Has Andy Carroll surpassed your expectations?

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Carroll: A revelation?
Carroll: A revelation?
I think most of us will agree that Andy Carroll has been excellent so far this season.

Not only has his goalscoring been a massive help to Newcastle this term, but his all round work rate has also helped the cause on a number of occasions.

The improvement that Carroll has shown since last Christmas has been remarkable. Bear in mind that when we headed to Sheffield Wednesday on Boxing Day last season, Carroll had only scored four goals in total and had looked a bit ropey at times. He ended up with 19 goals for the season, and he hasn’t stopped scoring since, including nine Premier League goals so far this term.

His performances have also warranted international recognition, and he made his full England debut against France a couple of weeks back. England were outplayed and outclassed, but the effort Carroll put in wasn’t lost on the fans and he wandered off the pitch at Wembley on 72 minutes to a standing ovation.

It’s not just us fans who have seen the improvement in Carroll. Various managers, pundits and ex-professional players have also singled him out for praise. It would appear that we have a real gem of a player on our hands. There are still some rough edges to iron out, but it’s important to remember that the lad is just 21 years old and still has an awful lot of time on his side.

Chris Hughton has played a massive part in the development of Carroll, and the gaffer has had some good things to say about Big Andy;

“Andy doesn’t play with fear. He’s not fearful of any opposition or any individual – that’s how he is at the moment. When you are in a confident mood and you are scoring goals, that’s how it should be. You should look forward to every game. You should think that every game is an opportunity to play well and score.”

He added: “Going back to last season, he came up against some really tough, Championship-hardened centre-halves who at times physically got the better of him.”

“But his movement across defenders has improved, as has his general movement. I think he realises he is up against better players now and to get the better of them, his movement has got to be better. He is in really confident mood at the moment.”

I’ve yet to see a defender cope with Carroll for 90 minutes. At times he has been unplayable, like yesterday against Chelsea. He lost nothing in the air, and that wasn’t an isolated occurance.

Anyway, this article is beginning to get a bit ‘newsy’ so it’s time for a change of tact. The question is: Has Andy Carroll done better than you expected?

To me it is no real surprise that he is a handful for opposition defenders. A player that is as physical as Carroll and has the ability he has will always be a handful. Is his goalscoring a surprise to me? Not really as I said all along that he will score. I always backed him to make an impact in the Premier League, but he has still surpassed my expectations.

What has impressed me most about the striker is his work ethic and willingness to work for the team. How many times do we see Carroll back defending? How many times does he recieve the ball, keep it, then lay it off? He chases down and harries defenders. In short, he is a real asset to the team and is making himself irreplacable in my opinion.

The frightening thing is that he is still only 21, and still has room for improvement!

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256 Responses

  1. I think Carroll played a blinder yesterday but I think CH should have taken Shola off a lot earlier as he seemed to run out of steam not long into the second half & if only he’d scored that 1st goal, we’d have run over them because 2-0 down & they would have given up, same as they did against the Muckems, Chelski are not looking good this season & whether that’ll change once Terry & Lampard are back is anyone’s guess but Carroll did have complete control over their defence all game….

    Is it just me or did our midfield, except Tiote look very frail, Jonas & Gutherie especially getting brushed off the ball to easily & Routy not really trying to out run Cole up the wing, I think it may have had summit to do with the pitch being very stodgy & the ball not rolling properly yeah??

  2. Just on the Adam Johnson rumour, I don’t think he’ll want to play for supporters who call him paedo.

  3. there’s only one thing i want carroll to add on to his goals.

    Set-pieces. ;)

    He can try taking free-kicks.

    Also,he should stop moaning whenever decision goes against him,and quickly play on.

  4. Andy has been pure class this season. He is a great example of a team player; one minute scoring a goal, the next defending a corner. So much for him being a bad lad. How come this so called bad lad is no bother on the pitch. It looks like this bad lad stuff is being blown out of proportion. Stick with the Toon Andy and icon status (Shearer, Keegan, Milburn, Beardsley) is assured.

  5. As a long time Chelsea fan, I read a few articles last year about us being linked with him and thought you’re kidding right? But I can honestly say from what I’ve seen from him that he is going to be a top player. He is a monster and a traditional English centre forward, he’s a dying breed and I think that’s why he will become great. As long as he don’t get ahead of himself and continues the way he’s going there’s no reason why be can’t be englands regular centre forward.

  6. Most definately. I thought he would still be our top striker in a team struggling to stay up, but he has gone from strength to strength and exceeded my expectations. To top it off with regular goals, greatly improved feet and vision, possibly the best header and hold up play in the league and the star performer for England. It really is remarkable and with all this nonsense and speculation for him to come out and say he wants to only play for this club and honour his five year contract is great. It is deffo a clhub on the up if we can continue to attract players like Tiote and Benny. Carroll may actually win something for us. Doesn’t he seem like the sort of player that could play against Chelsea, France or even in the world cup final and give defenders a nightmare. :)

  7. He is what he is.
    No surprises!

    Wish we could find another Pedro personally, we’re just missing that ‘proper’ footballer, maybe it’s HBA.
    Looking forward to him being fixed.

  8. Yes – his improvement last season and especially this one has astonished me. I took my daughter to the Fulham game and her comment about him was ” I didn’t realise he was so good on the ball!”. His self-belief means he is now living up what I thought was mostly hype before. Let’s face it, when the first isolated cries of “Carroll for England” started I bet there were a lot of us snorting in disbelief.
    However, he needs to continue to improve or at least keep up the good work. I’ve no doubt his form will dip sometime but his ability should see him come back OK. But remember Michael Ricketts? Famous for having a brilliant season and getting an England call-up. Later he was famous for being a total donkey with the biggest arse in football! There’s a lesson there.

  9. Great result yesterday.
    It was always gonna be a good time to play the chavs, what with their injuries.
    Even though we had to go without our suspensions, we did real well.
    Thought the weather might put ’em off a bit too, ha!
    Brilliant job done by the staff & everyone who helped out to get the game on.
    I bet chelsea were praying for a postponement?
    Well done also to the 46.5k that showed up, even though the game was live on sly.
    Great opportunist goal by AC.
    Tiote showed again why we need him.
    Sol is class.
    Routledge had a good game.
    Generally well played by all, to keep them at bay.
    Even the ref did ok, not falling for their cheesey attempts at ‘diving in the box’.
    Good point against an alright team. (See, done nowt since their easy first 5?)
    Right, that’s 2 draws at home now instead of losses, a step in the right direction.

  10. makes me think we should take a closer look at the likes of kazenga lualua before we write them off, and see if they adapt to the big league as quickly as carroll

  11. Nothing to add on the plaudit side – and thanks to Sean for the ‘external’ confirmation of that.

    I first saw AC up close when he was about 16, playing in Workington for the reserves. He looked like he’d snap if you pinged a laccy band at his chest. Now you get anywhere near him and think “sh*t! an eclipse!”.

