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Hello, good afternoon and welcome to NUFC Blog’s match banter. This time, Newcastle United travel to West Ham’s Boleyn Ground, which is perhaps more commonly known as Upton Park.

West Ham, despite having a pretty awful start, seem at last to be coming into some form as the Avram Grant medicine starts to take effect. With three draws and two wins in their last five games, things certainly seem to be looking up for the Hammers, and they will be no pushovers, especially at home. Meanwhile, on the Newcastle side, manager and ex West Ham player, Chris Hughton, has had something of a torrid week with the team booed in the draw against Wigan, the latest chapter of “Carrollgate”, and the departure of assistant, Colin Calderwood, to Hibs. Despite some disappointing home form this season though, the Magpies have have been quite strong on the road, and the game should be quite a tight affair.

Team news at the time of writing is that Danny Simpson is definitely back in contention for a place at right back, Captain, Kevin Nolan, is officially back to full fitness, Sol Campbell is definitely knacked for this game, along with the long term injuries which most of you will know about, ie Gosling and Ben Arfa, though Steven Taylor’s return should be very soon. Despite some silly rumours from a clown on Twitter, Jose Enrique WILL be fit for the game, unless he knacks himself in the warm up, falls off the plane steps or something like that.

On the West Ham side, Thomas Hitzlsperger, Zavon Hines and Jack Collison will be missing from the fray, with Matthew Upson being somewhat doubtful, though Valon Behrami should be back from his knee injury.

Meanwhile, Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton, sounded as if he was going into the game with a positive approach, saying in a pre match interview:

“We’ve gone into every game with the thought of winning.

“That’s the way we set ourselves up.

“Yes, we are in a harder division.

“For whatever reason we haven’t got some of the results we’ve wanted, and it’s for us to identify, we need to put it right.

“With minuses come pluses.

“Our away form has been good, and we’ve managed to pick up an away win at Everton and Chelsea in the cup.

“For every negative this season there has been a positive, and these are things for us to address.”

Meanwhile on the other side, West Ham manager, Avram Grant, has been saying things which I’m sure will also resonate with many Magpies, on the subject of referees:

“Everybody needs to be aware that teams who don’t behave sportingly and always go to the referee have an advantage over teams that behave nicely,” Grant said, continuing:

“Last week it cost us two points and because there are so many decisions against us I start to think that because we are nice the other team has an advantage.”

“I don’t want to think it is because my players behave well and they don’t jump on the referees and we on the bench are very sporting – but it is affecting us.

“It is not in my way to say ‘Scott Parker, next time slide-tackle the referee’ – but I will think about this if I see it continue.

“I still believe if we continue to play the football we have played in the last weeks we will have enough points not to these things.

“If it happens again in the next game, I think we need to think about this. I don’t have a solution at the moment.”

On the game itself, Grunty Granty said:

“It can be a big week. It is a good challenge for us and we want to continue what we did last week and take points,” said Grant.

“Newcastle are a good team and having a good season. If we win against them we know what will happen.”

Recent form between the two clubs would tend to suggest a West Ham victory, especially with the home advantage. West Ham are unbeaten in their last three games against Newcastle, and have scored at least two goals in five of their last six Premier League home games against us. I am going to completely ignore this in my prediction for the game though.

My prediction 2-2.

What do YOU think? Vote in our poll!

Howay the Lads!

Referee: Chris Foy.

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253 Responses

  1. Real nice warm welcome to start off the Banter which I thought was odd as Toonsy has been a right grumpy gadgie :) Then I realised it was by Worky :lol:
    I think your prediction of a draw could be right ;) I just cant work out who is going to be out on the RW if Jays team is right
    Howay the Lads

  2. Dear CH,
    please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please don’t start with Perch.

  3. Today’s NUFC line-up: Tim Krul, Danny Simpson, Fabricio Coloccini, Mike Williamson, Jose Enrique, Joey Barton, Cheik Tiote, Kevin Nolan (c), Jonas Gutierrez, Andy Carroll, Shola Ameobi

  4. Well the other results have gone about as bad as they possibly could, just need to get beat of W Ham now and it’ll be… down down deeper and down.

