Carroll at the centre of another storm?

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Carroll and Nolan celebrate together.
Carroll and Nolan celebrate together.
It looks like Andy Carroll is hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons yet again, if the News of the World is to be believed.

The “newspaper” claims that Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan went on a 14-hour drinking binge after the 5-1 defeat of Sunderland last weekend, but it doesn’t end there.

Under the headline ‘Toon stars’ cocaine and sex shame’, the paper goes on to tell the story of how Nolan and Carroll partied around the city of Newcastle, before ending up back at Nolan’s house with two girls for company, which Andy Carroll apparently had a threesome with. As for the cocaine bit, well that is just a bit of headline manipulation as neither player actually took the drug.

Now the News of the World is now pay-per-view, which means you have to pay to read it’s content, which means that I can’t really link you to the story as it will just ask for money basically. Instead I have copied and pasted the story below. I’ll let you read it and I’ll pin my thoughts onto the end of it.

Newcastle stars Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan went on a 14-hour bender that ended in a drug-fuelled orgy.

Bad boy Carroll yelled “Ride me! Ride me!” as he romped with a blonde and a brunette in a catsuit in the bedroom of club skipper Nolan – who is supposed to be taming the wayward England prospect.

And as the orgy went into full swing at Nolan’s luxury home, downstairs cocaine – used by the girls they had picked up on a crawl of Newcastle’s clubs – lay scattered across a table.

Neither player is believed to have snorted the drug – but our revelations today take football to new depths of shame.

Because only three weeks ago a court entrusted Nolan – a married family man – to keep an eye on wayward Carroll while he was on bail accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend.

A source said: “I can’t believe Nolan was so stupid to get dragged into Carroll’s mess.”

The 28-year-old Liverpudlian took Carroll, 21, into his home, bragging that he could “control” him. But things soon went badly wrong.

First his wife Hayley – furious at having the player imposed on her as a lodger and upset by anti-Carroll graffiti scrawled on her garage door – stormed off to her family back in Liverpool with their two children.

Then Newcastle thrashed local derby rivals Sunderland 5-1 last weekend – with Nolan scoring a hat trick. The scene was set for a debauched “celebration” that would continue through the night.

At about 6pm Nolan and Carroll started boozing at the Diamond Inn bar not far from the skipper’s luxury home in the Ponteland area of Northumberland.

They were accompanied by a pal of Nolan’s from Liverpool called Carl who had come up to watch the game. There was also a “close protection officer” hired to provide security for controversial Carroll after his £70,000 Range Rover was torched while parked on Nolan’s drive weeks ago.

After a few warm-up drinks, the group took a cab for the eight mile ride into the centre of Newcastle.

Their first stop was the city’s Floritas Bar near Central Station where they boozed for two hours among celebrating fans before moving on to the Baby Lynch bar and then the Tup Tup Palace nightclub.

Here they partied until 3am and got chatting to three girls, aged around 20, from the South Shields area. One dressed provocatively in an all-black cat suit.

Our source said: “Everyone out in Newcastle that night was jubilant, the team had beaten Sunderland and the players were heroes.

“Nolan had scored three goals so he was obviously over the moon and the girls were completely starstruck by him and Carroll. They just didn’t want to stop partying.”

So the group moved on to Aspers Casino in Newcastle’s Gate Complex where they stayed until 5.45am before having breakfast at a McDonalds and then all going back to Nolan’s home.

Here exhausted Carl and the protection officer fell asleep on sofas while Carroll and Nolan partied on until dawn with the three girls in Nolan’s luxury cinema room. At around 7.15am, Carroll tapped one of the girls – a blonde in a Hell’s Angels top – on the shoulder and beckoned her upstairs.

As she followed him, she said: “I hope you’re not going to treat us like the other girls.”

Nolan was heard saying; “I can’t believe Carroll has brought these girls back to my house.”

Just 15 minutes later, the catsuit girl went up to join the pair in the bedroom. The striker could then be heard yelling: “Ride me! Ride me.”

While his teammate romped upstairs Nolan was left downstairs with the third girl.

In the cinema room, cocaine had been left strewn across a table along with one of the girl’s leather gloves. Our source says: “There was a bottle on the bar in the cinema room and there was cocaine poured on the table from a bag.

