Williamson vs. Taylor – Who will win the race to play?

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Williamson vs Taylor - The battle is on!
Williamson vs Taylor - The battle is on!
Steven Taylor came through 60-odd minutes of reserve-team acton yesterday as he stepped up his return to first-team football.

I said in an article yesterday that Taylor won’t find it easy to get back in the first-team and will have a fight on his hands for a first-team place for arguably the first time in his Newcastle career.

So in an article inspired by one of our poster’s, TonyGreenSupreme. I decided that perhaps now would be a good time to take a look at just what Steven Taylor is up against if he wants to break into the first-team. He was named on the bench for Sunday’s demolition derby, and he is expected to make the bench again for this weekend’s trip to The Emirates. After near enough ten-months out I would say that a start is out of the question at this early juncture, but at least it gives an option should anyone suffer an injury during the game.

You have to look at just who Taylor will replace, if he is to prove himself worthy of a place in the team in the forthcoming weeks of course. I think most of us are in agreement with regard to Fabricio Coloccini being the central defender who is least likely to get dropped. His form over the past eighteen months or so has been fantastic, and he looks to have carried over his good form from The Championship into the Premier League.

That leaves only Mike Williamson, who hasn’t done an awful lot wrong either if I’m being perfectly honest. Williamson came in last season and looked like a solid and dependable central defender, something which he has carried over to this season.

Now, people will point to various errors that he has made, but can I just say that every player makes mistakes, even world class ones, and, even though it may shock a few people, our players also make the odd mistake from time-to-time, so I think it is a tad unfair to pick a couple of errors out of what has been an almost faultless nine-months on Tyneside for the former Watford defender.

Williamson is, largely, a very discplined defender, but he does tend to get drawn towards the attacker leaving some space in behind which can be exploited. He also lacks pace, but his general reading of the game makes this less of an issue. Defenders don’t have to be fast, but they need to be able to read the game. Just look at John Terry for an example of that.

We know what Steven Taylor can bring to the line-up. He is a committed, all-action defender that will put his body on the line, but he isn’t without his faults either to be fair. His positioning can, at times, be called into queestion and he can also switch off or go walkabout when he is needed.

So after all that, who do I think should partner Colo? For me it has to be Williamson. He is the one with the shirt that Taylor needs to try and fight to get back. If he can do that then he can take Williamson’s place in defence, but not before. It’s important that we keep a settled defence, and certainly a settled central defensive pairing, which is another reason why I would keep Williamson in the starting line-up for the meantime.

Whatever happens with the first-team, there is no doubt that Taylor’s return to fitness gives us some depth in central defence. Sol Campbell is not far from full fitness, which of course gives us another option if needed.

All in all, whoever plays in central defence for us will be there because they have earned the right to be. I actually think that this current crop of central defenders is the best we have had for quite some time, which adds to competition for places and should ensure that each and every one of them has to play to the best of their abilities if they want to keep the shirt on their back so to speak.

What do you think?

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287 Responses

  1. Willo so far.
    He’s got the shirt, so Saylor will have to prove he’s worthy again.
    So he’ll have to wait for an injury or his opportunity.
    Great position to be in for us, for a change.
    Don’t players just walking back in, unless it’s a no brainer like.

  2. CH isn’t afraid to drop players as he’s shown (nolan, smith, carroll) so it’s all on taylor to earn a spot back. willy/colo right now a great partnership so having taylor in pushing the two of them only bodes well for our defensive performances.

  3. TOONSY taylor committed you must be jokeing m8,if that was the case why hasnt he signed a contract,for me he would stay in the ressie to keep fit,rub his nose in it imo

  4. Agreed that No1 walks back into the team, benny
    boy aside! What u would say is that I am a big saylor fan and would actually like to see him at RB for a while. I think Simpson is much more at risk than williamson. That would be my opinion.

  5. whats the difference between a taxi driver and the scum team?a taxi driver only lets 4 in :)

  6. Guys,lads beware of this Sunday Match against Arsenal.

    Guess who shall officiate the game??

    None other than Mickey Mouse Mike Dean~~!!! 8O

    we shall be in with a supposed drama of decisions then.

    Let’s prepared. Hopefully those weird decisions don’t go against us again. grrrr…..

  7. steven taylorbhas always been one of my favorite players because he is a geordie and he is all heart(or at least he used to be). he wears his emotions on his sleeve and plays with a chip on his shoulder. having said all that this contract shite has left a sour taste in my mouth. i dont think he deserves to walk back into the starting 11. colo and willo are playing too well together to change it up. as far as right back is concerned why pull danny simpson, he has played very well his two games back and he is committed long term to the toon. why put a guy into his spot who might leave in two months. i say he sits the bench unless an injury occurs unless he signs a contract then he can fight his way on the field. but unless he puts pen to paper why disrupt the growth and form of the players we got that are playing so well and are committed to the toon long term for a lad who is unhappy and likely to leave!!!


  8. I’d go for Willo/Colo at present but I’ve got a feeling CH will want to give Saylor some playing time in the first team as part of the temptation to sign his new contract but I hope that isn’t the case & Tayls needs to either fight for his position or wait for an injury!!

    As for comparisons, all our CB have made small mistakes in the past or we’d have a zero goals against us now wouldn’t we.. lol

    It’s good to have 2 sets of CB’s if you ask me, maybe we can use one for home games & the other for away games, how does that sound.. :)

  9. Icedog @ 4 – I really gritted my teeth to stop myself from putting something like that in the article, but I can’t be doing with the hassle I would get for it today to be honest :lol:

  10. Cyprus-Toon says:
    November 3, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    “It’s good to have 2 sets of CB’s if you ask me, maybe we can use one for home games & the other for away games, how does that sound..”

    Like a really shyte idea ;)

    Stability makes a good defence ;)

  11. Raffo – Are you enjoying your brief rest mate? Hope you are keeping busy and not just sitting there? ;)

  12. TOONSY understand that 100%,but ill do it,old gits can take stick.
    we have willo,collo,sol,kadar who now has been picked for full int/team,if he doesnt sign up dont play him sell the git sick of the drama with him over the last couple of seasons,committed my arse

  13. Williamson,

    Better positioning, better decision making, our only defender who doesn’t dilly and dally and knows when to get rid.

    Why disrupt a successful partnership that has had 10 games to develop? Collo is the silk and Willo is the steel.

  14. Williamson is a good player, Zog goals aside. Taylor is just the best of a bunch that included Ramage and Chopra. :)

  15. @CLiNT FLiCK: Hopefully Mike Dean questionable decisions for once don’t go against us.

    And we won Arsenal 3-1. HAHHAHAHAHAA. :lol:

    i am sure we are in for drama decisions from Him.

