Barton banned for three matches after accepting violent conduct charge.

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Three games without Barton.
Three games without Barton.
Newcastle midfiedler Joey Barton has accepted his charge of violent conduct, which means that he will now face a three-match suspension as punishment.

Barton will now miss the matches against Fulham, Bolton and Chelsea before returning to action against West Brom at The Hawthorns on the 5th December.

As I said in an earlier article, there really isn’t much Barton could have done other than accept as he has been caught bang to rights. If he decided to argue the charge the chances are that he would have been banned for more games as the FA would have deemed it as a ‘frivolous appeal’ and slapped an extra game or two on top of the regular three-match ban.

Barton has issued a statement apologising for his behaviour last night, and quite rightly so!

“This season I have really been enjoying my football and although I have been on the receiving end of a few robust challenges, I have, up until now, remained calm in the face of provocation and just carried on with the game. But I hold my hands up, I reacted badly to the situation on Wednesday night and I deeply regret it.”

“I have been working very hard to keep that side of my game under control and I think it has showed in the way I have been able to get on and enjoy my football this season. I look forward to trying to get back into the team once my suspension is over and helping the club maintain its good start to the season.”

It’s done now, and Barton will need to be aware that once again the knives will be out for him when he returns to action. Mind you, he can have nobody to blame other than himself, and his lash out at Pederson, whether you want to call it a punch, a slap, or a tickle, was uncalled for.

Joey will have to start from scratch, again!

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101 Responses

  1. It’s amazing how the simple turn of a head can have such dramatic impacts. HBA has his leg broke while ref is looking, ref does nothing…carry on, no charge to Nigel De Jong and no suspension. Ref NOT looking at JB and the FA can slap a 3-match ban on him for something relatively harmless. Ah well…them’s the breaks for the Toon. I don’t recall anyone ever accusing NUFC as being a lucky side.

    On a dif topic, if Shola is out with Hamstring tear, who replaces him, or does CH revert back to 4-5-1?

  2. NorCal ToonFan says:
    November 11, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    “On a dif topic, if Shola is out with Hamstring tear, who replaces him, or does CH revert back to 4-5-1?”

    Well, he replced him the other neet with Substitute Big Lad (Ranger).

  3. WORKY nee trouble with server the neet,was know dramas anyway m8,get more trouble with wor lass :)

  4. As MacDonald said on legends, JB should have sorted gmp out with his next tackle. Whoops sorry about that ref! Are u going to book me??? oh ok then :)
    There is no hiding places these days even if the ref is looking the other way.
    Big brother is watching you.
    20 yrs ago or more that was fine/normal. you wouldn’t give it unless you could take it.
    oh and you wouldn’t fall over like that from a nothing jab to the guts.
    I wonder which WBA players are getting ready to wind him up next?? And so it goes on.

  5. Love Joey the player just unfortnuate the demons have reared their ugly head. One thing we don’t know is what provocation took place.
    Yes it is an offence but as usual in the UK their is hysteria to a huge extent.
    Gerrard smashes somebody in the face with his elbow and all swept under the carpet.

    The game last night was a replay of the Stoke match. We are too reliant on Joey and Jonas providing ammunition for our strikers. Double up on them two and we are cooked.

    Does CH freshen things up in a big way or just make the two enforced changes. Please not Lovenkrands up front and not Guthrie wide right.
    Routledge the obvious pick wide right but think how well Ranger played wide right against Chelsea. Is he an option. Vuckic for midfield / support striker role

    There is always Xisco this might be the lucky break to get his career back on track

  6. “There is always Xisco this might be the lucky break to get his career back on track”

    LOL! If only he was interested. FECKER!

  7. the way ranger played last nyt he deserves a start he is a real handfull, its gotta b routledge n stick with 442, i would maybe bring in sol for williamson sols experience now get stop the rotten home form

  8. Yes, yes yes, bring on Xisco! Except club says he is injured though do not say what the injury might be. Has he gone mental after his red card? Is he actually being set as an example because of his red card? Or is this one of those ice hockey “lower body injury” non-descriptions? Just what is the story on htis well paid star of the future?

  9. why not try vukic on ryt wing then he can cut in on his left foot at least he will get crosses in as routledge dosent

  10. I think the main problem is that Xisco is shit and has never looked intertested….. Add the feigning injury to get away from the club into the mix and the little chutney ferret can piss off and do one….

  11. Francisco Jiminez Tejada xisco.
    Translates as
    Frank Jimmy Todger Shithead.

    Not that he gives a shit.£60K a week till 2013 then never heard of again.
    Eeeee its a hard life.

  12. Id play Routledge, Salcidos injured and Fulham had some young lad playing at left back the other day, Possible weakness…

  13. icedog says:
    November 11, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    “WORKY nee trouble with server the neet,was know dramas anyway m8”

    It’s nearly always the “Match Banter” that’s the problem, Ice. It’s gannin’ on a new server in the fullness of time though.

