Carroll for England?

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Carroll for England?
Carroll for England?
It looks like Andy Carroll could be getting a call up for England, certainly if you believe what you read the press this morning anyway.

Various media outlets are speculating that Fabio Capello, who was at The Emirates yesterday, has now seen enough of Carroll to afford him a place in the national team.

Of course, the decsion to call Carroll up, if he does get the call, is helped by the fact that England are suffering a striker crisis at the moment.

Whilst Wayne Rooney being out doing whatever he is doing in the USA, Darren Bent being out for three weeks or more with a hernia injury and Jermaine Defoe yet to recover from an injury that has kept him out for several weeks now may make Carroll a default selection, it would also be harsh on the lad as his on-the-pitch performances have deserved the accolades and recognition of an England call-up.

Unfortunately, an England call-up for Carroll will increase his profile, which is probably the last thing he needs given his latest off-field accusations. Even though he has done nothing wrong, people will overlook that and use it as a cheap pop against the lad, even more so if he is representing England.

Still, if he does get the nod I will be over the moon for him. I think few can deny that Carroll has done the business on the pitch, where it really matters, this season. Granted he has only scored six goals this season, which in itself isn’t bad at all, but his work-rate for the team and willingness to run and defend from the front is an asset that has been just as important for us this season.

Plus, if Carroll plays, it will give me an extra reason to watch England!

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20 Responses

  1. Andy fully deserves a call up after his start to the season also if joey barton isn’t included in the squad the only possible reason will be because he is joey barton, if any other english player was playing as well as him they would get called up in a heart beat.

  2. It’d be nice from a prestige point of view for club and player but I only care about the toon, and if he goes away with England and comes back crocked I’d Be effin furious. Also I know he’s young but more games = more effort = potentially earlier burnout during the domestic season.

  3. The speed of Carrolls improvement is staggering. At the start of the season I would say his hold up play for his physique was weak. Yesterday it was great. He was also doing lots of Jonas impressions,’bursting down the left flank, what a handful. Having Ameobi there is def helping him find more space and there were signs of a developing partnership, getting to each others flick ons, one dropping deep to get the ball back etc. This is all evidence that hes a fairly intelligent player in football terms, if he keeps his progress up he’ll be a very scary prospect. Imagine having to defend against Carroll and Rooney.

    Simpson’s doing great too, he was awesome yesterday. What has happened to him since his injury? He’s seemed to have come back plus 30%.

    Certainly he can defend better than Glen Johnson. Keep it up lads!

  4. Few guys deserve callups to be honest.

    Carroll – Pretty obvious isnt it?

    Nolan – Deserves his first England cap. Also the player who has the most Premier League appearances despite never been called up.

    Joey – Has been our standout performer this season, and did well against the best midfield in the Premiership

    Simpson – Possibly too early but he does look the business this year. Signing Perch was a masterstroke from Hughton, it seems to have got an extra 50% out of Simpson and he is much better than Johnson

    How long until Jose can get English residency?! :)

    All in all I cannot fault one Toon player, they all play for the shirt and do the shirt proud

  5. LS

    Good points there about having players from the toon there and prestige. To be still in the top 5 and have 2 newcastle players in the england squad even for a friendly would be excellent and show how far forward we have come since the shambles of two years ago. It might also help to remove the image that we have become a soft touch and are a 6 pointer for average teams. Not only that, I think questions will be ask of Cappello if he doesn’t include him. Simply because without Rooney, Defoe, Bent who have we go left? Crouch and K Davies? Heskey has retired. Carroll is just about one of the premier league top scorers so it would be unfair if he didn’t get the chance. Since he has improved his game on the ground he is now good enough and imagine how good he might look with service from the likes of Gerrard, Johnson, Young ect.

  6. Just to bring down everyone down alittle.

    there is 1 question that my friend gave it to me yesterday,yes he is a gunner fan.

    He ask me this.

    What if Carroll gets a long-term injury somehow in the season,with Nolan out too?

    Can the others capable to contribute the goals?

