Newcastle v Chelsea – Match banter!

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Chelsea come to Toon!
Chelsea come to Toon!
Newcastle take on Chelsea today in what is sure to be a bitterly cold afternoon at St James’ Park.

The match looks set to go ahead after the club drafted in extra help in the effort to clear the snow and ice from both inside and outside of the ground.

You could argue that the fact the game is going ahead could be beneficial to Newcastle as there is simply no better time to face Chelsea. Currently they are missing some of their most influential players through injury and suspension, although on the flip side of that it must be recognised that this is Chelsea and they should have the squad to cope. After all, football is a squad game, and they are the reigning champions…

I mentioned the Chelsea injuries above, but if you fancy taking a more detailed look at the team news and expected line-up’s aswell as some fun facts then please feel free to click this link which will take you to my match preview. Feel free to peruse this momentarily if you haven’t already done so.

The match is scheduled for UK broadcast on Sky Sports 1 and coverage will start 30 minutes before the 1:30pm kick-off. Of course, not everyone has access to Sky Sports, so if you know of any links for the match then please feel free to leave one in the ‘comments’ section below.

Both teams will be looking to win this match, although Chelsea will understandably be the favourites. Still, Newcastle are good at upsetting the odds, and I’m sure that most of us hope that our tendancy of being “coupon busters” continues this afternoon.

I’ve predicted the team to lose, but I’d happily take a draw in all honesty, which could see us sitting in ninth place in the table, depending on the Liverpool result, come the end of this weekends round of matches. A win would be lovely though, and would go some way to warming up the St James’ Park fathful.

Howay the lads!

Newcastle – Tim Krul, Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor, Sol Campbell, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Cheick Tiote, Danny Guthrie, Jonas Gutierrez, Andy Carroll, Shola Ameobi.

Subs – Ole Soderberg, James Perch, Tamas Kadar, Alan Smith, Peter Lovenkrands, Leon Best, Nile Ranger.

Chelsea – Petr Cech, Jose Bosingwa, Alex, Branislav Ivanovic, Ashley Cole, Ramires, John Obi Mikel, Soloman Kalou, Florent Malouda, Nicolas Anelka, Didier Drogba.

Subs – Ross Turnbull, Paulo Ferreira, Jeffrey Bruma, Patrick van Aanholt, Josh McEachran, Gael Kakuta, Daniel Sturridge.

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239 Responses

  1. Hope they play like they did against the scumbags. They won’t though there’s too much pressure forming on Anchientbotty. And their down to 3rd, the shame, that won’t impresses their glory hunters. Not the worst time to face them, on a freezing day, with Essien, Terry and Lampard, three of their most influential players out and Alex playing in need of surgery. We will still need to turn up and put in a Villa or 5under1and performance though unlike most of the home dross this season.

  2. TOONSY,how many times have you answered that?becomeing a pain now.
    dave will be pleased nolans oot,only has eyes for j.b. :)

  3. @toonsy – well hope you’re right, guthrie in middle rather than on the right as even when he’s supposed to play on wing he just drifts in field and totally exposes us on the right


  4. if we get an injury in midfield we’re pretty much fooked with only alan smith to bring on :(

  5. we always have a bench with no ideas..whats new in ch thinking..god hope midfield dont get injured..ranger can play the wings..i would be upset if he doesnt come should be putting young players from the reseves who can play their

  6. My score predictions are always wrong :lol:

    Last time Ameobi had the armband……. he scored a hat-trick :D

  7. At least we are going to match them for pace in midfield , thank god he picked Guthrie and not Smith to start cm . i think well get a draw 1-1 HWTL

  8. Toonsy, bit like ur predictions r always right….,? ;)

    Reckon we will get beat today but hopin we give them a bloody nose in the process!!!

  9. I tell ye what then, bollocks to getting the team out early for everyone then despite the 40-odd times it’s never been wrong…..

  10. my heart says we hit chelsea 8-0.

    Carroll hitting double hat-trick.

    my head says,we get beaten 6-0.

  11. lol :roll:

    Fun, aye :roll:

    Simple things…. and that…..

    I may be doing a “good job”, but it doesn’t half suck the fun out me doing this when I get sarcastic twats acting like bell ends, to the point where I actually don’t enjoy writing…. And if I don’t enjoy it then I see no point in doing it…

    Just to clarify like….

