More trouble for Andy Carroll?

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Oh dear.....
Oh dear.....
It looks like Andy Carroll and trouble have found themselves thrust together again.

Hot on the heels of the weekend escapades that resulted in Carroll having to face court on Monday morning comes another spot of bother for the Gateshead lad.

It appears that Carroll’s new chrome-plated, all singning, all blinging, Range Rover has been torched whilst parked on the driveway of team-mate, club captain, and current landlord, Kevin Nolan’s family home. Nolan’s garage door was also daubed with graffiti relating to the lanky striker in the process according to the police and fire services who attended the scene, and Nolan’s house is now sporting a 24/7 security presence as a result of these events.

Now I may just be getting paranoid about the whole thing, but trouble seems to be starting to follow bigger lad around somewhat. This latest event comes smack bang inbetween the court case on Monday and his, arguably bigger, court case due to start next Monday.

Quite what Carroll has got himself involved in something that only those involved will know, but the torching of his car smacks of retaliation to me. Retaliation for what though? Retaliation for what happened last weekend, or for something else?

We’ll probably never find out to be honest.

More to follow, no doubt….

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50 Responses

  1. What the hecks goin on with Carroll. I feel sorry for Nolan coz he’s done nowt wrong. People said Carroll was not the brightest spark but he must be mixing with some complete muppets. No way should he play at W Ham imho, it would just make a complete mockery of our management.

  2. This is getting crazier n crazier.

    Who ever came up with the suggestion of this been turned into a reality tv show has missed out on a massive hit!

  3. Well he’s gonna be on the front page of the sun again tomorow morning, more headlines for fleet street to use about us, cheers Andy.

  4. ‘We’ll probably never find out to be honest.’

    Toonsy. Mick Dennis would find out. ;)
    The nations fav journalist. :)

  5. Mick Dennis is alright. Notice there have been no ant-Newcastle articles since my dealings with him ;)

  6. maybe he is scared of ron jeremy toonsy? :)

    That really is one of the most disturbing pictures i have seen toonsy! I get some funny looks in work when people catch a glimpse of it :)

  7. I think he is at the moment el toro , he is our best striker and we prob dont have the money to replace him with better , but his off field antics r embarrasing to say the least

  8. can’t really blame carroll for someone torching his car although I bet Nolans wife is well p!ssed off having that muppet carroll living there

    to be honest carrolls becoming more bother than he’s worth, we’ll be rid soon enough when he gets sent down

  9. The hassle off the pitch must outweigh the performances on it, for him to be not worth it.
    ATM, he’s not worth it then.
    worky, or a disgruntled ‘victim’ or ‘friend’ of victim?

  10. It is a lot of bother but someone torching his car has nothing to do with newcastle. He’s still putting his all in when he plays. Granted he’s probably done something but we’ll never know who’s at fault, could be he’s been caught up in something we’ve no idea about. Toonsy’s right we’ll never know what happened. Also people using the taylor incident as a stick to beat him with now. Most agreed at the time if taylor was trying to get in and about his lass then he probably deserved a slap. I’m not supporting carroll just saying people seem to change their opinions on here with the weather a la houghton sack nonsense.

  11. I have stuck up for Carroll in the past but this is getting beyond the joke, he is obviously not listening to any advice he is given and appears to be heading for a proper disaster unchecked.
    It is time for the club to act before its too late, and it might already be, but he needs to be dropped and listed, enough is enough.

  12. BBB – In fairness, I doubt Carroll torched his own car, and it means nowt really, not in the grand scheme of things. It doesn’t mean he has done anything else, it could be retailiation, intimidation, or anything…..

  13. “it could be retailiation, intimidation, or anything…..”

    Did you study philosophy Toonsy ?

