Merry Christmas from!

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Have a cool yule!
Have a cool yule!
I’d just like to take this opportunity on behalf of all us here at to wish each and every one of you a very merry christmas.

May you all have an excellent day tomorrow, or today if you happen to be in certain places around the globe, and enjoy the festivities with friends and family.

This place will still be going, so if you want to escape the festivities or if they are getting too much, then come on here and let off a bit of steam by chatting some football if you wish, although I anticipate that it could be rather quiet throughout the day so you may need to be patient.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with us and making this place what it is as it is you guys that makes the writing wothwhile. As a present I have prepared this picture of me wearing only a thong for you to feast your eyes upon.

Only kidding, don’t panic.

Seriously though, have a good one, and I’ll see you all on the other side in preparation for the game against Manchester City.

Merry Christmas!

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85 Responses


    Fair play everyone on the blog, great place to read differing opinions and of course to know all the news.

    All the best everyone and have a good day.

    PS Please could we spare a thought to those who are in the armed forces who are away overseas or not with their families this Christmas. The armed foreces are all over the world, trying to create a better life for others, we owe a debt to them for the past, and other will owe a debt to them in the future.

  2. Aye, Cheers to Toonsy, Worky, Hugh and everyone else who has contributed to the blog over the year. And you lot for commenting, even if none of you quite measure up to my footballing knowledge ;) haha

  3. Happy Christmas to all y’all from across the watta :D

    Toonsy- this blog is the sh!t mate. If it wasn’t for you and all the rest of the folks who contribute on here, I wouldn’t know much about the Toon. Thanks, mate! Hope ya have a happy one!!

    …and for Christ’s sake, keep the thong for the mrs.!! :lol:


  4. I know it’s early for predictions but I think next year there will be a big thing about…

    1) 9/11 because it will be the 10th anniversary and a decade since it happened.

    2) Memorial day 11/11/11 because it will be the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th year.

  5. Guys een prettig kerst een en gelukkig nieuwjaar and thanks to everyone on here for a great blog , it helps to keep me in touch with my roots . HWTL on boxing day

  6. Dave

    11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year.

    Got it right this time. Divvent ever start drinkin. ;)

  7. A very Happy Christmas to you all here at
    Doing a great job, and excelling all the time.

    Here’s hoping for 3 points vs the Richbags!

    Happy Chrimbo’ to you all!

  8. 3 points against the silent, stuck up, newly glory hunter included blue mancs would be what I want for christmas. And for certain people to support our manager. :)

  9. batty one of me mates wanted to take his sky dish doon off a snow covered roof today, he said ‘do ya think I should try’ and I thought not unless you wanna spend christmas in A & E . :lol:

  10. Na I couldn’t man. He said he went up before and he grabbed the roof and pulled himself on and the ladders fell away! then he jumped off into the yard. I would have called the friggin fire brigade me like, f that could break ya leg! :)

  11. Daft club, owner from hell, crack pot supporters – wouldn’t change it for the world.

    Happy fucking christmas geordies everywhere! x

  12. If you watch that second goal Xisco actually looks a decent player the way he turned that full back and set up the goal, in the 10 mins he got to prove himself in the prem. :)

  13. Verry Crass-Mass!
    To all the lads & lasses.

    GEORDIES! (whether you’re born & bred or adopted/honorary) ;)


  14. I think Xisco should get some more chances in the first team ahead of Donkey like. He could be a good striker and I hope Pardew will finally be a manager at the club that tries to involve him and get some of his potential out of him, since he will stay and run down his contract. He certainly would be no worse than Torres is at the min I would think considering the mighty season he had not so long ago and the relative dissapointment of now. If anybody balks and scoffs at the comparison of Xisco to Torres just take a look at this.

    Xisco 2007–2009 Spain U21 11 (3)

    Torres 2002–2003 Spain U21 10 (3)

  15. Merry Xmas to all the writers, bloggers and readers of….if it wasn’t for yous I’d have to talk to wor lass more ;-)
    All the best to everyone…..reet wheres me pressies??

  16. Merry Christmas from South Caroina, USA. Thanks to all who make the blog possible- long may it continue. Thanks to the rest for the entertainment and (sometimes/occassional) informed comment:)

    Up the Toon.

  17. I may be drunk, but as a Newcastle United fan, I love you all and wish you a great Christmas !1

  18. Aye, Merry Christmas .orgers! Hard to find a better Newcastle blog than this. Cheers to the guys for all the hard work. Been great to be part if it. All the best!

  19. Bloody hell. I moan about work being busy, but I find that the mrs has everything planned out for today. Makes work seem like childsplay. Have a goodun everyone

  20. ….of course to cap of my week me cars broke down and they can’t recover it to a garage til Wednesday….at least it broke down at home, oh well drinking and eating all day and drinking and footy tomorrow, Happy Days
    3-1… Nolan, Carroll and Saylor.

  21. Toonsy…..never ever tell her that tho ;-)

    Reet, let the day commence, have a good un lads.

  22. Merry Christmas everyone!

    Would like to thank everyone who writes the articles, especially toonsy and Worky – well done guys.

    Toonsy – I assume the wife is back then?

  23. Bah humbug!!! Xmas Grrrr.

    Ok only joking lol

    MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody. Peace on earth yo all men and women. But more importantly 3 points for the TOON tomorra.
    HWTL :lol:

  24. To all the guy at NYFCBlog & the entire Toon Army, festive cheers & wishes from Cyprus :)

    Wishing you a Merry Xmas & a prosperous New Year & may 2011 bring you all you wished for & more, good health & not too many hangovers :)

  25. This is like world war 1 in the trenches when the Allies and Germans forgot all their differences and went into No mans land and played football .
    This feels weird. Merry Xmas everyone til later when I reveal my sources latest scoop and I get shot at by the Nazis.

  26. Oi Oi radgies!!!
    Merry crippa ! I’ve got a new BMX !!!
    Gannin to big Mick’s for Crippa bait!
    Dekka and Pards are coming as well.
    Pure class!
    See ye’s laters Gaters! Toon Toon!

  27. Stuart – She was back a while ago mate. It happened back in August mate, but it’s been getting sorted since then.

  28. Merry Xmas everyone – especially to the guy who sits in front of me at the match and shouts at all the opposing players (“Boro reject!”; “You’re a cheat!” “Dodgy Keepa!”). Can’t wait for tomorrow – I think he’ll blow a gasket when de Jong gets the ball!

  29. Merry Christmas to all from here in New England-the Northeast! May Santa be good to you and wishes for a meaningful New Year.


  30. I love Mike @ 3 , couldnt agree more, hats off to the young men and women of the British Commonwealth forces and US Forces, bravest of the brave.

  31. Merry Christmas everyone….it’s been a great blog thanks to the writters and also all those who comment.

    Howay the lads.

  32. ILM@3 and bbb @76 well said lads, Merry Xmas and keep safe to all our troops and to all our allies.

    RIP Corporal Steven Dunn who died this week in Afghanistan, a Toon fanatic and a true hero.