  16. Ice

    The only time I would play Taylor is just before the window to show that he is fit. Not for too long though, if he breaks down again won’t be able to get shot. :)

  17. He’s like a car that your just hoping will work for the test drive and then after that he can go and break down somewhere else. :)

  18. DJG i just want players at the club who “want” to play for the toon,not might, ifs, and maybes imo

  19. We have to do something with our defence against Arsenal! They have Walcott, and in the carling cup he just JOG! away from Williamson! We have to speed up our defence and think Taylor/Campbell (if he will be fit) should take Coloccini`s place in the heart along side Williamson! We cant have both Colo and Williamson in the heart of defence when we meet a team like Arsenal with so much pace. If I was Hughton I would have used the same team against Suckerland, but put some with more pace in the center of midfield. Campbell would be great against his former team:-)

  20. It all comes down to they are all squad players.The manager is the one to decide.This is not only the test of a good manager but also the test of the players a good thing in my book.We’ve had our share of players that play on name only.

  21. We have to assume that both Willo and Collo will be injured from time to time, and we need more than Sol and Kadar available to step in. I hope Saylor signs up soon (and sacks that sad excuse for an agent) so we can just deal with the selections on a footballing basis. He’s a good, local lad and I won’t judge him based on press b.s. about contract disputes. (much)

    Personally I think the recent absences and off-field problems have soured our memories a bit. He’s a very decent player indeed and was showing real quality and maturity before he got injured. He hadn’t even given away a penalty with a handball in several games! :)

  22. I’ve noticed that we’ve had a habit on here of slagging off players who then come good for us (Nolan, Shola, etc.) so perhaps we should expect the same from Saylor..?

  23. All joking aside though he would have to come off the bench for a defensive injury and impress everybody to get a starting place back. I don’t think that will be easy for him because the defense is now a much better unit than the leaky one he was part of.

  24. How many times have teams fluffed their lines when clean through after bypassing our “solid pairing” with a ball over the top or down the line this season ??

  25. WHUMPIE if he signs fine,but has to get his heed right,to me to many dramas with him over the last couple of seasons,and by the way hes not a local lad

  26. CC – Not that Taylor would change that anyway, but not many off the top of my head.

    We have conceded the lowest amount of shots at goal in the league after all…

  27. Williamson every time.I think Taylor gets noticed more,rushing around usually rectifying the mistakes he’s made.I know Williamson as made a few butnowhere near as many as Taylor.Nothing against the bloke just think Williamson is better.

  28. Not many?? Its happened numerous times about half a dozen times against City, Commentators have highlighted it all season.

    And he might change that seing as hes quicker than the other two.

    He just needs to get back playing and all will be forgotten, Look at Nolan i imagine he will be in everyones 11 for Arsenal when a fortnight ago he was shit.

  29. CC says:
    November 3, 2010 at 3:27 pm
    How many times have teams fluffed their lines when clean through after bypassing our “solid pairing” with a ball over the top or down the line this season ??

    toonsy says:
    November 3, 2010 at 3:30 pm
    CC – Not that Taylor would change that anyway, but not many off the top of my head.

    In the Arsenal game? About every single time! Apart from that I don’t think Harper or Krul have been left exposed very often.

    Think back to when S.Taylor was playing in the prem and the number of times players where clean through only to be denied by Given.

  30. CC – Is that the defenders fault though? Or is it because we are playing a high defensive line in general as they have been told to?

    Another interesting stat…….. Newcastle have caught their opponents offside more times than any other team in the Premier League.

    That suggests, to me anyway, that we are tryiong to play that way…..

  31. & most of the ‘over the top’ goals against were when we’ve been chasing the game late on.

  32. Williamson for me, if anyone should replace him it should be Cambell, Taylor will have to wait his turn and then prove himself

  33. Lol. That was S.Taylor’s trade mark, doing a forest gump run chasing a striker clean in on goal or sprinting back to the goal line to try and block. How often does a striker turn Collo or Willamson, be honest not very often.

  34. Lads, what do you think will happen when HBA comes back? with Barton doing so well on the right and 2 strikers going so well……. any thoughts….?

  35. Willo-Colo. They are a good pair. Coloccini is good on the ball and co-operates well with Enrique, but overplays himself every now and then. Williamson is more no-nonsense type of player. He knows what he can do, and what he can’t.

    Saylor is too similar with Coloccini, perhaps a little better marker though. And I wouldn’t say he’s that much quicker than Williamson. Campbell is struggling with his fitness, and should prob call it the quits after this season.

  36. Pearceet – I think that Benny coming back is a long long way away yet and anything could happen. It’s asking a lot for all of them to retain form until March(ish).

  37. Defenders that can play it out of defense are better than cloggy hoofers, every time.
    Aye, they may get tackled occasionally, but also don’t just hoof oit back to the oppo.

  38. When HBA is back, I see him coming in for Ameobi. We play a 5 man midfield, with options because HBA can play on the right or behind the striker, Nolan playing more forward at times, and Barton on the right when HBA is playing centrally.

  39. batty – let me know when you’re next giving out tips…… :-)

    batty says:
    October 16, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    clueless chris out

    batty says:
    October 19, 2010 at 9:39 am

    zero pionts from the next 4 games
    Johno Toon says:
    October 19, 2010 at 9:51 am

    Batty next 4 games in league are away to west ham , home to sunderland , away to arsenal , home to blackburn I think we will pcik up more than nil points , id be happy with 4 delighted with 7 points

    batty says:
    October 19, 2010 at 10:02 am

    johno ide be delighted with 7 points but iam afraid wel have zero

    Hindsight – it’s fkin great :-)

  40. Taylor can warm the bench for a while. He needs to earn his place in the team again, and right now Williamson and Coloccini are performing better than Taylor has ever done for the club.

  41. toonsy,
    Great article, Willo for me as he has hardly put a foot wrong since his debut. He’s a quiet guy who just gets on with it.

    How did you get on at hospital? Good news I hope!

  42. TGS – More a case of no news mate. More tests, more scans, more blood being taken. Back on Friday again :(

  43. Aye,
    Willo has done next to nowt wrong since he got here.
    What a bargainous player. Yea, he’s made the odd mistake, who doesn’t?.. but really not enough to actually criticize the lad. Not often you can say that about a relatively unknown defender coming to the Toon.

  44. I personally think its harsh to compare the two as Steven Taylor has played against better opposition, In europe on loads of occasions and gained praise from Mourinho and Wenger for fine man marking jobs on Drogba and Van Persie.

    Which teams of that quality has williamson played against?? Man Utd where we got battered, City where he was lucky not to be sent off and Arsenals kids where we were shat on and the closest thing Williamson has got to playing teams from abroad was when we played Cardiff and Swansea… :roll:

  45. While I agree that colo-willo have been good together, I can’t help but feel that it is hugely a result of coloccini being nothing short of awesome atm. My heart stops beating everytime willo challenges for the ball, and he is giving away lots of set-pieces. I’m not sure if saylor would do better than him atm, but I don’t think theres any doubt that willo is the weaker link of the current centreback pair. too bad we are out of the carling cup, would be great to see colo-saylor there.

