Newcastle v Manchester City – Match banter!

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Newcastle take on Manchester City.
Newcastle take on Manchester City.
Welcome one and all to our fabulous match banter article that will take us through the Manchester City game this afternoon.

I trust you have all had a most excellent Christmas day and now feel suitably fed up with turkey and all the usual goings on that revolve around the festive period, so what better way is there to get back to normality than a bit of football.

There is no risk of the game being called off today so we can look forward to the visit if Manchester City and the prospect of trying to send them home without anything to show for their efforts.

As I mentioned in my match preview, City lost their last game against Everton and will no doubt be looking to bounce back to title chasing form against a Newcastle side that got back to winning ways against Liverpool in their last outing.

As ever, this the place for us to all come together and piss and moan about events within the match, as we usually do.

The match signals Alan Pardew’s second game in charge and will perhaps give fans a better idea of what can be expected from the Pardew era at St James’ Park after it was widely recognised that the performance against Liverpool was a tribute to the recently departed Chris Hughton. Will the Liverpool performance be the benchmark? Or will it be a flash in the pan?

If you guys and gals know of any streams where people can watch the match then please feel free to leave a link in the ‘comments’ section below.

Hopefully we can build on the Liverpool result and get another favourable result against one of the top teams in the league.

Howay the lads!

Newcastle: Tim Krul, Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Joey Barton, Cheik Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll.

Subs: Steve Harper, James Perch, Mike Williamson, Danny Guthrie, Alan Smith, Leon Best, Nile Ranger.

Man City: Joe Hart, Aleksander Kolarov, Joleon Lescott, Vincent Kompany, Jerome Boateng, Nigel de Jong, Gareth Barry, Yaya Toure, James Milner, David Silva, Carlos Tevez.

Subs: Shay Given, Patrick Viera, Adam Johnson, Micah Richards, Pablo Zabaleta, Jo, Mario Balotelli.

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153 Responses

  1. Artnoon smegs! Here’s hoping those foreign poofs from Manc fall apart with a touch of frost, eh?

    Anyone got any streaming links?

  2. Big Dave says:
    December 26, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    “FFS I cant even find a fuking link so thankfully I missed it”

    ‘Sopcast’ seems to be the thing to have for this one, Dave.

  3. Tiote at fault for that one.

    FFS were our lot on the piss for the entirity of the day yesterday?

  4. Our lads may have been demoralized by those ridiculous Xmas puns the official website kept tweeting.

    “Pardew In A Pair Plea” good grief!


  5. Oh well, let’s just hope someone goes in like a battering ram on De Jong. Only good that can come of today now like.

  6. I’ll give the lads credit because they are trying to get back into it. It’s a shame we are already two goals down :(

  7. One team trained yesterday, the other got xmas day off. Nee prizes for guessing which is which judging by how the game has gone so far!

  8. Tucking pathetic. Idyllic has done this twice already. Could have been even more… He is nowhere near ready and I doubt he ever will be from what I’ve seen of him. Our finishing has been pathetic too so.far. like watching girls play in a park. Such pathetic errors. May as well have handed them the game before hand… commentators are useless too… ‘man city started so.bright’… bullet. We’ve beaten ourselves again!!!

  9. Aye that’s right Taylor, just back off Tevez, let him get to the edge of the box and have a shot, nee bother!

    How people can’t see he is an average defender at best is beyond me!

  10. ILM-I haven’t seen it yet, dunno if my stream is behind or what but I just heard that on SSN. Comfortably the one player in the City team you don’t want to give time on the ball. The closer he gets to goal, the more likely he is to score, not rocket science like.

  11. didn’t realise he’d reached his yellow card limit, not so smart. Off topic but does Tiote always look at you like you’ve p!ssed on his dog? I’ve only ever seen him look raging.

  12. Lovely turn and effort from Carroll there, although the deflection might have helped as i doubt it was on target.

  13. BD-we’re starting to get the ball into the box like but we need to make it pay. They score the next goal and it is sealed.

  14. Tell ye what, people grizzled about Milner and about losing his quality…….

    Enrique is pissing all over him!

  15. Sounds stupid but the longer we hold the ball like this and do nothing with it the more worried i get. Need to create chances when we have the ball and at 2-0 we need to take them. I think we need a goal before HT to have a chance of anything from this one like.

  16. What did Tiote do there!?…the ball bounced to him, he leaves it and they’re off on the counter attack with a 3 on 2, what was he doing?

  17. City are managing to scramble everything away from infront of their goal when Carroll knocks it down though. Bloody frustrating.

  18. A bit numb after that first half. The lads started the match looking like they’d had too many puddings the night before. Andy had some chances to score, but too often City made off with the ball seemingly at will.



