Arsenal v Newcastle – Match preview.

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London calling....
London calling....
Newcastle head off to North London this weekend for another Sunday lunchtime kick-off, and the travelling fans will be hoping for a repeat of what happened in our last Sunday lunchtime where we smashed Sunderland 5-1.

Realistically, that isn’t going to happen, but we can always hope, eh?

The task couldn’t be tougher as Newcastle face an Arsenal side that has been looking rather impressive, even by their own high standards, in the league this season. That combined with the fact that we never really get anything from The Emirates will probably ensure that we are tasting defeat come around 4pm tomorrow afternoon.

Moving on to team news, and as ever we start with our beloved Newcastle United.

Sol Campbell will have to wait until the last minute to find out whether or not he makes the matchday squad. Sol has trained all week but Chris Hughton will have to decide if Campbell is fit enough to take a space in the 18-man squad for the trip to his former club.

One player who will be in the squad is Steven Taylor, who made the bench for last weekend’s demolition derby and came through an hour of reserve team football against Wigan during the week unscathed. I would expect Taylor to take a place on the bench.

Newcastle will be without long-term absentees Hatem Ben Arfa, Steve Harper, Leon Best and Dan Gosling, although it is fair to say, touch-wood, that our injury list is finally starting to clear up a bit.

As for formation and team selection, one half of me would like Chris Hughton to stick with the team that has done so well against both West Ham and Sunderland, whilst the other half feels that perhaps starting with just one up front and trying to contain Arsenal could be the way to go. After all, we could always change to a more attacking line-up through the game if we needed to.

Still, I would like to see the team that has served us well over the last few weeks get another chance which would leave us with a team of;

NewcastleTim Krul, Danny Simpson, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Joey Barton, Kevin Nolan, Cheick Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez, Shola Ameobi, Andy Carroll.

Arsenal will be boosted by the return of Cesc Fabregas, who was among of number of players including Andrei Arshavin and Alex Song who sat out the midweek Champions League defeat to Shakhtar Donetsk.

They lost that match 2-1 and will be looking to bounce back to winning ways against us and put on the kind of convincing performance that they lacked last weekend against West Ham where they had to rely on an 88th-minute from Alex Song to deny The Hammers a point. The Arsenal team that day was;

ArsenalLukasz Fabianski, Bacary Sagna, Laurnet Koscielny, Sebastien Squillaci, Gael Clichy, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri, Denilson, Alexandre Song, Andrei Arshavin, Maraouane Chamakh.

It’s fair to say that history is not on Newcastle’s side in this particular fixture. Newcastle have beaten The Gunners just once in the last 15 meetings between the sides and the previous three visits to North London have seen Newcastle beaten 3-0 on each occasion.

Newcastle are good in the air, which is understandable when we have a player like Andy Carroll in the team, and no team has scored more headed goals than Newcastle this season. The current tally is six, which can only be matched by Manchester United.

One thing this Newcastle side will do is battle to the end, which is a good job as Arsenal sometimes leave it late to score goals. In fact Arsenal have scored in the last 10 minutes in nine of their last 11 home league games.

All-in-all, I’d like to predict a win for Newcastle, but I just can’t see it. What I am hoping to see is yet another committed performance from the lads. Unfortunately though, I don’t think it will be enough to stop Newcastle being brought back down to earth with a bump.

My prediction: Arsenal 3-1 Newcastle.

Howay the lads!

Date – Sunday, 7th November, 2010.

Kick-off – 1:30pm.

Venue – The Emirates Stadium, London.

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48 Responses

  1. We should keep the same team that has just won two on the trot out of respect and fairness. I also think that is our best team atm.

    We should throw the kitchen sink at them right from the off, plus they will be travel weary from their champions league exploits. If we change players and try to defend against them for 90mins we will get beat. They have the players to break us down and finish us off. The only advantage I see that we have over them is in our final third and our swashbuckling frontmen having a go at their rather civilized defense. We will have to outscore them. Although Fabianski has improved greatly we have to hope he can’t deal with our arial threat. Also once a keeper has lost their cleansheet they tend to be easier to beat, so hit him early. The longer the game go’s on and the more we sit back they will take over. What they don’t like will be us having a go at them and blasting in set pieces. The more corners we win the better but it won’t be easy at all. HWTL!

