Williamson found guilty of violent conduct.

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Williamson - Guilty as charged.
Williamson - Guilty as charged.
Mike Williamson has been found guilty of violent conduct and will miss the next three games.

Williamson had decided to appeal the charge after The FA had found him guilty using video evidence after the match against Bolton last weekend, but it would appear that the appeal held no water and will mean that Williamson will sit out the matches against Chelsea, West Brom and Liverpool.

On the slightly positive side, at least The FA didn’t decide to extend his ban to four games, which they can do if they deem the appeal to be frivolous, but it does kind of leave me scratching my head as to why the appeal was not deemed to be frivolous? I must admit that I was fully expecting The FA to extend the ban to four games, so on that front I am pleasantly surprised.

I mean surely, given the speed at which they charged Williamson, you could be reasonably assured that The FA saw the video evidence and managed to pass judgement rather quickly. An open and shut case so to speak?

It seems strange, to me anyway. I mean surely if there was grounds to make the appeal non-frivolous (if that is even a correct way of saying it?), then surely there was sufficient doubt over the charge in the first place?

I know where I’m going wrong here – I am thinking logically when really I shouldn’t as far as The FA is concerned. Mind you, I can’t actually argue the case for any of the three players we currently have suspended for violent conduct in all honesty.

It’s natural to feel aggrieved and to look at certain instances where The FA have taken no action against players at other clubs when they have transgressed. It’s natural because we are fans of this club. In reality though, as I said above, none of the offences that our players have committed can really be argued.

It does leave a sour taste in the mouth though…..

Anyway, it’s done and the punishment has matched the crime so to speak, so it looks like a central defensive pairing of Sol Campbell and Steven Taylor will play against Chelsea on Sunday. They aren’t bad players to call upon in fairness.

Onwards and upwards…. Hopefully.

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62 Responses

  1. Hey, look at the bright side. Sky sports has some fodder to fill the airways with today & tomorrow. Plus, they know they can take video footage out of context and give it to the FA to make more stories via suspensions. The only club in the EPL with such a soap opera status is NUfc, so look for more from the broadcast sector down the road. But also look for a nice long piece from the BBC how unfair it seems after the season is over. We can then lick our wounds all over again.
    Could it be that the FA is trying to force MA out and having to sell at a big loss by making sure NUFC is relegated again? Of course not. They just want the NUFC players to be the angels the other clubs field.

  2. Webb: ” i was proceeding in an easterly direction, when i didn’t see some on field violence, m’lud”.

  3. Erm ! can you run that by me one more time, cause i have no idea what the f**k you just said ?

  4. ‘Yes you are guilty and will recieve a 3 match ban immediately, right chaps any more business today?’ ‘No thats it for today m’lord’. ‘Right smoking jackets on, cigars lit anybody for sherry?’

  5. it wasn’t deemed frivolous because the video evidence wasn’t as clear cut as most are. So they seen enough to ban him but we obviously decided to appeal because it wasn’t clear cut and with not being clear cut they couldn’t add a extra game on. I think :D

  6. I guess is the same old way of saying,whatever you said out,you can’t take it back anymore.

    i not that sure but i guess it also based on the seriousness of the challenge.

    if someone appeal,yet fail…it will judge on that incident and see whether is it reasonable to extend it more.

  7. Whoops.

    El toro, Toonsy, I have HTC desire. Went from an iPhone 3G to this because I didn’t want iPhone 4.
    Don’t think I’ve got fat fingers though. Fat belly,yes, but fat fingers?

  8. dunno if anyone else had read this but highlights the total inconsistancy. granted some of the incidents posted were dealt with in the run of play (cards given) but where nothing was done, it’s a little bit of a head scrather as to why.


    as you said though, having to call up sol and steven taylor isn’t necessarily a bad thing – just frustrating given the reason to have to do so.

  9. Micky – I have that new Windows phone from HTC. Hated it at first and didn’t use it, but I have to say that it is excellent now I’ve been using it for a week.

  10. eastcoastmag,
    tells you everything you need to know right there mate.
    & it doesn’t even get into gerrards 2 elbows this season or g neville’s blatant one.