“They had been up all night but they were in no mood to stop partying. Even in his room Carroll could be heard having a wild time with the girls.”

Nolan’s pal Carl woke up at one point and went upstairs before coming back down again five minutes later and falling back to sleep.

At 9.45am one of the girls yelled that it was time to order a cab, but wary Carroll – still bedding the catsuit girl – yelled: “No cabs at this house.” Carl, now awake, volunteered to drive them all home.

As the girls were leaving, the catsuit beauty collected the cocaine and said as she left: “I’m not a slut you know, I’ve got a boyfriend.” She then shouted to one of the other girls: “Have you been snorting again?”

After a couple of hours sleep Carroll was up and out at midday on Monday to visit his new house in the Dinnington area of Ponteland.

Nolan’s wife was due home that evening – but he didn’t get up until 6pm, three hours before she arrived.

That afternoon flowers were delivered to their £1million home for her. But it will take more than that to hide his guilt. Loyal Hayley’s first blow came on October 18 when Carroll appeared at Hexham Magistrates Court charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend. He was bailed on condition that he lived with Nolan.

Two days later, Carroll’s Range Rover was torched while parked in the driveway at the Nolans’ home. Graffiti targeted at Carroll was daubed on the garage door.

Nine days before the North East derby Hayley took the children to Liverpool. Six days before the big game, Carroll was in court again and ordered to pay a total of £5,000 in fines, compensation and legal costs after admitting assaulting a man by throwing a pint glass at him outside a local nightclub.

Our source said last night: “Hayley was angry at Carroll coming to live with them. Then came the firebomb attack while she and the kids were in the house. Now there’s the sex party.

“All the reports that Carroll has been tamed by Nolan and he has become part of the family are nonsense. I can’t believe he has been stupid enough to get dragged into Carroll’s mess.”

Both players will face the wrath of Newcastle boss Chris Hughton before today’s crucial clash at Arsenal. Hughton trusted his skipper to take Carroll – tipped to be in the next England squad – under his wing and keep him out of trouble.

Nolan even said the striker had become part of the family at the home he shares with Hayley and their children aged four and ten months. He claimed Carroll had read bedtime stories to the youngsters and added: “What I’ve learnt is that he’s always asleep at the wrong time, so I’ve been getting him to bed early. Andy knows he’s got to be in for 10.30, and then in bed for 11.”

Nolan also praised his wife of two years, a former nurse at Liverpool’s Alder Hey Hospital, for coping with the terrifying arson attack. In an interview with BBC’s Football Focus, he said: “My wife’s been fantastic, to be honest, with what’s happened.”

A source told us: “Nolan felt he had been pressured into taking on Carroll but he was determined to make it work.

“Yet there was tension from the start and Hayley feared it was not a good idea to having him around.

“And when she went away it meant Carroll had more opportunities to lead Nolan astray.”

A spokesman for the players said: “Both deny any knowledge of drugs being brought into the property. They abhor the use of drugs and the people that deal them. They are considering reporting the matter to the police.”

Well, now for my thoughts…..

First off, it sounds like a cracking party, and I wish I was there. There headline is misleading aswell as neither player took any drugs. Then there is the part about it being an orgy. Really? I’ve had a threesome before, but it certainly wasn’t what I would call an orgy. Realistically, the story should be ‘Players go for drink after derby day win’ or ‘Single man has threesome’, but that wouldn’t sell papers would it?

There is an awful lot of detail in this article, such as times and the like, but where have they come from? Just who is this source? Now if one person was the security guy, who would have had to sign privacy agreements no doubt, one person was Nolan’s mate and the other two were Nolan and Carroll themselves, it begs the question of just who this mystery fifth person is?

It could be one of the girls themselves, but if you think about it a bit deeper, how can it be? The stunning detail with regards to times and movements tell us of events that happened after the girls disappeared, which rules them out, and given the fact that there are quotes and allsorts you would have to think that it must have been someone who was in the house, surely?

I, personally, smell a rat. I’ll wait and see what the players have to say about this, but if there is no truth in it then I would seek action against the papers if I was them. It wouldn’t be the first time the NOTW have been held to account and been found guilty of making libellous remarks would it?

Time will tell.

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87 Responses

  1. Sue them !!!!!!!!
    Tthat’s the bottom line

    Great article Toonsy sum it up perfectly.
    You make it clear how f*cking sh*t this sh*t story is.

