Newcastle head to Stevenage in FA Cup 3rd round.

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Up for the cup?
Up for the cup?
The winter nights are upon us, it’s freezing cold, Christmas is just around the corner, and all of that can only mean one thing – The FA Cup is upon us.

The romance of the FA Cup is something that is recognised the world over. Every year there are shocks and success stories and tales of David v Goliath. People love to back the underdogs, and the FA Cup remains one of the only competitions that can pit Champions League teams against local amateur sides.

Newcastle haven’t had much luck with cup draws in recent years, and they usually get drawn away at some of the real big hitters like Manchester United or Arsenal or Chelsea. It’s very seldom that we get a plum draw, and the last time I can think of that happening was a few years back against Yeading, and a couple of years before that, ironically against Stevenage. We still managed to just about scrape through those ties aswell, with the help of a replay against Stevenage. That is the magic of the FA Cup.

We haven’t always had the same fortunes however. You can bet your bottom dollar that stories of Ronnie Radford will get dragged out of the archives around this time of year. That was way back in 1972 when we were drawn against Hereford United in what should have been an easy win for Newcastle. It wasn’t, and The Magpies were sent tumbling out of the cup thanks to Ronnie Radford’s rocket shot.

But enough talk of upsets as I don’t want to think about it anymore. Newcastle will once again head to Stevenage in an astonishing rematch of the game that took place way back in 1998. I’m not a massive fan of the way that Newcastle acted over that tie, but I’m pretty sure it will be different this time around. Anyway, I won’t go into that too much as you can watch this video and make your own minds up about it all.

The matches will be played on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of January, and I have a funny feeling we could well be on TV for this one.

What was I saying about David v Goliath?

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109 Responses

  1. I couldn’t believe that as I was writing about Stevenage that we actually got drawn against them again :lol:

    I remember it was pretty tasty back then :D

  2. This was before fooball was invented back in 2004, before the Johnny come lately’s like DJG came along. Good times, real support ;)

    Watching Dalglish rip apart arguably the most talented team we have ever had and replacing them with Ian Rush, John Barnes, Stuart Pearce…..

  3. christ, remember that game so well, that Gratsioli fella who scored went on to play in the league at some level, can’t remember where.

    Proper FA cup tie, bring it on

  4. Felt really sorry for Hamilton. Granted he was pipe, but it’s still not nice to see a player retire so young.

  5. DJG – What are you doing on here? Don’t you remember? “Nobody cares about what went on in the past”

    I class your reply as a bite anyway, otherwie why clarify that you aren’t biting, Johnny?

  6. ‘before the Johnny come lately’s like DJG came along.’

    Ive supported newcastle for 22 years. ;)

  7. any highlights of todays goals ?.. never managed to see the game, spent the day with the family drinking wine and eating chocolate…

  8. Yes but they were always my club, I didn’t come on blogs everyday, partly coz they wern’t invented, but I supported Newcastle, like my entire family does.

  9. Munich Mag

    Not really I have a counter quote for every quote, remember I can log in and search aswell you know, I think he just needs a hug really. Maybe it’s because im a proper geordie with the accent ect and he isn’t. ;)

  10. AS I said, how can you support something that you were never really in to…..

    Smacks of bullshit to me. I’ll go get your comment out of the archives for others to mooch over and see if they get the same impression…

  11. Toonsy …sounds like DJG has you trapped in a half-nelson there matey…!…he’s got a point with the Geordie accent the cheeky monkey…!

  12. DJG – you’re a proper bell end.

    That’s about it.

    Flagging hughton again today – classy!

  13. Nice one DJG. Bring the accent into eh? Birthplace counts for nowt eh?

    The fact is I didn’t choose to move away. I had no choice. Once my dads business went tits up in the recession of 89 we had no choice other than to move away to get away from the banks.

    Cheers mate

    Class A cunt.

  14. MM

    Notice how he used to go on and on about me accusing him of stuff and starting on him ect. Who started it on this thread? Shall I go back and dig out the one of where he had his strop saying I was only on here as a WUM and to get bites. Irony anyone?

  15. DJG you started it on the last thread you fecking prick. Mow get to feck, and don’t come back you little shytehouse.

  16. come on lads nee in-fighting,we are all toon fans,hospital in morning for me,was hopeing to read some good comments it was a canny result,even though some other team beat then 3-0 at home :(

  17. toonsy we’ll wait and can find loads out on the internet these days…

    ice agree mate, great result today in my opinion, another defeat today and the doom mongers would have been out, and the blather merchants in the media having a field day.

