Christmas Carroll and beyond

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Carroll commits to The Toon
Carroll commits to The Toon
Andy Carroll has insisted that he’s staying at Newcastle United despite the replacement of Chris Hughton with Alan Pardew as manager.

Carroll was in a buoyant mood yesterday, no doubt helped by the fact that the CPS have dropped the latest assault charge against him due to a lack of evidence.

In an interview with The Chronicle he appeared to confirm his commitment to the club.

I’m just going to go out there and carry on doing what I have been doing. I’ve always worked towards being where I am now, and want to stay here – it’s as simple as that.”

Carroll expressed his appreciation for all that Chris Hughton had done for him – both on and off the pitch – and then turned his focus to the new manager.

He’s gone now, and I just need to keep on working on what he’s taught me, and with the new manager, I’ve got to listen to him,” said Carroll.

He then went on to talk about Saturday’s game against Liverpool:

All the lads stuck together after what’s happened. To play the way we did against Liverpool was great.”

We knew what we were going to do for the two long balls. Nobby (Kevin Nolan) got the first one, and Joey got on the end of the second.

We knew what their weaknesses and our strengths were, and played on them. They gave me enough space and time to have a shot, and that’s exactly what I did.

With everything that’s gone on, the performance lifted everyone. They still stuck by us after everything, and it was great to see.

It hasn’t been the best week, but the team spirit’s great, and we’ll work hard, whether it’s Chris or Alan Pardew in charge.

There’s been a lot going on in the last week, but the team spirit’s been great, and everyone’s stuck together and worked hard in training.

We came out proved that it hasn’t broken us.”

It seems that Andy Carroll is happy to brush aside the alleged interest from clubs like Chelsea and Spurs, although I wonder if a good enough offer might persuade Mike Ashley to part with our star striker.

Hopefully Pardew negotiated some say in the matter when he joined the club. Pardew clearly rates the striker, saying:

Andy Carroll is an outstanding young player who has got a hell of a future in front of him over the next 10-15 years if he manages to keep himself sane in the mad world that he’s now in.”

Although sanity is overrated in my opinion.

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354 Responses

  1. hey Toonsy! every pundit on shows in India Seems to think he will definitely not be part of the team come the next season. Listening to them it seems a done deal type of a thing. Every top club has been linked.

    What do you think.

  2. jay jay ur right if fat boy gets a big enough offer i fear he will b sold.
    And if we are not going to be progressing i think the big lad would be interested in a move to a club that have ambitions to match his own.

  3. Does anyone reckon carroll hitting more than 20goals this season.

    He has,afterall hit half of it already~ 8O

  4. It is his choice whether he stays or goes. It is not Ashley’s choice. It’s the same for any player at any club. The players hold all the cards and Carroll will stay. He is a local lad and there can be nothing better as a local boy to be number 9 of Newcastle United. It is a privilege and honour and Andy knows this and the history of the shirt.

    The player who may leave is Stephen Taylor and he will forever regret it. If he leaves it will be because his head has been turned by an unscrupulous agent who will have told him that he is better than all the others at the club and he is a certain for England if only he was at a different club. This of course is a lie. Currently the only England player at Newcastle is Andy Carroll. We may even see Joey Barton join him if he keeps up his performances and doesn’t lose his head.

  5. ive said b4 n ill say it again surely even ashly knows if hes worth 20mill after 17 pl games what will he b worth after 100pl games, we jus hav to get used to the fact the southern press cant stand we hav a good player n will keep printing the storys till he moves, ppl also 4get carroll does not hav to talk to otherclubs if we accept a bid

  6. ilm. 8O

    to be Honest,ranger might be a lazy bum like Shola.

    we have not seen ranger starting yet,so we can’t always base on the fact on how well he performs when he comes on as sub.

    Ain’t that what every player should do. =.=”

  7. People outside of Newcastle really don’t understand, these brummie gits think he’ll leave when the first offer comes in.

  8. No fears over Andy leaving. Like others have said, young local lad playing number 9 for his local club that he’s supported all his life. It’s a dream all of us on here would have loved to have come true for us.
    It’s like gerrard at Liverpool. He could have left years ago for more money, but he doesnt want to.
    Of course everyone remembers what shearer did to man utd.
    The London clubs don’t really have any local heroes at their clubs. Lampard is the closest, but he is at the wrong club.

  9. micky but gerard was lucky enough to b at a club that could atlest match some of his ambitions and he has got winners medals.
    Yes carroll is at his boyhood club and has the coveted no9 shirt but when the novelty of that wears off he will still have ambitions and if we cant match them and it dosn’t look like we are going to match them. Well then who could blame him if in a few yrs time he decides he wants more. The solution to that is that we have to get back to where we were yrs back when we were challenging to win things

  10. kkforever

    I agree, the club is all about filling Ashley’s coffers. no matter how poorly we do, with the size of the club he will always make money and with good young players he will always make profit.

  11. Tickets still on sale for the Birmingham match, allocated at least 3200 tickets, should be great, those who haven’t get your ticket booked.

  12. ILM that is absolutely hilarious! What a feckin tool, I appreciate that Ranger is a promising young player but why liken him to someone who plays different football in almost every imaginable way!? It’s like saying Barton is our Ashley Cole…makes no sense. Fair play on Jose for picking that one up it’s nice to see they read the blogs!

    Regarding Carroll, I genuinely don’t think even Ashley would sell him, he’d literally have a price on his head and I think he likes seeing us win, tis good for his ego.

  13. Ranger aint no Messi but he aint no Shola either, but he is hungry, energetic and looks like he wants to succeed, that will do for me, there is something about his general play that we first saw with Carroll and i dont see with our other forwards and that is he frightens defenders.

  14. Stu isn’t that where the bombs have been going off? Good luck fella. I heard he was supposed to set the bomb off in the middle of a.big crowd but he messed up. Bloody ignorant savage.

  15. Just found out from my source, Beckham is gonna sign for the toon in January on a pay as you play contract.!
    Ashley sees the benefit in merchandise sales, Pards sees the benefit of his crossing for Caroll .

  16. Whilst everyone debates Carroll leaving – which is getting boring now as he’s signed his contract and the club issue statements everyday to the contrary – my worry is the likes of Enrique, tiote will be lured away by other covetous premiership clubs.

    Krul, enrique, simpson, carroll, tiote, ranger – the future as well as the immediate present.

  17. jay jay:
    December 14th, 2010 at 11:49 am
    I know this to be true ILM

    ILM, this referred to your comment on Shinton being a fuking mug, not on beckham coming to toon :)

  18. oi lads, wasn’t it Bobby Shinton who about a month ago said hughton would be gone before crimbo with pardew his successor? Correct me if I’m wrong which I could well be, but I think it was wasn’t it? Personally I think it’s a fairly reasonable assumption and would love to see it happen. May even get his name on my toon top for good measure ;)

  19. Didn’t Beckham turn down the chance to join Everton in January stating that he would never play for another PL team out of respect for Man U.

    On a different note, has anybody seen the statement from the new Blackburn owners on the reason Big Fat Sam was dispatched. They want Blackburn to be 4th or higher and they didn’t see BFS as the man to get them there! Makes Ashley sound quite sane in comparison

  20. Thankyou Devon Mag .
    Yes it was me who informed everyone Hootz was leaving before everyone else. Yes I did inform everyone Keegan was to sign when he did and had a huge win of £16k when I got odds of 33/1.
    I also informed everyone of Kinnear the last time and also maintain he was lined up to take over from Hootz but is still not well enough.
    Becks will be arriving in January so get your name on your shirt and be the first.
    I would now like to known as Bobby the Predictor!
    Ooooooh yes

  21. I wish everyone who figures MA is going to sell off all the talent would stop thinking NUFC is a small market, must sell to stay solvent club. IMHO the evidence says he knows he needs a top 6 six side that he can either enjoy or sell on to recover the money he has put in and then some. Selling Carroll and all would be like pissing your pants while walking home on a cold night- it would be a temporary expedient, keeping you warm for a block or two before the real cold set in.

  22. bobby the shit thrower…

    anyone can listen to rumours and put two and two together, cold readers don’t know the future, they pray on the vulnerability of the broken.

    Throwing hypotheticals in the air and then if one comes true does not make you an oracle, and shouldn’t excuse from the fact you said JFK would be our next manager and Hughton would become Chelsea’s no2!

    Overall, to come on here shit stirring to other NUFC fans is just pretty low in my book (if you are indeed a NUFC fan)

  23. People are still reading Shintons comment? And they are still believing him after he has been shown to be wrong time and time again?


    ILM – It’s the same person that logs on as Troy Stavers and pretends to be some druggie from Benwell.
    The guy has serious issues that he needs to seek professional help with.
    If he’s an 8 year old kid then at least he has an excuse, but I’m actually concerned that this person is an adult. That is one tragic individual who is so desperate to be accpeted they have to result to attention seeking on the internet.

  24. Backroom staff confirmed in the Chronicle, congrats Steve Stone, thought he was an outside bet when Hghton was in charge, seems to have a good passion for it, and as it says, the players respect him.

    and this is just off Lee Ryders twitter:
    “Leicester have reportedly rejected a bid from Newcastle for coach and ex-England player Chris Powell”

    How come you didn’t tell us about Chris Powell then Shinton if you’re so in the loop?

  25. this Chris Powell?

    Jesus, only seems like he was playing for Charlton a couple of seasons back. Love this though:

    “On 1 October Powell was named caretaker manager with Mike Stowell of the Foxes after Paulo Sousa was sacked. His first game in charge was again Scunthorpe United; Leicester won the game 3–1. After Leicester’s third goal, Powell showed his excitement by running down to the corner flag to celebrate with the players”

    bit of passion, what I like to see, seems like a good mix Pardew wants to put together.

  26. From the Chronic piece linked above

    “Pardew told the Chronicle: Steve Stone is somebody I have leant on heavily in the last few days, and I have really enjoyed my time working with him, even if it has been short.

    I am going to give him an improved contract to come and work with the first team.”

    So Pardew has the abilty to give improved contracts? Something which would never have been granted to Hughton, or virtually any manager at any club for that matter. I very much doubt that this is true unless he is much closer to Llambias and Ashley than anyone is letting on.

  27. BeeGuy,
    that’s a f***ing excellent analogy mate, hilarious.

    your’s at 39 is a laugh too mate.

    The pressmongs don’t get it with AC, they don’t understand passion & they defo have no clue about Geordie passion.
    AC signed a new improved contract cos, as he says every time he’s asked the dumb ass question from a dumb assed pressmong, HE DOESN’T WANT LEAVE NUFC. Why would he go to spuds? HA! What? he’d rather help some no mark team over the Toon, EH?
    The papers should be redefined as comics or joke books.

  28. Worky

    Because Hughton wasn’t their man, they didn’t see him as a manager, merely a coach filling in a doing a decent job.

    On the story, I have to be honest, I like what Pardew has had to say:

    “My idea is to have a young coaching team and to grow with the team.” “One of the reasons I have taken Willie Donachie out of the Academy is because he has that first-team experience as well.”