    He also told me,Newcastle needs to start spreading goals from different players like last season,where almost everyone scores,except Alan Smith and Gk’s.

  7. I think it’s a little bit too early for Carroll but Barton and Nolan should get what they deserved. At least friendly match against France and don’t take eye off Willo and Simp, both of them are simply the best yesterday too.

  8. AC has shown incredible focus given his off-field distractions. Credit to him, Nolan and the management. England? Probably.
    And we should become a good feed of players to capello – we always play at least seven englishmen, unlike certain teams.
    Really proud of the whole setup; frankly I couldnt give a stuff about what the world sees.

  9. AoD

    If Carroll gets injured we’ve still got nolan and Ameobi, likewise if Nolan gets injured we’ve still got Guthrie and possibly Gosling ect.

    What if Gyan got injured at Sunderland, whilst Bent is out? They’d be Donald Duck’d.

    Plus Arsenal are forever injured, arn’t they just getting Fabregas and VP back.

  10. Agree with DJG. Don’t listen to your glory-hunting Arsenal friend, AOD.

    We have;

    Nolan – 7 goals
    Carroll – 6 goals
    Ameobi – 6 goals

    Plus a few other on one or two goals.

    I don’t see a problem. Tell yer mate to man up and stop being a bitter sod ;)

  11. this morning mirror that pro rooney went with ? they are now saying nolan been there the press are at it again lads
    when does it stop ???

  12. My main concern now is that we will come back down to earth with a bump against a big clown like Fat Sam.

    We have to remember that it was less than 3 games ago that we started down at West Ham and we were 1-0 down within the first 10 mins. At that point it was 8 points from 8 games and just about keeping our heads above water. We can’t forget that was only 3 games ago.

    As it happened we went on to score 2 goals and beat West Ham but they are bottom of the table and looking more and more like a championship team so if we have ambitions of staying in the premiership we should be beating them shouldn’t we. The next game to Sunderland, well, fi the players couldn’t get up for that game then they never will. Still we played extremely well and it showed what can be achieved when they trully give 100%. The next and possibly biggest suprise was one that no-one really saw coming, although hindsight is a wonderful thing. To keep up that confidence and put in a terrific battling performance at Arsenal to give them one in the eye for the cup game was brilliant. Still we rode our luck at times and were very lucky not to concede at least one.

    The thing I worry now is how long can these players keep up this level of effort? There’s an ice lolly’s chance in an oven that Big Sam will not turn up on wednesday absolutely desperate not to get beat. HE will turn up with his team of journeyman and one-time internationals and spoil for everything, we won’t be able to easly out muscle them and they will be warned of the conseqences of not getting a result by the fat man. I think anything less than another Sunderlan/Arsenal performance and we will slip back into our habit of losing games to average teams.

  13. There are a few candidates for call ups to their respective countries in our team.
    But CH should do the old manusa, liverpoo, arse trick & say they are injured a few days before any int. game, then become miraculously fixed a couple of days before our games.
    Flattering & all that i’m sure, but why should we bail ’em out?

    Play for the Toon, worry about call ups later, much later, we don’t need any injuries for our players in meaningless games.

  14. the media are only bigging him up so that they can spin the ‘two bad boys up front’ for england line, can see it already, pathetic.

    Would be deserved though, hope he can manage all these games though!!!

  15. A call up would be bad news for the toon – I can imagine Terry, Cole, Gerrard etc telling him how they earn 5 times as much and telling him to ditch the toon for a glory club and he has a high chance of getting injured

    Bollox to England

  16. 4411 ime with you on that@18,many a head turned that way m8.
    unless they go the way they did when barton got picked,nobody spoke to him,didnt want him in squad lol

  17. anyone know how many assists Carroll has? Does a play like the clanger off the bar count as an assist on Strolla’s goal?

    Speaking of that, one thing that I’d like to see in football is the idea of the second assist like in ice hockey. Simpson’s cross on that particular play was sublime and worth of a second assist IMO.