  19. So irritating, if we’d been bloody switched on from the start we’d still have a good chance. Krul had a poor pass-Harps on for the next game now?

  20. Well what a shame to conceed 2 goals as early as that. Tim Krul showing inexperience for the first and the second just a world class goal from the highest paid player in the league. After that I think we did ok and Routledge has been excellent, after there was some disbelief at him playing I think he is our best winger if he plays like that he creates much more than Jonas who can’t get the ball into the box like Routledge can.

  21. well, an embarrassing yet self inflicted start followed by plenty of posession and bossing of the game but little in the way of clear cut chances. Wouldn’t be surprised if they hit us on the counter again, we need one by the hour mark at the latest if we want anything from the day.

  22. I don’t think Harper would have made that mistake but whilst Harper is a better kicker I still think Krul is a better shotstopper and we shouldn’t go daft and put Harper in just because of that one goal.

  23. I’m watching in Canada and the local announcers just mongered a rumour about Given possibly coming back? eh?


  24. carroll winning everything in the air, really shows how much we need a nippy striker up there with him, hes winning flick 0ons and no ones there

  25. Carroll should have scored that free header in the first half, but Joe Hart is just too good :(

  26. We SEEM to be bossing it because City are managed by the ultra conservative and defensive Mancini and they are more than happy to sit, soak up pressure and defend then hit us on the break. 1-4, methinks.

  27. Harper needs to be in goal. Krul makes some truly horrendous errors… Have to put Ranger on too. I’d take off Jonas…..

  28. To be fair to Krul ive been waiting for one, They have put him under so much unnecessary pressure passing back to him every couple of minutes in recent matches.

    It may shut up the people who bleat on about Harper not getting back in like…

  29. Aye we SEEM to be bossing things. :)

    I think City could just soak it up all night to be honest but teams have thought that before and we’ve come out and hammered the gallowgate, fingers crossed like, once one goes in ya never know.

  30. @DJG
    Ive struggled to see what Jonas offers for a couple seasons now. Routeledge takes flak but has impressed me in most games Tbh

  31. Rotuledge has done alright again today. Jonas has been indifferent, but he has got two markers on him most of the time.

  32. JJ
    Agreed with the Jonas/Ranger swap. Its hardly his natural position, but i don’t see how he could be doing any worse. Play him high up on the left.

    As for Krul, whilst he hasn’t really cost us matches in the past, this may be a scenario where he can be blamed. I feel a bit harsh now, asking for Harper, but he is our no.1 after all…

    Loved tiote trying to get a bit of the legbreaker there with enrique :)

  33. Mortimer says:
    December 26, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    “We SEEM to be bossing it because City are managed by the ultra conservative and defensive Mancini and they are more than happy to sit, soak up pressure and defend then hit us on the break.”

    Yup, there’s alot in that Mortimer, especially after the dire beginning.

    Customary 60 minute substitution from Pardew.

  34. Worky only 10 mins earlier than Ch’s Customary 70 minute substitution :) . for me Tugboat should have made way for Ranger as I think he has had one too many xmas dinners :)

  35. Jonas must be the worse passer and crosser of a football playing professional football. Best he converts to a left back or something.

  36. Dave – 20 minutes earier you mean? :lol:

    I just don’t get the snidey remarks about Parsew. He is our manager, deal with it. No amount of twattish comments in the internet is going to change that.

    Hughton is gone, history,

  37. majority seem indifferent towards our wingers today, for me they have both been pathetic in possession, what have either done of note?

    Deffinitley our weakest possition, Carroll has worked his socks off but has been feeding off scraps, sign Benny and get someone else in on the right.

    Oh and i’m afraid Nolan is suffering from Kevin Nolan syndrome today, unless he scores, anonymous.

  38. Toonsy :) your right mate there is fuk all we can do about it and your right it is 20 mins and not 10 :)
    Batty Clueless is long gone mate :lol:

  39. Big Dave says:
    December 26, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    “for me Tugboat should have made way for Ranger”

    Wrong once again, Dave. He’s just made another goal for Carroll with his crafty foul on Joe Hart.

  40. ahhhh man! Ranger got there before Hart as well!

    Ranger for the equaliser, then it will be we love Pardew!!! :D

  41. Enrique seems to be ignoring Jonas because he knows how crap his passing is… just putting the balls in himself… another thing… Every bounce has gone in Man Cities favour today… every one.

  42. 102 – CitytilIdie is the mckem who has feck all better to do then make me press one button to delete his carefully thought out comments.