  18. TC – He got too personal with what is a very personal and emotional area for me. At least I was only taking the piss out of things he said and didn’t use anything personal against him.

  19. DJG says:
    November 28, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    What’s that got to do with anything?

    toonsy says:
    November 28, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Also I’m not too sure I’m comfortable with you just banning people because they offend you. Get a thicker skin, mate. This is a pubplic blog. People will offend and get offended, but just because you can ban someone, doesn’t mean you should. After all, nobody else can do it, so why should you?

  20. Stuart – People can take the piss out of what I write if they choose. They can trash my opinions if they wish, but when they get personal I class that as stepping over the line. There was no need for him to mention my accent. It has no relevance to what has been said on this blog, as has me being construed as “not a real geordie”. If you aren’t happy with it then, well, sorry, but tough.

  21. Toon Chicken says:
    November 28, 2010 at 7:13 pm
    Haha – nice1 toonsy

    Get a fcking life, you sound about 10 yrs old!

  22. TC – Stuart doesn’t really get personal based on what he knows about you. He just has a difference of opinion at times and argues his case.

  23. toonsy says:
    November 28, 2010 at 7:32 pm

    So you’re annoyed he mentioned you haven’t got an accent? Jeez, loosen up.

    I ain’t got an Geordie accent, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I have Geordie blood in me, but I cannot help where I was born – I needed to be near my mother at that time!

    Also I think you just banned someone who donanted money to the blog? That’s why I haven’t donated yet…

  24. toonsy says:
    November 28, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    You made it pretty clear he was banned. Hope he isn’t, if only for support of free speech.

  25. toonsy says:
    November 28, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    “TC – Stuart doesn’t really get personal based on what he knows about you.”

    He tries to get personal on what he DOESN’T know about people sometimes. Well, he does with me anyway. It’s usually the stereotype of the lonely nerd who sits at a computer all day and doesn’t have a girlfriend etc.

  26. Stuart – Well you got the wrong impression. DJG is still free to post.

    Mind you, if that is why you haven’t donated then I’d rather you kept your hand in your pocket as you are asking for people who donated to be treat differently. I’ll put the cash in myself, and I’ll do it immediately…

    Thanks for the long standing yet non forthcoming offer, but no thanks…

  27. toonsy says:
    November 28, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    I’m not asking for anyone to be treated differently, well unless their racist, homophobic or generally disgustingly biggoted.

    Nobody should be banned.

    You quite clearly insinuated you were banning him, I’m glad you didn’t and I am just about to donate this very minute actually but thanks for being so gracious.

  28. Yes you are Stuart. You quite clearly said that you haven’t donated because you feared getting banned.

    So basically taking the bones out, you want carte blanche just for donating. I’m not prepared to give that.

  29. toonsy says:
    November 28, 2010 at 7:50 pm
    Stuart – Well you got the wrong impression. DJG is still free to post.

    I wasn’t for a while, you banned me you rotten liar. :lol:

  30. DJG – No, I just deleted the post where you accused TC and me of being the same person and the other one that said I was a disappointment…

  31. Anyway forget it

    I stepped over the line.

    In hindsight I wish I hadn’t mentioned accents although at the time it was meant to be tongue in cheek. Sorry m8.

  32. DJG I’ve been trying to tone down my Geordie accent for years, as since I live in Germany neebody would understand what I was saying. But I’m still a supergeordie through and through…like toonsy.

    btw which part of the toon are you from ?

  33. Dave – Me? short fuse? pfft

    To be fair it’s probably to do with my health problems (fingers crossed there still isn’t any) and the fact that I have been working my nuts off as I have a new £15 million project going live tomorrow. The mrs leaving me didn’t help either really…

  34. As chuckles :lol:


    Im not from the toon im from gateshead, very near where Toonsy is originaly from I believe.

  35. toonsy says:
    November 28, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    I’m not asking for anything off you, toonsy. Just don’t get too big for your boots.

    Anyway, I’ve donated now – £50 quid to the coffers.

  36. DJG Gateshead…happy days…that’s where I did my apprenticeship…happy days and pints on the High Street…

  37. DJG stick with us Kid even if you didn’t start following the Toon until your later Teens just because you had to many Girls chasing you about when you we’re a young-un ;)

    Toonsy was that Chuck I seen the other night as Chuckie or something else added on the end of Chuck ? .
    What about WWW does he ever try to make a reappearance

  38. wow toonsy, you got some bad shit going down mate. Good luck with the new project, and that all your hard work comes to fruition…

  39. Ok I admit I wasn’t into football much pre being about 17, 18. Ive made up for it in the time since. :)

    Does it really give people a reason to pick on me for it?

