Is this the same team that took us down?

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Andy Gray - What a plonker!
Andy Gray - What a plonker!
Pundits get right on my tits. Sorry to be direct, and I really did want to start the article with a softer opening, but I couldn’t.

But it is hard to start things off softly when something gets on you nerves as much as certain pundits get on mine.

You could argue that it is just them doing their job by getting a reaction.

I, however, would argue that their job is to give a reasonably detailed, reasonably accurate account of what is going on with various teams. So please forgive me for getting a little bit annoyed with various pundits who seem to have decided to label this current Newcastle side as ‘the same side that took us down’.

So as you may have guessed, I have decided to dispel the theory that these pundits, such as Andy Gray and Jamie Redknapp, have when they trot out the very lazy and tired line of us just being the same old team that whimpered out of the Premier League just eighteen-months ago.

It’s actually not that hard to research either, which is even more shameful when you consider the money some of these pundits earn, and the fact that they are backed up by an army of people who are armed with facts and stats at the touch of a button.

First off, what we need to do is look at the team that actually took us down. The team that played day was;

Team vs Villa 08/09 – Steve Harper, David Edgar, Damien Duff, Fabricio Coloccini, Steven Taylor, Nicky Butt, Kevin Nolan, Danny Guthrie, Peter Lovenkrands, Oba Martins, Mark Viduka.

Straight away I can see five first-team players who have moved on, plus the leech that goes by the name of Michael Owen who was on the bench. He has also now, thankfully, moved on aswell. Granted, a lot of the names in that team are still with Newcastle, but it still isn’t the same team. To illustrate that we need to have a look at the current side.

Team v Arsenal 10/11 – Tim Krul, Danny Simpson, Jose Enrique, Fabricio Coloccini, Mike Williamson, Joey Barton, Cheik Tiote, Kevin Nolan, Jonas Gutierrez, Andy Carroll, Shola Ameobi.

So I make that only two players who started yesterday who also started that match against Aston Villa. Same team indeed.

Anyway, I was using that to prove my point, but it doesn’t really matter. A lot of our squad is still the same to be perfectly honest, but the ethos within that squad has changed dramatically.

It irks me that these various pundits, and some of our own fans aswell, believe that we went down because our players were not good enough. To be fair, most of them have gone on to do ok at their new clubs, apart from Michael Owen of course, which kind of debunks that theory.

Those players didn’t cover themselves in glory in fairness, but that was only one of a number of reasons behind our relegation. Psycholgically, that team was battered. They would turn up for games and not even look like winning, not even look interested in some cases.

That is something you could never accuse this team of. It’s been a while since I have seen a sqaud that is so willing to fight for the shirt, the badge, the club, the city I love as much as this squad does.

Same team my arse!

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94 Responses

  1. Its absolute rubbish when they say its the same team that took us down very poor knowledge from the pundits that say it. It makes me laugh they say how well we did to get promoted after loosing so many players and then say the team is the same!

  2. No where near the same team… But regardless the biggest factor is… two weak links replaced by solid cast iron.

    Got rid of our biggest weaknesses and replaced them with solid proud players: Owen < Carroll, Butt < Tiote.

  3. Lets also add the list of players that left. How can we possibly be the same team.

    Martins, Owen, Beye, Bassong, Duff, Edgar, Given, Viduka, Butt, Casapa, Milner, Geremi – all left. Thats already a difference of 12 players from the squad of our relegation season off the top of my head.

    Andy Gray, cr@p pundit, worse commentator…

  4. I actually think the team we’ve got now is stronger full stop. Put it this way.. would you prefer David Edgar over Williamson? Duff over Enrique? Butt over Tiote?

    Even Martins and Viduka, one was an african sprinter who had no football brain whatsoever, couldn’t decide which foot he kicked the ball with and only scored from the occasional blast. The other was a magic player in his day but far from his best by the time he came to newcastle and needed ‘Smith to do his running for him’. Neither were getting the goals like Carroll and Nolan do.

