Newcastle given Ben Arfa boost.

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Get well soon Benny boy!
Get well soon Benny boy!
With good news in short supply recently, Newcastle fans should hopefully be boosted by the news that Hatem Ben Arfa could be back in action sooner rather than later.

More details are beginning to emerge over the extent of the damage caused as a result of the double leg break Ben Arfa suffered a fortnight ago.

The news from the surgeons is that Ben Arfa will be back as good as before, and he may even return before the March date that has been unofficially mentioned.

One of the surgeons who operated on Ben Arfa also operated on Djibril Cisse’s broken leg, and that was a for more serious leg break than the one Ben Arfa has suffered. I’m not so sure if there is ever a good leg-break, but if there is then apparently Ben Arfa has one.

“One of the doctors involved with Hatem is the same French doctor that operated on Cisse so he knows what he’s doing,” Ben Arfa’s agent Simon Stainrod told the Sunday Sun.

“Hatem’s tibia was broken quite high up which is actually relatively good news. It means there won’t be any complications and he’s been told he will come back as good as before. Once it’s healed he’ll be back to where he was before this ever happened.”

Sounds good doesn’t it? Well Stainrod revealed that there is more positive news regarding the length of time that Ben Arfa could be out of action for.

“It’s too early to talk about exact comeback dates but Cisse, who is a friend of Hatem’s, told him he was back after five months. I think that break was actually worse than Hatem’s, so we’ll see. If he is back in five months we’d be delighted but the most important thing is that when he comes back, he’s 100%. I think everyone around him is feeling confident and positive that he’ll be as good as before and Hatem is psychologically very strong.”

A bit of positive news at last, although five months is still an awful long time to be out of football for. Ben Arfa is currently out of the country but when he gets back I would imagine he will begin the long road to recovery. Obviously he can’t do a lot at the moment but there will be steps he can take to make sure he maintains at least some fitness during his long injury lay-off.

Hopefully anyway…

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267 Responses

  1. Let’s hope so eh? Let’s hope the nan story is true, noteast because I want houghton to show me be has the balls to drop players and not have the same old. I was happy to see guthrie back but gutted to see the same old square peg round hole job with him out on the rw. If we don’t have the wingers, play a 3 pronged attack with Guthrie tucked inside alongside Barton and tiote. The lads kept going great, but Carroll gets away with a poor work rate as he is ‘one of us’. He’s not reallymuch different to shola in that regard but shola gets all the flack. Jonas isn’t a winger really and I would lobe to see him play in the ben arfa role but we don’t really have a replacement unless we put fergie in there or mclovin.

  2. Carroll? Poor work rate? I don’t think so Raffo. Whenevr I see him he is always chasig things around and being a nuisance to the opposition defence. Lets not forget the fact he comes back to defend aswell……

  3. Raffo says:
    October 17, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    “The lads kept going great, but Carroll gets away with a poor work rate as he is ‘one of us’. He’s not reallymuch different to shola in that regard but shola gets all the flack.”

    I don’t understand, Raffo? Shola is from Fenham, so surely he’s “one of us” too?

  4. Where does this myth come from about CH not having the balls to drop players come from? did he not drop Owen? did he not drop Butt and Smith? all have captained the club!

  5. Yesterday match does have positives~~~

    1) With Peter starting,our wingers starting to cross/play the ball to the feet of the strikers,instead of pumping to heads.

    2)Carroll though didn’t scores,but i see small increase of performance from him every matches,he almost scores those near chances.

    1 thing i don’t like carroll is,he keep arguing with the referee’s decision. Hopefully he cuts down on that in future.

  6. Only recently has ch dropped ppl IMHO. There must be a reason for shola getting a hard time and shola doesn’t. Carroll doesn’t work hard enough for me but yes I accept harder than shola. I agree with the assessment with regards to his right foot too. I’m sorry lads don’t be too hard on me it’s been a very tough few days

  7. RICHIETOON only one person to blame in my eyes,TOONSY with his forcasts :(,hope he goes with a loss next sat,we might have a chance

  8. Raffo…was Owen,Butt and Smith recent?….recent in respect of CH being appointed mananger fairly recently maybe ;-)

    I’m not a Shola critic nor do I think he’s fantastic but he can do a job for us, maybe people get on his back more cos he’s more experienced yet still makes the same basic errors whereas Carroll is just learning his trade.

    yep tough few days tho mate,really poor yesterday it’s nowt to do with formation when players can’t pass to each other or show a lack of urgency and willingness to win the ball.We should be happy with the draw for no other reason than we didn’t deserve it imo.

  9. Well that’s Everton going ahead of us. It won’t be long before Liverpool do too, either Mackems, Blackburn or both will be above us tomorrow too.

    No wonder the anti Ashley songs were rearing their heads again yesterday.

  10. richietoon says:
    October 17, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    “Where does this myth come from about CH not having the balls to drop players come from?”

    In some cases, people still doubt that black men have the capability to show leadership. Somewhat ironically though, the fallacy that the team is run by a cabal of senior players, and not Hughton himself, comes from the time when Hughton actually did display great qualities of leadership in picking the players up from their lowest ebb, and motivating them to play as a team. To some people though, a black man like Hughton would be incapable of doing this on his own, and would need to rely on the likes of senior (white) players such as Kevin Nolan to control the squad. That is where at least some of this Hughton is too afraid to drop Nolan garbage is coming from.

  11. Stuart – The anti-Ash songs, particularly the people singing them, need to get a fecking grip then!

    8 games in FFS!

  12. Anti ashley chants are pathetic, similarly the l’pool plums going on about gillett and hicks. The have put the money in, CH has spent it, CH trains the team all week and CH picks the team on a saturday whilst making the tactical changes throughout the game, so I can see why Ashley would get hammer!! ;-)

    No point in kneejerk reactions, but I can hear all the excuses coming from L’pool already. They arent trying and they are not what they were, a very similar story to us. Face the facts. We started the season as relegation candidates and for me have done nothing to prove those wrong. I agree with you Toonsy that the Villa result possible gave false hope and delusions of grandeur, but it also showed what we are capable of on our day.

    Stu – I don actually think L’pool will rocket up the table. I think Torres and maybe Gerrard could be off in Jan, after Hodgson has been sacked and they will be down the bottom with us all year.

    Cheers Toonsy fella – I have gotten much better over the last few days and taken a different view. Tomorrow and Tuesday’s meetings will prove very interesting but thanks for trying to pick me up fella appreciated.

  13. Aye worky, I don’t know if CH is the right man or not time will tell the same with the players but he’s earned a fair crack of the whip.
    It’s the same as the “nice man” tag, how do any of us know how “nice” or not he is in training? anyway Bob Paisley seemed to be a “nice man”…didn’t do too bad ;-)

    Toonsy…no more win predictions for the Toon please ;-)

  14. Worky – I think you are opening a dangerous can of worms by implying there may be some racist basis to any commants on here. Let me nip this one in the bud straight away if this is the direction you are going in. The fact that Houghton is black doesnt and shouldnt make any difference to anything. I am of the opinion ‘the best person’ should get the job, not down to anything else.

