Newcastle v Arsenal extended video highlights and Hughton post match interview.

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Highlights from yesterday evenings’s 0-4 League Cup defeat against Arsenal.

Sadly, a mostly second string Newcastle team were not strong enough to overcome Arsenal, with a desperately unlucky first goal coutesy of Ryan Taylor’s and Tim Krul’s respective heeds, and a second goal from Walcott which never should have stood. Still, the Gooners did put two more past us, courtesy of Bendtner and another from Walcott, and it is quite hard to argue with 0-4.

Chris Hughton post match interview.

Hughton speaks of unhelpful speculation about his future at the club, the important derby clash against the unwashed tramps on Sunday, and some of the youngsters who got a run out in yesterdays match.

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273 Responses

  1. Vuckic should be on the bench for the next game. He is the closest we have to a Fabregas style player. The kind of player that plays killer balls almost impulsively. For all of Joey Barton’s positives, he just doesn’t do this and that’s is the difference between a CM and AM in my opinion.

  2. El Toro – think that’s a little unfair on JB. He does try ( ball to Nolan at Goodison) but he’s a bit like Guthrie – too bloody slow at it. Mind you that’s the first time I’ve seen Vuckic play to anything like his potential and still along way short yet. He’ll get there if he can get enough game time to boost his confidence.

  3. feel surprisingly ok with last night., as much as I despise the gooner supporters. 10 days and we can have another go. Ranger was abysmal though,.

  4. barton has been the catalyst for almost every attacking move this season, and is singularly responsible for us keeping a high tempo away from home, and dominating possession for long spells. He’s been the our best player – along with colo – overall for me.

  5. Agree georgio Vuckic needs minutes on the pitch. He showed glimpses last night of the player he is hyped up to be , he just needs to get use t the pace of the game. Real talent

  6. Guys, you misunderstand me. Joey is a good passer of the ball and has been vital to us this season. All I am saying is that the difference between a AM and CM are clear. One plays killer passes more instinctively. Whilst the other takes that little bit longer. In the final third, the former are invaluable because 1. You generally have little time to actually think once you have received the ball, and 2. The quicker the pass is made the more likely it is to beat the defender. This is why I feel Vuckic could prove vital whilst Hatem is out. Just my opinion.

  7. My thoughts are that we don’t play that way and so don’t have forwards running into that kind of space. Lovenkrands has occasionally done it in the past but this season has been a bit of a passenger.

  8. Loverman looked well off the pace last night.
    Ranger was awful, his second touch is a tackle.
    Raylor proved he is no Right Back.
    Vukic was not involved enough.
    Kadar is not a FB.
    Smithy was terrible.

    All in all I think CH learnt a lot about his squad last night.

  9. Bowburn

    Fair point, but I tend to come at it form the opposite angle. I believe that the more natural AM’s you have in your squad, the more runs the rest of the strikers make simply because they EXPECT the pass to be executed. I believe the reason why our players don’t make such runs is because we lack creativity to link up the midfield and strike force. Therefore players like Carroll etc don’t anticipate such passes and consequently don’t make the runs.

    I hold the belief that by drafting players like Vuckic into the first team squad we will rectify that problem as he adapts more to the Premier League.

  10. Danny Guthrie was obviously too exhausted that cause him to lost the ball and resulted in the 3rd goal.

    See when he lost the ball,he totally has no energy to run and try nick the ball back.

  11. Think I’m with El Toro on this That’s why I like 433. Given The midfield three can tackel, pass & move out wide when needed, that frees up the front three to be creative individuals playing to their strengths. I think the midfield three are therefore Barton, Tiote & Jonas. The front three however is the problem carrol Nolan & Routledge, I don’t think so. Want to see Gosling.

  12. It felt weird watching the match last night; I half, naturally, wanted Newcastle to win and have their best chance of a respectable cup run against high odds. However, I half had to restrain myself for the faith in Hughton and his decisions to play a second string team against a top 4 club, that has the quality in abundance to put us to the sword with even their fringe players – keeping in mind I think the derby game was probably more important to the club as a whole and the fans.

    On the whole game I think we were equally as pleased with some surprise performances against top opposition as disappointed with some other players. I thought Vuckic for his age was very impressive as well as Kadar’s ability to get up the line for somebody who was used at centre back last season. On the other hand though, I think many agree with regards to Lovenkrands being finished. It’s a shame, and to be honest a complete puzzle to me – He missed the chance to go to the world cup in a bid to focus on club football, yet although I suppose he had his rocky moment with his dad passing. In all, he looks very off the pace for a player we thought could do a job off the ball upfront not so long ago. Guthrie perhaps not given the chance to shine like we hoped either – but replacements Gutierrez and Barton assured me to their class and importance with their late appearances, and this is a good sign going into sunday.

    Arsenal dominated the posession and although were perhaps a bit sluggish in patches did show their class mostly against us. It’s not a surprising scoreline really, given the mix of unbelievably talented youth and fringle players they fielded in a clear attempt to take this cup seriously. They probably could have put other unknown kids in, but gave big guns Walcott and Bendtner a run out which ultimately proved it’s worth in the end as fate would have these 2 demolishing our defence. 2nd goal was a disgrace mind, as well as the first probably just damn right unlucky as clumsy as it was. I am disappointed with Perch’s schoolboy positioning for the 4th goal, but the 3rd you could also argue Williamson gives way too much credit/space/room for a quality player like Bendtner – Despite these 2 defenders actually giving a pretty good all round performance.