    I think like Tiote said, the Prem is by no means the most technical in the world and all you need is someone who can stick it in the net regularly, like we have now and a defense that can play in a straight line. Also when was the last time Alan Hansen made a section about the quality of NUFC defending!

  5. Nice one toonsy,
    bang on.
    Get stuck in lad.

    Their pathetic excuse for commentary/punditry is cliched clap trap.
    It’s great when teams like us, blackpool, wba etc. prove them absolutely wrong. & highlights their inability to move on from the lazy crap of glory hunting.
    They won’t change, they can’t, they are dinosaurs.
    All we can hope for is that, like last season, they are proved wrong on a regular basis & made to look silly again & again.
    Sly/bbc etc should get into a few cuts.

  6. What you have to remember though guys, is it always their opinion?

    Sky know that the biggest percentage of their football fans and therefor revinue comes from Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United.

    Bernie Slaven is banned from the river side for saying what he really thinks. That is not always the case in other broadcasting empires. Im sure some of the ‘pundits opinions’ are almost scripted by a broadcasting editor in some places like $ky.

  7. What’s really cool though is CH tactics over the last week or so, compared with Arsene’s.
    They put out a decent team to play us out of the CC, then took it easy against shaktar, to save the team in the league game v us again.
    So they got through the CC game & lost the 2 important ones.
    CH on the other hand, put out a reserve team v them in the CC, killed the smb’s with a proper team, then got a great 3 points against the gooners at hyem.
    Tactical nous?
    Well if that was AW…

    HUGH-TON’S Black n’ White Army!

  8. DJG says:
    November 8, 2010 at 10:34 am

    He hasn’t been banned. He was there a couple of weeks ago with Micky Horswill.

  9. DJG,
    aye mate,
    Then why have we had more games than anyone on sly recently, including about the last 5 or so.
    They still want our cash, cos we draw big figures.
    They want it both ways.
    Hypocrites, the lot of ’em.

  10. At least they’re sticking about £1/2m every game into our pot while they slag us off, so it’s not all bad.

  11. DJG says:
    November 8, 2010 at 10:34 am

    He hasn’t been banned. He was there a couple of weeks ago with Micky Horswill.

    Not in a broadcasting capacity, although im not sure if thats down to licencing rights. He deffo isn’t very popular with them because of his opinions.

    it was funny when he turned up at SJP wearing a black and white tie so as not to get mugged. Then said he would ‘support the other team to newcastle’. Then got stuck in Micky Horsewill’s car because the police wouldn’t let them do a runner at 3-0 down, haha puffs.

  12. Thug boy up to his old tricks v chelsea again yesterday.
    Another elbow, again let off, no free kick, no straight red.

  13. Andy Gray is obviously full of his usual crap, along with most of the sky lot, but credit to the MOTD lads yesterday, they were full of praise for the whole Newcastle squad and Hughton as well, it would be nice for them to stop going on about the pressure on him and the whole contract because in a sense they themselves are creating the pressure…but they tell it how it is when they say Hughton has transformed the team that relegated, undeniably for the better.

  14. no definitely not the same team, while there were (supposedly) better individuals then, much prefer ‘this group of lads’, play as a team now, for each other, no mercenaries

    if anyone need a laugh, I think Robbie Savage is a complete **** but this is a classic

  15. I have read that the FA which usually stands for F*** All have decided to stick their nose into Andy Carroll and playing for England. Potentially stopping him due to the latest carry on and unfounded accusations of late. Surely Carroll is just following on in the tradition of the latest crop/ crap of English footallers, Rooney, Terry, Lampard, Crouch and a few others that are less than snow white. Is it a case of closing the door after the horse has left, trying now to make some kind of half assed attempt to prevent/ discipline plyers for off the field antics or is it just becasue NUFC is a less fashionable club. Im sorry though some one has to lead the line for england, the rest are either spoiled, lazy or just too old. At least Carroll hasnt been tainted by fame yet and long may he continue to be.

    Anyone disagree?