  46. CC – But it’s relative isn’t it surely? He played against European teams when the whole first XI was better. Same case with the Mourinho and Arsenal jobs……

    I mean if we are being that one-dimensional, on the flip-side of the Eurpoean argument, there is also the fact that Taylor got relegated….

  47. Yep, you’re right, CC – when you put it like that he’s proper sh!t int he :roll:

  48. as with every player in the squad, you can’t underestimate the hughton factor. Spirits are high and we are more interchangable than ever before, so either will play at their maximum, it’s no bigie TBH. Having said that, when was the last time you could say we had a solid defence at this level, so not worth the risk of messing with things. Reckon we’ll see plenty of rotation this season.

  49. Also, we didn’t beat all those teams Saylor played against & he’s given away plenty of pens, free kicks etc & been sent off.

  50. These people saying Williamson is slow and poor positionally have obviously got a short memory if they think S.Taylor is fast and a good man marker. Anyway Taylor will be away in 2 months so I wouldn’t bench Williamson for the t!t.

  51. boater,
    aye mate.
    So if Saylor’s contract talks break down & he leaves, we’ve still got a defense. So he’ll have to sign up, get some hard gaft in & WIN his place back if he WANTS to play for the Toon now.
    No passengers, no whiners, no walk ins cos they’re from the area(though not by birth-in this case).
    That’s fair enough?

  52. To be honest I think Taylor may well be the better player but you cannot drop Williamson at the minute. He’s been playing very well so he keeps his place. So has Colo so Taylor waits his turn.

  53. I would never drop a player who was desperate to come here like Benny, Carroll and Williamson for someone who won’t sign a (probably very generous) contract and is transfer listed.

  54. I think it depends on wether Hughton has an actual hope of extending saylors contract. If he does, he should give him a game or two, but if chances are low there is no reason to break up willo-colo when he’s heading out in a few months anyway.

  55. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    November 3, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    A proper TEAM beats a handful of stars for me.
    No ‘I’ in TEAM.

    but there is a ‘U’ in c*nt! :D

  56. Stuart79 says:
    November 3, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    To be honest I think Taylor may well be the better player but you cannot drop Williamson at the minute. He’s been playing very well so he keeps his place. So has Colo so Taylor waits his turn.”

    agree with you 100%
    First time for everything eh…

  57. toonsy says:
    November 3, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    “CC –it’s relative isn’t it surely? He played against European teams when the whole first XI was better. Same case with the Mourinho and Arsenal jobs……”

    Really ??

    I would be stunned if anyone rates that side as better.

    Given or Harper
    Bramble or Coloccini
    Carr or Simpson
    Babayaro or Enrique
    Butt or Tiote
    Parker or Nolan
    Milner or Barton
    Duff or Gutierrez
    Martins or Carroll

    The only players i would have back are Given and Parker.

  58. Although i beleive willo has done a good job and deserves to play,i’ll just mention an interesting thing.saylor is a hugely popular figure even here,dont know why but friends of mine who are fans of other teams all were hugely excited when he was transfer listed.they just love his all action and committed play and compare him to jt.many ask me his status and all nowadays when he doesnt play:-)

  59. That’s a well chosen team CC.
    Wouldn’t have given or parker back in a million years either.

  60. Williamson is by far the SMARTER CB, and that is the most important thing in my opinion.

    Honestly, what Steven Taylor are some of you referring too?

  61. And toonsy, you honestly cant use the relegation card against saylor.he was one of the only shining lights and committed players on the pitch i think,defending as well as going forward.he won more penalties,created more chances and perhaps scored more goals than oba ‘should have been an athlete’ martins and michael ‘made of crystal’ owen

  62. CC – I thought you meant the proper European teams. The ones where we actually qualified through the league and not the inter-toto..

    So which European giants did we face?

    Palermo, Fenrbahce, Celta Vigo, Frankfurt, Zulte Waregem…

    Before going out to AZ Alkmaar

  63. Toonsy,have seen comments abt your frequent visits to the hospital ,have obviously missed somethings,if you dont bother me asking,whats wrong mate?

  64. Anyhoo, this is my niece singing. She has just got a recording contract :)

    She lives in Winlaton :)

  65. You missed out Lillestrom… ;)

    But If were talking about those proper european pros when we qualified through the league then i should have put in O’Brien, Dabizas, Dyer, Acuna, Lua Lua, Elliott, Griffin, Bowyer, Jenas, Bernard, Aaron Hughes and I even remember Michael Bridges getting the odd game under Bobby :roll:

    Only Given, Shearer, Woodgate, Solano, Robert and Bellamy were ever top notch.

  66. Well Lads I have liked Williamson even before his 1st game for us and has went on to prove that he is a good player. But I do think Taylor is a better player and has far more Prem experience, but I dont expect him to walk straight in to the Team.
    However I cant believe how many Fans are jumping on the S Taylor is not committed to the Toon bandwagon.
    1stly who knows he has been offered a decent contract and turned it down. because all we know is what the Club told us in that he turned a contract down.
    Unless someone has insider knowledge and knows what he was offered otherwise why tar him basically as being a Greedy c@nt that isn’t committed and wanting more than what he is worth because that is what it boils down to.
    If I remember righlty Taylor was one of the very few that looked really gutted when we got relegated.
    and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was being pushed out of the door by the club because of his allegiance to a Mr Alan Shearer and his vocal support of him.

  67. Deepak – They think I may have cancer mate. I went through it some time back but got the all clear.

    They still wanted to keep an eye on me though just to make sure, but it turns out that the level of a certain hormone is remaining high, which is why I’m having to go back every other day rather than once a month.

    I had a full body screen thing the other day and more blood tests today and have to go back Friday.

    It might be nothing in the end, which I’m hoping for anyway :lol:

  68. Big Dave says:
    November 3, 2010 at 6:26 pm
    Well Lads I have liked Williamson even before his 1st game for us and has went on to prove that he is a good player. But I do think Taylor is a better player and has far more Prem experience, but I dont expect him to walk straight in to the Team.<<<< no he will stroll back into it .hughton thinks the world of him

  69. willo for me ahead of taylor at the min but its great to have the back up like we do on the bench and when campbell gets fit we will have huge depth at centre back!!.newcastle 2 arsenal 1 for the weekend who knows west brom did it so can we !!!!!!

  70. DJG @ 76 what makes you think that what he was offered is very generous ????
    I would bet my life that it wont be anywhere near as generous as what Nolan, Smith, Barton, Campbell and a few others are on

    Batty > hughton thinks the world of him ???? Batts what makes you think that

  71. Toonsy

    Sorry mate i remember you saying you got the all clear a while back, Good luck when you go back in, Ive been there meself they thought i had it in my stomach, I was in fecking bricking it until i went up the hospital for the tests and it turned out fine.