    “Willie is a really good technical coach and I like to have that at the training ground because he ticks that box.”

    “It means I can bring in another one of Steve Stone’s type, and I think that will give us a nice balance at the training ground where all the players have got a coach to lean on and they can find somebody that they trust in a special way.”

    “It’s not just first-team coaches, it can be a junior coach that influences you.” “So it’s Steve Stone, Willie Donachie and myself at the moment plus one other.” “There are plenty of people there.”

  29. worky,
    it just be a figure of speech mate, footballers or ex footballers aren’t known for their command of the english language, are they?
    Some can’t even actually speak (without an agent).

  30. “It’s the same person that logs on as Troy Stavers and pretends to be some druggie from Benwell.
    The guy has serious issues that he needs to seek professional help with. If he’s an 8 year old kid then at least he has an excuse, but I’m actually concerned that this person is an adult. That is one tragic individual who is so desperate to be accpeted they have to result to attention seeking on the internet.”

    There are a few like that on here. Stuart was posting under at least two other names the other day when I had completely roasted him in an argument. All of a sudden “friends” randomly started popping up to reiterate his points and declare he was the only one on the site speaking any sense. Sad, really…Still funny though :lol:

  31. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 14, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    it just be a figure of speech mate”

    A figure of speech that denotes a certain measure of arrogance, Clint. As usual though, I’ll wait patiently until the rest of you catch up.

  32. So Steve Stone will stay as a first team coach along with Willie Donachie. Andy Woodman to come in from Charlton as new gk coach. PB to return to being reserve team manager. The club are also looking for a further first team coach. Sounds good.

  33. It would seem the the policy of recruiting young, hungry personal with a point to prove transcends from the playing stuff on to the coaching and management staff.

  34. worky,
    i’m not saying you’re wrong mate, i’m more suggesting players/managers are thick. :)
    You could well be correct mate.

  35. workyticket u need to get over it and stop picking up on everything he says that u have issues with, do u think u will do what the players and most of the fans have and start to get behind the team ? As for arrogance ? Pot Kettle lol

  36. workyticket says:
    December 14, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    So Pardew has the abilty to give improved contracts? Something which would never have been granted to Hughton, or virtually any manager at any club for that matter. I very much doubt that this is true unless he is much closer to Llambias and Ashley than anyone is letting on.

    He probably communicated it with Derrick, who wants promotion from within anyway and got the go ahead. Whats wrong with that, it is how this club will operate from now on and if it works ok I don’t have a problem with it.

  37. kkforever says:
    December 14, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    “workyticket u need to get over it and stop picking up on everything he says that u have issues with, do u think u will do what the players and most of the fans have and start to get behind the team ? As for arrogance ? Pot Kettle lol”

    Reeto batty. :lol:

  38. CLiNT FLiCK

    Long live Roy!

    Maxi/Dirk try to play to the sides of Tiote, (where Barton and Nolan will gobble it up)

    Can understand why he targeted Taylor and Campbell but there wasn’t much turning/spin runs going on. :)

  39. CLiNT FLiCK

    Long live Roy!

    Maxi/Dirk try to play to the sides of Tiote, (where Barton and Nolan will gobble it up)

    Can understand why he targeted Taylor and Campbell but there wasn’t much turning/spin runs going on. :)

    ‘On a different note, has anybody seen the statement from the new Blackburn owners on the reason Big Fat Sam was dispatched. They want Blackburn to be 4th or higher and they didn’t see BFS as the man to get them there! Makes Ashley sound quite sane in comparison’

    :lol: I just nearly peed mysel laughing.

  40. batty my friend im sorry that others thing that i am u i guess that means that they r not as smart as they think they r but maybe its the toxins from the jellyfish thats scrambling their brains lol. Altough tonnsy is smart enough to know its not you

  41. kkfoever cheers and divent worrie aboot it who ever you are,you must be a m8 of mine on here so that narrows it doon as i havent got many :)

  42. batty ur right u dont have many mates i could allways lend u a few mates for a price, and they aint no jellyfish

  43. Jay Jay – Away tickets for the Birmingham game on Saturday.

    Going with me lass..

    Come on the Toon

  44. Not sure why everyone is so worried about Enrique. He seems to say how much he loves the Toon and wants to finish his career there at least once a week.

  45. Good news that is Simon, if its true
    Would be mad if Joey was banned for petty stuff like this

  46. wait a min,so is that the real Jose Enrique pictures?

    ILM did post one from the same album.

    Presumbley,is real.

    which means,he reads ed blog? 8O

  47. “A figure of speech that denotes a certain measure of arrogance, Clint. As usual though, I’ll wait patiently until the rest of you catch up.”

    please tell me that was deliberate, Worky?

  48. I want to believe that is real. haha

    nah He said in his twitter that his bro read ‘that one’ not him so maybe he might read this blog though.

    so be nice guys :)

  49. Pardew seems to be playing a shrewd hand in the way he’s handling the backroom appointments….. no wholesale comings and no goings.

    He appears to be keeping everybody happy and feels he can trust Steve Stone sufficiently to be his buffer and work with the first team.

    However, the proof of the pudding etc

  50. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all read the blogs. I’m sure they like to know what the supporters think of them.

    Nolan ad Barton commented how last week the supporters were really angry. I figured they saw that on blogs and cmments to articles, etc.

    I just feel bad for Shola if he reads them…

  51. Enjoy Brett toon, how you getting there? If you’re not driving the square peg in the city centre should be good for a few beers.

  52. I hope that twitter is real. I’m also 95% sure the Messi thing was a joke, the poster went by the name John Cena, who’s a WWE wrestler.

    Also, from Jose’s twitter pics, he and Colo and Jonas do seem to be very close. I seem to remember seeing them jogging together in training pics and such as well.

    I hope if Barton can keep playing well on the right it will open things up for Jonas and Jose a little more, they’ve been struggling to create as much in the last 6-7 matches.

  53. Shola just needs a rest, Ranger and Lovenkrands should get a half each.

    Birmingham have only lost 1 in 8 at home. Their home form is what is keeping them out of the relegation zone and they will be desperate for 3 points. This will be a good test of Pardew and his team selection now that more players are available.

  54. It must be the equivalent of Jose and Xisco speaking with an English accent and Collo and Jonas having an american accent.

  55. From what I have seen of Birmingham, the way to beat them is to start brightly and bombard them with wing play. Our full backs will need to push up and play as wing backs because I can see their midfield overrunning ours if it’s just Jonas, Tiote, Nolan and Barton.
    They are very hard working in the middle and I can’t see Nolan getting much joy in the game. It is essential that we continue to try passing the ball about regardless of pressure. They will try and force us in to hoofing it to Carroll, but we MUST resist. Johnson will easily cope with long balls for 90mins. This may actually be the perfect game for Ranger to start. Dann has been getting ripped for pace lately and Ranger could exploit that. Give them something different to think about.

  56. That Enrique twitter is definitly real, one look at his pictures will show you that. He’s posted pictures of the training grounds Xmas menu and stuff. The picture regarding Ed’s blog is absolutly hilarious. Who knows, an article may appear about how players respect his views as they read his blogs, lol. Jose seems a funny lad, his broken English is quite funny pictures giving behind the scenes looks are always entertaining.

  57. hi my dad asked me to post this.
    he is fine and will be home in the morning.
    he is in the washinton hospital and got this in there
    for you lads.
    hoots has been offered the shef/utd job and is mulling it over
    now he could get no2 he wanted at toon,J.Carver!

  58. Icedog(junior)… thanks hope all went well for him, send him our best.We’ve no one to pick on when he’s not here ;-)

  59. Icedog, Jr.- please give him our best.

    What’s the jist of that “newcastle finances” link- my work won’t let me open that one- thanks.

  60. Ross the face of a man on £45k a week that has been blamed for the KK fiasco and from then has IMO never got a fair crack of the whip, But maybe Pardrew might give him a chance, because while he is not playing there is no chance of anyone taking him :(
    Richie whats the craic mate

  61. Just when Newcastle United fans could be forgiven for thinking that their club had abandoned its frequent attempts to act as the setting for one of football’s longest running soap operas, their rotund owner Mike Ashley struck again, sacking the likeable Chris Hughton, who had guided the team to promotion last season on a shoestring budget, and replacing him with Alan Pardew, a man whose track record provides little support for his boundless confidence. In their first season back in the Premier League, Newcastle were handily placed in mid-table, having demolished local rivals Sunderland 5-1 and securing away victories against the likes of Arsenal and Everton, not to mention an impressive win at Chelsea in the Carling Cup.

    For some inexplicable reason, Ashley suddenly decided that Newcastle needed a manager “with more experience”, even though more rational observers might point out that Hughton had obviously acquired more experience than when Ashley settled on him as permanent manager at the beginning of last season. As the local paper, the Evening Chronicle, wrote, “To say the appointment of Alan Pardew is bewildering and perplexing to Newcastle United fans is an understatement.”

    Of course, Ashley is no stranger to putting his foot in it and on occasions it has felt like he is on a one man campaign to demonstrate that the Premier League’s fit and proper person test is equally useless for English owners as those arriving from foreign shores. Since June 2007, when Ashley bought the club, his tenure has been an almost textbook example of how to alienate supporters with a series of embarrassing episodes being gleefully reported across the media.

    “No, thank you, Chris”

    The signs were far from promising right off the bat, as Ashley’s purchase bore all the hallmarks of an impulse buy, when he failed to perform the standard due diligence on the club’s books. In fairness, he might have felt that he had to move quickly, but businessmen who fail to look before they leap often end up in a dangerous place. Caveat emptor. He then compounded this error by bringing in the “Cockney mafia”, but their origins weren’t the real issue, rather this was a management team that possessed virtually no experience of running a football club.

    Although chairman Chris Mort was popular with fans, his replacement Derek Llambias was previously director of three London casinos, while Tony Jimenez, briefly appointed vice-president responsible for player recruitment, was a director of a small sports agency. To add insult to injury, the man with the most inappropriate surname in football, Dennis Wise, was then recruited as Executive Director of Football. This is the man famously described by Sir Alex Ferguson as a man capable of starting a fight in an empty room, though he’s also proved to be pretty tasty outdoors, as evidenced by his conviction for assaulting a taxi driver.

    Wise’s appointment undermined the then manager Kevin Keegan, most obviously with the signings of players such as Xisco and Ignacio Gonzalez, which “King Kev” had not approved. This led to Keegan’s acrimonious departure and a legal case in which the club’s explanation of the circumstances behind his exit was described by the tribunal as “profoundly unsatisfactory.”

    “You don’t know what you’re doing”

    Then there was the ill advised plan to sell off the naming rights to St James’ Park, which was guaranteed to upset the Toon Army. As was the brilliant idea to put the club up for sale on its website, when bidders were invited to send applications to an e-mail address, which was only a small step away from those humorous eBay auctions of any football club languishing in the doldrums. In fact, Ashley has tried to sell Newcastle United twice, only to withdraw the club from the market on each occasion. Potential purchasers were presumably put off by the tagline, “One careless owner.”