    Riiiight, I do realise that was a long post but it’s been a while since i’ve posted so felt the need to vent and have a right go of what I thought of the match :) haha. By the way, can’t wait to head over toon 9 in the morning sunday for only me 2nd derby game, be mint craic hopefully if Carroll’s had his head screwed on a bit more by Nolan and Barton and can show us why he’s our number 9 this season.

  13. Just a stat came in which might be of use to the gamblers

    Newcastle v Sunderland
    Sun 31st Oct, 1.30pm
    Ref: P. Dowd
    8 of Newcastle’s 9 games have gone Under 10.5 Corners this
    season – including 3 of their 4 home games
    All 4 of Sunderland’s away games have gone Under 10.5 Corners
    Newcastle’s home games are producing an average of 8.5 corners
    Sunderland’s away games are producing an average of 7.5 corners

  14. Anyone else worried about Tiote on Sunday? I reckon he’s going to want to stamp his authority on the game quickly, will have been told how important the game is and will probably be fired up. Ref will have none of it and given some of our past decisions this season I’m hoping he has a calm derby debut.

  15. The reason Tiote will likely survive is that he rarely goes to ground with risky challenges. He often makes standing tackles where he takes the player out, but you usually get at least a stern warning before entering the book.

  16. I only saw the highlights of the game so can’t comment on who did or did not play well. The one thing that struck me was the way we started, very slow and laboured, as if CH had said try to pass the ball around and settle into the game. Trouble is that don’t work in the prem. and certainly not against a team like Aresenal who even with their younguns are at a high tempo from the off. Williamson was so slow on the ball it was painfull, almost like watching a slow moving car crash. He’s good enough as a stopper but he’s no ball player and shouldn’t try to be.

    Still plenty of work in progress for CH but I reckon we’ll get there, no need to panic, yet!!

  17. Anyone at the game last night !???

    I read in nufc thread and there are a few guys who attended the match said that Smith was booked twice O_O
    so bizarre … how come he still on the pitch is mystery.

    The ref is absolutely joke than I thought.

  18. Roy, yes it was nice to get away although prices in Spain are now comparable to ours now so it cost more than I expected. I was enjoying the snorkelling till I was stung by a jellyfish and when I got out of the water realised there were hundreds of the little bu&gers so that put paid to that.

    Anyway 43 years of wedded bliss today so me and the missus are off out to the corner cafe for a meal. :)

    Oh whats that dear, oh ok!!

    Sorry Roy apparently it’ll be somewhere expensive. :)

  19. Magpie_May 13

    Smith wasn’t booked twice. Both he and Kadar laid a finger on Walcott at the same time and he went down like a sack of tatties. Kadar got booked

  20. TonyGreenSupreme at 12

    You don’t half see the positive side of matters.
    Lovenkrands shouldn’t be anywhere near the first team in the future.

    The problem all the players you mentioned have is the pace of last night’s game is a million miles away from reserve team football. Difficult to adapt and step up

  21. @budalovesa patsy

    Thank you for clear thing up.

    I thought Smith was the one who got booked on Walcott
    and some said that he got booked for go against the ref after the 2nd goal.

    But I still think the ref was a joke though lol

  22. TonyGreenSupreme

    You left out Guthrie who was as bad as those you listed. Given an absolute lesson by Denilson in how to play central midfield.

  23. Roy, after watching that u-tube I might have to go to casualty to get my heart restarted instead. :)

  24. I kept on looking for the Milburn stand linesman labrador last night. he must have had one cause he was a blind so and so

  25. batty that backdoor merchant in the video is just wot i’d expect – chicken shit – to be like.if you ever fancy hunting him down for & braying the shit out of him then count me in.

  26. Don’t know what some of you saw last night but in the first half Ranger was unplayable, holding off both CD’s simultaneously and still winning the ball, was so so unlucky not to score as the ball just dropped behind him as he took it round the keeper. Vuckic played a couple of nice passes but didn’t assert himself enough. Smith also played really well breaking up play and again was very unlucky not to score from that terrific strike. What let us down was the lack of movement from Guthrie in the middle, I thought he was very poor, and left smith exposed when defending. Routledge showed nothing but one piece of nice skill down the right and was disappointing overall. Lovenkrands was hugely off the pace. Raylor just proved he isn’t of premiership standard.

  27. Just been listening to the Legends on Century and had to turn it off due to the bad mouthing of Hughton and the club by McDonald.
    I know they are deliberately provocative to create passionate debate but his bile is completely OTT, twisting last nights events into a kind of victory for the mackems pre derby and providing them with a boost to their training this morning almost blew the wax out my lugs.
    Superknacka – you a traitorous twat and i hope your next shite is a hedgehog!

  28. Same old, same old.
    We get beat so we’re shite.
    The bigger the scoreline the bigger the degree of shiteness.
    It obviously means CH is off.
    Barton put in 2 excellent crosses for goals on satda, but he’s shite after a few minutes on the losing side.

    Soon as i saw that refs name for the game, my heart sank, top 4er if ever there was one.

  29. CLiNT – You want to check out that tosspot Mossa on the last thread mate. What a prize dick he is…..

  30. BBB – SuperMac is a twat mate. Cracking player, w@nker as a person.

    Get back on the bottle Mac. It keeps you quiet, and I might piss on you in a doorway.

  31. Clint Joey was getting hammered on satda aswell mate by a fair few, I guess you cant please some ;)
    I find it funny that when we have played well Joey has normally had a good game

  32. clint – if it wernt for barton we’d be in the shite m8 & can you believe there’s a bloke that posts on here claiming to be a toon fan but refuses to go to games if he’s playing !!!! wtf

    if the truth be told he probably dont even know where sjp is.