    Fingers crossed and i’ll drop the taylor thing now youve made me feel guilty… ;)

  72. Dave – Campbell is on £35,000 a week rumoured. God knows what Nolan is on and the other two were signed when we paid stupid wages.

    Things move on….

    The average wage is £21,000 a week, and Taylor is no better than average for the pre, so why should get a whacking great payday? Then you can add on the fact that he hasn’t played competitively for 10 MONTHS…

  73. Toonsy-Sorry to hear about it mate,being a huge fan of your posts and being a medical student,i guess i got a bit curious,hope you didnt find it too intrusive.anyway everything is gonna be alright mate,dont worry:-)

  74. CC – Guilty :lol:

    Crack on mate. I just log off now when I start getting pissed off, and I’m still here so rattle away.

    You need to be aware that I won’t be changing my opinion on Taylor anytime soon though, if at all ;)

  75. I Have to agree with batty…. Taylor may well go striaght back in, If i were the manager.. I would stick him straight in, Thought he was brill the year we went down. The only good player in a bad team. BTW Hope all goes well with the tests Toonsy!!!

  76. toonsy,
    do y’know what Carroll’s improved deal is worth mate?
    Just out of interest.

  77. Deepak – Don’t worry mate. With people asking how it went etc it was only a matter of time before someone asked anyway dude.

    It’s just a shitter as I thought it was all done and dusted and now I have to go back through it again. It’s a bit easier this time though strangely.

  78. CLiNT – Not for definate, but it is rumoured to be around £35,000 a week. How rue that is who knows, but it’s up on the £10,000 a week he was getting before the new deal if it is.

  79. There’s a piece on newsnow claiming CH is thinking about Sol for sunda.

  80. toonsy,
    it sounds about fair for a young ‘un coming up.
    Still gives the club room to improve if/when he does.

  81. “You need to be aware that I won’t be changing my opinion on Taylor anytime soon though, if at all”

    Neither am i so i seems like a waste of time to debate it… ;)

  82. I was going to start a good old Ashley/Shepard debate but I think I missed the boat on that one :lol:

  83. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    November 3, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    do y’know what Carroll’s improved deal is worth mate?”

    They say £30,000, or perhaps £35,000 as Toonsy says. However alot of it is just “guesstimates” by the media.

  84. So do you think its right that a 35 year old overweight and injuried player is worth £35k a week while anyone else is only worth £21k.
    I dont think Taylor is average and worth only £21K but then I know you have no love for him ;)
    As for the “fact that he hasn’t played competitively for 10 MONTHS” you can hardly blame him for that considering it was while playing for us that he got injured.
    I dont think Gosling would have came here for £21k and he hasn’t kicked a ball for us :(

  85. Ta worky.

    Big D,
    horses f*ck horses mate.
    Sol is a seasoned pro that cost us nowt, Gosling a up & comer that cost us nowt.

  86. Dave – But using that same logic, what has Campbell being injured got to do with as he couldn’t help it, surely?

    Why would the club offer a player that hasn’t played for so long a whacking great deal? Ten months is a long time, do we know he is going to come back the same player? Do we know that he isn’t just going to break down again? He has had two fairly serious injuries after all……

  87. Big Dave says:
    November 3, 2010 at 6:36 pm
    DJG @ 76 what makes you think that what he was offered is very generous ????
    I would bet my life that it wont be anywhere near as generous as what Nolan, Smith, Barton, Campbell and a few others are on

    Oh I feel sorry for him. And Andy Carroll with his next chrome plated Range Rover and new house being furnished. S.Taylor wants to stop listening to his daddy and agent wispering sh!te into his ear and buck his f###### ideas up if he wants to stay at this club. He’s not as good as his dad and some on here think he is. And to suggest he hasn’t been offered astronomical money compared to your average 24 year old is plain rediculous.

  88. Aye,
    whatever Saylor has been offered is a canny wage, whatever way you wanna slice it.
    Does he wanna be here?
    Will the club be bullied or held to ransom?

  89. The reason Barton and Nolan are on £60k a week is because they have been there and done it in the premier league. Smith had aswell at one point. S.Taylor is not gonna score a hat-trick against the mackems or take teams apart like Barton, or get a senior england call up for that matter, is he? He is now effectivly a backup CH. Maybe Taylor has seen what Carroll has been offered and spat his dummy out. Then again Carroll is an English CF and goal scorer who will attract interest from top teams imo. He deserves a big contract. Would anybody notice if Taylor left atm? not me.

    If he wants £40-50K let him get himself away, I doubt he would get that at Everton anyway. Their skint.

  90. £35000 a wk bloody hell,i would put taylor on minumim wage till he made his mind up that would fix the dick, he can get a sub off his agent or batty like :)

  91. If he loves the Toon he would play for £3.50 pw and all the bovril he can neck, I’d do it just for the bovril :-)

  92. No the reason Barton and Smith are on that is because they were given their contracts before the relegation, The club would unload them without a moments thought if they could…

  93. richie

    Barton is starting to show his worth.
    How long does Smith have on his contract?

  94. CC – You are touching on something I was chatting to someone earlier about.

    Our vast amount of central mids, anyone else think that the new lot, Gosling, Tiote etc have been brought in to replace some of the older lot? Chepaer wages, and more of a bang…

    Just a thought like…

  95. taylor for england!

    womans net ball team are looking for someone good with there hands :),shite i forgot cannot even sign his name on owt

  96. TOONSY you have a short memory i said that before we came up last year,there is a plan a-foot and is still there,slowly,slowly catch the monkey

  97. DJG says:
    November 3, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    “The reason Barton and Nolan are on £60k a week”

    Nolan isn’t paid £60,000 per week, DJG, it’s more like £40,000 approximately. Barton’s salary will be quite close to that sum though at around £3 million per annum.

  98. Ice – I remember ;)

    Replacing high earners with lower earners who can do an eqaul/better job ;)

  99. S Taylor is a victim of the way the club used to be run. A raise for him is more than 90% of clubs would pay for him, and he isn’t good enough for the clubs that have the cash.

    I think he is a good player, but not on 35-40K

  100. toonsy says:
    November 3, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    anyone else think that the new lot, Gosling, Tiote etc have been brought in to replace some of the older lot? Chepaer wages, and more of a bang…

    yes.. correct. :)

    Smith, Butt= FFS signings.

    Tiote, Gosling = Ashley signings.

