Williamson charged violent conduct.

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mike-williamson Mike Williamson has unsurprisingly been charged by the FA today for violent conduct. Mike was involved in an off the ball incident with Bolton’s Johan Elmander during the humiliating and diabolical 5-1 loss on Saturday.

The incident wasn’t spotted by referee Howard Webb during the match and The FA chose to review the situation afterwards. They certainly didn’t like what they saw and have charged the defender for violent conduct.

Here is what a spokesman from The FA had to say this evening;

“Newcastle United defender Mike Williamson has today been charged with violent conduct.”

“The charge relates to an incident involving Johan Elmander in his side’s fixture with Bolton Wanderers on Saturday, November 20.”

“Williamson has until 6pm on Tuesday, November 23rd to reply to the charge and under The FA’s fast-track regulations may admit the charge and accept a standard three-match suspension.”

On the whole I think Willo has been steady this season. With Coloccini suspended as well it could very well mean that we see a partnership of Sol Campbell and Steven Taylor at the heart of the United defence in the absence of Hugton’s seemingly first choice pairing.

With Chelsea up next, it will be interesting to see who Chris will pick. We need to bounce back from Saturday’s horror show and we cant afford to gift Chelsea in the same ways we did Bolton. The current league leaders have certainly been out of sorts in recent weeks. Lets just hope they don’t rediscover good form on Sunday.

Newcastle will be welcoming back Cheick Tiote after serving his one match suspension. I think many will agree he has been a star this season and bar his mistake, which gifted Blackburn their first goal in a 2-1 loss, I don’t think the lads done too much wrong.

Anyway, back Williamson. The Talk sport website claims that the defender has penned a new 3-year deal with The Magpies. This has yet to be confirmed on the official NUFC website however, so we will resist doing an article about this until it’s confirmed by the club.

Unlike other places…..

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125 Responses

  1. Heres hoping Sol and Taylor are up for it…be interesting if they actually do have solid performances, over who will get picked Willo/colo are back. Heres hoping they don’t get injured or suspended themselves, because if they do we’re fecked…

  2. Sol Campbell is a proven winner with a glorious career. He won’t shirk any challenges. He’s no spring chicken but he can still get on his bike when needed and he will organise things. Lets hope S.Taylor has a point to prove aswell over Williamson. We certainly could be worse off. Campbell and S.Taylor both have more experience at this level than the other two. Campbell probably more than the rest of the squad put together!

  3. DJG

    Good point. This could actually be a blessing in disguise. I’m not Taylor’s biggest fan, but the difference in Perch when Sol was next to him was undeniable. Hopefully I will be saying the same about Taylor on Sunday.

    Also, Sol gives us pace at the back. How ironic that the 35+ player is the one providing pace :S

  4. CLINT said before he spoke to willo about it m8,got to be in report,end of,but webb always had dislike for toon,report doesnt go in till mondays from sat games,might of rubbed it oot on sun ;)

  5. ice,
    aye mate, the fa keep hitting us with ’em at every opportunity.
    It begins with a ‘C’.

  6. ice,
    they’ll find a way to hit us with it, no sweat.
    Didn’t Jose swear when they gave that dodgy 2nd pen?
    Surely that’s a retro red card?

  7. F.A.didnt like it when they got letter from toon over henry/benny shit,toffie nosed gits rubbing hands oor this,not saying willo was right like

  8. Maybe the FA has it in for us after we sent them a letter about Benny, maybe this is the FA telling us not to question their decisions or make a fuss

  9. It doesn’t really matter Ice because they’re right this time and who ever sent that letter to the FA is an idiot because the FA couldnt have taken action against De Jong even if they wanted to.It’s a FIFA rule that says that retrospective action can’t be taken if the ref has seen the incident.

  10. RICHIETOON i agree willo should be done for it we would shout if it was a toon player it happened to,what ime saying if webb saw it which he did and spoke to him about it,the F.A. cannot act or is there two sets of rules maybe they can charge webb (not)

  11. Ice….It depends if he just saw the coming together which we all did, but didn’t see the heed go in, which we all missed too.

  12. I think we just have to take the punishment and move on, and hope that CH drills it into them that it is not acceptable, as it will look bad on us which in turn will make the ref watch for more wee things to hammer us for the way they do with Joey

  13. Typical CLiNT ‘the worlds against NUFC’ FLiCK. If he had of seen it, he would have been sent off there and then, he would have still got a three match ban and we could have lost by ten!

    Personally I’m happy as I think Campbell and Taylor are our best centre defensive pairing. Williamson and Colo have been ok but they have both been found wanting recently.

