Newcastle United v Bolton video highlights and post match interviews.

Posted on November 20th, 2010 | 57 Comments |

Highlights, or, if you will, ‘lowlights’ of today’s rather miserable capitulation to Bolton at the Reebok Stadium, along with some rather amateurish Chinese commentary! The teams erratic form continues.

Post match interview videos with Chris Hughton and Owen Coyle (below), with Hughton saying that the scoreline did not entirely reflect the match, amongst other things.

Post match interview with the Trotters’ Owen Coyle, where he sings the praises of his free scoring team, focusing on in form hitman, Johan Elmander.

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57 Responses

  1. Hang on a min, I think ive got a positive. Arn’t the next 3 games televised. We seem to play better when it’s on telly. :)

  2. Chris Hughton was right, the result didn’t match the performance. Newcastle could have scored 4 goals today, Nolan, Carroll. Bolton SHOULD have scored TEN Goals. We were so much better than Newcastle.

  3. We need a new game plan. We are playing very boring football. The only plan there is to get a high ball in to Carroll and Shola and thats it!
    The others teams have already figured that out

  4. The only thing Colo did right was his elbowing technique. He looked at fault for pretty much everything today.

    Ah well, we’ll just have to pick ourselves up after this, not much else we can do is there?

  5. Colo had his worst game in a year or something, had to happen eventually.
    He was hating the game & took it out on elmander, after he hustled him off the ball for the 4th, deserved his red card.
    We gifted them 2, the second was offside, the Jose pen was bollox, no way a pen.
    Credit to Carroll for a well taken right footer. Hard luck, the one against the bar.
    bolton’s 3rd was a good one & the ‘killer’.
    I guess Sol’s in for Colo.
    Fank thuck Tiote’s back next game, cos the MF was severely lacking today.
    Routledge over Guthrie on the right.
    bolton deserved the win, albeit, aided by our hapless defensive errors.
    Take away the 2 glaring ref mishaps (offside 2nd, 2nd pen), & 3-1 was about right.

  6. You guys have nothing to worry about Toon are playing too well to go down! Obviously not today!

    I cummed a bit when Elmander scored his 2nd goal.

    4th eh and Bolton were predicted by manyto go down!

  7. i wonder if enrique can sing… if he plays like that again he should choose a new career. though i can forgive him one mare of a game.

    glad colos out as campbell can now come in and i hope a sub appearance for tayls for williamson sooner rather than later will show how good they both play ( as in better than colo + wills ) and hopefully they will be magic together and we can all live happily ever after with the one nil wins we have missed this season and go on and win the league.


  8. newcastle poor, colo looked like his former self although unlucky to be sent off. 1 goal offside, and final penalty unfair on newcastle and jose enrique. 3-1 would have been more reliatic but the premier league will punish!

    Sol and S Taylor pleased!

  9. LMAO in what reality was Colo unlucky to be sent off…..He done him with his elbow, and that is a straight red.

    We were garbage…75 mins in and we had 1 shot on target against Bolton!! if we were up against Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelski then fair do’s but Bolton!!!!

    That summed up the game for me.

    anyway onwards and upwards!!

  10. Sunderland and Arsenal were great days but blackpool, stoke, blackburn, fulham , Wigan and Bolton have been absoute shockers.

    The sign of madness is not to learn from your mistakes and CH doesn’t seem to does he ? Still playing Guthrie as a right winger and picking the hopeless Smith.

    The long ball game we play stinks worse than an Allardyce team and Nolan and Colo’s yobbish behaviour doesn’t do our name any favours. Carroll is good on the deck, just look at his goal with his right foot, but how often do we play it to his feet ? You know in a Manu team he’d score 30 a season !

    CH has no plan B, won’t play youth, ie Vuksic instead of Smith (who we all know is shot.)

    Spidey is never going to improve his final pass it seems, so give Ferguson go.

    Would love a manager like Coyle or Poyet who play football an give youngsters with a bit of flair a chance to express themselves.

    I knew Lee would tear us apart and Smith let him do exactly that. Hasn’t CH even studied them?

  11. Ye, Chris found a formation that was working. But teams have worked it out, and he seems stuck on it now… Absolutely no plan “B”.

    Not saying there should be any pressure on him for the sack. Hes done more than enough to deserve time to prove he can bring things right again. But he has to have the balls to play a bit more attacking and give the youngsters a chance were players like Smith are just never gona come right.