  16. Am i the only one that thinks Danny Simpson must have been very close to getting MOM yesterday? second game back and he is a breath of fresh air.

    I would hang my neck on the line and say he should have an England call up, as in his last 2 performances alone, he has been a million times better than that tossa at Liverpool and lets face it, who else is there out there any decent at playing right back??

  17. For me, Capello would do no harm in looking at Simpson, Carroll, Nolan and Barton!!

    Why not? He has absolutely nowt to lose!!

  18. Toonsy – great article, totally agree!!
    you should email the article to SKY to see of they act on it, wat annoys me re Andy Gray is that during his football years he was just a big lad up front who could head a ball, a journeyman if memory serves me right!
    He has done far more with SKY than he ever did with his footy career, yes he was part of a very good everton side, but only for 2or 3 seasons i think!!
    the man is prejudiced and a plonker, commentary on sky is so biased at times its unreal!!

  19. Tho i think its great for players to get a call for their nattional team Id rather our players just played for us! Lookin from the outside i think the england team/squad is a bit of a posioned chalice , and i would rather carrol nolan barton etc etc not get called up and just concentrated on getting us into champions league this season :)

    Just to be clear I dont think we r gonna be challenging for a top 4 spot this season

  20. I heard that Capello will ask the FA for permission to call Carroll up, but they won’t stand in his way. Guess we’ll have to wait and see though.

  21. Aye johnno,
    Toon players for the Toon.

    Ask the pundits, we’re rubbish.

    Lip service to Big Andy, cos they’ve got nowt else to say & know nothing about the rest of our team cos they don’t watch. They just look at the result & go: ‘who scored’?
    Oh get him in the england squad.

  22. great article, totally agree.

    toonsy, don’t mean to sound like a broken record like, remember the convo we had at the begining of the season when I was saying I fancy us to get a bag full of goals, especially away from home, from set pieces because of how big of a side we are now?

    I’m not right often, but i love it how right I was then :D

  23. ILM – Aye, you did, and I seem to remember that I was agreeing with you and said all along that Carroll would score and that Nolan has done it for years….

    I can drag up the actual articles if you like? ;)

  24. Good one toonsy.back from my exam which was a total disaster.
    Anyway on the topic,we have better pundits here with espn.although for yesterdays game we had ray parlour of all ppl and he was bragging that it was not a red card.and although he didnt say it,he was implying that we were lucky.wat a tosser but steve mcmahon and shebby singh were praising us, the first time i have seen steve do that to us so openly.but shebby has always been a great fan of ours and a very honest pundit i think.he has been waxing lyricals of carroll since the match at manu.

  25. Most of these announcers cover 2, 3 or 4 games a week. They rely on headquarters staff to give them filler. I don’t know how well informed most viewers are about the teams they are watching, but the broadcasters must figure they need chewable tid-bits to keep people watching. While that may outrage a fan who knows what each players resting and running heartbeat is, to the man on the street it is a curious and interesting item. So, I just turn down the volume and watch how the competition is playing out.

    Sunday, what tickled me was what a competitive game it was. After trying to watch Wolves hang on against Manu, this was a pleasure. Sure, NUFC was on its heels a bit, and the woodwork looked favorably on the team, but what was important is that there was lots of toe-to-toe performance.

  26. BeeGuy,
    fair enough what you’re saying, to some extent.
    But, these guys have been in the game a long time & get paid a lot of cash to do it.
    They are lazy!
    They don’t do their research.
    Being an American, you that is, you most be aware of how much the ‘pundits’ over there ‘know their stuff’.
    As a watcher of gridiron & some baseball, i’m always amazed at how much those guys research a team.
    Correct me if i’m wrong like mate.

  27. speaking of dodgy pundits, against the makems last week did anyone not hear one of the commentators call enrique ‘Luis Enrique’???

    Was a cracking player like………for Barca!!