  5. LeegNUFC says:
    October 23, 2010 at 4:43 pm
    Today’s NUFC line-up: Tim Krul, Danny Simpson, Fabricio Coloccini, Mike Williamson, Jose Enrique, Joey Barton, Cheik Tiote, Kevin Nolan (c), Jonas Gutierrez, Andy Carroll, Shola Ameobi

    Take it we’ve got a non-existant right wing again then.

  6. 4-4-2?

    So again we´ll be playing with a narrow midfield and only have width down the left. We tried this last season and we were shit.

    Not happy with WBA. They look like their going to survive quite easily. Liverpool will get out of it so there are less and less clubs down there.

    If we don´t win today I see us being in the bottom three at Christmas and looking for a new manager.

  7. no ranger on the bench..joke..smith taylor smith on the bench..only need 2..if u dont get it right tonight ch..ur head..

  8. Time to do what – Stuart79
    He was proved to be tactically inept the lat time we were in this league. we even turned to shearer to try and save us

  9. Why the hell isn’t Ryan Taylor playing hughton?? You INFURIATE me!!! We need good crossers playing joey isn’t good crosser

  10. How could he do anything the last time? The club was a complete basket case then.

    Although impatience is a trait with us NUFC supporters. Suppose that´s why we´re different to everyone other club.

    But lets not forget that changing our manager every season has achieved what exactly? We might as well try the other way.

    There´s only one man to blame in my opinion – Ashley. To give a newly promoted team only 3 mil is a pretty tough ask I think.

  11. See Sugar did ok with his predictoons so far today, hopefully he’ll have the score right for toon – come on

  12. stuart79 no time..its not lose today..playing central midfield on the wing says..he is clueless to drop any1..they are fit why is smith on the bench we need goals..loven was shit last week..what does ranger have to do.he scores goals thats what we need..not smith and co..pals act..not the time for this shit..anymore from ch..he cant bring on any1 to score goals from that bench..wtf

  13. CheekyCheick I think a bit more of a 4-3-1-2 I just know that I like Joey but not out on the right, but I guess we will just have to wait and see ;)

  14. Ah, cheers Big Dave. Bit disappointed like, not expecting much from Joey out on the right…. but we’ll see.

    Absolutely need to win today.


  15. HAHAHA, a weird line-up again imo~~~

    Let’s just hope ryan will be called up in front of wayne no matter what,when sub’s arrives.

  16. stu-nah mate, 18th I think. The statistic of them being the lowest scorers in British football so far this season with only 3 of their 11 scoring so far doesn’t look good on us given their start however, they’ve got the ball up to Cole and into/around the box quite easily so far

  17. How fckin easy was that? That’s twice they’ve beaten the offside trap and they’ve scored.

    We look a fckin joke!

  18. We are shocking TGS have you seen the table….if we get smacked off the mackems CH will be doomed.

  19. One of the main things of four four two is your full backs push up the field. Simpson hasn’t moved since kick off

  20. “the two center backs were looking for offside”..Aye, we need to realise that doesn’t work. We get caught out by our own high back line constantly.

  21. With Simpson back CH should have started with Routledge as they played quite well together last season.
    Nolan is bloody awful.
    Barton is ineffective on the right.

  22. We could be 2nd bottom at 730pm . Ok so there is time to come back . Dont know if my nerves can take this though .

  23. I thought the idea of a 3 man cm with jonas behind shola and Carroll wouldve been ok, but there’s no pace up front. Nolans not good enough. Ch needs time but i can’t see him getting it. I am certain if we lose to the scum he is doomed but will he make it that far? Weren’t there rumours collo saved him last week? Can he save him this?

  24. Raylor is nee better than Simpson at the back. We’ve picked up since the goal, I just cannot for the life of me understand why we seemingly need to be put in a troublesome position to start playing football.

    Get in Nolan, finally starting to play.

  25. He might be slow and useless in the middle of the park but he has scored a life saver

  26. Carroll and Nolan will be oot in Gateshead high street toninght. On the lash together

  27. Fcking missed the goal! Bastard tv channel scrambled for five minutes! Fcking dodgy Spanish bars!

    Not impressed even though we’ve equalised.

