Steven Taylor to Tottenham? No chance!

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New deal? Or off to Spurs?
New deal? Or off to Spurs?
First off, apologies for my relative writing absence. I’ve been snowed under with work, in more ways than one!

So after working a near 24-hour shift, and recharging myself with a few hours sleep, I was pretty shocked to see what sort of news had been floating around concerning Newcastle.

The headlines suggested that Steven Taylor was looking to move to Spurs in January. Great, just what we need! But then I had a look at the sources that were peddling and regurgitating the rumour, and calmed down a bit as they can hardly be classed as reliable.

Still, there is no smoke without fire, or so I thought, so I went on a quest to try and fnd out where the rumour started. Yep, you’ve guessed it – The press!

I’ve looked high and low for any form of quote suggeting that Taylor is looking to move to Spurs. I can’t find any. In fact the closest I can find is one article suggesting the Taylor is now more keen to move than ever after making his first-team appearance at the weekend.

Utter bollocks, and an indication that the press are up to their old tricks again!

There has been some other developments in the story of Steven Taylor’s future today though. It has been reported that Taylor has been offered a new and improved contract from the club, although there is no official confirmation from either party on that at the moment.

With Taylor free to talk to other clubs in January though it would make sense for the club to make an effort to tie the defender down to a new longer-term deal. At least they will know where they stand, and so will he fans.

It’s all speculation at the moment though and I guess we, as fans, will only know the details after the event. As with everything that involves our club, we tend to be the last to know, which is frustrating but is no different to what happens at other clubs up and down the country.

Time will tell!

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187 Responses

  1. kin ‘el the Spuds are linked with everyone these days, a bit like us a few years ago ! Bizarre !!
    When does STaylors contract run out exactly ?

  2. He cant talk to other clubs from the same league in if madrid,barca,inter,ac,bayern or the likes dont come calling for him(fat chance for that to happen),dont think he will be too willing to talk to any mediocre club outside england

  3. EH toonsy has it up new post,not commenting it,sick to the back teeth of will he wont he.
    see b/pool payed 45thou to agents up to oct2010 we payed 2.4mill :(

  4. And toonsy,Ed just put up a thread about the saylor to spurs story right after you had put it up.yeah-you beat him to the story mate:-)

  5. imagine, if ST were to leave…Andy Carrol up against Steven Taylor…wow sparks would fly there..and wor Andy would come out on top for sure !!

    deepak…the agents can make anything happen, who talks to who is no problem.

  6. Toonsy I think your right its just rehash’s of old shit ;) plus others are saying that the club have put another offer on the table same old same old :twisted:

    Deepak I thought he was free to talk to any club not just foriegn

  7. If ST does resign for the toon, I hope all this contract poker bollocks is forgotten…I’m sure it will be though.
    If he leaves, he’ll take the same stigma with him, won’t be a popular lad at all…

  8. As far as i know players having 6 months on their contract are free to talk to any club other than the league in which they was one of the reasons as to why we were not able to talk to hyppia when his contract was coming to an end at liverpool and he finally moved to some foreign club.
    Munich mag-I know mate,but that can happen anytime right,even if a player has a 5 year deal,agents can try and do some behind the back deal fixing

  9. dead right Deepak…the majority of agents are always on the look-out for their “clients”..

  10. Ice I just think he gets a lot of bad press when no one really knows anything except hearsay.
    IMO he has never done anything bad to the club or gave the club a bad name but still gets shit for it, but the sooner it is sorted one way or the other the better

  11. agreed big D…

    flippin heck Richietoon, Nicky Butts sphinchter probably caved in at the thought of scoring twice in one game at the age of 47…

  12. Yeah richietoon-and the goal was directly from a freekick.wonder where all that was during his time here?cant remember him scoring even a single freekick for us….

  13. deepak…..I’m sure he hit the bar with a free kick for us tho.

    Dave…then it’s not super glue ;-)

  14. Understand he`s been offered a new(improved)contract and hopefully will sign at least a four year contract in the near future.
    Guess Ashley blinked first, nothing personal, just business.

