Europe in six years? Sounds like a plan to me.

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Pardew's plan?
Pardew's plan?
Alan Pardew has set out his vision for the future of Newcastle United, and is already attracting criticism from some quarters for it.

Pardew’s plan will see us toying with European football with a team of home-grown talent by 2016. It’s a challenge, but why not eh?

I’ve been reading a few comments from a few different sites and I’m rather shocked that people are deeming this ‘plan’ as unambitious.

Why? I mean we are just a newly promoted team with a large following after all. We may well be sitting in 8th place in the league now, but will we end the season there? I’m not so sure on that one as there is still a long way to go, and only last week a lot of the talk was around being involved in a relegation scrap. Has one win against Liverpool now got people hyped up again?

Firstly, let’s have a look at what Pardew said to the Sunday Sun;

“By 2016 I would see us certainly challenging the top seven positions, hopefully producing players from within.”

I would like them to be local lads as well – there is nothing better in a city than having players coming through. I don’t think there have been too many recently and it would be nice to increase that.”

“I saw Barcelona had eight local players in their first team recently – why can’t we? I am not going to compare Newcastle to Barcelona, but Newcastle is a big club.”

“I feel in the short-term I need to look to stabilise and then maybe in the summer look at foundations to go forward.”

I don’t see a lot wrong with that to be honest. I know that five years is a long time in football, but there is nothing to say that we can’t get there sooner. I very much doubt that if we made Europe in three years that the club would turn round and refuse to enter the competition as it doesn’t fit the plan.

I think some perspective is needed, again. The Premier League is a completely different animal to what it was even ten years ago. There is now a settled top five, four of which will go into the Champions League, which takes those teams out of the equation pretty much straight away. That only leaves two european qualification places up for grabs, with about four or five clubs trying to get into them.

It appears that we aren’t going to fluke a european place like we did when we got promoted back in 1993 as, quite simply, the league has changed so much and a lot of teams are capable of competing nowadays. It would also appear that we aren’t going to spend our way there through extravagant transfer spending ala Manchester City, so what other options are there?

I’d like to know your thoughts on this. Is this a lack of ambition? Or is it a plan of sensible progression?

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148 Responses

  1. Lets get a couple of things straight.

    Firstly to do this with young local players is at best optimistic and at worst nearly impossible – Why has only Barcelona done this? Cause it’s fcking hard to do, that’s why!

    Secondly – What happens in the meanwhile? What do we do until these local superstars come could? We need investment in the team, will Ashley provide it?

    In short I believe this is code for ” Ashley isn’t prepared to put any money into the club so we need to make our own players”.

    God I wish it was so easy.

  2. toonsy he should of sed 6 months aboot how long he will be here wen he gans banging on fattys door asking for cash :)

  3. That wasn’t just any ordinary win against the bin dippers.
    That proved that this team of Lads are quite capable of taking on and beating any other team in the lge.
    I know there was the Hoots factor, but I really hope we can carry this on for the forthcoming games too.
    As for 5 years time !!!! I would like some ambition for next season first.
    Fat Ash has wanted to bring through local talent for the last 3 years, WHERE ARE THEY ???
    FFS we cant even bring kadar, vukic and ferguson on let alone some of the other stiffs/youth.
    How about some stability over the next 5 years, that would make a change……
    ….Yeah, probably not huh!

  4. Beardsleys Boots @ 4 thats what I cant understand our team has showed it before that they are a match for anyone, but then all of a sudden they dont just play bad they dont turn up at all.
    I do think there was thinks going on behind the scences that we dont know about and probably never will

  5. Thats what I hope Partridge can sort out Dave.
    The team spirit is good, but it is so obvious when it isn’t. Something defo wrong b4 WBA game. We’re just not tha bad.

