Newcastle 2-2 Wigan – Video highlights.

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Or low-lights depending on your viewpoint, but nonetheless here is another chance to watch the goals from the game yesterday.

I can’t believe I am actually happy with a point at home against Wigan, but then I guess coming back from two goals down to snatch a draw deep into injury time in a game where it had looked rather unlikely will have that effect on me.

After watching several sets of highlights I have picked out a few points that people should consider;

Williamson was to blame for the first goal, not Perch, in my humble opinion.
Playing Danny Guthrie wide on the right is not an option and gives the team no shape.
Andy Carroll needs to realise his right foot is there for more than decoration purposes.
Jonas’ crossing seems to be getting better.

Lessons need to be learnt from this game although I am pleased that the lads didn’t give up and kept plugging away. Two quick goals in the space of a minute from that little tosspot N’Zogbia shocked the life out of Newcastle yesterday, and to be fair it would have that effect on a lot of teams.

Next up for us is West Ham away, a Saturday evening kick-off that will be live on ESPN. Given our apparent love of playing away from home at the moment I would at least be looking for a draw out of that game. Upton Park is not an easy place to go to though and Newcastle will have to play much much better if they are to ensure the 2,900 travelling members of the Toon Army head home happy.

Onwards and upwards!

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35 Responses

  1. To be brutally honest, getting a draw at home against Wigan is shocking but on the other getting a draw against Wigan at home is better than losing at home to Wigan, at least the guys put in a shift in the second half to get claw back the 2 goals conceded but I agree that in the clip, it does look like Williamson was trying to keep Zogs on the ground & not let him header the ball, when he should have been jumping to header the ball away, that was his mistake, not sure what Perch was doing in that quartet, nothing imo!!!

    I said yesterday on the Newcastle Utd Mad board that we should have played the following team:

    Perch, Willo, Sol, Enrique,
    Routy Gutherie, Barton, Jonas,
    Carroll, Loverboy

    But I was said we needed Tiote on there as he was our best player, yes he’s very good but I think at home we need to be less defencive & more attacking, then if we’re winning the game, then bring on the defencive players like Toite..

    In some part I was right because being too defencive is why we went 2-0 down & it wasn’t until we brought on more striking options did we start to look like getting anything…. :)

    I rest my case for the defence… lol ;)

  2. Apologies if this has already been discussed but I heard last night that Captain Tugboat was told at 2pm yesterday that he was being benched.

    He did not take kindly to CH’s decision and stormed out of the dressing room and watched the match in one of the corporate boxes.

    So much for team spirit and setting an example….
    If indeed this is true, then good on CH and I hope he punishes Tugboat.

  3. Perch should not play, he had a torrid time out there. Play someone who can get some pace and curve on the ball. We should look to feed Carroll with some good crosses, so next time please pick Ryan Taylor for RB. I could understand that he plays Perch if he were any good defensively, but his defending is shite. He is not confident, which is not so surprising really, because he is not good enough for a Premier League side. He knows, we know. I believe Sol Campbell could do wonders alongside Coloccini, Mike Williamson is a good defender, and a threat on attacking set pieces, but Campbell is a world class defender when he is fit, he rarely puts his foot wrong, and his presence and composure could be so important for us. In my opinion we should gamble and give him match practice sooner rather than later. If Enrique and R.Taylor could play wide and swing crosses into the box, Carroll would be a constant threat. We should look to make Gutierrez cut inside more often, trying to get more shots on goal. I am not fond of Guthrie playing too wide either, if we can mix it up a little, then perhaps he can get into shooting positions as well. The key is to play full backs willing to overlap and get good crosses even from the deep. When Gutierrez just keeps running with the ball down the byline all the rhythm of the attack disappears, and it is hard for his team mates to time their runs when the cross finally arrives. Yes Jonás is our most creative player, but I would have preffered a more direct approach, cutting inside from wide positions, leaving space for Enrique to do the crossing.

  4. TGS…….if thats true then get rid cos that means he thinks he’s bigger than the team.

  5. TGS where did you hear that about Nolan.Is it true or just a rumour against someone who isn’t flavour of the month anymore.Why is it at Newcastle when someone is left out of the team there as to be some soap opera story to go with it.

  6. Mick G,
    I was informed by a friend last night who works as a steward in the corporate section. I have known him for 20yrs and would not doubt his credibility.
    I can assure that I am not a shit stirrer……..

  7. A back four of Steven Taylor, Campbell, Colo and Jose is the way forward, Keep us in games and pinch one at the other end, It worked last season.

    Now Ive calmed down i feel sorry for Perch, IMO he was bought as a utility back up player, a piss poor Paul Madeley and because of injuries (or gluttony) ruling out Campbell, Taylor and Simpson out he’s been chucked in at the deep end.