  28. Tiote was branded “Totay” and “Toto” when we broke quickly at one point yesterday. Tiote broke with the ball and passed it off quickly and it was like they didn’t have a chance to finish his name. “Newcastle break and it’s toto to Gutierrez” lol

  29. CLINT all-reet m8,liked what J.B.was saying hoots told them gunners goalkeeper is a bit weak when comeing out for some balls in the wrong areas and thats where we put the the ball for andy,so hoots does his home-work it seems

  30. Just wanted to share an email I recieved from a Gooner this morning following several attempts to contact him:

    Dear Mr Witters
    This morning at 9:50 I received a voicemail from yourself, unfortunately due to technical difficulty this voicemail was deleted prior to my being able to listen to the whole message. Under normal circumstances I would return your call but at present I am in an active state of Geordie Embargo. The ‘Geordie Embargo’ is a prohibition of all communication between myself (Nimesh) and individuals and/or legal entities that either originate from or currently reside in the city of Newcastle. This instance of the ‘Geordie Embargo’ was activated at 15:19 on the 8th of November 2010 and will run up until either or both of the following conditions have been met.
    a)       Newcastle United Football Club (also known as The Magpies, or The Toon) suffer a competitive defeat
    b)       Arsenal Football Club registers a competitive victory
    Once either or both of the above conditions have been met the ‘Geordie Embargo’ will be formally lifted. After this time I (Nimesh) will be once again be able to communicate with individuals and/or legal entities that either originate from or currently reside in the city of Newcastle but I must stress that any instance of boasting, bragging, jactitation or self praise that is deemed excessive may re-active set ‘Geordie Embargo’.
    Kind Regards,
    Your friend and colleague,

  31. The main differences between the relegated cclub and this squad is attitude.

    ATTITUDE: we have hungry players now, either younger players trying to make their mark (Krul, Tiote, Routledge, Simpson, Carroll, Ranger) or with something to prove (Barton, Collo, Shola) or just plain gaffers (Nolan, Williamson). That’s a big difference than players being thier just to collect the check (Owen, Viduka, Geremi, Beye) or move on to the next club.




  32. MDS the main diffence between this team n any other newcastle team is CH lucky suit!

    PLayed 3 won 3 with it :)

  33. Actually i do like David Edgar as a player,but somehow i hardly see him even play for us in the past.~~ 8O

    And those who left,are mostly now bench-warmer,even Bassong is warming the bench for spuds. ;)

  34. aye I noticed that about Bassong on the weekend like, not getting a game like? I assumed he was playing in the Champions league therefore given a rest.

  35. Ross,
    That & their insistence on calling Jonas ‘Gutierrez’, even though he has ‘JONAS’ on his back. Weirdos! :)
    alreet mate.
    What a game hey?
    JB having a little dig there, loved it.

  36. Last time we were promoted we finished 3rd in our first season. We are currently 5th. Deluded? Probably, but this is the most open premier league in years. Only chelsea is showing any consistency. Anyone can beat anyone at the moment.

  37. Micky Toon
    Said exactly the same thing today at work mate, so many teams, so little points between them.

    Everyone is beating everyone!

  38. Aye,
    great consistency shown by chelsea yesterday.
    They start off with 5/6 relatively easy games, win, everyone wears them as a hat. then they have to play a tougher oppo & it all goes a bit wonky.
    I like.
    Again the pundits called it wrong.

  39. I was secretly hoping we’d sneak out of Emirates with one point, because the forces of darkness seemed to be lined up against us for this match:

    – team coming down from a big derby win, probably the highlight of the season
    – gutter media comes out with a(nother) devastating and distracting story about Carroll and Nolan
    – Arsenal coming off a mid-week loss, Wenger and his lads looking for revenge
    – recent history of poor showings at Emirates

    That the team stayed together and held its own against Arsenal speaks loudly. Chris and the lads showed no ill effects despite the array of negative influences that could have made yesterday’s match a disaster. Good show on the Magpies!