    If I have over-reacted I apologise, if not then I think you need to clarify your comment.

  15. yipes, did the bbc score predictor and if we lose at west ham we’ll most likely be second bottom. must win

  16. Also – Joe Cole is mediocre at best. He is no winger and instead of shining in a poor L’pool team he looks very poor

  17. AoD…don’t know mate but just to be on the safe side he should only predict losses :-)

  18. RAFFO m8,i look at it this way if i get up each day in fair health ime a rich man everything else i will deal with,chin up fellow you will come good :)

  19. Raffo…..aye Cole has been looking crap…hope things get better for ya mate whatever they may be.

  20. richietoon says:
    October 17, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    “It’s the same as the “nice man” tag, how do any of us know how “nice” or not he is in training?”

    I don’t understand all this about “nice man” being some kind of insult, either, richie, inferring that nice men such as Bob Paisley, Bobby Robson, or Chris Hughton in the current instance are somehow incapable of becoming good football managers because they are weak in some way.

  21. workyticket says:
    October 17, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    Why on earth have you mentioned the fact that Hughton is black? What the fck has that got to do with anything?

    toonsy says:
    October 17, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    I agree the anti Ashley songs are pathetic but I’m afraid there are real worrying signs already – yes after only 8 games. We’ve played Blackpool, Stoke, Wigan at home and picked up 1 point. We’ve played Wolves and picked up 1 point – 2 points from 4 games against teams we’re competing with. That not worry you?

    We’ve still got to play Arsenal twice, Chelsea twice, Spurs twice and City and Man Utd still have to come to St James’. Oh and lets not forget Liverpool who are clearly better than the bare forms suggests, we’ve got them to play twice.

    Add that to the fact that Blackpool, WBA and Sunderland have all been to top teams and taken something from them, it’s not looking great.

    That worries me seriously.

  22. STUART i think worky was pointing out what other people may be saying/thinking,not what HE is saying dont read into something thats not there m8

  23. Stuart – Nowt to say we can’t get anything from the top teams like Blackpool, WBA and Sunderland have done though is there?

    I know it isn’t ideal and I would have loved us to get 9 points out of those three home games. We didn’t, but I’ll wait before pressing the panic buttons thank you very much.

    A point a game – our current average – will see us safe.

  24. On the plus side we’re 2 points better off than we were at the same stage of our relegation season… means nowt I know, but I’m bored ;-)

  25. icedog says:
    October 17, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    I don’t understand, though. Who on here thinks that because he’s black he’s not a good leader? My point is there was absolutely no need to mention his colour.

    toonsy says:
    October 17, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    The fact that we cannot beat Blackpool, Stoke, Wolves or Wigan suggests it will be pretty dam hard for us to get anything against the top teams, no? Or is that too logical for you?

    I said we would know more about how we will go this season after the home games against the poorer sides. What I’ve seen has worried me. Has the fact that Stoke or Wigans keepers have had about 1 save to make in the last two home games not got you concerned?

  26. Ice….no mate nowt yet fingers crossed….thought I had on Thurs when work sent an email asking me veh reg but it was just so I could get access to some sites next week :-)

  27. Stuart – No need for the thinly veiled insults chap.

    Of course it has me worried, but I also know that there are still 30 (yes thirty) games remaining.

    As for logic, when was the last time that applied in football?

  28. RICHIETOON should have got toonsy to say you would get one,then you would be sure of missing oot lol

  29. Logic would dictate that Newcastle are better than Liverpool because we beat Everton but they can’t…..

  30. icedog says:
    October 17, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    “WORKY all men (woman) are equal rich/poor in my eyes like”

    I wasn’t implying anything like that about you whatsover, Icedog, and I never would, but there are still undercurrents of racism in Newcastle United support generally, and elsewhere too.

    Another example is the reaction to players like Steven Taylor, Andy Carroll compared with Fenham’s Shola Ameobi, which I have actually studied. Carroll, and in the past, Taylor, have been constantly referred to as “one of us”, “Geordies who bleed black and white”, “would give anything for the team”, “Know what it means to pull on a black and white shirt” blah blah. In comparison, the same references in relation to Shola are almost miniscule by comparison. Why is this?

  31. regardless of points the performances have been encouraging. Hughton is still learning, but as with last season is shifting through the gears well and showing boldness and intelligence with team selections. Our problem is up front, we don’t have a top notch finisher. Carroll will improve but always we look better with him and goala on together. Shola still our best chance for a goal, good in the air and both feet. Carroll still awful with his right peg.

  32. workyticket says:
    October 17, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    Because Shola’s been at the club for ten years and achieved fck all!

    To insinuate people are racist with absolutely no evidence to back it up is a joke.

  33. WORKY never for one moment did i think you were implying anything m8.

    but you have a very good point on shola now i think about it,but dont know any reason for it

  34. Good news about Ben Arfa. We might get an impact from him yet at the back end of the season. looks like we might need it !

    I thought Perch was at fault for both goals yesterday…hopefully this will be his number up, and CH tries alternatives. We can’t be giving teams goals headstarts, let alone two at home especially. Thought that although we made hard work of it, we did well in the end to rescue the point.

    One more thing. Although I agree that we should’ve picked up more home points so far, we will get some unexpected positive results this season both home and away imho. At this level, we’ll have to work a lot harder to acheive/sustain consistency than we did last year.

  35. Stuart79 says:
    October 17, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    “Because Shola’s been at the club for ten years and achieved fck all!”

    Who is our second highest goalscorer in Europe, Stuart? Who scored against Barcelona in the Champion’s League? Who bailed us out of trouble yesterday? Who enabled us to hit the ground running last season with a goal almost every game until he got injured? Is that “fck all”?

  36. @worky – whilst I’m sure some fans are racist I haven’t seen evidence of it being a problem at games or in choosing player faves, andy cole, les ferdinand were always talked of as one of us
    shola has always been known as a lazy player, steve taylor has always played with his heart on his sleeve as has carroll, simple fact is that fans want to see people put the effort in like they actually give a fvck, its just not sholas style as he just ambles around the pitch
    we’ve had plenty local players we didnt give a toss about

  37. STUART agree 100% on shola hes had 10yrs in both lges,and is stop gap at best for me,but if you dont splash a bit cash,there is little left to go with

  38. On a more serious note,I really need the Citeh players to drag my ff team out the crap today!!

  39. Toonsy – You asked earlier why we could take s many points off the top teams like Sunderland have. Well we can’t its as simple as that. They played City and beat them, we got beat, they have played Man Utd and got a draw, we got beat. That means we cannot achieve the same results against the top teams as them. They have also played Liverpool and Arsenal drawing both games. We’ll see what we get from them two teams. My guess is nothing.

    I’m only working in facts and form.

  40. Stuart – The two Sunderland games you highlighted – City and United – BOTH of those games were home games for them by the way……

  41. the anti ashley brigade are a joke, who do you think is gonna buy us if he does, he’s been trying to sell us long enough
    blackpool have spent 3 million quid and are doing quite nicely with players who earn a fraction of the toon players

  42. very impressed with Blackpool,pace and movement in abundance.
    Charlie Adam looks quality.

