Newcastle United v Man City video highlights and post match interviews.

Posted on December 26th, 2010 | 65 Comments |

Match highlights video and post match interviews with Alan Pardew and Roberto Mancini from todays home match with Man City.

Pardew interview.

Mancini interview.

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65 Responses

  1. Hi Worky
    Can you confirm if the donate thing has worked? When i inputted details and pressed continue it then came up with a message saying it recognised I have a paypal acct. I dont know if it has taken the money from my credit card which I want it to do or whether it hasn’t taken it as its waiting for me to use paypal. Can you let me know if you received it?

  2. Damn ! gotta say the side played their asses off to-day.
    Unfortunately the score went the other way, am I that much of a homer to think we dominated the game for the most part ?
    There was certainly an exceptional effort put out and if we continue to play with such intensity, then there`s no way we will go down.
    A few more signings and this side will be a team that other clubs will not want to face.
    Yeah sure there was a bit of long ball football, but hey with a guy like Carroll up front, why not.
    Two somewhat lucky goals to begin with, put us behind the eight ball, but the score was in no way a true reflection of play.
    We shoulda won to-day, we were the better team.

  3. Good news!

    What is it about five and a half year contracts? Why that length? Carroll, Pardew and now Taylor.

  4. Stu
    On something you said a week or so ago, about the club being manoeuvred into position to be taken over, another 5 1/2 year contract for a player today?

    I can’t help but see what you’re getting at and you’re possibly right. Structurally, the club is stabilising, with only a few girders left to be put up, and as of next season, the finances should be in order, so it seems as though people may get their wish with Ashley.

  5. Doubt we’ll see our higher earners given new long term deals, everyone given a 5 1/2 year contract is on fairly cheap wages ( in the bigger scheme of things) and will have a decent resale value should they choose to leave.
    To be fair it’s good business practice to tie your assets to long term deals, we now need to add Jose, Tiote etc tho wages could be a sticking point for Barton, Collo

    Good we’re looking to the future tho regardless if it’s just so Ashley can sort out operational costs so he can eventually sell the club
    My only worry when he sells is frying pan – fire, the f.a will let any mug buy a club regardless of “fit and proper” rules as we’ve found to our cost :(

    Bring on the spuds – hwtl

  6. a bloke has put this on his twitter, he’s usually spot on with what he says, was bang on during the summer.

    “Ben Arfa to be signed on a 5 year contract and new striker to follow in the new year, credit to Ashley for backing Pardew”

  7. ILM hope your right m8,as always we can only wait and see.
    no news is good news i always say lol

  8. Whats with these 5 years contract, Williamson, Ranger, S.Taylor and now Ben Arfa?

    Not that I’m complaining, since Benny is a top bloke :D

    We can only hope that he will come back stronger than ever after that horrific injury

  9. Well if you were going to sell a football club you would think it’d be worth a lot more with all the best players signed up on long term deals.

    As for the twitter guy, yup he knows some people that’s for sure. He called Pardew as next manager when he was 9/1. I’ll wait and see who the striker is though, probably Brett Ormryod!

  10. wonder is Uwe Rosler is still playing, maybe it’s him!

    Charlie Austin’s name is still doing the rounds like, but tittle tattle I guess, time will tell.

    Here’s a good one, a taxi driver yesterday said he has Shola in his taxi (why would Shola get a taxi when has i’m sure a plethora of cars?) and he apparently said to the taxi driver that Adam Johnson loan in Jan is a done deal.

    Heard it all before!

  11. It certainly seems like Ashley is backing his man. I’ll get something out when I get back from the boozer :)

  12. not sure why the club directors would tell shola anything – be a decent loan signing but not sure city would loan him out as he gets playing time almost every game even if most are from bench. suppose it depends on who Mancini is gonna sign
    another striker means we def have to move out prob two from lovern, shola, best, xisco and unless we pay xisco to go it won’t be him

  13. Geordie Deb says:
    December 26, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    “Hi Worky
    Can you confirm if the donate thing has worked?”

    Hi Deb, just checked a few seconds ago and nothing received at this end. Many thanks for trying though.

  14. 4411

    I wouldn’t actually mind seeing xisco getting some playing time, but yeah, we have to many strikers of average quality. The imbalance needs addressed.

  15. I Love Mike says:
    December 27, 2010 at 10:22 am

    “Don’t forget Williamson and Ranger on 5 1/2 year contracts too”

    And Xisco. What a brilliant move that was.

  16. Xisco’s been unlucky. Its not his fault every manager has not rated him!

    Wouldn’t suprise if Ashley has a five an half year contract lined up for Campbell!