    Of course, the lowest grade on Ashley’s report card must be reserved for over-seeing relegation from the Premier League after 16 seasons in the top flight, when the club enjoyed one of the highest budgets in the league. This was hardly surprising after a series of frankly baffling managerial appointments, starting with the overly sentimental choice of Keegan, followed by Joe Kinnear, who had been out of the game for four years, and culminating in local hero, Alan Shearer, who arrived straight from the Match of the Day sofa confident of keeping the club up, but proceeded to win only once in his eight matches in charge.

    This managerial merry-go-round was all the more surprising, as Ashley had pinpointed this as one of the factors behind Newcastle’s perilous state when he arrived, “One of the reasons that the club was so in debt when I took over was due to transfer dealings caused by managers moving in and out of the club. Every time there was a change in manager millions would be spent on new players and millions would be lost as players were sold. It can’t keep on working like that. It is just madness.”

    “Welcome to the madness”

    Maybe that way of thinking explains Ashley’s apparently crazy decision to go “all in”, rather than hedging his bets, by handing Pardew a five-year contract, which is surely the longest in the Premier League. Certainly, Pardew was singing from the same song sheet as his new boss during his first press conference, “I intend to focus on developing exciting young players through the club’s excellent academy and development squad, and I know the board here at St James’ Park is very committed to that too.” They sure are, having drawn up a five-year plan with the objective of breaking-even by the 2015/16 season.

    Part of this strategy is for the club to “buy clever”, rather than rely on expensive signings. Ashley outlined his vision a couple of years ago, “My plan and my strategy for Newcastle is different. It has to be. Arsenal is the shining example in England of a sustainable business model. It takes time. It can’t be done overnight. Newcastle has therefore set up an extensive scouting system. We look for young players, for players in foreign leagues who everyone does not know about. We try and stay ahead of the competition. We search high and low looking for value, for potential that we can bring on and for players who will allow Newcastle to compete at the very highest level, but who don’t cost the earth.”

    This approach is evidenced by the purchases made in this summer’s transfer window, when Hughton had to largely make do with a series of free transfers and loans, as the club could not afford to spend big money on new players. Dan Gosling and Sol Campbell arrived on free transfers from Everton and Arsenal respectively, while James Perch cost only £1 million from Nottingham Forest. However, Newcastle’s frugal policy can still work, the best example perhaps being the impressive midfielder Cheick Tiote, who cost just £3.5 million from Twente Enschede, while the loan signing of the skilful winger Hatem Ben Arfa from Marseille was looking inspired before his unfortunate injury.

    Joe McLean, partner at accountants Grant Thornton, praised the new strategy, “It’s eminently sensible. It’s not a message that supporters want to hear, but I think it’s a sensible statement if you’re concerned about the long-term future of Newcastle United.” Indeed, the fans appear to be taking a much more realistic stance these days, understanding that the club faces some difficult financial challenges.

    These are evident when you look at the club’s accounts, where they have reported large losses for the last four years. The last time Newcastle made a profit was back in 2005 – and that was a very small one of £620,000. Since then, the club has registered pre-tax losses of £12 million in 2006, £34 million in 2007, £20 million in 2008 and £15 million in 2009. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have the 2010 accounts (Newcastle tend to publish these quite late), but the loss will certainly be even larger following relegation to the Championship.

    Although operating profit, defined as EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxation, Depreciation and Amortisation), was positive for many years, it has been steadily declining and actually turned into an £8 million loss in 2009, due to the lack of revenue growth and the explosion in the wages. It is obvious that the club has been living beyond its means, which has been exacerbated by the rise in non-cash expenses, mainly player amortisation, and a raft of exceptional items. Once these are taken into consideration, the 2010 loss rises to £38 million, though this has been partially compensated by £23 million of profit on player sales, mainly James Milner, Shay Given and Charles N’Zogbia.

    Profit from activity in the transfer market has been an important driver of Newcastle’s financial performance, so that the very high loss of £34 million in 2007 was mostly due to the £2 million loss on player sales that year, primarily arising from Jean-Alain Boumsong’s move to Juventus.

    “Not just Andy Carroll’s landlord”

    Actually, the 2007 loss would have been even higher without a positive contribution from exceptional items. These included the usual substantial payments for changes in management £1 million plus £2 million compensation to directors for the loss of office and £3 million of costs relating to an aborted financing project and takeover bids that had to be written-off, but were mitigated by £7 million of compensation received following Michael Owen’s injury at the 2006 World Cup.

    By far the largest reason for these exceptional charges is the severance payments made to departing managers, which amount to a staggering £17 million over the last five years, including £5.3 million to Kevin Keegan, £4.6 million to Sam Allardyce and his team, £3.2 million to Graeme Souness and £1.1 million to Glenn Roeder. It may be a nerve-wracking experience managing Newcastle, but it’s also a lucrative one. Rumour has it that Big Sam bought a villa in Spain with his pay-off, naming it “Casa St James”. In fact, give the regularity of these payments, it is difficult to argue that they are exceptional in any way, shape or form.

    So how does a club go from making a small profit in 2005 to a large loss in 2009, especially in a period when the money from television has significantly increased? The step graph above clearly shows that Newcastle’s TV money has indeed increased in that period by £10 million, but all of that has been wiped out by falls in both match day income of £6 million and commercial revenue of £4 million, meaning no revenue growth at all. Despite that, player costs have shot up: wages by £21 million and player amortisation £6 million. The deficit has been mitigated to some extent by lower interest charges £4 million and higher profit from player sales £10 million.

    At this point, I should emphasise that these figures relate to Newcastle United Limited, but the loss is even larger in the club’s parent company, St James Holdings Limited. This was £23 million in 2009 with the only substantial difference being £7 million amortisation on the goodwill arising from the takeover. The divergence was larger in the 2008 accounts, resulting in a £34 million loss in St James Holdings Limited, but that is only because that year’s accounts covered the period since the holding company’s incorporation, which was 13 months.

    Even though Newcastle’s revenue has not grown over the last few years, it was still the seventh highest in the Premier League in the 2008/09 season at £86 million, though the gap has widened since then with Manchester City and Tottenham increasing their revenue to £125 million and £113 million respectively. It was already a long way behind the so-called Sky Four with Manchester United generating more than three times as much revenue at £279 million, followed by Arsenal £224 million, Chelsea £206 million and Liverpool £185 million.

    It is perhaps surprising then that Newcastle still managed to feature in Deloitte’s last Money League, which ranks the top twenty football clubs in Europe by turnover, albeit in 20th position, especially as they are the only club in the list that did not compete in European competition. That said, Newcastle have featured in every single edition of the Money League since its inception in 1997, though they will slip out of the rankings next year, due to their (brief) sojourn in the Championship. Of course, to become a permanent fixture in these rankings, Newcastle will have to step up to the next level and qualify for the Champions League, which is probably a bit unrealistic in the short-term.

    Although the magnitude of the revenue could be higher, the revenue mix offers more encouragement, as it is reasonably well balanced: media 44%, match day 34% and commercial 23%. In other words, they are far less reliant on TV money than many other clubs in the Premier League, half a dozen of which collect more than 70% of their total turnover from Murdoch’s empire.

    Having said that, the vast majority of Newcastle’s TV revenue of £38 million in 2008/09 did come from the Premier League central distribution, which worked out at £36 million. This money is allocated as follows: (a) domestic rights – 50% equal share, 25% facility fees based on number of times a team is broadcast live and 25% merit payment based on the final league position; (b) overseas rights – 100% equal share. So, even though Newcastle’s allocation was adversely impacted by finishing 18th, this was mitigated by the club being shown live 20 times, the third highest in the division, demonstrating its enduring box office appeal.

    Clearly, the TV allocation in the Championship in 2009/10 was much lower at just over £2 million. Although the impact of relegation was partly cushioned by the £12 million parachute payment, this still meant a drop in media revenue of around £23 million. Conversely, in 2010/11 Newcastle will again benefit from the Premier League’s riches, more so, in fact, as the new three-year deal kicked-off this season. Thanks to a healthy increase in overseas rights, this will be worth considerably more and it is anticipated that teams will receive at least £40 million. The last time that the Premier League deal was increased was in 2007/08, when Newcastle’s media revenue rose from £26 million to £41 million, so the importance of growth in this revenue stream is readily apparent.

    Of course, like many other clubs, Newcastle’s TV revenue pales in comparison to the Sky Four, who have boosted their income with Champions League qualification. This was worth an average of £30 million for the four English clubs last year, not including additional gate receipts or uplifts in sponsorship agreements. To place this into context, in 2003/04, the year after Newcastle last reached the Champions League, their total revenue was only £2 million lower than Liverpool’s, but the clubs are now separated by almost £100 million.

    Where Newcastle do score very highly is in gate receipts, thanks to their impressively large and loyal support. Although this has fallen from £35 million in 2005 to £29 million in 2009, this was unbelievably still the tenth highest of the Money League clubs, superior to Milan, Inter, Lyon and Borussia Dortmund among others.

    Part of the decrease was due to the lack of European competition, which boosted revenue in 2005 and 2008 thanks to 6-7 home matches in the UEFA Cup, but average attendances have also declined, falling from 51,800 in 2005 to 48,800 in 2009. Despite season ticket prices being cut by an average 9% in the Championship, attendances unsurprisingly fell further to 43,400, but that was still the fourth highest in England, ahead of Liverpool, Chelsea and, yes, Sunderland.

    After its redevelopment, St James’ Park is the third largest club stadium in England, only behind Old Trafford and the Emirates, with a capacity of 52,400. While it is true that Newcastle struggle to fill the ground, their crowd figures are still pretty remarkable, especially in the midst of an economic recession which has hit the north-east of England particularly hard. Indeed, the average attendance is up to 46,000 so far this season, which is only surpassed by Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City. In terms of the fan base, this is undeniably a big club.

    Given that reputation, the club’s commercial revenue of £19 million might be considered a touch disappointing, especially as it dropped by £7 million in 2009, though much of this was because of the decision to outsource the club’s catering operations and some might be due to fans boycotting the club’s merchandise as a protest against the unpopular owner. In fact, commercial income might fall even more, as the four-year extension to the shirt sponsorship deal with Northern Rock is now only worth £2.5 million a year, only about half of the previous agreement of £4.8 million. Even this is not guaranteed, but depends on Newcastle remaining in the Premier League.

    “What have they done to deserve this?”

    This was one of only two Premier League shirt sponsorship contracts to decrease this season (Sunderland was the other one), but in fairness Newcastle were caught between a (Northern) Rock and a hard place and the deal is still the tenth most lucrative in the league, albeit miles less than Manchester United and Liverpool, who both receive £20 million per annum. At least, cash from this extension is not front-loaded, as was the money from the previous deal, which was reportedly used to fund Michael Owen’s transfer.

    There is a new kit deal with Puma, who have replaced long-standing partner Adidas, which runs two years until 2012, though no financial details have been disclosed. At least this means that the ludicrous custard yellow away kit can be jettisoned.