  6. Aye 6 years is a suitable time frame for bring through youth. Figure 17 year olds growing into their prime and at 23 full finished products. That’s fine but in my deluded opinion, this squad isn’t far off from a 7th place finish. Some of the results we’ve had this year proves that to me. I honestly believe we are 2 players away from having a starting eleven that could compete with anyone in Europe. One of those players is on the team already (wor Benny) if we could get a pacey clinical striker to compliment Andy and stop teams from defending us so high up the pitch, we would be comfortably in between 5th and 8th place. What we wouldn’t have is the kind of depth needed to be consistent the entire year. I think it’s the proper thing to say to keep expectations down and to give the club time to build something strong but I feel it would be a huge injustice to the current squad to give up on their abilities and have them be filler for that future europe squad.
    I say sort out the starting eleven then fill the reserves with youth. Let the Lads finish as high as they can whilst also developing their replacements.

  7. AOD dont be getting deluded now. FFS
    This season is still purely about survival, admittedly as high up as poss. :D

  8. Let’s not get too heady about this win yesterday. Liverpool were pretty bad for long stretches and STILL they could have scored at least three or four that they probably WOULD have scored under normal circumstances.

    Lots of credit to our boys for yesterday’s performance, but Liverpool were very underwhelming.

    As for the plan, it seems pretty reasonable. Unfortunately, that’s the last thing some fans want.

    Building up an academy of local players is an absolutely great idea. And that’s not the only great idea to take from Barcelona… wait for it… FAN OWNERSHIP is the other. It can be done.

  9. Toonsy ya divy it was a joke..

    Big Dave you too .. :P

    besides, i couldnt stand the pain of peeling my toon tatt off >.<

    ive supported the Toon all me life

    great game yesterday, loved every minute of it. fantastic strike from Cazza, i almost blew the roof off the Golden cross in Twyford :D


  10. I think what Alan Pardew is saying is that he will not be given much transfer money and wants to buy quality to improve the team when he can. As for home grown talent I think he means Carroll, Ranger and Fergurson etc. I think he’s seen the quality of these youngsters and believes they will be class acts by 2016 when they are near their peak. Imagine how good Carroll and Ranger will be in 5 years time.

  11. Coulda woulda shoulda.
    You can only beat wots infront of you.
    L’pool may have been poor but doesn’t mean we weren’t on top of our game. Especially the 2nd half.
    Its a 90 min game not 45. As we have found out all too many times.
    Thats one good thing to come out these last 2 seasons.

  12. @17

    i cant see Ranger not starting next match and im betting he gets a Hatrick, in 5 years he’s gunna be awesome i just hope we can keep him, i really think he and Carroll will be incredible and im very excited at the prospect :D


  13. Agree with Jersey Geordie @ 12

    a pacy clinical finisher to compliment Carroll with HBA also creating gives us the 1st team. Back ups are not there yet and Kids are looking good. Given limited funds and a desire to offload highest earners consistancy is a couple of years off., and with it any serious europa spot challange.

  14. Very sensible plan. No reason to believe we are about to go to europe or champions league. Better to set a realistic plan and if we do get good positions by 3-4 years then great, we’re ahead of schedule. I most say I find some toon fans deluded, thinking we will be challenging for top 5 spots or champions league or go far in euro league for that matter, in short time coming. Like Ed on his blog writing Birmingham away is a game most fans expect to win. Lets not get ahead of ourselves and get behind Pardew.

  15. Yeah, the result is what it is, thankfully, but our defending yesterday was very, very wobbly and we were fortunate more than once.

    Again, lots of credit to the boys for the fighting spirit and togetherness to regain the lead and make it emphatic.

    How great was Ranger yesterday? Off the bench he was a serious handful. I wonder if he could sustain that over the full 90+. He’s still raw, but there’s a lot to be said for Raw Power. (Just ask Iggy & the Stooges.)

  16. @ BB, i dont like prawns mate. i just like beer.

    which requires skill to make a sarnie out of


  17. ice – I think thats obvious really.
    Fat Cash is bound to support his man now.
    I just dont agree that it will be without control.
    He’s made that mistake b4.
    All spends will be sanctioned by the the FCB.

  18. I admire Pardew’s vision of building an attack minded team full of Brits inside 6 years but I just don’t think it’s possible. Foreign players come to the premier league as many feel its the best in the world. Maybe a youthful, attacking team by 2016 is definitly a possibility, but for it to be capable of challenging for Europe and being largely home grown, I think is too much of an ask.