    What’s really got me about him recently is his footballing nouse. He’s never been known for his grey matter, but I’m starting to think he may have one of those Beckham-like brains; not all that much space, but 90% taken up with a really good understanding of his role on a football pitch.

    Areas for improvement – as AOD, says, getting up and fighting rather than complaining when a decision goes against him. Um… better taste in cars and haircuts.

    And he can have as many threesomes as he likes. The job has perks. :)

  12. PR,
    we ain’t written him off yet mate.
    There are only so many birth’s in the MF positions.
    & bairns come last, until they knock the door down with really great performances.
    he’s injured for the next few weeks.

  13. Carroll has done brilliant so far this season. Back in August i would have predicted that he would score no more than 12 goals. he is on course to beat that total comprehensively.
    Finding a partner for him from now until HBA gets back is a problem. Shoals (love him) is too inconsistent. Lovenkrands out of his depth. Nolan out of position and too slow. Is Best or Ranger the man or do we take a punt on Vuckic or Airey.

    Thought yesterday Malouda was a class act.

    Guthrie looked more comfortable but still can’t deliver the killer pass too many side ways and keep ball passes that doesn’t hurt the opposition. Glad to have Joey back.
    quality vision

  14. Nope, It thought he had it the first time i saw him in the flesh at Stoke in the cup, He has every attribute to be great and is deceptively quick which wasnt really evident until this season when he had to start running on to his own flick ons…

    Ranger, Vuckic, Kadar and Tavernier look like they will be stars in the future as well.

  15. Clint – agree with what you say about the match @11. I’d add that Saylor did very well considering his lack of game time. What a choice of CBs we have now!

    One thing that really annoys me was perfectly illustrated. Wor Willo gets done, based on shaky video evidence for ‘violent conduct’ and a 3-match ban. That excuse for a human Drogba blatantly dives to try to get a major goal-scoring opportunity, and what happens?


    The FA seem to consider the risk of someone getting bruised to be more important than the risk of the wrong team winning.

    Corrupt, amoral wastes of carbon, the lot of em. I miss the Championship, where there just wasn’t the money to justify that kind of b.s.

    Ah, that’s better. Monday’s rant complete.

  16. Whumpie,
    It’s what the fa do best mate, in fact, it’s all they’ve ever done.
    It’s a protection racket for the usual suspects.

    Saylor looked a bit, well, like he always has really, bit dodgy at times, but did ok.
    Not bad, good job Sol was next to him though. Phew!
    If i had a heart, it woulda been in my mouth a couple of times.

  17. I think, with Nolan being crocked at the moment, now’s the time to get Ranger either up along side Big Andy, or just in behind him. His cameo yesterday was encouraging and he got away from the defence twice in about five minutes. If he can start to get goals from those opportunities, we’ll have a hell of a pairing with these boys.

    Oh, and yes, Carroll has surpassed my every expectation this sesason, bar one. I had him penciled in for ten goals. They way he’s going, he won’t just surpass that expectation, he’ll slap, drink it, set fire to it and then have a threesome with it. Well done lad.

  18. jay jay,
    aye Ranger has a future, the club proved it with the new contract offer last week.
    Just needs to sort his head out now & stop missing sitters.

  19. He is a gem.

    It really frightened me how far he has come. It just his second season as a regular squad and at the moment he pretty much first name on a team sheet and every team would love to have him.

    The most important thing about him is his contribution in the team, he just run his sock off and play his heart out and that is beautiful of him.

    He is a very down to earth lad and right now with confident that he has , he just unplayable and I’m really glad that he is ours. :O:

    About the game
    There are many thing that pleased me. Every players play their part. Enrique is back with his high standard performance and confident Routledge comeback and had a good game with both our center halves in their first start were decent too.

    So I’m waiting for Guthrie to find his rhythm in play because I really believe in him that he is a really good player and can have a big good impact in the team but his time is also limited with Barton will be back so he need to step it up quickly and when next time his chance come he won’t waste it

    Glad to finally have Barton back.


  20. Carroll was playing as a third centre half for the last 15 minutes and looked accomplished at that too. There is a major concern that the offers will come in for him and will we be able to refuse.

    The thing about saylor and sol yesterday was i thought both were better than williamson. Big mike is steady enough at defending but his distribution is awful. Saylor and Sol can defend equally as well and both are more comfortable on the ball. Keep playing the way they are and Colo and Willo might need a warm track suit

  21. Ranger: yep; looked good, if a little green when it comes to finishing. For his age, quite frighteningly good; shame nobody can keep up with him when he breaks so he ends up on his own against 3 defenders!

    Guthrie: I too believe he has it in him – we’ve seen it. Just needs time, which I don’t think he’ll get.

    Routledge: so important to us right now. Our only functioning RW specialist, and quite a handful. That volley was unbelievable. Shame it hit the thickest head in the prem. I hope it hurt. :)

    (Loved the ‘Oh, Cheryl Tweeedy’ song must’ve wound the git up)

  22. Caroll is immense. I really do think we have the next great England centre forward here.
    As for guthrie, let’s not make excuses, he is shite.

  23. Jay jay he basically said he had trials with us and the unwashed from down the road and could have joined them, but picked us. He also said its a dream to have the nufc #9 shirt and he knows how important that shirt is. He wants to stay at the club as long ad he is allowed to and can’t imagine playing anywhere else.
    Came across as a decent lad.

  24. Sorry JJ – our local pub uses Greek TV rather than Sky, which means three things:

    1. 100% reduction in vacuous, pointless punditry and interviews.
    2. £250 a MONTH cheaper for the pub, hence cheap beer.
    3. The Greek satellite feed doesn’t work that much and often goes on strike ;)

  25. By shite, I mean guthrie failed to hit a nufc player with just about every pass he did. His corners are woeful and his tackling was lacking in effort. So what does he contribute?

  26. the reason we’re all surprised by his finesse and turn of pace is because it didn’t exist until this season. You cannot understate how big a role hughton has had in his success. Under lesser mentoring, as of old toon days, carroll may well have gone the way of many toon academy prospects: loaned out to a championship team, and ending up a football league nomad, or the answer to a question in a football trivia quiz. Shola- one bad game in front of goal, divvent write him off.

  27. Micky – come on, fella; call yourself a supporter? That’s just the kind of negative, ill-informed tripe we could do without.

    Besides, you’ve got a very short memory. On the few occasions when Guthrie has played in his correct position he’s been pretty good, and once or twice exceptional. Yesterday he was a vital part of the machine that delivered a very good performance, and was at the centre of a lot of our best moves.

    Your assessment would suggest the rest of the team carried him, which plainly wasn’t the case.

  28. Sorry Micky – you clarified your comment just as I was slagging it off! He did put in some poor corners, but also did some very good work. Not his best, but “shite”?

  29. Guthrie is definitely not a shyt player and yes in latest game he didn’t play that well but like Whumpie said he was the man provide all the movement in the team.