    Gan on Berba, Gan on :)

  43. Worky “once again” i’ll take your word for it. but after watching the replay i’ll stick to thinking they should have took Tugboat off ;)

  44. Paid the price for those two sloppy goals. We have played well, well enough to win on another day, like the 5-1 day for example :D

  45. Balotelli on for Tevez. He and Tiote get into a scrap over whose mohawk is more flash. Ref sides with Tiote, yellow for Balotelli. :)


  46. toonsy says:
    December 26, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    “102 – CitytilIdie is the mckem who has feck all better to do then make me press one button to delete his carefully thought out comments.”

    Toonsy, please don’t delete them in future.

  47. Definately a good performance if you only count from 5-90 mins, against some top players as well. There are “plenty of positives we can take from this game” as the cliché goes

  48. man oh man I hate Man City…

    with a bit of street-wise play about us we had beaten them today. Give anyone a 2 goal lead after 5 minutes and you’re gonna struggle. Take Tevez out of this team and they have nothing. Keep the faith toon fans…our time will come..

  49. Big Dave says:
    December 26, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    “Worky “once again” i’ll take your word for it. but after watching the replay i’ll stick to thinking they should have took Tugboat off”

    Nolan blocked Hart, Dave.

  50. Nolan did well imo. Good performance from all the lads apart from the first 5 mins. Again, Jonas was completely ineffective, looked half decent in the last 10 mins-still had some energy he should have been using earlier on!

  51. Im not that dissapointed after todays result funny enough as we look a lot more positive as I said we looked as if we wern’t going for a draw but to try and win the game but a few mistakes stopped that :( Reet Lads away to get some food catch you’s later hopefully ;)

  52. Weve played these twice and been robbed in broad daylight twice, Oh well onwards and upwards for us that is, They have as much chance of winning the league as i do of waking up with Cheryl tweedy sat on me face…

  53. Worky, to legitimise Nolan being on the pitch because he blocked a keeper is just daft, does blocking keepers keep you in the league like?

    If players aren’t pulling their weight for the 90 mins, they should be changed.

    Also, i’ll say it again, Jonas and Routledge were awful, and have been all season, our wings are our week areas and if we are to proegress, I would say here are the areas we need to recruit.

  54. Well it was very much a case of the best team won. I feared that after the home defeat to Everton they would come and really turn it on and that was the case. At 0-2 you sensed they were just gonna soak us up all day and when we pulled on back they would score another. I really thought it would be 1-3 at half time I should have put a bet on. I can’t think of one player who had a bad game tbh if we play like that against the bottom half we should stay up comfortably but of course this being Newcastle we rairly do.

  55. newcastle can take a lot of heart out of this game with the spirit and never back down attitude i can honestly say we we will stay up keep the team togetherness up and we will get results

  56. I would certainly keep going the way we are going and develop players like Carroll and Ranger into a top 10 side. Rather than just throwing endless amounts of money at a team like City have, it would make any feeling of success hollow for me and Im not just saying it out of jelously or anything.

  57. Hi lads, unlucky game earlier but we paid the price for the 2 early goals conceded.

    Was wondering, how many times have we conceded with a deflected goal? We were threatening to find the equaliser until the ball hit Colo’s back and into the net.

    I can remember Chelsea at home, Liverpool a few weeks back and today! Freaking frustrating man!

  58. Not happy with the result, obviously but really, really happy with the performance.

    We created chance after chance and looked ver dangerous. To be honest I thought we looked more danger today than we ever did under Hughton.

    For the likes of Worky who’s idea of supporting the team is slagging the managers ever decision off because it doesn’t fit in with their agenda I say come watch a match live.

    We actually outplayed them for long periods and we just didn’t have the quality to take the chances or play that final ball when we got in good positions. Unless its Pardews fault that he hasn’t managed to make Jonas a great crosser or Nolan to have a great first touch. Jeez man! He’s been here two weeks, what has he been doing?

    I think I’m going to like the brand of football, we just need a bit more quality.

  59. Oh and was Silva’s tackle on Barton bad? It looked like it should have been a straight red live but I haven’t seen a reply.

  60. Nolan and Carroll would have bag a brace respectively on another day

    Everything just didnt fall for us today, especially the two horrendous goals conceded in a time frame of 6 mins

  61. to be honest, one minute after city went 2-0 up, Carroll missed an absolute sitter with his head bang in front of the goalie. If that had of went in it would have been a different game.

    Agree with Stuart, according to my pretty ropey stream today, we seemed to create enough half chances without getting the run of ther ball, look at Citehs third FFS. We just didn’t get the breaks and lacked quality at the decisive moment..

    No too disheartened though, we’re heading in the right direction ! Howay the Lads !

  62. stu

    On the replay it wasn’t actually that bad, they were both going for the ball and Silva’s foot was just a bit high and late but nowt more than a yellow card. The way Barton went down made it look worse than it was.