  28. Cheers munich mag
    The veetle stream i was on kept on lagging.

    Here’s away, 1-3 to the toon ;)

  29. Shoala works hard to get a place in the side then does naff all when he gets in. So frustrating

  30. Stuart-We’re a million miles away from the first 10 mins to be fair. We actually have possession to be passing the ball and going forward which is an improvement.

  31. Jesus do we have a right hand side or what? Simpson’s always out of position and Barton’s always in the middle!

    Anyone notice Steve Stone on the bench next to Hughton? That’s the clubs ‘cheap’ option sorted then.

  32. Absolutly pathetic. What sort of decision is that against Carroll? Literally unbelievable, there’s not even a hint of a foul there, he did brilliantly to win the ball back

  33. Gaping hole down the right hand side. Barton has to stop coming inside, he’s getting caught out of position constantly.

  34. IMO the best streams (if you’re prepared to download Sopcast) always come from Fox Soccer Channel generally transmitted around the 500-800Kbps rate.

  35. Ross I guess thats what happens when you play a CM on the RW, which I cant understand why CH has done it for the 2nd match in a row

  36. Guys,don’t slag simpson. cause barton keeps going inwards. Leave Him to control the WHOLE Right Flank him own self.

  37. We have too many players out of position.

    Carroll needs to stay up front and let Ameobi come deep as Shola offers more vision and technical ability.

    Barton thinks he is playing in CM, and Simpson looks completely lost.

  38. The lad Obinaa is proving to be a real handful on the left hand side, fast and tricky. In fact he is the only threat West Ham have. Barton and Simpson on the right are both way off the pace of the game. Apart from his goal, Nolan is also way off the pace. The toon are too predictable, and lack skill and guile, pity about Ben Arfa !

  39. The “why havent we got a wide man out right” debate always assumes we have a wide man with enough experience at this level to pose a threat.

    Sadly we have Routledge :(

    Any other central mf will naturally drift in and thats a price we have to pay for a wafer thin squad.

  40. BD-I’d have started Routledge on the wing purely for his pace. At least he is an out and out winger who will hug the touchline. Barton is doing it constantly, if we at any time lose the ball in the center of mid he’s leaving Simpson woefully exposed.

  41. We Have Ryan taylor who seems to have a cold war with CH i reckon that can be employ at RW/RM….

    I think even ryan taylor have more pace than barton in RW/RM.

  42. noble’s long balls have been a problem for our high line. Krul also looks a little shakee today. Bubble blowers look pretty bad on def. Nobody pressuring the ball. We should be able to get 2 in the 2nd half.

  43. IMO Strolla has been missing all game, and apart from the goal Capt Tugboat has been awol aswell.
    AndyMac I know Routledge doesnt have much of a final ball but he pulls the other teams out with him leaving gaps for us, but surely Routledge or even Raylor on the RW is a better option than Joey ;)

  44. U see RB position we have two who have no experience in EPL,which left possible candidates to Ryan taylor and Steven taylor who is still out.

    U see our RM/RW position,we have also two players in there,but one who loves to dribble but lost the ball the next second,which now left again rayan taylor there.

    CH,WHY OH WHY isn’t Ryan taylor playing???

  45. Either R.Taylor or Routledge needs to come on in the second half for Nolan or Tiote. We need a proper right side. It’s unfair for Hughton to have Simpson so exposed on his first appearance back from a long injury. Playing Barton on the right was a poor decision for me.

  46. Also, as soon as Campbell is fit we need to get him in for Williamson. He has been getting beaten in the air every time for the last few games. Drop him to the bench and give him something to think about

  47. doesn’t look too bad, bearing in mind that west ham also desperately need a win and will be fighting for it, and that there’s quite a list of injuries, all the new players except for Tiote…

  48. Spyro,
    You astound me in that you would consider taking off Tiote.
    Agree with Nolan, but surely Barton should also come into the equation of who to bring off.

  49. If Ryan taylor scores again in carling cup match.

    i am sh0 gonna kill/scold/curse CH for the poor performance in epl.

