Wenger praises “charismatic” Carroll and admits he wanted to keep Campbell.

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“Le Professeur” on Carroll and Campbell.
“Le Professeur” on Carroll and Campbell.
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has described Andy Carroll as a player to watch due to his “presence and charisma.”

In a season of high and lows for our new no.9, which has seen the Gateshead born forward appear on both the front and back pages for all the right and wrong reasons, Wenger beleives Carroll is simply fearless.

Speaking ahead of tonights Carling Cup last 16 meeting between Arsenal and United at St James, Wenger was quick to praise Carroll who will most likely be rested tonight.

Wenger told Arsenals offical club website:

“On the pitch he has a presence and a charisma.

“This guy is just scared of nothing and that’s why I believe he has special charisma. It looks like he can carry the weight on his shoulders.
“You just think there is something there for him from watching from the outside.”

Wenger also took time to speak about United newest centre half, Sol Campbell, admitting he will always have respect for the former Gunners defender.

Wenger said:

“I tried to keep Sol. It was more a question of proposals but I wanted to keep him, personally. But he was free and he has chosen to go for a different challenge – I respect that.

“I respect Sol highly because last year when we had a difficult patch he was completely committed and he was our best player in some games. I will always respect him for the help he brought to us last year.
“He can carry on at the top as long as he has the needed motivation because Sol is a player who needs to work very hard to be sharp physically and it is not easy because when you get older you have to push yourself.

“But Sol is a fantastic battler and when he has got in his mind that ‘I want this battle’ then he will do it. As long as he can do that then he can play on because he has basic physical qualities because he is strong and quick.

“But how much does he want to? You should ask him that question.”

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34 Responses

  1. DJG says:
    October 27, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    “Apparently the big guns have landed at the airport, Arshavin ect.”

    He’s quite a small gun really, he’s only about 5’7″.

  2. I think Arsenol will field half their starters mixed with youth, but provide a strong bench. i think we should do the same:


    (though, I fear we will see Vuckic at CM)

    Subs- Tiote-Perch-Donaldson-Nolan-Carroll-Ole

  3. MDS – I hope he plays a stronger team than that … as I have said before this is our best chance of silverware since god knows when …

    Can’t see any injuries to our players … Arsenal are hardly an aggressive side … hope CH puts the 1st team out … :)

  4. I’d really have no probelem with that Shrews- but I’d like to see Tiote, Carroll, Barton rested at least…

  5. Wengers putting out a strong side only making a couple changes to the side that finished on sat – don’t think nasri, fabregas or arshavin in starting 11 but poss on bench
    Or so the London papers are saying :(

    Hopefully we’ll put up a good show and get a result, not the end of the world if we get knocked out as long as they don’t embarrass us :)

  6. That’s been a given since yesterday, arse will have a strong team out.
    wenger is under at least as much pressure as CH.

  7. ————Krul————

    is the team. Quite a strong bench though.

    Thats says to me C.H isn’t bothered.

  8. DJG

    I like the kid but if Taylor, Campbell, Kadar and Simpson had all been fit consistantly from the start of the season, I doubt wee fergie would have got a kick in the Accy stanley or Chelski matches either…

  9. DJG,
    ta mate,
    it’s about what i thought it would be.
    i had Colo instead of Willo & Shola before Ranger.

  10. CC he was actually one of our best players against Chelsea mate. To me this confirms that Hughton is more interested in trying to please Ryan Taylor & Perch because their more senior players. I don’t think C.H is the least bit bothered about the cup, he didn’t think (or want) us to get through against Chelsea imho.

  11. Surprised to see Perch at LB – that means he’s directly up against Walcott
    Obviously CH is trying to rebuild his confidence but doubt this is gonna work
    Didn’t know Vuckic was a left winger ! Just shows how little depth we have on our left or right sides

  12. for me veetle and sopcast are the best ones, but i’m living in australia so it might be different depending on wherever u are

  13. Yeah I find sop cast the best as unlike beetle and the others it doesn’t constantly get cut off by sky police – am off to pub to watch tonight so no worries about that tonight

  14. DJG says:
    October 27, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    “CC he was actually one of our best players against Chelsea mate.”

    Im not having a dig at the lad, Like ive said i like him and he has impressed me but i just think if we had everyone fully fit i think our carling cup back four would have been:


  15. Strong bench tho by the time CH gets em on the pitch it’ll be over bar the shouting

  16. Ladbrokes have suspended betting on the next PL manager to be sacked as there has been so much money lumped on Hughton. Incredible. Ridiculous.