  40. clint- aye the sportscasters in the states do alot of homework. They generally talk to players and try to get in some training during a week leading up to the game. There are still biased voices out there but most of the ‘national’ voices are there because they go out of their way to be unbiased. They certainly don’t try to stir up controvercy, and they would be called out by their peers if they said anything that was obviously untrue.

  41. JerseyG
    thanx for the confirmation mate, good one.
    I thought as much, they just seem much more consciencious to me. Much easier to listen to someone’s views if it’s unbiased. Fair play the the American sportscasters.

  42. Aye Clint, but that was on the cup.
    The next couple of months will be telling. Cold weather coming in, injuries are going to star making a difference. Top two will be manu and chelsea. The rest is up for grabs.

  43. Micky,
    manusa & the chavs have showed they have weaknesses now, that’ll give everybody hope.
    chelsea had an easy start & manusa aren’t what they were.
    Wolves nearly had ’em on satda.
    All the other teams just need to play them with a bit verve.
    Oh! & hope they don’t get skanked by refs.

  44. i’ve been noticing a lot of frustration in bent’s face lately. Think he might be looking to move soon as he should, he’s wasted on that poor excuse for a club.

  45. JERSEY see what you mean,thing is he couldnt get many games at last club and i dont rate gyan that highly like at the mo

  46. Clint @ 31-

    As someone who dabbled in sports broadcasting in college and actually minored in broadcasting journalism, I can absolutely say YES- American commentators know EVERYTHING about EVERY team and typically commentate without bias, or if they do, it’s a subtle comment to let everyone know where their loyalties lie. But despite all, there is NO favoritism. Even amongts the bigger teams. But you gotta keep in mind, gridiron is different. I really is true that on any given Sunday, any team can beat any other team. The gulf in class is nowhere near as dramatic as it is ower there like. And the referreeing (though taking up valuable game time) is at the very least, as fair as I’ve seen it anywhere else.

    All that said,


  47. CLINT see stoke manager says there should be a 3 up 3 down lge for refs,P.L.v CCC with each club getting a vote it might stop refs sticking with top clubs if they all vote

  48. ice,
    aye mate,
    this is the age old problem, isn’t it?
    They are getting worse & their bias towards the ‘top’ clubs is as obvious as a mackem at the opera.
    They are culpable for loads of what’s wrong with the game.
    What really gets me though is the fact that the pundits etc. keep coming out with the lame excuse that it evens it’s self up over a season. That is just not true.
    gerrard has got away with 2 elbows already this season, neville has too. It happens every single week, ‘top 4/5/6’ get all the breaks, everyone else gets a kick in the sac.
    The bullsh that ‘Oh we don’t want to change the game too much cos we’d have nowt to talk about’ is total idiocy.
    We want the game cleaned up & a proper level playing field. Where ‘top’ can lose as well as win.
    Howay sort it out you C****!

  49. ice- i think the reason he didn’t get much time at spuds may be due to him being a tw@t and not giving a toss. But thats just me being a good journo with absolutely nowt to back my claim. ;)

  50. Nice rant, Toonsy!
    I think we can happily balance off all the guff you’ve referred to with some really positive stuff from other pundits and commentators, though. Lots of comments giving credit to just about every Toon player and section during the past two matches, and especially at the Emirates. Also plenty of stuff recognising the CH garbage as just that. Shame Andy Cole couldn’t understand that, mind.

    As someone has pointed out, you know there has been massive shift in reality when Alan Hansen sings the praises of the Newcastle defence as a shining example.

    (Oh, and yes, I agree that Simpson was bleedin’ wonderful)

  51. Ice@53- aye mate, “hamstring problem”..I heard a ‘Mr Bent’ booked stadium tour for two within the next fortnight and specifically requested that the changing rooms be made available for viewing. He’s been spotted in a few local estate agents aswell,( if he doesn’t already live in Newcastle)..”hamstring problem” :D

  52. On the ref thing, it’s really, really simple: drop this cack about never ‘refereeing a match after the event’ and review every match on video to hand out punishments and make sure it’s just not worth cheating. The refs may bitch about it, but they’re clearly not capable of making the right decisions against teams who practice cheating as much as set plays.