  63. Adam Johnson little jester wont be giving him much of a chance if he wants to play for the toon little ficker

  64. Enrique actually pushed him and then Johnson did a spit the dummy out thing with his hand. I thought it was a bit harsh he got carded for that I think it was just a case of the ref wasn’t looking when Enrique pushed him and was when Johnson reacted.

    I have to say like Johnson is the ONE player I have ever seen that has the beating of Enrique and I include players like Ronaldo, Walcott and Lennon in that list. He is an absolute class winger like and it’s amazing that he’s a toon fan. If we ever got the chance to sign him I would grab it with both hands like.

  65. @136

    Haha, no one messes with El Toro alright, ;)
    Solid as hell today, if it wasn’t for his interception, Tevez might have gotten a hat trick

  66. Didn’t really beat enrique today..and I thought I saw some words coming before the push, which may have instigated it in the first place. Regardless, nobody badmouthes the bull! :)

    So, Nolan’s card will mean he’s suspended for the Spurs game if i’m not mistaken? Some will no doubt be pleased? I’m certainly not looking forward to the game..and even less so now.

  67. I Love Mike says:
    December 26, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    “Worky, to legitimise Nolan being on the pitch because he blocked a keeper is just daft, does blocking keepers keep you in the league like?”

    Eh? He is also one of our two highest goalscorers ILM, so it isn’t “just daft”.

  68. Ive changed my mind somewhat about Nolan and he can be an effective player. Today he was up against a team that wouldn’t fall for any of his tricks tho. When Ranger came on we looked a bit brighter but Ranger still has a long way to go and build up some more strength on the ball.

  69. The key man for me today was Routledge, after some stinkers he’s now had 2 games where he has actually threatened to create an assist or score himself. I hope Pardew can unleash his potential like because it is there. He may be a confidence player.

  70. DJG- Not quite sure if I’d call him “key” but he’s showing promise i’ll give him that. Undoubtedly better performances that Jonas’..but unfortunately still not sure if he’ll nail the spot down…if we stick with 4-4-2 you can’t see nolan, tiote or barton going anywhere. Maybe we should stick him on the left or something.

  71. wealthyclub

    Andy Carroll isn’t for sale mate so it makes no difference if you want him or not. Well done today though Im gratious enough to admit that your team was top 4, if not quite there yet to be title winners, IMO.

  72. NewkieBrown

    I didn’t mean he was key for our result today mate. I just meant in terms of most improving player and best effort to get in the side.

  73. Just back from the match – My bro-in-law and I agreed that that was the best defeat we’d seen. We didn’t get many of the breaks and I thought after we gifted 2 goals in the first five minutes our performance more than matched the merecenaries. I’d be interested to see the stats on the game (shots etc.) The ref was again crap- AC was fouled repeatedly by Lescott who got away with it until late in the game.
    I have to say that I don’t rate Citeh that highly for the championship – their defence looks vulnerable to me. It’s about time their owners got the cheque book out!

  74. Dissapointing result but a good performance, nowhere near as p1ssed off as I usually am after a defeat…..can’t think why..hic! ;-)

  75. Anybody else think City are going through that spell that we had in the 90’s and they will get into champions league and beat a few big teams, like we did, and they will try very hard but come second to Man U, like we did. Eventually though, when these new rules come in,(and when their owners get bored) it is likely they will be left high and dry financially and plummet down to their lowly perch that they always seem destined to be at. I certainly prefer the way our club is being run financially to there’s, I just can’t see how they will be able to carry it on, spending above their means.

  76. DJG says:
    December 26, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    “Anybody else think City are going through that spell that we had in the 90’s and they will get into champions league and beat a few big teams, like we did, and they will try very hard but come second to Man U, like we did.”

    Wishful thinking, DJG. Unlike us, they will win trophies eventually.

  77. Do you think so worky, I can’t see Mancini beating a Man U or Chelsea to the title or a Barcelona or Inter to the champs league.

  78. “I just can’t see how they will be able to carry it on, spending above their means”

    They’re not spending above their means they’re well within it DJG and as for Routledge being the key – I think you must have been smoking something all afternoon while we froze our buns off :( IMO Routledge may have a Premiership physique but his brain is clearly Championship level or worse.

    We could have won that game if it hadnt been for those stupid mistakes. Krul will have to learn the harsh reality by being dropped next week as there was no need for him to play Barton into trouble.

    Tiote should also be told to look before he passes unfortunately we cant afford to drop him because we’re not well blessed in midfield with that type of player.

    Nolan was anonymous because he was asked to play in a 4-5-1 which he cannot do and it was no surprise that we looked much better when we went 4-4-2.

  79. munichmag r u on drugs you talk rubbish carroll missed a half chance and u think it would have been a different game lets face it were shite