  43. Worky – if you think making only 215 appearances in ten years and scoring only 43 goals in that time is an achievment you need some sort of therapy. 1 goal in five for a striker is ridiculous! Add to that playing an average of 21 games in a minimum 40 game season is also piss poor. The lads not good enough, simple.

    Toonsy – yep, they were at home. But WBA and Blackpool weren’t at home when they’ve been picking up points against the big boys. But that’s not the point really. The point is they’ve had a far tougher fixture list than us but are still ahead or at least level on points as us.

    The home games we’ve lost means we have to go to the bigger clubs and pick up points. I cannot remember the last time we did that, so its hardly going to change this season I wouldn’t have thought.

    Not to worry, we get 4 years parachute payments now so it won’t be too bad for some people.

  44. I am taking this with a pinch of salt as he is a dirty muckem, but has anyone else heard a rumour that Carroll got in trouble for beating up his bird last night? IF it is true he is in big trouble but like I said its a dirty muckem and a rumour

  45. Stu – Or we need to pick up points against the big teams at home……

    As you are into facts, digest this one. There is still 30 games left, and you acting like a cunt doesn’t change that.

  46. Raffo – Not heard that mate. I wouldn’t give any credence to anything a Mackem says. In fact I would slam a glass in his face if I could…..

  47. raffo says:
    October 17, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    “So are you inferring that about me WORKY because of my comment above?”

    I am not referring to any particular comments in here, raffo, just some general assumptions down the years which have been taken for granted in some quarters, whose origins may be more than they seem. Virtually everyone in this country nowadays knows that overtly expressed racism is not seen as socially “acceptable” and even open to legal sanction, so it becomes covert, subtle and hard to trace. Sometimes though, they can poison the well as much as overt racism and bigotry in general.

  48. To be fair to worky, look at recent history and players who have had abuse:

    Titus Bramble, Jean Allan Boumsong, Jermaine Jenas, James Perch, Danny Simpson, Shola Ameobi, Craig Bellamy, Stephen Carr, Damien Duff, Xisco.

    Those guys are just off the top of my head as the victims of constant, never ending abuse from fans. They are all also either black or not from England. Worky has a pretty significant point about Newcastle fans having an instant prejudice against players.

    That isn’t even mentioning players we are linked to who are deemed from “inferior nations” in football terms or the attitude against teams “beneath us”. What have Newcastle achieved in the last 50 years to have that attitude?

    There is a big problem with the attitude of Newcastle fans and it isn’t delusion. I can’t even put my finger on it but there is a serious attitude problem as an undercurrent to a lot (not all) fans.

  49. stuart79 says:
    October 17, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    “Worky – if you think making only 215 appearances in ten years and scoring only 43 goals”

    That just looks like his league stats, Stuart, and you have omitted mentioning that most of those appearences were as a substitute playing only a small fraction of the game. If you included his Cup appearences, and calculated his statistics on a minutes per goal scored basis, those figures would paint a considerably different picture. Besides, sometimes it is very simplistic to assess the worth of a player merely on a goals per game basis. Just look at Emile Heskey.

  50. Well WORKY thats fair enough, but for the record I am in no way a racist and my comments a purely football related. My best friend is asian for what its worth

  51. source is twatter TOONSY a couple of local hacks – see what you can drum up with your fancy in the know followers!!!

  52. Also forgot Leon Best is another player with never ending abuse. Add him to my list above.

  53. AdolfGandhi says:
    October 17, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    “To be fair to worky, look at recent history and players who have had abuse:

    Titus Bramble, Jean Allan Boumsong, Jermaine Jenas, James Perch, Danny Simpson, Shola Ameobi, Craig Bellamy, Stephen Carr, Damien Duff, Xisco.”

    That wasn’t my original point, Adolf. It was that Caroll and Taylor have constantly been referred to as “Geordies”, “One of us”, “bleeding black and white” etc, and yet this is hardly ever the case with Fenham’s Shola Ameobi. It has been countered by Stuart and seconded by Icedog that he is a lazy, useless player who never scores any goals, yet when you take into account that most of his apperarence have been as a sub, and you calculate his goals on a per minutes scored basis, his record actually isn’t half as bad as it seems.

  54. Just found this nugget. Something is going on….

    “Skipper Kevin Nolan was involved in an alleged altercation with striker Andy Carroll on Thursday evening, in Newcastle.”

  55. Toonsy – nice to see you reverting to type when you’ve basically lost your argument. Clsassy!

    I’m giving you my opinion, I thought it was a blog, sorry.

    You keep ya head in the sand and when it gets to May get it out and don’t complain, because you’re delusional.

  56. Titus Bramble, Jean Allan Boumsong, Jermaine Jenas, James Perch, Danny Simpson, Shola Ameobi, Craig Bellamy, Stephen Carr, Damien Duff, Xisco

    Bramble,good on his day but too many huge blunders..nowt to do with being black
    Boumsong…overpriced and totally crap…nowt to do with colour.
    Jenas…gets abused because of comments he made ..nowt to with colour
    Perch…jury out for some,not good enough for others…nowt to do with colour
    Bellamy gets abuse for his gob and falling out with Shearer…nowt to do with race
    Carr….not a great defender imo and lazy and let his head drop…nowt to do with race
    Duff……..lazy and didn’t try…nowt to do with race
    Xisco…unlucky to get caught up in the Keegan debacle but so far hasn’t done anything for us…nowt to do with race.

    Colo got abuse when he first got here, was that owt to do with race? he didn’t play well, now he’s found his feet he’s a cult hero.
    Ferdinand,Cole,Beye,Ben Arfa,David Mcreery,Wyn Davies etc etc all a different colour or race and loads more accepted cos they played well and put in effort not because of race.There’ll be plenty of english white players who had abuse..easy to trot out names to twist an arguement!

  57. My point is still valid though. Look back and you see I am right. Those guys listed above could score a hatrick every game and the moment they miss a pass, they are hounded for months on end. Those people specifically got it worst.

    Enrique can do step overs and give away goals regularly (watch the Man Utd game at the start of the season) and he is “our adopted Geordie”.

  58. Stuart – Who is deluded?

    The person , in this case me, who says that we aren’t relegated after just 8 games.


    The person who is predicting we are relegated with 30 games still to go?

    Can you tell me next weeks lottery numbers please?

  59. AdolfG…..your proving your own arguement wrong by saying Jose can do no he white and English?

  60. canny header by Harewood that like, but he’s not good enough for us is he. That’s sarcasm by the way!

    nightmare for blackpool though with the equaliser lol!

  61. RICHIETOON m/city winning good for you?toonsy loveing it,pleased something is picking him up

  62. Nah ICE – the hacks can have a field day if it is true. There will be the inevitable questions, but as the club stood by Barton you would expect them to stick by Carroll should he go inside next week. What is the date of his trial?