  33. Roy tell Hayley babes I was asking after her.
    As for the toon fan that wont go while Joey is here :( I seen that mate but then it takes allsorts, I can understand that people didn’t want to go because of the Fat Controller, but because of a player seems like just an excuse ;)

  34. toonsy,
    aye, i had the misfortune of trawling through the other threads, that’s why i came to the conclusion ^^^ up there.

    Perspective is required.

    Nice to see a few of us see Joey’s real worth to the team.
    The lad has done well & kept it down.

    I gave up on Superyap as a pundit years ago mind.

  35. Toonsy I was a bit surprised to see you biting a few days ago Lad I thought you stopped that mate :) did you change shifts or something as I think I seen Ice say something like that, which reminds me I haven’t seen Ice for a couple of days.

  36. It’s NUFC we’re supporting, not owners, managers, individual players.
    The lads out there last night were doing ok ’til that mong in the middle got his way & allowed yet another ‘top 4’ team to have their way.
    Ho hum.

  37. Dave – I’m always biting mate, especially when people try to fit me up and blame me for things that I never done ;)

    Ultimately I win though ;)

    Been on permanent nights for a fair few months now mate

  38. He looked so sussed after he gave that second ‘goal’.
    Offside & a cynical ‘challenge’ by bender.

    We were never gonna put our best team out, so we were never gonna really compete. Saying that, if we had buried one of our chances it woulda been a different story.

    Though it was a canny change to see oppo fans come on with a decent bit craic, for a change.
    Well done to the gooner fans for that, at least they have a bit of grace. That was a refreshing change.

  39. toonsy,
    me too sometimes.
    It makes you think that some just don’t have the belly for this game.
    Metophorically speaking, of course.

  40. Big D/Roy,
    Joey has played some blinders this season.
    It’s good to see him getting his fitness back & sorting his life out.
    Even HBA had good words to say about him.
    Of course ‘mud sticks’ & some will always be prejudicial against him. But we’ve always had controversial players here. While they’re here, they’re ‘wors’.

  41. Toonsy I find ignoring works mate rather than landing up in someones keepnet or if your to Bigg a trawlers net :lol: .

    Clint I can understand other teams fans not taking to Joey as they only know about his past, but when he is one of your own you tend to know abit more about him. But I think the stick he gets is just a price he has to pay

  42. Roy Cropper says:
    October 28, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    “batty that backdoor merchant in the video is just wot i’d expect – chicken shit – to be like.if you ever fancy hunting him down for & braying the shit out of him then count me in.”

    Fcuk me – that is one of the funniest things you’ve ever written, Roy! :lol:

  43. DJG it must be that that is making him real touchy as he has started to show a real mean streak lately that I never noticed before ;) .
    Toons thats a different thing then :) so fill your boots

  44. Dave,
    i’m sure as shite that Joey can take it like.
    I just find it funny that people go on about him saying he’s a dirty player, when nearly all of his crap was done ‘off’ the pitch. But we can thank the media for that.
    They give plenty of column inches to him for anything, yet gerrard & the like get a free run for worse on field behavior.

  45. Say what you want about Joey Barton being a reformed man but last night he was back to his old tricks – smashing into players for no reason.

    And yet, because he’s one of ours, we’re supposed to turn a blind eye or, worse still, celebrate it?

    I wouldn’t mind so much but, after reading all the sanctimonious BS some people were spewing on here after the De Jong tackle, I find it a tad rich.

  46. Big Dave

    Nah man im sure he’s a pussy cat really, no mean streak, just gets a bit touchy. Anyway if I left who would be the scapegoat, can’t leave it all to batty and Stu. ;)

  47. toonsy says:
    October 28, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    “BBB – SuperMac is a twat mate. Cracking player, w@nker as a person.”

    I don’t agree, Toonsy. He’s a man who has been through alot of pain in his life and has made mistakes along the way. Have you ever met him?

  48. DJG – if you don’t want to be talked to like sh1t then stop chatting sh1t!

    Simples :lol:

  49. Worky – Yes I have, and he was smashed out of his face at the time. He is an obnoxious twat and has done nothing since for him to change my mind.

  50. People were just sounding off about SuperMac. I thought he had one good point though. Wouldn’t Carroll, Jonas and Barton be more vunerable to injury when coming off the bench cold and trying to save the game. and in Bartons case throwing himself aboot.

  51. Dave – Me and DJG have been debating most of the day over certain things……. ;)

    He huffed and and promised to never come back, said he meant it, something he took the piss out of me about……

    Hi DJG ;) :lol:

  52. You may find it baffling but I don’t come on to cause arguments. Honest!

    I don’t like them tbh.

    Ne hard feeling m8.


  53. TC,
    hey mate, bit of a difference between smashing someone’s leg in 2 & whatever Barton did last night.
    Not having a go man, just pointing out the chasm/world of difference.
    Fair enough that don’t want him here, & it’s hard to be objective when you don’t like someone, but, he’s gonna be here a while yet.
    I didn’t like Bowyer/woodgate after their little escapade & various others down the years, but i still bit my tongue.
    But anyhoo, i’ll get meself down to Big D’s for the ‘hypocrite’ tatt the morra.