  50. CC says:
    October 23, 2010 at 6:32 pm
    Why would we take off Tiote ??

    >>>>It was reference to a comment by El Torro

  51. DAVE off topic hows things with work?few shops in durham area got adverts oot; all day sittings (7hrs)£200 must be nee money aboot eh

  52. The main idea of a target man like Carroll is other players run off him and beyond him. Not newcastle. Another balls up by Hughton

  53. The delivery from wide areas had detoriated to the awful norm we have come to expect

  54. carrol isn’t looking very good at the moment eh? working for it and all but with very little effect

  55. anyone want to mention what a horrible game ameobi is having? seemed to work with nolan and carrol.. :-)

  56. Jersey Geordie-

    Where ya from in Jersey, mate? I got a good friend who’s a Toon fan in Trenton. My cousin’s boyfriend, matter of fact lol.

  57. God I wish I was watchin’ this game. I have a good friend in London who’s a HUGE Hammers fan. She used to be a Hammerette actually. I bet she’s PISSED!! hahahaha

  58. O!HURLEY put your big stick away,she might be a lady m8,then again if she knows you she cannot be :)

  59. It’s really sad listening to these pricks commentating on the game, highlighting how bad West Ham are, not a word of praise for the toon, who are absolutely bossing the second half..

  60. well, he’s one of the players that got FC twente to win the eredivisie (dutch premier league) for the first time ever… and not that long ago they were hovering at the bottom…

  61. Ice-

    Ahm good like. Finally met a proper Geordie lass here in Nashville like. I told her to not water her accent down for me as I can understand it. You’d be proud. I only asked her to repeat herself a couple a times hehehehe!

  62. See toonsy prediction of every lost becomes a win in reality…..

    Toonsy Ur prediction rocks. ^_^

  63. O!HURLEY good on you mate,be good to her remember only kick her on sundays if the toon lose and you will be well in :)

  64. think we will stick with WORKYS forcast he gets closer,toonsy will say he did it to get a win,got him sussed like

  65. andy andy gray said it will be a comfortable win for west ham..u winker every game we will lose he says..he said we havnt playe well for 2 months..well u clown city we were shit u clown..yes i wont us to do well for that winker aloan

  66. @Big Dave: well let’s hope toonsy predict a lost against the gunners and the Mackems and who knows,we might win both. :lol:

    HWTL. ^^

  67. get in torch the car..well that house will be rocking tonight..with a glass of wine..cheers lads

  68. we’re doomed,we’re doomed blah blah bah………nobody gets relegated or stays up in October,there’ll be plenty more ups and downs yet keep the faith……5 points better off than we were at this stage of the relegation season…enjoy it, I’m away oot on the lash now. Howay the Lads.

  69. Tiote owned the pitch today.

    Total vindication for CH. Chose the right side and to prove it did not make one sub.

    Bring on the scum!

  70. Bearing in mind I do not come from the “Mount of Holier than Thou” and have been inclined towards criticisng CH for his obduracy, however I do think the rash of “we are f hopeless and stretched to the limit” comments are maybe not required in the first ten minutes or even the first half.

    I’ll praise CH for getting the result,
    I’ll praise the team as a whole for getting back into the game and for keeping the ball in the second half
    I’ll praise nolan for being in the right place at the right time
    and I’ll also praise Barton for his inch perfect cross.

    OK it was only WHU but they were desperate to get off the bottom and were unbeaten in four so overall a good performance and now we’re 9th :)

  71. Excellent performance, we passed them out of the game. Tiote is a real find, what a brilliant and tidy player he’s been since we signed him. We didn’t even need Krul, we could have played 11 outfield players.

    Again the team spirit is there, they seem like a bunch of mates who don’t want to let anyone down. We just need to pick up our home form and we’ll be safe this season I reckon.

    Great result, HWTL.

  72. The only thing i can’t believe is….

    Since when we are becoming an “away” team? 8O

    Next Up the Gunners. ;)

  73. AOD-

    Ain’t that weird??

    And it seems like Tiote really held down the midfield. What a great acquisition.

  74. Some of people who commented during the first 30 or so minutes should be ashamed. Have some patience! What a great performance by the team today, Joey Barton did a much better job than Guthrie had playing on the wing. Simpson seemed to improve as the game went on, which probably indicates that Hughton recognized where they were getting joy and got it sorted for the second half.

