Who would YOU choose to be our next manager?

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Alan Pardew - The likely candidate?
Alan Pardew - The likely candidate?
I have been unable to post many articles as of late as I’m finding myself at work an awful lot (to which I’m sure Toonsy and Jay Jay will have lots of cinema manager jokes). For that I apologise ladies and gentlemen.

First and foremost I don’t think I have anything to say about Chris Hughton’s unjust sacking that hasn’t already been voiced by you guys.

Like a lot of Newcastle fans, I loved Chris. I could sit here and praise him all day long. Top coach, top man, and I have no doubt Chris will be back in work soon. What I will say though is that I’m really proud of all the people that texted and e-mailed into Sky Sports News with messages of support and thanks for Chris and the disgust at the treatment he has recieved from the goons that run our beloved club.

Once again we find ourselves in need of a new manager. Something we seem to be used to. I read Hugh de Payen’s article about Martin Jol and other potential candidates for the vacant hotseat at St James’ Park. What I want to know is who you guys want for the position?

With the bookies seemingly changing the front-runner regularly it’s anyones guess who will land the job. David Craig said on SSN that there are a series of interviews taking place with various representatives. Though he tells us the club are, as ever, keeping thir cards close to their chest.

With Ashley claming the club are now looking for ‘experience’ you’d have to say that rules out the likes of Alan Shearer and Peter Beardsley. Both men are outsiders currently.

The obvious names doing the rounds are Martin Jol, Martin O’Neill, Alan Pardew and Alan Curbishley. Though according to Craig the latter has as good as said he’d be suprised if he was named the next Newcastle manager.

So who do you fancy? Any of those names? Or maybe someone who hasn’t been mentioned? Maybe our fat mess of an owner and co will pleasently suprise us immediately after making this horrible and unjust choice to dismiss a man who was, in my view, right for the job in question.

Let us know who you would like.

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245 Responses

  1. I think you should apply Mark. I mean they should know who you are, and you are a manager after all :lol:

  2. i seriously think i’d be better than pards toonsy…i’ll offer the opposition complimentry cinema tickets to throw games…

  3. it’ll def be someone out of work – pardew is the likely option, can’t see how he’s better than hughton myself, frying pan – fire springs to mind
    Be surprised if Jol came and can’t see any decent manager wanting the job

  4. Ian Holloway
    Fatih Terim
    Martin O’Neill
    Martin Jol

    I would take any of the above but none will work under Ashley.

    The rest i keep hearing mentioned scare the shit out of me…

  5. Mourinho should be free soon – well he did get madrid hammered by Barca – 50 quid and a sherbet dip should swing it

  6. Maybe it’s time for Everton to let Moyes go.
    He works on a budget our place would be like Man Citeh to him.
    Come on Mr Moyes time to have a bit of a spend.

  7. Out of Martin Jol, Martin O’Neill, Alan Pardew and Alan Curbishley, I’d prefer either Jol or Curbishley.

    Although there’s a promising manager called Chris Hughton I’d prefer to any of those.

    The thing is we’re only considering managers who are currently unemployed, yet it’s also possible he might be planning to poach one currently in employment. If he was going to do that I think he’d go after someone like Moyes, who is a good manager, used to working on a limited budget, but his football’s not the most exciting is it?

  8. sirjasontoon id love moyes- everytime weve needed a manager hes been my 1st choice.. cant see it though

  9. Surely even a spannerhead like Ashley can’t see Pardew as an improvemnt over Hughton.

  10. Most of them names being banded about range from dreadful (Pardew) to OK (MON). If I had to choose I think Jol is the best choice as he trys to play attractive football and has had success in the prem before.

    It is never easy trying to secure a manager in the middle of the season, which is why this doesn’t make sense. You’re stuck with the unemployed for the most part- and they usualy are unemployed for a reason. Which is why I would have at least given CH the entire season

  11. would like to see either martin o‘neill or martin jol in charge. please god not curbishley or pardew. wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up with kinnear instead !!!!!!!!! :(

  12. I remember when the news first broke about Hughton getting the sack, a journalist was claiming that a Premier League manager had phoned him and said something along the lines of, “That is f***ing b*ll***s! I hope those tossers get relegated!”…Sounds like Holloway to me.

  13. we sould go for rafa benitez he would love to come back to prem lge top manager most scousers would love to have him back at lpool also top bloke gave most of money he got from hicks gillete back to liverpool charities . best of all he is used to working for wankers like fcw ashley

  14. Oh dear…

    “BBC Sport understands that Pardew has been in talks with Newcastle about taking over at St James’ Park as long as 10 days ago.