    Look at the majority of PL teams, none of their main men bar Rooney, Lamapard and Gerrard are British. And with those 3, they’re just members of highly talented teams, the rest being from overseas.

  19. yeah i knoiw matey, i just thought you should know what i want for christmas :D

    (beer, bee-ear)


  20. No I would give him 45 mins next. Little by little or he’ll end up injured.
    Defo changed the game yesterday tho.

  21. JP I dont really think it means much as regards transfer money IMO I think its more to do with the fact that lots of Fans have been calling for Ranger, Vukic,Kadar etc to be given a chance and I dont really think they were getting the chance they deserved or needed

  22. Even Barca has foreign players. Building a quarry of local talent would be a stepping stone in the direction of local, fan-member/owners… support the local lads and all.


    Recipe? Please advise. Your students await the advice of the Master.

  23. B.B.thats my worry how many clubs have thrown money on managers (includes toon)to find out they cannot cut the mustard,its a funny old game m8

  24. agreed Dave

    i think Vukic and Kadar should be getting alot more pitch time

    however as for Ranger i think he’s ready start

    anyone else think Kuyt’s goal was exactly like the one at WBA :S


  25. My only concern is that now people have seen what impact Ranger had they will expect that same committment over ninety minutes when he starts. That just isn’t physically possible.

    When I was a striker I use to run and chase things down all the time, but I was fooked at 70 minutes. Then the gaffer taught me how to run intelligently which meant I could still do the chasing and harrying but without burning out through sprinting however many minutes in each game.

    Fair play to Ranger, but if he is to be effective and have the pace and energy when needed he will need to curb his work rate a little and learn to use his pace more appropriately.

  26. Look at the table. It would idiotic to not aim for 7th this year and get that euro money. We are not far from it. Why give up on it?
    Let’s assume the first 5 spots are taken(man u/c, Chelski, arsenal, spuds) now there are 2 spots, one of which Bolton look like they will hold on to. So now you have to beat out livepool, scum, blackpool?, brum?, villa, everton? The only teams of those that have beaten us is blackpool and brum, and I believe both games would have been significantly different with pace and clinical finishing.
    Yes at the beginning of the year expectations were low but the lads have proved their worth now. 2 smart investments and we have a real shot at it. So why not go after it. So long as we stay up this year I’m happy, but I feel the lads deserve a bit more than just staying up.

  27. Toonsy–that’s what I was thinking–he may be better, for now, as an impact sub and gradually learn the craft as a starter. The explosive energy yesterday was undeniable, but not sustainable, as you said.

  28. Which reminds me…. Ice, you asked me ages ago about any news cuttings I have from when I used to play? I’ve found some but I need to scan them onto the computer so you can have a look. The biggest one is about me breaking someones jaw against Leamington :D

  29. I feel quite positive now ahead of the birmingham game because their an up and down team but they could be there for the taking with Carroll, Barton and Nolan availabe.

    I’d like to see Ranger running at Steven Carr. He must be a canny age now. :)

  30. Fair point Toonsy,

    i certainly on reflection would prefer to have him coming off the bench when the opposition is a little tired than Strolla Offsideeobi…



  31. DJG – Carr has been a revelation for them. A far cry from what he was when he was here. You’d be surprised how well he is playing. I know I am :lol:

  32. TOONSY that great look forward to see them in bed might cheer me breaking jaw well you said you were a striker like :)

  33. toonsy

    Its because he came out of retirement after 6 months and his injuries had cleared up. He had hamsting problems at newcastle but he doesnt know.

    Still though I wouldn’t fancy him to keep hold of Ranger. He’s like Shola with a turbocharger. :lol:

  34. Totally agree Toonsy. I cant believe this isnt enough for some people and have basically said the same thing as you on Ed’s blog (not as well written i might add!) id be delighted to be in Europe in 5 or so years!

  35. RE 6yr plan,when i was a kid in 50s ive heard a lot of 5/6 year plans many times,jeez didnt think it took so long these 5/6yr plan to come true :)bloody time goes slow

  36. JP I meant to add that Carroll has made it and is turning in to a real cracker only because he got the chance due to injuries mostly

    This blog is running slower than Nolan after a feed :lol:

  37. @50

    He took one for the team yesterday because Sol went dreaming again.