  2. A draw would be a great result, should be possible too. If we sit back and defend, or let in an early goal we’re knackered….

  3. I think that although we are viewed as an away team, Arsenal at The Emirates will be a tough tough ask. I think the best we can hope for is a draw and although I am an optomist, I think I will be happy if it is kept to a goal difference of 2!!

    On the issue of Hoots’ no 2, are there any decent no 2’s out of work at the moment? I think someone like Brian Kidd would be great, but I suspect it will be someone with low profile, which in itself isnt such a bad thing.

    See not many people took the bait with the selling idea yesterday did they eh?! ;-)

  4. Raffo – It’s because your ‘selling bait’ was done about 4 days earlier, to the point where the club, and Shepherd both released statements saying that it’s bollocks and that the club isn’t for sale ;)

  5. Ice
    Im fine mate how r you. I think also the problem we have is that we are no longer a ‘big team’ but we are not a ‘small team’ either. The likes of Blackpool and West Brom can turn up at places and the other side just don’t turn up and are completely asleep. Then everybody thinks wow how are Blackpool doing so well. When we go to top teams especially, they still seem to prepare for us and put out a good side as if we were a ‘big team’. What I mean is we rarely catch a side napping like the smaller names do. :(

  6. My gnome just arrived, Still not totally happy with the £5 delivery charge but good item all the same and if it helps the blog in a small way then im pleased…

  7. CC – Do you use your proper e-mail address for here? So if I e-mail you on the one registered, you will gat it aye?

  8. RAFFO all reet m8.
    do you really belive we will get a good no2,while hoots hasnt even got a contrac t himself and leave a good job to come here “no way”

  9. I think we should start smith instead of shola.a plan in which we can be 4-5-1 while defending and revert to 4-4-2 on attack.crazy,i know but might just work

  10. DJG you have a fair point there m8,w.b.a caught them napping big time,other clubs still look at us as a scalp to take :(

  11. Stick with the same team and hit them hard like DJG says. Tiote to shut down Fabregas, Shola and Tarzan pressing and “defending from the front,” Barton whipping in balls from the right, Jonas and Enrique running up the left, the Arse won’t know what hit ’em.

    Yes, I’m feeling optimistic/foolhardily brave. But we’ve got nothing to lose–on paper, we would all expect to lose this one, so give them a hard charge and see if they don’t crumble right from the start.

    If we did that and won, man, the league would be shitting itself thinking of us coming to town!

    Never happen, I know, but let me pipe dream…

  12. Avatar to terrorise the Gooners back four like, he’ll be a handful for anyone and I think could be on the money tomorrow. Due a goal considering he played a blinder against the Scum but couldn’t net. I Think we can nick a scrappy draw, 2-2. HWTL.

  13. Alrreeeet Ice – aye cushty mate. I dont think we will get a decent ‘name’ number 2 full stop to be honest, esp with the contract situation. It does smack of Cashley not wanting to have a manager on a long term contract if he is looking to sell up. You remember what he said when he took over with respect to Fat Sam’s contract and new management wanting their own man in the seat? It just makes me wonder if we continue along and start to look like we may be ok for the season whether he may do the unthinkable.

  14. Id take a scrappy draw tomorrow, fighting spirit etc.

    I would actually like to see Guthrie or Routledge come in for Sholla and move Barton into the middle. Barton on the wing has its benefits sure, but I noticed he was drifting inside all the time and with Arsenals LHS being not too shabby, I think we need to have a decent bit of cover for Simpson at RB. I know Routledge isnt everyones cup of tea, but he is quick and pacy and able to at least stay on the wing and put pressure on their attackers, whilst I think Barton alongside Tiote would give us that extra stability at the back and allow Nolan to play a little further forward.

  15. Arsenal 0-6 Newcastle. ;)

    Though i am hoping the 3-1 scoreline that happen in Highbury Arsenal Old stadium. :lol:

  16. Sir Capello will be in attendance tomorrow.Joey,nolan and carroll better look sharp then:-)

  17. Raffo says:
    November 6, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    “It does smack of Cashley not wanting to have a manager on a long term contract if he is looking to sell up…it just makes me wonder if we continue along and start to look like we may be ok for the season whether he may do the unthinkable.”

