Supermac sticks the knife into Hughton.

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SuperMac's poisonous words.....
SuperMac's poisonous words.....
Derby day fever has certainly caught up with me now, which is why I haven’t slept a wink all night and why I decided to get up at 5am rather than rolling around trying to get to sleep, and getting irritated in the process.

Anyway, I was perusing the ‘comments’ section on the ‘blog to see if I had missed anything and to catch up on the gossip when one thing struck me. It seems that the media bandwagon regarding the future of our manager is rolling on.

Those who listened to ‘The Legends’ radio phone-in during week will have heard Malcolm Macdonald bleating on about Chris Hughton and launching some quite scathing attacks on our current manager. The reason being that he is somewhat annoyed by the team selection that Chris Hughton made against Arsenal in the Carling Cup in midweek.

Now I see things differently and fully backed Hughton’s decision to rest a good number of first-team players in midweek as I wanted our best possible team to be available to play in today’s derby, but I understand that others feel differently and feel that fielding a weakened team during the week equates to us missing out on an opportunity to progress into the Carling Cup quarter-finals at the expense of a team that has scored an average of three goals in every game this season.

That particular debate has been done to death on here, and it got quite heated at times, but Supermac has decided to re-open that particluar can of worms and use it as a base to launch yet another attack on Chris Hughton.

In an article for the Sunday Express entitled “Supermac turns up the heat on Hughton”, our former frontman believes that the team selection in midweek wasn’t actually a team-sheet. Instead it was a resignation letter from Hughton. In that article he said;

“It wasn’t a team sheet, it was a resignation letter. It was sheer madness and I’m still trying to make sense of it,” said Macdonald after the 4-0 fourth-round defeat. “Chris has put himself under immense but unnecessary pressure and I’m not sure why.”

“To me his team selection was a dereliction of duty. It’s like Sports Direct shutting their stores at lunchtime, saying they can’t be bothered. The previous three games at St James’ Park – against Blackpool, Stoke City and Wigan – saw Newcastle take just one point. Now after Arsenal, it’s four home games without a win.”

I understand that our home form has been disappointing, and I am just as frustrated about it as the next person, but I believe that Supermac seems to be missing the bigger picture here.

Football, rightly or wrongly, has moved on and has become more of a business than anything else. A football club is no longer a club anymore, it’s a brand, and the Carling Cup doesn’t strengthen a brand whereas being in the Premier League, with it’s vast amount of revenue, does.

Now it’s fine for teams that are established in the Premier League to take on a cup competition as they, generally, have the squad to deal with the extra workload. We don’t. People need to realise where we were just fourteen months ago and compare it with where we are now.

Our squad is weaker for being in The Championship for one season, and whilst our first XI may well be good enough to give anyone a game, beyond that there isn’t an awful lot to write home about. It sounds harsh but it is true.

So by using logic, if we were to lose one of our first-team players to injury, say Jose Enrique, because we played him against a team that is averaging three goals a game anyway, against even the top teams, then it would surely leave our team for the league a hell of a lot weaker?

Hughton was playing it safe, and protecting the first-team. Not one person moaned when he protected them against Accrington Stanley, and won. Not one person complained when we played a similar team against Chelsea and won in their own back yard. But now Supermac believes that the team selection on Wednesday has given Suderland a massive boost ahead of today’s derby.

“Steve Bruce and his Sunderland team must have been watching the game and laughing their socks off. This was the best build-up that Sunderland could possibly have had. If I was the owner of the club, I wouldn’t be happy that in these hard financial times the chance of progressing in a cup competition has been lost,” added Macdonald.

Really? I’m sure the £12,000 prize money for getting past Arsenal will be sorely missed. Realitically it will be outweighed heavily by just the TV money from the game today.

“If Newcastle had beaten Arsenal, then the only really serious opposition left was Manchester United reserves. Even Marks & Spencer ignore the customers at their peril.”

Really? So you, Supermac, are so cock-sure of us beating Wigan in the next round? Aston Villa and Birmingham are not serious opposition then, no? West Brom are stroll in the park aswell are they?