    In his case he just need time to settle in and find his rhytem and when he do that I’m sure we will see the man that provide so many beautiful assists in last season again.

  30. Guthrie was fantastic playing in the middle last season, dont forget, this his pretty much his pre-season as he has been injured, so lets not write him off already.

    He probably wont start showing any sort of form until the new year.

  31. what ever people say…rout and jonas give us balance…thats more important then putting players like gutherie in wrong postions..rout was outstanding when he got the ball..he beat the best so called left b ack in the world..that should kick him on big time..to me he played with out fear against chelsea..he tracks back like jonas becasue of his pace..which gutherie cant..next week play him and barton in the middle for guth but were does that leave tug boat back in the side..we got tired last 20 minutes.i watch shouting at ch get ranger on..he makes better runs then andy carrol or shola..whcih then took pressure of the team easterday..made jonas then go forward more in the last 5 mintues..

  32. I’ve been very critical of routledge this season but I thought he was superb yesterday he beat ashly cole every time jus needs to wk on his , guthrie didn’t take his chance yesterday n I think barton will come into that position next week, as for ranger deserve a start for me n id like to see best he was looking very good in pre season b4 his injury

  33. Whumpie

    I heard from a friend who runs a club in town that there is a company that is taking sky to court or something and in the next few years hope to offer cheaper coverage of sports channels in the UK. Hopefully they can beat these clowns and inforce the competition laws on them.

  34. Disagree with Whumpie and ILM on Guthrie and agree with Micky. Guthrie just isn’t good enough for a mid table premier league side. You say he looked good last season fair enough but smudger was picking up man of the match awards last season and look where he is this season
    How good was Guthrie the season before?

  35. Guthrie was awful, as he has been in every game he’s played this season. To be honest i don’t think he was anything special last season either. He is not blessed with any pace, doesn’t really nake many decent tackles, and is not dominant enough on the ball. I just fail to see what he contributes. If Gosling proves to be a decent player then I would look to sell Guthrie.

  36. “Guthrie: I too believe he has it in him – we’ve seen it. Just needs time, which I don’t think he’ll get.”

    Guthrie is FAR from shite, he has massive potential. And if he got the same amount of playing time to settle in as some of the others, he’d develop into a fantastic passing midfielder. Just needs confidence… (same with Routeledge).

    Ameobi is shite.

  37. Routledge gotta keep his place, id really love to c ferguson or vukic get 20min for jonas at the end of a game Its the only way they will improve if not goin on loan jus look at ranger he looks better n better everytym he is comin on n once that prem goal comes he will take off, ferguson n vukic done enough against chelsea to deserve to b on the bench over loverkrands n smith, if u don’t giv them the experience They won’t grow as players

  38. You cannot judge Guthrie on games where he’s played on the right wing. He isn’t a right wing?!

    When ever he’s had a decent run in the middle of the park and had time to settle, he has looked good.

    Still not first choice, that must be Tiote and Barton, but still excellent back up.

  39. Players we can get rid of are Smith, Ameobi, Perch, Best.

    None of them of ever going to perform with any consistancy.

  40. In fairness the whole team played great. My concern was with Krul – poor kicks and should’ve held onto the ball a couple of times.

    Anyone agree?

    And yes Carroll is our Toon Beast!

  41. Guthrie is good player but was poor yesterday n to b far to him u can’t play right wing he his out of his comfort zone n it shows en he plays there, he’s under pressure with barton n nolans form n gosling bk soon also vukic will emerge soon

  42. I agree with JJ…

    Guthrie is not a right winger – nor is Barton… Not first choice but decent replacement CM..

  43. DJG

    How do you propose that somebody can force Sky to show sport cheaper.
    I like things simple and if Premier league sell rights to sky. Sky then have control and charge whatever they want.

    The attitude of the clubs and premier league controllers have to change and not be so greedy and sell more rights to more than one company but this itself brings more problems. how many subscriptions will an individual need. no guarantee costs will be cheaper

  44. gosling is going to be a big player for us..he can play anywhere accros the middle which will give us balance..all the time..when will he be fit..does any1 no..

  45. Guthrie hasn’t shown it so far this season but to be fair he does look better in the middle and actually made some decent challenges and passes. He has got better every game but just not enough. Barton is just more effective atm. I don’t think we should write off Guthrie though. Smith is finished, we shouldn’t compare Guthrie to him, Guthrie and Routledge have time on their side and they are decent enough they just need some more experience/playing time. Although it is catch 22 and Guthrie didn;t improve fast enough on this occasion to stay in the side. Doesn’t mean he won’t be a critical player for us when Tiote and Barton are out again in future.

  46. JJ

    Guthrie and Shoala are marmite players.
    Like them or not like them.
    I am no fan of Guthrie but i am of Shoala. Don’t know why?

  47. budalovesa patsy

    There are laws that are supposed to ensure that one company can’t have a total monopoly over a certain market. At the momemt sky have managed to dictate what everybody pays and ‘charge whatever they want’. As you say. Is that right though, would you be happy if there was only one electricity company in a country and they charged whatever they liked, or there was one company collecting the bins and they came every 3 weeks coz they felt like it, even though some other guy would do it for half the price every 2 weeks but he’s not allowed to because there is a system with corrupt politicians with their fingers in the pie. Is that fair is it?

  48. Jj disagree I think it very harsh to right perch n best off they haven’t been giving the chance,best apart from score is a very tidy player holds ball up well strong, works hard for the team, n if it weren’t for the bar at plymouth wud scored goa of the season for me, but for smith,raylor n lovenkrands n xisco shud b moved on although I also feel it wud b harsh on xisco from what I’ve seen of him he is cr#p striker but cud b very good winger I feel

  49. Potential world class players: Carroll, Ben Arfa, Tiote, Enrique.

    Good premier player: Barton, Coloccini, Campbell, Gosling.

    Good squad players: Harper, Guthrie, Simpson, Jonas, Routeledge, S Taylor, Nolan, Williamson.

    Potential young stars: Krul, Kadar, Vuckic, Ranger, Ferguson, Foster, Lua Lua.

    Poor squad players we can sell: R Taylor, Perch, Lovenkrans, Ameobi, Smith.
    If we could bring in a good set piece specialist. Another good full back, and a quality striker, we’d have as good a squad as anyone outside the top 4.

  50. DJG

    Agree with everything but the greedy clubs sell to Sky. That is the problem. Sky will insist there are no competitors. We as fans are reliant on the clubs not wanting absurd monies to pay ordinary footballers ridiculous salaries

  51. FFS,
    our players just got a very creditable draw v the current champs.
    At home, which hasn’t been a happy hunting ground so far this season.
    & they are shite?
    Give yerselves a shake, then when you’ve come round, grow some perspective.

  52. I don’t get to see the players as much as some on here, but from what I’ve seen I’m less than impressed with old guthers.

  53. I have a question

    Now Barton suspension is over but he still a yellow card away from one match ban , does the suspension reset the card count or not !!?? very curious.