  14. Dave…Aye we should move on, all 3 players deserve what they get and more imo and as fans we’re in danger of turning into whingers and moaners, they all did wrong and they’ve all been caught.

  15. It’s a fvcking joke – the FA can take retrospective action whenever they want as confirmed by uefa – ultimately I’m not that bothered as regulars on this site know that I reckon sol should be a starter – thought it would be with collo rather than Taylor but hey ho
    I doubt we’ll get jack from weekends game but need to start picking up points soon or we’ll be down near the bottom :(
    To be honest we all knew this season was gonna be tough, if we can hang in there till jan when the squad should be a bit stronger I.e sell smith or give him away we’ll be okay with players coming back from injury and poss one new signing

  16. ice,
    i think y’right about us sending that letter, they’ve done us.
    & the ref saw the HBA ‘challenge’ but didn’t see the leg break.
    So, it seems there’s a lot of strands to their rules, very esoteric.

  17. Stu,
    it just pisses me off that every little thing NUFC ‘does’, or it’s ‘deemed’ we’ve done gets the full weight of the law behind it, then when it’s something ‘done’ against us, they ‘can’t’ do anything about it.
    These are the things that are shaping our season.
    I’m not saying Willo doesn’t deserve it, it’s just weird what they see or don’t see.
    As if losing 5-1 to bolton, with a sending off, 2 pens & an offside goal weren’t enough, they retro send Willo off too.
    Bit much really & therefore it’s only natural that us Toon fans would want the letter of the law for all other teams. Though i don’t see that happening.

  18. How long left, can’t be much?
    Did cahill score?
    He’s capt. in me fantasy team for this game.

  19. 90+5: Beckford squanders a crucial chance to win for Everton. He’s straight down the middle and looks like he can’t miss but blasts it high….Beckfords your best mate now batty !?…

  20. batty,
    how the f*** do you do it y’bazza?
    Send us some of that ‘magic dust’ y’get.

  21. hopefully we are experiencing a dip in form, and a run of bad luck and stupid mistakes, which we’ll get over pretty soon…We need everyone back and firing on all cylinders to start picking up the points again. A couple of 3 pointers can work wonders, not sure where they’ll come from though on current form..

  22. Clint…agreed mate, maybe the “other” Newcastle turn up at the weekend and surprise us all, it would be in-keeping with the roller coaster season so we’ve experienced so far

  23. batty,
    didn’t think so like, even you ain’t got the stomach for that.
    What odds did y’get?
    Have the odds changed?

  24. batty,
    4-1 seems low odds at the start like.
    16-1 seems like canny odds now, that’s just to stay up, yea?
    Hoy some on that bud.

  25. THing is about suspending Williamson I think it’s the right decision however as previously said how come it never happens to clubs we face. I can remember Barton getting kicked round the pitch by Henry and co how come none of them got a suspension ??? Surely the ref never seen those challenges otherwise he would have been sent off. That’s the problem with the PL it’s too corrupt I thought the Championship was a much more honest league.

  26. lualua,
    aye mate,
    gerrard has elbowed a couple of people in the face so far this season, at least as bad as Colo did on satda, no red, no retro punishment.
    It’s not just him either, though he is a repeat offender.
    & just one example.

  27. ‘I thought the Championship was a much more honest league.’

    So did I, there wasn’t as much cheating and diving either. Just good honest fans who support real clubs. When was the last time the FA studied videos of league 1 matches for ‘off the ball’ incidents I wonder. And we’re expected to believe they are fair and proportionate, give over man. They had it in for us after we shamed them and their rule for not acting when the ref saw it at the time. When DeJong was dropped by his country and the international community was disgusted it rightly showed the Fa as the corrupt scum they are and they’ve had it in for us ever since. The Barton incident was fair enough because of the media attention it recieved, but this latest one is the result of them targeting us. No-one in the ground protested at the time.

  28. Anyone else think CH might pick Kadar and not Saylor against chelsea ? with both saylor and sol not having much playing time this season through injury i just have a feeling he might not take a chance on them both breaking down during the game and will play sol and kadar from the start .

  29. DJG,
    that’s an excellent point about retro cards in the lower leagues mate. Makes a mockery of that shit they dole about goal line tech not being used cos it can’t be used at lower levels too. They are crooked, cockeyed & do whatever they ‘want’.

    Doubt he’ll play Kadar v chelsea like.
    Saylor had a injured arm socket & he’s had plenty of rehab now.
    Sol is playing for defs.