    It is still possible that the thorny issue of stadium naming rights will be raised again, though this is a tricky thing to get right, unless a club moves to a new ground where there is no history or tradition. That said, even Ashley’s fierce rival, local businessman Barry Moat, who unsuccessfully tried to take over the club, has admitted that he would look at naming rights in order to bridge the financial gap with wealthier clubs.

    All in all, there’s room for improvement in Newcastle’s revenue, but it’s really not too bad. However, the club’s expenses are shocking, especially the wage bill. In four years, wages increased by more than 40% from £50 million in 2005 to £71 million in 2009, while the revenue stagnated, producing an unsustainable wages to turnover ratio of 83%, way above UEFA’s recommended upper limit of 70%. Only three Premier League clubs (Manchester City, Blackburn Rovers and Wigan Athletic) had a worse ratio in 2008/09.

    Furthermore, in the year that Newcastle were relegated, they had the sixth highest wage bill in the league. Invariably, the level of wages bears a close correlation to success on the pitch, so it’s fair to say that Newcastle have massively under-performed. Put another way, their wage bill was more than twice that of the clubs they were battling for relegation.

    Since dropping into the Championship, the club has significantly reduced its payroll, as many high earners have departed, including Owen, Mark Viduka, Obafemi Martins, Damien Duff, Geremi, Nicky Butt and Habib Baye, but many of the squad that was relegated have remained. As Llambias explained, “We didn’t fire sale. We purposefully kept a nucleus of the team that we felt could take us up.” This was an expensive gamble, but one that worked out in this instance.

    In a way, Newcastle’s rapid return was only to be expected, given that their lower wage bill was still the highest in the league with Llambias admitting that the wages were “down to an acceptable level in the Premiership, but not in the Championship.” The cut might have been deeper if the club had inserted relegation clauses into the players’ contracts, but apparently the previous owners did not consider this a possibility. Nevertheless, it has been estimated that some £25 million was chopped off the wage bill, reducing it to around £45 million. Some other large contracts are apparently coming to an end next summer, so there will be an opportunity to further address the wages at that point, either by selling those players or offering them reduced terms.

    There has also been a steep increase in player amortisation, namely the annual expense of writing down the purchase price of new players, which has doubled since 2005, rising from £10 million to £20million, though it is still on the low side compared to clubs known for being big spenders in the transfer market, e.g. Manchester City £71 million, Chelsea £49 million.

    The concept of amortisation confuses many people, but it is simply how accountants handle player transfers. Instead of booking 100% of the player’s transfer price as a cost in the year of purchase, accountants treat players as assets, so the cost is capitalised and written-down (amortised) over the length of his contract. At the end of the contract, the player is considered to have no value, because he can then leave the club on a free transfer.

    It’s probably easier to understand with a real world example. Let’s take Fabrizio Coloccini, who was bought for £10 million in 2008 on a five-year contract, meaning that the annual amortisation is £2 million. After two years his net book value in the accounts is £6 million (the original cost of £10 million less two years amortisation at £2 million per annum).

    The increase in amortisation therefore suggests that they have spent big in the transfer market and that was indeed the case – right up until Mike Ashley arrived. In fact, most of the rise occurred back in 2006, before the new owner’s era, when the club also wrote-off substantial sums in impairment of player values.

    Details of transfer activity over the last decade show the changing approach quite clearly. In the six years since the turn of the millennium Newcastle had net spend of £82 million, but in the last four years there has been a surplus of £18 million. Even when the new board sanctioned higher spending of £30 million in 2008/09, this was matched by sales of £32 million. That is an almost perfect example of balancing the books, whereby the manager has to sell before he can buy.

    This cautious, but sensible, approach is epitomised by the first risk listed in the club’s annual report, “the acquisition of players and their related costs are one of the most significant and high profile risks facing the Group.” In fact, only three Premier League clubs spent less on bringing in new players than Newcastle this summer: Everton, Blackburn Rovers and Blackpool.

    In spite of this, the club’s previous excesses have resulted in significant debt of £282 million, though only £150 million is held in the books of the football club with the remaining £132 million held in the holding company. The vast majority of this debt represents loans from Mike Ashley of £243 million, but there is also a bank overdraft of £36 million, which is a significant increase on the prior year balance of £1 million. Since the 2009 year-end, Ashley advanced a further £25.5 million to keep the club ticking over in the Championship, so his total investment in the club now stands at £268 million, represented by £132 million to buy the club, £70 million to repay loans and £66 million working capital.

    Because most of the loans are from the owner, instead of banks, some commentators have argued that the club is effectively debt-free, though it should be noted that Ashley’s loans are now repayable on demand, whereas they were previously only repayable on demand in the event of a change of control (ownership). That said, it is clear that it is better for the football club to borrow money from the owner, as these loans are unsecured, which means that Ashley has no guarantee of repayment, and non-interest bearing. This has been important to the club’s finances, as the net interest payable has been reduced by £5 million a year.

    More to the point, Ashley’s loans have been critical to the club’s survival, as it is far from clear that they would have managed to secure refinancing from the debt market. For example, Barclays Bank has insisted on securing its lending on assets and cash from transfer fees, while the last loan obtained by the previous regime under chairman Freddy Shepherd was at the prohibitively expensive interest rate of 11.72%.

    In fact, it is fair to say that the previous ownership had mortgaged the club to the hilt, securing loans on virtually all the club’s assets (training ground) and future income streams (TV, sponsorship), though they would argue that this was used to fund the stadium development. Whatever the reasons, when Ashley bought the club, the holders of the loan notes invoked a change of control clause, forcing the new owner to immediately repay the £45 million outstanding, as opposed to the annual installments until 2016 that he had anticipated.

    Despite his crass behaviour, there is no doubt that Mike Ashley has put his hand in his pocket to keep the club going. The unpalatable truth is that Newcastle United are heavily reliant on the support of their charmless owner. In the last two years, he has put in £111 million of new loans, initially to repay £70 million of expensive bank loans, but also providing £41 million of working capital on top of that (plus the £25.5 million subsequent to the books closing). Looking at the 2009 cash flow statement, his backing was required to help fund a £24 million loss from operating activities plus £17 million of net spend on new players, many of which were signed in previous periods, though most of the shortfall was financed by the increase in the overdraft.

    The club’s deteriorating financial position is also evidenced by the balance sheet, which shows a swing from net assets of £17 million in 2005 to net liabilities of £52 million in 2009, though the players’ value in the accounts is under-stated compared to the price that they would receive in the market.

    In contrast to Ashley, the former owners did very nicely out of their investment in Newcastle United, thank you very much. In fact, they absolutely coined it with the Halls (Sir John and Douglas) receiving a total of £95 million over the years, while the Shepherds (Freddy and Bruce) had to make do with £55 million. The Halls’ money comprised £55 million from the sale to Ashley, £20 million from previous share sales (to NTL and the club itself), £15 million from dividends and £5 million in salary payments, while the Shepherds’ money came from £38 million Ashley sale, £7 million dividends and £5 million salaries.

    “Another fine mess he’s got into”

    And what was the result of these staggering payments? After years of rank bad management, they left the club in an appalling mess: a £30 million loss; £70 million of debt plus £27 million owing transfer fees; extremely limited borrowing capacity, as all assets and income streams had already been used to secure loans; and a bloated wage bill of aging mercenaries on generous long-term contracts.

    They also left us the indelible memory of Douglas Hall and Freddy Shepherd being caught by a News of the World sting, when they were recorded in a seedy Spanish bar, laughing about the Toon Army’s gullibility in buying replica shirts and calling Geordie women “dogs”. After this scandal, the gruesome twosome briefly resigned, only to return to the board less than a year later. Somehow, they managed to survive by spouting a lot of nonsense about “fighting for the Geordie nation” and appeasing the fans by making a marquee signing from time to time.

    Incoming chairman Chris Mort criticised the old board, “If they had not been successful in refinancing the club by the end of the year, it would have folded like a pack of cards.” Admittedly, he had a vested interest, but his view was endorsed by Vinay Bedi from stockbrokers Brewin Dolphin, “Ashley bought a club that was financially going nowhere with debts increasing as player transfers built up. It was a difficult situation – it was hard to see how the club could be turned round quickly without a huge injection of cash.”

    “Newcastle v Sunderland – Cheick Mate”

    To be fair to Ashley, that is exactly what he has done. Furthermore, the club’s accounts have only been signed off by the auditors on the basis of assurances from Ashley that he will continue to finance operations in the future. The man himself has said that he is “prepared to bankroll Newcastle up to the tune of £20 million per year, but no more.” The question is for how long he can afford to do this, as his wealth is linked to the fortunes of his company Sports Direct, which has seen fluctuations in its share price and is also the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Office of Fair Trading. Nevertheless, even though his wealth halved in the 2009 Sunday Times Rich List, he is still estimated to be worth £700 million.

    Of course, the more fundamental question is whether Ashley will sell the club. He’s had plenty of attempts already, lowering his price each time he puts the club in the shop window, starting at an utterly absurd £400 million, before rapidly changing down through the gears until he reached the most recent price of £80 million, though it is not entirely clear whether or not that includes repayment of the loans made on top of the original purchase price.

    It is difficult to understand his intentions. In the past, he’s made all the right noises about selling the club, but when Barry Moat appeared to be edging close to his asking price, he suddenly cancelled the sale. Giving the new manager a five-year contract does not seem to be the act of an owner that is keen to sell, but Ashley is a bewildering figure in many ways.

    For the right price, Newcastle United would surely attract a serious bidder. It’s the only club in one of England’s largest football cities, which has a very large following. Not only that, but it is also playing in the richest league in the world with the most lucrative TV deal and has numerous commercial opportunities. More cynically, another attraction to overseas buyers is the lax regulations on takeovers in the Premier League.

    “It’s really not funny”

    Financially, the figures will get worse before they get better, and Newcastle have estimated a loss of £32.5 million for the Championship season in 2009/10. However, the club is aiming for self-sufficiency now that it is back in the Premier League, and this should be feasible, especially with the new TV deal and the reduction in wages after the clear out of so many high earners after relegation. My own estimate is for a £5 million profit, which assumes £45 million TV revenue, 10% reduction in match day income compared to the last time in Premier League, commercial revenue reduced by £2 million for the lower sponsorship deal, a £50 million wage bill and £15 million profit on player sales (Sebastien Bassong, Obafemi Martins and Damien Duff).

    The tragedy for Mike Ashley is that he could so easily have been a hero to the Newcastle faithful, having sunk so much of his own money into the club, but as Freddy Shepherd acidly observed, “Anybody can buy a football club, not everybody can run one.” Leaving aside the slightly unreliable provenance of the quote, especially as Ashley has had to fix the financial mess that he inherited from his predecessors, the man does have a point. As Ashley himself has admitted, “I tried my best, but I accept that my best was woefully short.” Even after Newcastle’s victory over Liverpool at the weekend, it’s difficult to believe that many of their fans would disagree with him.