  14. shola injury is gutting. And how long out? Kind of wish we had marlon to just slot in, he’s been good of late. Has everyone given up on mcloven? He’s had 1 league start, could be the right way to go?! Ranger looked green last night, sure we’d have gone on to win last night with the starting 11 throughout 2nd half.

  15. Boater

    I agree Ranger looked a bit nervous and inexperienced last night, but the fact is he gives us something different. His pace is always a threat and he can play with his back to goal or off of the defenders’ shoulder. He will create space for Andy and can even swap with Routledge throughout the game. I think now is Ranger’s time to show what he can do.

  16. Also, we may see a new and improved Routledge now he knows he is not automatic choice. He has three games to prove himself. Let’s hope he steps up to the plate

  17. thought ranger made hell of a difference done more than shola, ranger over lovenkrands for me like

  18. I think Fulham are a better footballing team than B’burn, and wont come and sit deep looking for the draw. If they think they can have us then we have a good chance against them.
    We were naive last night, and made a few mistakes.
    Fat sam makes me puke. What an arrogant arsehole.

  19. no chance ray wilkins is a twit dont want him here mcloven needs 2 or 3 games to get going ? he had the same sort of start last season and i think when he gets that run we will see the best of him ,

  20. We, and the media (this blog is also a form of media) need to put it to bed, he’s admitted he was in the wrong, took it on the chin, done. It was nowt bad, just a rush of blood to the head (ooo err) so lets not act like moral Judge Dredds like we’ve never reacted to anything badly in our lives before, leave it be.

    On a further note, said it before, and i’ll say it again, if Barton plays well, we play well, so the rest he’ll get is only going to benefit the team when he comes back.

    To me, a couple of players looked tired last night. So I would maybe play Guthrie on Sat, who is very much in the mould of Barton. However I would definitely start with Routledge, and my instructions would be ‘give him the ball as much as possible and get a cross in you little pleb’ :D

  21. Think it’s more likely that we’ll go back to 4411 with Nolan the support striker, Routledge wide right and Gootrie in the middle.

    Hughton usually sticks to tried and tested ways until forced to make a change. I’ve yet to see him try something new in a league game.

  22. well then what about the arsenal game Brisvegas. That was a new tactic and it worked. both 442 and 451 at the same time.
    But just for the record, I think you are right, he will go 4411…….perhaps.
    Last I heard, Hoots has a plan!

  23. Oh, Joey. You utter, utter twunt.

    Anyway – fortunately we do have options. Loven, Guthrie, Routledge and Ranger are all up there and able to play middle or right. (Well, praps not Guthrie out wide, eh)

    Agree Fulham a better team generally than Blackburn.

    Ergo we’ll beat ’em. :)

  24. boater says:
    November 11, 2010 at 9:02 pm

    Shola has done exactly what he’s done for the last ten years. Two good games then either gets injured or just looks back to his usual poor self.

    El Toro ~ says:
    November 11, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    New and improved? He’s another one who has reverted exactly to type. Good Championship player but clearly isn’t up to the PL.

  25. Brisvegas

    Nolan in that role doesn’t work. He finds himself in the wrong places and doesn’t have the speed or legs to correct it. Far better player being allowed to ghost into the box and get the goals

  26. Lovenkrands has had two starts at St James this year and both times has been the worst player on the field by a country mile and both times rightly substituted.

  27. I would play Ranger as a right wing forward as he is more effective than Routledge in that he at least earns freekicks. Guthrie in the middle, Nolan is good when the team is good but when we arn’t he just doesn’t do enough. I have a suspicion that our home performances have suffered with him being out of the team although many don’t seem to think/realise it. Last season, Guthrie in the middle, (that is very important) was a key player in the home wins, he was emulating his idol Stevie G at one point. Yet no-one seems to notice he is out and we are scratching our heads as to why the form has dropped at home so much.


  28. ranger n routledge start its simple pace added to the team, anyone else think mike williamson done shocking for the second goal

  29. DJG rather Englands number 9 mate.
    Also in your line up, who takes set pieces? Because JB has been doing it all so far this season.
    Just a thought

  30. I wouldn’t say Wilkins is a top coach, I think he’s been sacked/”released” from every coaching/managers job he’s had…not really who I’d want ;-)

  31. DJG i he did nzogbia got a header against him n roberts jus mucsled him in challange wasnt impressed the way he fell for a foul when he relised he had cocked up, willo n colo have been class but should hoots freshen up the cb pairing ie big sol for his experience

  32. Guthrie probably, depending where it is,

    Simpson may be a liitle exposed, may have to change formation slightly, could move Nolan out right to cover a bit.