    It shouldn’t matter what decision the ref made on the day – if video evidence shows a player was in the wrong, he should be punished accordingly. (For example: diving in the box – 5 match ban.) It’d stop the diving, play-acting, elbows and just about everything else inside of one season. As someone fed up with paying through the nose to see the wrong teams win, I’d love to see it, but I’m not holding my breath.

    After all, it would turn the prem on its head and no doubt the FA would see that as killing the golden goose.

  53. Clint,

    If the FA could just get video review into the game, just for certain types of decisions it would be a HUGE improvement. I’d also like to see 2 more lines men and maybe even a second ref. If gridiron refs can stay out of the way of 22 players who are much more densely packed onto the field of play, football league refs can do the same.

  54. Whumpie,
    no one had the balls to mention how well our MF played though.
    JB’s still a touchy subject for most.
    & most still don’t realize that Tiote exists.

  55. Tripp,
    totally agree mate, in fact, most on here will be aware of me calling for exactly what you’ve just said.
    More refs & assistants(with real power) less mistakes.

  56. Andy carroll aka braveheart..brillant performance by everyone n did yourll notice ameobi looks much fitter than two years ago..reckon its his turn to score next..n barton is hilter born again lol hope he stays fit the whole season

  57. Tripp – Problem is that it needs to be enforcable through each level of the football league system, and at the moment there just isn’t enough refs to do it.

    Not much news about really considering we won away at Arsenal today. Mind you, I have just woken up so it might be me being all dazed and whatnot :lol:

  58. toonsy,
    na, just not much out there, it’s upset the pundits & they don’t know what slant to put on it.
    It’s spoiled their pitch, HA!
    There’s no extra stuff in cricket/rugby/tennis grass roots.
    So why does there have to be in football?

  59. It’s mainly all about Andy Carroll for England, whch is fair enough like, but I’ve done that. I’m having a mental block thinking of anything at the minute aswell (again, to do with just waking up :lol: )

  60. Maybe a quarterly report on the Defense, mid field, attack?
    Fat sham’s return?
    Home crowd raising the noise for SJP games?
    Just throwing a few out there mate, not saying they’re good ideas like boss.

  61. why does it have to be enforcable in all the leagues? It’s a seperate league. There is already “better” officiating in the top league and the top refs don’t do matches in the lower leagues. There are other aspects of the game that are not equal between the leagues. There is better faster talent involved in the epl with more money at stake as well, so whats wrong with having more officials?
    I think a lot of problems would be solved if they just added 2 more lineman so both sides and ends are covered, and then one ref behind both goals to watch the penalty area. Add to that fines put on cheats to deter foul play and we are miles better than we are now. Also with this there will be no need for replay. I think replay would kill the flow of the game and should never be used in footy.

  62. lads, I have to agree w/Clint. Why does do the extra things need to be used at all levels of the football league? They don’t televise every conference game. In the states they don’t have video review in high school games. Use it where you can and where you have the resources. It’s obvious that the refs and linesmen are struggling to keep pace with the modern game. It’s not their fault. They need help, that’s all. It would make a massive difference to the game in a good way. For one, it would really help abolish match fixing… (hmmm, perhaps we’ve found the real reason it hasn’t happened). Furthermore, the rubbish that happened at Citeh simply wouldn’t stand up to review. I can think of several things which could be done that would vastly improve the game and that wouldn’t be intrusive. Let’s face it, gridiron is a sport which lends itself to video review. Football does not. However, neither does ice hockey, and it’s been successfully implemented there… at least at the highest levels. There’s absolutely no reason it couldn’t happen in the Prem and Championship or in the major European leagues (Europa and Champions). It the individual countries in europe don’t fancy it, fine. The folks that run Juve, AC, and Inter would never allow it in Italy for the reasons mentioned above. Whatever, feck ’em. Make the English game better, that’s what I say.