    It is believed Pardew is close friends with Newcastle owner Mike Ashley and director Derek Llambias when all three were familiar faces at an exclusive London casino where Llambias was managing director.”

    Let’s just hire the whole bloody casino to run our club.
    Might as well make the head blackjack dealer the Director of Football…

  15. Guys, am not a MA fan and literally hate the guy but i have been thinking abt this-
    We all know how competitive the league is this year right?we are almost half way into the season and still within a good shout of europe.what if ma was thinking of this as an opportunity. a golden opportunity of qualifying into europe which would have been perhaps a lot more difficult any other season.what if he was aiming for europe rather than safety,wouldnt the sacking make sense then?what if he was willing to sanction a couple of worthwhile signings in jan so that we could reach there,wouldnt the timing of the sack and his need for an experienced manager make sense?far fetched i know,but it explains kinda everything.but then again i might be expecting too much from ma,this kinda stuff needs brains which he has not demostrated too much during his time here:-)

  16. martin oneil will be my first choice. on the other hand, im feeling extremely upset right now after the fact has sunk in. chris has done so much to nufc since we’ve got relegated, brought nolan back to life, barton back on form, mould carroll into a beast and so much more. i cannot see, at this point of time, anyone can achieve what he has done for us. im sick of nufc hiring a new manager every other year. and all of this happen because of one MIKE FATSHLEY. fucked up.

  17. Jol or O’Neill are the only names even worth thinking about. The saddest part is they’re the two furthest from the truth i’d imagine. It will most probably be Pardew and it’s pathetic. A serious step backwards.

    Toro-I’m surprised people havent asked Holloway to comment publically. He’d tear Ashley a new one infront of the world without hesitation.

    MDS-disgusting, if at all true. Him being mates with the idiots would just be the icing on the cake. That fat b@stard is well and truly taking the piss out of us.

  18. my heart is set on martin jol and no one else for once ashly prove me wrong n do the right thing, pardew is not the man he is no better than houghton, as bbc newcastle theyve said coz he was favourate i may never return if pardew gets the job

  19. O’neil… He is getting allot of stick for his brand of football but i liked our play just as well when we went 4-5-1 under CH if it meant wins… No candidate except the ones who we will never get will make me feel that we are safe more than CH did though and our biggest problem remains the owner.

  20. lads i am really p i s s e d off a pardew is getting named manager after the game on sat , he was at the training ground this morning and met the players ? this twit will take us down and the fat controller has f u c k e d us up yet again

  21. The dream choice for me would be Frank Rijkaard but that isn’t going to happen.
    Behind him Glenn Hoddle, Gus Poyet and Paula Sousa

    Reality says Pardew the links for the last two months have been too strong to be just rumours.
    People are slagging the guy off which isn’t very fair (the sacking of Hughton wasn’t fair either) he has only managed Charlton, West Ham and Southampton. The demand for managers who have won things produces a very small exclusive list who would not have one single thought of moving to the North East

  22. for me jol has it n has for a few weeks now, i think the club are leaking pardew as a smoke screen for jol, he has made no secret of desire to return to premier league n the day hoots gets sacked he suddenly walks from ajax, lets hope ashly gets this ryt bcoz pardew would b the last straw for most fans i think

  23. deepak… You cant get it to make sense no matter what fantasies you think of… If he wanted Europe, then he was aiming too high since we need stabile step by step progression to keep expectations realistic and even if it was the case, then why not provide CH with the money so he could have a go at it?

  24. thats funny tino considering the players trained at sjp today and the club have already announced they will name manager before friday

  25. Look, like has already been said, Jol was just a co-incidence.
    We are living in denial if we think anyone but Pardew is set to join.
    He was spotted at the club yesterday afternoon.

  26. Now that the dust has settled, everyone will agree that the way the sacking has been conducted, and even the sacking itself, was disrespectful and undeserved.

    However, does everyone agree on whether Hughton was the man to take us forward?

    Do we need a manager with more experience to take us to the next level?

    If someone who has a season ticket says they haven’t questioned Hughton’s ability this season for his 89th minute subs to rescue points or his lack of a plan B, then they are lying.

    I can’t speak highly enough of the man for what he has done to a club, which lets be honest, was on it’s arse when he took charge.

    But it would make for interesting reading to see what people have to say on if he WAS the man to take us forward, or is it just the way which he has been sacked with which people disagree with?

  27. tino says:
    December 7, 2010 at 7:22 pm
    we need to turn againtst that fat basted ashley and make him sell up

    Been tried before. He won’t leave until he wants to.