  62. Alreet Dave, all good mate..ish.Buggering of to Spain in March and got engaged the weekend before last so trying to sort out a wedding in Feb….me heeds pounding :-)
    Hows life over the water?

  63. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    December 14, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    ‘This may actually be the perfect game for Ranger to start. Dann has been getting ripped for pace lately and Ranger could exploit that. Give them something different to think about.’

    Once Ranger came on against Liverpool it gave their defenders something different to think about alright. I don’t think it was so much that they even knew who he was or were prepared for him. It was that within a minute he had wrestled his way into a one-on-one with Reina that it must be said he was unlucky with because I was waiting for the onion bag to move. He looked Hungry and like he meant business. Good for him, he’s got a new manager to impress and no doubt he was, I felt C.H ristricted him to 5-10mins here and there and it wasn’t enough considering he is technically one of our top strickers these days.

    I would like to see big mike come back in with either Collo or Taylor. (Sorry Sol but you are back-up these days) That Zigic they have got one of the tallest players in the world, need big mike to kick his ass like.

  64. DevonMag says:
    December 14, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    “please tell me that was deliberate, Worky?”

    I didn’t say that I wasn’t insufferably arrogant, and somewhat ironic too, Devon. ;-)

  65. cheers Toonsy.

    Batty…aye but sooner are later my wives will run out of other women to bugga off with! :lol:

  66. My lesbian neighbours bought me a Rolex for my Birthday. It’s really nice, but they obviously misunderstood me when I said “I wanna watch”.

  67. to be honest the whole ashley crap is past/present bollocks – that aint going to change unless someone offers him some bizarre amount of cash to take toon off his hands
    we need to get over his mismanagement and focus on supporting the toon
    Pardwho is a bizarre appointment but who knows, he may have some ideas that will take us forward – we have to give him a chance, he was hardly going to turn the job down and I dont really buy into the idea it was a conspiracy
    defo harsh on CH but we showed our appreciation last weekend so we now have to move on
    Ashley aint stupid enough to sell our major asset which is carroll, even if he’s a complete fvkwit he surely knows Carrolls goals are the only way we’ll stay up this season

  68. Three things

    1. What was the point of that “Summer of 69” ? This is a blog not an excuse to use up storage space ? Anyone can cut and paste – it’s not rocket science. My advice is to keep it succinct.

    2. Steve Stone has been added to the 1st team coaching team but where’s PB ? Neither CH nor the Pardwho wanted him anywhere near the first team which maybe highlights the issue that PB has in terms of becomimg senior management in the future?

    3. I’m in the group of people who are in the dilemma of seeing the limitations of CH’s coaching/tactical naivete yet failing to fathom how the FatMan could appoint Pardwho. Particularly when FM had previously sacked Bonehead who had a better record than either CH or the Cockney Twat?

    All I can hope is that somehow the quality of the squad will be enhanced asap so we’re not looking at yet another managerial sacking by the end of this season. However Pardwho needs to be under no illusion that if we’re relegated (no matter how long the contract) he’s back off to FiveLive or Bognor wherever managers retire to ?. Primarily because he’s a mediocre manager who will never win a trophy nor guide us into Europe even if his contract lasted 50 years.

    We will be lucky to survive the BPL this season but even luckier now that FatMan/DelBoy have come to this conclusion. I am checking out the odds just in case.

    PS Anyone fancy a “Delboy Out” campaign ?

  69. yeah to be honest so69, sorry mate – if you’re making a point, we need a management summary of it rather than the full presentation :)

  70. richietoon – :-)

    andymac – your response is almost as long, mate dont you know worky has to pay for storage space !!!

  71. Andymac – only joshing mate – the whole thing is bizarre but hey lets give pardwho a chance, ultimately we aint got a choice

  72. “andymac – your response is almost as long, mate dont you know worky has to pay for storage space !!!”

    I’ll send him a postal order :)

  73. The sceptical amongst us will ask why Pardew is already promoting from within and not bringing in his own staff?

  74. Big Dave says:
    December 14, 2010 at 10:02 pm
    Toonsy whats the craic where have you been
    DJG I take it your getting your dentures fitted

    Aye gonna by painfull. :lol: Nah its dead root getting done/ crown put in.

  75. DJG you’ll be fine mate a bit of smoke helps with the after pains :)
    Stuart I think SS might be because the players know him and allready get on with him, and sure he has a new GK coach which is one of his own and is going to get another coach from outside the club ?

  76. AndyMac says:
    December 14, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    “3. I’m in the group of people who are in the dilemma of seeing the limitations of CH’s coaching/tactical naivete yet failing to fathom how the FatMan could appoint Pardwho.”

    Explain how he was tactically naive, AndyMac, if you can.

  77. Off topic

    Have you’s seen Ashley’s Sports Direct adverts. Some companies spend a fortune and have adverts that are like hollywood movies, not Ashley lad. Its like the cheapest advert on the telly. I wouldn’t mind if it looked half decent. :(

  78. Theres a coffee advert that has George Clooney and John Malcovic. Ashley has a sports direct sign and a guy shouting like the go outdoors or safe style advert on the radio. Surely he could make a decent tv advert with the money he’s got.

  79. DJG the fact your talking about it proves that it does what its supposed to do. A mate of mine used to do adverts and I was talking to him about some of the real shit ones that really annoy ye like the go compare one with that useless c@nt singing, and he says the fact that people talk about it is the whole point :)

  80. Aye but theres a difference between something that is attention seeking and something that has class. I suppose sports direct isn’t exactly a classy product but who’s fault is that. :(

  81. For example would you prefer we were sponsered by Go Compare and played in Kit Kat Cresent or Ferrari and Dior.

  82. workyticket says:

    “Explain how he was tactically naive, AndyMac, if you can”

    Where do you want me to start WT ? This season or last ?

    I’m not knocking CH, I liked the guy and would much prefer his innocence to Pardwho’s alleged experience but that’s not gonna happen now.

    The home games against Blackpool, Blackburn, Stoke and Wigan were classic examples of CH’s intransigence or lack of experience where he took his successful 4-4-1-1 away strategy and pitched it up at SJP before changing it amid much criticism.

    Then there’s West Brom game where (bearing in mind our absentees) even I could have told CH that it was better to win a point at the Hawthorns (irrespective of whether he thought we should beat them or not)after four winless games than none at all.

    If you asked Di Matteo, before the game started, what formation he would prefer to play against on that day it would have been the one CH served up. We played into their hands and left the spaces in midfield they wanted. Which, IMO, is why we got five bookings because we didnt compete in any position.

    As I said I’m sad for CH, the team and the fans because we were all roughly going in the same direction but where, ultimately, that direction was pointing is open to interpretation.

  83. Sorry like but to pretend that C.H is a tactical genius is rediculous. The guy has a lot to learn and if he takes over a champ team with little talent/ resources or the likes of blackburn/West Ham he will go down/stay down. He is a good coach but doesn’t have the tactics, authority or contacts of a manager IMO. Like someone said, (sorry can’t remember name) ‘I went to 10-12 games when C.H was in charge and most of them were terrible.’ Thats not to say I don’t respect the guy for sticking by us when others jumped ship or acting with such class dignity. To pretend he is some great manager that we have missed out on is silly tho he’s nowhere near that level. Like it or not Pardew does have more managerial experience than C.H and if you discount the prem a lot more managerial experience. It is ignorant to say he is a sideways step.

  84. The guy has been in management since 1998 C.H has managed since last year. Before anybody says C.H was a coach for many years, there is a big difference between being a coach and being a manager!

  85. Worky.

    “Explain how he was tactically naive, AndyMac, if you can”

    His refusal to adapt the system to different teams/situations. His insistance to play a negative formation at home. His insistance to play Nolan after 2-3 bad games when he clearly needed a rest. His lack of subsitutuions at critical points in games (Ranger on against Liverpool). The loss of midfield and wing play and the reliance on long ball. The N’zogbia goal he didn’t even come out to the touchline and the second N’Zogbia goal from same assist player/position moments later. His lack of half time team talk inspiration for improved second half performance. Lack of involvement of Ranger and Kadar. Rangers huge performance now that he has gone. Simpsons holding off and defensive frailties that he failed to improve. Closed door to the dressing room and the owner. For all we know wouldn’t discuss transfer targets future first team plans. Shall I continue…

  86. @SO69
    The best post on this blog I’ve read and a comprehensive insight into the running of the club .
    I am absolutely astonished by some of the dunderheeds on here criticising you!
    Instead they post drivel about getting married!!!!!!
    I bet you none of them read your post, resulting in them being Ill informed but with big opinions.
    Clearly their attention span is not good enough to even consider starting to read your post as they realise after the first paragraph they will be in danger of falling asleep and landing head first down the toilet pan!!!
    Complete morons!
    I get the same criticism from some of the goons who hate my predictions which are always accurate!
    Any comments Micky Goon? Bet you can’t come up with something interesting like SO69 & BSN9 !

  87. bsno9….the one getting married did read So69’s post and didn’t criticise it so try reading things before you post.

    I can’t believe you are so far up yourself to realise none of your prediction has came true. 1) CH was leaving voluntarily to take Chelsea job-wrong-fact!
    2)Joe Kinnear would take over, wrong-fact!

    You only changed it to Pardew when the bookies made him odds on, if CH had already taken the Chelsea job as you’d said, why isn’t he there now?

  88. So Steve Stone has been officially named as our first team assistant. I wonder who it was who first suggested it would be him?

    Toon Chicken says:
    October 19, 2010 at 11:11 am

    Steve Stone i reckon


  89. DJG – sorry to hear about your teeth. Maybe all that sh1t you chat has a high sugar content!? :lol:

  90. DJG

    Have to totally agree. CH was a thoroughly decent nice chap, but I’ve been dispairing at times, ever since the time he played Butt and Smith against a 10 man Leicester.

    CH was over cautious,had little or no plan B, played long ball, wouldn’t play youth (Ranger etc), wouldn’t take a hardline on discipline, had his ”untouchables”, had no hand in the good signings, just the dross like Perch and Best and most of all we were getting worked out.


    Simpson Colo Willo Enrique

    Barton Tiote Nolan Ferguson

    Ranger Carroll

  91. Might I also suggest that everyone who wants the FCB to “get out of our club” – go and read So69’s post @103.

    He may be a total twunt, but there’s no denying we’d be a hell of a lot worse off without him!

  92. TC, totally agree that So69’s post was a thoroughly well worked assessment of the club’s recent history and that those that are of the opinion that he’s put the club into a worse state than it was, need to realise that if it wasn’t for MA, the club could have been no more!

    I think we all agree that MA’s dropped some major major ricks and that he appears short-sighted and clumsy with the tact of a turd in a swimming pool. However, like it or lump it, Newcastle United is owned by him and unless another potential buyer makes an acceptable offer, there’s no option than to bear with him.

    For goodness sake, we’re in the Prem and a very saleable commodity too so we need to exercise patience and trust that the gods are with Newcastle United.