  54. DJG – Nee worries, but in future if you’re gan to pull us up on something make sure you are pulling up the right person ;)

    I won’t get radge then :)

  55. If you actually read the post I didn’t attribute the quotes to you. Knowing full well one of the wasen’t. it was from TC last nite. Anyway you jumped on it in your rage. nevermind. :roll:

  56. CLiNT – I know what you mean, but I’m sure De Mong didn’t mean to bust Benny’s leg – just give him something to think about.

    Same as Barton last night.

    Barton would have been sent off last night if the game had lasted 5 or 10 minutes longer – nee doubt. There was simply no need for it – the game was already gone and going down to 10 men wasn’t going to help the cause. Baffling really.

    I’ve said before (not on here) that if JB can knuckle down and work hard this season then I might change my mind on him, but he has a lon, long way to go and he aint doing himself any favours.

  57. I can’t believe people are writing Lovenkrands off and saying he is finished because he had a poor game.

    He gets one match every two months. How is meant to have any sort of form or level of fitness? His game requires regular play and we don’t provide it.

    We have ruined the guy.

  58. DJG glad to see you posting m8 keep it up,i need someone to pick-on,big dave and richietoon are getting to to old now they will stuggle to read the blog poor sods :)

  59. It’s catch 22 with Lovo. On one hand mist of us know that he needs games to get into a rhyhm. On the other, he is never going to get those games as his performances whilst he is getting into his stride are less than impressive.

  60. Ice,

    Aye I know m8. Its pathetic really it is. I don’t think all the stresses of being in the prem and the impending derby is helping like.

  61. TOONSY how did your vist go pal,ime hopeing well.
    toonsy ime with WORKY on s/mac in the past he has sufferd a lot of pain,and you know whats thats like m8.
    i see him a lot and has always had time to speak,in his heart he is toon daft,maybe doesnt come over well at times like.
    i have time for him

  62. TC,
    dunno about the de mong thing, only he knows that, doubt he ‘meant’ to bust the lads leg, but he meant to hurt him.
    Last night was the first thing Joey’s done that was daft since getting sent off v liverpoo though.
    Again, i blame the refs, when they ruin a game, players can lose their control, cos they see a ref losing the plot. That’s why we have to have full accountability for the qunts.
    They cause most of the problems with bad dicisions on the pitch, that leave [players feeling ripped off & eventually they start to take the law into their own hands. Players need to be shown the rules are the rules, but when refs screw with the rules, chaos & then injuries ensue.

    Well said on Barton though, i just want the lad to make his recent, decent behavior stick, to help fans like yourself give him a chance.
    He’s going in the right direction.

  63. I like SuperMac and can understand his haters. The guy is toon through and through and his heart is in the right place. Please remember that before you’s attack him. He doesn’t have to be here, he could have easily f##d off back to Landan and supported the Arsenal. All he wants is the best for the club. Im not sure anymore, sometimes it pays to go for it and he who dares wins, he’s got a point and so do others when they question the scare tactics on show last night.

  64. Toonsy – Supermac’s a prick because he has an opinion you don’t agree with? Nice.

    Alcholism is an illness, mate. I assume you have never known anyone with an illness..?

    On a brighter note, why are there shit loads of fans on radio phone ins, national and local calling for Hughton to go? What do they want?

    For its worth I think he’ll resign after Mackems game.

  65. TOONSY thats great,who knows you might get a ticket for the xmas party :),some bonney nurses like ;)

  66. Big Dave says:
    October 28, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    “Worky was just looking at the donations the Lads did well mate”

    Aye Dave, it’s helped alot, and I’m grateful to everyone who has donated. I’m working on some improvements, and there have been some good suggestions too.

  67. Stuart – I am fully aware that alcoholism is an illness mate. Ask my mrs, or any of my mates who pop on here and they will tell you I was an alcoholic myself for three or so years…..

    Also, I didn’t see where I disagreed with him, or actually mentioned anything he said???? Please enlighten….. Or is that just another one of your made up fantasies again?

  68. ‘For its worth I think he’ll resign after Mackems game.’

    Why do you think that Stu?

    I do think he has put more pressure on himself for Sunday though that wouldn’t have been there if he had gone for it last night.

  69. BIG DAVE aye spot on you wouldnt be say that aboot DJG if you knew what he was calling you,but dont worry m8 i fought your corner,even though batty was putting the knife in ;) see your m8 was working his ticket last neet (again)

  70. On PL,
    aye he needs game time.
    But also, he needs the ball played to him.
    He hasn’t really had a touch in the time he’s had.
    So it’s a bit hard to judge him.
    He defo offers a different approach & it’s way too early to right him off.
    But it’s what we do best.
    Just listen to the ‘fans’ that get sucked into the CH out shite.

  71. DJG says:
    October 28, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    “I like SuperMac and can understand his haters.”

    I was only a bairn when I knew him, and he was at his peak. He was great with me and very generous with tickets and such. I know that he did let his problems make him go completely off the rails for a while, but I can identify with what he must have been going through now, and why his life took the particular path it did. Thankfully he does seem to be back to his old self since he gave up the grog.

  72. DJG,
    he woulda got slated even if he ‘went for it’ last night.
    We can’t please any of the people any of the time.

  73. I don’t think we’ll ever have stability at Newcastle. Not unless somebody takes over who spends the sort of money that will get us in the top half and looking like winning something and it will silence all the boo boys and fantasists. But it’s not gonna happen. The unwashed have spent £100M and they rely on one striker and OG’s to stay in this league.

  74. DJG says:
    October 28, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    “I do think he has put more pressure on himself for Sunday though that wouldn’t have been there if he had gone for it last night.”