  14. So listing the stuff we know about

    Punched Zogs in training ground
    Sparked out Taylor
    Bottled some bloke in bigg market
    Assualted some bird who told him he was crap in the sack or summat

    Training ground incidents happen all the time but Carroll def seems to be a bit of an idiot, his form is pretty poor at the mo so he should dropped regardless of off field incidents

    god knows what else he’s been up to that is unreported, at least Gazza was a jovial drunk – carroll seems to be a violent drunk ala barton

    we should prob think of getting rid whilst he has a sell value as soon enough he’ll be worth jack shit

  15. Too many unknowns to make a call, and this latest incident does suggest that there’s a lot more to this. But nobody attracts this kind of trouble innocently.
    Still worth the hassle. For now.
    If he wins his ABH court case and this common assault one shows it really was self defence, things will look a lot different. He’ll be misguided and a bit daft rather than a thug. A misguided 15-goals-a-year striker I can deal with.

  16. If he was ‘really’ doing the do on the pitch, none of us would give a flying…

  17. Also,
    hasn’t Shola got 4 goals to his name, with less minutes, so far?
    Just a thought like.

  18. Hughton kept his chequebook in his pocket during the summer, with Dan Gosling and Sol Campbell arriving on frees and Cheik Ismael Tiote signing from FC Twente in Holland – none of them have made a real impression.

    From a wetspam site.
    Er, could it be that Sol & Gos haven’t played yet & Tiote is a DM?
    Top analysis there like.

  19. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 21, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    “Hello me, how am i doing?
    I’m alreet me like.”

    From what I’ve been hearing in the news, Toonsy has a few more cars to fix, Clint. :lol:

  20. CLiNT FLiCK

    Gillespie going to Darlo. He must be a bit long in the tooth these days surely.

    Carroll can’t be in the right frame of mind atm to play, between two court dates and now this, he must feel like the roof is caving in. Give a brainless gatesheed lad loads of dosh and let him go around like Richy Rich in the local clubs spouting his gob off. This is entirely predictable. Luckly his performances have been sh!t atm anyway so should be no bother for Hughton dropping him.

  21. The anoying thing about these young players like AC and Joey B is that they forget about how many children are part of the fan base. Anyone who’s name is printed on the back of a shirt worn by a bairn should realise that they are role models and with that comes a great deal of responsability! At the moment between appearances in court and demands for ridiculous wages its hard to even contemplate my boys looking up to these arses!

  22. So many questions.

    What kind of off-field training do the youngsters get at the Benton base? Isn’t there someone to help them deal with the craziness they will encounter when in town?

    If these “models” were actually something else, did the car get torched because someone’s merchandise got damaged, or someone left before he paid his bill?

    Has AC never heard Billy Joel sing “You should never argue with a crazy man (gal), you outta know by now”?

    Most teams have a player who doubles as a spy and feeds back to mgt. who is up to what. If NUFC does not have one, they sure need one now that they are going to a youth focused roster.

  23. Ranger and Shola to start, I hope. I think Lover’s got issues at the moment and AC cannot have his mind in the right spot. Besides, just by being awake somewhere at sparrowfart in the morning during season he deserves to be dropped to the bench – regardless of what he was doing to whom at the time.

  24. Ok, someone has to be first with the attempts at jokes:

    Did you hear Andy Carroll’s made a tit of himself again. Someone told him his Range Rover wasn’t cool without smoked glass…

  25. There’s just something quite exciting about Shola on form (let’s face it, the boy’s got tricks) next to Ranger on full throttle.
    I know the latter will drop the odd clanger, but he’ll also create havoc in a completely different way to Shola, who I think will keep up his score rate for a while yet – before getting injured. He’s a stickler for tradition apparently ;)
    Guthrie in behind; Jonas on his left, Routledge on his right, Tiote in behind and Simpson, Sol, Collo and Jose at the back.
    Hammer the hammers.

  26. Except for Tiote, NUFC will probably be fielding the same crew this Saturday as they put out last year in the fizzy.

    Can’t wait to see Gosling, STaylor and a healed H bomb out there and find out what they can do to keep this ship afloat.

  27. Srves him right for buying a Range Rover. If he wants bling he should chat to me and I’ll sort him out ;)