  93. Aye,
    read that post by SO69, & learn.

    Then can we get on with supporting the team, it needs us.

  94. batty i cant be loon chicken if u look back i have stated that joey b is one of the best players in the team. But chicken has stated that he wouldn’t go to any games while joey is playing. But he is happy enough to give that fcb his money after all he has done. loon Chicken is as his name suggests a chicken a big yellow one

  95. sorry to be thick guys but wanted to know, can someone more equainted with ecenomics explain the difference between the two please, the clubs books and the holding company’s books.

    “In spite of this, the club’s previous excesses have resulted in significant debt of £282 million, though only £150 million is held in the books of the football club with the remaining £132 million held in the holding company.”

  96. batty i am the real deal KK and i know u have been a longtime supporter of mine, not like some of the snakes on here.
    You could b right stardust would have the figures why dont u try asking chicken licken

  97. Batty

    Its not me mate, ah divvent even like KK. He was on ESPN the other neet just to stick the knife in.

  98. dgj i dont expect u to like me or even realise what i have done for this great club because ur just a johnny come lately. But remember this without me the toon would still b in the lower divisions and u would more than likely b supporting some other prem club.

  99. There should be some kind of test to keep kids off the internet then we wouldn’t have such “informed” opinions of BS9.

    I would give you credit for coming up with a scam of having your initials as BS meaning Bull Shit and then deliberately posting crap to live up to your initials and seeing if anyone gets it, but I don’t think you are as clever as that I think you are a sad attention seeker that has a few names that you go by and post varying opinions depending on who you are playing as that day.

    Very sad, but you get people like that all over the internet. In the real world you would be sat in the corner wibbling to yourself and wondering why everyone keeps slapping you around the head, but on the internet you can be anyone you want to be and have a tommy tank about it while you are doing it.

    I will christen you the one handed surfer as you always have the other hand on your nob.

    Oh, kudos for the witty Micky Goon. He’s actually a cousin of mine.

  100. Batty kkforever is probably worky, you know how much he loves Keegan. :-)

    In reality though, you are probably right. I reckon it’s stardust, he just couldn’t keep away could he?

    Even after throwing a hissy fit like a little girl, he still had to come back, but doesn’t have the balls to admit it’s him.

  101. djg @77 what did u want me to do lie and say that ur hero mike was the best thing to happen to the club.
    He lied to me and the fans but dont let history get in the way of ur love for mike. But maybe u didnt start following the club until after all that Muppet

  102. Blinkin Heck :!:

    Just finished reading SO69’s bible. Interesting read.

    eeeeeeek :shock:

  103. batty – have u missed me?? :lol:

    I took a break from commenting after they sacked “clueless chris”. Couldn’t take it any more.

    KK4eva is quite clearly another one of Crapper’s multiple personalities.

    And I use “personality” in the loosest sense of the word.

  104. @Micky Goon
    It’s not Stardust but you are never right anyway.
    Your jealousy of my insider contacts is eating you up!
    Woo hooo hoo hooo!

  105. I see this w@nker Bobby Shilton is still posting his garbage.
    Thought he’d be tired of it by now.

    By the way Bobby, the only inside contacts you’ve ever had are when your daddy used to touch the inside of your @rse…

  106. “At the end of the day… At the end of the day… says:
    December 15, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    Blinkin Heck :!:

    Just finished reading SO69’s bible. Interesting read.


    What does it say? ;)

  107. jj,
    it says the club has been mismanaged for decades & nearly went out of biz.
    Like we all knew anyway, but it’s all there in B&W, as it were.

    Have a read, it’ll take a while, but if you wanna know the financial facts, gan reet aheed.

  108. But i suggest you go & look at the link that he posted slightly earlier, it gives you all the graphs/charts etc.

  109. It basically chronicles how Ashley has made big mistakes in his choice of personnel but without his financial clout the club would have ‘folded like a pack of cards’. Which is why the Halls and Fatty trouser press jumped into the last two lifeboats and left Ashley with SS Newcastle to try and keep afloat.

  110. jj,
    it’s worth a read mate.
    It truly puts into perspective the reasons for/against boycotts.

  111. I don’t think anyone doubts Ashley has done a good job of stablising our finances.
    The only dislike has come from poor footballing decisions.
    That much is obvious.
    I think until the sacking of Hughton the club was starting to stablise and the fans were coming around to him…

  112. When i wrote ‘reasons’, i shoulda wrote: efficacy, wisdom etc.
    Cos if we the fans decide to stay away & not spend at the club, we’re only gonna make it worse.
    It’s not about whether you support ashley, it’s all about whether you SUPPORT NUFC.
    It was an unsustainable wreck washing up on the jagged rocks of the halls/shepherds mismanaging & systematic rape of the club for their own gain.
    They are millions of ‘quids in’, while the club was full steam ahead towards a massive financial iceberg.
    Egocentric Idiots!

  113. Nick Dryden says:
    December 15, 2010 at 9:33 am

    “CH was over cautious,had little or no plan B, played long ball, wouldn’t play youth (Ranger etc), wouldn’t take a hardline on discipline, had his ”untouchables”, had no hand in the good signings, just the dross like Perch and Best and most of all we were getting worked out.”

    So Tiote and Ben Arfa are dross then Nick? because he signed them. The rest have also played a role on a tiny budget, with Hughton managing injuries with squad players in a better way than previous incumbents. Describing Best and Perch as “dross” is somewhat premature, some were even describing Carroll as dross not so long ago. I wouldn’t say that Danny Simpson, Mike Williamson or Wayne Routledge were “dross”, especially considering the amounts paid for them. They were bargains and a credit to Hughton’s ability to work on a budget when he had to.

    DJG, I notice that you didn’t make one point about what you would have done differently, and as for Nolan, he was captain and a very important player in the team. As for whether he was “needed a rest” or not, I wouldn’t say that was “obvious”. What do you mean by “negative formation” at home, do you mean the one that beat Aston Villa 6-0? The same one that has been used by teams such as Manchester United and Manchester City at home? We are not going to win every game yet so stop being a typical, impatient unrealistic and deluded Geordie who fantasises about being a real football manager, and laughably imagines that he is a better tactician than someone who has spent his whole life at the top level of the game :lol: . You have done nothing whatsoever in football, the coach who was taught by Hughton, who I have just discussed your risible points with has, and he confirmed that Hughton was an excellent tactician for a rookie manager, as well as an excellent teacher. As for your other points re the substitutions, just because a player has alot of potential, it does not mean that he is ready for the Premiership, especially when the team is having difficulties. When he is, as Andy Carroll was, Hughton played him and helped immeasurably in shaping him as the player he is at the moment. Hughton’s reutilisation of Nolan has showed very good tactical awareness, and has seen him scoring more goals than he has ever scored in his career. Shall I continue… :-)

  114. ps the main problem in Newcastle’s poorer games under Hughton seemed to be poorly defended set pieces, but they were more individual mistakes in a hastily reconstucted team that was still gelling, and still incomplete. Not because of especially poor tactics on Hughton’s behalf. I still can’t believe what ingrated idiots some Newcastle fans really are. After over 35 years supporting the club, I really am getting to the stage where I feel like I have had enough of being associated with such buffoons.

  115. ….And one last thing. When Hughton DID have a tactical problem to solve, a certain lack of creative spark in midfield, he solved it with the signing of Ben Arfa. It wasn’t Hughton’s fault that his leg was broken after only a handful of appearences. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  116. I’ve stated before that I feel Hughton was one of the best managers we’ve had.
    Mainly because nearly ever decision he made was what I would have done in that circumstance ;)

  117. That is a sobering article, I knew the club was in a financial hole when Ashley took over but that is an eye opener.

    Its his footballing decisions that have done nothing to protect his investment that confuse me, Bringing Keggy back to work with Wise when he knew damn fine he didnt rate the director of football structure when he approached him for that role when FSA was boss, Bringing Kinnear in from wherever, The drifting along until 8 games left before changing things in the relegation season, The sacking of Hughton and replacing him with Pardew and risking his money yet again when we were chugging along quite nicely and were well on course to reach 40 points comfortably.

    It is frustrating but if he has learned anything (which i doubt) it must be to use january properly this time instead of the waiting until the last couple of days before flying in with dekka like the obese a-team to sort it out last minute again and ending up missing out on Michael Johnson, Veloso and Richardson and ending up with Ryan Taylor, Nolan and Loverman.

    The Stone and Donachie promotions were the sticking point was as we all expected with Hoots and Pardews happiness to play ball has probably won some brownie points so hopefully a bit of wedge for the creative winger and pacey finisher we are crying out for.

    Eternally optimistic… :(

  118. CC says:
    December 15, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    “The sacking of Hughton and replacing him with Pardew and risking his money yet again when we were chugging along quite nicely and were well on course to reach 40 points comfortably.”

    I think that we would have got more than that once the team started to gel more and shook off their early season inconsistency. Ben Arfa’s return (the “creative winger” which we already had thanks to Hughton) probably would have helped a bit too, CC.

  119. worky maybe with ur supreme knowledge u should have applied for the job like u r arrogant enough, or are u just another one of these “idiots” that think they know it all ?

  120. I think most of us knew about Ashley putting in loads of his dosh to keep the club going and getting us on a path to a more stable financial footing……it doesn’t change the fact he’s an obnoxious lying cnut with absolutely no morals, scruples or a shred of decency in him………..probably like most multi millionaires.

    Ref Benny, I’ve said before that we’ve struggled with the teams who get men behind the ball, if HBA hadn’t been injured he was the man who would have opened them up imo.

  121. workyticket says:
    December 15, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    “I think that we would have got more than that once the team started to gel more and shook off their early season inconsistency. Ben Arfa’s return (the “creative winger” which we already had thanks to Hughton) probably would have helped a bit too, CC.”

    Aye i agree, Ben Arfa may well still have a part to play and its a crying shame what happened but surely we need more than just him if we could pinch a Kranjcar/Bentley type in january and a Robbie Keane to partner Carroll we would be in cracking shape for the rest of the season.

  122. workyticket says:
    December 15, 2010 at 2:29 pm
    ….And one last thing. When Hughton DID have a tactical problem to solve, a certain lack of creative spark in midfield, he solved it with the signing of Ben Arfa.

    Worky When will you realise that C.H had nothing to do with the signing of Tiote and Ben Arfa. It was Graham Carr (who joined from Man City this year) who scouted them. And the board/ Ashley who signed them!

    Need evidence of this look no further than Xisco/Nacho last time we were in the prem. That is how the club operates with Ashley playing Owner/Manager/Host/scout/kitman ect ect.

    Carr will be scouting more players like benny right now fingers crossed.

  123. DJG says:
    December 15, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    “Worky When will you realise that C.H had nothing to do with the signing of Tiote and Ben Arfa. It was Graham Carr (who joined from Man City this year) who scouted them. And the board/ Ashley who signed them!”

