Ben Arfa vows to come back with a bang!

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The last time most of us sawe Ben Arfa.
The last time most of us sawe Ben Arfa.
The feel-good factor is in full swing at the moment, and it seems that it is more than just the fans who are wanting to get in on the act.

Hatem Ben Arfa has been keeping tabs on what has been going on at Newcastle as he recovers from a horrific double-leg break injury with his grandparents in Tunisia, and he has a simple message to the fans who have supported him ever since he arrived on Tyneside.

Speaking to the matchday programme at, Ben Arfa has delivered a timely reminder that he is still intent on returning to full fitness and repaying the faith that both Newcastle United and the fans have shown in him since he arrived from Marseille after a long-running, and at times controversial, transfer saga.

“I am doing really well. I am staying with my grandparents and that is good for the psychology aspect because it is not easy with an injury like this,” said Ben Arfa when asked about his recovery.

“It is a long process. There is not a lot I can do in these early stages and it is a case of waiting for the bone to mend. I was really enjoying my time at Newcastle and it hurt to have found a club that I was really happy at, only to get injured.

“I watched the West Ham game on television and it pained me that I couldn’t be on the pitch and be part of it, but I am motivated and I can’t wait to get back and get out on the pitch again. I am feeling very positive and it is very good for me to be here with my family.”

I’m glad that the french international appears to be in fine fettle. A happy Hatem Ben Arfa can only be a good thing for Newcastle in the long run and will, in my opinion, increase the likelihood of the player wanting to stay on Tyneside.

Ben Arfa then revealed that he has been keeping up with events at Newcastle. He added;

“I am following all of Newcastle’s games all the way, I’ve been in touch with a few of the players and I just want to do everything I can to get back onto the pitch as quickly as possible. By being where I am at the moment and getting a little bit of treatment, time is passing a bit faster and I’m feeling good.”

Then Ben Arfa spoke about the fantastic support he has recieved from the Newcastle fans and vowed to repay that faith on the pitch upon his return;

“I have received so many messages and wishes from the fans and all I can say is thank you. I think the best way I can repay the Newcastle fans will be out on the pitch when I come back.”

“I have been gobsmacked by the amount of messages and best wishes from the fans and I’ve never been at a club where I have been so well received. Actions speak louder than words and I will repay those thanks when I return on the pitch.”

I has a sneaking suspicion that we may have seen the last of Hatem Ben Arfa in a black and white shirt. Don’t ask me why as it was just one of those feelings that you get about things. Of course I will happily be proved wrong on that, ecstatically proved wrong in fact, and words like this from Ben Arfa will do his cause no harm at all.

Get well soon Benny lad!?

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41 Responses

  1. Why do you say that Toonsy? The guy could be back on the pitch by the end of March. Let’s hope so.

  2. toonsy – we will sign him aslong as he comes back fully fit, he wouldn’t stay with us after his leg break if he wasn’t going to play and sign, i don’t think so anyways.

  3. My sixth sense is saying you are wrong Toonsy, I am still on cloud 9 from the result yesterday, and I am equally convinced Hatem will be back with us again. I had this same feeling when everyone had given up and said he wasn’t coming to the Toon.

    Howay the Lads.

  4. i think he’ll stay as he seems like the type of player who just wants to be loved which was like tino who also has now got a major love for the club because the fans loved him.

    also is this just me or does danny simpson seem to be playing alot better than he did last season, i was worried about him playing in the prem but he seems to have upped his game or it could be we have been watching perch and simpson now seems like god compared to him.

  5. Chris Rich

    After seeing Perch midweek I have a sneaking suspicion that his best position could be CB alongside a leader like Campbell or Colo. Perch has the physical capabilities of a good defender, but doesn’t have the decision making. He needs someone next to him to keep him in check.

  6. Simpson could be one of those players that ends up a v good fullback but just takes years to get there. Thats what I think anyway. Still has a few things to improve upon but so does Carroll and he is already very effective at this level.

    England no. 2 was watching I see. Maybe came to watch Henderson but hopefully left having watched Carroll and Barton. Hope it’s not their behavior that denies them a call up because that really is a waste.

  7. Ive just got my reply to my e-mail from Dion Fanning from the irish independent, I wrote:

    Why do people like you write from a distance ?, Why not attend Newcastle United matches and speak to the long term regulars. You know the ones who have watched the club over years of mediocre fare and decaying stadia. Most are very realistic about the clubs status, This delusions of grandeur myth is down to the media’s own fallacies which again you would see relatively early by going to pubs in and around the city or even looking at unoffical fanzines or internet message boards.

    As for Shearer taking us down im assuming this is a one eyed irish perspective, He was in charge for only 8 games ironically 1 less than Hughton during the 2008-09 season, Which naturally you failed to mention in this piece. That is not meant as criticism of Hughton but the positive reaction of the current set of players towards his management shows the differing attitudes from the players who i believe were the main contributors to the relegation.

    Newcastle fans do not want the man sacked, If and it is if he is under pressure which is ludicrous in my humble opinion, Then it is solely down to people like you who are keeping these ridiculous stories in the public eye.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.



    Thanks for your email. Sorry you didn’t like the piece. Nowhere in it did I say that Newcastle fans were driving the Hughton sacked story. Quite the opposite.
    Anyway, thanks for getting in touch.