“A win at West Ham was something to build on. Now the emphatic defeat by Arsenal has obliterated the West Ham result. It’s now totally forgotten. Honestly, being at St James’ Park on Wednesday night was like being in the middle of madness, not being able to do a single thing about it. Now, there’s no doubt about it, Hughton has to win this game against Sunderland but he has handed the momentum to Bruce and the Sunderland players.”

“You can’t keep on losing home games – that’s largely where you are judged by the fans. To say you’re only bothered about staying in the Premier League is a cop-out for a club like Newcastle.”

You may view it as a cop out Supermac, but I don’t. As I said earlier, football, like it or not, is a business nowadays, and business sense dictates that the Premier League, with it’s £40 million annual windfall, is the priority.

It seems that leopards do change their spots, as most fans know that survival is the aim for this season with the view of kicking-on next year. Unfortunately it appears to be the media that is struggling with this. It is they who have started all of these rumours, and it is they who are perpetuating them to make them sound viable. If enough people whisper a rumour it will eventually catch on, which is what the press are trying to do now!

I just wish they would piss off!

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48 Responses

  1. Off topic, just wanted to mention the clocks have gone back one hour in the uk but have not changed in the usa for anyone watching the game.

  2. Well Toonsy,
    I’m with you on this one, supermac for me is nothing more than supermouth i can’t stand the man (although i admire him for what he did for newcastle in his playing days) the mans views just annoy me.
    you only have to listen to supermac doing a commentry on the radio it’s like listening to Sir Murry Walker on heat at least Walker was funny, and after listening to 1/2 hour of supermac it’s no wonder that other supporters call us deluded this bloke invented the word!!

  3. Frankly Supermac (the judas who p1ssed to aresnal) is full of sh1t….

    Hughton has been clear from the start of the season that carling cup was for the younguns/reserves to get games. All things considered I think we did okay in the carling probably better than when we were an established premier league team playing a first team.

    In Hughton I trust…..& please win today!

  4. You never know, this media ‘witch hunt’ (did you like what I did there?) may just be bringing the fans, players and team together at exactly the right time. I thought it was looking bleak before the West Ham game, however it is time for big hearts and not outsiders.

  5. I posted before about the lack of communication from the club and i blame this for the free for all on us which just gathers momentum, starts off with one idiot ( Colin Young) kicking us and due to the lack of response, they all join in, why not, easy target for the bullies.
    Does Supermac criticize Ferguson, Redknapp or any other manager for fielding weakened teams, no, he wouldnt dare as they would tear him a new aresehole.
    Hughton is a gentleman and easy prey, and all this patronizing shite from Brucie baby etc about his contract talks is also a veiled attack on us as a whole.
    This whole shit storm is probably intended to give the mackems an edge but hopefully the manager and team will use this as a motivation and stuff the words right back down their throats.

  6. Newcastle at the moment remind me of Joe Harvey’s teams I saw playing in the 60s. They weren’t great, but they had spirit and guts.

    The only pressure on CH as far as I’m concerned is the usual pressure of derby day hopes that all managers face. The pressure on MacDonald is greater – how do you live the rest of your life as complete dickhead?

  7. Malcolm can be a bit embarrasing can’t he…

    We all know what a fantastic player he was but I don’t think anyone should be taking management lessons from the ex Fulham and Huddersfield boss.

    Chris has done us agreat job and should be allowed to continue without all the mindless distractions this rubbish generates. Come on – get behind him, the team and focus on the only thing that matters today – sending the makems home with nothing today!

  8. Great article, youve absolutely hit the nail on the head. Hughton has done a fantastic job and doesn’t need this pressure being generated largely by the media

  9. Totally agree, I only hope the rest of the world don’t think he speaks for most sensible Newcastle fans…embarrassing indeed.

  10. Witters – Supermac was sold to Arsenal because the manger at the time didn’t want him, whichwas a complete joke!

    Anyway personally I think if we lose today he’s a gonner. He shouldn’t be, but he could well be.

  11. At this moment in time, I don’t care what any crap-loid, reporter, commentator or pundit says about the TOON, I’m 1,000,000% behind them today & win, lose or draw, I still think Hughton is the best manager we’ve had since Sir Bobby & I think CH will keep us up & around mid table this season.. :)

    As for Muckems, they’ve not won away this season yet, so lets all 50,000+ fans get behind the team & make us the 12th man against the unwashed, make them shake as they step onto our hallow turf, make them wish they’d not bothered coming, then we should be shouting & singing for the full 90mins of play & even louder during the half time so that the 2,600 muckems can’t hear themselves think, never mind hearing what they have to say….