  63. Adolf.
    What a load of old sh$t!!!
    I can’t decide if your serious or not, but you’ve wound me up enough to warrent a response.
    The list of black players and foreigners you listed as recieving abuse, all have something in common,. They have either shown a blatent lack of effort on the pitch, have refused to play(you actually missed dyer off the list) have shown a lack of respect to us, the club or the manager, (bellemy) or have just not been good enough!! (bramble, best, ameobi, boumsong etc)
    you’ve failed to mention the players who come in for incredable support: ginola, asprilla, Ferdinand, colo, Robert, hislop, emre, Andy Cole, Gary speed,… I could go on all day reeling off foreign it black players who have done the club justice,. But I won’t… Because your a dick.

  64. Ice….Tevez done ok for me but Toure not even playing and could have done with a clean sheet from Hart :-(

  65. Man City are kin shite to watch – love the way Tevez really feels for the club, kissing the badge and fans at every opportunity, just like he did at man utd and west ham

  66. Shola, like quite a few other players is also a victim of his langourous, deceptive style and his failiure to celebrate goals as emphatically as players like Taylor. Some people think that shouting and pointing alot is the same thing as genuine commitment, which it isn’t.

  67. Ice – I’m not loving the Man City win, although hopefully it will knock Blackpool now. I am loving Tevez scoring twice though. City could have lost 6-2 as long as Tevez got the two :lol:

  68. Toonsy – I want you to find my comment that we are already relegated after only 8 games. If you cannot, which. You won’t, I want an apology. You can’t just make things up to make me look ridiculous and you sensible and measured.

    I have said I’m concerned and with good reason. You on the other hand seem quite happy, not even taking into account the the teams we’ve played and the performances we’ve produced.

    Weird, just weird. But anyway I await your apology…

  69. Enrique is white, yes.

    My point isn’t that all players who aren’t white or English are hated – but those who get the abuse constantly are almost exclusively “outsiders”.

    The facts back me up. The guys in my list are a prime example of doing no right. White, English players get a free ride compared to others.

    Just wait until Tiote gets a red card or two or messes up some passes that cost us. He will be hounded out too. Just like Habib Beye and Bassong were called crap after they left. N’Zogbia too.

    3 more to go on the list.

  70. I sadi English and white as according to you that is the criteria that must be met to avoid abuse if you play badly.

    All your doing is contradicting yourself and you have no facts to back you up.

  71. you lot having a laugh, we’ve prob given more stick to nolan and barton this blog than anyone else, carroll started getting stick yesterday guthries had a ton of stick in the past, one name you’re conveniently missing out is nicky butt who got more stick than everyone you mention
    alan smith still gets stick and he doesn’t even get a game these days on ya bike ya daft gets

  72. ……good job not one person on the blog has slagged off Nolan,Smith,Butt,Barton,Williamson,Carroll,Guthrie,R and S Taylor what with them being white and English…your arguement has no basis in fact what so ever.

  73. stuart79 says:
    October 17, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    “You can’t just make things up to make me look ridiculous and you sensible and measured.”

    Why not, Stuart? You make things up in an attempt to make other people look ridiculous all the time. You do forget to make yourself look “sensible and measured” though because you simply can’t help yourself. There is too much anger in you.

  74. Adolf – you’re a fckin dick! How dare you insinuate that Ncl fans are racist just because some players have been given stick. You’re a complete moron if you actually believe that.

    I recall Bellamy, Carr, duff getting stick, was that because they were white?

    What about Ferdinand, Asprilla, Cole or Beye? All hero’s while they played and all black too. Your thoughts???

  75. richietoon says:
    October 17, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    “……good job not one person on the blog has slagged off Nolan,Smith,Butt,Barton,Williamson,Carroll,Guthrie,R and S Taylor what with them being white and English…your arguement has no basis in fact what so ever.”

    That’s a logical fallacy though, richietoon. Just because someone may, or may not be slagged off because of racist reasons, that does not mean that other people cannot be slagged off for other reasons, eg being fat, being from London etc.

  76. Worky – who are you, a shrink?

    I only deal in facts Worky, you just like to think I make things up when it proves you wrong.

    Anyway, there’s some shite written on here today (excluding me of course).

  77. RICHIETOON see the kid you liked (hooper)knocked two in today,could you not have had him in your F.F.?

  78. The biggest racists are those that are obsessed with the subject and constantly try to work the theory into almost every situation and argument, its so easy to allege and once you are Branded as such, its a difficult stain to remove.
    We arent in South Africa, USA where discrimination is a way of life,or even the middle east where the outright hatred towards Israel is appalling.
    This has no place on this forum,its a bullying tactic and i for one have never seen anything on here to warrant the use of the term Racist.

  79. I know you guys might see it as a bit early to be doing a team selection for next week but this is personally what i would go with for westham;

    Simpson Campbell Coloccini Enrique
    Routledge Guthrie Tiote Jonas

    Subs; Soderberg, Williamson, Perch, Smith, Barton, Lovenkrands, Ameobi.

    i think that team would do very nicely :D

  80. BBB only ever saw it once on here m8,but worky/toonsy cut it dead,but like you cannot say ive saw it in general

  81. JC where da hell did the racism come from, from what I gather if you dont really like Strolla you could be classed as racist not just the fact that in my eyes most of the time he seems to do fuk all except fall over or break up play when we need to get a move on. Yes he has pulled us out of the shit a few times but he has been here long enough. So I would also take it that I could be considered as being a Scousist :) sense Nolan is one of my least favoured player.
    I guess I really just didn’t see the point of the racist remarks regarding Hoots or Strolla

  82. load of shite being written on here the night like, any chance we can talk about, i dont know, NUFC?

    Anyone notice how the ‘get out of our club’ chants started back up yesterday? Pathetic if you ask me, football not going our way so it’s back onto Ashley’s back is it?

    Great! Not only does it make us look stupid but also reactionary, nice one, cant wait to see the unemployed, illiterate mongs on Sky Sports News come mid day tomorrow!!!

  83. worky….exactly mate people and players get slagged off for all sorts of reasons,I’ve been called a fat bald Geordie b@stard(I know hard to believe) so for someone to list those players and imply it’s because they are none white or not English is ridiculous.Alot of those players were crap,lazy or appeared lazy,said or did something to offend.
    Always a bad idea to talk about racism on a blog anyway.
    I’ve seen first hand what different races/ethnic backgrounds can do to each other so to use it to make a point which I believe is wrong wound me up a little ;-)

  84. ILM….I’m digging out my best tracksuit and burberry cap now in case I get on Sky ;-)

  85. Worky,

    I from this comment, and past memories, you seem to have a chip on your shoulder regarding apparent ‘racist’ issues…

    It has nothing to do with colour. And nobody has mentioned leadership with regard to race but yourself.

    Much the same comments were made about Glen Roeder about being too nice…etc. And I’m sure if someone like Sol Campbell were to become captain or manager, nobody would find any problem with his leadership abilities because he is black! Seriously.