    Regards Dion

    (Nicely dodging the serious holes in her article, Mick Dennis would be proud :roll:)

  8. Great result yesterday…I reckon Simpson’s upped the anti as well, and furthermore, putting Barton out on the right plus two forwards has been a tactical masterstroke. We look much more balanced now, with Simmo/Barton mirroring the LHS strength’s.

    The front two looked unplayable yesterday, a real handful, and with crossing outlets from BOTH flanks, we are looking like we’ve found our best shape to date.

    HWTL !!

  9. CC says:
    November 1, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    “this is a one eyed irish perspective”

    First question, CC: Can you have “perspective” with one eye? You need two eyes for something called “stereopsis”, which is essential for depth perception and a full appreciation of “perspective”.

    Second question: Are all people from the “Emerald Isle” cyclopic? I seem to recall meeting several Irishmen and women with more than one eye. :-)

  10. Dictionary defination:

    Perspective: the way in which objects appear to the eye.

    I was referring to her biased opinion and the way she ridiculed Shearer’s attempt to steer the club away from relegation when Hughton had more time and easy games and garnered the same ammount of points.

    P.S. I imagine most irish people have two fully functioning eyes, Certainly the ones i’ve met…

  11. Get a feeling Toonsy may be right, nowt to do with Ben Arfa himself but can see Ashley and co trying to negotiate a lesser fee due to injury and marseille president telling us to fook off

  12. 4411 – I don’t even think it will be that mate to be hinest. I’m thinking along the lines of some one with more money taking a punt on the lad.

  13. CC says:
    November 1, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    “Dictionary defination:

    Perspective: the way in which objects appear to the eye.”

    That can’t be a proper dictionary, CC, as it’s completely wrong. Was it Wikipedia by any chance?

    Just ignore me, I’m in a funny mood today!

  14. As for Danny Simpson, lets not forget that he was playing the back end of last season with an injury that has just kept him out for 4-5 months.

    That will have hindered him somewhat. Before that, if epople remember, he was largely excellent aswell and people were clamouring for us to sign him permanently.

  15. TOONSY I still think a lot of fans are missing the real hero here imo,it couldnt have happened without TIOTE,hes the man

  16. batty says:
    November 1, 2010 at 1:53 pm
    toonsy you soberd up yet

    the sods never sober m8,so richie says

  17. Batty – Not really :)

    Ice – I think you’re right. Tiote has been an excellent player for us, arguable better than Benny, although to be fair we haven’t seen as much of him compared to Tiote :)

  18. then again toonsy doesnt matter what benny does if you havent got a guy like tiote to keep the door shut,might be back to k.k. days ie;you score 3 we will score 4

  19. icedog says:
    November 1, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    “TOONSY I still think a lot of fans are missing the real hero here imo,it couldnt have happened without TIOTE,hes the man”

    When you compare him with his Ivory Coast rival, Yaya Toure (£25 million and approx £200,000 per week wages), and Michael Essien too, Chris Hughton and Mike Ashley should be charged with theft after what they paid for him!

    If they eventually get to sign a fit Ben Arfa on a permanent contract for the sums that were being bandied around too, Newcastle United could have pulled off two absolutely amazing deals.

  20. Tiote is our best signing for many a year. The energy and drive he has is amazing and allows Nolan barton and co to attack at will. Hughton’s masterstroke, along with playing two big guys and Joey to the wing. A very balanced team.

  21. In general Chrisy Boy has been excellent with his transfer dealings. I personally love both Tiote and Ben Arfa, immense players, cannae wait for Ben Arfa to come back, no doubt at all that he will sign for us.
    I think Perch will also prove to be a really reliable squad player, though at CB as mentioned earlier by someone.

  22. WORKY@28 no i didnt know that,but nice to know,dont know what i think on the perch deal with some rags saying it was a calderwood “pick”not hoots

  23. icedog says:
    November 1, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    “WORKY@28 no i didnt know that,but nice to know,dont know what i think on the perch deal with some rags saying it was a calderwood “pick”not hoots”

    James Perch is an ex Nottingham Forest player, Colin Calderwood is ex Forest manager who managed him for a while. Ergo, it must have been Colin Calderwood’s idea to sign James Perch! :-)

  24. workyticket says:
    November 1, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    “That can’t be a proper dictionary, CC, as it’s completely wrong. Was it Wikipedia by any chance?”

    Possibly, But are you inplying that Wiktionary is less credible than the Oxford English dictionary :lol:

  25. Tiote was very good, but he does have his weaknesses. Sometimes he plays around with the ball too much close to (or even inside!) the penalty area.

    I expect that he will become even more comfortable in the English game.

    Overall, the team has performed well this season aside from a few lapses. Even in the Stoke game, arguably the worst performance, we were passing the ball around like Barca in the first half!

    My concern is a lack of depth and the injury to Benny has left us woefully thin in a few spots. We simple cannot afford injuries to:

    I’d include Colo and Tiote based on their terrific play, but I believe that CM and CD are the few spots on the squad where we have a little depth.

  26. I agree about TIote. He’s been great so far, but there are little glimpses of overconfidence from time to time (like yesterday) and also, he sometimes rides the line between fouls and dangerous play too closely. I’m afraid he’s going to injure someone badly at some point and then it will be a case of pots vs. kettles, Tiotes vs. De Jongs, etc.