Thank-you Chris, for everything!

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Hughton can hold his head up high.
Hughton can hold his head up high.
Well the decision has been made to usher Chris Hughton out of the door. It’s shocking, but it’s been and gone and there is very little that can be done to bring him back now.

My own view is that Hughton has been strung out to dry on this one. Mike Ashley has given him very little to work with in terms of resources since he was awarded the managers job, but working within those restrictions and doing a grand job appears to be not enough.

Let’s not forget where we were when Hughton took control of the reins at Newcastle.

We had just been relegated and had a club up that was up for sale. Players were leaving left, right, and centre amid rumours of a poisonous dressing room and infighting. The club could very easily have drifted towards oblivion, but it didn’t, and that was largely down to one man – Chris Hughton.

Chris Hughton will forever have a place in Tyneside folklore in my opinion. Whilst I admit that I wasn’t overly keen to see him appointed as our full-time manager, I have to say that come the end of his tenure at St James’ Park he had completely won me around and I was right behind him. In fact I was even singing his name at The Hawthorns yesterday, along with a large percentage of other fans I hasten to add.

Hughton had one brief last season, and that was to get the team promoted. He did that with room to spare and showed along the way that he was learning the role. He wasn’t faultless, but then he never claimed to be. He was learning all the time, but he did have a knack of man management right from the off as he helped to rebuild a fractured team spirit at the club.

He only had one brief this season, which was to secure survival. He won’t get the chance to complete that task, but he does leave us sitting 11th in the table, four points clear of the relegation zone with near enough half of the season gone.

The quiet man has always just got on with the job in hand. He brought dignity back to the club and handled turbulent events such as the Taylor/Carroll affair along with countless other flashpoints with consumate ease – an ease that perhaps a rookie manager shouldn’t have possessed. He knew how to play the press and was well liked all over.

He is not dead, and I understand that this piece reads like a funeral reading, but it is the end of an era. As I said earlier, Hughton will always have a plce in the hearts of the Newcastle faithful. Fans regulalrly chanted his name. He earned that, and he was arguably one of only a handful of former managers who deserved it.

The dismissal has left many people scratching their heads and has raked up a lot of old ground. We had a bit of stability for the first time in heaven knows how long, but that is no more and we must be prepared to go through the inevitable media circus that will follow until Mike Ashley appoints a replacement. Incidentally this next manager will be our 13th in 13 years.

One thing is for certain though, and that is that Chris Hughton will be a hard act to follow, so Ashley must have some ace waiting to be played up his sleeve!

There really isn’t much more I can say about this at the minute. Obviously I’m gutted for Hughton as it has now become clear that all the talk of a new deal was complete bollocks and Ashley has been stringing Hughton along, aswell as the rest of us.

So thank-you Chris for your hard work. Thank-you for bringing some good players to St James’ Park and for your help in developing Andy Carroll into an international class forward. Thank-you for dragging this club back from the abyss. Most importantly, thank-you for the memories!

Best wishes for the future, Chris. I only hope that your next employers value your contributions more than the fat shower of shit that owns our club!

All the best!

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185 Responses

  1. If Ashley thinks previous chorus’ of “Get out of our club” were loud, he hasn’t heard anything yet. I’m sure Saturday will revolve around a tirade of abuse towards him, along with the singing of Hughtons name. I’m pretty sure it won’t help the players on the field but the songs will be sang none the less. Can’t get over it if i’m honest.

    As one email on SSN just said “Pardew isn’t the answer to an experienced manager and if appointed Newcastle will be going backwards”. Couldn’t agree more.

  2. thanks for everything Chris, you’ll probably never see this but you turned this club round, you were sincere, humble and dignified and for that I am truly grateful. Ill will continue to follow what ever you do in the future, even if its with another club

    There really is only 1 Chrissy Hughton!

  3. I kinda agree with someone giving this suggestion.

    why not give Mike Ashley a chance to become the manager.

    He can’t possibly sack Himself right? :lol:

  4. Even Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has already had his say, or should that be Tweet, on the recent decision-making policy at Newcastle United. The England captain said via his Twitter account: “Chris Hughton SACKED….is it April Fools?!”


  5. Thanx for everything Chris.
    Top quality guy.
    Made us start to believe again under enormous pressure, with no money.
    Loved the way he dealt with the press too.
    Got us back up, got the raggy arsed bunch playing as a team & virtually single handedly brought us back from the brink. Even had his hair black ‘n’ white!
    Amazing really.
    You will always be a TOON LEGEND for the selfless effort you’ve put in mate.

  6. Hung out to dry as was obvious to all but the blind.

    Well done and thanks. You really do deserve better than working for Ashley – He makes this club a laughing stock once again.

    Anyone who can try and defend him now truely are fcking mongs!

  7. What if O’neil came in, then would people forgive ashley one little bit? I know its hard to cause frankly hes a C**T but to be honest he imo is a better manager than CH

  8. I don’t know to express my feeling to Hughton now, just sorry for what you got today (you’re not deserved it at all) and thank you for everything you did for us.

    In the same time, I still don’t know how to explain how much I angry and hate Mike Ashley for what he did to us.

  9. Heartfelt thanks Chris. You leave with my enduring respect and gratitude for a period in which it looked like we were finally developing properly and getting better the right way – slowly. I don’t know what the hell Mike Ashley wants but for sure there can be no-one left now who wants him. You deserved better and I look forward to you proving your worth once again in your next job. Perhaps you could return to the smoke and save Wet Spam?! (only half joking!)

    Surely even Ashley can see the parallels with our relegation season? Team spirit plummets, as does the team. Wigan will be happy.

  10. What the F–K does Ashley think he is doing, fat baldy shit that he is!!!!!!!
    We need to stop him in his tracks and stop buying his wares whether in The Newcastle Shop or Sports Direct shops aftwer all he s nothing but a market trader gone bad Hit HIM In The Pocket Because thats all he cares about, certainly NOT NEWCASTLE UNITED or the Good People that support the Club.
    They are a disgrace and an insult to us!!!!!!!!!!

  11. As told to ESPN by Sol Campbell…

    Campbell, who made his 500th Premier League appearance this weekend, told ESPNsoccernet: “Chris is such a lovely guy. Top man. This will hit the players hard. The players admired him, and liked him, and won’t be happy now he’s gone like this.”