    I swear a lot when it come to the press and these kind of thing that they made up.

    I’m just freaking mad !!!!

  2. load of shyte but i would not want to be in nolans he is now sleeping in the bed vacated by

  3. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous, once again the papers trying to unsettle us after we get a bot of confidence. Just reading a few interviews other the past few days, a couple from Carroll saying things like how he is settling down, he is thankful for ‘nobby’ taking him in, and he Is just concentrating on playing football, to me I just think this is bull£&)£

  4. Apart from the rubbish headlines, with the short career footballers have, i dont understand why they go on benders when their fitness is so important. And as far as the sex part of it goes, is Carroll really going to turn away a threesome at his age, i dont think so and including Nolan in the whole story is just plain mischief along with the drugs slant, ok, take statements off everyone that was there and we will see who has committed any offences worthy of headlines.

  5. And why the f*cking hell I’m not invited to their party.

    I want some McDonald too.


  6. pardon the french but what a load of bolix even if they had been out for a 14 hour drinking session its not illegal they just won a derby game lets face it as well the lads 21 if good looking lasses want a threesome u aint gonna turn it down NOTW need some better reporters so they can find a real story

  7. I agree with you toonsy that this is most likely a whole bag of bullsh*t.but,dont you think dedicating an entire article to this when it has not been reported by any other news agency or responded to by the players,is only giving the article more credibility?

  8. more NOTW cra…rubbish i wouldn’t even give this story the time of day just like the Rooney story i didn’t think that was true either (never been proved either way) but the NOTW is reknown for it libellous stories maybe you should use the other name for this paper and call it Andrex!!

  9. Deepak – Not really. I think there is enough caveats throughout to suggest that I think it’s bollocks. Plus the fact I have pretty much taken it apart at the end of the article aswell…

  10. If anything to go by , by this bullsh*t story
    then Carroll and Nolan will be on fire tonight and the man who will brought us the winner goal that grab all the three point is Carroll.

    Thank you NOTW !!!

  11. Probably rubbish. My first thought was, OMG, Toonsy, did you think about copyright? They charge people to read it and now you’ve just published it for nothing. If I were your legal rep I’d say you should delete the story and just use the comments.

    I’m no legal man, though.

  12. Is this just coincidental that we are about to play the Gooners this afternoon and a member of the london based pressed choose to publish this skewed (and probably mostly fabricated) yarn. Yes, I have no doubt that Mr Nolan and Carroll decided to go for a few lagers after the game, but as you so rightly state Carroll got lucky and got to slot a slapper from South Shields…….nice one, I remember doing it myself!

    F%$K off NOTW

  13. There’s no smoke without fire, but as usual, CH will hande this internally, without detriment to the team performance for sure…
    However, at the end of the day, if you have a couple of days off work, a bender and a threesome are not illegal in the comfort of your own home…(some people prefer gardening and taking there wife to Tescos !). If Carroll is a single lad, it’s his business…Nolan too for that matter, though I’m sure his wife and family don’t think too much about it all. The big question is, who is the plant, and how did the media get a hold of it…

    For sure the players in question didn’t take drugs, look at Adrian Mutu, he had to pay Chelsea 8 million quid or summat for his drug abuse and having his contract terminated. no way Jose, no one is that stupid….er…surely…!?

    I wonder where Nolan and Carrol will be lodging for the next couple of months…?!…

  14. My first impressions on reading this are that it’s a load of BS.
    IF there’s any truth in the story (a big if too) I think this one might roll on for a while.
    Reading between the lines though all I can see is young lad goes out celebrating a big win that he starred in and takes a couple of lasses home with him. As to the cocaine use well it all looks purely circumstantial to me, even this rubbish story couldn’t stretch to accusing either player of using it.
    Still the question begs to be asked – why does Carroll keep putting himself in these situations?

  15. ‘No smoke without fire’ That seems to be the way people justify believing the tabloids. Well, the fact is, you *can* have smoke without fire – it happens all the time in the theatre and at concerts.

    Tabloids have very large smoke machines.

  16. What a pitiful excuse of journalism.

    I’m surprised that any Newcastle fan takes anything that is printed in the papers as serious. I mean how can we expect them to report unbiased stories of real world events when they do a hatchet job week in week out reporting on Newcastle United.