  28. i bet they are sad mackem who voted yes an for a fact the players met at the training ground this morning b4 getting on the bus to the ground . thats a fact
    pardew was there to

  29. How about Ray wilkins he has managed before and bring back either clark or carver to be assistant .

  30. At the risk of much ridicule and bashing, I am going to throw my weight…and I am not a lite fella…behind an American (or coach in MLS) being given his chance. Any MLS manager would be used to working with tight budgets. Additionally, if you look at either Bruce Arena or Bob Bradley, they both have lots of experience, and Arena even has some silverware to show off. I am not saying I want either, but I wouldn’t mind seeing that happen.

  31. look the new manager has been lined up all along n will b in place by tomorrow i would of thought to take training, pardew has achieved no more than houghton by gaining promotion with a few clubs, its the worst choice in the world he took west ham on there worst losing streak in 70 years, he got sacked from the strongest team in league 1 in southampton coz they thought he wasnt good enough to get them up

  32. does any body know if you can get your money back once you have received your tickets for game . I bought 5 tickets for the 1892 bar for me and my family to see liverpool game .Now I dont want to go and give that fat bastard my money if it was just 1 ticket I would rip it up . but others are pressies for kids who wont want to go now either


  33. tino am not saying its not pardew but ssn had shots of the players turning up at sjp n leaving in there own cars so unless u seen it yaself someones telling u lies

  34. NorCal ToonFan

    Bob Bradley would be a better manager than Pardew mate.

    I like to see people given a fair chance but I think Pardew would just be hated from the start. It would take unbelievable results for him to win over some fans and that won’t happen with our december fixures. We’re in for a long hard ride here but we must continue to support the club anyway we can. Thats all we can do. I wish people had more confidence in PB.

  35. my sources are not rubish as they were right about ben arfa signing i a only passing on what ive been told

  36. i really hope and prey they are lying cos i dont want pardew here ? and i carnt stand the bloke my self

  37. davy @41 as I said on the previous blog Pardew wasn’t sacked because they thought he wasn’t good enough to get them UP,it was because he was always UP a directors wife, fact.

  38. well watch ssn n what u hav been told is wrong as they hav pictures of players n pedro turning n leaving sjp in there n cameras hav been at training ground all day long n hav shots of hoots picking his gear up so weres the shots pardew, n i knew hba was signing without sources it was so obvious, am not having a go jus dont want pardew backward step sorri lads wont get rid of ashly

  39. Paul @ 42

    It is not our club. it is Mike Ashleys. We only choose (can’t be the right word) to support the team

  40. Martin Jol has ruled himself out of toon job due to his friendship with Chris Hughton – looks like we’re gonna be stuck with Pardew, I really hope someone else is in the frae as I cant see how he’s better than Hughton – what a joke

  41. davy-Don’t forget the fact that he was sacked from the Charlton job after leaving them bottom of the league and without a win in from their first 8 games, having taken charge of a team touted for promotion.

    Pardew wouldn’t be liked by the fans because he wouldn’t be an improvement on a manager who has been sacked for doing nothing wrong. If somebody told me at the beginning of the season that we’d be 11th in December having beaten Villa 6-1, Sunderland 5-1, Everton away 1-0, Arsenal away 1-0 and got a draw at home to Chelsea, i’d have had a straight jacket at the ready for them immediatly. The whole situation is obscene and it’s going to blow up right in Ashley’s face. In our faces too and none of us wanted it. There’s people actually now hoping we’re relegated purely to see the look on Ashleys face.

  42. pardew is manager he would have to get us in europe this season for me to consider keeping my season ticket on next year

  43. I’ve got tickets for Birmingham and Wigan, I won’t buy anymore if pardew is named manager, not good enough for charlton or Southampton but the man to take us foward, don’t think so :(

  44. hopefully pards will be up to fat ash’s wife and they fight to the death…
    ashley eats him to depose of the evidence and shitting out pardews head causes bad bleeding and the fat dick bleeds to death

  45. Jol’s agent(who looks like Mike Ashley’s lovechild) has claimed he will not be coming here

  46. Sorry, that’s a lie. He left them after taking a promotion challenging team to 11th in their first season and then in his second season, the same team were found at the foot of the table and after a streak of 8 games without a win and a 5-2 home loss, he was shown the door.

  47. can someone put a link up for jol ruling himself out job, coz my mates source said jol has telling ppl in holland he has a prem job for weeks now then suddenly quits ajax

  48. Who knows the truth?

    Do the press?

    Or fred’s mates mothers octopus?