    The right wing is an almighty poblem for the next couple of months, Good luck sorting that, Carroll wasnt great but neither yet again was the service.

    Nice to see Jonas whipping an early ball in with his left peg, not juggling it from foot to foot and giving it simple to Enrique, Sholas confidence is up at the minute and that usually means a few goals until the next inevitable injury hits.

    All in all a shit result, But id snapped your hand off for it at half time…

  8. Three points to raise

    1. We dont have many left footed/left sided players at the club let alone in the first team squad which is why we play Jonas on the left nowadays. If you want balance look to the squad and realise there are only two out and out wide men and both are right footed plus two youngsters.

    2. If the squad is not blessed with wide players to play in 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 then maybe its time to look at what we’ve got and start playing to our srengths ? 6-4-0 anyone :)

    3. Atmosphere at home is awful. Needs to change and we need to get behind the team with less booing. Yes we were 0-2 down at half time but booing aint gonna change that. We need more noise at home and lots of it.

  9. “If you want balance look to the squad and realise there are only two out and out wide men and both are right footed plus two youngsters”

    Wasnt counting Lua Lua or HBA as they’re not available to us right now.

  10. sorry if things go wrong! perch is the first 1 most people say the goals came from him not defending the goals..dont make comment if u havnt watched the game b4 the highlights..enrique let the ball come into the box and he scored from the barton lost the ball in midfield who then put us on the back foot..then the ball got to him and he scored a wonder goal..if that what u got to pick on get a life..never slag off your players..only comment on who should i am going to say ch got tactics wrong again..he was 2 blame..jonas cant do it on his own..rout should have played..just 2 keep the pet hate ranger again gets 2 minutes like i say..does what i said he would do come on..with what is he going to step ch ranger is ready to play..if u can drop nolan then..ranger must start getting game time..lot of the balls were played into their box ..but nobody has the eye for getting on the end of the balls ranger does..he wonts to bust a gut to get on the end of things..u are born 2 do that..

  11. Fckin hell, CLiNT! You’re still deluded!

    How many more games do we have to drop points in for you to realise we’re not as good as you think and this league is quite obviously better than you think?

    Blackpool, WBA and Sunderland have been to the top teams and come away with something and we cannot even beat Wolves, Blackpool, Wigan and Stoke (three of those teams at home)!

    Bare in mind that Liverpool and Everton are at the bottom and won’t be there much longer it really doesn’t look good.

    But hey, this league’s not that good, teams in this league don’t take chances more than Championship sides and our players are good enough to compete (most of whome are Championship players).

    What could there be possibly to worry about.

    Some people are hideously unrealistic and blind!

  12. TonyGreenSupreme says:
    October 17, 2010 at 8:53 am

    “Apologies if this has already been discussed but I heard last night that Captain Tugboat was told at 2pm yesterday that he was being benched.

    He did not take kindly to CH’s decision and stormed out of the dressing room and watched the match in one of the corporate boxes.”

    Who said that, TGS? And why are they saying it? It sounds like a load of absolute cobblers cooked up by a Mackem, or an attention seeker. Some Newcastle fans are highly self destructive, and sometimes it seems as if they want to completely destroy the team they claim to support.

  13. Stuart 79 tells it like it is.
    And about Krul, why is he getting a free pass here? That first Wigan goal was pathetic. Anyway, I see that most of the skirted cheerleaders aren’t here yet.
    Add this to the CH mystery: perhaps a nice guy isn’t what we need right now.
    A point at home against Wigan? If anyone wants to “take it” they can keep it.
    Decisions decisions decisions.

  14. worky,
    Why do you doubt my contact?

    He is a long standing personal friend of mine who has nothing to gain from passing on this information.

    I never ever shit stir, I only pass on info that I believe is truthful.

    The concept of a blog is to share information and comment etc,If you find my information destructive then thats your perogative but it may not be shared by others.

    By the way has CH explained why Nolan was absent?

  15. I’d take a point at home against Wigan after being 2-0 down and not looking like scoring.

    They may only be little Wigan, but they are an established Prem team, something we are not.

    That 6-0 against Villa was the worst result we could have had. It has given people like acrossthepond delusions of grandeur in my opinion…..

    We aren’t anything to be afraid of anymore, and people need to get their heads around the fact that we are no longer guaranteed anything against any team.

  16. Apart from Jonas, there were some appalling crosses yesterday. I’m not expecting David Beckham but row Z or (twice) making a throw-in at the far corner-flag with a 20 feet high wide and handsome unreachable swerver , when in decent positions, just isn’t good enough.
    Do they practise? Only been a problem for the last several years!