  15. Munich

    It should be a bit more to be honest. Man United youngsters look poor. To be fair, they have looked poor since the beginning of the Carling Cup. It baffles me how they got this far. Bebe is awful. A truly awful player

  16. El Toro…not watching the game at the mo, but it just goes to show, not everything Alex Ferguson touches turns to gold… I wonder how they will cope when he moves on…

    Arsene Wenger on the other hand has an excellent group of kids coming through the ranks…as we know to our own detriment…

  17. 3-0 WH. Are they gonna do a Pompey and win a trophy whilst going down? The way they’re playing at the moment they could get themselves out their league rut if they keep it up aswell.

  18. DJG …we owe Liverpool one, they always seem to turn us over at SJP. Seen some hammerings over the years. But lets just turn them over WITH Gerrard, even better !

  19. 4-0. For all its manure’s youngn’s, they’re being made to look terrible by the club rooted to the bottom of the table

  20. Ross

    As I said earlier, mate. United’s youngsters have looked poor throughout the tournament. I don’t know how they even got this far.

  21. I wouldn’t have minded Carragher because he is slow and will be replaced by someone better but Gerrard is still a canny player. Let hope he is still struggling for fitness, :) Without him they only really have one player, Torres, and Stevie T will sort him out in the first 10mins. ;)

  22. “Ross says:

    3-0 WH. Are they gonna do a Pompey and win a trophy whilst going down?2

    Just mentioned the impact Wally Downes has had on West Ham after just a week in the job. I think WHU will begin to climb the table in the next few weeks.

    Maybe CH needs to address his coaching staff requirements sooner rather than later ?

    SAF as Santa ????? Red Hat, red nose but no spirit of goodwill to all men though :)

  23. So West Ham have knocked out Man U.

    Anyone think it was still a good idea to roll over to Arsenal?

    Best chance we had to win something decent for a long time IMO.

  24. DJG

    Arsenal will win this tournament. Wenger has clearly made the cup his immediate priority.

  25. Another club having no respect for the competition or their opponents?

    Still it’s funny though after they’ve been giving it large about being top. :lol:

  26. ~ El Toro ~

    Yeah but the game change when Jonas and Carroll went on, we didn’t give ourselves a chance plus we beat them at the Emirates in the league. :(

  27. There was a ginger guy using the self-checkout in Tesco earlier and the machine said “unexpected item in the bagging area”…

    Condoms :-)

  28. speaking of condom,s, geeza goes into a chemist and says, can I have a packet of three please miss, she says, don,t you miss me, so he say,s ok, give me four.

  29. Whatever anyone thinks of Taylor, he’ll be one hell of a free transfer. We’re in danger of losing him for nothing. It will make a mockery of the clubs ‘business plan’.

  30. Oi Oi radgies!
    Woo hoo hoo hoo!
    I’ve never seen as much White powder knockin aboot since the blue monkey was shut doon!
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    It’s pure bizzie footprint evidence man!
    Ha! But Troys too clever for the west end liberty takers ! A gans oot on me BMX wi muckle proper chains strapped to the tyres so it looked like a was driving a tank when you looked at the snow treads! Ha! A seen them from me window later in the street and a opens the window. This big fat bizzie says, “hoo sergeant they’re are proper chieftan tank tracks, a kna cos a used to be a soldier!”
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    Am not sure if a like Jonas to be purely truthful like cos a reckon that X Factor gadgey Wagner is his dad like buthe reckons not like!
    Anyways, laters gaters! Toon ! Toon!

  31. Stuart-I was thinking the same thing. Christ, if he desperatly wants away then tell him he can go, on the basis that he signs a deal now so we don’t lose him for nowt.
    If he mulls over a contract offer for god knows how long then buggers off on a free i’d be raging and we’d look like idiots.
    We had a proper good laugh at Everton when they cocked up with Gosling and we nicked him free of charge. Imagine Taylor going the other way for nothing, it’s one of the clubs he’s regularly linked with. Who’d get the better deal? Us with Gosling or them with Taylor? Considering Gosling hasn’t kicked a ball since he signed im not so sure like.