    Loving he’s new hairstyle, looks like Mr.T :D

  38. DAVE looking forward to toonys photos,have you any paintings of yourself when you were a young!n,as i know they didnt have camaras them days :)

  39. i forgot to add..

    after the game Tiote was asked about the match he simply said:-

    ” A PITY THE POOL…!”


  40. Dave – I was a streak of piss on my youth. Have a look through my pics on facebook and you’ll see one of me with my arm around two birds. That is how skinny I use to be :lol:

  41. maybe hoots got rangers heed right,,as he liked to be man aboot town,lets see how dew deals with it,if he can might turn oot canny player,big if like

  42. toonsy

    Same here m8. I was about 9 stone and im over 6ft. That was before I discovered food and beer. lol Im 13 stone now. :lol:

  43. Big Dave says:
    December 12, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    “Beardsleys Boots @ 4 thats what I cant understand our team has showed it before that they are a match for anyone, but then all of a sudden they dont just play bad they dont turn up at all.
    I do think there was thinks going on behind the scences that we dont know about and probably never will”

    Dave, Why can’t you and Mike Ashley get your heads around the idea that building a good team is usually a slow process, and that it will usually be inconsistent to start with, and show it’s quality coming through in patches before it finally achieves consistency? Newcastle United really is the spoiled, impatient bairn of the Premiership, which is why it always ends up with nothing.

  44. @ Toonsy, lucky git, nice one really though :D

    anyone else no of an away fan friendly poooooooob!

    smurf beer very welcome


  45. Well Jonas and Campbell were rotton yesterday but Barton, Nolan, Tiote, Taylor and Carroll were good enough to make up for it. When Jonas has a bad first half like that he never gets any better in the second half and I think maybe it is time to give Ferguson a run out. If that happens at Birmingham. Not sure how Collocinni would handle the prems tallest striker maybe Williamson should come back in.

    There as a direct link between Jonas’s form improving and Ben Arfa coming to the club. With Benny out his forms dropped off. This is why we need more competition from players like Ferguson IMO.

  46. Worky I have no probs getting my head round the fact that they were brill in some games and dire in others. But I cant get my head round games where the players dont bother to turn up, there is no excuse for not putting a full shift in. Its not that much to ask I will accept lower standards as long as you try.

  47. I am not too bothered about any one individuals card count but the team as a whole are picking up a fair amount Its not just Tiote look at Perch , Barton Willo and Collo . At least Smith is picking up less cards than usual this season .

  48. Aye that right. Im hoping Pardews motivational team talks will put a stop to some of those like. One critism of C.H was that if we were having a poor game, there wasn’t much improvement in the second half or change of tactics/personel. The games we did well in we did well from the start. Wigan game we scored two in second half but that game doesnt count because they through it away and we should have never conceded the N’Zog goals.

  49. DJG well i think collo,jonas are going mate (wages)wheater or someone in,benny may be back,and if someone like bently drops his wages demands it could be him,but there will be a lot of changes imo but lets see if ime right time will tell,shola will go 3-4 oot four in

  50. ‘At least Smith is picking up less cards than usual this season .’

    lol. Thats because he’s been on the bench most of the season. At West Brom he was only on for about 10mins and got booked after about 30seconds. :)

  51. Just looking at table. Its funny before West Brom and Liverpool game we were all on 19 points and I was saying its a chance to get away from each other, two games later. now all three are on 22 points

  52. If we had lost though we woulf be 15th and 3 points above relegation zone.

    8th is a bit of a false position, to be there on +1 goald difference and so many teams just below us.

  53. Stuart79 says:
    December 12, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    “Lets get a couple of things straight.

    Firstly to do this with young local players is at best optimistic and at worst nearly impossible – Why has only Barcelona done this? Cause it’s fcking hard to do, that’s why!”

    Stuart, Barcelona are not the only team to do it. They worked from the Ajax model of Rinus Michels, a team of humble local lads from the Amsterdam area who went on to win the European Cup three times in a row.

