Taylor wants stability.

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Taylor signs new long-term Newcastle deal.
Taylor signs new long-term Newcastle deal.
It’s old news now, but I’ve been out in the pub all day so now is the first chance I have had to write about the fact that Steven Taylor has signed a new five-and-a-half year deal at Newcastle.

This will hopefully end speculation regarding the future of the player and will allow the press, the club, the player and the fans to move on.

Taylor had been on the transfer list since late last summer when contract talks between the club and Taylor’s agent, Paul Stretford, broke down. There was a lot of rumour and speculation with regards to why the talks broke down, but I guess we will never know now why they did, not for a while anyway. Love him or hate him, Paul Stretford has done his job and got his client the deal that was required for Taylor to stay at the club for the forseeable.

Apparently Taylor wanted to see signs of the club moving forward and signs of stability at Newcastle before committing himself to a new deal. He has obviously seen enough of those signs since Alan Pardew took over three weeks ago to warrant him signing on for the long term, although I would argue that a lot of this stability was instilled under Chris Hughton back when any agreement with Taylor looked to be dead in the water.

Still, I suppose people will swallow that load of bollocks. Personally, I don’t. I think it was money related, but hey-ho, it’s all about opinions isn’t it?

Anyway, Taylor thanked Paul Stretford, Alan Pardew and the club for the new deal. He talked to The Shields Gazette earlier and had this to say:

“The board have been absolutely fantastic – I’m absolutely delighted with a five-and-a-half year contract.I wanted an extension to my contract. This club’s going forward now, and I want to be part of that.”

“The new manager’s came in, and he’s had a massive part to play. The first day he came in, he sat me down and said he wanted it resolved. I was over the moon, and I was glad he got the ball rolling.”

“My agent, Paul Stretford, has taken a lot of flak, but I owe so much to him. He’s kept me here for the majority of my career, and hopefully the rest of my career.”

I wouldn’t worry about your agent, Steven, as I feel pretty certain that he isn’t doing too bad out of the deal! Taylor continued:

“For me to get this contract means so much. I want to be part of this football club for the next five-and-a-half years. I’m absolutely delighted. I’ll be happy running out in front of 52,000 for the next five-and-a-half years – I’ll be grey and old!”

You may well be aware that I don’t have a lot of time for Taylor. I see him as no better than average in the Premier League. He could get better, but I don’t think he has improved since he burst on the scene all those years back. He seems to have plateau’d early on in his career, although as I said, that could obviously change.

I also don’t like the way he runs his gob off to the press all the time. At least whilst all of these negotiations had been ongoing he had kept quiet, but now we will get the tubthumping rhetoric on an almost daily basis.

He likes talking to the press does wor Steven. I remember a time, a time that appears to be forgotten, when the Greenwich born defender’s camp leaked a few stories to no other than Louise Taylor to assist in a previous round of contract talks. I had just about got over that, but then it all kicked off again with this round of talks. Now Taylor has a long way to go to get back in my good books, but if he keeps his head down, actually improves and stops going missing then he will get there eventually.

Anyway, back to the interview…..

“I’ve never once criticised the club. I’m not one of those players you see in football who, if things aren’t going well, or if they don’t get a contract, have a moan,” Taylor protested. “I’ve never once said I wanted to leave this football club. All the time I wanted to stay – it was between my agent and the board.

“It was totally business at the end of the day. They were just trying to get something sorted.”


“The club’s going forward now. A few players have signed five-year contracts. I wanted stability at this football club, and they’ve proven they wanted me for the next five and a half years. That’s all I cared about. There’s a structure at this football club, and I’m happy with that.”

As I wrote earlier on in the article, the club was moving forward by Taylor’s own definition under Hughton, so the groundwork had been laid by the very man that Taylor appeared to not want to sign for, the very man that had given us some stability.

Funny eh?

Still, it’s just business……

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82 Responses

  1. just about sums my feelings up m8,we will just move on,nice thread,small drink hasnt done you any harm ;)

  2. would rather have Williamson and Collo starting , like you say Toonsy he has stood still in his development , hopfully pardew and the new backroom staff can coach him to the next level . He is a player that we have brought through the ranks and that is always nice to see , hope it means we get rid of Campbell and give Kadar a go when needed after all campbell has not done much since he joined has he ?

  3. All in all, I’m glad that he signed with us. Good to have in case colo or willo go out like. Decent business at the end of the day, or so says I.

  4. think I would swing towards agreeing with you toonsy regarding Taylor, but hey, it’s signed and it will be good to draw a line under it, move on and look to the future now.