    Where did this come from? Who knows, maybe you’re right, but I seriously doubt it.
    Its far more likely, making the step up from being labeled an assistant manager all these years under someone else to becoming the main man on the hot seat.

    And similar comments were made about leadership at Old Trafford and player power when Keane left as captain. The media even doubted the best manager in history. We need to put things in perspective.

  86. BIG DAVE,now that your m8 has had two shit games would you go for guthrie in his place as playing out on the right is not his cup of tea imo

  87. Batty Irish are called Paddy’s so I cant be one as I am British ;) you Jock tw@t :)
    Oh and I just realised I am not Scousist as joey is one of my favs :lol:

  88. Ice he has had a couple of bad games and I would think of dropping him if he has another bad game, and your right Guthrie has even admitted he is not a winger and prefers the CM role so maybe putting dropping Joey for a game and put Guthrie in his place see if that makes Joey up his game. But idealy for me bJoey and Danny would be the 2 CM’s

  89. Is anyone else finding the amount of dodgy decisions going in Man City’s favour just a little bit worrying?

  90. Big Dave says:
    October 17, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    “idealy for me bJoey and Danny would be the 2 CM’s”

    So you want to drop Tiote??


  91. JJ says:
    October 17, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    “The media even doubted the best manager in history.”

    Rinus Michels is the best manager in history, JJ, not Alex Ferguson.

  92. CC jokeing aside TIOTE was only player along with colo to come out with any credit on sat,and two crosses from jonas

  93. get a grip lads! untill we are at the bottom..then i will this minute the league is up and down..or is it that shit..we got to play these so called big teams..people have said..they are just joke sides we can beat..being saying for a long is falling apart..results prove my point..any1 is beatable..why is that..1 reason no great sides in this league full stop..avarage joke sides..

  94. Ice

    Aye mate certainly he’s a class act, Although he was lucky not to get sent off.

    a fit Steven Taylor and Sol Campbell IMO will finish off our back four and we will pick up more points.

    8 points from 8 games is not as bad a start as some predicted, Plus look how Hull went off a couple of years back beating Arsenal and Spurs away drawing at Anfield and they only stayed up because we constantly shot ourselves in the foot.

    Im not getting carried away yet

  95. icedog says:
    October 17, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    “CC jokeing aside TIOTE was only player along with colo to come out with any credit on sat,and two crosses from jonas”

    I didn’t think we were that good, but I didn’t think we were really bad either.

  96. workyticket (93) – good point about Shola. I find him infuriating at times for his mistakes but I think defenders don’t like playing against him when he’s on form Maybe he doesn’t rant and rave or kiss the badge (yuch! – so many hypocrites do that). I refuse to stand up just cos some tosser sings “stand up, if you love the Toon” any more than I would reach for a cookbook if they sang “boil your head if you love the Toon” – I’m not a sheep and I’m naturally introverted. That doesn’t mean I don’t love the Toon and have for nearly 50 years.
    If we’re talking about bleeding Black and White here are some facts and rumours:
    FACT: Steven Taylor goes mad when he scores; Shola is a bit less demonstrative. However, Shola has never to my knowledge asked to leave or hinted that he wants to leave; Rumour – Steven Taylor is trying to engineer a move in the transfer window and he or at least his agent dad have often given out such suggestions in the past;
    FACT – Shola has played on for the Toon through several injuries.
    I am sure Shola has black and white blood in him – just because he’s by nature calmer and he has a deceptive style, does NOT mean he isn’t trying. Also, how many starts has he had and what’s his goals to minutes played ratio?

  97. CC..Hull had 17 points at this stage 2 seasons ago,not bad they’d be joint 2nd with that now.

  98. stuart79 says:
    October 17, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    “Toonsy – I want you to find my comment that we are already relegated after only 8 games. If you cannot, which. You won’t, I want an apology. You can’t just make things up to make me look ridiculous and you sensible and measured.”

    “I have said I’m concerned and with good reason. You on the other hand seem quite happy, not even taking into account the the teams we’ve played and the performances we’ve produced.”

    “Weird, just weird. But anyway I await your apology…”

    Oh piss off. You’ll get your apology when you find me the post that syas I am happy? Nope, you won’t find that either so I guess you’ll just have to keep waiting sunshine.

    I even said I was concerned and that it isn’t ideal losing points in these games earlier up in these very comments, but I have also said there is still plenty of time left (which there is).

    I await an apology as you are also making stuff up….

    Now stop being a bitch. Last warning.

  99. I think weve had a wee bit of lick this season the Carew penalty, Perch fouling Jarvis, Fellainis miss.

    But i get your point we were robbed 3 points at Citeh last week and we desrved more from Blackpool and Wolves IMO.

  100. shola reminds me of chris waddle the way they walk aboot the pitch,miles apart in class like.

    waddles always running the toon down,dick to think we pulled him oot the sausage factory

  101. richietoon says:
    October 17, 2010 at 6:53 pm


    LOL Richie. When I was a bairn, my best mate at school was a Mackem, his dad was a director of that club who I won’t name. We used to play around at Joker Park, I got to run around with the real FA Cup when they won it in ’73 and I met most of the team. I still hate the bastards! :-)

  102. CC…to be fair Fellaini shouldn’t have been on the pitch tho ;-)

    Worky…glad to hear you still hate them tho ;-)

  103. icedog says:
    October 17, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    “shola reminds me of chris waddle the way they walk aboot the pitch,miles apart in class like.”

    Icedog, my brother used to say that Waddle “skulked around like a Scotchie car thief looking for a car to chory”.

  104. icedog says:
    October 17, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    “shola reminds me of chris waddle the way they walk aboot the pitch,miles apart in class like.”

    Aye when did Waddle ever score in the nou camp… ;)

  105. WORKY,played with a ex mackem c/h many years ago,and ribbed him every game,kept telling him “git back to scum-land so he upped his game,didnt want to gan back lol,he died 2/3yrs ago great player god rest his sole

  106. Worky are you sure your not a Secret Mackem or even a wannabe one :lol: . out of interest who were you pretenting to be when you were running round with the cup ?

  107. icedog says:
    October 17, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    “waddles always running the toon down,dick to think we pulled him oot the sausage factory”

    LOL Aye, Icedog. He did work in a sausage factory n’aal. Who do you think had the best Mullett, him or Venison?

  108. Rich – I’ll have you know I am up to 215th in the Fantasy Football now. The momentum is gaining ;)

  109. Lads tell me this how much real hatred is there between the 2 is it bad or more just friendly banter with a slight dislike of eachother ?

  110. Unless Carroll improves in training, start Shola at West Ham, and I would like to see Shola play at some point anyway. The premiership defenders seem to have got to grips with Carroll now whilst Shola is more unpredictable. Not the end of the world if we can continue our away form we might get something at the Hammers. We have looked truly awful yesterday though and the highlights on MoTD painted a more palettable picture from what actually happened. We need to cut out this ‘hit big Andy’ crap and start getting some performances from Guthrie in the middle and the two wingers. I would drop Barton the donkey after yesterday.