  12. Is everyone on curfew in Wigan, it’s like the land that time forgot.
    Anyone going to west brom match, I think a good session in the german market may be good :)

  13. from the brief bits of footage I have seen it looks like it was a collective poor display and not just one player having a mare.
    I get annoyed with Hughton because of repeated mistakes in team selection square pegs in round holes and blind faith and loyalty.
    We are forced into long ball game with a central midfield of Smith and Nolan neither can see a pass. Guthrie and Jonas don’t score enough.
    Hughton can go two ways from here. Pick the same players again bar the suspended Colo and Smith or refresh the side with four or five changes so that the side does not have the memory of yesterdays thrashing in their mind.
    What do people think?
    I would go for the changes

  14. ch never learns nothing..playing slow midfield..with no support..were beat b4 we started…ever other team..who have injuries play kids..he just plays the same shit..sorry he will be sacked at the end of the season..he isnt the person to take us forward..jj u are spot on..we still had a lot of chances..but ever player apart from carrol lost their heads..if that was wolves..what happened against bolton..they wouldnt here the last of this..

  15. Good on you lads going to West Brom.
    They to are on the slide towards the bottom six.
    We new this was going to be the way.
    wolves and west ham are getting detached and will find it hard to get out the fight to avoid 18th will be a nervous battle

  16. Sol for Colo

    Kadar for Willo. Saylor is just as error prone.

    Tiote for Smith

    Ranger / Routledge / Vuksic for Guthrie as Barton not available

    Ferguson for Guti.

  17. In S Taylor out Williamson
    In Sol out Colo
    In tavernier out simpson
    In Tiote out Smith
    In Vuckic out Jonas
    In Xisco out Shoala
    In Routledge out Guthrie

    A question to be asked is I am one who pushes for the young guns to play others counter that by saying we would get nothing points wise. My argument is that would the youngsters fared any worse in our last three games. Blackburn, Fulham and Bolton one measly point.

    team selection is crucial. no side can go a season using thirteen players. different opposition requires a different side from us

  18. every team apart from top 4 kids..they are doing well in reserve league..look at aston villa..they have major injuries and tryed their young players and doing thinks smith is top lad..but he is missing the point..he is worse then nicky i said last was the same..a season started becasue he got injuried..pre season..he would have played..get rid ch..smith gutherie loven r.talyor get rid not could enough to play in the prem..get some balls play kids//instead of them..loven has been shit all season when given the chance..why doesnt he give ranger a few games then look at him dune more in 10 minutes then he has all season

  19. I think some people r over reacting here , Asim how can you possible say CH is not the man to take us forward? Look at what he has done so far? A couple of bad results with one very poor performance n that is it? Get real. Fact is we dont have the players to make sweeping changes , Our best player is Tiote and we missed him badly yesterday. Ch has improved us after every transfer window, this is going to be a long rebuliding process and it will take time. Ch is the man for the job and he has proved it with what he has achieved

  20. For once i am gonna disagree with you all abt yesterday match that we miss Tiote badly.

    I totally disagree. cause it was self-made mistakes by all back 4 yesterday.

    Alan Smith though he could adapt a new position at such a older age,but to me,it takes yrs to adapt and learn. I rather he play other position than CDM>>> RM anyone? or just behind the striker,since basically he was a striker after all.

  21. AoD….but that defence wouldn’t have been under as much pressure with Tiote in the team and therefore les mistakes would have been made imo.

  22. Johno toon

    I’t s not 1 or 2 bad performances. Take out Sunderland and Arsenal lately and we have been desperate against Blackpool, Blackburn, Fulham, Wigan, Stoke and now Bolton.

    To think that something is going to work after you’ve tried it so many times and it hasn’t is either lunacy or amazingly ignorant. CH didn’t have to play Guthrie as a right winger and he didn’t have to play Smith at all!! CH could have put Sol at the back and used Colo as a DM. Smith is a 60k a week sick joke.

    We have a good striker in carroll but just as England did, we just hoof it aimlessly at him, when he’s showed us he can play on the deck. Nolan and Smith never played any through balls at all and CH hasn’t taught Carroll where to make his runs count.

    We have the 5th highhest paid squad in the league, so I think we have every right to expect better football. Blackpool and WBA etc manage on far less than we do.

