Carroll rewarded for fine form with England selection.

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Andy Carroll. England's number 9?
Andy Carroll. England's number 9?
Andy Carroll has been playing excellently for Newcastle this season, which is fantastic for us to be honest.

Speculation had been circulating suggesting that Carroll could be rewarded for his good form with a call up to England, and for once that speculation appears to be true and Carroll has indeed been called up by Capello.

I’m really happy for the lad as his performances on the pitch have warranted him getting a call up, and it will show Carroll that if he keeps performing on the pitch then he will, hopefully, get rewarded by playing for his country.

That is the way it should work in fairness, but it hasn’t always been the case with the England team and players have been picked on reputation rather than form before.

Carroll will need to be aware that the spotlight will be on him now, more than ever in fact, which is why it is important that Carroll really starts to think about his behaviour on the pitch. An England call up could make him realise that he needs to change, which is what Capello is aiming for.

“I hope he will change,” Capello told The Telegraph. “We have to help him. It will be important for him to stay with the seniors, with famous players and to learn something about these leaders.”

“He is a really interesting player. He is good in the air. He finds space. Technically he is good. He is a fighter.”

Carroll is delighted that he now has the chance to represent his country, and so he should be. Carroll said;

“It’s a real honour to be selected for England. It obviously shows I am progressing on the pitch and it is fantastic that Mr Capello has given me this opportunity to be involved with the senior England team.”

It’s brilliant news to be honest, and it gives me a reason to start getting interested in the national side again.

Carroll will begin training with the England camp on Monday in preparation for the match on Wednesday where he will hopefully feature for the senior team and pick up his forst cal in the process.

Well done Big Andy!

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37 Responses

  1. Great news for the lad and the toon. This could become huge for us, if he does well, and the international marketing machine pick up on it. Good marketing for NUFC too.

    At the end of the day, who is he competing with for the lone big striker role…Bent and Zamora…?

  2. Is capello having a laugh – Jay bothroyd, bet Carroll was chuffed , hey lad you’ve been selected for England , what fkin great – aye lad along with bothroyd, some mackem, and smalling you know that guy who’s only played 5 mins – oh great don’t think I’ll bother

  3. Neither did I mate,but I went above you midweek.It was strange cos I had gone on to make some changes and I was above you unless there’d been some balls up last weekend and they amended the points total.
    I had to take a hit of 4 points on the transfers cos I already had an injured sub then Essien and Joey got suspended :-(

  4. Hmmm,i wonder what No. will carroll be wearing~~

    Also got a sneaky feeling carroll might even start.

    But in normal situation,Crouchy would be starter.

  5. Munich – I assume you’re never at the games, being in Munich? Well I go to every home game, and 4 out of 6 games have been utterly boring and we’ve only had a plan A. It gets quite boring and predictable after a bit.

    If I’m wrong, fair enough but its what I see every other week. our away form is propping us up so great.

    We’ve failed to perform on too many occasions at home now for it to be a blip.

  6. Stuart79, the dyed in the wool Newcastle fan. Critical of everything the Toon does … unless they’re winning.

  7. CC – What’s your point?

    Brisvegas – I’m critical when I see things I don’t like. I heap praise when I see things I like. Just because you who would rather just sit on the fence and make no real contribution to a debate doesn’t make you a better supporter.

    I praised us after Sunderland, Arsenal and WH. What do you want me to say after the last two home games, we were unlucy, we played great football, we didn’t just rely on Carrol and if the ref had been on our side we’d have won both games?

    I wish I could say that, but that’s not the games I saw. I saw a team that were predictable and were lacking ideas. I don’t know why, but that’s what I saw.

    Hopefully our away form will continue to impress and keep us going.

  8. Stuart you are dead right mate, I’ve lived abroad for yonks, and haven’t been to a home game in yonks, so you’ve got me on that one. That our home form is frustrating the piss out of everyone is obvious, and I agree with you that it may cost us dearly in the end, though I hope that we can turn the tables on Blackpool, Stoke, Blackburn etc when we go to THERE place and hopefully take points off them.

    My comment to yourself was based PURELY on your post at 13 which as seems typical of yourself tried to take some of the gloss from AC’s England call up.