  12. Dave – It’s cos I haven’t had the chance to go there that I’m getting radge ;)

    Nah, I’m only messing about anyway :D

    Don’t mess with the master WUM and that, cos I can do gooduns aswell ;)

  13. at least we dont have a line up that lends itself to negativity.

    C’mon The Toon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i am not saying anything bad about sol.

    but with drogba,malouda,and kalou running towards Him,is horrifying. 8O

    I would want kadar to start if possible.

    but experience over youth.hmm.

  15. Could not be a better time to play Chelsea. Owt’s possible at the minute.
    A reckon we-ever wants it most and shows the most spirit the day’ll win it.

    Might not be a very good game though due to conditions but I’ll be watching and supporting the lads at the pub with a load of fukn big Chelsea gadgies, that’s the perils of living 300 miles sooth o’ the watta.
    EEE a betta gan – just seen the time.


  16. Think I just notched up a drift score of 10.0 in my effort to get back for KO after having to go out for tabs. Why can’t people drive in the snow?

    Old man said Ameobi missed a great chance?

  17. Toonsy-haha, indeed mate! We’re actually knocking it about quite well when we’re hassling them and winning the ball back. Carroll is winning everything in the air and Jonas has had early success against Bosingwa. Just need to stay tight at the back and try to get a decent touch of the ball as we’ve struggled last 5 or so. Enrique doing very well.

  18. Newcastle need to keep the ball for a bit. Take the sting out of the game…..

    And most importantly, don’t concede.

  19. Not gonna lie, this counter attacking mentality is worrying me. Sit off and hope we nick it and go forward with pace, dangerous tactic.

  20. I hate wishing injury on players, but if Drogba, Cole, Anelka, Malouda and Kalou could pick up an injusy severe enough to come off injured then I wouldn’t complain.

  21. Tiote is class again. My problem is that I remember a game at home to chelsea where we went in at half time one nil up and then lost 1-4. Tactical genius by the special one on that day.

  22. On my count, Ameobi has given the ball away 7 times this half. Seems to be a hinderance to Carroll rather than an aid.
    We seriously need another striker. I don’t care if he gets the odd good goal. 90% of the time he is terrible.

    Guthrie has been MOTM so far. Excellent. Routeledge and Simpson look good together too. And Tiote brilliant as usual.

    Still see Chelsea winning 3-1 but if we can get a second we will win it.

  23. If that aint a free-kick to Drogba and a red for Tiote, hen why isn’t it a yellow for Drogba for diving?

  24. Heart in mouth stuff there, that looked a foul to me, Drogba has to reason to go down, he’s in on goal.

  25. Sorry, Ameobi loses the ball again… how did I know he’d manage to cock that attack up. (tackling himself this time).

  26. Ross – I never thought Campbell would put a foot wrong to be honest. He has been around at the top enough to know what the score is. I did wonder about his fitness/pace though.

  27. Chelsea are playing terribly today. And most of our team seem up for it today. I’d love Vuckic to come on for Ameobi. Unfortunately he’s not on the bench.

    Hope people can see the difference Routeledge makes to this side, balancing the team by giving us something down the right.

  28. JJ – Only becuase Routledge doesn;t seem scared today. At times he has been like a rabbit in the headlights in some games…

  29. Toonsy-Thats more what I meant mate. Technically i’d say he’s our best CB. As you say he’s been around the game long enough to know the in’s and out’s. Knows every trick in the book. I was however worried about his pace against the likes of Anelka, and how long he’d be able to soldier on for. He’s making me look silly just now, lol.

  30. Right, it might be knee jerk and I know i’ll get shot down for it, but find me a player better in the air than Andy Carroll in the Prem ATM. You will struggle to think of one.

  31. a little unlucky from the deflection there, but on balance, a draw seems fair. Still cheesed off about it, mind.

  32. Deserved goal for Chelsea. Typical Newcastle to give it away right at the end too. You just know its coming.

    We started the first 15 minutes looking to make the play. Then we decided to sit back and let them attack us. And this is what you get.

    Sunderland got their result because they didnt let up. We make the same mistake all the time.

  33. bah so annoying, we need to be pressing more, their defence is their weakest point..time to go Kevin Keegan on em

  34. Probably a fair scoreline at half time. Still its a sickener we never seem to be able to hang on the last min before half time.