    The whole story reeks of b*ll*cks and desperation and not once is any ‘evidence’ sourced, or a name attributed to those untimely ghost ears which always seem to pop up at the exact right time.

    Why are these journalists using their special powers to eavesdrop on terrorists rather than young footballers?

    The lunatics have well and truly taken over the asylum.

  17. MikeAshleysWallet – Why does Carroll keep putting himself in these situations?

    What situations? Going out for a few drinks with a mate? Having sex? Going to a party?

    What exactly has he done wrong – even according to the NOTW article? Do you think he should be a hermit?

  18. Load of shit yes they went out got lashed …..who wouldnt we just beat sunderland 5-1 made history all totally blown up to be something its not sue the arse of this paper and take a drugs test to prove about the coke ….done!

  19. And if carroll has done it,lucky the same age as him and have not come anywhere close to having a threesome!.!.!.

  20. @ vegas He’s done nothing wrong (as far as we know) but his problem is (in my opinion) who he keeps company with.
    Obviously this story has to have come from somewhere and that source is most likely to have come from someone close to him – remember that was part of Gazzas problem too?

  21. Totally agree he has to grow up and if he wants to make it he is goin to have to leave some pals behind nothin but bad things for the last month about carroll lets hope it doesnt have a knock on todays game!!

  22. @ Brisvegas I 100% hope you’re right, then Carroll and Nolan can sue the a*se off them and hopefully the gutter press might lay off us for a little while..

  23. On what grounds would he sue them? Has it ruined his character being potrayed as a young guy who goes out gets drunk and has sex? Wow, is that unusual these days? It used to be my weekly routine – still happens occasionally.

  24. Nobody reads the “News of the Screws” (well, looks at the pictures and reads the short words while moving their lips) and believes anything in there.
    So a rich young footballer has a few drinks and then has sex with women on his night off – amazing!. (I don’t get the drugs bit though – I once tried snorting Coke but the bubbles just went up my nose and the can frothed over)

  25. lol I can only dream of doing that myself (think wor lass might object :( ), but misleading headlines about the drugs is defamation of character in my book..

  26. And while I’m on, here is my ” typical Toon fan – unrealistic ambitions” for today’s match.
    1. We score a goal
    2. We don’t get hammered (2-1 or 3-1 is OK)
    3. No-one gets injured
    4. No-one gets sent off
    Hopelessly deluded, aren’t I?

  27. “I can’t believe Carroll has brought these girls back to my house.”

    How the f#ck would they know. ANd why would Nolan refer to Andy as “Carroll” if they are that close?

    Seems completely fabribcated and its typical of the type of bullsh#t the British press gets away with making up to stir sh#t at Newcastle because they are too lazy to find genuine news articles to write about.

  28. So let me get this right, a single young guy goes out with a couple of mates and they end up taking a couple of girls back, the single guy gets a shag. But it just so happens that the girls took drugs.

    Where’s the story?

    The problem is that this could snowball and the longer it keeps going the worse it is.

    The only person who should be furious is Nolans wife. What a married man with a couple of nippers is doing inviting three girls back to the family home (regardless if he did anything with them or not) is bewildering.

    End of the day, its a non story. The same thing happened all over the country last night/this morning. Its called life!

    Just hope it doesn’t get out of control.

  29. Theres no story here – nolan and carroll went out, got lashed, carroll took a couple of slappers back and shagged em – big fvckin deal
    notw is a piece of shite, they slap tits and sex all over the paper then take the moral high ground when someone has a shag – who buys the crap

  30. Imagine Andy Carroll’s goal celebration after this, eh:

    Running to the by-line – Kevin Nolan feigns to sleep while Andy Carroll with one arm aloft is making the motions of doing Jonas and Collo up the arse. :lol: :lol:


    Brilliant story but a total crock of shit.

  31. Stuart 79
    Agree. Complete non story. Wouldn’t like to be in Nolan’s shoes however… Could be role reversal soon – Nolan becomes Carroll’s lodger. Feel sorry for Nolan’s wife, getting roped into taking in Carroll as a lodger, then having vandalism to the outside of the house and Carroll’s car getting torched within a few days of him moving in, then husband allegedly allows family home to be used as a knocking shop with a couple of ropey ‘sand dancers’ lovely.

