to meself last night mate.

  14. Batty – Jus goes to show how obsessed Stuart is with me. It’s clear as day now. I mean why bring my name up on Worky’s ‘blog? I reckon he was on the vinegar strokes ;)

  15. Close match to call this one-Hopefully Arsenal play shite and we give em a good going over..fingers crossed.

  16. SJT, I’d rather they played like Barca and we thrashed them especially with the young-uns. ;)

  17. Off topic – does anybody else agree that Budalovesapatsy ‘s avatar is absolutely lush. i look at it and i’m like Homer Simpson drooling over a bag of donuts…. mmmmmmmm donuts…….