  35. Flood gates open? Their first goal in 7 hours apparently. Should have been couple up. Hopefully Chris can get them fired up for the start of the second!

  36. Still, we have a chance as long as their CB’s are on the pitch. Both Carroll and Ameobi have the beating of them, and have done all afternoon.

  37. That will give them confidence where it would have evaporated had we just hung on for the last min. Typical Hughton score a goal and then defend. Can’t do it in this league against these teams im afraid.

  38. We should be in no way deterred by their equaliser. On the balance of play it’s fair, but Their CB’s just can’t handle Andy Carroll. As long as we can get ball’s into the box we will trouble them. They look nervous when we break and go forward.

    Graeme Souness is an idiot. All he’s doing is looking to put us down.

  39. Nowt changes :lol:

    We have the beating of their defence everytime. We jut need that little bit of luck and it will click :)

    Come on lads. Mind you, I’d take 1-1 at FT if offered. We have lost the last six games against top four teams at SJP, so to stop that and for a newly promoted club (yes that is a reminder to people) to take a point from Chelsea would do me.

  40. Souness is just a bitter c*nt man, he clearly still has issue’s with the club and takes every opportunity he gets to mouth off in public about us. He makes himself look a fool because he clearly still holds a grudge years on.

    Howay lads, bright start in the second half again.

  41. I have more hope than I did at the start of the game. Because I believe Chelsea are there for the taking.

    We WILL lose if we look to defend though. And I seriously hope Ameobi doesn’t see more than 20 minutes in the second half.

    Unfortunately I got the feeling there will be no substitions apart from Hughton bringing Smith on to “shore things up” if it remains 1-1 late, which would be a huge mistake on his part.

  42. Expert opinion that predicting the League champions beating a newly promoted team, Murdochs getting his money worth… :roll:

  43. Tell ye what. So glad the game is on Sky and I don;t have to put up with shitty internet streams this week.

  44. Chelsea have not looked great, people are saying 1-1 is a fair scoreline, I think big Andy and even Campbell, Bull and Tiote have dominated them. Tim Krul has won a lot in the air from their corners. Push on and win this Chris Hughton!

  45. what’s sourness saying? with my stream i was treated to a dutch half time analysis (probably made more sense)

  46. Ross – Ankle injury. I think we are missing him a little to be honest as he is one of the only players who makes runs forward.

  47. Tar ice. What a waste from Guthrie, they’re the chances we need to use to get the ball into the box and cause trouble.

  48. toonsy-Agreed mate. If either Carroll or Shola drops deep to take the ball, the other is our only option going forward, if they’re heavily marked which they will be, we look stumped and it all slows down.

  49. Why on earth are some of the fans in the ground starting to get on the back of players? Souness, to be fair to him, does have a point on that…. much as it irrtates me.

  50. The rate at which we’re aimlessly giving the ball away isn’t doing us any favours either like…

  51. Ivanovic with the blatant block on Routledge aswell as leading with his elbow into the back of both Carroll and Ameobi since the start of the second half. Get the cards out referee.

  52. That is better from Routledge. That is what he was doing last season. If he can keep it up then he could prove he can cut it in the PL after all.

  53. This is better from us. We’re starting to actually look to go forward with some pace. I know it’s been said a million times before though, but we need wingers who can deliver consistently. Two many balls into the box don’t beat the first man. With the likes of Carroll and Shola in there we’d see success if we were delivering into dangerous positions regularly.

  54. I’m sorry but it baffles me that any footballer can’t beat the first man with a ball from a corner. You’re under no pressure and have time to pick your spot, how aren’t you clearing the near post.
    Very unlucky for Routledge there like.

  55. of corse, the risk of pushing forward leaves us open to the counter, which very nearly cost us there.

  56. Dave – They are also getting on Shola’s back. I know he is frustrating but get behind the lad FFS!

  57. Stats: Kevin Nolan has scored six of his seven Premier League goals at St James’ Park this season, the equal best home performer in the league along with Chelsea duo Didier Drogba and Florent Malouda.


  58. Carroll giving Alex some again. I think he’s had enough of Wor Andy for one day, especially in weather like this, he wants off, lol.

