Newcastle United v Sunderland match banter!

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This is the big one!
This is the big one!
Hello, good afternoon and welcome to NUFC Blog’s “match banter”.

Today sees Newcastle playing host to hordes of unwashed from the less developed side of the North East. Unfortunately though, these days they have support from a Dallas based billionaire caled Ellis Short, and we can no longer count on them rolling over as they used to in the good old days when it would take them a whole season to muster 15 points and get relegated to back to where they belong. Indeed, as say in their preview of the match:

“Such is the strength of Steve Bruce’s squad at present that £9million goalkeeper Craig Gordon, Champions League finalist Bolo Zenden, World Cup quarter-finalists Cristian Riveros, Paulo Da Silva and John Mensah and Ballon d’Or nominee Asamoah Gyan can’t get in the starting XI.”

As if this weren’t enough, they are unbeaten in their last seven Premier League games, having beaten Manchester City and Aston Villa, and drawn with the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool.

Perhaps though, Mr Short should have taken advice from a saying brought to prominence by his compatriot, Barack Obama, in his election campaign for the Presidency of the United States:

“You can put lipstick on a pig, It’s still a pig.”

Still, we can always take comfort from the fact that we have been no slouches ourselves in the giant killing stakes, slaughtering Villa 6-0 ourselves and knocking Chelsea out of the League Cup. We have also chalked up victories against Everton and West Ham too, but of course, it has been our home form which has been the main area of concern this season, with unexpected capitulations to the likes of Blackpool and Stoke City.

Speaking on the importance of this local derby, Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton said this:

“I know what it means having been brought up at Tottenham, and knowing what the Tottenham-Arsenal derby means.

“If I look at the proximity of the two areas and the history, I fully understand.”

Meanwhile, his opposite number at Sunderland, Geordie, Steve Bruce, admitted that he had not even attended a Tyne / Wear derby in his 30 years away from the region. He had this to say on the local rivalry:

“It’s a big game coming up, they know it’s a big game, and they will be supporting their son or their brother or their brother-in-law or whatever, I am convinced of that – or at least I hope I am.

“I don’t know why I have never been to one, but I left 30 years ago, so I have been away a long time and have never come back just to witness one.”

For a more detailed look forward to the game, including team news, pre match gossip etc, please check oot Toonsy’s excellent Match Preview.

Howay the lads!


Newcastle United: Krul; Simpson, Williamson, Coloccini, Enrique; Barton, Nolan, Tiote, Gutierrez; Carroll, Ameobi.

Subs: Soderberg, S Taylor, Perch, Lovenkrands, Routledge, Smith, Ranger.

Unwashed: Mignolet, Onuoha, Bardsley, Turner, Bramble, Cattermole (C), Henderson, Malbranque, Welbeck, Elmohamady, Bent.

Subs: Gordon, Da Silva, Gyan, Richardson, Ferdinand, Zenden, Mensah.

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314 Responses

  1. love the pictures,the post just aboot reet too,we will win the day,dont want to get into c.h. “thing” one for all,all for one :) hwtl

  2. ppstream best link in chineese.down load it..then go to justin tv football..when u bring up the site..go in to live games ..then they will come to whcih game to put on.lick on to newcastle game..then different sites will come on..

  3. icedog says:
    October 31, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    “love the pictures,the post just aboot reet too”

    “You can put lipstick on a pig, It’s still a pig.” :lol:

  4. think banter will be slow today,everybody will be there.
    ime stuck in the hoose :(,never mind ive got the blog :)

  5. icedog says:
    October 31, 2010 at 12:59 pm
    think banter will be slow today,everybody will be there.
    ime stuck in the hoose ,never mind ive got the blog

    I am here. I am calm. For the time being…

    Just hoping one of these match links will work on my shite computer…


  6. Worky – very apt Obama quote, suits the bin dippas down to the ground. Just arrived at hotel, and thankgod have found a channel showing the game -MP Stadium, downside is having to listen to Andy Townsend’s witterings….
    Anyway howay lads do us proud, and all Toon fans in the ground sing your head off

  7. That’s a good starting team from CH. Real hard bastids who will go at them from the off.

  8. Fcuk.Espn just went offline was working fine just a moment lucky can i ever get?stupid cable operators

  9. What is going on guys?am still not getting stupid espn.pls somebody update…

  10. Big Dave says:
    October 31, 2010 at 1:48 pm
    Cybertoon you should invest in a colour monitor


  11. Hi Worky, Dave and everyone
    yeah I’m fine thanks. Hard to breathe with the pace of the game and isn’t it brilliant to hear a great atmosphere at SJP?