  54. Six fuc ing years ???? I could get this lot into Europe in 6 years.

    Pardew is part of the problem let there be no doubt about it. He’s been on their (FatMan and Grandpa Munster) radar for more than a week so its bollocks for Pardew to say he was only contacted via his agent on Monday. They had him waiting in the wings for at least a month but it could have been six ?

    How in God’s name we got rid of an average manager and replaced him with yet another average manager is pure Newcastle.

  55. batty… cant believe them lads on Ed’s were picking on ya like ;-)

    Ice…whatever do you mean :-)

  56. I like that little red arrow next to filthy scum.
    Get back down where you belong.

  57. Speaking of new players – gosling – arfa will both be good hopefully but why is noone talking about bringing lua lua back?, yeah he also has a knackered leg right now but with arfa and lua lua on opposite wings, tiote and barton/nolan/gosling to pick from in midfield we could sell jonas 5million?(useless now) – routledge 3mill?(championship winger) – smith 1 mill?(no comment)-ameobi 3mill?(please get rid of him finally) – taylor 8mill?(easy money)

    then bring through ranger finally for first team spot with carrol, bring in kadar to cover the loss of taylor etc.


    simpson williamson/kadar/collo enrique


    ranger carrol

    take your pick in midfield – leaves us with 10million ashley says he is going to give pardew in january and around 20million from players sold – 30mill! to spend on new talent

  58. JP (28)
    Couldnt agree more mate. The only thing missing from Rangers game as we speak is goals. The only way he,s going to get them is by starting games and leaving him on. His pace and positional play are there now but he just lacks that bit of confidence in front of the sticks and it wont come as a sub or being subbed. There will be games where for the sake of the team shape he wont make it but I firmly believe he should have a regular place. Look at some players that have been persisted with and its a no brainer for me. Lets have another good perfomance at Birmingham, and the sky,s the limit. Whats wrong with aiming for a euro spot. If we fall short of that, we have at least consolidated . Lets all think posatively . Up and away eh. Howay the Lads

  59. AndyMac

    If they start cutting out the noshows they could get into Europe this year m8. Bolton will hit a bad patch eventually. Even the title race is goonna be wide open this season would be nice if a team like Arsenal won it for a change.

  60. Batty I dont know what it is about you but you seem to be a bit of a magnet for wingnuts and jellyfish :lol:
    Maybe its just your calm nature that makes them pick on ye :)

  61. sc who is going to give us 8mill for Taylor and 3mill for Strolla, as for Smith I think we will struggle to get a team to take him unless he takes a big drop in wages

  62. @100 Porciestreet

    Exactly, why not aim for Europa league? If we don’t get it fair enough but if we aim to finish 17th thats when you can finish 18th. If the mackems can aim for Europe so can we for god sake. At least we’ve been to Europe. :)

  63. icedog @ 83 i think either Guthrie or Smith will go in january we are overloaded with cm’s and i think he will stick with Tiote , Barton and Nolan . Smith i reckon because of his wages .

  64. i agree aim for the top and there is no probs with falling short.
    But if we aim for 17th and fall short we r in deep trouble. That has been the trouble with us lately too negative

  65. Pardew in Purdu!

    Anyway, Enrique wants to stay at NUFC but he doesn’t know with this owner!

    That’ll be classed as dissent and in the second most secretive state on earth (after N Korea) he could be sent to Coventry.

    All rise for kim Jong Ashley!

  66. ok big dave 5? still decent money, he is young, ex england and still has potential so worth decent money i would say. On top of the ones i mentioned what about all the other stentch in the team like xisco etc, maybe we can get some cash for them.
    As for strolla, 3 mill aint a lot and he has scored some decent goals , just shame he gets muddled up with his feet half the time.

    Jonas has to be dropped or sold though, we look so predictable on left wing now, enrique must be sick of his life lassing to that pile of wank and him losing it everytime he tries to run past a player now(which was his only quality in championship as he still cant cross a ball)

    Also, can someone tell krul to get a bloody haircut and stop punting the ball aimlessly up the field hoping carrol will get it(yeah he does 70% of the time but cmon man wtf? long ball all we play lately) – shay used to do the same and harper.

