Jonathan Legear linked with Newcastle, again.

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Sharp hairstyle there mate......
Sharp hairstyle there mate......
It was perhaps inevitable that the rumour-mill would start creaking into life, especially given the fact that we are now under two months away from the transfer window reopening for business.

There have been a few names linked over the last few weeks, but one name that keeps popping up is Jonathan Legear, currently of Anderlecht in Belgium.

Legear is predominantly a right-sided midfielder but he does have the abiliy to play up front, aswell as possesing a fair amount of pace. He is 23-years old and has scored 14 goals in 99 appearances for the current Belgian league champions, although in fairness he has only really started to figure on a more consistent basis over the last two and a bit seasons.

Those of you who read regularly will know that I, personally, don’t really believe any speculation, but I still like to cover the various names that we are linked with from time to time, hence the reason for this article.

Check out Legear in action.

Apparently, scouts from Newcastle have been out to Belgium a few times to watch the lad, and the player is aware of interest and claims that Newcastle have made contact with his agents over a potential January move to Tyneside.

“Newcastle have contacted my agent to let him know they are interested in me,” Legear told La Derniere Heure. “I need to prove again and show if I have the level to play in the Premier League.”

The report also claims that Chris Hughton himself has been to Belgium to watch the lad in action although it also points out that Everton are supposed to be monitoring the situation.

What do you think?

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46 Responses

  1. I understand why you cover these rumours and fair play to you. But from a personal point of view, considering the rubbish the press spout out about us, and the trouble press rumours have caused for Chris Houghton and the club recently, I am from now on presuming anything the press write about NUFC is a load of uninformed nonsense.

  2. Well, another winger seems like a need to me since we are so thin there.

    this site is usually very good about not rumour-mongering on the transfer front, but when a name keeps popping up like Legear’s has, there’s usually truth to the fact that we’re at least monitoring him…

  3. also, one of the main reason why I have covered this now is the fact that it is coming from Belgium and not one of our red top brigade.

    Generally speaking, but not always, foreign press is much better than ours…

  4. You would have to be the village idiot not to see that NUFC is weak on the wings. An injury to Jonas or Joey and Plan A is out the window with a Plan B quite filled with unanswered questions. We just don’t know how close to PL ready are reserve team wingers, so the rumor mill will keep our attention unless we get a surprise and find some youngsters on the bench or the pitch through merit.

  5. TOONSY know you can only show what you have and hes only 23 but in those clips he had all the time in the world on the ball,think you could have put them away toonsy,would like to see a bit more of him,but if the price is right who knows?

  6. more competition on the wings is only a good thing. just no more CMs please!!

    short vid from the NYC boys from the pub on sunday. made for a rough day at work yesterday!

  7. There may be some truth in this as no doubt the club can’t keep all their scouting goings on secret. I also don’t believe that spiel that the club won’t be looking to add in Jan. This is the sort of player I would hope we were trying to attract as well. In a position that needs strengthening and a player reaching their peak. Small striker, Right wing are the positions we need recruits. I don’t think we will sign another RB to go with the 3 we’ve already got. Although I would sell all 3 to sign an international class RB with Gosling as cover.

  8. When we have Benny and Gosling back I don’t think we’ll be so desperate on the wings. So no need to panic and end up with as many wingers as we have central midfielders. Also 1 decent winger is worth about 5 crap wingers.

  9. icedog says:
    November 2, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    “TOONSY know you can only show what you have and hes only 23 but in those clips he had all the time in the world on the ball”

    I thought the exact same thing, We have seen how Routledge has struggled against superior defenders who close the ball down quicker.

    I was happier with the Kranjcar links…

  10. Excellent piece in the fiver….


    In the 1978 slasher movie Halloween, mask-wearing, knife-wielding, babysitter-killing Michael Myers survives a knitting needle in the neck, a clothes hanger in the eye, a knife in the chest, six gunshot wounds and a fall through a window and over an upstairs balcony to turn up fit, well and eager for more enthusiastic murdering in the sequel, which takes place on the same night.

    Now the Fiver isn’t about to get into a debate about the wrongs and rights of wandering around in a set of overalls and a white mask killing attractive teenage girls, but watching the latest timely release in the much loved horror franchise: Halloween 2010: Newcastle 5-1 Sunderland yesterday, it became apparent that the whimpering knife-fodder representing the Mackems could have done with some of Myers’s famous bouncebackability.

    Perhaps the only good thing about yesterday’s humiliation from a Sunderland perspective is that it fell on Halloween, which means their players and fans will at least have been able to go about their post-match sorrow-drowning in peace by donning hideously grotesque masks, much like the one Steve Bruce wears on a daily basis, and pretending they were Geordies.

    “Just wanna apologise to all the fans who went to the game and watched else where,” wrote social networking Sunderland striker Darren Bent on Twitter last night. “Didn’t go the way we wanted. We are hurting too. We promise too put this right. Starting with Stoke next week.” There hasn’t been a Tweet or peep out of Bent since, leading at least one tea-timely football email to suspect he may have been the first footballer in Tyne-Wear history to die of embarrassment.

    Chairman Niall Quinn also apologised for the drubbing, even though it was 89 times more entertaining than their average game. “I would like to emphasise that everyone at this club will face the music together,” said Quinn. “Especially Titus Bramble,” he didn’t add.

  11. Well he ticks all the boxes

    1. Spiky sticky up hair
    2. Knows where the cameras are
    3. Has a fan base who make You Tubes of him with funky, rap based soundtracks.

    Should fit in well at SJP :)

    PS was that team in the Yellow/red strip Sunderland’s feeder club ?