  32. Think I’ll ignore paper gossip for now – to be fair if ST wants to leave then fair enough, can’t really see it tho unless he’s been offered substantial money which he prob ain’t worth
    We need him to put a shift in every game – him and Sol could be a top pairing but what will be will be
    Collo and Sol would be as good – did anyone else notice the way Sol barks out orders the whole game – something we’ve def missed since woodgate

  33. Oh by the way trains were completely fooked to Brighton tonight as expected – we must have had 2 milimetres of snow so expected – soft southern gits

  34. Oh and another btw on the last thread I mentioned that I thought Simpson had also exceeded my expectations and bejesus ed had a post on his blog 15 mins later saying the same
    He obviously comes on this blog to get his blog post content ;)

  35. 4-4-1-1, that article is great. My wife and I went to Newcastle a few moons ago (6 or 7 years now – crap it’s been a long time), and that was one of the things we noticed. We were there for New Year’s Eve and the ladies wore next to nothing (which was nice) and it was absolutely freezing. My wife and I were bundled up like you’d expect Cali tourists would be, just floored at the people walking the streets in party outfits. So funny. Thanks for this.

  36. Good blog, Toonsy. Nice to see some research before posting.

    I hope he signs a new deal. Along with Krul, Simpson, Jose, HBA, Tiote, Carroll and Ranger I think Saylor is a necessary long term player for us.

    Add Kadar, Inman, Vuckic, Ferguson and one or two others and all we need is another 10 or so decent players to have a great squad.

  37. 4 4 1 1 nice article…the first pic they must have searched for ugliest group they could find!!

    Looked like a bit of a weight watchers do!! lol

  38. Richietoon @ 23.) he hit the bar for us against Plymouth in the FA cup from about 30 yrds from open play tho. :)

  39. Listen… Shay spit the dummy before him and moved from an adoring fanbase who absolutly loved him to glory and medals… We moved on and Shay got his, ehh well he got his place on the bench i guess. The same will happen if Steven leaves… He is hardly first choice in my book anyway and he wont be at spurs either, so live goes on.

    Only regrets are the petty amount we got from Shay considering his ability and the fact that it was Man Citah who bought him and tha fact that we wont get a penny for Sailor.

  40. Playing alongside Sol Campbell could really improve Taylor. One weak aspect of his game was his positioning. If Sol can improve his positioning and communication I think it will have been worth signing Sol just for that, if Taylor signs a new contract of course.

  41. The fact that people keep claiming that Saylor can now (still) learn from playing beside Sol, tells us everything.
    It’s a kinda back handed compliment & states peoples ‘real’ attitude about him.
    That he ‘still’ needs to learn from a ‘proper’ CB at the age of 25/26?
    Think about it!

    Sign up, don’t sign up, stay, go.
    This isn’t aimed at you DJG, you just happen to be the last to say it mate.

  42. DJG reports this morning toon looking at wheater as his contract is the same as that a sign that hes not going to sign new contract,could be press shite as well like

  43. Do a blog on the official websites timely payments to agents article……
    Is this linked to the Taylor contract offer in any way?

  44. CLINT hes only 23 has he got to learn too ffs,been in england set up couple season ago his form crashed when boro did too

  45. I’m not certain (and can’t go looking here at work) but I’m sure I’ve seen direct ST quotes that make it pretty clear that he does want to stay. Why wouldn’t he?

    He’ll sign the new deal, I think. I know he can be cocky and I’m sure there was something in the ‘jawgate’ thing with AC, but what footie team doesn’t fight now and again?
    Considering how long he’s been out he was fantastic at the weekend – I was glad to see him back and hope he stays.

  46. Catweazel tbf, plays in a shit team.
    Do/would we need him?
    I dunno.
    Kadar must be learning from Sol, which is real cool, he’s the right age to be ‘learning’ from Sol’s experience.
    So, are we covered for CB’s?
    Saylor’s got a ‘busted flush’ atm.
    Up to him.

