Nolan set to miss West Brom game.

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Nolan joins the lengthly injury list.
Nolan joins the lengthly injury list.
Kevin Nolan was a surprise omission from the Newcastle starting line up against Chelsea this afternoon after it emerged that he would miss the game due to suffering an ankle injury.

It’s a strange one really as there has been no hint of an injury as such. There was a rumour a few weeks back that Nolan was carrying a knock, but as he kept on playing I assumed that it had either sorted itself out or was at the very least manageable.

Apparently not, and Chris Hughton has revealed that Nolan has indeed been carrying a knock, and that it has got steadily worse to the point where there was no other option apart from leaving him out.

Newcastle manager Chris Hughton has been speaking to and revealed that Nolan is set to miss next weekends trip to West Bromwich Albion. Hughton said:

“Unfortunately for Kevin he’s been carrying this ankle problem for a little while now. He’s a real tough character and has been playing through it. He’s at the stage now where it’s come to a head and he’ll have an injection on Monday. At this moment he will miss next week’s game but we’re hopeful he’ll be available after that.”

It’s a blow losing our second highest goalscorer, but there are positives that can come out of it. Wayne Routledge had his best game for a while against Chelsea, but with Joey Barton returning to action against The Baggies it could have meant that Routledge may have been displaced to fit Joey in.

Not now it seems, as we are likely to see Danny Guthrie drop to the bench to be replaced by Joey Barton with Wayne Routledge retaining his favoured right-side position. It will also see Barton return to his natural central midfield position.

I know Nolan has his doubters, but he will be a miss in my opinion. Mind you, I would be more concerned if Joey Barton wasn’t ready and able to step back into the team. Nolan was bound to miss games now and again, but thankfully he plays in a position in which we have plenty of cover.

At least his injury is only short-term it seems!

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35 Responses

  1. Guthrie did not take his chance and neither did Ameobi. Taylor and Sol did. I am glad we have Barton coming back and I am surprised we did not have Vukic on the bench with both Nolan and Barton out.


    I’d like to see Loven get the benefit of Tiote winning the ball in midfield. Ranger has done done enough as a sub for my liking either and would be better off getting some game time out on loan.

  2. Barton must play instead of Guthrie against Westbrom. Guthrie just dosn’t cut it and barton will do a better job in the middle and as for Routledge he deserves his chance after today

  3. Looks like the Sky commentary team were generous to us the day. According to MOTD Drogba was unlucky to be done for his blatant hand-ball before he put the ball in the net and was unlucky not to get the penalty when he smashed the ball off Enrique from point blank range.

  4. Nolans out, but barton is back in the centre of the field so we dont really need him. Barton controls games for fun. Guthrie has got ability think he needs a few more games to reach his best.

    Id like to see Best start against WBA. Shola will but i think best offers more pace and power. And Ranger offers to much coming off the bench for him to start.

    WBA is always a battle with Jara and Tamas who cheat and are probably the most dirty footballers around.

    Ross…who cares what motd say…enrique had the ball blasted off his ahnd from a ayrd away and drogba used his arm to bring the ball down to score. Didnt show rangers mazy run where ivanovic back passed it to cech about 2 yards out.

  5. He was unlucky because usually he gets away with those cheating diving antics. You could tell after the break they came on with orders to shout for everything and to pressure the ref. We did well to hold on and were unlucky not to nick it. If ameobi or Ranger could shoot at close range without needing 5 seconds to balance we could have all three

  6. I think Nolan being out for a while may be another blessing in disguise, not being to harsh on him but I think we need to start playing two strikers rather than one in the hole.

  7. DJG….the thing is nolan doesnt play in the hole imo, he plays up front. Nolan is so good coming from deep, but when we only play one striker, he plays literally alongside carroll…and if that is the case, might as well play a proper striker.

  8. Ah thanks toonsy…Funny how without Nolan and Barton we look short in midfield. Never thought I’d say it bgut I dont count Smith any more and if Everton…or anyone for that matter come for him I’d would hope to see him go in the hopes of securing the last ‘serious’ contract of his career. He’ll need to take a pay cut but I can see him seeing the rest it out. How long does his contract run for?? Anyone know?