  5. Just a thought- but anybody think campbell would be good as a defensive coach? He’s got BAGS of experience at the highest levels of football…

  6. I would say the pecking order of our CB’s is thus.

    1. Collo
    2. Willo
    3. Taylor
    4. Kadar
    5. Campbell

    So Taylor is doing well to start imo. Willo is less fashionable and S.Taylor was u-21 captain for a long time but having seen both for quite a lot of games now Williamson is a better player if Im honest and even tho Taylor is a ‘local’. He just can do everything S.Taylor can do in the air, but without the poor positioning, clumsey deflections and Forrest Gump run back to the line to be a goalkeeper and get sent off. Willo had a couple of mares but even so he should be starting IMO.

  7. icedog says:
    December 27, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    well guess thats collo wages off the bill come the summer imo”

    Why would you say that? If we were going to get rid of him, wouldn’t of made sense get rid of him when we got relegated?

  8. ILM-

    Yeah man, why would we sell our best defender? Colo had his moments to start, but all in all, he’s been class. His partnership with Willo makes me happy. Those guys work well and get the job done. Mostly.

  9. OHurley says:
    December 27, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    Just a thought- but anybody think campbell would be good as a defensive coach? He’s got BAGS of experience at the highest levels of football”


    sorry mate, not a personal dig, but who even says Sol wants to coach? Does he have the right qualifications to coach?

    It just irritates me when a players is coming up to retirement and people say, ‘ohh but he can bring the young lads through” or “he’ll want a more coaching role”. who says?

    Rant over :D

  10. Having watched Kadar, I think in the fullness of time he will be a better player than all of the above, even Collo. It is so important that we ‘blood’ the trio of Krul, Kadar and Ranger IMO they could all be top stars in the future and I hate to think Kadar hasn’t had a game because of some guy collecting his meal tickets and dragging his old creaking bones around for one last hurrah at our expense. :(

  11. OHurley says:
    December 27, 2010 at 8:12 pm


    Yeah man, why would we sell our best defender? Colo had his moments to start, but all in all, he’s been class. His partnership with Willo makes me happy. Those guys work well and get the job done.”

    Totally agree, their partnership was looking a solid a partnership as i’ve remembered at NUFC. They should start imo

  12. OHurley I just cant see Sol staying around with CH gone and even more so if he is not playing and I really dont see him going in to coaching I think his intentions is to go into Architecture.
    Lads the one thing I do see in Taylor is that he wants to be here and his heart is with the club, which in my book is important. It sometimes gets construed that he is only here because of the wages he is getting, but I dont believe thats all it is. But I would say that over 90% of our team are here primarily for money and if another team came in and offered them more they would be away, it is just a job after all

  13. ILM-

    Sorry mate, just trying to say something positive about him haha! It was my way of gracefully highlighting his poor form :D

  14. hahaha fair enough OHurley!
    He can do a job to cover suspensions and injuries, but is now unfortunatly far from the level of the other defenders in my opinion.

  15. ILM no it wouldnt make sense at that time,we had a few players leave then, ashley had to make it look like it wasnt a sinking ship,how much would he get return on a c/b that cost 10mil and played like a dick that season maybe couple of mill,how much will he get for p.l. c/b a bit more i think,he will get him off the wage bill imo along with jonas,but time will tell

  16. “how much would he get return on a c/b that cost 10mil and played like a dick that season”

    hahaha class, this made me laugh. But I think you’ve maybe fallen in to the trap of blaming Ashley for everything that happens at the club. He seems to have given Pardew free reign on team matters, so if Pardew wants him, and he wants to stay, I think he’ll be here.

    With finances seemingly back in the black as of next season I don’t think we’re in any need to get rid of anyone. However if you’re talking about Jonas leaving, i’ll pay for his fare, irritates the hell out of me.