  47. I can see what DJG is saying(I’ve said similar in the past) Taylors positioning is sometimes suspect which leads him to give away fouls but maybe that’s because he’s never had an experienced CB to play along side him, bring his game on and sort out his weak points.In fact for alot of his time here Saylor has been classed as the experienced CB.Sol would have been a great signing a year or 2 ago to bring Saylors game on but maybe it’s too late now….or is it?? ;-)

  48. CLINT aye your reet,kadar is a good prospect seen him play a couple of times was canny,got a full cap now played at full back like

  49. I was waiting for the press to link us with Wheater, A good player who woudnt need any settling in time.

    I still think Saylor will sign a new contract but i doubt Campbell will be playing next season probably coaching with Hoots and the new assistant who may be here by the time we host the fecking world cup… :roll:

    Also Wheaters a monster in the air on set pieces, We would be unplayable at corners with Carroll, Saylor, Colo, Wheater and Shola to target.

    Just need Benny fit and Adam Johnson to sign up to give us quality width and a different type of partner for big Andy (Robbie Keane) and well be looking really good…

  50. Taylors better than Wheater, don’t want him, don’t need him what we have are better imo.

  51. I have to say be wary about the believing the bad press about Taylor, pre KO v Chelski they were plenty Toon players giving Taylor a hug and when he went up for a set piece he had a bit craic wi Carroll which finished with a friendly pat on the backside :shock: so doesn’t look like too much of a frosty atmosphere there to my untrained eye like :-)

  52. CC….understand that mate, just if Taylor stays we won’t need another CB and if he goes I hope plan B doesnt involve Wheater…just my opinion but CH knows a little more about defending than me so I’ll trust his judgement ;-)

  53. Taylors only 24 I think. Centre Halves are like ‘keepers they keep learning until their about 28 I would say. In their early 20’s I CB’s are still developing. It is a position that needs a lot of experience.

  54. richie,
    y’dead right mate, f*** what the press trawl, speculative bullsh.

    Personally, i’ve lost interest in the whole saga, if he signs, he signs, if not…er, he doesn’t.
    A couple of years ago i woulda been well bothered, not chowed now.

  55. Well thats your opinion mate. I like him i think he’s struggled in a shite team, He was outstanding before that, We could end up with both if we get him for Nowt when Campbell retires at the end of the season.

    But i agree if it was one or the other, I would much rather Saylor wakes up and kicks that prick stretfords arse into touch and signs a new contract.

  56. RICHIE its hard what to belive,but dont like all this shit on contract,imo sign or F.O.hes/agent is dragging it oot how long has this been ganning on, months,i think he is on his way

  57. DJG,
    aye, but if you’ve got it, you’ve got it.
    The fact we’re still talking about it, means there’s a doubt.
    It also helps that he’s ‘seen’ as local.
    Aye, we need Geordie boys in the team, but only if they are good enough.
    Haven’t noticed any other team knocking our down doon trying to sign him.
    Not saying it hasn’t happened, behind the scenes like.

  58. Sol may well still be up to it next season.
    Let’s wait & see on that.
    He’d be a great coach for us mind.
    World class CB coach, yes please.

  59. Not sure I would be interest in Wheater tbh. Has he not just been the only decent CB in a team going down like the titanic. (And by all accounts his form has dropped off these last few seasons). Yes it is partly his clubs fault but these sort of things can ruin a good prospect and I would suggest he’s far from being able to ‘just step in the premiership’. Lets Moyes have him, remeber the last player us and Everton were linked with and they signed. Eek.

  60. Clint…I’d had a few sherberts like but I’d still rather trust my own eyes than crap in the press.

    I think we’ll find that a lot more players will start letting their contracts run down as clubs try and cut cost and pay less salaries A) to try and force a bigger payrise from the parent club or B) If their wage has to be smaller they can make it up by picking up a signing on fee by moving on a free transfer

  61. CC i think wheater is a canny player imo and lets be fair to the lad he has been there only defender to hold the fort at the back,a lot of weight on his shoulders at 20yrs when they went doon,in the past even A.S. said he was a hard lad to play against,think a.s. would be canny judge like

  62. DJG

    You cant be seriously judging Moyes transfer policy because of Beckford, He very rarely gets it wrong when signing players.

    Cahill, Jagielka, Baines, Lescott, Gosling and Johnson were all from the championship or hadnt been in the topflight much, Arteta, Howard, Saha and Pienaar were signed for peanuts.