    The former England, Arsenal and Tottenham centre-back added: “You have got to ask yourself why this has happened because it makes no sense. Here is a guy who has done an unbelievable job. He got the club back into the Premier league and any manager would have been rewarded for that with a new contract – but Chris wasn’t.

    “The players are sure to be asking themselves ‘what the hell is going on?’, that is only natural.

    “We all had a good relationship with the players, and when we left training this morning none of the players had a clue this was coming.

    “But word started to spread that the bookies had stopped taking bets and the players started texting each other with the news.

    “Yes, it has come as a shock, and it will affect the dressing room there is no doubt about that.”

  12. Thats stupid toondog – how do you think he finances the club? You cut that off you hurt the club.

  13. Its O’neill sumone was radio over wkend who knows him very we’ll n said he had a job ined up

  14. Sad sad day yet again at NUFC when will it ever stop?

    No half decent experienced manager will touch us with a barge pole, i believe the next manager will be another “patsy” who will come cheap.

    When will MA learn?

  15. Just been told about a comment on Sky – “This is the club that sacked Sir Bobby Robson, so nothing surprises me.”

    Different owner, same shit.

  16. sorry to say this but think this could send us doon,the players will be gutted and know ashley cannot be trusted.
    i know he wasnt a top class manager but was keeping us afloat (just)now we will never get a top class manager,who would trust ashley :(

  17. The only thing up that fat c*nts sleeves is steak pies and burgers. The bloke is a f’in clown and a disgrace not just to NUFC but to English football in general. Absolute disgrace, and I hope all the fans vent their spleen loud and long on Saturday for the everyone at home watching on telly to hear.

    Thanks for everything Chris. You were pushed before you jumped, for surely you couldn’t have gone on in this f’in circus for too much longer. You’re better off without us. All the best.

  18. I am truly gutted that CH has been released. I always liked him and thought he had the team performing well together. I had, like so many of you, hoped that we might see some sense of stability, something I’ve never seen. SBR was sacked the second year I started watching NUFC (and English football).

    I iwsh him nothing but the best. I suspect that with his CV, he shouldn’t have any problem finding work in football and that owners, more intelligent than ours, will be lining up for his services soon enough.

    As no one was given the position yet, at least at this moment, here’s a crazy thought. What about Bob Bradley or a coach from MLS. MLS coaches are used to working with little resources. Of course, leave it to the Yank to suggest this.

  19. Raffo ,

    At 16 , I have reported this entry at 14 to Toonsy as this is not me . There is clearly a problem on the Blog as some one is using my blog name and I certainly didnt write the entry at 14

  20. Surely if Oneill or someone close to him was on the radio and said he was taking a job in Jan, that would have been all over the news. He’s a well respected manager who’s been out the game a while. If the claim had been made he was ready to take a job by him, or a “source” the papers would have reported it regardless, surely. With Hughton being given the boot without word, the bookies after such revelations would have surely had O’neill as the favourite, not Alan F*ckin Pardew. All insiders are saying it’s Pardew and whether they’re spot on or clueless, I wouldn’t put it past Ashley as he fits his pathetic bill and the fact his name has been thrown around immediatly and bookies have closed up bet’s on him tells me people know something we don’t.

    Look at what Campbell had to say, the players wont be happy and that’s to be expected. Brilliant timing once again Mr Ashley. A game against a team like Liverpool is exactly what we DON’T want to be facing right now.

  21. Sadly, very predictable. “Hung out to dry”, as some of us expected.

    In truth, it took many of us a long time to be sold on Hughton as a long term manager but I’ve personally been ‘Walking in a Hughton Wonderland’ since about February.

    All of the good work he did, in the face of absolute adversity and with the greatest of dignity has been undone with another moment of blissful ignorance, arrogance and ineptitude.

    Chris Hughton will be forever synonymous with another rising of our great club from the pit of despair. And the admiration for him will be long lasting in the memories of old and young on the terraces.

    Mike Ashley, oops you did it again…

  22. I suggested yesterday that Ashley wouldn’t give Hughton a contract and was told to go and lie in a darkened room or something similar.
    Shouts of “get out of our club” might seem to be supportive but despite all my negative comments yesterday it is the players who need our support. negative chants will only effect the players not Ashley
    And by the way the chant is inaccurate it is not our club it is his to do whatever he wants with. Not every decision he and his board make we will find favour with but tough.

  23. Clicked too early.

    I meant to add.

    We are once again the laughing stock of football.
    Thank you Mr. Ashley as normal service has been resumed. We were getting a sense of stability, a future built on youth and a stable club mentality, how this went on for so long I’ll never know. It was no longer the roller coaster ride of not knowing what was going to happen next. We were not longer the club that everyone wanted to read about because of everything that was going on off the pitch. All the off field activities were boring and mundane. The only bit of interest was an unproven manager. Would he deliver long term?

    Frankly I’m glad this has happened as it will make life following NUFC a lot more exciting. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode of Barrack Street Enders.

  24. Seeing the headlines this morning, I would have thought it was April Fools if it wasn’t below freezing outside.

    Really really gutted by all this. CH seemed a good man who was there at our time of need and has us mid-table in our first year back. How that justifies a firing is beyond me…

    Farewell sweet stability! Thanks for visiting us and i’m sorry you couldn’t stay longer. Now things are regrettably back to normal.

  25. By the way personally I think Hughton has been shafted and treated poorly but that is how the football industry works.
    No sentiment

  26. Davy said yesterday when it was mentioned about MON, he’s going to wolves to replace mad mick.

    Can’t make the game, but a chorus of Houghton wonderland wouldn’t go amiss.
    See what you can do BBM, I know you sit with the radgies.

  27. Massive overreaction by most fellow Newcastle supporters not that it surprises me but I recall the majority of you not wanting Chris in charge in the first place.

    At the end of the day as much as some of us might not like it Newcastle United is Mike Ashleys club and I am sure Chris Hughton won’t shed any tears or kick up a fuss, at the end of the day Chris knows the perils of football management and he knew he had a tough job in impressing Mike Ashley enough to warrant a new contract.

    I appreciate Chris Hughton and what he has done for us, many doubted his abilities in the first place but he proved them wrong in the championship he galvanized our team and bred a winning spirit in them, built a good side which I believe is only 3 or 4 away from challenging for a european spot as long as we keep the nucleus of players we have currently of course. Chris was a true gent, and I will always be greatful for what he’s done for the club.