  30. I don’t think C.H will play Kadar from the start, I think he will replace Sol in the second half and Perch will be just incase Taylor breaks down. Taylor has been training for weeks now and I think he played the whole 90mins against Man C reserves so he is fit. I think if Sol plays more than about 60mins he might risk getting injured as he is carring niggles, Kadar is fresh legs. C.H doesn’t give Kadar and Ferguson the chance they deserve though.

  31. Sol just needs games now, to be proper fit.
    CH sees them all every day, he knows whether they’re ready or not.
    In the meantime, if we keep getting suspensions & injuries, they’ll get their chances as back ups.
    chelsea is no game for bairns.

  32. richie,
    only when they ‘need’ to quote fifa, otherwise it’s their rule.
    They twist it any old way it suits ’em.

  33. CLiNT FLiCK

    Good point m8. They don’t use goal line technology because it wouldn’t get used in the lower leagues but their quite happy to use retro video evidence and punishment in the prem league and for certain offenders. Makes a mockery of the fact that they are supposed to be impartial doesn’t it. What they are is a bunch of crooked old dinasours who want to keep the countries no.1 sport in the dark ages because they can’t be bothered to do anything about it, unless in our case they can be bothered to act on something. So what if FIFA and other countries don’t do it. We invented the sport and should be leading the world. Would the rugby crowd listen to brussels, would they sh!te. Tennis and rugby are in the 21st century football ‘the national sport’ isn’t. The FA are a disgrace, look at the crap england team n’all. No offense to Andy Carroll but howay he shouldn’t be our ‘only hope’ already, if he was Spanish or French he wouldn’t even be on the bench.

  34. DJG,
    aye mate, bang on again.
    They are dinosaurs & they are holding the game back & have done from time.
    It’s a f***ing joke, they’re a joke & it’s gonna have to get a hell of a lot worse before they change owt.
    It’s a ‘little, jobs for the boys club’, most of ’em haven’t even played the game.
    england will crash & burn, the prem will too & they preside over it.

  35. I think the ‘it wouldn’t get used in the lower leagues’ thing is a complete excuse. When have the actual FA said that; it is a media accusation. They do act on things like retro punishment after televised games, well some lower league games arn’t even recorded by the club. If the ref can watch a game afterwards and change a decision that a player can be deemed to have commited a red card offense and then banned for 3 games thus changing the results; how can that be fair. When the same ref is watching the ball go over the line or a player dived and he gave a penalty. He wouldn’t then chalk off the goal and change the points the clubs got, and give the diver a yellow card afterwards. It is a stupid unfair pointless rule.

  36. Clint much as I hate the FA its fact its a FIFA rule and until its changed everyones hands are tied. They should be allowed to carry out retrospective punishment even if the ref sees it imo, cos seeing it and interpreting it correctly are 2 entirely different things especially as ref’s this season have proved time and time again how incompetant they are.Unfortunately they won’t change anytime soon while Blatter is there :-(
    With regards to our 3 players the FA are spot on just a shame they havnt been as spot on with other clubs.

  37. Also, what about Holloway!

    He has made fools of them time and time again with hilarious and obvious speeches that the public agree with, picking faults with the game and being a champion for goalline technology and scrapping the bosman ruling.

    What do they do? Threaten to fine him or dock him points or whatever for ‘playing a weakened squad’ or whatever that seemed like some rule that they just made up. First of all Thick Mick at Wolves has done it and lost worse than Holloway, and escaped any for of punishment, and secondly what is the point of a ’25 man squad’ if they only want you to pick the same 11 players.

    Is this a co-incidence they targeted Holloway. ;)

  38. DJG……….Holloways great :-)

    Wolves actually got hit with a £25000 suspended fine for fielding the weakened team. How many times have the Man Utd’s and Arsenals been fined for fielding weakened tems in cup games or even league games against the weaker sides prior to European games?…….er none would be the answer.

  39. richie,
    y’right mate, of course.
    & i agree 100% man.
    Blatter should get a job with the fa when he’s done with fifa, he’ll fit right in.
    Holloway rules, what a guy.
    More power to him.
    Funny as F*** too.

  40. They bully Holloway and they bully us, it stretches back to Michael Owen and the Andy Carroll debate probably just stoked up the flames.

  41. Why doesnt the FA charge thugs like de jong? Williamson fouled elmander, but he hit him with a shoulder. de jong broke a leg!!!! Where the f*ck is the justice there?

  42. Gringo – The difference is the referee during the Man City game actually saw the De Jong challenge and did not give a foul, the FA do not usually over rule the referee’s decision. In this case of Williamson, the referee did not see the incident therefore the FA were free to poke their noses in.