  54. I don’t know if thats the case or not, sky could still operate but other comanies could come in and televise other games that are not on the telly and the clubs would be happy to get some income. There used to be setanta as the ‘competition’ but it went belly up and then ESPN came in. But I think even they get a small share of the pie and are basically run by sky in the UK if the truth be known. The whole system is very dodgy as to how many games sky get, how many (much less) ESPN get and then the BBC get 4 championship games a seson I think. What this satelite company is going to do is try and challenge the quota system under competition law, which in theory at the minute it is against the law, and in theory they should be able to challenge sky and the premier league, but sadly that is only theory and we live in a corrupt country. :(

  55. Not really.

    Some of us had faith in him. I said he would be great last year and he was and I said he’d be great this year, which he is!

    Some people thought he was crap but I just laugh at them now.

  56. Clint, my assessment of guthrie wasn’t just based on yesterdays game. However when he did have the ball and wasn’t under pressure he still couldn’t pass to a b&w shirt.

  57. DJG – It’s already been contested about Sky. The games are split into six packages and no company can have more than four.

    Sky has four, ESPN has one and the Beeb has the other. Sky paid the money and won the auction, although if ESPN really got serious they could take more off Sky.

    My guess is that next time the rights are being bidded for ESPN will be a bigger player. In reality they are just starting out though with football coverage so will no doubt have wanted to see how it goes with a smaller profit first.

    Sky will just twist it anyway. It’s why SSN has to be paid for now, and why a lot of games aren’t on SS1 anymore as they had to make that accesable and fair priced for compaines like BT and Virgin to show.

  58. Anyway, mission Porsche is underway so I’ll hopefully catch you al in a bit when I, hopefull, pop home for a few hours before starting again tonight.

  59. DJG: You’re dead right; it all comes down to corruption in Whitehall – from decades back, when Thatcher made a deal for Murdoch’s press support in return for allowing first his take-over of huge bits of the media, and later by allowing (against every moral and legal sense) the Sky/BSB merger.
    Murdoch got where he was by trading power for support, first with the Aussie PM-to-be, then with ours.
    Now Murdoch is, arguably, the most powerful man on earth. He even controls the USA via Fox, which gets away with it by supporting – you’ve guessed it – whichever party has the balance of power at the time.
    Nasty piece of work. I hope he gets stiffed.

  60. Going back to Guthrie, Shola, etc.: I think we just have to stop calling anyone ‘shite’ who is not quite as good as the current first-choice.
    Shola is inconsistent; we know that. But a few weeks back everyone was singing his praises and recognising his incredible strike rate and overall contribution. One game when he reverted to ‘horse falling down stairs’ mode for bits of the game, and people are back on him like a load of bloody hyenas.
    He’s not as good as Carroll at the mo. Guthrie wasn’t as good yesterday as Barton on his day. Big deal. It makes them the current backup; it does not make them bad players or less worthy of our support.
    “I have a dream..” etc. etc.

  61. Micky,
    i wasn’t aiming directly at you mate.
    We did well & our home form is starting to pick up.
    We do seem to play better v proper football teams though.
    If Guthrie’s gonna play, it has to be in the middle, for me though.
    But because we have Barton, his chances are limited, which makes it harder for him to get into the flow.
    What i would say though is: at least every player is prepared to play anywhere for CH, which is an excellent sign of loyalty & purpose. Something not seen for quite some time at SJP. Long may it reign.
    Everyone is fighting for a place, well done Chris.
    Keep it going!

  62. Andy is doing great this season and better than I had hoped. Thought he would come good, but not as quickly as this.

    As for the Sky argument, yes they charge too much, but I’d rather it was just them and nobody else. With others getting in on it, means pay Sky subs, ESPN subs even if per game and then whoever else joins in. For the person who said would you prefer just one Electricity company charging and not broken up into many. Yes I would prefer just the one. Thats the way thing used to be before everything as privatised. Trains cost a normal price, so did the power companies, water etc, now everthing has all gone to pot.

  63. Magpie may,
    are you the fashion polis?
    Barton can wear bikini bottoms if he keeps up his good form & long shorts are for puffs.
    AC’s strip is all too small for him, gangly get.

  64. haha just for a laugh. I love him with his shorts on and it would be really nice if the tash is back lol
    don’t want him to go frozen though

    so many serious issues in here :P

  65. I think against West Brom CH should start with Ranger , he looked impressive coming on and Shola was poor . The pace the lad has is a real weapon and i think he could form a great partnership with Andy , the only other change should be Barton in for Guthrie , Routlidge was good yesterday and earned the right not too be dropped . You never know that sort of performance against a team of Chelsea’s quality might just be the spark he needed to get some confidence and belief in himself .

  66. Agree with the routledge comments. Just wish his rocket shot had gone in. Goal of the week if it had.
    While we are talking of skill. Did anyone else see Tiote do a little flick around the corner pass? Probably not if.you were there, but it just highlighted to me what a bloody good player he is.

  67. axel..shola was good ..until he ran out of steam..so did at least 4 of the other players who havnt played..

  68. Im sure in other countries there is almost an endless amount of channels and it doesn’t get split like it does here. Its partly the football clubs fault. Anyway with the internet streaming that goes on now their fighting a losing battle with that. The clubs want top dollar, which I suppose is understandable. Its partly because they make so much money anyway and tickets are so expensive. I wonder what would happen if you could watch prem games in a pay per view format like boxing. It will probably never happen because the football clubs would want at least the price of a ticket and then there is the issue of illegal streaming again, although it seems to work for boxing. I suppose we should resign ourselves to the fact that we will never get good cheap satelite sports channels like in other countries. At least the Liverpool game is on ESPN. :)

  69. I can’t understand how sky have 4, ESPN and BBC one each, ESPN show much more games and the bbc doen’t even show prem league do they, just a few championship games and Cup games ect. If ESPN could get another one and have two and sky three that would be good but I don’t see it happening myself.

  70. Toonsy-

    I thought ESPN was a massive global sports broadcaster from the states. Much bigger than sky in fact. A suppose your right though after what happened to setanta they just wanted to see how it goes first with premier league coverage.

  71. Lucky here with Premier League in South Africa.

    We get Supersport which gets five live premier league games every week.

  72. Carroll has surpassed my expectations and that’s saying something considering I was more than confident he’d pick up where he left off last season, give any prem back four serious issue’s and score regularly.

    He’s just been brilliant when given the chance. Really can’t fault the lad. It sounds a bit O.T.T but on his day he’s almost unplayable. Put’s himself about with his size, is killer in the air, his control when the ball is at his feet is improving, he holds the ball up well..He just does everything well and he’ll only get better. Couldn’t have asked for anything more from him and he’s doing the no9 proud. Fair play to you son.

  73. Carroll’s goal tally so far hasn’t shocked me that much in truth, always knew he’d be the perfect no.9 for us on field and that he’d deliver the goods. What’s really impressed me is the improvement of his overall game, his running and determination and so much of his ground work have improved massively. I wouldn’t be lying if I’d thought we might become one dimensional on Carroll’s head to get us the goals, but the lad is now a real danger on the ground as well, brilliant to watch whilst on the ball.