  32. There’s something very anal about our opponents today. Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, Arshavin, and what about Narsri, Fabragarse, Van Parsie?

  33. the NOTW journalist talking bollox. two guys talk sense he is a young man who enjoys girls and a drink.
    Fcuk the NOTW

  34. What a load of sh!te from the NOTW!..The strangest thing is, the majority of this story, is probably true. Yes, they probably did go out for a drink, Christ, maybe Carroll did take a lass back to Nolans house.

    “21 year old single footballer gets drunk and a threesome after playing part in Newcastle 5-1 win over fiercest rivals” how the headline should read. Of course they’re going to have bloody fun. They quite clearly claim players haven’t taken drugs. Probably because they’d be liable for a court case should they have claimed something like that, in their pack of lies.

    As you say Toonsy, who the bloody hell was in the house at the time to jot this all down and take it to the papers? They’ve got a fantastic memory should they have been hammered/out their face on ching. I personally in that state, tend to wake up clueless.
    Carroll was shouting “Ride me, Ride me”?…He’s a lucky lad, she must have been fantastic in bed for people to hear him shouting from the street!

    A load of rubbish this. Yes they got drunk, yes Carroll probably had a threesome. Fair play to him. If I was a professional footballer and had just taken part in Sundays game, i’d want to have fun also. Taking two girls home instead of one? Just gets better for him. They need to leave the lad alone, they’ve made a story out of nothing here.

  35. @42


    So arses this week and pricks last week. And Blackbuns during the week.

    All this NOTW stuff is rubbing off on me – rubbing, eh, cor! rubbing, wink wink, nudge nudge.

  36. TOONSY wen i read through it i was laughing my head off ,i thought u had wrote it for a laugh :lol:

  37. I’m appreciated for the effort they put in this sh*t though.

    I should have made some popcorn before read this story.

    Carroll just had a blast night out which end up he had threesome in Nolan’s house , but the headline just totally outraged.

    Make me wonder all the thing that they’ve learned in uni to make it to be the journo must not conclude the ‘moral’ thing.

    It’s funny to read and find so much hole in the story.
    The detail is unreal , lasses in story is hilarious to say that quote and Nolan must been waste to called Carroll second name.

    I think this story entertained me a bit. :)

  38. The club will always be up for sale – Fat boy will not reject a decent offer.

    Secondly, if this story is true or not the idiot press have done what they wanted and have soured the name of the toon and Nolan and Carroll again. I personally think that a single bloke can do what he chooses. I disagree with a pro footballer putting himself in a position where there is even the slightest implication that he may have taken drugs. The drinking is another matter, an odd drink here and there to celebrate the win but a 14hr bender is alittle off. If it is true I am disapointed with Nolan for allowing it to happen, but I doubt anything will compare to what his wife will do to him!!!

    This is the very thing I am trying to warn my brother about, but these types of stories are there to sell newspapers, nothing more and it is this type of thing which also gives the impressionable youngsters the ideas that this is how to behave, true or not.

  39. What a load of shit this is……. He aint done nowt wrong. I’m sure that if you change the names to joe bloogs and adam smith and Newcastle to the local pub team it would not make the papers would it?

    A couple of lads go out after the biggest win of their career and get hammered, one brings two girls back and gets laid….. Big whoop! What have they done wrong? Assuming Nolan didn’t do anything with the girls that is….

  40. Maybe the hack that wrote this crap was writing about his own weekend romp . The white stuff was his own and the lasses were crack whores , all happening in some dirty eastend cellar in London

  41. Are people really that impressionable? Do they only follow bad behaviour? Why do a Carroll and not a Shearer?

    I’d say the damage is already done before they find a role model – a good or bad one. Anybody who does something because they see a celebrity do it has problems that you can’t blame on the celebrity.

  42. Raffo – The club will always be up for sale regardless of Ashley. Any business is, if the price is right.

    There is a difference between the club actively being for sale though and the club assuming normal business rules, which it seems they are doing…

  43. I tried to write something and had a nice error and cant be bothered to re-write it. Basically, I dont think Carroll and Nolan have been very bright doing what they have in light of Carrolls recent activities and stories in the papers. He shouldve just had a private drink or two and tried to change public opinion, whether what he did was legal and ok for any normal 21 year old.