    Obinna was causing us fits in the first half, but did next to nothing in the second. I even saw him on the right side a bit late on, possibly Grant trying to get him free.

  75. Quote…”Why the hell isn’t Ryan Taylor playing hughton?? You INFURIATE me!!! We need good crossers playing joey isn’t good crosser”

    Quote… ”no ranger on the bench..joke..smith taylor smith on the bench..only need 2..if u dont get it right tonight ch..ur head..

    Quote… ”Time to do what – Stuart79
    He was proved to be tactically inept the lat time we were in this league. we even turned to shearer to try and save us

    Great to see all the doubters proved inaccurate, great job CH and a fantastic / vital away win. Well done lads

  76. Away performances are played at a pace that allows for us to soak up pressure and play on the break. The 4-4-1-1 or 4-3-1-2 or even the 4-3-2-1 (depending on how much you saw of Shirley) doesnt demand that we dictate play just that we cover our arses and works well away from home

    Just think how much more impressive it could be if we had some pace going forward ?

  77. Agree with comments that Williamson has looked off the pace at times. However, he, like Simpson, looked MUCH better in the second half and made some key interceptions.

  78. Also thought Nolan played well in the middle of the park. Not even considering his goal (which was fantastic) he was key to us keeping hold of the ball and dominating possession.
    For the most part the passing today was really good, the main reason Barton would have been named MOM was his long passing and set pieces. MUCH improved this week, I don’t remember him wasting a single corner.

  79. I knew that Barton was going to be a huge player for us when last season (and I forget who we were playin, mind) I saw him complete like a 60 yard pass and brutally split the defense. With long passes like that, he can be VERY deadly.

  80. “Joey Barton sky man of the match. Tiote for me like. The guy is a class apart”

    Just goes to show how difficult it is to be recognised for just winning the ball. All the greats were never world class stars, does anyone remember a certain Norbert Stiles now ?

  81. Tiote was fantastic today. And I’m really happy to see our boys fight back from a goal down AWAY no less, but it must be said that West Ham were absolutely awful in the 2nd half. Plusses and minuses, but overall, two good fight-back games in a row. This team plays for each other…

  82. There are probably 6 very serious relegation candidates –
    Wolves (almost certainly down)
    Fulham (Can blame Wolves for losing Zomora)
    Birmingham (old)
    West Ham

    I think we’re part of the next group, where a couple of injuries could see us drop – or the kind of managerial disaster that took us down two years ago.

    West Brom
    Stoke City

  83. Thought that was dangerously close to our best 11 today – longterm injuries aside.

    I liked the 2 strikers – carries more threat – if one doesn’t score the other will. Much more pressure on opposition defences. We are a much better side than the tawdry sky media mafia has us down as. Well worthy winners today, as I predicted.

    Tiote – fantastic. Barton, shola kept the ball moving nicely in their half and I also thought jonas’ endeavour in putting pressure on them in their 3rd was crucial.

    MOTM – Fab Colo.

  84. Krul – 6 had nowt to do, made one good save when piquionne was offside, solid in the air

    Jose – 7 solid as usual looked a danger going forward and has formed a great partnership with Guiterrez. He is so calm in any situation as well

    Colo – 7 I thought he actually dealt well with Cole, solid game

    Willo – 6 bit off the pace at times but got better as game went on

    Simmo – 6 again, same as willo basically but for his first game back in the 1st team not bad

    Jonas – 7 looked lively but not great end product, but some good balls and good pace

    Nolan – 6 pooped up for the goal well but for me was a bit anonymous, i may be wrong but i just didnt see him very much

    Tiote – 8.5 Class act, he kept the ball well and got around people with ease, he always finds a pass as well was the backbone of our team today

    Barton – 7 Had a good game, but not great he didnt help simmo out he was constantly pushing in the middle. Having said that his ball in to carroll was inch perfect

    Shola – 7.5 – I thought he had a good game, held the ball up well, made some good runs and did well for AC’s goal

    Carroll – 7 Not his best game but did OK made a neusonse of himself. For me he played a bit too wide at times, we need him to be in the box not out on the right. Good movement to lose the defender for the goal though.