    However if we are to be more ambitious and look to do more than consolidate then let’s wait and see what Mike Ashley has lined up. If it’s Martin O’ Neil then as far as I am concerned he’s the man for the job. I would take Rijkaard or Jol however as they would still do a fine job if given time.

    Let’s be honest you would want your own man in the hot seat yourselves wouldn’t you? I know I would.. i’d be straight on the phone to Martin O’ Neil and bend over backwards (not literally) to get his signature because I beleive now is the time to get Martin, he’ll be fired up and raring to prove himself once more and we’ll reap the benefits.

    Villa fans can say what they like but I bet they’d have him back in a heartbeat I don’t think it was Martin that started to let Villa down it was the players. Martin O’ Neil will win us a trophy that’s how good he is, he’d need time and he’d need his own team and backing but I am 100% positive he’s the man who can bring us silverware and form a formidable team if given 4-5 years to do so.

  28. Houghton – “I’m immensely proud of my achievements with Newcastle. I enjoyed a fantastic relationship with the players, my staff and the fans”.

    What Chris? No mention of Owl Heed and Ash?

  29. Ashley and O’Neil are chalk and cheese. Won’t happen, no club has the money to satisfy O’Neill apart from City and if they don’t get champs league this season I suggest thats where he’ll be going. I don’t think it will be Pardew or Brown or someone like that. Ashley would know that they wouldn’t be better than Hughton. Ashley will have someone good lined up, he will be aware of the backlash and will just be waiting a short time before announcing someone who will appease us. It’s obvious that he has been planning this for ages.

  30. Who in their right mind would want to manage newcastle right now? Only desperate types like Pardew or kinnear
    I really do forsee a Kinnear-like appointment

  31. Discraceful

    However some on here need to be careful what you wish for. Quite a few on here having been slagging him off recently … and here we are … laughing stock of the prem again.

    Good luck in the future Chris. A real gent and a real pro.

  32. Will be amazed if Fat Ash has the balls to turn up on Saturday!!

    Unbelievable decision, at an unbelievable time!!

    I’m praying for new owners by xmas!!!

    Can’t see it though.

  33. My first comment and a huge toon fan and I am hugely surprised bt after watchin the west brom game I was hugely embarrased we were awful and in truth if jol or mon comes in then I think we cud b goin places I really do

  34. Yep Jol has left it’s on the official Ajax site below

    I’d be over the moon if we get Jol or Martin O’ Neil it’s been rumoured that we’ve had talks with Jol in the past as he was always keen on the Newcastle job. He obviously fancies the challenge he’ll do well if given good backing, maybe Mike will back a more experienced manager?

  35. Discraceful

    However some on here need to be careful what you wish for. Quite a few on here have been slagging him off recently … and here we are … laughing stock of the prem again.

    Good luck in the future Chris. A real gent and a real pro.

  36. Aye Jol resigning from Ajax is all over Twitter but there’s nowt on the official site. Looks like it’s just a rumour that someone has managed to kick off.
    In even less exciting news, Liverpool are already 2-0 up at home to Villa, without Torres or Gerrard.

    Also, off topic but is the blog going mega slow for anyone else or is it just me? I’m getting some error message regularly, pages taking ages to load if loading at all etc, maybe its just high traffic?

  37. bet ashley has made a small fortune in this betting lark,money on hoots going,more on who is coming in,likes a gamble does ashley,easy money like

  38. Free scoring smudge
    just watching the voetball international tv program here in Holland and its been confirmed here that Jol has walked out on ajax and its because he has found a new club its either Hamburg or US .

  39. I’ve seen the betting list of possible new managers and there are very few experienced managers. Martin O’Neil is top of the list but he is a miserable individual who will not endear himself to Geordie fans, just ask any Villa fan. Some of the people mentioned in the betting are a joke eg Shearer, Clarkie, Kinnear, Phil Brown plus many justifiably long term unemployed. There is one omission, Martin Jol current manager of Ajax. He would be good, although we have already had one Dutch manager, which didn’t turn out too well.

    Whoever arrives will cost the club a lot of money as they will be on a much higher salary than Hughton and will want to bring in at least one assistant. As all new managers insist that many of the players they inherit are useless (true in our case) and new ones are required the club will have to cough up millions. Therefore the board cannot be making this change to save money. They are playing a very risky game as managerial experience is not a cert for success.

    I thought the bad old days of Shepherd and the managerial sackings were a thing of the past and we had, at long last, achieved stability and with a manager in Chris Hughton who brought dignity to the job and the club. Chris will be remembered as one of the few good Newcastle managers we ever had. I wish him well and think that his achievements at the club will ensure that he will not be out of work for long.

  40. Ross,
    same here mate.
    Slow as.

    Jol is the one i’d go for, can’t even think of anyone else tbh.

  41. Wow, based on twitter, Jol is our manager tomorrow, but there are other candidates.

    Could the Newcastle job actually be a desired job all of a sudden, after we walked the championship.

    If that’s actually the case, I would suspect the star potential of Andy Carroll would have to be the main reason. The lad has unbelievable potential, and there are other really good players in the team – Enrique, Tiote, Ben Arfa, Barton.

  42. Well, just as I say that, Jol resigning appears on their official site, lol.

    Quite simple, he’s the name we have to go for. If we’re looking at him or Alan Pardew then there’s obviously no question. Even if Pardew was nothing more than media nonsense, Jol is the name we should be looking at. I’m assuming he’s been slashed by the bookies? Odds on?

  43. Anyone who joined now would be mad to join without some clause that Ash will splash the cash.

  44. No smoke without fire and is this too much of a coincidence?! I woul love it, lobe it jol was in tomorrow

  45. ROSS bloody merry-go-round mate just the norm for toon,see how long this comment takes 20.56

  46. Probably nothing like but I just got this when clicking on a link for next permanent Newcastle manager on Paddy Power :-o

    ‘Please check the issues below and click close to continue

    Ottmar Hitzfeld
    Event was suspended.’

  47. Betting suspended on Jol.

    He’ll be in the dug out on Saturday.

    Hughton as assistant anyone?

  48. for the stat guys hoots win percentage was about 56% during his time at club,not commenting anymore tonight just taking to long

  49. Yeah Stuart I think Jol will be boss but why would Paddy Power state ‘Ottmar Hitzfeld’ bit random isn’t it?

    I’d be shocked if we don’t get Jol now it’s all setup for that to happen but still i’d be happy with Hitzfeld he escaped my mind but he has some brilliant qualities and a lot of experience too.