  11. Must admit, I can’t stand this bleating about unfair treatment – every club thinks it gets it, because they tend to read more media content about their club. We know the FA is run by a load of corrupt barrow-boys in posh suits, so why moan at them? There’s no conspiracy against anyone – they’re just plan old idiots, that’s all. Daan4tooN’s summed it up nicely for us at post 7.

    We should be having a go at the on-field idiots who got themselves banned, and the ref who missed it, thereby leaving the door open for the FA muppets to step in.

    Stop whining and move on, I think. Looking forward to seeing Sol and Saylor together for the first time. Great combo on paper…

  12. Luckily its the one area we arent badly lacking in depth with Saylor, Campbell and Kadar able to cover all across the back line and Tavernier and Ferguson looking like they have very good futures.

    We really need to add a Winger and a second striker in january, Gael Kakuta and Robbie Keane on loan would be decent…

  13. thanks for that article eastcoastmag. Although, it just gives me more to feel pi$$ed about rather than actually feel uplifted. Oh well, we’re Toon fans after all!

  14. When do the FA hold such an enquiry. Who initiates it? is the 4th Official as after all the ref didn’t see it. Or is it in resonse to the press or TV. If the 4th official then it can be annonced immediately after the game as per F!. If the TV then it shouldn’t be touched.

  15. To be honest, all this is one reason why I actually miss Championship footie. In the prem it’s all corruption, prima-donnas and cheating. The worst thing of all is that the FA clearly have no interest in stopping the latter, as it would be very easy to do if they wanted to.

    I strongly suspect it’s because the worst offenders are also their biggest money-earners. They seem to go aperplectic if one player ‘lashes out’ at another with a blow that would fail to dent a sheet of A4, but ignore game-changing cheating like diving in the box or acting to get a player sent off. Both are easy to spot on video evidence, and all they’d have to do is retrospectively punish offenders enough to make it not worth doing – it’d stop in a matter of weeks.

    But no; that may upset the status quo. Pathetic.

    By comparison, their inability to provide any consistency on matters such as Williamson’s offence (and let’s face it, violent or not, what he did was an offence) is pretty insignificant to me.

  16. The FA are a fvcking joke – Gerrard elbows at least 2 players a game – nowt done, Terry is prob the worst offender in the league (now Shearers gone :)
    They never touch the old guard England internationals as it devalue thier brand – what the fvck do the FA actually do to improve the game – sack the lot of em

  17. Whumpie@19, divvent start a new campaign off or the first time one of ours goes to ground easily will be the first to get it in the neck, the lesson we need to learn from this is say nowt and take broken legs etc on the chin.

  18. Whumpie,
    inconsistency is the key word here mate.
    I’m pretty sure all here, whiners/bleaters, just wanna see consistency, FOR ALL CLUBS, not just us.
    & when it doesn’t happen, we’re rightly pissed about it.
    The fa & by association, the refs, are guilty of ruining the game. Players are players, most are fair, some are known cheats, that’s by the by…It’s the job of the fa et al to sort it out & be fair across the board. That is not happening atm.

  19. good point on getting mad at the players lashing out. i had no complaints once barton got his 3 game break. colo maybe a bit less as it wasn’t as flagrant, but still warranted. it’s just the frustration seeing a guy like felaini do it to williamson, or huddlestone on elmander (even with his manager coming out and publicly saying he got away with that one!) and zero happens. all i’d like to see is consistency in the review process and it’s just not there.
    end of the day, all we can do it moan about it here or at the pub.

  20. I think Sol and Taylor will be a class no-nonsense pairing at the back. Something we could be with at the min. If Sol can get and keep matchfit I think Collo and Willo will be in trouble, although Collo is a good RB.

    Im gonna just call him Taylor. After all it’s doubtful that the other one will pull on a black and white shirt again, and he’s crocked for 3 months.

  21. CLiNT FLiCK

    Dont be silly man, they probably could have played for England against France and done better than those to$$ers Cappello picked.