  12. get in the freakin net !!!!!!

    Fully deserved for the lads !!!! Get in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The scum are having trouble with wor big lads, we’re bossing them in the air !!! Howay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. jay jay put yer gum shield in big man !

    If I here this “goldfish bowl” crap again…gets on me nerves…

  15. 2 – 0 get in there Nolan !!!!!

    CH nice jig there matey !!!!!!!!! shit we are good today !!!

  16. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to those who have provided links to the game…

    6:30 in the morning here in California…best reason to wake up early.


    Amazing game thus far.

  17. Lad’s another streams without need to download software???

    thanks in advance.

    my stream is taken down for copyright issue. 8O


    GAME OVER?? i Don’t think so~~~

  18. The funny thing is not only has it shut the unwashed up for a while its also quietened those anti Nolan, Shola types.

    I’m pleased CH remained positive with his team selection, I’d love to have played this game with HBA in attendance, so he’d see what we’re all about.

    I’d settle for 6-0 full time :D


    Unfortunately we’ll have to listen to Fat Sam and MonkeYS Heed giving “expert” half time commentary…pillocks…

    I cannae believe it, we were mint first half…Sunderlands defence is garbage. If Sunderland finish the game with 11 men it’ll be amazing, this ref is so picky…

  20. Damn missed the third goal checking the cricket score :-(

    Nolan, just brilliant when it matters again. For me he is even more inspirational as a captain that Shearer was.

    May not be the quickest, but you can’t call him lazy, and his has incredible awareness and intellegence on the pitch.

    Barton looks great too. But would like to see Routeledge come on for the counter and Tiote go off so when don’t go down to 10 men.

  21. Nolan is OK when he’s not playing in the hole as he’s just not suited to that role. Fortunately CH now seems to have seen the light :)

  22. Close ups of Steve Bruce – the man is getting fatter and fatter. Maybe comfort eating as he’s surrounded by mackem tramps

  23. Andy Gray…still can’t bring himself to say anything positive about the toon. I think he’s past his sell by date…he’s basically useless now as an analyst.

    Peter Reid talks sense, Fat Sam crooning about Nolan…Fat Sam tought him everything he knows…

  24. “NorthernPaul NorthernPaul says:
    October 31, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    I thought 95% of you lot hated Nolan and Shola?”

    Always rated Nolan, still don’t rate Shola, although he’s been ok today (I’d say 7/10) which is good for him.

  25. Full House (more or less) thats even better. Those makems in attendance can get to see what a real football ground is like when its full :D

  26. Hopefully this will shut the gutter press up for a while to get off Hughton’s back. Leave the man to get on with it. He’s the right man to take the Toon forward.

  27. Hoots should ditch the training gear and stick with the fancy threads. Clearly they have made a difference today.


  28. Barton, Nolan and Carroll are just out of this world today….especially Barton.

    The Scum have nobody threatening on the right so Barton can drift into the middle all alone and his passing is spot on today.

    More of this please!!

  29. Northern Paul – agree with you. Listened to Fat Sam interview yesterday. He’s clearly deluded.

  30. I ain’t no Nolan/Shola hater. There are many out there, but not me!

    Not to piss on our euphoria, but does anyone else have the creeping feeling that the fat plonker in the yellow ref’s jersey is going to ruin the game with five more yellows, three reds and a couple of nonsense penalties?

  31. Barton’s delivery has been brilliant today, he can pass and cross the ball with such power, speed and accuracy..

  32. Mackems dont need to get dressed up for Halloween, the inbreeds look like that all the time

  33. The fat makkem bruce has spent loads of money on got nowhere. What would CH manage with that kind of money ?

  34. barton looking unplayable.

    I finally see why everyone is hyping up tiote, Truly a DM nufc needs.

    guti and jose linking up nicely as usual

  35. Barton’s been tuning up his passing–for a few weeks his range-finding was awful, but he’s been so accurate the last few games…

    Commentator’s curse as he lumps one right at a Sunderland player…

  36. Fuk that it has to be 6 as I want to see Carroll get one and Nolan to get a Hat-trick :)
    Howay the Lads
    Looks like the Tramps are going back to their caravans

  37. Ameobi’s goal had me laughing like Gary Oldman when he’s dressed up like the freaky old count in Dracula.


  38. Oh my god I could watch replays of that Shola goal all night, magnificent !!!! Two of Newcastle finest sons !!!

  39. Nolan’s goal had me laughing like Vincent Price at the end of “Thriller.”

    (halloween theme) :)


  40. I hate Makkems and I hate Steve Bruce…what a day….5-0…what time is it…five past Sunnnnerlund…

  41. I’ve had some great sex in my life but this is coming oh so close ……………………

  42. Fans Should Own The Club says:
    October 31, 2010 at 3:14 pm
    Who’s got a good link? mine’s gone all choppy…

    Mine just went to hell too. :(

  43. this result is up there with the Man Utd 5-0…
    especially with Bruce in charge !!