  43. Has discipline in the squad changed for the worse since Cawlderwood left the club? I’m just putting this out there as it seems a bit of a coincidence to me. CH was obviously the ‘good cop’ and Cawlderwood the ‘bad cop’ in the old managerial team. Cawlderwood by his very nature demanded respect and being a typical Jock was very authoritative. CH has since stated that he ripped into the players at HT of the Bolton game but little effect that had. Would that job have normally been Cawlderwood’s? I just hope the players haven’t let their standards slip subconsciously knowing Cawlderwood is no longer there ready to give them a bollocking.

  44. I can’t really comment the FA in your country,but Oh well.

    I have no worries even though both Mike and Colo will be out for 3games.

    Cause imo,we have decent covers in the two CB’s position.


    Unless,somehow,S.Taylor gets red during Chelsea match,then i will start worrying.8O

  45. @38
    Batty is oozing class ” I swear on my daughters life”.
    You sound like Troy!

  46. Both decent enough players, but its it bit unfair on them to have to form a partnership in one game having never played together. And both coming back from injuries.

  47. Can’t wait for the Chelsea game…Tiote Vrs Essien just hope Tiote keeps Essien off the ball!

  48. Geordie Gurkha Beserker says:
    November 23, 2010 at 10:17 am
    Can’t wait for the Chelsea game…Tiote Vrs Essien just hope Tiote keeps Essien off the ball!<<<< i cant see no reason why he cant , he did it too fabregas

  49. Sol and Saylor have played together in ressie games. Anyway I doubt they will look at this as unfair, more of a chance to steal the CH positions for the rest of the season. :)

  50. JJ, at least they had 90 mins together against City bairns. Not exactly the same level of competition, I know, but at least they’re not complete strangers to one another. They both speak English too, which might help them shout at each other.

  51. Marnin’ all. I think Sol and Saylor will be a bit rusty but still do ok… PROVIDED Tiote has a good game. Chelski have every weapon in the catalogue to throw at us and there’s no way the back 4 can keep them at bay without someone breaking down the attacks a bit before they arrive.

    I’m a bit more concerned up front, and particularly out wide, to be honest. I don’t know why Routledge appears to be out of sorts lately, but we know Guthrie is no solution on the right. Some have suggested putting Jonas there and young Fergie left, which is an option – but quite a gamble at this level. And then you have the problem of Guthrie or Nolan in the middle. One’s quick and creative with a great pass on him; the other is experienced and hard as nails.

    Defence isn’t too much of a worry for me, although I can see us shipping a few goals. Attack is more of a problem.

  52. Sol could be the player to finally get the best out of S.Taylor and improve the dodgy aspects of his game/positioning.

  53. Well its a chance for Taylor to put him self in the shopwindow for the january sales , having not signed a new contract he will be desperate to show other teams what he can do starting with Chelsea if picked . Its a shame he has not signed on yet but i am not that bothered if he leaves now , its reported that Williamson will be signing a new 3 year contract and Carroll has already signed a 5 year deal . These are the sort of lads we need , willing to put pen to paper and prove they want to be here .

  54. Well december we always said was gonna be a hard month. This is where we will see what our squad is made of. I fancy us to do ok agaisnt Chelsea, they just havn’t been the same since Wilkins left and I think our boys will be up for a fight after Bolton. Plus we always seem to do better on the telly. We may just out-battle them on the day. Plus Tiote is back, he is our key performer this season. He will get bookings and suspensions though because of his style and we’ll just have to accept it.

  55. Agree totally DJG; I just hope they don’t “do a Citeh” and end up snatching 3 points at the last minute despite being second best for 89 of ’em.

  56. essien is banned..more people out in the midfield..will give us more of a chance..week area for chelsea and us..at this minute..

  57. anybody feel like the wheels have come off for newcastle or just a really rough patch there going through

  58. batty says:
    November 23, 2010 at 10:29 am
    bobby shinton or should i say roy cropper fuk off

    worthless pebbles may sometimes be mistaken for rough diamonds.

  59. hope we haven’t “peaked” already…need to batten down the hatches now, and fight for every point. Thank goodness Tiote is back…

  60. Mike Williamson set for improved 3 year deal. Nile Ranger set for new 5 and a half year deal. The club are getting good at this contract lark ;-)

  61. I think the time will come for young Vukic and Ranger. Next season for Ranger, and perhaps in 2 seasons for Vukic. The future looks quite bright.

  62. good to see we’re getting these guys tied down..hopefully next on the agenda a new improved contract for Jose