    I have showed on here how Hughton pursued Tiote since he was a coach under Keegan, and you saw it too. And if it’s all about scouts, you could say that no manager signs any player. Then again, you don’t seem to be overly concerned about honesty in your constant attempts to attack Chris Hughton. Why do you have such a hatred of him? And please don’t be dishonest again, saying “Oh he’s a nice man BUT blah blah blah”. I rumbled that one way back.

  124. I dont have a hatred of him, he’s a nice man but… :)

    Nah man, he’s a good coach and he was loyal to the club and probably saved us when we went down. But he did have the best squad in the league by quite a lot apart from maybe West Brom. I just got so frustrated by some of his tactics at times. And to say what about the 6-0 game, well what about all the games they underperformed. Not try and got beat fair and square, but underperformed and got beat by average teams. I don’t hate Hughton or think he deserved to get sacked but Im not gonna pretend he was as good as some on here are making out.

  125. DJG

    I thought Boro had an equally strong squad as well as a permanent manager, Coaching staff, A devoted Chairman and board, Certainly none of the furore we had surrounding the club going into last season.

    Not many thought Newcastle had the strongest squad until we were running away with the league, The majority thought we would struggle.

  126. At the end of the day we will have to see what happens in future and if C.H is made manager of a club where he has the total say over signings ect. It is difficult to judge any manager on his signings at NUFC coz we don’t know which ones they signed. Im not gonna believe that Hughton tracked and signed all those players like you’s can pretend all you’s want but the truth is lots of people are involved in signing players not just the manager.

  127. CC

    It wasn’t clear at the start of the season obviously but as the season went on it became fairly obvious we had the strongest squad as mentioned a million times by pundits ect.

    As for boro.. phht. :lol:

  128. DJG

    Even if we did have the stronger squad what does that matter. Did Hull, Portsmouth, Stoke and Sunderland have better squads than us when we went down ??

  129. DJG says:
    December 15, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    I dont have a hatred of him, he’s a nice man but…

    “Nah man, he’s a good coach and he was loyal to the club and probably saved us when we went down. But he did have the best squad in the league by quite a lot apart from maybe West Brom.”

    DJG, you are just repeating all the lazy and completely innaccurate cliches used by many before you “He’s a coach not a manager… blah blah … Too nice to succeed … bah blah. Learn your facts, study football properly and get an idea of how difficult, and how much time it can take to build a successful Premiership team with a miniscule budget. BTW, Middlesbrough had the squad which was closest to ours in terms of value, it was very close in fact after players such as Duff and Beye went, with WBA fairly close behind. However, relegated teams which have to recontruct their teams on a different budget for the Championship (as we did and Middlesbrough did) have a problem. They are not as stable and need time to gel. Middlesbrough’s managers (Southgate and Strachan) also had far more experience of being a manager. Where are they now?

  130. Gotta say, I do somewhat agree with DJG. CH was an excellent man manager, but some of his decisions on matchdays were weird?

    Playing Guthrie and Perch on the right against Wigan when N’Zog was their biggest threat? 87th minute subs?

    Now I’m as baffled as anyone that Alan f***ing Pardew was brought in to replace him, but I’ve got to admit I’d forgotten what a reasonably timed substitution looked like! Ranger needs more than 3 minutes a week to have an impact.

  131. My thought exactly the same with Worky ,still shall we move on from Chris Hughton ??

    now he gone so no need to ague about him or criticize him whatsoever, clearly he’s not tactical genius but he was learning while the team was in difficult circumstance.

    remembered the game we won or the game that we played well but didn’t win ???

    it’s football game you win some you lose some.

    for me Chrissy should be held high and should always be remembered as the man who saved this club, the man who made the players played and still play for each others , the fans and the club, the man that made we all supporters proud of NUFC once again.

    and for the matter he’s also a good manager to me not just a nice guy.

  132. Im not a Hughton hater or a Pardew supporter or anything. I just think Hughton has gone, he’s history whats the point of going on about it for weeks and months. We have a team to support and a new manager on a 5 year contract that beyond our better judgement we have to assume might be here quite a long time and build up a team that can get us to back where we belong. Whats he gonna think if he comes on here and ya’s are still gannin on about Chris Hughton in another months time. Forget it, it’s finished it’s not anyones fault on here he was sacked he had good support from the fans. Can we move on now and talk about the Birmingham game.

  133. Magpie_May13 says:
    December 15, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    “My thought exactly the same with Worky ,still shall we move on from Chris Hughton ??”

    Magpie_May13, if you are contantly “moving on” from things without analysing them and learning lessons from them, there is a danger that you will never learn anything and keep on making the same mistakes over and over again, much like Newcastle United. It is the difference between intelligence and rank stupidity.

  134. blip says:
    December 15, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    ‘Now I’m as baffled as anyone that Alan f***ing Pardew was brought in to replace him, but I’ve got to admit I’d forgotten what a reasonably timed substitution looked like!’


    I was shouting at the TV to make a change at 60mins not 86mins and Pardew actually did it. I couldn’t believe it.

  135. Richie @211…. obnoxious lying cnut with absolutely no morals, scruples or a shred of decency in him………..probably like most multi millionaires.

    No I’m not and I resemble that remark! (I’m doing a Worky.. though not as well!!!)

  136. worky i take it with ur vast knowledge of the game, u either work in football or played at pro level. Or r u just a general know all that likes to put others down unless they agree with u

  137. batty

    He hasn’t really mentioned his support for Ashley tho just KK. Stardust is an avid Ashley supporter kkforever isn’t. Or is a bluff? :lol:

    kkforever says:
    December 15, 2010 at 12:25 pm
    djg @77 what did u want me to do lie and say that ur hero mike was the best thing to happen to the club.
    He lied to me and the fans but dont let history get in the way of ur love for mike.

  138. DJG says:
    December 15, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    “I was shouting at the TV to make a change at 60mins not 86mins and Pardew actually did it. I couldn’t believe it.”

    Why is it always who know the least that speak the most?

    FWIW – the average time of Hughton’s first sub in the PL = 66.5 mins.

    That’s excluding the change he was forced to make when HBA was injured v City.

  139. The only way for people to prove it isn’t them is to post at the same time as kkforever with a different gravitar. :)

  140. chicken licken u still boycotting the club because of joey ?
    Batty i wont insult u because ur a believer and were a loyal supporter of mine.
    Richie ur right my opinions r the opposite of stardusts but u might find that chicken lickens opinions are the same as stardusts ?

  141. workyticket says:
    December 15, 2010 at 5:08 pm
    I know who “kkforever” is.


    Name them! name them! name them!


  142. DJG says:
    December 15, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    He hasn’t really mentioned his support for Ashley tho just KK. Stardust is an avid Ashley supporter kkforever isn’t. Or is a bluff<<<<< not since he sacked hughton ,pluss starddust is the biggest wind up on the blogs

  143. djg >>> Stardust // Dec 12, 2010 at 3:55 PM

    Toonpipes – you’ve always been a reasonable poster – and as you know I was never against Ashley – but his treatment of Chris is unforgiveable in my opinion

  144. Stardust // Dec 12, 2010 at 3:59 PM

    Aye good fella – my heads spinning over Chris – too illogical to equate – and goes against everything that’s been done and said by Ashley.

    I hate Ashley with a passion.

  145. batty says:
    December 15, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    “kkforever or should i say stardust ,shut the fck up”

    batty, I knaa it isn’t you, I knaa it isn’t Cropper, but it is a WUM.

    Can anyone guess who it is now?

  146. KK…”Richie ur right my opinions r the opposite of stardusts but u might find that chicken lickens opinions are the same as stardusts ?”….dya maen DJG there?

  147. batty says:
    December 15, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    “who is it worky ?”

    I’ll keep you in suspenders if you haven’t worked it out yet, batty. I did think it was you before I checked. I think he’s trying to copy you.

  148. worky aye i thought u did ,and yeah noticed he was trying too copy me, thought it was some 1 trying too get me banned ,who is it

  149. batty says:
    December 15, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    “worky aye i thought u did ,and yeah noticed he was trying too copy me, thought it was some 1 trying too get me banned ,who is it”

    batty, you must be able to work it out from clue 258?

  150. I reckon this blog is made up of about 5 people posting under different names and talking to themselves. Silly.

  151. DJG says:
    December 15, 2010 at 5:50 pm (Edit)

    “El Toro

    Not everybody but a few do.”

    Hardly anyone, DJG, and if anyone pretended to be another real member of the blog, they would be tracked down and shot, so long as Toonsy didn’t destroy the evidence, which he did once.

  152. Talking to himself?

    340 Troy Stavers says:
    December 9, 2010 at 8:27 am
    Oi Oi radgies!!
    What a neet ! Woo hoo hooo hoo!
    Pure mental Pardew man!
    Me, Dekka, Big Mick and Pards were off wu boxes!
    Pards was ravin in me front room to me best Ibiza 90s cassette tapes! Hoo lads it’s ganna be great when we score cos he just pure gans off it!
    Didn’t like it like when he took the p!zz oot of Hootz goal celebration! A loved Hootz like cos of that. He had the best goal celebration in the premier!
    Anyways, wu aal cycling doon to SJP for 10 bells cos Pards is ganna be announced the next manager.
    Divvent try and stop wu like on wu BMX’s cos ave got nee brakes and me sand dobblers are worn oot and me feet knack when a scrape them on the groond to stop mesel.
    Anyways , laters gaters!

    341 Bobby Shinton number 9 says:
    December 9, 2010 at 8:39 am
    Good craic troy! Agree aboot hootz goal celebration! Class!
    Sorry tho but I support northern Paul .
    The Liverpool game is the ideal time to show our disdain for the fat bastard and his White shirt by abandoning the game or having a mass walkout after 5 minutes!
    I can’t see us winning the game anyway under the current circumstances and therefore we must take this opportunity.

  153. Worky – I banned them anyway on that occasion. The evidence didn;t need analysing, or if it did there wasn’t another chance to :lol:

  154. i once had a gay convasation using stardust and stuart79 s nicks but no 1 noticed any thing diffrent :lol:

  155. Any one want to talk about the Brum game.
    Has Timmy done enough to keep his place between the sticks? or do yous think Harps will be pushing to get back as no1.

    Sorry if this is a tad boring for all you pro manager types, I on the other hand admit to KNOW nowt even tho I supported the Toon for 26 years. How time flies :(

  156. I think it should be Krul unless there is reason to drop him. There hasn’t so far and another good save from Torres, goal was deflected nowt he could do about it.

  157. bb 41 years me and you have me stumped on that 1 harper krul ? divent kna ,but i do think brum will be a lot harder game than the scouse shite

  158. BB… I think Krul will still get the nod on Saturday, that’s what I’d do if I was a pro manager like ;-)

  159. On the liverpool goal:
    How come that went down as a kuyt goal when it was blatantly gonna miss ’til Saylor got a boot on it?
    OG, surely?

  160. Yeah I’d stick with Krul too, but think he needs to be a bit more gobby in his area.
    Agree with Batty too, gonna be a tougher game than the bindippers, could be a bore draw, just hope we dont get caught with the usual sucker punch on 44 mins :(

  161. give andy a rest and play best put gurrie in place of barton smith instead of check ,then ile back brum :lol:

  162. batty,
    aye Krul’s shipped a few like, good job it wasn’t Harper, as we would never hear the last of it?