  22. Anyway they couldn’t have more of a mare than Collo and Willo had against Bolton, its not humanly possible. Unless Chelsea score 10; and they won’t because their having a mare themselves.

  23. Deeg,
    i’m only asking.
    I reckon they’re a good partnership, nowt wrong with the other 2 though.

  24. There’s plenty wrong with the other two at the moment. Pushed off the ball too easily, make rash challenges, try and play the ball out of defence when it’s not always on.

  25. Brendan, agree, we play far too much football at the back instead of clearing our lines at times, hopefully the two that are coming in have more about them and are professional enough to cope with a bit of push and shove and stand their ground.
    Campbell wont allow the full backs to fanny on with the ball too much, i know he may be slow but his experience will be invaluable.

  26. Sol isn’t slow, that’s an ageist fallacy.
    Clocked over the last 2 seasons as 2nd only to walcott in the speed stakes, don’t y’know?

  27. Sol now does less work off the ball which is understandable and leads people to incorrectly call him slow. But in terms of all out pace when he’s sprinting, I was suprised at how fast he actually is, deffo faster than the likes of Taylor, Gerrard and Barton.

    Lets hope he denies Drogba like this again.

  28. He does less work off the ball, probably cos he’s in the right place more often than not.
    Great positional sense.

  29. agree clint – most sprinters don’t peek until after 30. linford was 33 when he clocked the british 100m record

  30. martin atkinson the goon that reffed the man city game has just given a penalty for what nobody knows. clown.
    i cannae believe somebody like him is given a champions league match i would even let him ref sunday pub football

  31. I guess the question is about how violent it was. At one extreme “it’s a head-butt” – frivolous appeal – extra match ban. At the other extreme – “it was obstruction” – probably just a yellow – no ban. Looks like somewhere in between? Violent but not that violent?? the FA decide to get more splinters in their bum by sitting on the fence again. They wouldn’t recognise truly violent or dangerous play if it got up and bit them on their splintery bums. And so it’s OK to break a few legs….

  32. f’kin hell, see a few are sticking the knife in against Willo and Collo since they have made a couple of mistakes and will be sitting out the next few games.

    Its not as if they’ve been outstanding for the past year or owt, nah, or the fact that its partly down to them that we are no longer ridiculed for being so poor defensively. Nah, definitely not.

    Have a longer memory than 1 f’kin week people.

  33. ILM

    They were excellent last season against championship strikers. I wouldn’t say they have been excellent this season, they have been in the odd game like against Arsenal. It’s just that they’ve had a world class DM infront of them. No one is ‘sticking the knife in’ they are just saying that they have started conceeding sloppy goals since Arsenal that is a fact.

  34. DJG says:
    November 24, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    “They were excellent last season against championship strikers. I wouldn’t say they have been excellent this season”

    What, in comparison to Boumsong? Bramble? Howay man, they’ve been fantastic, even in Premiership. They don’t claim to be Maldini and Baresi so lets not have daft expectations and compare them to world beaters.

    My point is they’ve been part of the most organised and defensive NUFC i’ve probably ever seen, and they deserve credit for it, not snide remarks from their own ‘supporters’.

  35. Clint…just about an inch or so but as it wasnt forecast til tomorrow I can only see it getting worse.

  36. richie,
    it ain’t reached here yet, not looking forward to it like.
    Great for the bairn, but london just can’t function with 2″ of snow, soft gets.

  37. Clint…its not much different here these days, grinds to a halt with a bit of the white stuff.
    I remember when….. :-)

  38. richie,
    aye mate, when i was a bairn it snowed a hell of a lot more than it normally does now.
    Took a bit to stop shit carrying on.
    So, i guess everyone’s gan soft then?

  39. Richietoon, weren’t the locals using cross country ski’s on Northumberland Street last winter ?

  40. Clint…aye they’re all going soft.I was still in just my polo shirt today tho for work :-)

    Munich…dunno mate, I know on the news there was pics of people in skis but not sure where it was.

  41. ILM totally agree. It’s been donkey’s years since we have had a defence playing so well. Colocinni has been great, he has one off game and now he’s being slated. God some of our fans are the embodiement of fickle.