  17. Geordie Deb says:
    December 27, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    “Worky will give it another go”

    Thanks Deb!

    On another note, what on earth is the problem with Man City supporters? The spam and moderation bins were stuffed with more abusive messages full of obscenities from overnight when I checked them earlier.

  18. Geordie Deb says:
    December 27, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    “Worky, think its sorted now”

    Chuffin’ Nora! You’re in the ‘Platinum Club’ now like! All got through. THANKS DEB!

    Did you have a nice Christmas?

  19. No probs Worky. Happy to contribute to help support the great work you do.
    Yes good thanks and you?

  20. Geordie Deb says:
    December 27, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    “No probs Worky. Happy to contribute to help support the great work you do.
    Yes good thanks and you?”

    Aye, not bad Deb. Fell off the wagon on Christmas Eve though (first time since this time last year). I’m not supposed to drink, so of course, everyone who bought me a Christmas present bought me alcohol (bastads!). Glad to hear you had a nice time.

  21. workyticket says:
    December 27, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    On another note, what on earth is the problem with Man City supporters?

    There a bunch of jumped up, ####heads worky. I think it’s fairly obvious. I kinda miss the championship and real, honest likeable football supporters at places like Barnsley and Preston to be honest.

  22. Didn’t Man City fans used to have a good name and were one of the better groups in the north west? What the heck happened to that? I suppose the money comes in and the dignity goes out the window.

  23. DJG says:
    December 27, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    “I kinda miss the championship and real, honest likeable football supporters at places like Barnsley and Preston to be honest.”

    As I wrote before, we’ve never had anything like this from supporters of any other team, not even S________d. The general message (between the usual obscenities) seems to be that other supporters have a chip on their shoulders because we are jealous of them.

  24. Worky thats cruel, everyone buying you alcohol – would imagine that was testing your resolve to the max. Still you’ve done well lasting that long!

  25. workyticket says:
    December 27, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    As I wrote before, we’ve never had anything like this from supporters of any other team, not even S________d.

    As much as it pains me to say it I have to be honest most Sunderland fans I have met have been quite a friendly and realistic bunch worky. Even now most of them are playing down their hopes of Europe. Even with the head start they have on us atm they arn’t as jumped up as Man C fans.

  26. I forgot to mention that I’ve updated the highlights with much longer ones from a certain football highlights show for those who are interested.

  27. i think we came up too early now am worried we could go reet back doon. if u ask me pardew is clueless a wish this ashley nightmare would end go toon go

  28. Aye but we were up against a team that is the most expensive in the league and got beaten fair and square. It was like last season when we had that sort of advantage, you get what you pay for at the business end of things and in terms of being able to create and score chances.

    We lost ben afra and I think we had done magnificent and won some great games in the circumstances, only really Tevez is crucial to City, if they lost someone like benny they have Adam Johnson or another 2-3 top players to come staright in, thats what money buys you and we just haven’t got that.

    We haven’t come up too quick we needed to come straight back up and we did. We got beat off a better team yesterday and that will happen a lot this season but we will get points where we can and survive. There are worse teams like Wolves, West Ham, Fulham and Wigan this season we won’t go down.

  29. Be careful what you wish for Supermac. Ashley may not be popular but we are in a much better financial position than many clubs in the league despite our relegation two seasons ago and we’ve got our best players all signed up on long term deals. Krul, Taylor, Williamson, Gosling, Tiote, Carroll and Ranger all have at least a four year contracts if not longer in some cases so we have a base to build this squad on and that can only bode well for the future.

  30. Aslong as Carroll doesn’t get injured I think we’ll be fine. We have played half the games and got 22 points, 44 points at the end of the season would mean safety, assuming we can maintain this level of performance. Then I think next season we can try and push on a bit.

  31. Supermac just out off interest what has he done that makes him clueless ??
    I said after the game yesterday that I wasn’t too displeased as after the 1st 2 laughable goals we didnt fall apart like we have before, We rolled our sleeves up and got stuck in and apart from 5-10 mins we matched them. I was starting to doubt that we would stay up a few games ago but I am back to believing that we will stay up.
    Surprised Toonsy hasn’t had a new thread up about Wor Steven Taylor showing his Loyalty to the club by signing a new 5,1/2 yr deal ;)

  32. Supemac is the spammer that Worky said he dealt with. Ignore him and he will go away. He also won’t get anymore comments on here whilst I’m on.

  33. Dave – I’ve been in the pub most of the day. Taylor is still a kunt, but at least the money was rigght for him to show a bit of loyalty. Anyway, he is signed and is now our kunt for the next five-and-a-half years.