  50. I actually wanted Jol when we went doon before CH was appointed, please not Pardew tho :-(

  51. Anyone seen Roy Cropper tonight?

    I’m a bit worried about him. Hope he’s not caught in the fire.

  52. Yeah not commenting anymore till later I am expecting Martin Jol and I seen it coming which is always nice he was in my top 3 candidates for the job he turned spurs into a top 5 team and he’s done a fantastic job everywhere he’s been.

    Looking forward to seeing him unveiled more than likely tomorrow. He’ll be a great appointment if it’s true.

    The Paddy Power Hitzfeld thing is a bit strange though that’s really got me thinking now.. he won a lot of fans with his work with Switzerland afterall.

  53. Stuart, hoots as assistant would have been the classy thing to do, like I mentioned earlier.

    Hitfield is another top manager that we all wanted a while back.

    Steve McLaren is someone who is always derided, but his club record is good.

    Jol is looking like a nailed on bet.

    However, Pardew is more Ashley’s style.

  54. Ice, before or after the explosion?*

    *sorry sad corrie reference. It was on in the background.

  55. ice,
    That’s hilarious mate.

    t’internet is slug slow the neet, or is it just here?

  56. Thats football fans for you :)

    On a thread that started with “Thank you Chris for everything”, Richie at No.65 says “I actually wanted Jol before CH was appointed” :)

    Chris Who ?

  57. We are a fickle lot aren’t we? :-)

    One minute we are all slitting our wrists and ready to cut Ashleys nuts off.

    Now we might have someone like Jol joining us, we are all Chris who? ;-)

    Is this MA’s “Ashley Cole” moment?

  58. Appointing Jol would soothe some of my hard feelings this day. The man plays an attacking style which is more than I can say for MON. The pardew thing is like a sick joke…

  59. Joking apart I just cannot see Jol taking the job. He’s on too much bunce and the squad just hasn’t got the type of players he likes.

    He’d be thick as fck to take the job if he’s no money to spend.

    Pardew or Kinnear is more Ashleys style and their desperate enough for a crack at a big job.

  60. If we get Jol ,yes he’s a proven manager ,but I’m not sure how he would handle the likes of Barton and Carroll.He gives the impression to me as a no nonsense manager and wouldn’t do the softly softly approach that Chis was so good at, and that the players responded to.I seem to remembering him having a fall out with Berbatov, with Berbatov refusing to warm up as sub against Newcastle at St. James’.

  61. Ashley will have been spreading his bets for Jol when it was 25/1. He’s done that in the past hasn’t he, gets his cronies to spread bets around and make a mint betting on his own decisions.

  62. Pardew would be a joke , but u never know with this c*nt anymore, Im heatbroken i really am.

    Jol would be amazing.

    Hitzfeld would be amazing.

  63. I’ve had money on Jol at 25/1 since lunchtime. It’ll be scant returns for putting up with all this bollocks but will help with Christmas presents, if it comes off.

    Still not prepared to think too far into the future. Disrespectful to Hughton and quite honestly is exactly what that fat bastard wants. Leave the past behind and look ahead. Ignoring all of the shitty things he’s done along the way.

  64. If it turns out to be Jol then at least he’ll know what he’s in for at SJP working with Fat Man.

    “Because of the large amount of money that had been spent, Spurs were expected to challenge for a top 4 place in the 2007–08 season. However, after Tottenham lost their opening two games, their club secretary John Alexander and director Paul Kemsley were photographed in a Spanish hotel with Sevilla manager Juande Ramos, who then claimed that Tottenham had made him a “dizzying offer” to become their manager, though this was denied by Tottenham’s chairman Daniel Levy. This undermined Jol’s position, and he was eventually sacked by the Tottenham board on 25 October 2007 during their 2–1 defeat to Getafe in the UEFA Cup. Jol confessed that he first became aware of the decision when his nephew told him of a text message he received saying Jol was to leave the job” ;)

  65. If it turns out to be Jol then at least he’ll know what he’s in for at SJP working with Fat Man.

    “Because of the large amount of money that had been spent, Spurs were expected to challenge for a top 4 place in the 2007–08 season. However, after Tottenham lost their opening two games, their club secretary John Alexander and director Paul Kemsley were photographed in a Spanish hotel with Sevilla manager Juande Ramos, who then claimed that Tottenham had made him a “dizzying offer” to become their manager, though this was denied by Tottenham’s chairman Daniel Levy. This undermined Jol’s position, and he was eventually sacked by the Tottenham board on 25 October 2007 during their 2–1 defeat to Getafe in the UEFA Cup. Jol confessed that he first became aware of the decision when his nephew told him of a text message he received saying Jol was to leave the job” ;)

  66. I’ve had enough of this crap. Wtf is MA thinking? To sack the manager that has made Joey Barton, Andy Carroll and rest of the team tbh, play so well at times, doesn’t seem very clever, does it? I’m not even sure that he has a new manager in mind yet, at least not one that is willing to come and work for him. The managers of Newcastle risk being sacked if they don’t make it into the top 4 his first season.

    I want to wish Chris the best for the future, let’s hope he gets what he deserves, 10 times the salary he was on in Newcastle, and expectations that match how much he gets to spend during the transfer window.

    I really don’t think i can take much more atm, it’s a real shocker that he was sacked! Let’s just hope that the players will be able to keep on performing like they’ve done quite often this season IMO. Can’t really see anyone doing a better job than Chris Hughton. I think we’ll definately see how well CH did to keep the lads so happy and together. I’m afraid it won’t be like that if the wrong manager is signed:(

  67. What would stun me into next week would be if MA appointed someone like Jol and then opened his wallet.
    Ashley didn’t really want CH, so he wasn’t going to give him any cash.
    Ashley’s man might get some dosh.

    Sorry, I’ve just given myself a slap.

    Expect Brian Little to be announced with Peter Taylor as assistant.

  68. Andymac… lol..didnt mean it like that tho, think it’s a disgrace CH has been sacked and what he’s done with very little backing has been brilliant and should never be forgotten but I was saying that jol was my prefered option when all sorts of names were being mentioned(like now) and long before CH was given the job or was even mentioned as getting the job permanently.

  69. this is taken from paddypower.