  63. Aye jerseyG,
    although, i would argue for some replays.
    The flow is already ruined by diving/cheating, time wasting etc. We should have a stop the clock for such bullsh too, to negate the need for it. So the 90 mins gets played regardless of such tactics.

  64. Jersey, I’d love to see retroactive reds for diving or other egregious fouls that the ref missed. This happens all the time in American sports. The other thing I’d like to see if conditional penalties. Instead of the 3 game ban applied to so many fouls. De Jong, for example, should have had a minimum 10 game ban plus forfeiture of all wages. Ideally, he’d be banned as long as Ben Arfa is out and forfeit all wages during that time. The club would then pay those wages as a fine. The NHL did that years ago to a player named Dale Hunter for a really bad check on somebody (forget who, Pierre Turgeron maybe). $150K fine and 21 game suspension.

  65. listen to this lads, couple of bits of info I was told earlier regarding the Carroll/Nolan story from after the makem match.
    1. It was Carroll’s house, not Nolans.
    2. It’s all true! hahaha

    Know this lass who is a friend with a lass who works at a bar in town where he was and apparantly Carroll was chatting her up all night and asked her back to his, she went.

    Here’s her thinking it was going to be just them two, when she got there apparently his house was full of birds! hahaha absolutly rammed she said.

    The rest is history.

    21 yr old pulls, has sex. Nee story, next NOTW.

  66. xXx,
    Jose killed walcott, he looked like a bairn that had his lollipop took away. :)

    bang on bud.
    It’s a tired excuse, last resort even of the lame brain pundits to site the things you’ve mentioned as reasons not to change.
    They seem to forget that they aren’t actually in charge of this game.
    They aren’t even authorities on it.

  67. Aye batty,
    Happy Birthday to BIG Mike Williamson.
    Keep doing what y’doing mate, you are fit to wear the shirt.
    Howay the lads!

  68. Carroll chatted up a lass.. I thought he had a peanut brain. What is his chat up line, ‘hey me wallets full of money and I play for the toon, want come to me hoose pet’. ;)

  69. CLINT as you said aboot tiote,ime pleased they havent give him much press,all the better for us,they done it with bale so got marked to shit last game,let them keep there mind on shit-makeing,or the odd good bit carroll for england,we will keep our tiote to owr-sels :)

  70. Enjoying these recent Monday mornings for a change.

    Is it just me or has Simmo been a revelation since he came back, even MOTD 2 commented on his performance yesterday.

    Tiote is fast becoming a legend and Collo is now showing his true class in the EPl.

    All in all the signs are good.

    By the way Blackburn have beaten us in the last 5 games….

  71. TGS also m8 with J.B.on that right side (most times) we have looked a bit more solid down that side,we are not useing the big boot as much,which maybe calderwood had something to do with,a friend in scotland says hibs seemed to play a bit that way last game mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  72. TOONSY just a thought for a maybe something to keep us at it till wed.these two players tiote has told hoots about,do we know where they are, how old are they what pos they play,cost ect ect

  73. CLINT have seen him score one or two canny goals as well all that still to come,get in,was player of month sept,didnt tak long :)

  74. ice,
    would love to see the lad score a rocket launcher like.
    Aye, player of the month for sept.
    & possibly nov. at this rate.
    He does all the little things so well. great feet/vision/engine, always looking to pass, break up plays, & tough as they come.

  75. just like mackilee (typo) inter went back a lot when he left, chelsea powered on with him,just a very underated place to play in team,chelsea are not as good without ess in there either

  76. ice,
    aye mate.
    Tiote is right up there with essien for me.
    & younger, so could get better yet.

  77. Its just as annoying when they say newcastle beat the second strings at chelsea (when we had even more changes to our lineup) and lost to arsenal 4-0 at home a few weeks back without saying we had a much reduced side in there. But its fine, I dont mind the pundits being lazy and not realizing this team is much much improved in many facets on the pitch and in the office. Let them be surprised when we finish above some of the “better” sides