  9. Charlie

    I would be suprised if he goes somewhere like Everton. They have a wealth of top midfielders. His career is goin down the toilet m8. Down down deeper and down. He’s a good lad but not good enough simple as. After 2012 id be very suprised if he goes to another prem club other than bottom 5. Newly promoted side or similar.

  10. I was very happy to see Routledge play well today, against the best left back in the EPL as well. Hopefully this gives him the confidence to keep going down the outside and getting in crosses. Well done the Big Sol and Taylor as well. Tiote was class, back to his best.

  11. DJG – It’s when she stated doing the arse wiggle and put the hat on that got me. I be she thinks she is the mutts nuts aswell :lol:

  12. toonsy-I was crying at that video like. God knows what that was but you’ve got to feel sorry for the lass. As one of the comments said she’s going to get torn to bits if that makes it’s way round her mates. The hat was priceless.

  13. Routledge was great today. His first touch was much improved and he was brave going forward.

    I agree with robby bobson. Jara and Tamas will be at it all game with Andy and Gutierrez, especially the former who should have been sent off against Everton for a blatant elbow to the face of Baines. The good thing is though, we have Tiote and Barton back in the middle. They, however have lost their biggest presence in midfield, Mululmbu. This should allow us to dominate the middle of the park. Also, I can’t see them coping with Ameobi and Carroll without the impressive Olssen at the heart of defence.

  14. Shame about Nolan, be interesting to see if we play 4-4-2 with Barton in the middle tho, could be interesting, looking forward to it. As for dropping shola in favour of others..don’t really understand it myself, not sure he did much wrong, he should have scored his early goal but considering our whole team was on the defensive after that I can’t really see how he did much wrong, and I’d give him another start at Brom..can’t see how Best, Loven or Ranger deserve it more.

  15. El Toro

    Wins over West Brom and Liverpool would be very nice. For some reason I would just like us to beat them more that otherclubs, apart from Sunderland.

  16. I agree that best or ranger shud start over shola, he was so poor today, ranger done more running in 10mins than shola dun all game

  17. Yeah the difference between PL quality and a bench player is a fine line and it`s mainly about consistency.
    There are the Bartons, Enriques, Campbells, even S. Taylor, who are consistent.
    Compared to the Guthries, Perch`s, Williamsons and Routledges.
    Sure they all have their good games and even look as if given the oportunity they could make it, but cosistency is what count`s in the long run.

  18. Well done saylor and sol considering it was their first start. Looked solid for the most part. Don,t Chelski look pants ATM. I think there,s some deep sh!t going on there at the mo, and I,m pleased we seem to be over that stage.

  19. It’s a shame for Guthrie as I do believe that all he needs is a run of games. It’s that catch 22 though. The team can’t afford to keep carrying him whilst he gets into his groove. Not when there is a player in Barton that can slot staright back in and has been doing the business.

  20. I sometimes think I’m watching a different game to some people on here – Shola had a decent game and was playing the Nolan role, that’s why he was in midfield trying to link up – it’s def not his natural position but he put a decent shift in – Carroll assumed the link up role when Ranger came on for Strolla

  21. Yeah, they all played well, Guthrie and Shola were ok just unlucky with a few chances, Its just thaT Barton is slightly better and seems to be enjoying being back in the prem. Routledge had his best prem game yet which is encouraging and suggests he may be growing in confidence a bit. It was a good team performance though, thats all we can ask for nothing more. Taylor was good aswell considering he had been out for 10 months, amazing really. With Kadar on standby we haven’t really got anything to worry about. Chelsea lose Terry and their in trouble, maybe we have more strength in depth than we hought.

  22. 4411,
    ignore ’em man.
    Saylor only had a few dodgy moments, usual for him.
    Even Jose had a couple, unusual for him.

  23. @ el toro and robby bobson

    I’m an albion fan and i know im going to get criticised heavily for this being as it is a Newcastle site, but how on Earth are you in the position to comment on how dirty Jara and Tamas are. Jara is an agressive player and should have been sent off against Everton i agree, however Tamas isn’t a dirty player at all, try watching an albion game before commenting on our players. As for dirty players, Newcastle have many more dirty players than ourselves it has to be said. The likes of Nolan, Barton, Smith and Guthrie speaks for itself. I have the greatest respects for your team and supporters but this was totally out of line.

    See you on sunday!