  101. Seeing as we are now into nabbing players from clubs when they have a loophole in their contract Jonas and Gosling for example and when they are damaged goodsesque like Ben Arfa, Cassanos being sacked by Sampdoria and Charlie Adams contract maybe cancelled…

  102. CC – And Kezman. He got sacked by PSG today ;)

    What’s up with Charlie Adam’s contract? He would be worth a poach :lol:

  103. toonsy theres a plug for a thread at some point.
    Replacing high earners with lower earners who can do an eqaul/better job

    that will make you dig deep home/abroad,slip taylor a few quid he will give you a hand hes looking for a benafactor like

  104. toonsy

    I would say £20K would be fair for Taylor,

    not much?

    I make that nearly a million pound a season.

  105. Icedog – I had exactly the same thought myself mate. It gives me an idea for tomorrow anyway ;)

  106. DJG
    smith was signed by Ashley, correct me if i’m wrong…
    Will either be one of his first, or one of ffs last

  107. DJG comparing him or any prem player to an average 24 yr old is rediculous. But as I allready said how do you know he is asking for £40-50K or what ever he is supposed to be asking.
    Richie yeah I would play for free too but if I or you were good enough I bet we wouldn’t ;)
    So is that all Carroll is on £3.5o a week :)

    Toonsy Re Campbell it was more the fact that we signed an unfit overweight and now injured 35 yr old player on £35k and as I asked do you think he is worth £35k a week while anyone else is only worth £21k ??
    As for > Why would the club offer a player that hasn’t played for so long a whacking great deal? Ten months is a long time, do we know he is going to come back the same player? Do we know that he isn’t just going to break down again?
    Does Guthrie not come into that, and do you think he is on £21k or there abouts ??

    I guess what it boils down to is that I cant understand the amount of slagging Taylor gets when he has always gave 100% and really none of us know what is going on.

  108. taylor could be rooneys agent,he pays £200 for 20 fags his bird says and he smokes 60a day canny money like,good partership two dicks together

  109. When we all go on about how much players get, they only get 50% of it anyway, the government get the other half, so i doubt they want wages to go down.

  110. I Love Mike says:
    November 3, 2010 at 7:36 pm
    smith was signed by Ashley, correct me if i’m wrong…
    Will either be one of his first, or one of ffs last

    I think you are right by 2 months but was it not Big Sam who signed him? Who was FFS’s manager and will have no doubt been tracking him before Ashley fully took over. Anyhoo we haven’t signed anymore players like that in the last 2 years under Ashley and co.

  111. I Love Mike says:
    November 3, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    smith was signed by Ashley, correct me if i’m wrong…”

    Technically, Mike Ashley signed off on a few pretty disastrous signings by “Big Sam” when the club was in a transition phase in the battle for control of the club. However, they were negotiated by FFS / Allardyce really.

  112. toonsy says:
    November 3, 2010 at 7:40 pm
    Dave – Guthrie is on shyte wages (relatively speaking). I had heard he was on 10k a week.

    And he is twice the player S.Taylor is. :)

  113. Interesting debate – think CC hit the mail on the head with regards to the fact that all he high earners are from bygone days (i.e before relegation) tho saying that Ben arfa was signed on loan for a reported 50k a week
    Don’t think taylors worth it personally , 35k a week is as much as we should pay, we can always stick a clause in saying if he plays 5 games for England he can have a million quid as it’ll never happen ;)

    batty – was only joshing mate ;)

  114. Williamson is miles ahead off Taylor, Taylor makes too many mistakes, fresh air kicks and loses position, and isn’t committed to the club.

  115. To be honest I don’t think Williamson is any better than Taylor , difference is that he’s forged a good partnership with collo where Taylor didn’t – I’d still prefer to see a collo cambell cb pairing for arse
    He’s hoping Walcott gets injured tonight :)

  116. I think it’s common knowledge that Taylor is fully committed to toon, it’s his agent who’s behind the contract wrangle – by all accounts Taylor has told him to sort it out

  117. Well if Taylor wants a bigger contract than they have offered him. Are we in agreement there Dave? He can’t realistically expect that when he hasn’t even played for god knows how long. Im pleased the club arn’t gonna be held to ransom, put him on the transfer list and get rid I say; will always make the same mistakes and be caught out of position imo.

  118. fourfouroneone so do you not think that Taylor and Colo had a good partnership in the 1st half of last season, as I thought they we’re real solid and part of the reason we got off to a good start

  119. No contract, no play.

    It’s as straight as that as far as I’m concerned. I don’t like players trying to hold the club to ransom anymore.

  120. Massive wage demands for average ability, the club needs to build it’s self back up slowly, yet he tries to hold it to ransom, get rid

  121. Watching the Arsenal game. We should DEFINITELY look to get at them from the flanks. They panic literally everytime a ball goes down their flanks and into the box.

    I also noticed that 5 or 6 first team players are being rested in preparation for our game on Sunday. Gutierrez has clearly caught the eye seeing as Sagna is only warming the bench.

  122. DJG I agree that he is only worth so much, as Toonsy said for talk sake £35k if he wants more than that tell him to go fuk himself :) but the problem is we dont know but while we dont know Taylor is still being abused as being a greedy c@nt and not being committed when we dont know. IMO he is fully committed and is Loyal ;)

  123. BigDave – big difference between championship and prem – I like Taylor and think hes as commited as anyone else in the team but he still has a lot to learn and I reckon cambell is the perfect person to teach him, depends whether he can take it on board – he def ain’t worth 50k a week tho

  124. Non of the players like him either, when Carroll bursted him all the players sided with AC and wore gloves like he did to cover his hands. They all hate him he’s a trouble maker and upsets the dressing room, get rid I say.

  125. We don’t really know whats on offer and whats being asked for but if the offer on the table is the clubs best and final offer give him a fortnight to sign it or its withdrawn and will not be offered again. Then everyone knows where they stand, if he signs great, if not his agent can put his efforts into finding him a new club, CH can look for a replacement and we can stop argueing/debating about it.That would be the best for all parties imo.What we don’t want is players waiting until the last minute to sign contracts because they want to see what our league position is later in the season.Obviously that benefits the player and that’s why they do it, I’m not saying Taylor is or is not doing that cos I don’t know but it isn’t good for the club or the fans.

  126. fourfouroneone I agree 100% that he is not worth £50k, but who says he is asking for £50k ?? apart from a few rags said he was asking for £45k and the club was only willing to pay £35k when it came out that he was put on the transfer list

    DJG do you believe all the rumors that come out about the club or just some ;)

  127. Big Dave

    Not all rumors but it has been fairly well documented that S.Taylor is unpopular in the dressing room and has an atitude problem. There’s no smoke without fire and that has come up numerous times from sources within the club.

  128. Big Dave

    Are you watching the game? I know this isn’t 100% Arsenal’s strongest back four, but they are incapable of dealing with positive wing-play. Shocking for a top four side really.

  129. Embarrassing or what ??

    ITV’s CL programme tonight has pudgy faced Adrian Chiles hosting with Horseface and Frank Lampard who is now boning his former bit on the side – Christine Bleakley.

