Newcastle United v Chelsea match highlights video and post match interviews.

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Match highlights and post match interviews from today’s highly creditable draw with Chelsea at a freezing St James’s Park. It took just 6 minutes for Andy Carroll to put one past the frozen visitors as their recent slump in form continued. However, Solomon Kalou rescued the begloved big girl’s blouses of West London with a goal against the general run of play as half time loomed.

See below for post match interviews with Newcastle manager, Chris Hughton, and Chelsea manager, Carlo Ancellotti.

Chris Hughton expresses his pleasure at the current discipline of his Newcastle side, amongst other things.

Meanwhile, Chelsea manager, Carlo Ancellotti, seems relatively unpeturbed at his side’s recent downturn in results.

Also check out Toonsy’s excellent match report of the game if you haven’t already.

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37 Responses

  1. great strikers goal by AC, despite the humongous balls-up by Alex AC still had a lot to do to put the ball in the net. A poachers goal, well done to the big man !

    Pity about the Chelsea goal, the newcastle player following Kalou from midfield just stopped tracking back (looks like Guthrie) and allowed Chelsea to pressurise the back four… pity really, though there seems to be no doubt that a draw was a fair result.

  2. I’m dead chuffed with this point. Chelski weren’t as terrible as some are making out – we just matched them where it mattered. In particular our full-backs matched their big-name players – especially Erique, who had Le Sulk sussed from the first whistle.

    Gutted that drive from Routledge was cleared; have to admit the guts of that smeg-head Cole for getting on the end of what must have been a 70mph+ ball coming in. What a strike! Really pleased Routledge had a good game – gawd knows we’ve missed having a specialist on the right.

    Right – next up, Baggies. Hmm. You know you’re having a screwy season when you match CHelski then aren’t convinced you’re going to beat West Brom!

  3. Whumpie, there are no easy games in this league mate, if we don’t put in the effort we aint gonna get nowt next week..

  4. @Whumpie, I think that can be said for every team this season. Mackems maul Chelsea at the Bridge and then get depantsed by Wolves the next week. Seems everyone is having this kinda of season.

  5. absolutely immense crowd turn out today coming on the back of a 5-1 wellying last week at Bolton, on a baltic cold sunday with the game being televised live on Sky..
    Did Chewlsea sell all there tickets ?

  6. MM… they had a few empty seats but they had a good turn out considering the travel distance like.

  7. classic – Newcastle United fans broke out into a chant of ” Oh Cheryl Tweedy you are the love of my life, I hate Ashley Cole too.”

  8. toonsy says:
    November 28, 2010 at 8:17 pm
    Well done Stuart. Where Batty fails, Toonsy Succeeds<<<<< but it was me who got stu too match my 50 quid m8

  9. Great result today.

    I agree with Whumpie, Chelsea were much better today then they have been in recent weeks. Drogba, Malouda and Cole were all impressive for them.

    Andy Carroll was unplayable today. Too bad we never utilised him to the best of our ability. For me, Guthrie passes sideways and diagonal far too much. He doesn’t ever seem to want to pass straight towards goal. Very frustrating. Also, Tiote wasn’t able to make any runs forward today as Guthrie doesn’t work as hard defensively as Nolan or Barton.

    Gutierrez wasted possession time and time again, but that was probably down to the lack of support.

    Carroll dominated their defenders.
    Tiote dominated their midfield.
    Campbell dominated their strikers.

    Job well done. Now, 3 points and a great performance against the Baggies next week please. Mulumbu and Olssen out. Great news for us :D

  10. FFOO-Was that song courtesy of level 7? Good effort none the less. My dad asked if he was being booed because he’s universally hated, or just down to his treatment of Wor Cheryl, probably the latter, lol.

  11. Does anyone know if the goals Carroll scored last season would count if they were put towards a club goalscorong record?

  12. I don’t see why it wouldn’t count towards a club record. Only if he goes over by a few goals I suppose people would debate it, if he got more prem goals plus those then he would be king.

  13. Well he eeds to get 21 a season on average over the next ten years to beat it.

    Or 18 a season if last years count aswell :)

  14. Thats assuming he plays to 31/32. Shearer played to 36, I recon Carroll could play even longer barring injuries. He could beat club goalscoring record easy peasy if he continues inproving like he has and stays his whole career.

  15. Its scary really considering Carroll’s positioning, strength and experience will get better and better and he’s nowhere near his peak yet. :)

  16. batty…won £58 yesterday then £116 today then just won again wi Palermo,Lyon and Valencia games :-)

  17. Toonsy-Worst part is he seems a nice enough lad, just a strange one to have on MOTD. They’ve obviously said Blackpool are the surprise package, we’ll get one of them on. To be fair to him, Campbell actually looked awkward when Colin Murray was like “you just know, when you’re playing in one of those classics, dont you DJ?” lol

  18. I did wonder why he was rocking the Hitler esque facial hair for Movember like. Well, i hope its for Movember anyway..