    Come on lads & lasses, if you’re a Toon fan, then today you need to show your support of the team & the support for our best manager since Sir Bobby, get behind CH & lets your voices grow hoarse,,, HWTL…..

  12. Had referees done their job correctly this season rather than Hughton, Newcastle would have had a further 5 points and looking to go 4th in the premier league today. Would this nonsense still be emanating from idiots. This has nothing to do with Hughton’s shortcomings. He is the perfect man to lead the club forward and his qualities are well documented and obvious to those wanting to see. Unfortunately there are too many looking for mileage in the hoary old Newcastle circus story. As for SuperMac …. he never could keep his mouth shut.

  13. Help Me Boab… What a day, eh?

    Good luck to all the lads n lasses there today. Let wiz al have smiling faces (obviousely not the mackems, they’ll be queueing ootside Dr Gibbs’s).

    Supermac = Superspac. Me first Toon hero. Super player, now take ya teeth back oot and shut ya hole please.

  14. @Stuart79 – 12

    Completely agree regards Hoots. I’ve had a feeling for a while now that the board have been biding their time, waiting for an excuse to swing the axe and I think derby day will provide the perfect platform from which to swing it.
    The thing is though, that Hoots himself must now be getting a little agitated by the whole scenario, as the support from the boardroom hasn’t exactly been emphatic. One half arsed statement about his contract renewal hasn’t been sufficient enough to deter the hacks from stirring up this shite. It’s obvious to us, so I’m pretty certain it’ll be obvious to Chris as well.

    Anyway, bollox to it all. Let’s just stuff the dorty red & white gits and be ready to sing Hoots’ name when we do. Howay the lads.

  15. Macdonald doesn’t know what it is all about. If CH selected a full strength squad in the midweek it would have cost us the Sunderland game. We should not look to leave our small squad in a carling cup hangover. Hughton did the right thing gambling with reserves, youngsters and players who really needed to show some promise. I actually think there were positives to take from the Arsenal game, it wasn’t as bad as the result made it look. The first two goals were very unlucky for us, don’t think the team selection mattered that much. The Newcastle first team defence have conceded goals like that in decades, it happens. We all remember Olivier Bernard heading the ball to Alan Smith against Leeds, sending him 1 v 1 with the keeper, our own goals, Dabizas, stupid handballs (Jenas, ok he is midfield player), Bramble, Boumsong horrific defending at times, even Claudio Cacapa and David Rozenhal, who captained their sides before arriving at the club – also turned out to be shite. We sign many potentially great defenders, but as soon as they join the club they simply don’t know how to play football anymore. It is a curse, really. Our defence has never been any good, and Newcastle United should never stall out to defend! We should always look to score goals. I think CH selected a side that could give the Arsenal defence something to worry about, and on another day the outcome could have been very different. It was just not meant to be. And to be fair to CH, he tried to make subs that could turn the game around for us. Unfortunately Arsenal were able to defend well, contain us, and also score two goals when we were pushing forward. Against Sunderland I think we will get the first goal, then it will be hugely important that Hughton and his men try and kill the game with another one, NOT try to defend our lead and sit back. We all remember what happened against Stoke. We should this time rely on our attacking options and continue to double up Enrique and Jonas on the left hand side. Give THEM something to worry about, we are the entertainers remember? Attack is the best way of defending. Let’s drill some crosses onto Carroll’s head and beat those sunsf’bitchs! My prediction for todays match: 3-0 Nolan (assisted by Carroll), Nolan (fluke goal) and Guthrie. I had to ask my superiors to get 3 hours free from work, only to get to see the match! Thankfully they, against all odds, granted me this wish, :) as long as I found someone to replace me for those few hours. My replacement is a 60 year old mustached man who sleeps at work. Should I feel bad about this? You might think this is off-topic but people in Norway are leaving work to watch Newcastle – Sunderland on television, I find that quite amusing.