    Still not picked up the lethality or excitement of Shearer on the ball, but he’s getting there ;)

  74. I have no gripes with sky at all. No one is.forcing me to subscribe unlike the rip off licence fee. Internet streaming is ok, but id rather watch in high def on the big screen. I did prefer it when sky had all the games. I even didn’t mind their ppv thing.

  75. Micky,
    you obviously use the mute button, if you have no gripes with sly?
    Their patter is minging!

  76. Well i am lucky here in Holland sport 1 sends all the prem games out live , they also have the german , italian and spanish games too , if the toon play on a sunday i can choose between all the games on a saturday that are played . Last season out of principle i did not watch1 and tried to get a link on the internet for ours , i could not bear watching the prem last season .

  77. How much do the gates fall when its on telly, not much, 5K or something at most. They get much more than the equivilent gates lost from tv revinue, about 4 times as much I think. So at the end of the day industry is greedy and the clubs that get high interest and coverage, including NUFC, are charging too much really and pricing people out of the sport.

  78. I suppose it’s similar everywhere though, I seem to be able to watch endless Italian games on ESPN. It’s worse being in the same country as the league you want to watch. They know they can’t demand the interest or cash elsewhere so they just broadcast it cheaper.

  79. bloody snowed in, aboot 10in came doon last neet and its still comeing so no hospital,quack coundnt get in either.

    RICHIETOON keep away from this area mate

  80. DJG,
    it’s about £0.5m per game from sly, isn’t it?
    The bubble will burst when the ‘cuts’ bite next year/year after.
    Gates will drop, but so might ticket prices.

  81. Ice

    Someone was trying to dig their way BACK INTO an estate near where I live, thats how bad it is out here. Just seen someone in a saloon car with wide tires revving the nuts off it and just skidding all over, exactly how not to drive in snow. 8O

  82. CLiNT FLiCK

    You’ve got a point there. The whole thing was built on boom years. It is shocking how much they try to charge small pubs and businesses, many over which are going out of business left right and centre.

  83. DJG,
    Bit like the banking thing, it can’t/won’t go on forever mate, somethings gotta give.
    Gates for all clubs are dropping, even the usual sell outs.
    There’s always a critical mass, then a drop.
    If clubs get lucky it’ll coincide with having to ‘balance the books’ (the new fifa rule).
    If not, some will get caught out & go into admin, lose points or slump.
    Or all three.

  84. DJG,
    it’s a pity about ‘sultana’ like.
    They were less objectionable than sly & had a more realistic approach. Some of the ex-sly pundits brought it down a bit though.
    It was a bit easier on the eye too, with the yellow & black, not the white/red/blue glaring shoite y’get with sly. & all the lowest common denominator crap they spew.
    Owt to ‘give’ (sell) us 24/7 sports.

  85. Thats right m8

    The ones that have took on players on 5 year contracts with Alan Smith wages and payments due to other clubs; on the assumption that they will still get x number of gate tickets and maybe euro qualification will have the rug pulled from under their feet. Some will be bailed out by billionaires but some will go into admin. Thank god we aint of Shepard anymore or it would probably be us.

  86. CLINT/DJG aye its cold lads, forcast says a lot of places gannning to go to -20.

    pleased we got that game oot the way like :)

  87. CLINT bloody dogs would eat me first,love goes out the window when there starveing,got plenty in luckly

  88. Do you guys think we will get these winters for another 2-3 years. The solar output is supposed to be a 12 year cycle I think, there’s climate change also but I think we are due some hard winters anyway considering how mild it has been over the last decade.

  89. ice,
    watch out then mate, get a muzzle on it.
    Mate, it’s a good job we got that game played in the freezing cold with their injuries, perfect really.

    if we still had ffs we’d be f***ed now.
    Don’t know if billionaires ‘bailing out’ clubs is gonna count as ‘balanced books’, least that’s what fifa have said.

  90. DJG,
    it’s looking like it mate.
    I live in the smoke & it’s been pretty cold the last couple of winters, enough to remind me of hyem, which it never used to.

  91. Off topic lads but looking for a bit of help.

    Anyone familiar with Amsterdam?? I’m there at the weekend and want to try and catch the WBA match if I can. Looking for a pub that plays Premier League football, anyone help? Cheers!

  92. Cullen,
    won’t you have ‘other’ things to do mate?

    I’m sure you’ll find somewhere that covers all bases mate.

  93. CLiNT,
    I’m sure I will pal! But I can afford a 2 hour break to watch the toon, if possible. I’ll just ask around I guess, bound to be somewhere with it on. That’s if I even get there, flying isn’t looking too clever right now!

  94. I think yesterday was one of those games that helps prove the point that this squad is sunk without Carroll. In my life time of a whole 28 years I’ve never seen a box to box striker like big Andy. He plays 90 mins of pure guts for glory. Not only did his effort earn him a goal yesterday but his help defending earned the team a point as well. Hopefully as the squad gets better he won’t have to do it anymore but ATM it is needed.
    I actually this ivanovic did a job on him yesterday and defended him the best I’ve seen anyone defend him this year. But to show the character of the lad, he never backed down, and just kept pressing on. I think the rest of the squad feeds off of that as well. Shola has also done well tracking back in that role in the “hole”.
    I think a few players have proved to be vital to our success. Barton is our engine. When he is playing well the whole team plays well. Nolan keeps us organized. Our movement seems to be better when he’s on the pitch. Simpson and bull are the only 2 fullbacks with the quality to push forward and put pressure on defenses. And Tiote keeps it all tidy and seems to win the ball back on demand. When they are all playing at their best, I believe we can beat anyone in the world. But big Andy is the biggest piece of the puzzle. Not too many strikers in the world can do what he does for the toon.

  95. The press can say Chelsea were unlucky but we were unlucky not to have Shola and Routledge score when A Cole headed it off the line. Like someone said had a couple of them gone in and it been 2-0 I think it would have been goodnight Chelski coz they wouldn’t have fancied it.

  96. Ok, I may as well jump in on the climate thing. As always, there are differing opinions, but the Pacific decadal oscillation (PDO) and other equivalents in other parts of the sea are thought by many to be what’s causing this series of cold years. The solar cycle may be involved, but nobody’s really proved that yet.

    Basically there is a natural warm/cold cycle in the oceans that have a big impact on average global temperatures. Different cycles operate and interact at different rates, but depending on who you listen to, we’re in for anything from a couple of years to 20 of the cold stuff.

    Either way, there’s one big problem: when this cycle hits a warm stage, it will combine with the other upward pressures on temperature which are still building due to the better-known contributors to climate change (CO2 etc.) and you get a double-whammy.

    When you get to talk to those in the know every day, believe me: you just pretend you didn’t hear most of it and just enjoy the snow. Otherwise you’d go nuts waiting for four big blokes with cloaks riding black horses to fly in….