    Uncle Ed’s blog comments on the Express story on us being the target for 3 consortiums. Interesting. I wouldnt have a problem with it, as long as Houghton was kept as manager. What I would say is looking at the number of comments on the blog, we are the best supported blog by far! Congrats to Toonsy/Worky etc and keep it up boys. Ed closing has shafted him, along with the premier league blog which also has about 2 followers!!

  44. Raffo – You can’t say anti-Ed things mate. The P.E.F.F will be straight on here!

    The club for sale thing is bollocks aswell.

    Just wish people wouldn’t put so much credence on what is said today. I mean today we are being sold, have a cocaine-addled striker that is leading our captian astray, but it won’t last for long because aforementioned striker is off to Chelsea anyway….. if you add all the runours together.

    It’s all bollocks man. The club have said they aren’t for sale, Shepherd has said he isn’t interested, and besides, people have short memories. Ashley and Shepherd just don’t get on, to the point that one of the first things to go under Ashley was the Shepherd Offshore signs at SJP. I doubt Ashley would do business.

  45. LOL TOONSY – I agree with you, but I actually dont think it would be fat bot number 2 who would buy us back, I think and hope that it would be an asian consortium which would increase our profile and income dramatically. However I am happy with the way we are going along at the moment so I am not bothered. Just would like that to happen when the time comes, which it will.

    I doubt Carroll will go to Chelski either, I doubt he would go so soon after getting our number 9 shirt. With him signing a new contract though the price would go up, but who knows!

  46. Disgraceful, Children are so easily influenced, I remember when i was a lad i used to bite the heads off live bats, Stab people wearing a white mask and dance like John Travolta.

    Fcuking grow up, He is doing nowt different to other 21 year olds and anyone who actually does copy things they see on tv or read about in the newspapers are then ones who should be locked up or preferably shot…

  47. Batty – It’s cos they’ve been getting spannered all night on class-A man :lol:

    CC – Agreed. It’s like thiese people who go out and murder people and blame it on violent video games. Really? No. It’s because yer a fecking nutjob and have crossed wires in the head in the first place.

    I play GTA. I’ve also shagged a hooker, but I didn’t think about killing her afterwards and getting my cash back. Well I did, but I didn’t go through with it :lol:

  48. TOONSY,batty doesnt do them things hes a good lad.

    anyway the only thing that getting hard on batty is his artries its a age thing :)

  49. aye big dave telt me that,they dont work for him,batty hasnt told him which end to put them in :)

  50. I quite like dancing like JT CC!!

    The problem for me is that Carroll IS NOT just another 21 year old. Like it or not he is NUFC’s #9, something which many many people would love to be but he is and I just think that BECAUSE of the court appearances, charges etc he should alter his behaviour accordingly.

    I wonder if Barton was in the papers this morning in place of Carroll whether people would be so forgiving

  51. I heard lot of fireworks going off last night…

    …Or was it Batty and Big Dave setting light to their pumps again? :lol:

    Beer o’clock – tardar for noo


  52. Scoop” 21 year old millionaire gets drunk and as sex after one of the best days of his life” not due back to work till following week

  53. Raffo

    I dont condone how stupid he is to get himsel arrested the week he was due in court, Which is fcuking moronic.

    If he was beating up his lass or glassing someone i wouldnt be forgiving but getting pissed and shagging ten a penny sluts hey how many other people his age do that at the weekend…

  54. I agree with you CC mate – but he isnt like those many others his age is he, he is also under more scrutiny at the moment because of those things you mentioned and as such he should, or Nolan should have had a bit more sense, thats all. What he has done in itself is not an issue, and frankly I am jealous, not least because I cant go for 14hours without keeling over and falling asleep!!

  55. I log onto the blog expecting to see some chat about todays game (kickoff less than an hour away) to be met with this crap. Sorry to all of the Andy apologists but the bloke is a complete knobhead to be getting into situations like this. I’ve no problem with him getting his end away (best of luck) but a little bit of savvy at the same time would be a good idea. Women who are willing to have a 3some one night bender would be equally happy to make a few bob from a tabloid in the process.
    It aint rocket science!!!!!

    Anyway I fancy we might spring a surprise today and give them a thrashing. Any streams?

