Hughton set for two-year contract extension?

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Deal or no deal for Hughton?
Deal or no deal for Hughton?
Chris Hughton and his contract, or lack of it, seems to be a saga that has rolled on and on recently.

It’s been a source of scurrilous rumour making by the press as they have tried to destabilise things Newcastle United, and it nearly worked as it got a lot of fans talking about it.

The speculation and rumours gathered pace until they reached such a point that the club, with it’s ‘no comment’ policy, felt compelled to comment on the situation to clarify that Chris Hughton would indeed be staying on as our manager and would be offered a new deal in the new year. That statement was supposed to quash the rumours, but they continued, so a policy of just having to ignore them ensued as it appears that this is the only way to deal with these types of press reports.

But according to the News of the World, both the club and Hughton are ready to settle things once and for all by agreeing on a two-year, improved, contract extension that will keep Hughton in charge until the end of the 2012-2013 season.

Chris Hughton still has his doubters, as most managers do, but few can deny that he has done a fantastic job as Newcastle manager. People tend to forget the state we were in at the start of last season, and that we have come a long way since then. Another thing that people tend to forget is that we aren’t at the end of that road yet, and that it still has a long way to go.

Since relegation, Hughton has taken charge of 67 games. He has guided us to 39 wins, 12 draws and 16 losses which gives him a winning percntage of 58.21%. Granted, a lot of those wins came in The Championship last season, but he has also masterminded some stunning victories so far this season.

I don’t think many people will argue with the fact that Hughton has worked for, and earned, a new deal, although I can understand how the stance of letting Hughton’s contract run down could have caused alarm for some. At the end of the day though, the club said that a new deal would be sorted in the new year, and that is what will happen.

It’s all been a load of nonsense from start to finish in my opinion. I’ve never thought at any point throughout the whole saga that Hughton would get sacked, or leave us, but then that is only my opinion of course.

Hopefully a new deal will be penned, which will take another angle of attack away from the press rumour mill and give us a bit of stability again.

Here is to hoping anyway!

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35 Responses

  1. All i can say is the sooner the better , the man has took the club back into the premiership and seems to have built a side capable of staying their on a shoestring budget . He has given the club stability and given us a team that plays with pride and passion . How long ago was it since we had that ? overpaid managers signing overinflated fees for egos that wanted mega bucks wages . The sooner its sorted and he can bring in his new assistant the better for the club .

  2. This whole contract thing has been nothing more than just crappy sensationalist press 3ollocks as per. Never doubted Hoots credentials and nor should anyone else.
    Hope everyone at the toon will allsettle down now and we can kick on. HWTLpeter from cyprus.

  3. About time they get the contract sorted. Anyone got a spare Bolton ticket? Gonna keep plugging away :)

  4. Bolton tickets will be very scarce.

    I think we’ve got a good chance against them as I think they’ll come at us and we’re good on the counter.

  5. Chelsea look an overrated side to me. They lack someone that can unlock stubborn defences. Power and directness seems to be their answer to everything.

  6. Richie

    I can’t believe how poor they were at SJP considering their results this season against the big teams. Can’t see them hanging on to those 3 points mind. Howay Chelsea.

  7. DJG…some of those games they’ve scraped the results but to be fair they were much the better team 1st half v Chelski…surely Chelski have to get better 2nd half, please :-)

  8. i hope they get better in the second half , i do not want the scum above us in the prem and i have 3 Chelsea players in my fantasy team which i am doing crap in :)

  9. Oh dear.

    Chelsea trailing 2goals 8O

    damn,i have Ashley cole,Drogba and Malouda in my fantasy team. :evil: :evil:

  10. I got 9/2 for the draw, can’t remember what price the Sunderland win was. :(

    Mind there’s a long way to go yet and Chelsea can easily score at home.

  11. If Mackems can win Chelsea so can we…

    Oh wait. we won them already.

    Let’s do again. :lol:

  12. I wonder why the away teams are doing so well this season, it can’t just be that there’s less pressure away.

  13. Yes CH’s contract issue was nothing but press hype. He was due to get a new contract after this one expired but the media grabbed this by the short hairs and didnt give up. There’ll be another “Toon issue” soon to replace this one :(

    As for Chelski, they look pretty ordinary without Terry, Essien and Lampard and the Makems will benefit from this BPL home hoodoo which is beginning to affect all the top teams as well as us :)

  14. I think it is the Manu & everyone else this season. Except for the bottom 2, it looks like anyone can beat anyone else. In fact, with a healthy squad, NUFC is as likely to finish top 4 as just above relegation. So the big item is keeping the team healthy and continuing to sneak in new talent. At this moment, the NUFC bench is thin on bringing on impact offensive players. When HBA is back & if someone on the squad finds his pace, NUFC will be a fearsome team.

  15. Alreet lads!

    On the topic of hoots’ contract, Ashley is doin the right thing, business wise.. Let me ask you this, if you had put your rent up. Would you do it now? Or at the latest possible opportunity?

    Anyone who says “now” is a liar.

  16. CH needs to pick up a good nr 2 soon. Get a few injured players back in there and we’ll be laughing. Interested in what type of player Gosling turns out to be…