    Ick. I need a pint…

  97. MT- shearer never consistanatly played box to box like andy does but shearer also didn’t have to. what Andy does busting a gut to get from end to end in one game, shearer did in one year.

  98. Wor Al had an ability to spaff a shot in from just about anywhere, without even taking a touch first, and hit the target at about mach 3. Remember that volley against Everton? Defied the laws of physics…

    I’m not sure AC or anyone else will ever quite be able to do that. But it’s going to be fun finding out :)

  99. CLINT i would prefer a nice nippy fellow into the club to make them runs one with a bit of guile like,but see your idea m8

  100. Cullen,
    you’ll find somewhere man, no problem.
    Soz i can’t help ya’, have a good ‘un.

  101. ice,
    me too.

    right about Shearer mate. & he defended corners, put excellent crosses in for others, held the ball up better than anyone.
    AC’s got a hell of a long way to go to better Shearer.
    know know what i’m saying?

  102. shearer did more defending than our defenders and would set a fair few goals up as well what the fck ya on aboot jg

  103. DJG says:
    November 29, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    “I heard from a friend who runs a club in town that there is a company that is taking sky to court or something and in the next few years hope to offer cheaper coverage of sports channels in the UK. Hopefully they can beat these clowns and inforce the competition laws on them.”

    The law doesn’t apply to Sky though, otherwise Murdoch would have been imprisoned for some of the things they have done to destroy competition in the past, especially Canal Plus and ITV Digital (Remember them?).


  104. Always thought he would ruffle feathers and cause problems with his height and strength but I’ve been hugely impressed with his hold-up play.

    Some of the flicks and touches against Chelsea looked to be coming from someone far more experienced than a 21-year old with one Championship season under their belt

  105. lost count how many goals A.S. set up for sir les,g.speed ect ect with his crossing the goals he scored,the defending he done,if A.C.becomes qtr as good ill be more than happy,within a few seasons like

  106. Apologize if it’s already been addressed in earlier posts…too lazy to read past post 60…
    Why doesn’t AC take penalties? One thing I recall about Shearer is that not only did he score great goals from the run of play, but he took a lot of penalties as well. I am guessing it’s not his strong suit, but I suppose that would be another area to improve.

  107. NorCal ToonFan says:
    November 29, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    “One thing I recall about Shearer is that not only did he score great goals from the run of play, but he took a lot of penalties as well.”

    Way more than anyone else in the Premiership. He got 58 goals from penalties, so many that his goal averages weren’t so spectacular without them.

  108. That a good point. I don’t see why Carroll wouldn’t be good at penalties, powerful left foot.

    I think its just that Ameobi has been a very reliable penalty taker and if nothings wrong don’t fix it. Hopefully Carroll will start taking penalties though eventually as it could get him an extra 4-5 goals a season.

  109. I reckon, he’ll cotton on to pens when as he grows & realizes that ‘there’s goals in them there hills’.
    Although some players don’t like that kinda pressure, while others thrive on it.

  110. CLINT thing is mate do you think he will ever have a AS heed on him, hard to come by for some,broke the mould i think 100% on and off the park

  111. Anyone else getting sick of every pundit/radio presenter/journalist creaming over Spurs? It’s beginning to wind me up. If Arsenal and Liverpool took half of the chances they created against them they would have 0 points from 6.

  112. ice,
    he’s a heed the baal, that can heed the baal.
    If that’s what y’mean mate.
    Hey, guys can change, he’s still young.
    Shearer was a one off mind.
    But if AC can sort it all out & try to be the best he can, he may get close.
    He’s still a bit ungainly & lacks a bit control, on & off the park.
    But he’s growing.
    Long way to go still.

  113. El Toro,
    completely agree mate.
    They are so facile it hurts.
    Though they bleat on about them, they’ll still try & build ‘arry up ’til they get him the england job, then slag spuds off for being crap again.
    They always try & pick the winner, then ride it to death.

  114. EL TORO aye m8 in footy some call it “luck” rub of the green ect,i am sick of a lot of the southern based press,in fact ive got nee time for any press

  115. CLINT my point is to be a great player in the public eyes you have to 100% on and “off” the park,press divnt like it so they will try and un-settle the guy with transfer guff,never even heard a.s.comment on the shit they tried

  116. Fckin hell! I’ve just got in from being in Penrith and what a fcking journey! Must have at least a foot and a half.

    Anyhow, everyone moaning about Sky ect need to just hope they don’t throw their toys out of the pram because us as well as many other clubs would be fcked and there wouldn’t be anyone bailing us out without TV rights.

  117. ice,
    y’right mate.
    Big Al would either do that half smile, say nowt or laugh out loud.
    Class act.

  118. stuart79 says:
    November 29, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    “Fckin hell! I’ve just got in from being in Penrith and what a fcking journey! Must have at least a foot and a half.”

    Haven’t seen one snowflake down here in Babylon yet. Thanks for the donation BTW, Stuart. It was very generous!

  119. STUART you done well to get back m8.been blocked in all day 10ins over night,and still comeing down at the mo in my village :(

  120. CLiNT – Not for the same money Sky are paying. If they back out others will know how desperate the PL are and the rights offered will reflect that. Either way clubs would be hit in the pocket and Sky know it, that’s why their so dangerous.

    Worky – I am generous! Nah, I’m just doing my bit for good relations amongst fellow Toon followers.

    Its a great blog(obviously all the better for having me contribute) and I have a laugh seeing the different views and different walks of life.

    Keep it up, and you toonsy.

  121. Stu,
    i don’t doubt there’d be a drop in money paid, for a while.
    But i reckon it’d be a major battle with sly out of the way.
    Someone would be able to coin it in, they’d pay proper money for that.
    Same reasons people pay way over the odds for houses.
    Then when the market pops, someone cashes in & it all builds up again.

  122. CLINT ime with you m8,all roads lead to rome so its said,just some take longer than others but you get there!

  123. Aye AC isn’t doing too bad, 12 prem goals in 29 prem games so he’s off to a quicker start than Big Al who scored 10 in his first 77.Now he needs to keep improving like Shearer did.

  124. WORKY :) feels like ime still walking it at times :(

    hows you mate any better luck with comp gear ect,got any hair left

  125. RICHIETOON how did it go on the roads for you today m8,keep away from my end its deep,hospital off the quack couldnt even get in :(

  126. Ice… by the time I’d dug the car off the drive I was to knackered to botha so I stayed home :-)

  127. my lad been digging since 6.30am still not oot, at the bottom cul-de-sack turn round and its blogged again at the top :(,will be his last year too,m8 rang from malta this morning says its only 21c today.”sick get”

  128. I knew you lot wouldn’t let me down with Shearer memories. I remember that Everton goal and I also remember one against spurs in the fa cup because I thought it was going to rip through the net and take me head off. I was sitting behind the goal in the leazes.
    Anyone else and a broken leg would have finished them, but Shearer just changed his game.
    A lot of people forget that Shearer used to cover all areas of the pitch. They also forget how quick he was. It wasn’t until the afore mentioned broken leg that he slowed down and was a more around the box player.
    Watch some pre-leg break vids of Al to see his pace, especially for England.
    There are more skilful players, Messi, Zidane, Maradonna, but I genuinely believe that Shearer is up there with them. Certainly better than any striker in the PL now.
    Biased, perhaps a little, but I’d be interested in the argument against.