    Returning Newcastle to the Premier League after just a season in the Championship wasn’t good enough to save Chris Hughton’s job as manager. Neither was drawing with current champions Chelsea, beating Arsenal at the Emirates or thumping Aston Villa 6 – 0 all of which saw the Magpies reach 11th in the league. Having steadied the ship, Hughton has been discarded like so many Geordie jumpers at a Newcastle home game. Now a fat man remains – the classless Mike Ashley. Will Alan Pardew be next to drink from the poisoned chalice?

  70. AndyMac….. and he worst thing about all that money Spuds spent, wasnt on players that Jol wanted but on who the chairman wanted(allegedly)…we’re not the only club with idiots in charge ;-)

  71. Dunno whats wrong with the site/servers but you get the gist :)

    BTW We’re now 12th but at least we’re above Villa who look pretty awful at the moment

  72. The ‘new’ manager will be MA’s first ‘real’ appointment.
    Fat sam was foist upon him by ffs, keegan was ‘for the fans’ but was destined to crash & burn, JFK was the only one willing at the time, Shearer was the natural stand in, Hughton was the last man standing.

  73. People are saying Jol is just gonna go to Liverpool. Chances of them getting him and us ending up with Pardew or Kinnear? Wouldn’t be surprised, lol.

  74. It doesn’t really matter who comes in they will have a hell of a job to do to keep the team morale up and bonded together . The squad has seen Calderwood and Hugton go the 2 trainers that kept a sinking ship afloat and then sailed it into calmer waters . It does not matter how good they play under whoever it will be , they wont forget Chris and how he was sacked after a period of success and will be thinking what is the point

  75. Stuart…it’s all been arranged for a while imo, hence no number 2 very little cash to spend.He couldn’t sack him when he got us up so convincingly so Ashleys been waiting all season for a bad run so he could get rid of Chris.Tw@t.

  76. ROSS trust you to put an end to small bright spot :(,we knew we were going to get someone shit,but fun while it lasted lol

  77. I’ve spoken to Martin Jol while he was out here with Tottenham on tour of South Africa.
    He is a hard, no nonsense character. The players were almost scared of him.
    It reminded me of a headmaster with his pupils.

    He’s the total opposite of Hughton. Which is both good and bad. Depends on how the players react best.
    But I can tell you one thing. There will be no drinking and late nights out with him in charge. ANd expect to see a lot of big players leave or put in their place if he arrives.

    Still, don’t see it though. Can’t see us getting anyone better than Hughton was.

  78. not sure how the timings of our last appointsment are but hasnt jol been constantly linked since ashley took over, good point by clintflick. maybe ashley couldnt get jol before because of circumstance.
    I think this is proof ashley is starting to think long term and think big. Players being signed up on long contracts why do that if you arent interested. hughton didnt decide how long carroll was signed for. Chrissy will always be a legend for me but i think some good may come out of it. the club is the most important thing.

  79. Its scary how long Mike has probably been planning this. Poor old C.H has been getting on with his job working 13 hour shifts in dignity. It’s all just a game to Ashley. The latest privilidge and hobby in his billionarre capitalist lifestyle. I bet all his cronies are betting on the next manager all day with a nice christmas bonus on the way. The man has no class whatsoever. But all I care about is NUFC, not Ashley, Hughton, Shearer or anyone else. Its no good crying about justice ect, it doesn’t exist outside of peoples heads. Long live NUFC and HWTLs!!!

  80. Funnily enough, I was talking to an aquaintance who was coached on being a coach by Hughton yesterday evening, and he was convinced that he was an exceptional man who would make an exceptional manager. He also said that he was one of the nicest, most considerate people he had ever met, a great teacher, and someone who would have the abilty to get undying loyalty from his players. When I talked to someone else who was aquainted with him some time ago, he very similar things about him too. In the long run, he will almost certainly be better off out of this retarded, suicidal, self righteous arsehole of a club and making his name somewhere better. At least while he was here, he got a chance to show other clubs something of what he can do in management though.

  81. as a fan i think its only right i thank hughton for all he has done for our club, i really hope mike ashley has an ace up his sleeve but i doubt it. chris was the only man that could have done it for us last season, i think he will move on to a good no2 job and in a few years be a top manager. fingers crossed for nufc

  82. JJ

    In interviews he sounds like a really nice and fair man. He’s not nasty or anything but he probably demands better behavior than Hughton, as do most managers tbh.

  83. Jol to Liverpool? So what about Hodgson then?

    He could do a decent job for us.

    Agree that it’s been arranged for some time. Like I said earlier, Ashley was probably hoping for a loss to 5under1and so he wouldn’t get as much stick for sacking hoots.

    Come on, you know it and I know it, some people would have been screaming for CH to go if we had lost on that day.
    As it happens the result just made him a Toon legend.

  84. Just got home from work in the USA and can’t believe my eyes. What a fucking moron our owner is. Last few games have been bad, but not nearly bad enough to toss Hughton. We were in a rough patch Hughton would have sorted out. Unreal…

  85. Just got home from work in the USA and can’t believe my eyes. What a fughing moron our owner is. Last few games have been bad, but not nearly bad enough to toss Hughton. We were in a rough patch Hughton would have sorted out. Unreal…

  86. Ice-Haha, it’s all speculation mate! Much like Jol to us is. The timing of his departure is certainly strange. We shouldn’t even be in this position though, Hoots should never have been shown the door.

  87. DJG

    No, not nasty. He just commands respect.

    He has a good dry sense of humour, but he is very tough on ill discipline.

    I had dinner with them him and the team one night on their tour.
    When he walked past the players table, they almost hushed as if to make sure he knew they were on their best behaviour.

    Still remember the table I sat at. Was Jenas, Keane, Huddlestone, Lennon and Dawson.

  88. Just fughing sick to my stomach. We need stability. Hughton’s had us playing decently. A dip was bound to happen. Fugh.

    Sorry, I’m just seeing all of this now. Completely taken aback and feel like I’ve been punched in the gut.

    Fughing fat bastard. This is why FANS SHOULD OWN THE CLUB. With a board elected by fan/members, this would not have happened. Hughton would already have had a new contract.

  89. I agree, Johno. This is exactly the wrong kind of destabilizing shite we need right now. The players are no doubt in complete despair. Carroll was really growing and had been taken under his wing. He had all of their respect. Now? Back to fughing turmoil. Fugh!

  90. I’ve heard that the selection committee is making a comeback.
    Ashley has been reading up on our history and has found out that the last time we won the league we didn’t have a manager we had the selection committee in place.

