Sod England. This is bad news for Newcastle!

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Carroll out of England action.
Carroll out of England action.
Andy Carroll’s England debut looks to be on hold as the Gateshead lad withdrew from the national team with a groin injury.

It’s a blow for Carroll, who has deserved to be called up to the national team, but it is an even bigger blow to Newcastle who will now be without the striker for an unconfirmed amount of time.

I’m guessing a couple of weeks at least, but you all know how good, or not, my guesswork is!

Carroll is a very important player for Newcastle, but there was always a chance that he would get injured at some point. Now we will see what we can do without him, but at this moment in time I don’t feel too good about it. It’s not just the goals that we will miss from Carroll. His all round play and the fact that he worries opposition defenders will also be a big miss.

Still, I’m glad he at least got called up for England, although unfortunately for Carroll it looks as though debut will have to wait, for now.

I’m sure full details will be revealed in due course, but if Carroll is to be out for any length of time then it will be a massive blow fro him, England and, most importantly, Newcastle.

Hopefully it isn’t serious!

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46 Responses

  1. I am not worried..

    we have so many other strikers in stand-by mode,if carroll is indeed injured. for 2-3weeks.. Groin.


  2. Like Stu said on a previous thread, our game at times has been one dimentional with everything being aimed at Carroll. This could be a reason as to why we find it difficult to break teams down at home.

    Could be a good opportunity to change the way we play, with Ranger and Loven being players who like it on the ground, down the channels, we may see a more fluid like style.

    I live in hope eh…

  3. AOD-You should be worried mate. How many goals has Best got for us? Is he not also injured? Loven hasn’t found form yet, Ranger has 1 this season..Xisco, well, he’s Xisco. Barton out..
    Teams like Bolton are playing well and scoring for fun, we all know what Chelsea are capable of, it’s worrying.

  4. AOD

    Best – his statistics in conventry says it all
    Xisco – only had a cameo appearance so far
    Ranger – still inexperienced, looks clumsy at times
    Loven – hasnt found his form

    Hopefully this is a blessing in disguise for all these guys to step up!

  5. Here’s my reasoning.

    I always have this faith in our players,u can call as blind Faith.

    Best has been doing real well in pre-season,just terribly got injured. He IS BACK IN TRAINING NW.

    Xisco,Well….I don’t know exactly what happens there internally,But he is still an option for us,right?

    Ranger: Getting bits and pieces of time on-field,which till now never disappoint me yet. You can say he is not prolific,but he is still improving.

    Peter: Simple,Give Him More time on field. He is getting slowly back,he didn’t do bad at all in yesterday match.

  6. And Lad’s,sometimes we don’t have to entirely rely on Strikers to score.

    Nolan being a Mid,can be join top scorer in EPL atm.

    Guthrie can also do scoring.

  7. He’s NOT injured, howay, he’s made the cut, nice n’ all that, now just withdraw him like the so called ‘top 4’ do.
    Good plan.

    ILM, i think you’ll find the 1D comment was me.

  8. CLiNT – I though that myself like, but don’t England need to assess the injury aswell? Isn’t that what the problem was with the U21’s?

  9. toonsy,
    aye mate,
    but if manusa, arse.#, liverpoo, chavs etc can constantly get away with it, don’t see why we can’t like?

    We owe them nothing.
    It’s a friendly anyhoo.
    Let’s see how many others ‘fall by the wayside’ before the game.
    AC’l get his chance, no rush.

  10. AOD-I admire your enthusiasm mate, but for me, in the EPL you need strikers who can take the chances they’re given, on the rare occasion they get them.
    I think Best might have scored 1 in pre season, I personally think he was a waste of money and doesn’t have a future with us.
    Ranger has potential but like you say he’s young and is still raw. He needs time to grow and the depth in our squad doesn’t really afford him that time.
    Xisco was again a complete waste of time in a silly deal set up by Wise that has so far, shown no profit what so ever.
    Loven can score goals but much like Ranger we can’t afford him the time to find form. He probably should have scored 1 or 2 yesterday, a prime example of strikers not taking the rare chance and us dropping points.
    A Carroll injury will give our other lads a chance but I’m not confident any of them can come into the squad and immediatly score goals. Relying on midfielders to score goals shows how poor our striking options are when Carroll and or Shola are out.