    Any suggestions on ice breaking topics between the two ?

  130. DJG an ex player from the entertainers era told me that that there was alot of friction between Nolan and Taylor over an argument about his loyalty and support to AS, and that Nolan tried to turn other players against him, but who is to say thats true as there is only 2 people know if it is true ;)
    Ice your right Batty doesn’t tell lies :) you want to hear what he told me about you ;)

  131. Clint, to answer the question from whe back, players get paid for 52 weeks a year and not just for the season. Used to be that way, but changed a few years back, or at least they got a higher wage for in season and it dropped down out of season, now its teh same pay all the way through, just can’t remember exactly when it changed.

  132. BIG DAVE aye i kna,telt me today he would slash me scooter tyres if i didnt leave taylor alone :)

  133. “DJG says Non of the players like him either, when Carroll bursted him all the players sided with AC and wore gloves like he did to cover his hands. They all hate him he’s a trouble maker and upsets the dressing room, get rid I say”

    I just dont know where you (and others like you) get this crap from ? Yes Taylor has been badly advised by both his Father and subsequently Stretford but ultimately he’s as much NUFC as Carroll and the rest.

    People took sides when the alleged bust up occurred and most wanted to go with the up and coming, (wife beating, girlfriend hassling, bar room brawling) forward rather than Taylor.

    Why, because of the usual shite that floats around SJP stirred by the media then fanned by the supporters (geddit ?).

    None of us know what happened yet we all have an opinion – how does that work ?

  134. Anyone watching Milan/Real? Some lovely stuff being played but it’s still only 1-0 Real. The goal was brilliant though.

  135. Big dave do you think the club would really want him to leave for nothing or offer him improved but at the same time realistic terms, I don’t have any source big dave but that all seems quite straight foward to me mate, maybe I’m wrong?

  136. icedog says:
    November 3, 2010 at 7:13 pm
    £35000 a wk bloody hell,i would put taylor on minumim wage till he made his mind up that would fix the dick, he can get a sub off his agent or batty like<<<<< i can see that scooter going with a bang :) ya turn coat

  137. “Simon says: Clint, to answer the question from whe back, players get paid for 52 weeks a year and not just for the season. Used to be that way, but changed a few years back, or at least they got a higher wage for in season and it dropped down out of season, now its teh same pay all the way through, just can’t remember exactly when it changed”

    There’s a story told by Jimmy Armfield, in the days when footballers were paid less out of season. He went to see the Chairman of Blackpool and asked him why he wasnt getting paid the same amount as the clubs leading player and the Chairman said “He scores a lot of goals for the club” to which Jimmy replied “Not during the summer he doesnt”

  138. tell you what, people can pick out every little thing that Harper/Krull to base their opinion on them with, but for a keeper who is supposedly one of the best in the world, Cassillas has just made an absolute howler!

    Milan 1-1 Real

  139. AndyMac – totally agree, you can hardly blame Taylor for his dad coming out whinging to the press, amazed people are slanting him off to be honest – he’s a decent player, still young for a CB and could be a legend if he sorts out his mistakes
    Typical fans to be honest one day they love, a rag rumour and they turn on you regardless of any truth

  140. Andymac-With regards to Taylor and Carroll: I can’t be 100% sure so i too will say it’s merely speculation, however I do know of people and have spoken to them, who are closer to the truth than me, shall we say.
    Apparently, Taylor used to be with Carroll’s lass, briefly. He’d text her when the team were on away day’s and he was injured, trying to get her round to his for a bit of fun and all that. She said No, he continued to text. She said if he didnt stop, she’d let Carroll know what he was upto, he didn’t, Carroll found out and clattered him. If so, fair enough. If not, then its just another rumour.

  141. bloody hell, Real Madrid have thrown this away, they were fantastic for an hour now it’s 2-1 to Milan, Cassillas hardly looking outstanding again.

  142. Let’s face it if Taylor was humping carrolls lass he’s no different to 90% of English footballers, they’re hardly renowned for being clever – I don’t give a toss, I ain’t planning on hanging out with any of em
    We pay em to play football, jeez if we’re talking morals we should be getting rid of half the team

  143. Jay Jay with our club nowt is straight forward mate, I just dont think we should tar him as being Greedy or not committed without knowing the facts ;)
    I meant to ask you is your Bro still over here as I seen a guy who was a spit of you last week just walking round the side of the Glen inn ?

  144. He looks nothing like me mate, that’s some other poor fecker :) but my brother is over there though.

  145. willo has earnt his place in the squad, taylor will have to fight, off topic I unfortinatly dont make alot of matchs due to living in Sheffield, and the last time i did was Fulham before in the relagation season, in which my only real memory was that port decision when Viduka score from the courner. However I was thinking of attend one soon as it is my birthday and i will have a decent amount of money, i was just wondering where is the best atmoshphere in which i will get tickets? the price is irrelivent.

  146. Real nick an equaliser from Milan. JUST. To be fair they’ve deserved it like, two goalkeeping errors gave Milan their goals but they’ve still got lucky here. Entertaining game none the less though.

  147. 4411 stu a tight tw@t, he sed he would match the 50 quid i put in but has gone back on his word

  148. Spence – to be honest I’d goto an away game, home game atmosphere is rubbish ( apart from Sunderland game last week )

  149. BIG DAVE ive just got rid of a pair of yellow-naps,(amizons) breeding well too,i will ask about for you,you know the game m8 have to be careful or you get screwed,might tak some time,you would have to e-mail me with what you want to pay,but if i can you know they will be right

  150. FourFourOneOne Cheers, call me a puff but i dont fancy getting of the train by myself in a big city, i was thinking birmingham but ive heard there fans are to plesent, also that would be a struggle for tickets

  151. spencer

    See Arsenal lost 2-1, nice one, so not only did they lose they had to travel for god knows how long, if we’re gonna play them, you couldn’t ask for better conditions for an upset!

  152. Spencer – You only get trouble at away grounds if your acting like an arsehole or if your looking for it, or if you go to Wolves :lol:

    Keep covered up on the train if you are on your own you won’t have to worry about owt :)

  153. I LOVE MIKE

    They left their best players at home. They are clearly taking us very seriously because of the West Brom upset.

  154. Ice my mate used to be able to get anything but over the last few yrs they have tightened up the import laws so we get fuk all over here now, I have been looking a cock Hawkhead for the last couple of yrs too and cant get one. I was going to join the Parrot society again to see if there is owt in there

  155. 225 toonsy says:
    November 3, 2010 at 9:48 pm
    Spencer – You only get trouble at away grounds if your acting like an arsehole or if your looking for it, or if you go to Wolves

    spoken like a true thug,telt ye to keep away for richie or you get a bad name :)

  156. cheers toonsy, if i went south chances are any CC train i jumed on there be toon fans on it

  157. We must get arsenals face on sunday. They don’t like that, judging by the first half i saw tonight.
    El Toro, how was the second half mate?