    We also nabbed Bassong from under their noses and made a nigh on £10m profit on him.

    Im assuming you think Hoots is poor in the market because of Best and Perch instead of looking at Tiote, Williamson, Simpson and Ben Arfa…

  63. CC…maybe It’s just a personal dislike for me, always found him a bit of a knob when working at their training ground tho I do think he’s went backwards the last few years, like you say tho a beast in the air.

    Ice…we don’t know whats going on with the contract but if he wants to go he should just come out and say it.Agents are tw@ts(alot of them anyway) but at the end of the day it’s the players final decision not the agents.

  64. laters CLINT.

    jeez snowed in,and for last hour and half cannot see oot the window 12in as its comeing down that dense

  65. enrique…lads i feel real madrid will make a bid in jan…evra is the other 1 they are looking at..after a centre half as well..he to me when not messing about is the best defending left back in the world..no1 stronger when defending..does any1 no..if gosling has started kicking the ball..he has been trianing.

  66. CC…aye mate :-)

    I remember Yakubu getting interviewed by the local rag when I was at the training groung, at the time Yak had fallen out with the international manager and wouldnt play for him.Yak told the reporter that very same thing and the reporter said,”so can I write that you don’t want to play for Nigeria so that you can concentrate on your Boro career”…nowt like twisting the truth a bit! :roll:

  67. CC says:
    December 1, 2010 at 11:29 am

    Im assuming you think Hoots is poor in the market because of Best and Perch instead of looking at Tiote, Williamson, Simpson and Ben Arfa…

    No I don’t think like that and yes you are assuming.

  68. Newcastle United reveal the fees paid to agents for the period 1 October 2009 to 30 September 2010

    Total amount paid to agents in the period 1 October 2009 to 30 September 2010: £2,417,776.

    Explanatory Note:
    The amount shown is the aggregate of all payments made to agents during the reporting period for agency activity, including payments made by the club on behalf of players.

  69. richie,
    one could have ones eyes gouged out by ravens & still be more accurate than the press mate.
    They are knobs & should be ignored, forthwith.
    Death to ’em.
    Although, that’s too good for ’em.

  70. ice,
    i’m back mate.
    We had a little ‘flutter’ down here yesterday, bastard nithered today like.
    Sit tight bud & shoot the shit with y’blog buddies mate, you know it makes sense.

  71. CC,
    moyes has made a couple of howlers mate.
    Like the guy he bought, but bought the wrong guy (was thinking of his brother) sent him packing, making an instant loss. His name escapes me now.

  72. ice,
    funny you should mention not being able to see out y’window mate.
    We were so dirt poor when i was a bairn that we couldn’t afford clothes.
    Me nana had to buy us a hat so i could look out the window.

    Ta da!

  73. Not sure whether it is rehashed or not. Nor am I sure whether he will re-sign or leave.

    Either way, and correct me if I am wrong, but he canna leave for nowt as he has come thru’ our jnr ranks and that will ensure we do receive some sort of monies for him, however small.

  74. Anderson was used in that pathetic Man United display yesterday. He and Obertan were the only positives out of the game. Woeful performance. The signs are there for me, Fergie would snatch our hands off if we made an offer for the young Brazilian.

    Also, Anderson has been criticizing the youngsters at United. I doubt this will go down well with Fergie.


  75. I would have rather seen a breakdown of which agents received what amount and what for – kin leeches

  76. Anderson cost manure around 17 million, I’d imagine they would want a decent return and he’d cost at least 12 million which is way out of our league

  77. Bloody snow, an hour to dig the car out to post bloody ph strips doon to smogside for work :-(

  78. In the old days when we used to throw money around, I think we could have gotton Anderson and Johnson. But we wouldn’t be in a position to because by now we would be still in te championship or league 1. I think a few players in like Anderson, Johnson and Benny and it would take us to the next level. Imagine.


    ‘The Entertainers’.

  79. Other clubs just wouldn’t know how to begin to defend against that team because you just couldn’t defend against it, so much talent on either flank and through the middle, its a bit left-footed but don’t suppose that would matter.