  12. If this deal fell through I would go for Nico Krancjar, don’t know if there was any truth in our intrest there either but he would add some PL quality to the right hand side that Routledge doesn’t seem to.

  13. DJG- not sure Gosling help much on the wing- I think he would be out of place there like Guthrie. Agree that we are fine at RB- no superstars, mind, but Simpson looks a solid player and Perch/RTaylor and even STaylor or Tavernier can play it in a pinch.

    Barton has been great on the wing but he really won’t be able to hack it there againt a team with a lot of pace on the flank. I like Fergie a lot but he seems to have settled at LB. I haven’t seen enough LuaLua to judge him. I like Arfa best in the middle of the pitch but he will be gone awhile (if not forever). So I would say we are quite thin there.

  14. I want there to be a ressie game at SJP so I can see this Moyo and what he’s like. :(

    Supposed to be a french youth international left footed, skillful and fast, Man U were interested for a long while.

  15. Because of the excellent work in the past 2 windows the club has the luxury of focusing on finding bargain players rather than paying through the schnozz to fill particular positions. If we do hear rumours like this it is either fabrication or just some hack seeing our interest in some player as an investment and blowing it up into more.

  16. MDS says:
    November 2, 2010 at 2:16 pm
    DJG- not sure Gosling help much on the wing- I think he would be out of place there like Guthrie.

    Not sure m8, haven’t seen him yet so not gonna start comparing him to Guthrie, plus he is supposed to be a bit of a utility player so may be more adaptable than DG.

  17. Does anyone think S.Taylor will get back into the side?

    I know some people say bench him until he signs a contract… but I mean… is he good enough anyway?

    There’s no chance he is better than Coloccini and to be honest I think Williamson is a better defender aswell. He is positionally more aware, has similar physical attributes and never seems to be as flustered as S.Taylor. Someone wrote it was because S.Taylor was always recovering from being 3 yards out of position which I think was a good point. Some people have said play him at Rb but would he really have the pace and attributes to play there long term. Todays fullbacks are more like wingers who can tackle.

  18. Not if he plays like he does against Wigan Stiffs. 2-0 down apparently in the first half :(

  19. useless speculation – transfer window is ages away, we won’t know what positions we are looking to fill until the form, fitness and availability of our squad is more known nearer to the window – for example if a striker gets injured we’ll be in for a striker, if Guttierez hits amazing form and Ben Arfa comes back early we won’t need a winger so much, Steve Taylor due back at CB, big Sol getting fitter, is Enrique hits poor form or injury we need a left back etc. No use in speculating, we don’t know what CH will be looking for until closer to the time.

  20. DJG says:
    November 2, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    Not sure m8, haven’t seen him yet so not gonna start comparing him to Guthrie, plus he is supposed to be a bit of a utility player so may be more adaptable than DG.
    I just remember his quotes from the time we signed him talking about how he viewed himself as a CM and didn’t like the wing, etc. I haven’t seen much of him either but from what I read from other fans, he has never been described as pacey. Not that you necessarily need a ton of pace on the wing if you are good positonally, though. We’l see soon enough

  21. Sorry for going against the party line here. Are we all that weak on the wings? Maybe I’m a village idiot after all.

    We have Jonas, Routledge, Arfa, all wing specialists. Lua lua and Ferguson coming through for next season. Guthrie and Ranger who can do a satisfactory stand-in job there. Gosling – who has played well there on occasion for Everton – and all that’s before you mention Barton’s recent 2 england-call-up prompting masterclasses on the right.

    Compared to the majority of the EPL we are seriously well covered – just look at liverpool, for e.g. I’d hardly be rushing out to sign someone just for the sake of it.

  22. You have to find good enough players that are also happy to sit and wait in the wings should someone get injured. The way you lot go on – you seem to think top, top talent will be happy to come to the toon to play in the reserves.

    On Taylor – assuming Colo is the 1st choice, I’d be amazed if Hughton pulls the rug from under Williamson – he’s been too good for that.

  23. @ Toonsy: Hope all’s well with you mate. In general, that Bardsley speculation a little while back wouldn’t be such a bad thing. He put in a decent shift against us for Sunderland. Better positionally than Perch. & Jonas gave him hell anyway…

  24. Just sent Toonsy an email via the blog to get an article up to see if we can get a mass singing of Happy Birthday to Chris on the Liverpool game as he turns 52 on 11th Dec

    Would be a nice touch, the more people know about it the more chance it has of bein a success!

    The big man would love it !!! :D

  25. Bardsley’s tackle on Bigger Lad at the beginning of the match was about the only decent bit of play they produced. Good on Andy C for not complaining either – he just got up and carried on.

  26. Good to see the ‘Hughton is a Geordie’ banner. I quite enjoyed all the supporters, players, other managers and even most of the pundits getting behind CH and basically slagging off the sh*te-stirring idiots behind those stories. How things have changed since the world would get on our backs at the slightest excuse!

  27. Looking forward (I know – it’s only Tuesday, but I’m bored) I wonder if CH will play the same starting line-up against Arsenal, or start with a 4-5-1 and be more cautious?

    I’d understand either, but you have to believe we can stick at least one past them at the Emirates with all that attacking experience on the pitch. Not sure how well our defenders will do, but Tiote will be a key player.

  28. Well, Fabregas is missing tonight, and they may be missing Arshavin, Denilson and Song aswell ;)

  29. Whey while driving around the North East today I still find myself chuckling everytime I see sunderland written on a roadsign or truck.Happy days :lol:

  30. “Toonsy says
    Well, Fabregas is missing tonight, and they may be missing Arshavin, Denilson and Song aswell ;) ”

    Fabregas is only missing cos he didnt fancy the trip to Donetsk.