    Greetings from Noruega,
    sorry my English is not that good ;-)

  16. All this negativity surrounding our manager is really starting to Fcuk me right off!!!!! Ppl need to get a grip and realise we shouldnt be winning every game so all the doubters, critics, mcdonald n other jive turkeys – SHUT IT!

    Its always newcastle

  17. Superplayer, supercrap pundit…he doesn’t even believe his own crap which is why his views/opinion changes like the wind.A weakened team got us past Chelsea, if CH had played a full team we may well still have lost and even worse what if Colo and Carroll or others got injured? I have no doubt supergob would have been blasting CH for risking first team players.

    Jarl… nowt wrong with your English mate, it’s better than mine. :-)

  18. Supermac is a tool!

    He crawls out the woodwork every time the SKY wagons roll up to SJP to throw in a few sound bites. He should be using the beer money they give him to start paying off all those that he ripped off over the years.

  19. I think Supertwat is trying to up his pension. He certainly hasn’t earned one as a manager and has just shown the world why. Idiot.

    As for CH I think and hope he’s here to stay pretty much whatever happens. Stu and the other doom-monger are waaaay wide of the mark in my opinion and he’ll get a decent contract even if we’re in serious trouble come Christmas. Too right.

    But we won’t be. We, just like last season, are comfortably ahead of target and will stay that way.

    Now let’s stop even thinking about all this shite and go plough some fertiliser into the turf!

  20. Every pub used to have a know all spouting rubbish like Supercrap.Nobody listened to them either.

  21. Nutmag… :lol:

    Whey thats me off to the match :-) via Kingston park cos wor lass needs to bloody get something from the shops :-(
    Enjoy the match wherever you’re watching it.HWTL, SMB

  22. Great article Toonsy.

    Its a shame that Supermac is a club legend. The bloke is a complete cock.

    As long as us fans and the manager and team stick together we’ll be okay.

    I’m bloody nervous about the match, HWTL.

  23. Hi guys does anyone know if Ferguson was injured for the match against Arsenal as I believe he was man of the match against Chelsea but wasn’t even on the bench vs Arsenal. Other than that I was happy with the team selection. It annoys me that all of s sudden the media change it from Ashley wanting Hughton out to the Fans wanting Hughton out !!! I have never heard any fan expressing this opinion.

  24. Supermac has done too much gargling over the years, it’s puggled his brain.

    Jarl, where you at in Noggyland mate ?

  25. I’m surprised his old mukka John Gibson hasn’t had a word in his shell like, or maybe he’s of the same opinion.

  26. Superdick has obviously lost the plot with his comments. If he can’t see the difference between wanting to win vs arse and HAVING to win vs the unwashed hoards, then he shouldnt be saying anything at all. Also it seems to me that he and the press have completely ignored or singularly misunderstood how the fans feel about hoots. I’d humbly put it to them that the majority of fans are fully behind the manager and team, and further we know what game they’re trying to play and we won’t fall for it.

    Howay the lads! Toon win by hook or crook today!

  27. This talk about CH being on the brink of being sacked is really starting to piss me off , lets face it why would they sack him . We are not in the bottom 3 after the guy brought us back up , no other established manager would have done a better job than ch has up to now on such a tight budget and who does all these media hacks think Ashley would want to bring in to replace CH . Answer is no one that is a top PL manager because he wont splash the cash to get them . I think CH will become a top manager with us , so every one that is trying to stir up shit should just keep their noses out and give the man some respect .

  28. supermacs a tool – he should fook off back to London
    reet am off to the game – prediction is a win, don’t care how many by


  30. Thanks Jill for post #1. I was about to go mad wondering what happened to the match. Many items of furniture have been spared.


  31. Ahahaha superspack is a jealous old twat, craving on media spotlight despite being a decrepid old has been!! Met the bloke first hand and is so up himself it should be a crime! Why can’t he and the rest of the media fools give super chrissy hughton the massive credit he deserves!! Up the toon!!!!!

  32. its a disgrace, if we got beat today id still state that CH is the best manager we have ever had… ( in the making ) better than keegan, better than( god rest my hero of all time ) Sir Bobby. in my life ive not seen anyone be or like him to my team. i love him. incredible. Sir Chris H… lets show the world… xx to H B Arfa, get well soon my friend