  17. Does anyone know any pubs in the toon that will have the match on tomorow on an oversees channel? There was a pub near where I live that had it on yesterday apparently but I watched it on the laptop as I couldn’t face another day of drinking. :)

  18. I love mike

    When benny is back you won’t have a problem with Jonas mate because a) he will be on the bench and b) his game will improve 200%

  19. ILM oh i see you might be the only one who knows what ashley will do as i dont m8,as for taking blame for everything that happens at sjp,yes i do he owns it,simple as,i think we will have to agree to dis-agree on this one

  20. DJG-

    I hear Samjack’s is pretty cool. Idk if they got what you need, but I hear that got topless chicks dancin’ like. That’s all I need to know hehehehe

  21. OHurley

    I don’t think their topless and if you wanna get your best shoes stuck to the floor with all the spilt drink and broken glass and vomit that has landed since the place opened and hasn’t been cleaned up be my guest. :)

    (I don’t like Sam Jacks v much)

  22. DJG-

    If you wanna come to Nashville, mate, I’ll be your personal tour guide. Just bring an attractive, single, 20-something Geordie chick :D

  23. O’Hurley

    That can be arranged there’s only one proplem all our flights get canceled so might not be able to get in or out for weeks. ;)

  24. i think we should have sold taylor we could have easy got 5 million for him. i dont think hes anything special along with williamson tiote and ameobi. its going to be a long hard second half to the season and am not sure about alan pardew. i just hope we dont get relegated again people on here got carried away by the liverpool victory be honest thats the poorest liverpool team av ever seen

  25. 8O

    ”What really p*sses me off is the holier than thou attitude of the police. You cab get burgled, your car stolen, mugged and you will never see a policeman. Then all of a sudden you find out they are policing the pubs in the city centre making sure Rupert Murdoch continues to be one of the richest scrotes in the world.

    ‘Police are monitoring the number of pubs showing live football in town centres on Saturday afternoon.

    Sergeant Dave Wright, licensing officer for Staffordshire Police, said: “The Premier League has a window on Saturday afternoons when Premier League football cannot be shown live on TV.

    “It protects clubs such as Port Vale, who may be playing on the same day Chelsea play Manchester United. Maybe people would decide to stay away from Vale and watch football on TV instead.’

    So Sgt Dave Wright (salary £40K+) says that if I cant watch Chelsea in the pub I will go to the Vale – what Horsesh*t. What happens is we all go home and watch whatever we want on our computers. Any schoolboy knows how to get an internet stream. Anthony, Home”

    QUOTE: ‘…What really p*sses me off is the holier than thou attitude of the police. You cab get burgled, your car stolen, mugged and you will never see a policeman. Then all of a sudden you find out they are policing the pubs in the city centre making sure Rupert Murdoch continues to be one of the richest scrotes in the world.’ (unquote)

    The ‘law’ has always protected the property of the rich before the safety of the poor. That’s the way the cookie crumbles -historically….

    The rich can afford the best Lawyers to ‘lean on the law’ to take any action required -while they themselves ‘bask on the beach’ in some exotic corner of the world.

    Not a ‘pleb in sight’….to form a ‘plebs’ posse’ to hunt Murdoch down and string him up. Mick Penning, newcastle, staffs


  26. richie-Could get embarrassing for them. Great finish from Theo. Kakuta for Malouda is a strange one. Ivanovic, could get interesting instead of embarrassing!

  27. I’d like to see a second Chelsea goal before 75 mins to see a mad dash finish. They look like they’re up for it now like.

  28. this a toon forum who is bothered about chelsea we have a massive game against yids lose that and i fear for us. pardew is a galoot a think we are in trouble also harry redknapp wants carroll sending crouch up here. i will be made up if we stay up

  29. Chelsea are stuck in a rut at the moment like. I reckon they might panic buy in Jan. Not necessarily buy players that aren’t good enough, but open the wallet out of desperation for the season. Old Carlo could be in a spot of bother should this season finish poorly.
    I’m also pretty much certain Mancini will get the chop if City don’t obtain a top 4 place.

  30. Ice-that’s exactly it mate. Players have openly admitted they didn’t like the fact he was shown the door and that morale dropped in the dressing room haven’t they? Whatever it is they’re struggling. Goals have dried up entirely.

  31. ROSS aye mate didnt seem to hit the toon that bad ie,cally/hoots going,maybe our dressing room is good and not just paper talk

  32. I think the Tayls saga is linked in with the Hoots saga somehow. Something was going on for weeks and that agent arse knew about it.
    Still glad Tayls is staying though. Just hope he’ll start improving again, especially with Sol to learn from.

  33. icedog

    They are like a dog with a bone; they won’t leave it until after the jan transfer window and everyone is bored of reading it and even then they will try again in the summer to a lesser extent.

  34. Good news this,
    it means we’ll get some decent dosh if we need to get shot of Saylor sometime in the next 5.5 years.
    Top move by the club.

  35. i was in the pub when the news broke regarding the contract – wor stevie – has signed & i must say the whole bar – threw – their hands in the air with delight knowing one of our – own – & (once he’s fully fit) our best c/back will be plying his trade at the toon for the next 5 + years.

    he’s here to stay so you better get used to it – like it or not.

    peronally – i luv it !