  91. Well, if anyone needs cheering up just head over to the Villa blogs. They are on about protesting to get Houllier out already, haha!

  92. goodbye hoots will never be forgotten all the best and good wishes

    i wouldnt be surprised when we do have a new manger be the next one to get flicked when results dont go our way newcastle worked so hard to be the stable club which for the time being was,now all that hard work has gone undone

  93. Thats class el T.
    I voted for warnock as mom lol
    couldn’t happen to a better bunch of cock fans.
    Luv it if they got relegated.

  94. where all these twitter people who were all up to date with all the transfer news n the summer? Some on .com saying its on twitter pardew is on tyneside

  95. Johno-Folk have been saying Pardew is on Tyneside all night mate. Then Jol resigned at Ajax, his odd’s are slashed to 3/1 on and Twitter is banging on about how he’ll be our manager tomorrow morning, lol.

    I seriously doubt it will be anyone other than Beardsley in the dug out for the bin dippers at the weekend. The chances of us having a deal wrapped up for a new manager inside 4 days for me, are incredibly slim. The club have again proved how clueless and pathetic they are the day, they don’t do anything sensibly. In saying that, it’d be just my luck that everything is wrapped up. Sad thing is this has been planned for months. CH working his arse off for us, bringing in some brilliant results, the entire time Ashley is sitting in the stands, shaking his head as we do Arsenal away wondering when he’s going to give Hoots the boot.

  96. Johno Toon

    Depends on the source. A lot of people simply re-tweet what someone else has already written, which shows up with @sourcesname before the text.

    You can click on the source to find out who it actually is, and even look up what they’ve previously tweeted.

    After I heard about Martin Jol, I did a search for ‘Martin Jol Newcastle’ on twitter, and there were a bunch of ppl retweeting a comment from daily telegraph (I know) correspondent Jason Burt saying “Hearing from a good source that Martin Jol is likely to take over at Newcastle but he’s definitely not the only candidate.”

    Looked at some of his older tweets, and he was on top of the Andy Carrol England call-up, as well as a few other things.

  97. all the indicators point to Jol, any1 see him on a TV footy programe recently, maybe football focus, basically asking for another shot at the EPL. he said he would love a return to the EPL but coz he had contract with Ajaz he couldnt see that happening at the minute. But now thats finished its as near a cert as you can get imo

  98. Stevie A79 Can’t believe your defending Ashley’s decision you must be an employee!!! Yes CH had some bad results against Blackpool, Stoke etc… but he had some amazing results against Arsenal away, Aston Villa and best of all the Mackem’s. I wasn’t convinced he was the right manager when we were promoted but he won me over and the way he has been treated is a disgrace. I won’t be back at st James’ whilst Ashley is in charge he is a cancer for our football club. You say it’s Ashley’s club but people like him come and go it’s the fans that are the constant in the words of the great SBR;

    “What is a club in any case?

    Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it.

    It’s not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes.

    It’s the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city.

    It’s a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his father’s hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love.”

  99. Strong words, Worky. Would have preferred you to have aimed them exact words at our owner and not the club though. He’s the one who’s making the decisions and for once nobody can blame the fans.

  100. “Why didn’t we snatch up Martin Jol when we had the chance in the transfer window? Oh I know. Not only did Randy want to hire a new manager AFTER the transfer window without buying any new players in 2010, he also went with the cheap option.

    Not only do I want Randy out of this club, I also want the fat ginger CEO gone, the general who is full of s**t, the old french git who looks like his gonna collapse any second and the players that MON bought who are purely s**t.”


  101. El Toro,
    Just goes to show that ALL clubs fans will stoop to saying owt when things aren’t going to plan/dreams.

  102. Shit,
    this page is loading slower than a snail on mogadon.
    Or van der vaart, whichever’s slowest.

  103. CLiNT FLiCK

    Aye the servers had a good hiding today and proved itself not good at traffic jams. I think it will have a good breather tonight.

  104. We’re pretty much fucked now – I’d like to add my thanks to hughton for a fantastic job, I as well as 98% of toon fans are extremely grateful for the job you did – hope your next employer recognises your contribution unlike that useless fat twat
    All the best CH – you’ll always have a place in the toons hearts

  105. So the tabloid rumours were right. That’s an awful thing to have to say. Now there’s no stopping the rumour mill again.

    All I can do is shake my head at the ridiculous decision to sack CH. I was warming to Hughton. I still had reservations about his tactical nouse and his over-reliance on seniority, but he got some exceptional results. Unfortunately he got some awful ones as well. Still, I think he was worth persevering with.

    Even bringing in Martin Jol won’t appease me.

    I wonder how much the players knew about this pre-WBA, and did it affect the performance? Presumably Chris had some idea about it as he’d be aware of how his contract negotiations were panning out.

    I wonder, if Jol is the disciplinarian he is said to be, if Barton’s non-appearance had anything to do with his forthcoming appointment (if that, indeed, is what happens).

    At least Jol has a tactical brain and he has some good contacts, especially with the young guys at the Ajax school of excellence no doubt.

    I hope the timing means that the new manager will get funds for the transfer window.

    Sorry to see Chris go, though. But when you’ve been a Newcastle fan for as long as I have you learn to look for the positives – coz if you don’t you’ll be crying for a bloody long time.

  106. Its a damn shame Liverpool won 3-0 without Gerrard and co.

    Don’t fancy us for sat one bit. No doubt the players will just stand there sulking and get our now customary walloping off ‘pool.

  107. Bris…I thought that about the WBA game, maybe the players knew before hand and hence the lethargic, poor display and that Hughton keeping them locked up for an hour in the changing room was actually him saying his goodbyes…who knows. Another uneventful day in the life of a Toon fan eh?
    Whey off to bed, maybe I’ll wake up and it will all have been a bad dream!!

  108. DJG,
    could go the other way v liverpoo mate.
    They may come thinking they’ve only gotta turn up & it’s in the (onion) bag?
    Stranger things have happened.

  109. Two <<>> in one day xxx how exciting has this day been * ^ * it’s never let up really has it ?.

  110. ‘maybe the players knew before hand and hence the lethargic, poor display and that Hughton keeping them locked up for an hour in the changing room was actually him saying his goodbyes…who knows.’

    Wouldn’t be surprised one bit and good point about saying his goodbyes. Truth is, as fans we are last to know, these guys know stuff weeks and Ashley Months before us.