  80. DJG

    I do believe Anderson is a realistic acquisition. He is clearly out of favour at United and they probably see him as an opportunity to free up some transfer funds.

    A more realistic target than Johnson would be Taarabt or Bentley.

  81. Can’t imagine we’ll get more than 2 million for Taylor – clubs can just give him some cash and get him to sign a pre contract then get him for nowt in 6 months, similiar to Everton when they took Beckford off us even tho we offered Leeds 2 million ( good job we missed out to be honest)

  82. Micky,
    ‘no clothes’ hence cannot gan oot.
    Hat to cover bare heed, so you can look out the window.

  83. jay jay,
    aye mate, anderson has proved his shiteness for years.
    fergie has an eye for a flop sometimes too, djemba djemba, kleberson & others.

  84. Good to see the smb’s got skanked for £4/5m though.

    El Toro,
    what makes you think anderson would do any better with us mate?
    I ain’t seen him do anything, ok he’s had the odd half decent game, but if he’s outta favour at manusa, there’s something wrong there.
    Caveat emptor!
    Not having a go mate, just wondered what you thought.

  85. I don’t get this ‘Anderson is cack’ nonsense. He is a really good and skillful creative midfielder who has been spoiled by Man U playing him as a DM. Need any other examples of this, look at Alan Smith before and after Man U.

    The biggest club in the universe doesn’t pay 20M euros on a brazilian 19 year old because he is ‘shite’.

  86. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 1, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    El Toro,
    what makes you think anderson would do any better with us mate?

    Howay m8. Are you really trying to say players like Park, Anderson, Gibson who are in and out at Man U wouldn’t be class and one of our best players if they signed for us?

  87. Don’t think Stevie T wants to leave. He delayed signing a new deal earlier to gain leverage.

    Look where that leaves us – no one would pay too much for him after he’s been injured and when he’ll be available on a free in January.

    He has enough potential to become a great CB (not there yet) so I bet we’ll just end up payin him.

  88. On Anderson

    – Some players have the ability, but not the attitude to succeed. Everything I’ve read about Anderson had him pouting way too much about his situation.

  89. DJG,
    mate, i take back the ‘shite’ label.
    What i mean is: I haven’t seen him do anything at manusa to deserve the money spent on him.
    I was saying that years ago too.
    He still hasn’t proved us wrong.
    I’m not saying he can’t come good, but i ain’t seen any evidence yet.
    nani has started to make head way, unlike anderson.
    I didn’t think he would, but they’ve persevered with him.
    There’s something not right about anderson, as fss has just pointed out, it’s probably his attitude.
    Maybe CH could work wonders with him, he’s got a decent record with Barton, AC etc.
    On the Smith point, he mashed his ligaments, big style, at manusa, that’s why rudolph played him at DM, no other reason.

  90. DJG,
    Na, i don’t think they would be some of our best players either.
    They get far more time to settle at OT than they would at SJP mate.
    Park is the pick of that bunch for me. & even he is hit & miss, he frustrate the hell out of our crowd.
    When he’s good he’s great, when he’s bad, he’s non existent.

  91. yes def agree. Its an attitude problem not an ability problem. I partly lay the blame on Fergie aswell though not just Anderson.

  92. DJG,
    fergie does ruin some players attitude.
    & he tries to force them into his system sometimes.
    Look how long it took him to get Andy Cole going there, instead of just playing him every game, he hindered him. He came good eventually, but it coulda been quicker. Same with berbatov.

  93. Not sure if buying players deemed expendable by top clubs is our best way forward.

    Who have we bought from top clubs over the last 6-7 years?
    Smudge – lone exception ;)
    Nicky Butt

    So …. yeah.

  94. Great point FSS.

    Unknowns, up & comers, perceived damaged goods with stuff to prove seem to do us better.

  95. CLiNT FLiCK

    “Like the guy he bought, but bought the wrong guy (was thinking of his brother) sent him packing, making an instant loss. His name escapes me now.”

    When was that like??

    Ok he has made the odd howler like every other manager but the good outweigh the bad surely: Arteta, Cahill, Pienaar and Jagielka would walk into our team.

    I just think its daft to say we shouldnt be looking at Wheater because Moyes wants him because 99% of the time he is spot on in the transfer market.