  33. dont mind guthrie playing aslong as he is not on the wing bcoz its a waste of a player coz he drifts into the centre to much, theyve been playing duff at lb

  34. davy
    aye mate, he done shat, but we still had 10 minutes to score a goal and the TEAM (it’s a team game) weren’t up to it. They were all crap.

    He’s been class all season, and lets not pick up on individual errors when as a collective I can’t remember a time when we have looked so defensivley organised.

    Beardsleys Boots
    “Also in your line up, who takes set pieces?”

    Mate, just watch some highlights of last season, Guthrie’s delivery got him loads of assists, also remember him tucking in a free kick at the Leazers end. If he plays, it will be him.

  35. Stu just to freshen things up. Keep MW on his toes. No place is a given. I’m not calling the lad, but competition for places helps to improve a player.

  36. I just hope the crowd don’t get on his back (Guthrie) if the first few freekicks/corners are excellent. People need to remember that he hasn’t been playing and he will have to get his foot through the ball a few times to get a feel of the weight and things, he is generally quite good though so Barton shouldn’t be a huge huge miss.

  37. Unfair to pick Big Mike out from last nights debacle. We know he is useless with his passing but has been strong in the previous games. Still might be worth changing as I don’t envisage Fulham lumping the ball into the box.

    Too many below par performances last night and what about those bloggers that were pushing Simpson for the england squad. On last nights game he would do well to keep his place never mind stepping up to international level

  38. ILM So then lets just hope he takes his chance when he gets it, if he can be as good as JB this season, then good on him.

  39. BB

    Aye, he doesn’t get the credit he deserves, I think partly because C.H has played him out of position and it hasn’t come off. After this Barton thing hoots will have him on red alert and he will know this is his open door into the side if he performs well. Through the middle he will unlock the doors for Carroll and Ranger and I think will do well.

  40. am not picking on willo jus think at times he can b lightweight in the tackle in the air both times have resulted in goals and am not saying he shud be dropped but sol wouldnt got done off roberts last nyt or zoggy for his header, for carroll n ranger the only two that performed last nyt

  41. Now would be a good time to find his Stevie G form with suspentions kicking in for Barton and Tiote. ;)

  42. DJG are u on about guthrie i think he could be a real class act in the middle of the park, but when hes on the wing he is terrible n undisiplined

  43. DJG that sounds good to me :D

    you are right about him being lightweight Davy, perhaps sol can show him how to put on some pounds.
    Maybe get married and go on honeymoon.:)

  44. I’d stick Guthrie in the middle and ranger on the right, I’d also swap sol for Williamson, not that he’s done that much wrong just think sol would give us a more calming effect at the back
    Oh well that’s just my opinion

  45. ———–Krul———–




    Gotta go with it.

  46. looks like Ray Wilkins assistant coach from Chelsea has got the sack looks a good addition if he comes to Newcastle

  47. Maybe he could try Jonas on the right and give Ferguson a go down the left , the lad looked good in the carling cup . Now maybe a good time to see what he can do in the prem

  48. nufc337….Don’t know if he would tho mate, I said earlier I think he’s been sacked/released from every job he’s had as coach or manager. Not really a glowing reference.

    Axel…It would be good to see Ferguson and Jonas is right footed after all, personally tho I think Routledge will get the nod.

  49. I’m starting to get annoyed with everyone comparing de Jong challenge and trying to stand up for Barton’s punch. De Cock’s challenge on Benny was wild and evidently dangerous but it was a tackle. Barton who has the most ridiculous.history of scum behaviour punch someone in a game. He’s been awesome this season for us although he deserves a 3 match ban and a hefty fine because he is scum. He’s a horrible guy – nuff said. I wouldn’t want to know him or his family but man can he cross the ball – well from time to time

  50. Difficult to believe people think Ray Wilkins couldn’t bring anything to the Toon party.
    Oh sorry I forgot our coaching team is full of characters who have won major honours throughout their career and played at the highest level of football.
    Number 2 at Chelsea. Who are Chelsea?

  51. Bud… maybe he can bring something but being sacked everhywhere indicates he hasn’t been doing a good job anywhere he’s been.I could coach that Chelsea team and they’d win stuff and yet they’ve still sacked him.

  52. Love all the wailing and holier than thou stance on Barton. Are people upset that he clocked someone or that he was caught so he’s now suspended?

    I think it’s the latter. If he had got away with it, I don’t think we would have even had this topic on here.

    As for Wilins, we couldn’t afford him. CH is on peanuts compared to the rest of the PL managers, alledgedly, so he’s not going to employ someone who is under him, but on more dosh. Plus Rw could argue he has more experience than CH, so why should he be #2.

    No one think Steve Stone can do it?

  53. batty…(when you get back from the scrapyard)..last night i was having a few drinks with peter kay after his gig @ the arena & he invited me to the newcastle races today….his m8’s horse is running in the first race called…warrior one…he say’s it’s a good thing & is going to put 20% of last nights takings on it.