    Want to see the team play it along the ground until they get at least to the half way line.

    anyway i went a bit off topic, you get my point

  67. DJG @107 at least we don’t have to be disinfected and put into quarentine before we are allowed into europe :)

  68. sc before they do anything with Jonas I think they should try him on the right considering he is righty
    As for Taylor I cant see anyone giving much for him when they can just wait a few months and get him for nowt :) but I would rather we kept him

  69. @121 You can get pet passports now, they need a rabies shot first though ;) , also a microchip in back of neck incase they get lost

  70. thought lawro’s evaluation of Joey was spot on.
    Torres tried to wind JB up and almost succeeded.
    Saylor keeping him back at arms length.
    Nolan just said “go on Joey, chin im” :D

  71. sc:

    S Taylor is free to sign for anyone in January, we’ll be lucky to get 2mil.
    As for Ameobi, we tried to flog him for 1mil a year ago, and nobody wanted him. At most he’s worth 1.5mil.
    Smith is on big wages, and the only way someone would sign him is if he was released.
    Routeledge for 3mil – you just said he’s championship quality. Who spends 3mil on a championship winger? We’ll get 1.5mil max.

    Then to get in superior players. One player will cost at least 5mil. Our squad is rather small, so to fill 5 places with 10mil is impossible. This isn’t Football Manager.

  72. On the 4th day of xmas Mike Ashley gave to me: cheap tracky bottoms, 3 vests for a nika, 2 lonsdale trainers and a Pardew, who the fcks he?

  73. DAVE this is over 12mth,you wont agree like,but tough sh@t :) jonas,collo,shola,smith,cambell,perch,best plus couple more ressie players

  74. Ice the only ones I would like to keep are Jonas cause he is one of me favs and Colo but I do know he would be on big big money, as for the rest we might struggle getting shot :lol:

  75. I believe as long as we stay up this season then Europe in 6 years is possible. We may well get it earlier, but I think people may be misinterpreting Pardew,I think he’s suggesting that by six years time we’ll have a european place nailed down, as chelski and manure have done. We might even get europe in a season or two, but by no means will it be “nailed down.”

    As far as local players-obviously its brilliant to see the likes of Carroll and co coming through the ranks, it does add something special to the football, and whilst not guaranteeing loyalty-STaylor?- it might at least add incentive in some cases-Carroll?. However, Barca can accomplish the youngster approach because basically spain is monopolised by them and Real, they can easily snap up plenty of young hot prospects but that requires their European dominance anyway-I can’t see Newcastle producing 11+ champions league players in six years, and nor can I see newcastle gaining the dominance in England within the next 6 years to actually monopolise young english talent…

  76. snowdog we might be able to talk calderwood in to taking his 2 with him otherwise we might b stuk with them

  77. Just watched those hi lites again, and partridge not very happy with nolans chicken dance.
    Stevie stones laughing his c0ck off but partridge is just shaking his head.
    WTF ! miserable twat

  78. BB

    I think he’s probably too stressed and nervous m8. If you watch most managers don’t really ‘celebrate’ when the team scores. They are thinking about what to do next. He celebrated the Carroll goal when victory was assured.

  79. “stuart79 says:

    On the 4th day of xmas Mike Ashley gave to me: cheap tracky bottoms, 3 vests for a nika, 2 lonsdale trainers and a Pardew, who the fcks he?”

    Actually Stuart considering you’re normally such a doom and gloom merchant this has got legs :D

    I’ll go even further how about ?

    Five Grand of bling
    Four Essex Birds
    Three French Tarts
    Two Boxing Gloves
    and a Pardew – Who the fck’s he ?

  80. Fair point jj, i dont play football manager btw ;) – and as far as jonas is concerned in reply to earlier question, he will just do same on right probably and he was used on that wing in world cup – all be it right back, then was dropped completely

    I just think he isnt half the player he was last season, he used to at least get past people, now he just loses ball nearly everytime enrique gives him the ball.Maybe try him off the wings somehow as a creative player and cover for arfa but he has past his best for us i reckon