  129. MT nee argument from me m8,he played a lot of games with only one good leg at times,if he was oot he was “hurt”

  130. aye some world class goals from a world class plaer there rich ,i must admit iam realy excited too think what carrol could become

  131. icedog says:
    November 29, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    “hows you mate any better luck with comp gear ect,got any hair left”

    Both issues are a very sore point ATM, Ice!

  132. Micky Toon says:
    November 29, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    Anyone else and a broken leg would have finished them, but Shearer just changed his game.

    > I bloody hope not with HBA. Shearer had a good football brain and rocket on him, but Benny is a more gifted footballer imho.

  133. I think the fact that chelski arse and manure would take him in a blink shows that he’s progressed a bit – to be fair I loved the interview other day, he came across well tho he hadn’t had a drink ;)

  134. To be honest Simpson has exceeded expectations – thought he wouldnt make it perm but he’s looking good so far

  135. Messi has got the be the best player ever. Who could compare to this guy? Wow. Barca are amazing to watch.

  136. Just finished watching the el classico.what a team barca are.you could just sit there and drool at their play all day long.
    Dont know how expensive sky is for you guys but epsn is pretty cheap here.it shows all the matches that sky telecasts in the uk live plus highlights and replays and all and we get it along with around 60 other channels full time for around 180 rupees or around 2.7 pounds in analog.if you want direct to home digital service it would cost around 25 rupees or around .4 pounds per channel and a combined fee of around 400 rupees or around 5 pounds per month for 160 channels.and if you want high definition,you gotta pay 50 rupees or around .7 pounds per month per channel. Think its pretty cheap compared to you guys…..

  137. deepak is a indian toon says:
    November 29, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    “Think its pretty cheap compared to you guys…..”

    Of course it is, Deepak. It’s a different world over there!

  138. Andy Carroll has given us something to sing about. It’s been too long since Newcastle fans have had a real shining light and something to smile about and be proud of. I want to see him finish his career with us, banging in the goals and maybe picking up a trophy along the way.


    This is Newcastle United. Not Carroll + 10. We should acknowledge the presence of other players as well, as Carroll will not be able to perform to his absolute best every game, as well as the fact that other players deserve heaps of credit for the shits they have put in.

    Steven Taylor: A fantastic performance for a lad who has gone 10months injured. Want to see him signed up to a new contract.

    Sol Campbell: A very good performance as well, only one mistake at Chelsea. Could be the central defence partner we have been crying for to guide Taylor along with.

    Enrique: Seems to never be beaten on one on ones. If he cuts out some of his dribbling in the backline that goes a little too far sometimes, we will have one of the top three left backs in the premier league for years to come.

    Guthrie: Was not that impressed with his performance, however it was against Chelsea, and he is still getting back into it.

    Jonas: Played very well, however at times should have passed the ball off, especially to Ranger on one or two occassions.

    Routledge: Played very well, gave Ashley Cole a torrid time on occasions, however would like to see his crosses improve.

    Ameobi: Did well for the most part. He put in a harder shift than usual which was pleasing.

    Carroll: Did well to consistently win headers in the air, come back and defend, as well as show the tenacity to never give up for the goal. However, one day I would like to see him attack the near post on a cross instead of waiting for the cross to reach him at the far post.

    Krul: Did well except for some spills which were understandable due to the weather conditions. I feel much more confident of his aerial ability than I do with Harper and Given.

  139. Clint,

    Johan Cruyff, for me is about the same as Ronaldo today in talent. Messi is on another level all on his own.

    I’d say Maradona comes close but still never had the work rate and selfless ability that Messi has. There skills and technical ability may be evenly matched but Messi for me is the best ever.

  140. To to summarise,

    We all know how good Ronaldo is, 44 goals in one season (I think) in the English premier league. But compared to Messi, he is average.

  141. Ronaldo has scored in just about every game hes played in since going to real Madrid. He is a world class player. Messi is a cut above though. In all seriousness he reminds me of beardsley. Wonder if that’s who he basis himself on. Perhaps he had a load of old nufc and liverpool videos as a kid.:-)

  142. Also, Messi is the best at this moment in time. It used to be Ronald, Henry, Zidane, Gullit, Maradonna, Hoddle, Baggio, Cuff, Beckenbauer, P

  143. Also, Messi is the best at this moment in time. It used to be Ronald, Henry, Zidane, Gullit, Maradonna, Hoddle, Baggio, Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Pele, Pushkas, etc… All masters of their game at the time. The older stars wouldn’t fit in now, same as Messi would struggle with a heavy leather ball and hobnail boots.

  144. News that Saylor has been offered an improved contract!!

    Hope so!

    Good to keep talented local lads in the team!

    Remember it’s his agent – Stretford – who is a CL1nt

  145. Stuart, you’ll be ok. No snow down that way. I live near to toonsy and he’ll confirm that we’ve got some snow, but nowt worth even talking about.

    As for Sir Bobby, it’s a great testament to the man that for someone who actually did less for the city and the club than he did for other places during his life that we all hold him in such high regard.
    The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation is a great charity and any support for them will always be welcomed by me.
    Legend is used far too often, but in this case it’s deserved. Perhaps he is the evidence that NUFC is cursed. Even he couldn’t win anything with us. If he couldn’t what hope is there for anyone else. :-)

  146. Micky and all.

    We’re getting a few drops of snow as I write from Brighton and I’ve no doubt, the whole place’ll grind to a halt by tea-time!

    As far as Bobby’s concerned, bless him, the fact that we didn’t get anything under him wasn’t doen to hm, the players or the board…. surely it was nothing more sinister than there were better clubs around us.

    You could say the same thing about Keegan first time around – we were nearly there but Ferguson got to him and that was that.

    That’s life but give us time and we’ll get there through time.

  147. aye was a bit of snow in Brighton when I went for train this morning – no doubt I’ll be unable to get home due to train cancellations by teatime :(

  148. No more snow up here today on tyneside but there’s no veg or milk in the supermarkets near where I live because the deliveries weren’t able to get through. Should be better the next few days aslong as the snow stays away.

  149. Im pleased a few of the players have acknowledged that we havent shown enough respect to the ‘lower’ sides and we need to play better in those games. It’s a good start to admit where there is a problem and try to address it.

  150. agree with stuart about ST he is, him and sol have got it all, stronger in the tackle aswell.

    whos better then??