  163. to be fair the whole defence was crap in the 5 and 3 games.

    batty….that selection would have Pardew doing this..

  164. according too espn barton off too west ham for 1.2 mill too replace parker 20 of too spuds :lol: ya couldnt make it up could ya

  165. batty,
    selective blindness mate.

    the whole f***ing team mate.

    On footballers intelligence:
    ‘If you shot w rooney right between the eyes, the only difference would be that he when he ran, he’d whistle’.

  166. How I see it, Krul should remain as no.1 because I can’t think of a single game where he has cost us, but I can think of a few where he has saved us, namely; Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton

  167. BB,
    not a lot, but he’s dangerous & you can bet that he’ll snap his run rising to meet a corner in the 93rd min for the win.

  168. batty says:
    December 15, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    “according too espn barton off too west ham for 1.2 mill too replace parker 20 of too spuds”

    Sounds like Harry Harris bollocks again. He makes Anal Oliver sound credible.

  169. Well what does it mean then. People are happy to stick with Krul, be patent and give him time?

    Got to admit a lot of the goals were just because our defense was battered for 90mins at Bolton and Baggies don’t think it was Krul’s fault or that Harper would have done any better. Harper just got done 4-1 in the reserves the other night even though had some good saves.

  170. Well,
    were blessed with 2 canny ‘keepers, as per.
    At least we have ‘proper’ back up now, phew!

  171. Does anyone actually think Wet Spam will go down this season???

    I hope they do, they should have gone down years ago instead of Sheff Utd.

  172. worky,
    tbf, i’ve got a lot of the real early ones, inc. stuff like ‘Capitol Radio’, Anarchy in the UK, New rose through to Crass early/mid 80’s.
    There’s always the odd one that i spot, where i think, Ooo, wouldn’t mind that.
    Got any ‘Pistols’ bootlegs mate? (on Disc)

  173. BB

    Where did they finish last season does anyone know, I can’t be bothered to search. :)

    They need to go down to come up I think. Every year now seems such a struggle for them. They are doing what we did but two years behind.

  174. BB,
    they’re in with a chance, if they carry on like they are, can’t buy a win. But they did BUY staying up the other year, hey?
    So, it can be done.

  175. so sell Barton just because he on high wages. Yea but not for £1.25M.
    Now £5M is more realistic, but I hope he just stays regardless.

  176. I think insomnia leaving will kill Wigan stone dead, Wolves are shit but seem to be putting up a fight.

    Wham on paper have some pretty decent players, But so did we a couple of years back, I think Blackburn will drop like a stone and i reckon Fulham are finally getting found out after a few years of fluking points and finishing much higher than they should with such a w@nk side.

  177. Pardew got the selection right against Liverpool, but there are WAY more selection issues this match.

    Krul or Harper? I think Hoots would have gone w/Harper, maybe give Krul a couple more knowing there’s pressure on him to perform?

    Colo and Willo walk back into the team? I know El Toro, who’s usually spot on with his analysis, claimed that Sol is our best defender, but he surely needs a week off after being terrible the last couple of matches. Saylor has done well, although I wouldn’t assume that he would seamlessly adapt to a change in CB partner.
    Got to be Willo and Colo then, right? Both had an absolute nightmare against West Brom, but I think some rest will help.

    Shola seemed to pick up a knock, and Ranger did very well coming on for him. However, we’re playing away, so maybe Pardew won’t want to stick with the 442? Bring Routledge on, put Barton in the middle and push Nolan up a bit? Personally, I think that’s the solution, Routledge has done better with a bit of rest, and a Barton-Tiote partnership could be something.

    Jonas looks like he could use a rest, although he does track back well defensively…

  178. CC

    Wigan were canny against us first half. They were just a good striker and one or two class midfielders away from being a decent midtable prem side. To throw away the 2 points the way they did was suicidal though and relegation stuff.

  179. For those who read summer of 69’s link or his copied post should realise that the very creditable efforts of Ian Ferguson were available for all to see during those oh so dark days of the Hall/Shepherd era.

    Ian has since “retired” from that role but I just wonder now, if his site had reached more viewers and had been more widely known, if the Fat Parasite and the Hall mafia would have lasted so long ?

    I’m not happy about Fat Man but I’d still give him the benefit of the doubt over those robbing crooked bastards who ran the show before him.

  180. CC that all sounds good to me. Just hope and pray WE dont end up back down in the mix. Fingers crossed. Thats why this game at brum is crucial not to lose.
    I’d take a draw, but we then have two even tougher games to come, manc shitty and spuds.
    A loss on sat and the pressure will be on Pards big time

  181. I don’t think it’ll be W W com at end of season. There is always a club that drops like a brick and one that scrapes up. Don’t think it’ll be us tho. Birmingham? Blackburn? Even Fulham? a team like that.

  182. DJG

    Aye they have some decent players but last season they conceded 9 and 8 in a match and conceded 5, 4 and 3 of a fair few occasions.

    They arent good enough defensively and did next to feck all aboot it by wasting their budget on a striker from Argentina who has flopped, They aint scoring many either they are nailed on in Zog leaves and i reckon he will.

  183. Birminghams home form is the only thing keeping them out of the relegation zone. Would be good to get a result against them coz they are sure to be fighting relegation.

  184. Exactly djg a win keeps them well below US too. So is it the proverbial 6 pointer then?

  185. I think theres just a peace of mind and false sense of security from having spent many seasons in the prem. We had it and it’s just like a feeling that no matter what it won’t be your team that go’s down. We learnt the hard way that it’s bollox and you have to fight to stay up every season for almost every team before even thinking about europe or anything which becomes the next target.

  186. I’m wonderin if Blackpools fine start to the prem will come to a sudden end soon too. They have performed well beyond what was expected of them already this season. Holloway has done a great job. But same happened to Hull too. Before they got tango’d :lol:

  187. Its true like there is usually one team that has hardly any points and are dead in the water. :) One team that has been poor and expected to go down all season and then one dopey team that thought ‘oh we’ll be fine, it won’t happen to us, we’re too big to go down’. Then all the other Hull’s and joke teams suddenly get a few points and you can’t buy a win and before you know it your gutted and through the trap door and all the other crap teams and jumping up and down and laughing at you. :lol: That was us.

  188. blackburn’s owners have already said (apparently) that their search for a new manager could take a couple of months. Ouch! That’s limbo land right there.
    & no one to improve the squad in the window, dodgy times for them.
    fulham over achieved with woy at the helm. liverpoo were very hasty to grab him & look like they’re regretting it now.
    even everton look shit again this year.

  189. Beardsleys Boots

    I kind of hope not, Obviously if it was us or them then i would hope they fukin die but i would like all three promoted sides to finish mid table, Jus to see the “experts” proved totally wrong.

    I noticed that effeminate prick Lawro sayin all three would stay up the other day even though a couple of months back he said two of the three will still be relegated… :roll:

  190. I don’t think Wigan have a false sense of security, they’ve been used to fighting tooth and nail to stay up. Fulham may be a better example, although I disagree that they’ve been succeeding with crap players.

    They’ve had good players but couldn’t really overcome losing Zomora.

  191. Yes I would also go for our original CB pairing again. I’m sure they have used these last 3 weeks to work on the things that went wrong. Willo has been great, and the partnership works well most of the time.
    Big Sol still looks huge but not in a good way. And his legs cant keep up with his brain I think. Shame.

  192. Clint…I think Liverpool took Hodgson because he looked decent on paper but would still be a cheap option….little did they know that he’s barking mad too :-)

  193. TBH,
    i want Saylor to sign his bastard contract before he gets more game time, he didn’t pull up no trees on satda, for me.

  194. Its a race between Hodgy and Avram to be sacked next.
    I think Hodgy is on borrowed time, but will be expensive to get rid of.

  195. richie,
    he’s the sorta guy that needs time, like at fulham, to instill his systems, don’t know if liverpoo will give him that kinda time though.

  196. Ditto clint, but I honestly dont think he will til feb when no one has come in for him. :)

  197. BB,
    gotta be grant next like, he looks like a bulldog chowen a wasp & an accident (sacking) waiting to happen.

  198. There is NO TIME in the prem tho clint.
    The demand for good results is incessant.
    If not from fans, then from the damned press!!

  199. CLiNT & Beardo

    Saylor hasn’t been incredible but hasn’t really made any errors. Sol was responsible for Malouda’s goal v. Chelsea, the first goal against West Brom came from his side, Sol had a terrible deflection off his back (wtf?) to let Kuyt in and Saylor deflected it in trying to cover for him.

    I think Saylor has done well, but Colo and Williamson are taller so maybe better matchups for Zigic.

  200. FSS,
    Saylor always looks capable of giving a pen away, 9Maxi on satda) or scoring an OG (again satda) & is constantly out of position or getting in someone else’s way, some times blooking the ‘keepers view. He doesn’t inspire confidence, let’s just say.

  201. FSS wasn’t it sols duff kick that ended up with torres having a shot too.
    Luckily Torres is on a downer at the mo, and long may it continue.
    How many OG’s have been down to Saylor ?
    OK maybe unfair, but it comes to mind.

  202. Also,
    Sol was having a right old moan in that game about positioning. Several times.
    Where was Saylor when the ball hit Sol on the back? Not in a CB position, Jose was trying to cover for him.

  203. I think the jury is still out on both Colo and Williamson as both looked to be vulnerable against “stronger” opponenets. Neither handled Jason Roberts very weel at SJP and Elmander ripped them both to pieces at the Reebok.

    Williamson, IMO, needs to bulk up and get used to the fact that there are players out there who will batter you unless you batter them first.

    Colo is Colo. Sometimes he looks world class and at other times he’s just an ordinary bloke who bottles it when the decision doesnt go his way.

    Both of them have to learn to defend to the whistle and not shrug off their opponents challenges hoping the ref will blow for a foul.

    Saylor, for all his faults is more reliable as you know what you get from him. However he should pair up with someone to form an understanding not just for one or two games but for an entire season. I’d rather Williamson went to Spuds rather than Saylor.

  204. Plus they need to get their heads on the ball and not let it bounce. Twice now they have both been caught out the same way.

  205. It’s a really tough choice for Pardew. Someone pointed out in the training pics you can see Saylor sucking up to his new gaffer…

    Saylor was awesome IMO as a Championship defender last season, but maybe Sol did look worse because he couldn’t rely on Saylor.

  206. Andy,
    the whole team was pap v bolton mate, we totally lacked a MF in that game, the ‘D’ had no protection & the game went to shit.
    Colo & Willo had done v well ’til that game.

    I think Saylor does Sol’s heed in.

  207. Also, if Saylor is guilty of almost giving away penalties, then Williamson surely makes risky challenges even more often.
    Seems all 4 of our top CBs have weaknesses. maybe Pardew starts Perch and Kadar this weekend ;)