    I don’t get where your sentiment is coming from mate?!? CH has come out and said on more than one occasion that finding a number two is his decision, and his decision alone. And furthermore, that he will take his time finding the right man for the job.

    So where all these conspiracies about Ashley selling and stuff has come from i’ve got no idea. Life, sometimes, is actually boring and pretty simple.

  18. ILM – I was refering to Houghton’s contract situation and the possible reasons for it. Let me get this in though, I WANT HOUGHTON SIGNED UP. I want hime to have a 3 year contract and be able to continue the job he is doing.

    What I am saying though is that because people will see Houghtons not on a long term deal, who is going to sign up to be his number 2 when he is only guaranteed another 6 months in the job? What you need is for Houghton to have a new contract and then get a number 2, which makes it even more likely that they will promote from within.

    I am not advocating getting rid of Chris AT ALL

  19. DJG – Spot on. You’ve said it all really. I think regardless of the opposition you have to send out a team with the best chance of winning, rather than containing against the likes of Arsenal.

    Raffo – I’m slightly gobsmacked that you would look to undo the positive changes to the side which has seen us excel in the last couple of games.

    There are simple reasons for this, Carroll has been awesome as a leader of the line, but still can’t be relied on to take his chances – especially with thhe ball on the deck, shola playing as another striker takes the pressure off nolan to keep pace with counters, but will still be around the box when he can hold a higher line, plus set pieces. To question Barton on the right is pretty amazing. His performances were outstanding, and set up both against hammers – and sparked off just about all 3 open play goals for us, receiving the ball from defence. Everyone says he will get found out for pace soon – well ok when he does, we cross that bridge when we get to it. Didn’t stop solano and beckham being two of the greatest right wingers in premiership history.

  20. Ahhh right, I see your point now, fair play.

    On Bolton, Bale is getting an acre of space on the left, hopefully Jonas can take advantage of that!

  21. Bolton are looking pretty decent, and they ahve done everytime I’ve seen them.

    I think people need to revise their predictions for when we visit there and tone them down a bit….

  22. I actually agree with Raffo and Boater about Barton.

    On one hand, he has played fantastically well for the last two games out on the right.

    On the other, I seriously doubt he is the long term answer to the right side of midfield.

  23. @Toonsy: in my prediction,bolton is the only team we can get 3points,if i tone it down,we will only get 2points in NOV. 8O ;)

  24. For me, tomorrow is a wake up call.
    BUT… if the lads can keep their feet on the ground after last week’s demolition derby – they really were’nt that hard to beat – I pity the poor bastads and if Carroll/Goala can score an early goal then I feel that the game could and should be ours because they don’t like it up ’em.

    Looking forward to seeing Joey’s wizardry again on the right as he lofts them in 20 to the dozen for the big lads up front.

    Hard score to predict but I’m hoping for an extremely impressive (deluded) 1-2.

    Altogether now:
    “When you wash your hands and face, you wash your Arsenal!”

  25. Boater – I am not questioning Barton on the right, as I said he has done a great job. What I am saying is against Arsenal, a great passing side with a decent LHS, is he the best person to be out on the right to cope with that when he has a tendancy to drift inside, and secondly I think he would be of more use alongside Tiote in the middle of the park.

    I am now, and have been one of Bartons biggest supporters which has got me a lot of stick over the time on here and uncle ed’s blog.

    Also, whilst I accept that we have a team that has won its last 2 games, this doesnt mean we cant mix it up, keep people guessing and keep all the players on their toes. We can always bring Strolla on, I just wonder if moving Barton inside whilst giving an orthodox winger a chance to go at Gibbs may be beneficial?

  26. Keep faith with same 11, try and get a lead then maybe take off a striker for a midfielder to tighten things up. Got a horrible feeling Tiote might see red in this one!

  27. CC – That is the easiest way without bombarding you with loads of random characters and letters :lol:

  28. tell ya what, Bolton are looking tidy like, very organised, press well and hustle every player, they can put a few passes together too, not going to be an easy game that like.

    And just as I type this, they’ve just score a second 2-0

  29. Now Now Now,is bolton a difficult team to beat,i don’t agree,after they allow 2 late goals… 8O