  11. Did anyone see him struggling towards the end of the game with anything like an injury ? because if he has a groin injury he would hardly be mobile enough to run would he . I think CLiNT @ 7 could be right .

  12. Clint
    On Lovenkrands he just doesn’t look like scoring. I’ve got more chance of scoring and I am sitting in the stands.

    Best has not had a chance at the club. I don’t know if he is any good or not. What I do know is the times he played we were scoring goals for fun but none of them was by him.

    Shoals can lead the line for a couple of weeks. Play Vuckic alongside and we have a new threat. Also Ranger on the right of midfield.

    Also don’t forget Alan Smith once played centre forward for England. Haha

  13. Lovenkrands like some people have pointed out on here needs games to get up to speed and his sharpness for scoring back . Yes he missed a chance or 2 yesterday but he was getting into the right places at the right time the longer he was on the pitch . Lets face it we did not create many openings for him or Andy i think the more game time he gets then the goals will come just like last season . I think when in full flow the lad will be useful more than Xisco or Best thats for sure .

  14. Toonsy – Haha, think 4-6 might be a bit ambitious for sam, its all about the 3/4 central defenders..

    In all seriousness though I really hope this is just a ploy to get him out of England, not sure if we can last too long without him. Providing Shola’s alright I’d probably play 4-5-1 with him, he’s the only other striker in the squad who’s earned it I think, and I still don’t think he gets the respect due to him from Toon fans…Its strolla’s season lads! Shola for england! :)

  15. Andy’s absence for however long will be a good opportunity for the other lads to step it up. I am calm.


  16. Is there any chance their might be a bit of play ground tit for tat going on here.

    You didn’t pick me for the last squad so you can stick this squad up your bum so to speak

  17. He might have a niggle, so I would rather he not play meaningless England games and keep fit for nufc.

  18. Well I thought he has been playing a lot of games recently and I would’nt have been suprised if he got injured for England tbh. It’s not really a huge blow because he can only get better an be more ready for it next time round, although it will be harder for him to make the squad if players like Rooney, Defoe and Bent are fit. I bet all the journo’s who were slagging him off would have prefered him to C.Cole haha. He will get his chance again though because he is the only effective English target man at the moment imo. Who we are now gonna rely on for goals is more of a worry. :(

  19. toonsy

    Its only a fiendly game m8, the players and fans don’t seem to even care about qualifiers any more. Who is in our group?? hmm.. exactly.

    That said would have been nice to be showing off Carroll and Benny to the other fans.

  20. he didn’t look like he had a knock on sat. Maybe he’s been fighting thru it for the toon but won’t for england. I say well in. It’s only a friendly and he wants to be fit to help the toon best he can. He’s a great example to the other lads and saylor could really learn something from him.
    On another note: jonas is frustrating me to no end. Product.

  21. If he’s felt his groin go after yesterday mate it’s not really a ‘knock’ that he can pick his games and play for, like if someone had stood on his toe or he had took a bash on the knee or dead leg or something, a groin strain is a muscle/tendon injury that will keep him out for us aswell for a couple of weeks.

  22. Anyone know how long goala is out for?

    I agree we can cover the odd injury up front, but seriously: Carroll, Shola, Barton, Arfa ALL missing and we are going to continue to struggle to create clear chances, or put away half chances with unproven premier league players – xisco, best, ranger up front.

  23. I guess we will have to wait until we hear of the full extent of the injury. Until then I’m naturally rereating into worst case scenario mode.

  24. cole has been brought in as cover, carrolls got a slight niggle which will be assessed by the England medical staff – Carroll has not withdrawn from England squad as yet
    we def need another style of playing although we’re currently playing the best football in years – only problem is that with ben arfa, barton, tiote, shola and poss Carroll missing from next game I’m not sure we have the squad to have a plan b
    5-5-0 or 4-1-5-0 ?

  25. Tell you what, the way Bolton are playing at the minute I think 5-5-0 might not be a bad shout :lol:

  26. Any points from next 2 games will be a bonus. Agree with 441 – look at the players we have missing.
    What’s Steven Taylor like as a striker / midfield???

  27. Or we can do what we did against chelsea under Kinnear and park the bus in the penalty area 10-0-0

  28. I doubt whether his injury is serious enough to keep him out of our team for Saturday.

    On another note, has anyone received the text joke: what do you call Stoke City without Rory Delap? Newcastle.