  96. CC,
    can’t remember his name mate.
    But he did.
    arteta & cahill defo, wouldn’t have the others though.
    & it wasn’t me that said we shouldn’t ‘look’ at wheater cos moyes is.
    I said don’t know if we ‘need’ him, period.
    I stuck up for him, saying he’s playing in a shit team atm.
    Though i’m not keen on moyes the ginnock frog eyed moaner.

  97. CC,
    yea mate, all managers make crap buys.
    It’s normal.
    Even the best get it wrong sometimes.

  98. Nah i cannot stand the moaning porridge munching cnut either but i admire what hes done for them lot with little to spend.

    Aye sorry mate it wasnt you that said that about Wheater ignore me im not all there at the minute things arent going too well…

  99. Speaking of teams around our level, how about Villa? They seem to be blooding a good amount of youngsters. That Albrighton has done a job since Jose crushed him, and Ceiran Clark popped up with a couple goals and has looked good.

    They aren’t too far off the pace, and Agbonlahor hasn’t played yet. It just seems like Houlier has but more faith in youngsters than M’On.

  100. CC
    He has done a blinding job, but i think he works better with less money. When they made big bucks on lescott etc. he didn’t know what to do with it.
    But hey, at least everton have stuck with him, that gets you a long way in prem football.

    Hope it all clears up for y’soon mate.

  101. Aye I like Albrighton, Bannan looks a canny player

    Im not sure he got much choice other than blood the youngsters im not sure Randys cheque books open anymore, Thats why O’Neill fcuked off…

  102. Aye,
    mo’n likes spending other peoples cash, then cries when it doesn’t go to plan, or the coffers are empty.
    Bit ower emotional.

  103. Anyone else sick to death of seeing that scruffy twat Beckham being the ” Face” of English football, how the hell did he obtain god like status?
    Why not use the record cap holder Shilts or even Bobby Charlton, at least they would have had the decency to shave and not squeak on and say, FINK instead of THINK.

  104. bb,
    that’s designer stubble mate.


    It doesn’t matter who they send, it’s decided already.

  105. Aye,
    anyhoo, beckham shoulda wore an evening dress like.
    Although it’s not a fashion parade, it’s football.
    Shoulda went in his LA strip.

  106. Villa have flattered to deceive, yet if some of these youngsters come good they could move up.

    Agbonlahor is a very important player they’re missing yet.

  107. 6-10 is probably about right for their finish. Just one of the clubs we need to better this term – good thing we totally f—– their goal differential

  108. Going back to some of the spirit of the original thread, I was reviewing a few posts. I noticed a common theme is that most of us think that Steven Taylor could learn a lot from someone like Sol. CH is looking for an assistant that has yet to materialize. Nor has CH been offered a new contract…which is not likely until safety is secured.
    Could we see a situation where Sol is offered the Assistant position at the same time CH is offered a new contract, shortly after we secure another season in the Prem?
    Does Sol need those coaches badges or whatever to be an assistant? Is that too outlandish an idea? Or, does Sol step into a coaching role only…which someone else suggested above?

  109. NorCal,
    i don’t think it’s a case of ‘safety’.
    The club have said that CH’s contract will be looked at at the turn of the year, which tbf, was always the plan.
    Maybe it was me that suggested Sol get a coaching job (above), can’t think of a better CB coach ( T Adams maybe?).
    We’ve gotta stick with a manager for more than a couple of years come what may.

  110. Agree with you, CLiNT. Stability in the Manager would be a nice new thing for us fans.
    I could see Sol as a coach…plus, isn’t he married to a georgie, no reason to leave the area…stay on and have a career after football. Not a bad thing.

  111. NorCal,
    that’s what i was thinking too mate.
    Seems like a good move for all concerned.

  112. CLINT@147 aye m8 much to do aboot nowt,they made their minds up when they got there back-handers,just they love the pomp,mak you sick

  113. ice,
    i see no reason why england hasn’t had the WC since ’66 other than the powers that be don’t want it here.
    mexico’s had it x2, germany x2, brazil, argentina, italy, spain, japan etc.
    It’s a joke it hasn’t been here, home of football, great infrastructure, best domestic league, they’d coin it in, no half empty stadia, you name it.
    I can see that & i don’t even give a f*** about it.

