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“Newcastle don’t need to spend millions” – Jose Enrique.

Posted on November 4th, 2010 | 19 Comments |

L to R - Jose, Colo, Willo, Carroll, Nolan, Barton.
L to R - Jose, Colo, Willo, Carroll, Nolan, Barton.
Newcastle full-back, Jose Enrique believes that the Tynesiders can compete in the Premier League, without spending millions of pounds on new talent.

With Chris Hughton’s future still undecided the United boss has, so far, had to work with a shoe-string budget compared to the days of old at Newcastle, and it appears that the days of record-breaking signings are over, for now anyway.

“We haven’t signed too many players or big name players. Look at Sunderland – they have spent a lot of money and we outclassed them 5-1,” Enrique told The Daily Telegraph. “Some teams spend money and will think they have more of a chance of staying up or getting a strong finish in the Premier League, but we have a good squad.”

“When new players come in and have been here for a month or so, it feels like two years because they are made so welcome. It’s a really important quality”

The popular Spanish left-back, signed for £6million by former United boss, Sam Allardyce also supported comments made by Kevin Nolan and Shola Ameobi by repeating the togetherness of the current side:

“We’re very close now. We are not just 11 names on a team sheet – we are 11 friends on a match day and all friends within the squad.”

“Most of us have been together for three seasons now so it is almost a second nature when we look up to each other for a pass.

“Yes, we have only won two games at home, but the overall total of points so far is good. The celebrations showed how together we were on Sunday.”

The togetherness that has been displayed at times this season is an important quality that will be needed in the tougher parts of this season.

It’s just nice to see players who want to play for us!

Editor’s note from Toonsy – I apologise for the delay in getting this article published. It was my fault as I missed it. Sorry Paul!

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19 Responses

  1. Love it! “We’re very close now. We are not just 11 names on a team sheet – we are 11 friends on a match day and all friends within the squad.”

  2. It’s amazing to think Carroll, Enrique, Tiote, Ben Arfa & Gosling cost about 14m, that is fantastic business imo.

  3. i know, neither did Gosling i was just making a point of how much we paid for our ‘better’ players :D

  4. It is just such a huge jump from the days of old when we fretted over how much we had to spend to plug this or that gaping hole in the squad.

    Now we can just look for the bargains, the diamonds in the rough – and continue to pick up signings like Williamson. I’m not saying the squad is as good as it could be, but if we sign nobody in January I won’t worry.

    Cracking work by all concerned over the last year and a bit – what a transformation!

  5. Bah and humbug. We need more top class signings that cost the earth so Jim (the Tw@t)White can stand outside SJP and get the fans to do song and dances and just generally jump up and down like eeejuts.

    Thats how to run a club (for the mentally challenged):(

  6. Enrique needs to be made to sign a contract extension soon if we don’t want to see him pached from under our noses. He is vital to the side and should be on around the same wages as Joey.

  7. hahaha @ andy mac
    got to love those ‘special’ ones, week day, at mid day? why aren’t they working? hmmmmm

  8. Absolutly love Enrique. Class player and seemingly a class act off the field too. The celebrations on Sunday were brilliant. To be honest it still hasnt sunk in. I think back to standing there at 3-0 and just laugh about it.
    Also Toonsy, the Tiote pic from the previous thread is hilarious. Promptly became my phones wallpaper!

  9. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    November 4, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    “Enrique needs to be made to sign a contract extension soon if we don’t want to see him pached from under our noses. He is vital to the side and should be on around the same wages as Joey.”

    He already get most of what Barton gets, El Toro, and is one of the most well salaried players in the side.

  10. on the thread theme, i’ll paste what I said on the previous thread

    Gone now are the mercenaries and all the players we try to attract/go for are young, hungry and want to play for the club. Furthermore, but just as important, they want to win for each other, as a team!

    Not notice, take Nolan’s first goal against the makems, everyone absolutely swamped him, PILE ON!!!!!!! Even the foreign lads were right in the middle.

    It’s great to see after the past few years of individuals in a black and white strip that we now actually have a TEAM!

  11. I think clearly we still need new set of wingers,and striker.

    Today i have a sudden train of thought on the issue of Xisco.

    CH clearly doesn’t want Xisco to be in the club,and wish to sell him off.

    But here’s the deal,How could u be able to sell Xisco,if he isn’t playing at all??I don’t see any clubs willing to buy Him if he isn’t playing.

    And His contracts runs out like in 2013? So the club willing to keep paying him without him playing? 8O

  12. AoD – I think the problem lies with the player himself, who cannot be forced to leave.

    I am guessing that he’s on pretty good wages here, and all he does is sit around on his ar*e doing chuff all except pick up his pay cheque.

    I am sure the club are pretty cheesed off with him.

    If he wanted to play football he would have moved months ago :(

  13. That’s the point i am trying to made,if CH wants Xisco to leave,he needs to play some games,in order for other clubs to be attracted and buy Him over.

    But he isn’t playing,yet being paid till 2013. 8O

  14. AoD – catch 22 – not good enough or not committed enough to play … but still wants his high wages …

    we are stuck with him until the contract runs out :(

  15. Agreed on Xisco – the white elephant that says everything about Wise and the folly of Ashley’s early reign. It also reminds us of how much things have changed since then and how far Ashley’s come since admitting those mistakes.

    Xisco is an absolute fool if he is just sitting back and taking the money. His career will be dead by 2013 and if he doesn’t get his gay buns into gear either for us or by moving elsewhere, he’ll lose a lot more in the long run.