    Is what I would play. We need a big shake up and to start playing a bit football. We couldn’t hold a simple shape with Guthrie and Barton wandering around like schoolboys and no-one could string two passes together.

  111. Dave….I have a good mate who’s a Mackem season ticket holder but in general I can’t f*ckin stand them :twisted:
    …he is in my mobile as Mackem Scum tho ;-)

  112. WORKY :),by the way what ever happened to venison?after he got the bullet from t.v.sod once back-ened my car in durham,found the most expensive re-pair garage i could find lol

  113. An old un but a gud un…

    A Man is walking through Leazes Park in Newcastle one day, when he hears a child screaming. To his horror he sees a rottweiler attacking a small boy.
    Without a second thought the man dives onto the dog and a monumental battle begins.
    The man gets bitten and clawed to within an inch of his life but somehow manages to pull the dog off the child, with the last ounce of strength he strangles the ferocious beast.
    A man with a camera around his neck rushes over to the bloody scene.
    “I’m a reporter with the Newcastle Chronicle and that is the bravest deed I have ever seen. I can just see the front page now – GEORDIE HERO SAVES CHILD FROM CERTAIN DEATH”
    “That’s very kind of you replies the hero – but I’m not a Geordie – I’m a Mackem”
    The reporter thinks for a while and replies
    That’s alright – You’ll still make the headlines.. “MACKEM BASTARD KILLS FAMILY PET”

  114. Big Dave

    I went to Taybarns with me family last week, wearing one of my “casual” polo shirts from the club shop, I noticed this fat uncle festa lookalike kept barging the back of me chair, I didnt think anything of it until i saw him at the bar and noticed the word VAUX stretched across his moobs…

    Scummy litle cnuts i hope they all fcuking die… :twisted:

  115. Big Dave says:
    October 17, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    “Worky are you sure your not a Secret Mackem or even a wannabe one”

    LOL Dave. I was born in Gosforth, but I was raised in Durham City more than Newcastle, which is mixed territory. What I remember is that I loved Newcastle, it was a big, beautiful and very interesting city to me back then and I always wanted to be there. Although my parents house was in Durham, I spent quite alot of my childhood at the hospitals in Newcastle (the RVI and the General), and my sister’s flat in the Swallow hotel on Newgate Street. I always thought that Sunderland was a right old dump and the people sounded a bit whingy though and I never wanted to gan up there. I suppose that apart from being born in Newcastle, those were the kind of things at the root of my allegience.

  116. Toonsy – last warning? Who the fck do you think you are?

    I’ll continue to put my point of view across, whether you like it or not.

    But I suppose you might massage your ego by banning me so I should stop having an opinion and conform to the blog rules.


  117. Dave – Yep, 100%

    Stuart – Too easy…. You are just a little shitstirrer. A coward who lacks the conviction or belief and bottled the chance to get those opinions which you keep banging on about viewed by a wider audience. Coward.


    Becasue you talk shit, add nothing, and you fucking know it.

  118. icedog says:
    October 17, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    “WORKY ,by the way what ever happened to venison?”

    I did read about that when I was doing some research on footballers with lousy haircuts and no fashion sense whatsoever! If I remember rightly, he went to America and became a property developer, or something like that.

  119. From Venison’s Wiki page;

    “He later revealed he had rejected a TV role as lead reporter for a new show entitled Mullet Hunter.”

    Mullet Hunter :lol:

  120. do we have to foul our thoughts with the dark-side,dave wash you mouth oot keep them words oot your mind :)

  121. Worky I just always wondered what it was about I know over here it is based on Religion but that doesn’t come into it in your case sure it doesn’t.
    Although I have known a few Mackems from the Army and Harland and Wolfe Shipyard but they just seemed to have a friendly rivalry with the Geordies, But it seems to be deeper imbedded in Geordies if you know what I mean

  122. Dave
    It goes back years I think,I’ve read different things over the years to do with rights to trade coal/ship building, that for a time they fought with the Scots against the English…don’t really know if it’s true maybe Worky has more detail…as for me A) my Dad(who has no interest in football) hates them so I was brought up like that and B) I have found them to be generally smelly, horrible b@stards.

  123. Dave….We used to go out with my mate and his lass who are both Mackem season ticket holders.WE were at a club one night I think it was when we were in the semis of the UEFA and I think they were in the semis of the FA cup v Millwall.I said that I wouldn’t mind them winning the FA cup as long as we won the UEFA cup, his lass said she’d rather both teams lost than us in owt……we divnt gan out as a foursome anymore cos I can’t stand her and that for me sums up Scumderland fans, their first concern is for us to lose rather than them to win.Tossers.

  124. DAVE mackem? friends? dont understand the ques.
    as i said i played with a c/h that played for scum-land but he was a scottish/int

  125. Big Dave says:
    October 17, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    “Worky I just always wondered what it was about I know over here it is based on Religion but that doesn’t come into it in your case sure it doesn’t.”

    Dave, there is a bit of “history” there as well, gannin’ back to the Civil War. The merchants of Newcastle were Royalists and the Mackems were Roundheeds. We were also fierce rivals in the same industries, coalmining and shipbuilding.

  126. richietoon says:
    October 17, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    “that for me sums up Scumderland fans, their first concern is for us to lose rather than them to win”


  127. Ice do you’s not intermingle with eachother in everyday life or do they stay in Scumberland and you’s stick to the Toon ?
    Richie I have noticed that alot of women can be real bitter bitch’s and that’s not me being sexist ;)

  128. Toonsy….and they’re from Jarra so shouldn’t be as bad……I remember(vaguely) at a birthday party he had in a boozer in Jarra when I was stood on the table singing F*ck off Peter Reid wi all his Mackem supporting family and mates giving me daggers….happy days :-)

  129. Toonsy – nice… You have such class.

    I’m big enough to admit that writing an article wouldn’t be for me. I wouldn’t be very good at it. What’s wrong with that?

    It takes a big man to admit his failings, try it sometime.

    Anyway, you’re boring me to tears so I’d rather stick pins in my eyes, while being rogered by a horse in a snake pit than continue this conversation.

  130. DAVE na m8,i did go once to scumland once but i couldnt light the bloody thing it even put a damper on me matches

  131. Dave…..unfortunately its not just her, most the ones I’ve come across are like that.
    Dunno about the religion thing but most the lads I know from down that way are Catholic so who knows……not that that bothers me as all religions are crap imo

  132. Richie that was what I was led to believe that most SMB were Catholics and they were Protestants but that was from a few Geordies yrs ago and considering they were in a Protestant bar and area when they said it, so it was maybe not surprising that they would say that ;)

  133. Toonsy/Worky…did ya see those comments in German the other day on threads that were written months ago, what was that all about?

  134. I’m glad I shut you up Stuart :)

    Now I need to work on how can I get you to fuck off for good??????

    As for my failings, what would they be then? Having a different opinion? Am I failing because I’m not climbing the walls after just eight games?

    Have a word with yourself sunbeam.