  111. The one thing I can’t get over is how disrespectful the whole thing has been.

    The man was led to believe he would earn himself a new contract on proper wages and then had the rug pulled from under his feet. Nobody can deny that he had earned himself at least a 2 year extension on proper managers money.

    He has been mugged off and to do that to a man and his family despite being on course to remain in the Prem is incredibly classless. I do not care what happens from now on, I want MA out as soon as possible.

  112. Jol wud b great play good attacking football, sad to c chris go but don’t think anyone can it wasn’t expected he has never been giving cash but he has always done well hence why ashly cudnt sack him now he cud, am convinced the timing means there will b funds available but if its pardew ill b sick no better than hoots

  113. yeah CH he was a grt bloke done a grt job, but was never really backed by ashley was he? in Jol he will trust imo, so reckon he will have a small kitty to spend in Jan

  114. Some interesting points made about Beardsley in the Daily Mail. I did find it strange that Baron was sacked and Beardsley remained.

  115. the spurs fans really love Jol just been on 1 of there message boards, so could be an inspired decision. lets hope he nd pedro do get on, you no wat managers r like about there backroom staff

  116. I’m sorry, but did I miss something? People are speaking as if Jol is confirmed and will be holding a press conference at 12pm tomorrow. This Jol link is speculation based on him leaving his job the same day as Hughton. Yes, there may be something in it, but it could also just be a coincidence. Hatch – Chickens – Count – Dont

  117. Jol does like to play attackin footy, wonder how much cash he will be given over the jan n summer transfer windows? i must admit when i first heard it on the radio i was really shocked then i remembered about his contract, then the no asst bit, then the penny kinda dropped.

    still unsure if hes dropped a really big clanger or pulled off a masterstroke. i mean the timing is pretty good IF hes gonna give the nxt fella a little cash this jan,n somemore in the summer.

    aye its a bold stroke u gotta say….i just hope the nxt manager is officially announced tomorow afternoon…then i might get behind it.

  118. So we sack houghton who just won the championship,had players and fans respect and look to replace him with jol-failing badly at ajax, o’neil-quit his last job because he was told to stop buying carp and he wasn’t get 40 mill a year. Pardew-sacked off a league one side for being useless. Top it off with campbell saying players are furious. I personally like jol but he wasn’t doing anythging special with ajax. Again i don’t mid o’neil but seems a money manager although he did a decent job at leicster but that was when few teams had money and he’s a sunderland fan. The thing we’ve also got to look at is houghton relationship with the current bunch. he shieled carrol,got simpson and barton talked about for england. ranger recently said how good it was having amanager that beleives in him. You hear nowt but positives from enrique(has said houghton is the best manager he’s had) and he was instrumental in the ben arfa/gosling/campbell deals.

  119. How much can the press over react about Newcastle without actually dying of an aneurism or cardiac arrest?
    F***ing mongs,
    collymore was apoplectic on talkshite, trying to whip up unrest & hatred.
    I almost believed he cared.

  120. this will be ashlys first appointment of someone he actually wants n not a stand in we may see him splash the cash for once, hoots was great manager n am not saying jol is ryt or wrong appointment if happens but i think it shows real ambition of which way he wants to take the club but if its pardew am jacking in season ticket

  121. Here’s were I got the Jol rumor from:

    Daily telegraph correspondent has it from a ‘good source’ that Jol could be our new manager but there are ‘definitely other candidates.’

    Could be bollox, he hedges his bets by admitting it could be someone else, but looking at his other scoops he was on top of the Andy Carroll England call up as well as Tottenham moves for Gallas and Van der Vaart over the summer.

  122. rory-some grt points there m8, basically the same as wat i thought. but ashley bought this club right, nd he see’s the opportunity to swap managers, his OWN choice, so will surely back him. the timing to sack CH is the right 1, i must admit i too like him, nd have praised him, esp his conduct. but i do understand cashleys perrogative as well.

    me nd my dad got the boxing day tickets for man city last week, so im kinda nervous nd unsure, but like i said b4, if hes gonna make a move then now is the perfect opportunity imo.

    i might be eating my words mind ya boxing day, but heres hoping anyway

  123. davy 161 exactly m8, i have the same sentiments m8

    without him backing CH with an asst the writting was on the wall…just hope like i said b4 the appt of our new manager is swift nd i’m watching our new manager tomorow afternoon

  124. I will only judge after I see who MA brings in. Am angry but will wait and see.

  125. End of the day it’s always easier to sack a manager than 5 players. Unfortunatly for chrisy he’s living and dying by other peoples players. He brought in simpson,williamson,campbell,routledge,Lovenkrands,perch,gosling and tiote,best. Simpson,williamson have shown they are good enough.Campbell and gosling havn’t had the games. routlege,lovenkrands played major roles in last years sucsess.Tiote has been one of the signings of the season. Ben arfa looked good when he played. Granted perch and best havn’t worked out but 5/7 worked plus two havn’t had a chance yet(England u21 internatonal and vastly experiance centre half) and good loan signings as well last year. Who’s to say he wouldn’t have done all right with money. The best get a couple wrong. Just llok at ferguson kleberson,tabi,manucho etc.

  126. I’m still just absolutely dumbstruck by this decision, still can’t quite believe its real. Absolutely gutted to see Hughton go, and even if we end up being successful this season, or actually manage to stay up, which I think we have a much lower chance of now…then I think Hughtonshould still have had the chance to manage..these latest results are far from crippling

  127. Frank Rijkaard or Martin Jol would be fantastic choice of replacement.

    the former would be great,with His philosophy of playing entertaining games and winning too.


    The tactics used during his tenure as manager of Barcelona best exemplify Frank Rijkaard’s commitment to playing stylish attacking football. During the team’s 2004–05 and 2005–06 campaigns, the coach frequently fielded a 4–1–2–2–1 formation, a system which encouraged the creativity of the players in the front third of the field and created optimal interplay between the midfielders and forwards during attacks. Within this system the four defenders also tended to play in a relatively high position on the pitch to support the midfield which frequently advanced to participate in the attack. The team generally focuses on maintaining possession in the opponents’ half of the field, applying pressure in order to force the opposition to make errors in defense and offensive counter-attacking.

    With regards to man-management and motivation, Rijkaard rejects the notion of a “star system” and promotes the idea that every one of his players is a valuable member of the team.[14] He rarely praises one individual over another in the squad, although he has been known to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of a player within the context of a team performance.