  158. Spencer

    I agree with 442. Go to an away game. The atmosphere is immense prior to, throughout and sometimes after the game. I wanted to get tickets for the Arsenal game, but no such luck. Might take a trip to West Brom though.

  159. Toonsy 225 > Spencer – You only get trouble at away grounds if your acting like an arsehole or if your looking for it,
    Or if you go with Jay Jay :)

  160. Spencer – Have a decide on which game you want to go to, come back to me and I will try and find out for you :)

  161. DAVE,there is a couple of lads in scotland who get things over,the pigeon lads use them a lot,ive lost touch a bit with them but could find out if you find out

  162. By the way, I don’t suppose anyone has saved the full 90 minutes of the Sunderland match in a format that can be uploaded have they?

    Long shot I know…

  163. That would be a great help toonsy, im just worried about the tickets allications for away games, are the 12th man memberships on sale all year?

  164. Toonsy there was someone the other day saying they had it in windows media file I think ? I cant think who it was but I will remember ;)
    It wasn’t AndyMac was it ??

  165. Toonsy…if ya hadn’t been cuddling ya mate all the time ya would have seen the full 90 ;-)

  166. It’s a bloody long thing, but for anybody who might fancy a read, I emailed the Mirror Football after reading an article which i’ve included at the top;


    I am writing this email with concern, as a Newcastle United fan, to the reporting of a David Anderson on the club I support.
    I already enjoy making a hobby of reading various sources of sports journalism. However, once I had read the article by Mr Anderson regarding “Chris Hughton not a big enough name”, I felt that I had, as a reader, been completely mislead and ripped off by the sentiments expressed over the subject – not least by the appallingly poor standard in terms of accurate reporting.

    Mr Anderson’s repeated and somewhat excessive use of cliche’s of the Tyne and Wear region made me feel disrespected as a supporter of NUFC. His implication that Newcastle United do not appreciate Chris Hughton as manager and would rather see people like “Ant and Dec, Kevin Keegan, or Cheryl Cole” in his role gave me the impression that, although I hope this unneccesarily excessive irony was in good spirit, Mr Anderson cannot produce an article devoid of the stereotypes that are regularly used in a deragoratory fashion usually by rival fans.

    I expect to read articles backed up by credible evidence, not an article based on Mr Anderson’s “Grapevine on Tyneside”, who told him that the speculation regarding Hughton being sacked was created by “people in Newcastle”. This extremely vague reference to some anonymous nobody is actually the research in which Mr Anderson goes on to base his article. However, not once was any fan opinion or point made of any indication by any actual “people in Newcastle” to justify his claims from his source. I find this incredibly disillusioning to find, as why should I as a reader take what Mr Anderson’s friend – who I strongly suggest he stops taking any notice of – says to be true?

    If his article was about people actually in a position at the club conspiring to sack Hughton, I could possibly forgive not bothering to include any credible fan opinion. However, this is never expressed to an extent in the article in which as a Newcastle fan, I felt loose terms such as “people in Newcastle” could too easily interpreted as the fans being the reason for Chris Hughton calling to be sacked. I can quite easily say right now that this has never, ever been the case amongst the many fans I regularly converse with, and even if this view was expressed by fellow fans I can undoubtedly state they are in the minority and therefore should not be allowed to be overheard, for the sake of your own poorly based articles.

    I do realise as humans people make mistakes, or possibly can even be misterpreted to a large extent, but I feel that the article by Mr Anderson was fully aware of the derogatory implications it was expressing and failed to protect journalistic decency in the respect of being unbiased, or at least not alienating a section of it’s readers. This offends me as a NUFC fan, and whilst I don’t want to believe that all of your journalists write like this, i’m unfortunate enough to have had an impression made by Mr Anderson which leads me to the decision that unless he would like to explain his article either privately through replying directly to my email – or better yet publicly, I will not be bothering to use your websites or buy your newspapers as long as I am in the belief that your editors are somehow reading his articles and allowing them to be published in such a fashion.

    I would hope that through courtesy you will respect and appreciate the time and effort of writing this email for your own consideration, and find time to reply soon.

    P.S. For your own benefit, should you wish to be embraced as a half-decent newspaper in the sections of fans that support Newcastle, I would strongly advise correcting Mr Anderson’s cliche filled, untrue, substance lacking articles before they are published, and reporting something that us apparently thick Geordies who need a messiah as a manager can accept are based on truth – not your own made up stories being pushed as truth to sell papers. Thanks.

  167. Dave – I thought it was AndyMac. Where is he when you need him :lol:

    Rich – You’re just jealous and wish it was you ;)

    Spencer – Yeah, you can still buy the memberships, or if it is for Birmingham you can use my number if you like and I’ll send you the ticket. I have a seat already so I won’t ich it :lol:

  168. Clint Flick

    Pretty much the same. We must be weary of the fact that this was 4 or 5 big players away from Arsenal’s first XI. However, they really seem to struggle with any sort of positive wing-play or quality into the box.
    The score could have been much worse if Shaktar had their shooting boots on.

    The only problem I see is playing Joey on the right. Against Sunderland it was fine as their midfield is pretty stale and unimaginative. Against West Ham it was exposed by Obinna, but his lack of quality saw it come to nothing 90% of the time. However, against a team like Arsenal I think we will be punished time and time again if Joey tries to cut in and pull the strings from the middle.

    What do we do though? Do we revert to our trusted 4-5-1 that has served us so well away from home?

    Or, do we stick with the formation that has seen us score seven and win two in two?

    Tough decision for Hughton come Sunday.

  169. toonsy,
    someone posted a link to the full 5’1and game the other day, a few threads back mate.

    Big D,
    if it’s parrots y’after, get y’self to hampstead heath with a net, there’s tons of the little green bastards there.

  170. haha that would be a good help, but for 25 pound , im sure i can persuade my father in to getting me one :)

  171. El Toro,
    ta for the come back mate.
    Thought as much meself.
    Shaktar took the game to them though, so 442 might be the way.

  172. Cheers toonsy ill get back too ya, if i need to use your rescources it will be next week some time as its my birthday monday, i best be off, my parents will have my pants down got school in morning :(

  173. toonsy says:
    November 3, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    “By the way, I don’t suppose anyone has saved the full 90 minutes of the Sunderland match in a format that can be uploaded have they?

    Long shot I know…”

    Toonsy, the gadgie who calls himself “pearceet” on this ‘blog I think? He’s started a ‘blog too. I’ll get the address and send it to you the morra. Still have to e.mail him as well. Got to go now though.

  174. Cheeky feckers spreading rumours about me, I’m a lovely little lad I am :) spencer I travel to matches on my own all the time and get pissed out my face but never get into trouble, well not till I get back to Birmingham anyway.