    Re-read your comment, doen’t it come across as a tad negative ?

    BTW I stood on the old Leazes End mate, so you don’t need to question my knowledge of the toon …

  9. My point is those sides came to kill the game, Blackpool was only forgettable because we didnt win as we created enough chances to win half a dozen matches.

    Villa opened up and we won, Sunderland came for a win and we won, Blackpool played open and any other day and rash stupid Smith tackling attempts aside we would have won.

    Away from home there is more often than not space for us to exploit and we are doing really well.

    We are on course, 22 points to go after 13 games in with a +5 goal difference, If we were offered that before the season i think we would have taken it.

  10. Yo CC, I suppose you go to the home games mate ? Not questioning you credibility or owt mate…

    I’ve watched as many games live on internet as possible and we do seem to huff and puff a little at home, and often lack in the final third for the killer pass. But I’m sure thats a question of form on the day, and this will also shown by the wellyings that we gave to Villa and 5under1and.. as yet none of the other newly promoted clubs have managed those types of performance.

    I would personally like to see us spreading the goals around a bit more…from the rest of the midfielders, or the odd goal from a defender..

  11. CC – I agree, we’d all have taken 18 points after 13 league games before the season. Although I think we might have wanted a few more points looking at the fixture list.

    The teams you mentioned there did come to stiffle us and it worked, because they knew it would work. What’s to stop WBA, West Ham, Bolton, Birmingham, Wolves or Everton doing the same? If they do does that mean you’ll accept performances like the last few home games?

    More teams are going to come here and frustrate us because it works.

    We need to come up with another plan. We cannot rely on Carrol all the time.

  12. I am pretty sure we would have won more games at home if HBA had not been injured and with joey Barton missing yesterday we struggled to find that extra spark to split their defence open somehow . I am sure if we were to bring in 1 more creative player in january then home results would improve , Robbie keane in on loan would be good or maybe Pienaar from everton in a swap for S Taylor , both those would add a little bit more creativity and both have plenty of EPL experience and both gettable Pienaar has refused to sign a new contract and everton have been looking at Taylor for a couple of seasons now and robbie Keane just does not fit into Arrys plans it seems . Personaly i would like CH at some point give Vuckic some time on the pitch , but he just seems reluctant to do that but their comes a point when he will have to give the lad a chance .

  13. stuart

    It depends what these clubs situations are when we play them West Ham, Wolves, Brum etc. may be desperate for points and need to have a go leaving space for us to exploit.

    There is nowt stopping those sides shutting up shop although i doubt some of them are defensively strong enough to stop us creating chances.

    Everton could and probably will, Bolton to be fair have been very decent on the eye and look to be playing more open than they used to.


    I get to as many as possible but it doesnt matter if people watch on telly, online or at sjp everyones entitled to their opinions.

  14. Stuart79 says:
    November 14, 2010 at 11:58 am

    “Munich – I assume you’re never at the games, being in Munich? Well I go to every home game, and 4 out of 6 games have been utterly boring and we’ve only had a plan A. It gets quite boring and predictable after a bit.”

    Sorry lads. Match reports cancelled from now on.

    Apparently they don’t count if I’m not not at the game so there is no point, despite the fact I watch the ones I don’t go to.

  15. Aye,
    just cos one is at the game, doesn’t mean one sees everything, or that that gives one a divine right to be right in ones opinion.
    Doth it?

  16. I haven’t been to a home game for yonks…so I know flock all….sorry Stuart79….

    CC…well done mate, I tend to agree with your opinion, was just curious if you went to the games or were someone who commented from afar like myself..

    Toonsy@33…you watch the games you don’t go to, Stuart79 doesn’t watch the games he does go to….easy innit…

  17. I think its obvious that being at the game gives you a better perspective on the game. You see more at the game than watching it on TV where more often than not the camera is just following the ball.

    For instance yesterday there was a distinct lack of movement from our players when in the Fulham half. You cannot see that on TV.

    I’m not having a go at anyone who doesn’t go, and just saying you see more at the match than watching on TV.

    Shoot me down, go ahead. Just think about the points I make before just shooting me down just because its me who is making the comments.