  23. he hasnt improved us..we should have more be 2nd..the prem league is that i have said 2 years back…if u are high in the league u are having a great season..sorry look at the points chelsea have lost 14 points already..they are top..u dont play with a slow midfield in this league..if u stay up he has dun a great job..thats not what we wont..we could finish high..but ch has no balls..becuse the league is that bad..not becasue ch is a good manager..

  24. Johno Toon says:
    November 21, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    “I think some people r over reacting here”

    No way. Not Newcastle fans, surely…? 8O

  25. From the 5th highest paid squad how many of them were purchased by ch? As i said we are re building adn its going to take time. We have no devine right to beat blackpool blackburn etc etc just becasue we have the 5th highest paid squad. The squad is not good enough. We do however , imo , have a squad that is developing and is moving in the right direction.

    Ch can only work with what he has. He has improved us after every transfer window. This is going to take time. The key this year is survival and I think we will achieve that and then some

  26. toonsy @ 45 , yeah i know its not a trait u would normally accosiate with newcastle fans but i just get that impression :)

  27. Even if our wagebill is £50 million, I make us having the 11th highest wagebill….

    Certainly not the 5th highest…..

  28. Was it not the season we got relegated when we were the 5th highest since then we’ve got rid of Owen,Oba,Duff,Geremi,Viduka,Beye et al all of who would have been on high wages I’d imagine.

  29. I was at the game….luckily Bolton isnt too far from where I live cos I woulda hated the trip back to Newcastle! Was really shocking stuff.

    The way I see is it like everybody is saying we have no plan B. If pinging long balls into Carroll isnt working we keep trying and trying and trying until the 70-80th minute when Hughton will take off a player…and the new player will also try to ping balls to Carroll! No plan B. For the first few games it worked, teams were caught out. Now they know we have Carroll and that is our one and only plan.
    Im not a doom monger, Hughton is doing a fantastic job and I would give him a contract straight away. He is under more presure to keep us up than getting us up last season and its only right that he uses his plan A cos it does work and it gets us wins! He just needs to relax and realise Defenders/Nolan/Barton/Jonas are droppable and early subs are a massive part if it is going wrong! A few seasons in the Premiership with an experienced wingman alongside him we’ll be high flying.

    My 18cents!

    Nolan should NEVER be playing in a midfield 4. He does not have the skill/passing/movement to be played in central midfield. Off Carroll is perfect-but even then I would prefer Ranger/Vuckic.

    Smith is done, should only ever be used when Tiote is injured/banned and even then I would prefer Guthrie/Barton to do the job. Even Collo!

    Guthrie is not a winger, never has been, never will. He played fantastic last season in the middle with Barton wasnt he our top assister? (if thats a word) Routledge every time on the right, he is fast and will get in those crossing positions

    Enrique/Simpson are good at the back, however we need no nonsense sturdy defenders in the middle. We need a Campbell type solid defender to properly sort them out and shout at them. Simpson..Campbell..Collo..Bull

    Jonas infuriates me!! One of two things..
    1-Head down, run, get tackled, fall and roll, throw arms around like he should have had a free kick then realise the ball is now at the other end of the pitch and Enrique is getting overrun.
    2-head down, run, poor pass/cross, run after who ever intercepted the ball. Dodgy tackle, free kick given away, throw arms around like it shouldnt have been a free kick, realise Enrique is getting overrun at other end of pitch!!! Get him sold, get a proper left winger or give Ferguson a chance cos he looked great against some very good Chelsea players(Albrighton is a perfect example at Villa showing how youth does work if it has the skill)

  30. I have no idea where we are in terms of the wagebill , Im very hungover n cant be checking a posters facts :)

  31. im glad that bolton are in gd form this season they’ve learned from there past and playin great football tbh it should of been 3-1 buh the prem aint about the goals its about ein the best u cn be and taking every chance u cn the red card was nessasary he was a load of shite and he took it out on elmander and now his fucked the rest of the team for the next match wich the could of proved that they are a top club and get bk on form

  32. Thanks Assim,

    I was trying to stick up for your views. Cheers pal – what a loser ! I just saw or read somewhere we were the 5th highest paid ok. How would I know the exact figure? But we do have barton on 60k, Smith on 60 k, Nolan on 45k, Colo on 90k, Guti on 65 k, Enrique on 45K for starters and Ashley has hsd to bail us out twice with huge loans already to cover the players been paid, so do the math!!!