  56. Toonsy, I wasn’t have a dig at you, sorry if it reads like that. It just p!sses me of when some of our players manage to generate that sort of stuff and overshadow the good news.

  57. Hate to say it, but Big Willy is right, we just get Joey Barton settled down and headline free, then we manage to produce another numpty in a long line of gazzaesque numpties that have great football abilities, but totally deficient in the brains and common sense department. Problem nowadays is that clubs are scared to punish wayward players, because now its the player/agent that holds all the cards. Andy Carrol is an idiot, a thug and a bad headline magnet. . . . Shocking that he manages to drag the Toon and Kevin Nolans good name into disrepute. . . Kick his arse, or cash in on him while we can, before he becomes a hot potato that no-one will touch. . .

  58. Have some respect . ..a) I am no mug, and b) I dont even know you and had no idea there was another Big Dave. . . I make no apologies for having a common name. . . . Stop with the overinflated idea of your own importance. . .

  59. Its amazing how they describe it in such detail, as if they where actually there! Anyway I heard from a source that Colin Myler (the editor of the News of the World) is in a bad mood with Geordies because a bloke from Newcastle is shagging his wife. My source told me that at 9:37pm on the 3rd of September precisely she was heard to say “ooh I love a real man” followed by “my husband has a tiny penis”. Thats only what I hear like, from my source. He could be lying. Please whatever you do don’t spread this rumour around on the internet using twitter and facebook. I for one do not think its true, its just what I heard. Although there is no smoke without fire.

  60. My question is, is it illegal for Carroll to go out & do what he’s supposed to have done… NO!!!

    Is it illegal for a crap-loid to instigate such a situation that would entice a young, happy go lucky lad such as Carroll is into a sordid situation & then print these stories….. YES!!!

    So that’s the bottom line, the NOTW seems to have gotten there info from actually paying off someone to buy drugs & a couple of slappers to entice him & Nolan inti this situation then putting everything down in a so called story to sell crap-loids… it’s enticement either way & the club should take this to the courts as it’s getting out of control now & the NOTW need to be taught a lesson!!!

  61. the other Big Dave @ 76 if that is the case then I apologize. I thought it was someone coming on here posing as someone else as has been done many times, I take it you havn’t posted on here before then ?

  62. robbybobson – Could you take soe genric and really out of focus photographs to back that up please? Just like the NOTW have done.

    Here is one of a house, we’ll say it’s Nolan’s.
    Here is one of a table in a house. We’ll say it’s Nolan’s table.
    Here is one of a silhouette, we say it was taken on Nolan’s stairs.

  63. Seriously I feel like starting a campaign of slander against these hacks. Why not? We all have the power of the internet now. So long as you put “allegedly” at the end and don’t state is as fact we can say what the hell we like. Lets start the war of slander. See how they like it. If you think its bad to say these things just remember we are talking about people like Piers Morgan here!

    Carroll and Nolan have just moved in with Joey Barton

  65. So Andy-a single man went with a woman-ok,Nolan was in the house with 3 women and a body guard though here is no evidence that they did anything wrong-cocaine may or may not have been present though there is no evidence that Nolan,Carroll or Carl the bodyguard knew anything about it and there is not even a hint that they brought/bought it-SO CARROLL HAS DAMAGED HIS REPUTATION HOW???? The main contributor seems to be a woman who`parting shot is “I’m not a slag,have you been snorting again”her boyfriend will be so pleased-sorry pet you went slagging around footballers and went back to their house-YES you are a slag…..Allegedly

  66. GREAT win , great party not so een on the gold digging whores. as for the drugs so what if they did? they are entitled to a good time derservedley
    every tom dick and harry do cocaine these days. I play welsh league and I can assure you most players from most teams even high profile players, championship and premier league. use it and providing its controlled and not abused as a substance , no harm once in a while.

  67. oh but I must add, andy carrol must be one hell of a Tosser, to have graffiti pasted and his range torched.
    as they say goes around comes aroun, and theirsa reason for everything.

    you dont see any other top england strikers having the same kind of abuse.

  68. F**k sake he is only a kid losin his verginity to some slags but I thought there was goin to be a problem so first let me get this clear he had a couple of shots got drunk found some knob jockies n took em back to nolans to play the grand national together what a load of bollox n to be quite honest he is sexy