  151. Sol Campbell is our best defender. He has everything.

    Coloccini is our next best defender. He is a far more intelligent and cultured defender than Taylor. He isn’t as strong, but you don’t always need strength. However, you always need brains…

    Williamson and Taylor are probably on around the same level.

  152. i agree sol is still a great defender, it should be him and stevie boy!

    1, in the premiership 99 % of the time u need strength which makes it an important attribute.

    2, he maybe cultured but i think ST knows how to play this league and the players better

    3, i think ST is more of a goalscoring CB than Colo, i love Colo but i still have nightmares about his old ways.

    4, Taylor is a GEORDIE

    enough said for me like, i think Colo can become a RB or Tiote’s understudy

  153. Sol was beaten way too easily for the goal Sunday. He does have the pace over long distances and strength, I just think he might not have the quick feet over short distances at this stage of his career.

  154. I think all 4 of our CBs are fairly even. Willo is the tallest, Colo has the best feet, Sol has pace and strength, ST offers goals.

  155. DJG says:
    November 30, 2010 at 2:49 pm
    No more snow up here today on tyneside but there’s no veg or milk in the supermarkets….

    Don’t panic….don’t panic….don’t panic!!

  156. I suppose it all comes down to what type of defender you prefer.

    Going back to your point about strength being the key in this league. I remember Fernando Torres a year or so ago saying that he found beating Premiership defenders with quick movement relatively easy as they rely so heavily on their physical attributes rather than intelligence. Does Taylor not fit this description? Just a thought.

    For me, your last two points hold the most significance. I think many NUFC fans are struggling to get over how bad Colo was in his first 12months and therefore still don’t rate him.

    As he is a Geordie, Taylor will always have that little bit more support than the others.

  157. Free Scoring

    I know what you mean about Sol on Sunday. He was easily fooled by Kalou feigning to shoot with his left, when of course, everyone knows Kalou can barely hit a barn door with his right foot let alone his weaker one. However, I think that was just a bit of rust. Campbell for me, even at his age, is one of the most complete defenders in the league. Arsenal fans never wanted him to go.

  158. I’ve always fancied a trampoline and got one of ebay at a bargain price. It was delivered when the wife was out but not for long.

    As the trampoline’s about the same size as the bed, the trampoline went upstairs and put where the bed was – the bed put in the spare room.

    She’ll never notice I thought. Anyway, upstairs she goes, comes back down and she hadn’t noticed. She’s a big lass and anyway, time for bed and…. well……she hit the roof!!

  159. As far as qualifying for full blown Geordie citizenship goes, I’d have put actually being born in Newcastle (or Tyneside at least) pretty close to the top of the list.

  160. El Toro

    yeah, big Sol hasn’t had much match time so far – and didn’t play all that much last year either. Then again, same for Saylor.

    Maybe working with Sol and Colo will have made Saylor a better defender. He was very good in the first half of last season, and defenders ripen a bit later than attacking players.

  161. Sol- Experience, brute strength, touch on the ball, slide tackle.

    Taylor- Header, blocking, Uncomplicated, Improving still and now I think we should keep him and he easily could join Carroll in the England squad looking at the crap they have atm.

    Collo- Incredably talented for a defender, I remember watching him kick the ball up and down about 6 ft above his head doing kickups and the ball came down almost on his toe every time. Sometimes is too complicated but when he’s good he’s our best defender.

    Willo- similar to Taylor but we shouldn’t expect too much from him, he is dtill new to this level and in hindsight he was excellent really, I think the problem is people were expecting too much from him, he’s not Nesta or Samuel.

    Kadar- The one im most excited about tbh. Yet another top prospect who has already played LB for his country and can do a very good job already if required. Hopefully he will be a mainstay part of this team we are building for the future.

  162. DJG……theres been some more snow on North Tyneside…not much tho, and I’m about to lose my guttering at the back with the weight of the snow :-(

  163. DJG, agree about most of your assesments of our center backs. I’m really excited to see how Kadar develops as well. So good already, and could be even more dangerous if he can adapt more to the left fullback position

  164. I think we’re lucky that we have 5 decent centre backs and I wouldnt worry too much about any of them playing in the 1st team.

  165. El Toro ~ says:
    November 30, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    “Good as he is our best CB”

    …No, no he isn’t.<<<< oh yes he is

  166. DJG

    I agree almost 100% with that. The only thing I would add is that Sol Campbell is also an intelligent defender. Stays on his feet and is always alert to potential danger. Very similar to Dunne, Carragher, Hangelaand, Vermaelen etc. For me, Sol’s pace makes him just that little bit better than all those mentioned though.

    In fact, when fit and playing well the only player I can think of who is equally as good as Sol is Ledley King.

  167. Just wanna ask.

    did sir bobby robson ever vs. special one chelsea team when he manage newcastle???

  168. rich cant ya knock a new post up ? it will only take ya 2 mins going on the shite what toonsy writes :)

  169. ~ El Toro ~

    I would add to that just to say the way he marshalls everyone else is just class and experience shining through. Have you noticed how he is always looking to organise the off side trap and has his back line almost level with him. Then he pop his hand up and looks to the linesman and when a play of his standing in the game does that it almost encourages the linesman to give it anyway. I would prefer him captain if Nolan and Ameobi are out at West Brom. Some have suggested Joey Barton but I wouldn’t after his punch on Pederson. If Sol isn’t captain material I don’t know who is.

  170. batty

    It appears so doens’t it.

    ‘toonsy emailed me and sed he was banning you and stu’

    Ive got a canny shovel you can lend to help with your muck spreading Batty if you want. :)

  171. bored m8 ,ive been painting rocks white all day just incase me neigbour wants a snow ball fight :)

  172. batty

    Its all scripted m8, it’s to try and boost the flagging number of posts on the blog. ;) :lol:

  173. DJG

    Agreed. Sol is the best ON-FIELD captain at the club. He is a natural leader and has led by example everywhere he has been.

    I personally believe our best backline is


    Also, anyone else love to see us snap up Adel Taarabt in January?

  174. If the Johnson loan is unrealist then yes but with QPR trying to win the champ and get prem football next year anyway I wouldn’t think they would want to let him go, cheaply or full-stop.

  175. He laid her on the table.
    So white clean and bare.
    His forehead wet with beads of sweat.
    He rubbed her here and there.
    He touched her neck and then her breast.
    And then drooling felt her thigh.
    The slit was wet and all was set,
    He gave a joyous cry.
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  176. RICHIETOON :) :).

    richie wor lass does a lot of card-makeing,thought i would try my hand at it for her mother for xmas,on the front i put “jesus loves you”on the inside i put “everyone else thinks your a cu@t” think she like it mate

  177. RICHIETOON you get to work today?m8.
    by the way as far as refs go that guy on sunday seemed canny what was your take on him? as you were there

  178. RICHIETOON noticed big dave is in good mood,wagner oot of X factor so hes got his ear-rings back :)

  179. i see the toon have payed oot 2.4mil to agents up to oct 2010 would have payed toonsy wages for a year that like :)