  135. Like I said Dave really don’t know mate but there “appears” to be more Catholics on the darkside but I may be wrong and don’t know if that’s owt to do with it anyway.

    Worky…you’d think the mackems would be royalist as they seem to like inbreeding! :lol:

  136. Nah Dave, unfortunately Stuart will always be a bell end. The quicker he is wiped off this planet the better. Utter vermin.

  137. richietoon says:
    October 17, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    “Toonsy/Worky…did ya see those comments in German the other day on threads that were written months ago, what was that all about?”

    Sounds like some spam comments which got through the net, richie.

  138. Ice – It won’t work mate, feck all grinds me down anymore. I’m not as soft as I used to be on here ;)

  139. Worky – They weren’t spam as they were very relevant to the selected articles in which they were written on.

  140. Worky…It was just saying things like, do you believe the sh!t you write on here etc…was on about 3 different threads I think.

  141. Toonsy the hard thing is getting the right balance between too soft and too hard :)
    As ye can be a right humpy c@nt at times :lol: and yeah I remember your missus had that comment on her facebook one time about you being semi soft ;)

  142. shame w/ham starting to find a bit form,our luck again,thought they were a tad unlucky sat like,got two canny c/f,we might need sol in there

  143. stuart79! u should support some1 else..why do u wont newcastle to go down..the way u talk..say that u do..just 2 prove a point on here..the league is that bad..any1 from 12 teams can go untill we are adrift at the bottom..and we have to make up points..2 get out..then saying we will be bottom soon..if we cant beat teams..then untill that happens stick up for us..2 me even the top teams are crap..look at united and liverpool..they have got bigger problems then us..we have been unlucky..if we win u are never on here..but when things go wrong..u are full of it..i told u so..

  144. richietoon says:
    October 17, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    “Worky…It was just saying things like, do you believe the sh!t you write on here etc…was on about 3 different threads I think.”

    In German? Sometimes, spammers comments are copies of real comments on the blog, but it’s just an excuse to get their link on the site. They would be in English though.

  145. Asim – i’m sorry you don’t concur with my opinion, but that’s life.

    I’ve never once said we’ll go down, just check my comments before you start accusing me of things.

    I think we’re in for one hell of a season if we cannot beat the likes of Blackpool, stoke and Wigan at home. Their pretty poor to be honest.

    I’m sorry for you if you think not beating them teams gives us something to be optimistic about.

    But please, read my comments properly and stop making assumptions.

  146. interesting points on racism above. Definitely something in it. For me it’s more xenophobia. The argument about shola being lazy – which he isn’t anyway – really winds me up. If he’s rubbish and lacklustre for 89 mins and scores a goal, I’d take that every day over a grafter who works hard for the full 90 but never scores. Hero grafters is classic relegation stuff, the CC is full of them.

  147. STUART you can have view,but when you start calling people dick-heads/morans etc ect because they dont agree with your views is over the top and does stop other people with differant views comeing on the blog,surely you can see that,if you are a true toon fan have a “go”at the team by all means we all do at times after we lose,but why have a go at the lads i just dont get it,just agree to dis-agree,rant over

  148. Anyone know what happened to Nolan? I am told it was an injury… how bad? Also i feel we need to make some changes to the team, it just aint working…….
    Team for WH


    Simpson Colo Sol Jose
    Routledge Tiote Nolan Jonas
    Carroll Shola

    I know people have been complaining about routledge but with his pace all it needs is one quality ball and carroll on the end and were 1 up! perch has got to go for me have said it all along he aint prem quality, willo needs a rest also i think that sol is better than him tbh. Barton needs a rest hasnt been great recently, shola deserves a start.

  149. areet lads its geordietoon89 aint been on for a while av lost me details… anyone else heard these rumours about Andy Carroll supposidly hes been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend and beating up kevin nolan?
    this would explain why nolan wasnt even in the squad with no explination as to why?

  150. DAYLE welcome back m8,been a couple of things said,but if you want rumours ask richietoon he loves them lol

  151. Evening Dayle :)

    The Nolan one was apparently not ivolving Carroll, although he was there.

    The other one, about his girlfriend, is currently unfounded, but no doubt we will here soon enough.

  152. if that is true! he wouldnt have him being on bail..he would be banged a police joey barton did..

  153. Oh well so nolans been sparked out but by someone else if only he was quicker eh =]
    and ive had a few people texting me sayin that he’s been arrested like one thems a mackem nd says its all over ther blog lol

  154. boater says:
    October 17, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    “interesting points on racism above. Definitely something in it. For me it’s more xenophobia. The argument about shola being lazy – which he isn’t anyway – really winds me up. If he’s rubbish and lacklustre for 89 mins and scores a goal, I’d take that every day over a grafter who works hard for the full 90 but never scores. Hero grafters is classic relegation stuff, the CC is full of them.”

    Wahey! Someone who sees the good side of Shola at last! He may not be Eusebio, but some players just have a languid style which makes them look “lazy” even when they aren’t, and as I wrote above, his goal statistics are VERY deceptive because he has only come on for a few minutes as a sub for most of his appearences.

  155. I think we’ll go back to the 4-1-3-1 formation against West Ham, it’s served us pretty well for the past year and I think the players we have are actually suited to this formation away from home.

  156. oh well! ranger going to take the followed by airey..lets hope loven and best..get banged up as ch has to play carrol u clown..if it is true..

  157. take the bet lads! i say we wil finish above liverpool and if i am wrong..i will buy all use a ticket for a newcastle game in europe..

  158. Big Dave says:
    October 17, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    “Worky why not just come out and ask Ice straight”

    LOL Dave. I thought exactly the same thing to be honest!

  159. DAVE tut tut you slag,can still remember sitting on your shoulder as a kid.

    WORKY is that something to do about golf?

  160. CC…understand it better than I can speak it but not very well and its been about 14 years since I was there…..going over in 3 weeks tho :-)

  161. Ice – when have I ever called anyone a dick head or anything like that for having a different opinion to mine? If I’ve ever called someone like that I’ve never said it first, its been in response to someone saying it to me first, like toonsy today. He got personal, not me.

    Please explain, as I feel you’ve just completely over looked the facts.

  162. ahh bollox, you knew what I meant! lol

    4-2-3-1, i’ve been to the majority of the games and i’m aware of individual form and failings, but I wouldn’t change things around to much. Barton was awful yesterday, but he has to play, if he plays well, we play well, it’s that simple in my opinion, he’s the one who keeps us ticking over.

    Perch has the attributes in my opinion to be a great player but is suffering badly from a lack of (talent? lol, joke) confidence and self belief, Collocini and Enrique screaming in his face in the box during the first half yesterday could hardly have helped lol, anyone see that?

    However I would never jump on a player’s back, he needs games to gain confidence, lets just give him time eh. Anyone remember Enrique and Collo in their first seasons? If anyone from our team could go straight into a top team it’s them two on current form, both have been outstanding.

    Routledge’s pace is a fantastic asset and just needs to be utilised more, both with better runs and better supply. Away from home though his pace could be invaluable, so he has to play in my opinion.