    I think he would have put a lot more pressure on himself if Carroll, Tiote, Enrique or Gutierrez picked up injuries in a pointless match in a competition we were never going to win…

  75. DJG – Even when we were in the top four, top two, 12 points clear, having loads of money spent on us, people still moaned mate…..

  76. CLINT have never understood some of the fans at times;lets build them up so we can knock them doon,but think thats a british “thing”,crazy man

  77. DJG,
    the mackems can’t attract good players to that hole, that’s why they can spend a billion on average players & still get nowhere. At least we have a canny city, & history.
    Players are still prepared to go to Newcastle cos it’s a great place to be & there’s always the chance they’ll help us kick on again.
    There is no ‘again’ with blunderland.

  78. Toonsy, from wu old mate Mick

    Yeah, time I slaughtered the Mackems, I suppose! Well done last season and this.
    Mick D

  79. CC

    Its getting to the point where non of the provintial clubs will win anything ever again. Such is the grip of the European ‘top 4’. Spurs got murdered by Inter. Who where the last small clubs to win silverware in the prem, Pompy, Boro. I don’t think teams like these will win the cups anymore. The top two win the league and something else and the other two are now turning their attention to the LC. Thats if one of them doesn’t get the treble or quadruple. There is no competition or joy of winning anything for the vast majority of fans these days, just an endless struggle to just be in the top division; which in itself is becoming more competitive.

  80. toonsy – Supermac’s a dick because he has an opinion that you don’t agree with?

    Alcholism is an illness, mate. I assume you’ve never known anyone with an ilness?

    Anyway, on a brighter note, I think Hughton will resign after the game against the Mackems for what its worth.

  81. ice,
    i thought, hoped, that a season in the championship woulda changed a lot of that, but no.

  82. RICHIETOON,you awake eh,your match report is late, let yor lass steady your hand m8,age getting to you like

  83. CLiNT FLiCK

    From .com

    This Sunday sees Steve Bruce return to his “beloved” SJP, accompanied by a squad of players who also spend much of their time on Tyneside – living there, socialising there, attending police stations and magistrates courts etc

  84. Stuart – I am fully aware that alcoholism is an illness mate. Ask my mrs, or any of my mates who pop on here and they will tell you I was an alcoholic myself for three or so years…..

    Also, I didn’t see where I disagreed with him, or actually mentioned anything he said???? Please enlighten….. Or is that just another one of your made up fantasies again?

  85. DJG,
    big changes coming mate.
    When fifa forces the ‘break even’ rule in a couple of years, we may see a bit of a leveling of the playing field.


  86. DJG

    I would kill to see us win a trophy, But i just think this season is all about stablising and rebuilding a premier league quality squad in the summer and shedding the fizzy pop players…

  87. If fifa can stop the gazillions of debt fake football & kick the refs up the arse, football can move on. If not, it will stagnate & fans will walk away in their droves.

  88. we will win on sunday no probs,i think the players will do it for hoots and all the shit,just hope they dont gan over the top and get a man sent off,and blow it

  89. I was watching SSN the other day and this guy who I think used to play for the toon can’t remember his name, anyhoo, said basically that at Blackburn they used to have local heroes who lived in the town and would bumb into people, these days all the first team players are millionaires who live at least an hour away in Chesire and the Mancherster suburbs. That is pretty sad like.

  90. Kevin Gallacher?
    He’s been doing the rounds.

    The top several & teams that think they can, will have a price hike when the rules change & that’ll get rid of a load of fans.

  91. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 28, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    Won’t happen, CLiNT. It’s already common knowledge that clubs who have a benefactor will just ‘sponsor’ the team with a rather large sponsorship deal. Nowt they can do about that.

    toonsy says:
    October 28, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    I was asking the question, toonsy. I don’t understand your ‘fantasy’ comment. Please enlighten me.

  92. Stu,
    fifa have already said that that isn’t gonna be tolerated & that the rules are gonna be adhered to.
    We’ll see like.

  93. Whoah, wayts gannin on lyik?

    toonsy says:
    October 28, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    Stuart – You’re banned.

  94. icedog says:
    October 28, 2010 at 8:56 pm
    anyone know why young fergie didnt play last night wasnt even on the bench

    Coz C.H dropped his arse m8.

    Nah im sure there’s a logical reason like he’s got a strain to the right jumbomumofebula or some such. :)

  95. BIG DAVE only jokeing with you m8,at least worky has got to know something off toonsy,dont forcast he didnt last night :)

  96. Ice :lol: I know m8. As for Worky’s he gets them right sometimes the lasttime Toonsy got one right was in 2006 ;)

    Toonsy @ 140 is Stuart Banned ??

  97. Nah ya not banned man.

    Don’t you not think he would have banned me by now, if it wern’t for all the blinkin paperwork. ;)

  98. Apparently,
    fifa will be basing the figures on the next 2 years, so there’s gonna be nee where to run.

  99. I was going to donate some money tomorrow, but I want assurances of toonsy that I won’t be banned.

  100. hope hoots can get it right on sun,we dont seem have solved our right-side,tryed a few things nowts worked yet,j.b. or guth dont like it,rout hasnt come good,and still weak at r/b,maybe he will try jonas he tracks back,but he works well with jose,glad its his prob like

  101. CLiNT,

    Same princible applies. These clubs are privately owned businesses who file accounts in this country. Some may even go as sole traders to avoid releasing financial details, UEFA just can’t tell them how much they can recieve in sponsorship.

    It’ll never work, because it can’t work. Ask UEFA about Bosman…

  102. icedog says:
    October 28, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    Why’s that like? He’s been dropping little hints for a while now and he has obviously been taking offence to alot of my comments recently.