    Cannot wait for his post match comments…probably all the refs fault..

  44. Fans Should Own The Club says:
    October 31, 2010 at 3:19 pm
    Thank you again, Big Dave!


  45. Sunderland absolutely destroyed today. Biggest win by NUFC over the mackems in EPL history.

    Unforgettable day! :)


  46. 5-1! kings! dabillz is a supreme being azzer is a supreme being daz c is a pathetic piece of 23 stone and lee d and his fat f**k of a girlfriend are sh*tting on a brick

  47. One of the mackems has just put a Liverpool top on WTF?
    Geordie deb, I never upset anyone, sometimes ;)

  48. Not allowed to mention one hundred and one great goals on this site but they’ve got all the goals if you want to revel in all that is good:D

  49. WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! thanks worky for the link. forgotten all about replying here. Barton has been awesome down the flank, mixing up with him going in field. Guti and jose are unplayable down the left hand side of the field. I pity carroll for crashing one against the crossbar, but WHAT A GOAL by strolla! a fookin’ sissors kick. Nolan has got himself a FAT-TRICK! wooohooo! i’ll be sleeping with a smile on my face tonight. :)

  50. Everyone was good today, great performance ! The clue was he had great balance down both wings. Well done to Tiote for keeping his cool after an early booking…

  51. Toons…your sleepless night was worth it matey, 5-1 you must be ECSTATIC !!! Great atmosphere at the ground, the fans were in full cry on the tele…

  52. Fantastic game! Everyone played well and the Ref was clearly on our side that I must admit. Made more apparent when he resolved the dispute between Nolan and Mensah booking only Mensah and not likewise Nolan. When things are going for you then that is what happens.

    Nolan was great simply fantastic his awareness in the box and his ability to appear in the right place at the right time is the best attribute a player can have combined with his ability to finish make him one of the deadliest players in a melee in the box.

    Shola! Great penalty unstoppable shot with power and to the far corner. We might have been two goals to the good but it is so easy to miss and no one wants to be the player to have missed that.

    Carroll may not have scored and should have played very well and had a hand in Shola’s and Nolan’s second goals. Wish he got a goal too.

    Barton, some good deliveries throughout the game and plenty of intelligent passes.

    Tiote started shaky but got to grips again solid in mid field.

    Defence played exceptionally well save the Bent goal but given that we were 5 up it is hard to keep it up.

    Chris…persistence with his selection of Nolan against the wishes of most NUFC fans showed us today why he playes Nolan because he is a goal scorer. He did so last season and is doing so again this season. I would rather Nolan scored 1 goal in three successive games than three in one.

    The ref on our side blatantly. Can we have him every game?

    Well done

  53. DAVE ime just takeing it m8 with him getting interviewed

    just heard horsewell walked out from radio show at half-time,after abuse he got

  54. “Chris…persistence with his selection of Nolan against the wishes of most NUFC fans showed us today why he playes Nolan because he is a goal scorer. He did so last season and is doing so again this season. I would rather Nolan scored 1 goal in three successive games than three in one”

    Sorry Michael but you’ve got to realise he’s not playing in the hole now. Two games against WHU and Makems show clearly he’s a mf not a withdrawn striker.

    Dont confuse the two :)

  55. Wow! Today’s team is clearly the way forward. Very, very impressed with all the lads.

    We were so superior to Sunderland today it was borderline fantasy stuff. They are a poor side with a good goalscorer. They have no midfield quality and we passed it around them with ease.

  56. @AndyMac: What did I write that is confusing?

    The call from newcastle fans was to drop Nolan because he is “fat, slow and not good enough” and that is verbatim. The call was not to reposition him.

    I was referring to Chris Hughton’s persistence in selecting Nolan in the starting 11 nothing to do with the repositioning to which you are alluding.

  57. Great for Chris Hughton, his reaction to the goals show how much this meant to him, the players we have now know the significance of this result and this could be the building block we need for the rest of the season!

    Now get that man a new contract!! Hughton’s appearance is even looking like a top class Manager now (no more track suit) not just a top class coach.

  58. Amazing early Birthday present from the Toon- What a result-I predicted a win yesterday never expected to smash the SMB’s this much.