  36. Now he’s signed, he can gan back to the bench,
    as a decent back up CB.
    At least it closes down one press attack angle though.

  37. i think if the lads can continue with the – team spirit & committed togetherness – that CH created while he was bailing the fat b@stard oot the shit then – mid table – is a distinct possibility this season.

    icedog – your reet aboot curly top m8.

  38. I think its decent business-his value may go up after an england call up which it may well do in a couple of years, maybe we can flog him when we’ve established ourselves-for now he’s a decent punt, probably still prefer to see Colo/Willo partnership for now…but we do need decent back up and Sol is hardly that is he? As long as he isn’t anywhere near Collo’s wage packet then its alright in my book, hopefully the club didn’t cave in to his demands and he just decided to sign and stay. I’m very happy with the capabilities of our “top” three defenders after this..its just keeping them at the top of their game thats the problem now…Let sol go on his bike and allow kadar through from now on, and we should have a decent group of CBs..

  39. The defence is all over the knot end as soon as Taylor is back in it.
    He stands off his player too much and his positional play is woeful.
    His strength is getting forward and showing passion.
    Colo and Williamson should be automatics but my only fear is, he’s like Shola, the managers seem to love them and I can only assume they are great on the training ground.
    I hope Pards sticks with Willo and collo!

  40. Anyone misses me>? :lol:

    My computer was down for a week and so unable to watch the previous match and comment here.

    Well,seeing the game highlights,i was quick surprise Williamson was drop to bench.

    And Carroll playing as only striker at Home???

    I would thought ranger should start in that match with Carroll.

    Anyway,Hopefully we can at least draw with Spurs today. ;)

  41. @Roy Crapper
    What bar were you in? The Rovers Return? How can you be excited by Taylor signing a contract? I bet you cheered when deidre spilt her port and lemon and Gail clicked her nylon tights!

  42. On a totally different note – is it true that some Citeh fans were singing a song about Ben Arfa? If so, isn’t it funny that there’s been nothing on the news about it whereas we would have hit the headlines for “nasty Toon fans ” if it had been us?
    Also, makes me laugh when Citeh fans sang “Newcastle’s a s***hole, we wanna go home”. I’ve been working in Manchester a bit over the last few months and apart from maybe one tiny central area, it is an absolute dump around the city centre- makes a building site look luxurious!

  43. Latest info from my source within the club is, Hughton wanted Carver as his number 2 but Carver was aware that Hoots was for the sack.
    He’s weighing up his options cos he was a mate of Hoots however Hoots has told him to take the job.
    You can’t knock Hooters as a person!

  44. number 9 @ 72 deidre sup’s red wine (like a fish) i might add & little gail only ever wears – three piece trouser suits.

    mind i did give out a little cheer when deidre took off her – chain linked belt – & thrashed ken around the rovers with it after catching him – snogging – emily in the snug.


  45. The big problem the Toon are having with the number 2 role , is, Ashley is insisting on a very low basic wage and decent win bonuses. It’s putting them off because he insists on a long contract of 5 yrs. Hence if they get the sack, their payout is rubbish compared to other less glamorous roles.

  46. @crapper
    Seriously, how can you give out a cheer when you heard Taylor had signed a contract.
    The defence falls apart like the false scenery on corry, whenever he plays.

  47. Bobby@74, I would be very surprised if Carver got the job as he made a scathing attack on the board over the Hughton sacking.

  48. That’s what I was saying. My source knows the pair of them. Carver is unlikely to take it cos of the way Hootz was treat but Hootz has told him to take it.
    The board have not took the insult personally .!

  49. BS9 – well I can think of a couple of games where collo and williamson fell apart i.e. arsenal and bolton
    I do agree that pairing is the best we have at the mo, tho to be fair Taylors been out for a long time and needs games under his belt.
    At least we’ll now get some decent cash for him should we decide to sell him, seems quite a few prem clubs were interested in going for him in Jan (albeit at cut price)

  50. ROY C.hope you had good xmas mate,think best,loverman,and zoro,could go in jan sale/loan and hope a sharp little striker comes in,we need one imo

  51. Bobby, I heard the same mate from a guy I know close to the activity. I was also told that CH didnt rate Saylor and was happy to let him go, Ashley didnt like that as Saylor was an asset, so it was cheaper for him to sack CH and to get a man in who could get Saylor to sign. I am not very happy as I dont rate Saylor either