    Do you not think I have a right to know if he’s going to ban me, if I am going to donate to the site?

  103. a few have given something to the blog,if i got banned now or t/morrow ect,it would be my fault,but at least the rest would have a great blog,really dont understand your statement

  104. Stuart dont worry it will get put to good use anyway :lol:
    Ice I know what you mean mate, I think Simpson is far better at RB than Perch is as I think Perch is just for short term cover. I wonder who would be better at RB between Saylor or Williamson ?, as for RW Rout lacks a final ball but causes the other team a lot of probs ;

  105. icedog says:
    October 28, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    I’m donating because I enjoy coming on here and I enjoy using the blog, I would feel pretty aggrieved if I was banned after donating when I don’t and never would offend someone personally – which is what I would expect to be banned for.

    Would buy me a car because you like it, even if I never let you in it?

  106. I don’t want CH to go but I can see him leaving on his own accord once the sacking race starts after 12 or 15 games. Job security is a big attraction. Doesn’t have it here

  107. Stu,
    like i said, we’ll see.
    Who knows how they’ll ‘police’ it, but they’ll have to have their skank in place already, cos they’re already taking notes.
    Everyone & their dog knows how much manure, manc, chelsea, liverpoo, ac milan, barca, real etc are in debt for, so it’s gonna have to be an epic skank to twist out of.
    Should be fun watching the squirming anyhoo.

  108. Can’t even believe there sayin hoots shud b sacked or resign what the hell has he done wrong were 9th in prem for christ sake, all u muppets wanting ch out r thinkin ashly is gonna bring in oneil or jol u r so wrong, we will end up with kinnear again b careful what u wish for mugs

  109. bud…no manager has job security mate, contracts don’t gaurantee owt especially these days(if ever).

  110. Why are some ppl finding it so hard to understand that once were safe hoots will get his contract, why give him 3year deal now if 2monthz time goes tits up n want sack him, hoots will get us mid table finish easy

  111. davy,
    don’t worry mate, it’s just the press with really long fishing rods, reeling a few in.
    They’ll try owt mate, to unsettle us.
    It’s just an attempt to grease up to the mackems, like they strangely seem to do these days.

  112. Plus why the hell do ppl think hoots has a problem with bored, he has never mentioned his contract once, can’t ppl see its the press makin somthin out of nothin coz they’ve got nowt else on us at moment

  113. I see everywhere is sold out apart from the Platinum and 1892 areas….any chance of some noise ya think?

  114. dont belive in long contracts now-a-days,they are not worth the paper they are written on,nowt rang with a yearly rolling contract for both sides imo

  115. Rich

    Agree contracts don’t mean anything other than financial security. Money plays a big part of footballers lives even though most premier league players and managers are millionaires

  116. Clint I can see its the press stiring it its jus a shame some of fellow supporters can’t, sackin hoots now wud b as it was wen we sacked bobby, n look what’s happened since that happened

  117. Davy @ 163 so just out of interest what should happen if in a few months time we are not safe and fighting a rele battle ??
    Richie your right mate a contract is a useless scrap of paper nowadays

  118. Rich

    I hope so, Im reet pumped up but unless others are you normally look like a prick trying to sing and nee fecker joins in…

  119. I agree with the one year rolling contract, that’s what oneill had at villa he won’t take any other contract its the way it shud b with managers

  120. What are the ticket prices for Platinum and 1892 clubs. I looked online weeks ago and my seat in the Milburn Stand was worth £62
    The clubs must be at least another £20 more

  121. Big dave if wen rele battle n they decide to change manager then they only hav to pay till end of season whatz so hard to understand, that’s why bored waiting till new year for contract talks will kno by jan which way its goin

  122. Aye CLiNT, debt’s the big issue that they’ll struggle to get round. Chelsea and Man City could turn it into equity but Man Utd will come unstuck on debt grounds.

  123. Lookin forward to Sunday goin do the scum, did u kno they hav only scored 3 goals from open play not includin ogs perfetik

  124. Buda…aye mate must be a struggle getting by on £80k a week ;-)
    £67 for the platinum £57 1892

    CC… there’s a couple of lads who sit next to me so we can look like tits together ;-)

  125. Yea,
    in a relegation battle, i know, sack the manager & get, er…someone, anyone that’ll take it…?
    Stick with CH, in fact, stick with any f***ing manager for more than 6 months for a change, grow some balls as a club/fans & see where it takes us.
    Changing managers cos you lose a few games is the road to ruin, anyone remember where we’ve just been?
    Oh dear!

  126. CLINT you saw them playing on sat,do you think he should be sacked,i bet you dont,trying to think the last time we won 2 away games drawn 1 with so few games played

  127. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 28, 2010 at 10:02 pm
    in a relegation battle, i know, sack the manager & get, er…someone, anyone that’ll take it…?

    Aye mate, I can’t wait for Mobray to take them doon, ooh it’s gonna be great. :)

  128. Looking to Sunday. The team is a easy pick. What will CH do for a bench. One striker or one defender?
    Sodeberg, Smith, Routledge and Guthrie look certainties.
    Does he then go Perch, Raylor and Ranger
    or Ranger Vuckic and either one of Perch and Taylor
    The bench can be so important.