  59. The best overall performance i have seen for years, totally dominated the game and every player was outstanding, we confounded the critics and my pre match hope was that they would shove the words back down their throats and didnt they deliver big style reducing the mackems to an absolute shambles.

  60. so just to recap…..

    Is anyone else still bothered about us restin first team players in midweek? It will be intersting to see what supertwat makes of it all now anyway…..

  61. i thought Darren bent goal shouldn’t be allowed,as Krul seems to save the ball??? Isn’t that a foul?

  62. jay jay says:
    October 31, 2010 at 4:36 pm
    Hiding my hard on, not an easy task<<<< stick a thimble over it :lol:

  63. Well toonsy I think they could have done both mate. As for the majority of last season. Obviously very pleased with that tho and yes I would take that over a win and a draw or something. We would get knocked out by Villa or Man U eventually so yes very satisfied. Was funny to here Mackem come on the phone in with ‘Bruce Out’ starting already, shows how fickle fans are after all he has done for them. We absoultely battered them though, it was a proper old fashioned beating which was the most pleasing and suprising thing for me. HWTL… dogs.

  64. @pearceet: Oh well, we still won anyway. Just felt pity Krul didn’t get His clean sheet. And i thought bent was blocking the save.

  65. What a day and just to make it complete I had a bet on a Newcastle win and Tiote to get booked,the easiest money I have ever made.

  66. Worky ticket – fat Nolan should be dropped – posted earlier today – hope he shoved your comment right up your arse where it belongs

  67. batty

    Yeah hope it’s just a one off thing that he couldn’t score against them. I knew Ameobi would though he always scores against them, so cool and unflustered. Not a bad penalty taker to have in the side either.

  68. MANC worky comment was a dig at some fans on hear here who keep haveing a poke at him,you must keep up pal,or stop makeing comments you kna nowt aboot m8

  69. Hopefully this will put this seasons poor home form to bed. Just makes me wonder where we would be in the league if we turned up with that attitude every game. :(

  70. West Ham nearly hung on till the end against the arse yesterday. Hopefully our first team can go there full of confidence for a bit of revenge.

  71. Stu

    Nor did I m8 but have to say very impressed and imagine if they could get that worked up about every game. Hoots has found a formation to stick with and build on perhaps?


    What a result, eh? (I wanted six mesell though!)

    Super super super Kev, Super kev Super kev etc…

    Altogether now:


  73. Guys,go read Andy Grays match prediction now.Bet you wouldnt be able to stop laughing.Put it up his giant arse.Will teach him a lesson to judge us better in the future:-)

  74. For me Tiote was the difference yet again. Barton is getting the praise, why? because Tiote is freeing him up and allowing him to boss the game with that drive forward and passing skill we know he has, plus he can follow instructions where Guthrie can’t. Although I think Danny is knackered without two directions to pass in.

  75. deepak is a indian toon says:
    October 31, 2010 at 5:09 pm
    Guys,go read Andy Grays match prediction now.Bet you wouldnt be able to stop laughing.Put it up his giant arse.Will teach him a lesson to judge us better in the future:-)

    He predicted the same side would get outclassed and beaten off West Ham, what lesson?

  76. I apologise to worky ticket then, I get fed up with critics of Nolan, it’s bad on other sites and gets right up my nose!!

  77. DJG- I know he wont change his outlook abt us but last weeks scoreline enabled him to wriggle out by saying that west ham lost the game and we didnt win it.But todays scoreline doesnt give him tat benefit.lets see what he has to say about this:-)

  78. i thought bruce wanted to party with the toon players in the gate tonight .
    i think part of him was happy HWTL

  79. whey I’m really dissapointed with that today, how can a team that crap score against us, shocking!! ;-) :lol:

  80. Just reading the SMB board they are funny as fuk they seem to be a bit disheartened god love them, I was almost signing up just to pass on my condolences :lol:

  81. batty – so much for your doom and gloom prediction that we’d pick up nee points at west ham or against the scum – keep your predictions up fella :)

  82. Steve Cram, Nial Quinn, Colin Young, Louise Taylor etc, etc, your boys took a hell of a beating and Superknacka, stick that in your pipe and smoke you tosspot.

  83. atmosphere was great – even in platinum stand, first time i’ve heard that lot sing :)

  84. Dave…Toonsy even got the beers in too, and he made a new best mate…kept cuddling him for some reason :-)

  85. Sky Sports still chased the contract story despite such a ridiculous result and performance. The media truly are out to get us.

  86. I know after this it’s not my position, but I would love to see that 3 man midfiels with 3 up front.