    MOM Tiote without a doubt

  85. “‘As soon as he hit the ball,’ says Andy Gray, ‘I said goal!’ Funny that Andy,” says Mark Guthrie. “According to the commentary, as soon as he hit the ball, you said absolutely nothing. Either your mic is out of order, or you’re confusing ‘saying’ with ‘thinking’ or ‘as soon as he hit the ball’ with ‘after it went in. Or you’re just talking rubbish. Which is it Andy?” Which do you think?”

    Funnnnneeeeee courtesy of Guardian.co.uk and their readers/listeners/contributors or whatever ?

  86. I thought Shola was pretty good today too, actually. I’ve been on Barton’s back a little bit about his poor passing but that cross today was a beaut. Keep it coming, Joey!

    And Carroll with another assist and a goal… he’s coming back to life, isn’t he? If only he’d stop smacking bitches…

  87. Just waiting for the next blog where all the people who were moaning like little girls at the start of these comments start talking about us getting into Europe.

  88. Understand where you’re coming from Stuart but there is no doubt we are a more relaxed side when we play away from home. This was pointed out very early in the season by (it now appears)loads of people who perhaps recognised there is less pressure on us to perform away from SJP when the game is stretched and the opposition are having to make the effort. Whereas when we’re at home the onus is on us to prise open defences and maybe we just dont have the quality/ability to do that ?

    However we’re now 3 points nearer the 38 mark which should see us safe.

  89. We owe a lot to West Ham’s poor performance but two games, two fightbacks, four points. It will do the team good to get some confidence and unity back.

    By the way, did anybody else notice the moment in the (was it?) first half, defending a corner, I think, where Barton and Carroll were jawing at each other? Hopefully the good kind of yelling at each other but I wondered…

  90. 244 stuart79 says:
    October 23, 2010 at 9:23 pm
    Paper cracks over – arrange as you wish

    Aye Stu that may be and after that start and the way the other results went today we needed a win, but…

    Let me say I was v impressed with the way they dug in today and even though at one point I thought, if they can’t beat these we can’t beat any team in this league, we still had to do it and they did in some style. Well done C.H you have saved yourself the axe for at least 3 games I would say.

    My worries now…

    We are becoming an away side. That was just another Everton and defeats at home will follow. They were bottom of the league and we made hard work of it at times. C.H will risk absolutely no-one aginst the arse and theie kids will beat our kids. I think we should try and win considering it is the first time in many years we seem to have the chance to get to a final or semi. After this normal service will resume against a decent Sunderland side (who just beat a rejuvenated Villa).

  91. Andy – The reason we’re better away is probably our lack of creativity. At home teams have tended to sit back and say ‘break us down’, which we’re not cute enough to do.

    Away from home we can hit them on the break.

    It may suit us next week against Sunderland. They’ll be confident, being unbeaten in 7 and will be pumped up for it. Could be a good game

  92. DJG-The mackems didn’t even put the ball in the net mate, Dunne did it for them. Derby days are a complete toss up. Form goes entirely out the window and its down to who gets the run of the green on the day I reckon.

    As for today, I wasn’t so much scratching my head first 10-15 minutes as I was pulling my hair out. It was horrendous. However when we found our feet after they scored, WH seemed to brick it and sat off. Their poor performance along with our grit and determination (and a few top notch individual performances-Cheik Tiote) allowed us to get a win. 3 unexpected points and the scum next week. HWTL.

  93. Sunderland havnt been decent all season, confirmed by a Mackem mate of mine, they’ve been lucky no more no less. not many goals but they’ve included 3 penalties and 2 own goals.They’re nowt special(neither are we).
    there’s some people on this blog who said they’d be happy with survival but that doesn’t seem to be true,the ywant more,we are 5 points better off now than we were at the same stage of our relegation season. Yes we’ve had dissapointing results at home,but the doom merchants said we’d get beat of Villa,Everton and West Ham+ 9 points,they expected to beat Stoke,Blackpool and wigan so 8 points dropped so we’re still 1 point better off than the doom merchants predicted yet still they’re not happy….oh well…ps I’m pissed.