  129. yes are home form has been little dissapointin but cant remember last time beat west ham n everton away n we were robbed at man city keep up good hoots i bk manager 100%

  130. i think ranger n vukic derserve a place on the bench every week n id like to c them get 20mins if possible its only way they will develop, i think the more games vukic got with first team the better he will get

  131. ice,
    we’ve been nothing short of wow away really.
    y’right mate, when did we have so many away points on the board so soon?
    Only worky’ll knaa that one. :)

    We play great on the counter & with our f***ing excellent away crowd ahint us, what a racket. :)
    If we can keep it going, we’ll do just fine.
    We just need the odd break at home, the crowd pushing us on & teams coming to play, we seem better on the counter, it’s just whether the home crowd can grow some patience, for me like.

  132. CLINT yor reet m8,on the c.h.shit he said last night that he has a coach in mind now and it will be sorted in next couple days,surely when asked about it he would have said “not yet”if he knew owt,or am i seeing it wrong ?

  133. toonsy says:
    October 28, 2010 at 8:53 pm
    CLiNT – ‘Market tested’ is what you are looking for.

    Stuart – You’re banned.
    <<< i think you will find toonsy is a man who sticks too his word :)

  134. ice,
    i just don’t want him to feel pressured cos of this shite in the press.
    Just keep doing it your way Chris.
    I think he’s bigger than that like.
    Ignore the tripe.

  135. Davy,
    who d’you reckon?
    I’m going for Steve Clarke, he’s solid, been here before & worked with the best. Oh & he’s currently out of work.

  136. DAVY ime ganning for craver m8,think they are working on compo that why its takeing so long,just my reading of it like,could be a mile oot

  137. carver n clarke would both be my choice id b happy with both, but icedog think you could b right on carver thats why its took so long, knows the club better than anyone

  138. also think they will announce new assistant before derby game, if it is carver what a person to bring in b4 derby n jus drum into players what it means

  139. WORKED with k.k.and wor bobby at the toon,knows aboot attacking football,c.h.knows defence so could be a good mix

  140. ice,
    Carver would be fine, been here, knows the Toon, knows the craic.
    Just think Clarke is way more experienced with the big boys.
    Either would do me like.

  141. dog we are due a home win ,and the scum are due a loss simple as m8 ,carrol barton and nolan will play oot of there skin :)

  142. Maybe that’s why CH was suited & booted at wham, had a little meeting about it before the game, see if he can hurry it along a bit like.

  143. Doubt there’s anyone in that locker room that doesn’t understand the significance of the derby like.

  144. BATTY what a good lad you are,always said you were one of the best,tak nee notice what dave says aboot ye

  145. CLINT i just think clarke had top top players at chelsea and had not a lot to do,failed a bit at w/ham nearly came doon.
    carver has managed clubs as well so he knows both sides which would be good for hoots imo

  146. A blind man enters a mackem pub by by mistake. He finds his way to the bar and orders a drink. After sitting there for awhile, he yells to the landlord,
    “Hey, you wanna hear a Mackem joke?”
    The pub falls absolutely silent. The lad next to him says,
    “Before yer tell us yer joke bonnie lad, there’s a few things yer shud knaa …..
    1 – The landlord is a Mackem.
    2 – The booncer is a Mackem.
    3 – I’m a 6 feet 6 inch taall, 220 poond Mackem with a black belt in kerartee.
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    The blind man thinks for a second, shakes his head,and declares,
    “Nah….not if I’m gonna have to explain it five times.”

  147. BATTY clarke has a face like a slapped kipper,never shows any feeling at games,once saw him smile think it was wind like :)

  148. richie,
    classic mate. :)


    Clarkies worked under bobby too, don’t mind assistants showing nowt like.
    He’s got top tips mate.

  149. A mackem is walking past the Stadium of light with his dog. While rummaging through the bins he comes across a bottle “I wonder if the myths are true” he thinks.

    So he rubs the bottle and then before his eyes a genie appears “thank god for that I have been in here for 10 years” the genie says. “I will now grant you 1 wish” the old man thinks and replies ive always wanted to go into space, Could i have a bridge to the moon from my back garden ?

    “I am afraid that is impossible even for a genie, have you any others”. the man thinks and says “well I am an Sun’lun fan and ive always dreamed of seeing us in the champions league”.

    The genie frowns and replies “Alright w@nker what colour lights do you want on your bridge…”


  150. A Scouser, a Geordie and a Mackem were in Saudi Arabian prison after being caught consuming alcohol, they were
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    “Tie the Mackem to my back.”

  151. A young Iranian was signed by Sunderland because the overseas scouts said he was brilliant.

    Manchester United come to town and are battering the mackems 4-0. Bruce calls the new Iranian lad from the bench and brings him on with 20 minutes to go. Within 15 minutes the kid has shown some fantastic skill and scored 5 goals and the mackems go on to win 5-4.

    Later he calls him mum. “Mum, mum I’ve just scored 5 goals in 15 minutes and we won 5-4”

    “Oh that’s fantastic. Meanwhile your dad stepped out of the door and got shot. The house has been robbed and me and your sister have been repeatedly raped”

    “Oh mama I’m so sorry”, replied the footballer.

    “You should be it was your idea to move to Sunderland in the first place!”

  152. Way thats me just back from footy. Looks like I missed the fireworks – again!

    Seems like we’re all in agreement for once tho – Stu’s a cant.