  59. How many times has a Chelsea player smashed the ball of one of us from point blank range, only to see Drogba claiming furiously for a penalty? Cheating w@nker.

  60. Also, Should Shola somehow pop up with a goal, i’m expecting only half the crowd to celebrate. Sadly, i’m sure the lads who’ve been giving him a verbal battering all day would be out their seats aswell.

  61. Fair play to Guthrie for putting tackles in etc, but he takes ages to get back up again. It seems to me anyway…

  62. He’s clearly controlled that with his arm. Why the bloody hell is he shocked when it isn’t given.

  63. After an encouraging first 20mins.

    Again we have decided to sit back. Carroll defending.

    All it does is invite pressure on our defense. And give us no options to clear the ball to up front besides Ameobi who has given the ball back to Chelsea all game.

    Can’t see us holding on with these tactics. Poor. Really.
    But lets see how it works out…

  64. Guthrie needs some new boots or contact lenses. He can’t pick out a Newcastle player to save his life.

  65. Defo happy that we took a point.although would have been more happier had we taken all 3 considering the start we had.anyways 9th isnt too bad at all:)

  66. i would have actually wanted 7th position,drop the Mackems downwards.

    but Oh least we didn’t lose.

  67. good performance, well happy with a point – guthrie clearly needs more match practice, but great to see tiote back and enrique back to his best, barton back next week so looking good
    thought Sol and Taylor had decent game and didnt do much wrong
    Krul did okay but showed he still has a bit to learn, ball dropped a few times and luckily there were toon players round to clear it up

  68. A good point really though I’ll be glad of having Barton back after Guthries’ performance today. Thought that we just invited a little too much pressure so glad to see we held out.

  69. Guthrie will NEVER get a game ahead of Barton as long as the latter is not suspended/injured.

    Anyway, very happy with a point :)
    We have some lucky moments, and surprisingly some help from the ref

  70. Good performance against the champions. Defence was good and Tiote shielded them very well. It is a good response after our capitulation against Bolton last week. Still annoyed by the goal we conceded in the dying minutes of the first half but @ the beginning of the season had we been offered this result we would have taken it; the performance in defence was what captured my eye Campbell and Taylor were solid and they did not do anything stupid. Also, they are more of an attacking threat than either Colo or Williamson.

    Routledge, offered plenty of pace and was an attacking threat Let us remember Cole Saved Chelsea with that headed clearance off the line so we could have won it.

  71. If Routledge can somehow sort out his delivery he could be a handful. He was good the day. Unlucky with his effort cleared off the line aswell.

  72. We really need Barton back, Guthrie just wasnt up to it, corners where poor today. Even Nolan in the middle would have helped link the forward play.

  73. If we could get ourselves, one more class striker. We’d be a handful for most teams.

    Great result in the end. I’m loving Simpson and Enrique as fullbacks, with Tiote protecting the back four. With them, Barton in the middle and Carroll up front. Its a terrific base to build a team.

  74. This proves yet again that Hughton is the man to take us further GIVE THE MAN A NEW CONTRACT AND ASSISTANT ASHLEY . Yet again he has rallied his team after a poor result and his team have given a performance to be proud of .

  75. Vuckic for Guthrie the next time he’s needed? Would like to see Vuckic get a full run ahead of him based on guthrie’s latest performances, I appreciate he doesn’t fit well on the right, but he made a fair few errors in the middle of the park, plus i think Jonas can take free kicks just as well as him if we’re missing barton..Vuckic would give us the propper option of attacking on the counter as well, we were poor on that front today.

  76. Can’t turn our nose up at a point against the Champions, but its tinged with a little bit of dissapointment as I thought Chelsea were there for the taking.

    Carroll was again immense, Strola was, well let’s just say back to normal – preverbial mare! Routledge looked better, Tiote was fantastic and defence were solid.

    All in all, a good point.

  77. Just seen what Souness has had to say. Can anyone tell me what he’s said that isn’t right?

    On another note, if we’re going to continue to play two up front we need another striker, Ameobi is quite possibly the most inconsistant player I have ever seen.

  78. STUART always said hes ccc at the very best,get all sorts stats now,but is just far to inconsistant imo

  79. Ice…it’s all my fault, I said to the lad next to me that Shola had started well… all downhill from then on like.Put the mockers on him like.