  40. DJG – When I was born my family lived in Crawcrook. My mum didn’t have a car back in 82 so when she went into labour she had to get the bus. It was pot luck as to which one came first, Hexham or Newcastle. The Hexham one came first so that is where I was born.

    I lived in Crawcrook, then Prudhoe before having to move for the reasons I said earlier. Distance was the key which is why we ended up in Portsmouth. Then later in The Midlands which is where I settled.

    Still have all my family in and around Newcastle. My Gran and Grandad live in Winlaton along with several aunties and uncle and about 50 cousins. My sister and nephew and niece live in Prudhoe still and I have a cousin who owns a couple of pubs in Winlaton aswell. His latest puppy is The Turf.

  41. Used to work wi a couple of lads from Winlaton, it was a reet bugga trying to get the van out off his estate in winter.

  42. Stuart – Aye. £5 million p/a for three years is what Porsche are paying us to do their logistics for them. As I run the logistics it’s been me who has had to do most of the work.

    Toyota want to make more money, so why not use my department (which is more efficeint, more productive and more profitable than any other car manufacturer) to do it.

    They were toying with partnering with Fiat, but they are seen as opearting in the same market space as Toyota so they didn’t really want to help. porsche is a different kettle of fish though and won’t even affect Lexus.

    I tried to get a Porsche company car but it didn’t work. I got a £12 baseball cap, some branded aftershave and a day out at Silverstone driving around the Porsche experience centre though. It’s amazing how small they operate. I was susprised when they went through it with me.

  43. Stu how big off an apple.

    DJG I hope you didn’t think I wasnt having a pop at you I was sticking up for ye ;) I know lots of kids 2 of my own included that dont really get into the game untill a bit later

    Richie what reception did Taylor get today mate I missed them coming onto the pitch ??

  44. toonsy

    My mother and fathers families are from Stanley and Winlaton. My mam and dad, (a bit before you were born), lived in Burnopfield, they moved to Dagenham London where my dad worked at Ford’s for many years, they moved back up to Ryton a year or so before I was born, it’s pot luck where we’re from.

    When Im 50 I might like Whiskey and Cricket, which I hate now. I used to not like football. There use that as a quote forever toonsy. Life is an education and things change.

  45. Dave I think Taylor looked the part today. Wiser than he used to be and very much the main man rather than Sol’s assistant.

  46. I think it helped having Campbell in there. Anyone else notice he was bossing the back four around and telling when to move, where to go etc?

  47. Dave – In my opinion they are our best centre back pairing. Williamson and Collocini started off well but both looked lightweight recently. Still not convinced with Collocini to be honest.

    There will be interesting times ahead at our club. Smith, Barton, Collocini and Enrique cannot have more than two years left on their contracts. I wonder if the club offer new contracts or try to sell. Enrique is worth a rise but I’d be suprised if he gets ot.

  48. DJG…I’d like to think that Taylor is gonna stay. If CH pulled that one off it would be a real coup…

  49. Stuart I agree regarding Collocini, when he is good he is real good, but he is a bit lightweight for a CH..

  50. Oh and just to say that if any other club had a left back with 18 months to 2 yrs left on his contract playing as well as Enrique the club would have opened contract talks, offered him a rise and signed him up on a five year deal. But not us, we’ll fck about and he’ll more than likely be off.

  51. On his day Enrique is one of the best left backs to play for the toon. …we should get him signed up on a longer contract pdq..

  52. Toonsy I was thinking about that today for him being very quiet in the dressing room etc, but maybe he makes up for it on the pitch ;)
    Poor Ice spending all that time and money voting for Wagner and there it was all wasted :lol:

  53. If Ameobi and Nolan are out for West Brom, I would make Campbell captain I would, anything less is an insult considering his experience.

  54. DJG – I reckon Barton will get the armband to be fair mate. He seems to be the next in command, which in itself is potantially firghtening :lol:

  55. I wouldn’t give Barton the armband fresh from his three match suspension. We’re not a ragie Joe Kinnear club!

  56. Interestd 2 read th little argument about accents/birthplaces etc. I was born i kings lynn (norfolk) and nw live in wisbech (cambs) supportd th toon since ’95 (was born in ’88) and am th only magpie in my family. Does this make me less of a fan? i love th club and am so proud 2 b known as a geordie!