  153. Thanks for posting the video highlights (?)

    Watching it in a state of drunkeness, it still burns me piss. And it ain;t good for me cyber curcuits none,

    (it took me almost 10 minutes to type that out cleear like)


  154. you know i’m begining to think that peoples perception of toon fans are backwards, everyone else has high expectations of the toon whereas us fans are more realistic. the fans have not once turned on hughton. all the polls i have seen are 90 % plus in favour of keeping him. its theses southerners that have the high expectations of us. 9th in the league coming up from the championship and they’re wailing on about hughton getting sacked when the feeling in newcastle is that hes doing a great job. honestly were the hell did these rumours come from. are they expecting us to be challenging for europe, which technically we’re not far off from. i’m honestly begining to think there’s a conspiracy against newcastle. poor refereeing and media vendetta

  155. Notice Steve Clarke has turned us down. What shock that is.

    With Hughton on less than £150k salary I hardly think Clarke would come for less.

    Hughton’s position is becoming impossible in my opinion.

  156. Inore my last question – just seen it reported in various places via news now.
    Poor man. Wouldn’t surprise me if all this wasn’t a concerted plot by a bunch of desperate bin dipping mackems to try and derail things before the match Sunday. Can’t believe the level of speculation on all this. For everyone at the match Sunday lets hope Hughton gets to hear we support him. Changing managers would be a disaster, and lets hope the fat man has no intention of doing that.

  157. Deb,

    I actually don’t think Ashley does have any intention of changing manager. I honestly believe that it’s Hughton who’s on the verge of walking. He hasn’t looked very happy recently. Having no money to spend, losing Calderwood and now struggling to replace him.

  158. Why would he Quit? He has had some money, he is learning his trade in the premiership, lossing Calderwood is a problem but not insoluable. He knows that until we are safe there is little or nowt available. As I’ve said before MA would replace him with another short term cheap solution eg JFK. I can’t see him walking without a more convincing reason.

  159. Kin hell Stu – I’ve heard you chat some crap before but Hughton quitting has to take the biscuit.

    It always comes down to money with you. You still haven’t quite grasped that football has changed have you. We are still in the grip of the biggest economic downturn the world has ever seen. Unless you’re a rich arab people simply aren’t prepared to throw money at football clubs anymore.

    If Hughton quits where’s he gonna go and have money to spend? Liverpool, Blackburn, Portsmouth???

  160. Interesting view point. For all his failings I’ve often had the impression that MA seemed to be reasonably loyal to certain people he feels he can rely on ie Llambias and i think Hughton would fall into that category aswell. I’m not convinced he has intentions to get rid of Chris Hughton and why should he?
    I agree with you that Chris doesn’t look too happy but then again would you be happy in his shoes bearing in mind the crap he has had to put up with and the loyalty he’s shown. Thats why we need to show him that we the fans are behind him and appreciate the job he is doing and hopefully he can ignore the joke of a media we have

  161. At the end of the day I think Hughton needs us as much as we need him.

    He’d be mad to walk away and he clearly isn’t mad.

    I see this (his) job as a kind of audition for the rest of his career. He’s already halfway to pulling it off. All he has to do is keep us in the Premier League and I think he’ll have cemented his reputation as a proper manager and no longer just a coach come number 2.

    If he walks away it all goes tits up for him IMO.

  162. its a case of the national press wanting to stir trouble and nowt more!!
    we are doing fine at present- we have played fairly well so far.
    Ofcourse a win is so so important on Sunday and i think CH has got that well and truly drummed into the lads!!
    Its about getting in there faces with a fast first 15mins!!
    we have the power and passion to defeat the dirty unwashed scum!
    i am nervous as hell tho!!

  163. Toon Chicken says:
    October 29, 2010 at 10:18 am

    Sorry, I was under the impression that I could put my thoughts on this blog. I must be wrong.

    Something has happened over the last week. Whether that’s from Hughton’s side or the clubs side. Bookies do not suspend betting on small newspaper article. They suspend betting when there’s strange betting patterns and there was certainly some of that going on this week.

    Rumours like this don’t start from nothing. If anyone thinks they do, their naive.

  164. Stuart79 says:
    October 29, 2010 at 10:44 am

    “Sorry, I was under the impression that I could put my thoughts on this blog. I must be wrong.”

    Oh boo-fcuking-hoo. Grow a set will ya.

    It wouldn’t be the first time bookies have suspended betting on something that turned out to be utter bollox, would it?

  165. Batty – I would be happy with Mourinho for the eye candy value regardless of results! Has your young un joined the fire service yet?

  166. TC-

    Let him have his say, he’s got his theories and opinions and if you don’t like them you don’t have to agree. But don’t tell him to ‘grow a set’, he’s obviously not a ‘kin pond snail. I don’t agree with everything he says either but I don’t barrack him about it. It’s starting to become like toonsy’s little mob with some people on here. :)

  167. Anyway if Calderwood was the straw that broke the camels back, im a proffesor of cardiology at Newcastle. Knowing Hoots it seems plausable though. Much depends on the outcome of the derby, and the performance. A convinicing win and there’s no way he’ll walk imo. Unless he’s gonna try and be the martyr.

  168. In the interview does he not dismiss the stories and then when pushed just say that they don’t help? Not exactly blaming stories for poor player performances. Seem to rember him remaining positive about the players

  169. Apart from admitting that Krul made a series of errors on Wednesday night, which players has Hughton singled out for their poor performances?

    It seems out of character to me, and he’s not normally one to make excuses. Quotes please, Stu.

  170. Speaking to George Courtney (TalkSport). Sorry if you missed it, tough shit.

    No smoke without fire.

  171. So what did he say then? Andy Carroll, Joey Barton and James Perch haven’t been playing well lately because of some made up stories in the press???

  172. Stop reading the gutter press, where they’re concerned theres plenty um big heap smoke without fire