  128. WOW…

    I mean we had a young up and coming manager who was only going to get better. What more do you want?

    Hughton had years of experience serving at Spurs under some great managers…

    Jose Mourinho was a translator to Sir Bobby and learned his trade under some good managers before becoming great…

    Hughton had all the experience needed and to find someone who has worked under so many good managers, it is a real shame and then we will go and get JOL when we had his student who was on the way up.

    I feel sorry for the next manager coming in. How is he supposed to come in and be as well liked as Hughton was to the players. He wont and the players have a tough tasked of letting everything they acheived with Hughton go and just start over with a new manager.


    I feel it has to be JOL we cant have another keegan in O’neil. But we dont have the funds these managers will want.

    Jol did well at Spurs and should not of been fired but the under study is always my preferred choice not to get a has been who will do a few years here. Hughton could of been the coach for ten plus years.

    I dont think I can be happy with any new coach but it wont be Shearer and I hope not as it would be disrepect to Hughton.


    Lets bring Clark in as an assistant or my favorite would be Gary Speed

  129. I’ll never forgive Ashley for this. The players must also be up in arms. Some of them showed loyalty to the club by staying before but with the feelings of Deja vu, surely they must be thinking they’ve had enough. Moving on as we must I pray Ashley has someone ready to go and can win the team over by Jan so we can keep it together. If it’s jol I wouldn’t mind if he brought Suarez with him.
    Thank you for saving our club st hoots the martyr… You deserved better.

  130. My biggest concern is that we take an age to replace CH and morale and our position in the league hits rock bottom, that could only take a few weeks. We could be bottom for Christmas. Same if we get in Pardew.

    If we appoint Jol or O’Neil this week I can see us climb the table and with money to spend in January a strong finish could see up finish top half possibly Europe.

    It’ll be one or the other as that’s life at NUFC.

  131. You’d have to say that Martin Jol looks to be the man. We’ve been linked before and he resigns from Ajax within hours of CH being sacked. I’d say he’ll be manager within 48 hours.

    I’d like to say anybody in their right mind would realise that they need a replacement lined up before sacking the incumbent, but we’r talking Ashley here. The man cannot be spoken about in rational terms.


  133. Hoots wasn’t going some soppy goodbye to the players at wba. They didn’t know until just before it was made public. Hoots took training as usual and was summoned to sjp after. Read the players comments they were as shocked as we were.
    Love how everyone is now sticking the knife in. It seems like the media were just waiting for this so they could have a dig.
    Wonder if chelsea or the bin diapers would get the same?

  134. I’ve seen the betting list of possible new managers and there are very few experienced (and good) managers available, no surprise there. Martin O’Neil is top of the list but he is a miserable individual who will not endear himself to Geordie fans, just ask any Villa fan. Some of the people mentioned in the betting are a joke eg Shearer, Clarkie, Kinnear, Phil Brown plus many justifiably long term unemployed. There is one omission, Martin Jol who was the current manager of Ajax yesterday. He would be good, although we have already had one Dutch manager, which didn’t turn out too well.

    Whoever arrives will cost the club a lot of money as they will be on a much higher salary than Hughton and will want to bring in at least one assistant. As all new managers insist that many of the players they inherit are useless (true in our case) and new ones are required the club will have to cough up millions. Therefore the board cannot be making this change to save money. They are playing a very risky game as managerial experience is not a cert for success.

    I thought the bad old days of Shepherd and the managerial sackings were a thing of the past and we had, at long last, achieved stability and with a manager in Chris Hughton who brought dignity to the job and the club. Chris will be remembered as one of the few good Newcastle managers we ever had. I wish him well and think that his achievements at the club will ensure that he will not be out of work for long.

  135. Anybody remember a user called bobby Shinton who came on here a few weeks back and said ch was gonna get the sack by jan and he was sure abt it.we all ridiculed him then.but anyway what worries me is the 2nd part of wat he said then-that jfk is gonna be his replacement.god help us if thats the case….

  136. deepak….and we were right to ridicule him, he said CH had already agreed to take over the Chelsea coaches job but was waiting for Ashley to find a replacement so he was wrong there.Why would Ashley need to sack him if it was CH who wanted to leave? His other pece of crap was Kinnear would take over which which yesterday he suddenly changed to Alan Pardew (when the bookies made him favourite) so he’s got both things wrong so far mate.

  137. Congrats to CH for all he has done for us, Fat man is an idiot an hopefully will get his comeuppance in the near future…but hopefully not at the expense of NUFC.

    I wish you all the luck in the World Chris, onwards and upwards from our joke of a club!

  138. A thought……

    It’s Chris Hughton’s birthday on Saturday and I’m sure rousing chorus of Happy Birthday’d be a nice way of showing our appreciation for him and……. the message’d resonate around the world!

    Best of luck to him, he was well and truly kippered by a man with no scruples whatsoever.

    I wonder if Hughton was given the option of acting as Assistant Manager to whomsoever in the knowledge that he’s a proud man and wouldn’t suffer the indignity of a demotion?

    One thing for sure, a nice guy swimming with sharks has little or no chance of survival.

    I wish him well, he deserved better.

    But and no matter, we are where we are and must continue supporting the lads on the field. Howaaaayyyyyy the lads.

  139. It was a disgrace to sack Chris BUT the majority of fans on this and other forums / bloggs never rated him when he first took over. He proved everyone wrong except perhaps his boss.

    Many of the fans are now saying the exact same things about the likely candidates particularly Pardew and Curbishley.

  140. When I first heard the news from a friend that Chris has lost his job at Newcastle, I took a deep breathe and surged because my brain couldn’t conprehend the info well. I then got immediately on the computer and logged onto and the news was the breaking news and headline for the day. Suddenly, tears started rolling down my cheeks and I wondered ‘why on earth bad things always happen to good people’? Eventhough, I am not a big admirer of English football neither am I Newcastle’s fan, but I certainly follow the story of many clubs around the world because of my obsession with the game. I felt sorry for Newcastle when they were relegated, then later I became blithe when they put up an unbelievable performance and got promoted back to premier league in style and fashion under the guidiance of Chris. From that moment on, I started admiring Chris and the Newcastle team. Any ways, if Newcastle thinks Chris was not good enough for them, so it be and we all hope for the best for them. We hope the new manager will be able to make whatever dream(s)they have reality like Chris did………..:)