    Over all I like the look of us away from home, so I’m looking forward to the next game, however i’m wary of two things, one, the next few games could very well mould our season, if we get some luck, it could propel us into Christmas, if we don’t, well…

    And secondly, I fear people are underestimating the makems, I work with some so watch them to take the micky at work but I tell you, there isn’t much to take the micky out of, they’re playing some decent stuff and are looking a seasoned team, we’ll need to be on top of our game for that one.

  163. Glad to hear HBA’s injury is in the best possible place. One of my mates got the tib/fib break, whilst playing footie, just above his ankle. Over a year later he still walked with a limp and his ankle was continually swollen, he will never play footie again. :(

  164. START two wrongs dont make a right m8,i would say the same to anyone who goes that low,i would expect people to rise above that sort of thing,but i would say you do tend to wind people up,for no reason just saying what it appears to me to be,try reading back what you have said in the past and draw your own con

  165. ILM…I agree about Perch he was poor yesterday but wasn’t helped by Guthrie going awol on the wing and the cheering when he went off was crap, no better than booing ya own players imo.

  166. It really is dissapointing how weve hardly gotten any points at home so far this season, but give the lads a break, with a club like ‘Newcastle United’ its easy to forget we are a newly promoted, and one of the favourites to be in the bottom 3 come the end of the season. Too high of expectations is generally the reason for contuniues dissapointment on Tyneside.

    Ive been impressed for the majority of the start to this season and we easily could of been top 10 with our efforts. Misfortune has come our way with referee decisions more so than any club this year so far, terrible luck with arfa having to deal with a leg break to early in his Geordie career as well.

    Honestly and personally I think there will be a big suprise patch during the year at some point in which we will see the north east club go unbeaten for some time, and this good patch will secure comfortable safety finishing in 14th position.

    Howay the lads!

  167. RICHIETOON didnt know aboot clapping the lad off like missed that,thats shite to do thing to do,it will do him the world of good like

  168. Yeah Perch was poor but agree part of that was due to Guthrie continually coming inside leaving perch to patrol the left wing on his own
    To be honest am more interested in Nolan / Carroll rumours – doubt Carroll stuff can be true, no way CH could play him if true – hopefully it’s just madmen talk

  169. richietoon
    no joke, A bloke just along from me booed his heart out when Shola came on, people just looked at him funny. Didn’t have a problem cheering when he buried that header.

    Some people are pretty pathetic really.

  170. ILM…its crap have had words a few times with a guy who sits behind me who used to do it all the time, he’s not as bad now after a few threats but ya still hear him occasionally.

    Ice …later.

  171. Criticisms of yesterdays game;

    Crowd. Where was everyone? I didn’t hear hardly anything apart from the level 7 and Gallowgate usuals until we got a goal back. That sort of support is awful for a team that’s just came back into the premier league and playing against teams we’re supposed to be beaten off (don’t kid ourselves, we need to stay up for a season at least until we can even have the cheek to say any other team in this league is below us).

    Perch. BUT. Because of Guthrie. Shame really, it was nice to see Guthrie given the chance of a run out (admittedly a bit strange to start though), but Perch had no bearings on the ball as he looked for movement of a natural line hugger in front. In this note, our midfield as a whole did not get into the spaces or reproduce the passing/positioning that carried the ball with attacking threat showed in previous game. Many times I saw our wingers craving a midfielder or strikert inside short to pass to – but were left to lump it to 2 lanky legged leapers.

    On a positive though, it’s good to see we at least have quality in reserve tanks when we need it to save our lacklustre arses. I have to admit I couldn’t bear the thought, and to some degree didn’t believe that we wouldn’t grab an equaliser. Coloccini deserved it too – his stint at our club should show players like Perch what can be achieved by some genuine, hard graft and persistence.

  172. Just to make everyone more miserable than it seems we are today – if we had got the win yesterday and beat Stoke and Blackpool as everyone seemed to take as a given – we would have been third in the table tonight.

  173. Peter Loverhands

    People are leaving because they are now a second rate, survival scrap of a prem team. Out of the team C.H put out yesterday I would say only 3/4 are premiership quality players. Ashley may have cause for concern with Hughton but ultimately the effort he has put into plastering Sports Direct across the gallowgate roof could have been better spent trying to aquire a striker of the calibre that would keep us up. The only player that could produce match-winning magic imo is now out for most of the season. It will be a long hard slog anyway; but if they turn up and play like that very often I think we’ll be straight back down.

  174. Hughton must be clueless. Guthrie was clearly not 100% fit as he has been out all season, so why play him in a position he struggles with anyway? Guthrie was constantly drifting inside, he was looking at Barton at one point as if to say come on your turn outside and neither of them wanted to play there. Surely the blame has to be shared between the player and manager. Hughton for playing him there when Routledge was fit and Guthrie for drifting and leaving the vunerable Perch to go it alone. As a profesional footballer he should be able to follow instructions and play where he’s told. Its laughable that Carroll was being tipped for England. His first touch is shocking and he couldn’t trap a bag of cement on sat.

  175. Plus I think if our home for is anything to go by, we will get walloped off the scum this year. I might just sit in the house with a can and listen to it I don’t even feel like going to the pub to watch it.

    Its only one game and probably shouldn’t get too disapionted when looking at Liverpool who are second bottom and should be above us.. but… the likes of Everton, blackpool and even Wigan are starting to gallop away from us. We have also had an ‘easy start’ the hard pointless periods (like Dec) are yet to come and we have only managed a point a game at a time when we needed to be burying nuts for the winter. Hopefully with the first hard spell being dec though, that might be the perfect time to pursuade Ashley that we need reinforcements in Jan.

  176. “~ El Toro ~ says:
    October 17, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    Is anyone else finding the amount of dodgy decisions going in Man City’s favour just a little bit worrying?”

    Yes El Toro

    Very worrying. I really do. Especially when you see the cheating and spread betting going on in other sports with the money involved I see no reason why it can’t happen in football.

  177. Fvck me – doom & gloom, one win and we’re in top half
    Thought we all said lower mid table would be a result for us this season – averaging a point a game at the mo, we could have easily beaten both Blackpool and Stoke and on any other day had at least a draw at citeh – far to early to start slagging off CH and the team tho it’s perfectly to have an opinion on how we could do better ;)

  178. jj,
    chelsea got these kind of ‘lucky breaks’ when they became newly rich too, so no surprise really. Money talks.

  179. I can’t understand where all this talk of racism has came from Nobby Solano has been one of my favourite Newcastle Players of all time. We still gave the likes of Smith, Butt, Nolan, Barton stick. It’s got to be the most idiotic comment I have ever heard and has racist connotations itself. Anyway back to football. Gordon I disagree with the ‘too high expectations’ comment that one is getting old. I think the majority of Toon fans are hoping to scrape survival but if we are to achieve this then we need to beat the Blackpool’s, Stoke’s and Wigan’s as they will be the teams in and around us come the end of the season. It’s frustrating because we can wallop Aston Villa and get an amazing win at Goodison and creditable draw at Wolves.