    Hopefully it’s an agreement between club and player to increase his value for a sale in January as I don’t want him anywhere near the team. He has been nowt short of a liability since he returned in my opinion.

    Still, he is a Geordie, apparently, so I guess that makes people blind to his faults.

  34. Toonsy ;) nice to see you’ve buried the hatchet :)
    Hows you anyway I seen you say that someone passed away :(
    As for you being in the pub when ye back to work

  35. toonsy says:
    December 27, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    “Supemac is the spammer that Worky said he dealt with. Ignore him and he will go away. He also won’t get anymore comments on here whilst I’m on.”

    Toonsy, calm down and stop banning everyone!

  36. Worky – I haven’t banned anyone. I’ve put the comments where you wanted them, and will continue to do so.

    Dave – Yes. A friend of mine. Bill Alderson was his name. It will be in The Chronicle on Tuesday I think? On the memorials page.

  37. Toonsy

    To be fair all our CB’s have faults, even the one that cost £10M. He’s still one of our better CB’s at the club and would be wanted elsewhere in the prem. What does that say about the quality of defending in this country, although I suppose we prefer high scoring games in this country to clinical italian 1-0 games.

  38. DJG – Each to their own. I just think that after near on ten years of first team action and two hundred appearances, the fact that people are still glossing over his errors and saying he can learn say a lot.

    Short memories from some people aswell mind…..

  39. we should wake up soon before it’s too late, we ARE in a relegation battle, don’t forget quite a few of the “lesser” clubs have been to the toon and picked up points. If we think these clubs are gonna be any easier on their own home turf then we’re in for a rude awakening.

    Granted the two early goals against citeh were gifted, but even after the gifts city still had a lot to do to score the goals…i.e. the bull let Milner put the cross in for the second goal, at the end of the day this was the only place Milner could play the ball, and Collo still couldn’t defend it. At the same time Tevez is an absolutely brilliant striker, he seems to score a lot of these types of goals.

    God I hope that Andy Carroll stays fit this season, cos we are playing a risky game becoming so dependent upon him..

  40. ahhhhh man, just thought, now Taylor has signed his contract you won’t be able to shut im up!! Can see the Chronicle stands now:

    ‘Great team spirit will keep us up says toon stopper’

    ‘Geordie boy wants nothing but to play for his local team, toon defender.

    ‘my pockets were so full of money, that’s why I was no where near Barry for his goal, says geordie lad’

  41. ILM well if it stops Nolan from coming out and telling us to get behind the team I wont complain ;)
    As Toonsy said each to their own and I guess it would be a bit boring if we all had the same fav players.

  42. Toonsy

    That may be the case but the fact is at 24 he IS still learning as was Sol Campbell or any other CB at that age, they may have been better but they would still be learning.

    If you look at the Italian team that won the world cup or the argentina team in the last world cup they select CB’s who are like 30 or older, Nesta, Maldini, Macceratsi? Walter Samuel, time after time players under 25 are left at home for guys in their 30’s. CB’s get better with age like gk’s. Look at Kruls error that was inexperience, (and Barton being a slow f####er) Taylor will still improve but he is a clumsy player in terms of deflections ect and I think he always will be.

  43. so taylor has signed,big deal just wish he could play half as good as his gob goes,cannot belive some think he is a great c/b and is still learning,still learning!how many games more before hes great,wake up hes a ave p.l.c/b at best imo,but will back anyone with a b/w shirt

  44. I thought Gallas was class when Spurs beat Arsenal and Bassong is still learning, that is another example.

    Of course there are CB’s who are slow and finished in their 30’s like Carragher but lets all laugh at liverpool hahahaha

  45. At least we won’t get any more leaked stories to the press for the next five or so years, or until Taylor wants another payrise…..

  46. I’ve actually got a bit of sympathy for the players and managers as the journos ask them the same, boring question day after day, just maybe phrased in a different way, hence why some stories don’t go away, like the Carroll and Barton leaving in Jan etc etc

    They should take a leaf out of this guy’s book when dealing with the media, Brendan Venter. Watch this, this is brilliant.

  47. Well Ice hows you mate hope ye had a half decent Xmas mate.
    As for Saylor I am a fan of his and yes I do see his failings, but then everyone has them. But I do think that for most of his time he has never really had a proper experienced CB along side him in most cases he was the senior CB. and I dont really think he would be an under 21’s international CB and Captain if he didnt have something. But I do realise that some see it differently from me :)

  48. DAVE not bad m8,had stiches out today,looks good,but son still quite sick so mrs is staying with him,ime on lonesome ha.
    on taylor still think hes ave,yes under 21 capt,but be honest how many good english c/b at under 21 are there to pick from can you name me some?lol