  114. Outer mongolia will get it before england.
    In other words-russia, or whatever it’s new name is.

  115. & big guns.

    New skank on the block.

    Anyone having trouble with the net today, it’s constantly ‘failing to open page’?

  116. CLINT getting nee bother at the mo mate,shite wish i hadnt said oot,kna what will happen now

  117. CLiNT FLiCK

    Aye mate Sepp Blatter said that we could host it tomorow. Have you seen Russia’s bid, it’s computer graphics of stadia that heven’t been built yet!

    We have some of the best stadia in the world, Wembley, Old Trafford, The Emirates, SJP. All better than these stadia that are built for a hand full of world cup games and then are a quarter full for the rest of their existance, what sort of atmosphere is that.

  118. Some nice stuff there worky, got most it like.
    Is that the original ‘spiral scratch’ ep, or the early repress? & what’s on the back of Zerox? i have a mispressed one with a different version of whip in my valise, can’t remember what’s on the original now.
    You got good taste bud. Didn’t know anyone else with maniacs ‘chelsea ’77’ before. Love the Crass stuff too, i’m a big fan, if y’couldn’t tell?

  119. ice,
    soz for making y’jinx it mate.

    they’ll probably skank england again & again, been doing it for years.
    Not corrupt enough yet.

  120. DJG thats the problem m8 fifa like to be looked on as helping local workplaces/countrys ect ect,which is there get oot,all bollocks mate,as with s/africa

  121. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 1, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    “Some nice stuff there worky, got most it like.”

    I’ve had quite a few up already, and there’s more to come. I only just thought of you, Clint. You’d get a very special deal on postage if you won anything!

  122. worky,
    never seen anyone else with that ‘London’ ep either, got a good album by them. Riff Reagan.
    might go for the ‘Blank Generation 12″‘ like.
    Ain’t got that.

    Best 2 Iggy albums those mate.
    Hope you’ve recorded these for your listening pleasure mate.

  123. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 1, 2010 at 6:25 pm (Edit)

    “Is that the original ’spiral scratch’ ep, or the early repress?”


    It is the version with the injection moulded label and no Devoto credit. I think that’s the good one.

  124. NIGHTMARE!!!

    Not content with getting stuck in snow on Monday night, I repeated the feat last night….. twice!

    The forst time I dug myself out. The second time was game over and it was nine hours before I got out :mad:

    To make matter worse, when it was dawning on me that I was going to be stuck for some time, and getting angry about it, this came on the radio…

    That just about sent me over the edge :mad: :mad: :mad:

  125. worky,
    btw, you’ve listed ‘Reality asylum’ then described it as Nagasaki nightmare by mistake mate.

  126. Toonsy, no offense like, but that last bitis your own fault…what respectable radio station plays that crap. :)

  127. NorCal – :lol:

    I needed local radio on for the traffic news. It wasn’t by choice, honest :D

  128. I s’pose we can let that slide then. And, in that case, the Force was not with you that night.

  129. TOONSY steady doon man you!ll be on the ald pills mate,son been digging out cul-de-sac nearly a week noo,pig just fills back in :( walking 8mls to work,hard work when up to knees

  130. Just reading back on the comments. Something NorCal said earlier up struck a chord with me…

    He say the recurring theme from posts is that he could learn from Campbell, which is true….

    But doesn’t that say a lot about a player who is nearly 25 and has made 164 first-team appearances?

  131. Ice – I’m going to the same place tonight aswell mate, and it’s still snowing :)

    See if I can make it three in a row ;)

  132. Toonsy…Obviously alot he should learn himself but alot more would have been learned playing alongside a Sol Campbell type partner.
    People seem to think, Taylor is to old to learn but Wheater isn’t, there’s only 1 year age difference and very little difference in the amount of games.

  133. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 1, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    btw, you’ve listed ‘Reality asylum’ then described it as Nagasaki nightmare by mistake mate.”

    Aye, thanks Clint, but it’s too late to change it now.