  17. “We aren’t anything to be afraid of anymore, and people need to get their heads around the fact that we are no longer guaranteed anything against any team”

    I agree, I’d liken our current squad to Stoke City’s. Very little in the way of creativity, as a result we struggle to score goals apart from set pieces and headers.

    Dont think we have seen the worst yet but before we all give up hope Saylor and Simmo are back in contention thereby ending the torment of a certain Mr Perch and eventually the penny has to drop with CH and he’ll stop shoving square pegs into round holes.

    Nolan – no playmaker/A M
    Guthrie – no right winger
    Jonas – no left winger
    Routledge – not BPL quality
    Perch – lets not go there

  18. I agree the crossing is bloody awful and has been for sometime so why do we then rubbish our attackers no supply=no result,there was many things wrong on sat,a lot blamed williamson/perch for the first goal,if jose had made a better effort to cut out the cross, his attempt was very poor,we could go on and on.

    what ive said before there is no easy games in P.L.

  19. Every team we play know that if you stop Jonas and Enrique you stop Newcastle. We’re one dimensional and in this league we’re being found out.

    Cannot be too annoyed, if we’re not good enough, were just not good enough. We must face facts.

    We could well be the new WBA – yo yo here we come.

  20. TonyGreenSupreme says:
    October 17, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    Why do you doubt my contact?”

    I don’t, TGS, I just doubt the story, specifically, the implications attached to it that Nolan stormed out in some sort of fit of pique at Hughton at not being selected, at some kind of dressing room disharmony.

  21. Grandeur Toonsy? Hardly. So then I suppose there was no reason to expect three points at home over your illustrious Wigan? Please. This match wasn’t about the strength of the EPL. This match was all about a colossal cave-in on our part. Let’s at least be honest about it. Just because I don’t waive the pom poms doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate honest effort. Don’t you think the FANS deserve better Toonsy?

  22. acroosthepond says:
    October 17, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    “Grandeur Toonsy? Hardly. So then I suppose there was no reason to expect three points at home over your illustrious Wigan?”

    The same illustrious Wigan who have been in the Premier League for five seasons?

    Face facts, they just aren’t as shit as you and many others chose to believe. Our performance didn’t help and individual mistakes cost us, which they will do in the Premier League, but I think acting the way you are acting is giving a dis-service to Wigan.

  23. Acroos : We are lacking on several fronts in terms of players who’ll make a diference in the BPL. FMA has to get his wallet out in January and find that elusive Mr Playmaker plus another striker.

    HBA has gone (but not forgotten) and maybe Gosling will help in the longer term but if you look at the squad as it stands you have to ask yourself who is capable of taking the game by the scruff and changing it ?

    Thankfully Blackpool lost today so they’ll still be in the mix along with Wolves, The Hammers and maybe even Liverpool. We will all be down there struggling to avoid 18th place onwards !

    So next weeks game at Upton Park now looks very interesting. Potentially confidence boosting if we get a result, confidence sapping if we lose.

  24. Toonsy, I won’t be losing sleep over my attitude towards Wigan. I can’t recall if you predicted a Wigan win at SJP but I thinks it’s fair to have expected a close three points out of the deal.
    AndyMac has a good point. We don’t seem to have a take-over-the-game guy yet. Certainly the much vaunted and in my opinion prematurely anointed Andy Carroll isn’t that guy, at least yet.

  25. Some of our fans need to get a realistic view of things. we are 13th / 14th in the league probably to drop another position tomorrow night. If we finished 15th this season with a squad which essentially is the same squad we went down with it would be mission accomplished. We are on course for survival so lets be positive. In this league points can come from anywhere there is no game you do not have a chance in

  26. Stu,
    whomever said we had a great team & that i thought this league wasn’t tough?
    I don’t think it’s anything other than realistic to state: ‘at least’ we snapped our bad run at home. As realistically, that’s all we got from the game, other than the point for a draw.
    Realism personified?
    Gan pick a scrap with someone else mate.

  27. Oh aye though,
    the other teams you mentioned getting points off ‘bigger’ teams, isn’t that the same as us?
    We can’t beat the ‘smaller’ teams, at home!
    Typical Newcastle really.

  28. CLINT was just ganning off, hows you mate tryed to tell stu he has a bad manner but he just back-heels it oh well such is life,think there will be a lot of ups and downs this year,there is no easy games in e.p.seems players are haveing a go at managers more this year

  29. ice,
    aye mate,
    the league is all ower the shop this year again, already.
    Gotta just keep going.
    Can’t be arsed to start crying about it, seen plenty worse.