    …it was a complete sell out so i would imagine the 20% to be a canny bit like.

    ..lump on batts & it will pay for your punting @ cheltenham today xx

  54. Micky…can only see one post on here “sort of” defending Barton and on the other threads the vast majority have said he’s done wrong,an idiot, deserves the punishment…a few have said some of the recent tackles people hav got away with are worse(imo thats true) as a wee dig in the stomache isn’t gonna hurt anyone.That said he was bang out of order and has let everyone down, does he get paid whilst suspended? if so giving his wages to charity would be the decent thing to do.

    Ref Steve Stone, we won’t know unless he gets a go at it, we just have to trust in CH he’ll know who he can work with and he’ll know whether he thinks Stone can do a job, I just wish they’d sort it out tbh.

  55. For Fulham I would go with


  56. Richie, not saying anyone was defending him. I was saying that people are only moaning because he’s out for three games. If he hadn’t been suspended I reckon less people would be concerned at his behaviour. What I think is that people are more p1ssed at him not being available rather than his violence.

  57. Micky Toon@76, dont think anyone is defending Barton, he got what he deserves, i am not alone in raising the question why other violent incidents have gone unpunished, whats wrong with that?
    Harry Redknapp has talked about it today and says that both Cattermole and Huddleston ” Got away with it”, no matter what your agenda is against Barton you have to agree that there is no consistency, you cant pick and chose who to punish, if the law is broken, deal with it.

  58. Micky…apologies then mate, I’m most pissed of he was so stupid to do it at all never mind doing it over nowt when he’d withstood everything Wolves had thrown at him.He’s been one of our best players and his suspension may well cost us points.

  59. Good for you , Joey , to realized what you have done was wrong and came out to say sorry.

    The thing that bucked me is because Joey Barton is Joey Barton , no one except us ( some doesn’t though ) would come to think from another prospective why he reacted it that way. Everyone from the outside won’t question why ? no one won’t question was it anything from Pederson that upset or led to Barton to misunderstand and reacted such a bad way like that.

    Actually there was some incident like that happened late in the game between Coloccini and Robert when Robert punched to Coloccini but not as good as Barton hit though. :P

    Anyway I’m not on his side for Joey to did that thing because it was so so stupid and violent. It was not acceptable but I could understand it.

    And I just have saw the re-play. Blackburn player were full of drama skills , they drove a lot and easily fell too often but I have to admit they take all their advantages and improve on play enough to get the result.

    I didn’t like to see that Big Sam came to VIP area and shoke hands with Ashley and really hated that we lose to his side , I appreciate what he done when he was in charge even I didn’t like his style of play. But he still carry on the misery and can’t get over it and his interview about the job CH has done before the game was really annoying.

    Anyway the game was over so have to be ready for Fulham game. I would like to see Guthrie play in the middle while Barton was suspended , it really unfortunately for him after last season , he can provide creative in the team and maybe Routledge with the hope that he gain back his confident. They were two of last season key players which so many assist.

    I’d like to see MF go like this
    – Jonas – Nolan – Guthrie – Routledge –
    so we can get the game flowing around


  60. Looks like Smith will get his chance tomorrow; we will need a specialist DM and Tiote’s fouled his way into a suspension.

    Also, I’d like to see Sol in for Willo, just for this match. That gives us some much needed experience and level-headedness down the middle. It won’t be pretty, but it will be hard to beat:

    Simpson – Sol – Colo – Jose
    Routledge – Smith – Guthrie – Jonas
    ——- Carroll – Nolan (Ranger if he’s not cutting it)

    (That’s assuming Shola’s out)

    BTW – if you’ve not read the Daily Mash story linked above, do so. It’s a cracker.

  61. whumpie…Tiote isnt suspended, he only has 4 yellows as he didnt get one in the cup v chelsea as first thought.

  62. Aha! ta for that Richietoon – good news. Not that I think Smith is as bad an option as people make out on here. Not as pretty with his footwork, but can be highly effective. We seem to forget his good games a lot easier than his bad.

    I hope Guthrie gets his chance and takes it properly. Didn’t like the look of his play last time, but we’ve seen how good he can be through the middle. Got a good cross on him too, and on his day can deliver a good free kick. Trouble is, on his off-day, he sucks hairies.

  63. Well it is a chance for Chris to mix things around a bit to prevent predictability. Ranger or Lovenkrands can come in to replace Shola. Guthrie or Routledge can come in to add something new.

    This is what a season is about and what is positive is that there are some choices to make and hard ones at that.

  64. For me I want routledge to and RW and either Guthrie in the middle if he goes 4141 or McLovin up top with carroll in a 442. There’s no point putting Guthrie or ranger on the wing as duff will expose the lack of cover for simpson