  175. Just read this on Arshavin’s website. He is pure comedy.

    I saw your pictures taken during training on the Arsenal web-site, and I figured that you are a very cheerful man, just like me … So my question is: what does space smell like?

    And another one (I only want you to answer “yes , you’ll marry, you will have a family, kids, lots of happiness , and you’ll love each other for the rest of your lives ” so that I could show her your reply and say” Look, honey, Andrey knows, he doesn’t lie” . So the question is: Will I marry my Milana?

    Arshavin: Space smells of eternity. Will you have a wedding? I do not know, I’m not a fortune-teller


  176. Cheers for the feedback lads :)
    I suppose we’re used to the rubbish made up by the press, but if we were to say nothing it just wouldn’t reflect how passionate we can be about this club when they’re writing complete nonsense.

    I somehow though don’t expect a response…

  177. Spence – ” my parents will have my pants down ”
    Mate phone childline – am pretty sure that’s against the law, unless you live in isle of man like

  178. Anyway back o footy matters – doubt we’ll get oat at the emirates but should be good for 3 points against blackburn – am sitting in arse end at the weekend as London mate is giving me his season tickets :(

  179. 4411
    I was doing that at wetspam, crimped the fun a little, but still worth being there mate.
    Maybe it’ll turn out as well as it did for me.
    Have a good ‘un.

  180. Toro-I used to read Arshavin’s site/blogs on a weekly basis. They are histerical. He clearly has a strange sense of humour but i find alot of it brilliant. He tends to just take the p!ss with every question people send him, genius.

  181. toonsy says:

    “By the way, I don’t suppose anyone has saved the full 90 minutes of the Sunderland match in a format that can be uploaded have they?

    Long shot I know…”

    Soz this isnt toonsy’s post but I have both the original 12Mb video of all the goals plus the MOTD2 highlights at 67Mb available for anyone who wants it.

    I could send the files to nufcblog.org for them todistribute, if required ?

  182. Someone mentioned they had the full game, I’ll have a look on torrent sites and stick up somewhere

  183. Toro-

    12. From Lucky
    Hi Andrey! You know I love football! And mostly because of you, I want to really thank you for that. But the problem is that I’m a girl, but I really love to play. A lot of people say that it’s a men’s game. What shall I do? After all, I want to do it professionally. What do you think about girls playing football?
    Arshavin: When girls like football, I think it’s ok. But I think that the level of women’s football is too low to take it seriously

    28. From 72994 356791
    Why football? There are so many other kinds of sports, but, of course, football is the best. You’re just great and all the girls in our class are just crazy about you! Your true fan.
    Arshavin: I started off playing checkers. When I realized that I won’t be able to become an International Grand Master, I had to leave it for football.

    9. From marusuy
    My name is Maria, I live in Tajikistan, I play football too and I’m your big fan. I would like to invite you to Khujand and I’d like you to have a look at our team.
    Arshavin: Thank you.

    They go an for days, all brilliant. I heard he had a book called “555 questions and answers by andrey arshavin”, where every question was answered in 3 words or less, but i’ve never seen anything of it,lol.

  184. Oi oi radgies!
    Hoo lads watch me back, if the bizzies come knocking on your door lookin for me ask them to see their warrant and pretend you divvent kna is like!
    I’m inside me bed carcass here man cos a kna the Mags have issued a warrant for me arrest. All a did was chore a car this morning to gan to big Mick’s and Dekka’s hoose

  185. Fizzin like cos Big Mick has been playin away from me mother wi Lorraine Kelly from GMTV ! A foond oot the day cos Lambi left his nokia

  186. Phone on mothers mantlepiece and a had a Skeg! It said, ” tell Michael I love him from Lorraine Kelly”.
    I could tell this morning when a seen her eyes on GMTV man. Divvent geddis wrang like, she’s a proper MILF like and me mothers got saggy tits.
    Anyways, big Mick reckons the toon are heading for Europe this season like and he’s on aboot building an extension on the gallowgate end!
    Pure genius Big Mick like! He reckons the if he builds it bigger the sports direct sign will be seen from space!
    A divvent kna if he is looking to sell his sports gear to aliens like or what but at least the marsians are ganna support the toon!
    Anyways laters gaters cos ave just heard the bizzies at the door and the chopper above me ken!
    Toon toon! See ye’s laters!

  187. Hoo ! Your not ganna believe this like!
    The bizzies came in me ken and searched me room! A farted just before they came in and the lass bizzie refused to search under the bed cos of the smell! Ha! Pure divvy!
    Anyways, yi kna before when a says the bizzie copter was owa me hoose, it wasn’t , it was big Mick and dekka.
    Pure mental them two like! A reckon he’s just trying to impress me ma like but she’s on the phone to alan sugar!
    Pure radge my life like! Much rather have Big Mick
    As me mothers boyfriend than some cockney wide boy!
    Toon Toon!

  188. @242
    PLH, its not a serious article. however it totally insults the region and everyone from here in so many ways i cannot believe even a paper of the lowest standards as the ‘The Mirror’ would even publish it. im at a loss where to start really. first he implies we have no idea about football.. we have only a few people from the area that have been successful in the big world outside our little village idiot doorstep whilst implying all the while its us who worship them as opposed to the anyone else. he carries on from there too but im too mad to type it. ive never seen a picture of someone that made me want to kick the fuck out of them more than that scrawny little squinting grin of an avatar above that piece of diarrhea. BAH!

  189. I had an incling that if you buy a red top paper for anything other than lining the cats tray your seriously retarded but this just proves it.

    Apologies to anyone who buys them, its not personal. buy a cat.

  190. I would back Williamson when both are fit for now anything can happen. ‘Don’t fix it if ain’t broke’. It is good that we do have S. Taylor coming back as it gives us good options in the event that Williamson cannot play.

    Certainly for everyone to play all the time is too much to ask and it is healthy when competition for places intense.

  191. looked on the website to get some bolton (a) tickets as a member and they are … ‘not available’

    anyone know whats happening ??

  192. What on earth is @242 getting his underpants in a twist for. The Mirror article implies some people in Newcastle want a big name manager instead of the modest Chris Hughton. It does not stipulate whether it’s referring to those within the club or some of the fans.
    The facts are, some people at Newcastle whether fans or within, do want that.
    Yes, it’s a minority but they do exist.
    Deal with it and stop getting a pet lip on cos someone tells the truth.
    PS . I’m not one of them. Hughton is doing a fantastic job!

  193. toonsy/jayjay – there can’t have been many tickets, I expected to be nailed on for a couple at Bolton !

    I bet that on fototball first the stadium is half empty … :(

    never mind jayjay … why not just have a day out in sunny bolton with your train ticket :)

  194. been to Bolton like, when we won 3-1 a few seasons back, on the opening day, canny ground like, we get the whole stand too. However, any club that has a band should have the plaudits stopped there!