    Believe all the gossip & hearsay if y’want, but coming on saying it’s true cos y’heard/read it is naive.
    Howay, calm down a tad lads/lasses, all this fanning the flames as they lick around is counter productive/intuitive.
    Time will tell, & regardless of any of it, we’ll have a new manager.

  49. MDS – Please tell me you are kidding, this has got to be a joke! Surely even that Knobhead Ashley wont employ Pardew on the basis that they are gambling buddies. What a poxy mess that stupid donkey has got us into again! What was wrong with Chris, is it because he was a decent honourable bloke, who did a great job with limited resources. Just when I was beginning to accept that Ashley maybe trying to bring some stability to the club, he goes and does this, it just does’nt make any sense.

    If Pardew get the managers job he is going to be the first Newcastle manager to be booed before a ball is kicked.

  50. Well, most on here will know I am not one who claims to be “in the know” when it comes to exclusive news. However, I said yesterday that a journalist had told me and my friend that Pardew was nailed on. From what I can see he has no reason to lie.

  51. jay jay

    Aye where’s Charlton now. Wheres Southampton.

    Could this be Ashleys lasting legacy to NUFC?

    Please god I hope its not Pardew. This is like a nightmare.

  52. Will need something solid before I believe Jol rules himself out. In saying that like, I dont know why I need anything solid, i’ve resigned myself to the fact that it’s going to be Alan “Mascherano and Tevez on the bench” Pardew since his name was mentioned. F*cking pathetic. The scary thing is, Fat boy wont treat him the way he has other managers if the stories about them being bum chums is true. If they’re mates then Ashley will have his little crew all involved in his play toy and they’ll do what they like with it purely for amusement. The whole situation is embarrassing.

  53. if pardew is appointed i will continue to go n support the team this season but he will hav to do something amazing for me to renew my season ticket like

  54. ice,
    MA had it sanctioned, but newsnow said they were doing it already, cos of the horrid way CH has been treated.

  55. am i dont agree with pardew but for ppl to say ashly is doin this for a laugh is way off the mark for i honestly think he thinks he is doin it for the good of the club the sad thing is it is just showing is lack of football knowledge, if pardew comes i think he will get cash thats sad to say n id expect to see youth promoted alot more quickly as thats ashly vision

  56. Ross

    Aye m8 thats what I was thinking. Pardew will be almost granted immunity because they are all mates from the same dodgy casino and one week Mike will pick the team, the next Pardew, then Lambias and if they win they get to pick again, honestly I think thats the sort of sh!t Ashley wants and knows he will get with his bumchums in cahoots like some sort of ultimate premierleague casino. There are darker reasons behind why hoots got the chop, not because of ‘experience’. It will probably be the supporters left to pick up the pieces in years to come when he loses interest and buggers of to own a theme park or something.

  57. Toonie1949 says:
    December 7, 2010 at 7:56 pm
    MDS – Please tell me you are kidding, this has got to be a joke!
    I wish it was a joke…but I’m crying not laughing.

    I am going to calm down now and hold out for offical word on the appontment. But MA better had come up with someone better than Pardew

  58. CLINT :),how much do you think ashley has made oot the bookies on this shit,and still making

  59. The news that Jol has ruled himself out comes from dutch television(apparently the dutch version of the bbc)

  60. as upset as i am bout houghton i dont think i can say in my heart i ever really thought he was the man for the job longterm, pardew defo isnt the man either

  61. patsy @50
    I could not disagrre more it is our club a club is a collection of people who have something in common .without us the fat cockney bastard would own a big empty stadium filled with whatever shit he could get his puppet manager to scrape together to play in front of him and his cronies

  62. DJG-Again it’s all speculation but i’m sure someone mentioned on here earlier a story regarding Hughton apparently having to take advice from Ashley pre games or something. I doubt that but at the same time it wouldn’t surprise me. Ashley literally doesn’t have a clue regarding football. To the point that the fact he OWNS a club, is shocking. Baffling.
    I would have no issue picking up the pieces now if it meant Ashley f*cked off immediatly. I’m at the point where i quite genuinly cant stand the sight of his face when he appears in pictures. I don’t know what i’d do if i bumped into him in the street, genuinly wouldn’t know what to do or say that wouldn’t get me into trouble.

  63. who ever is appointed the fans hav to stick with the team lads its so important we stay up this season, i dont think ashly thoughts hoots was firm enough the players

  64. If pardew gets the job Id lump on us getting relegated. I still cant get my head around this.

  65. yes but if we dont turn up for games how long are the players gonna stick around, n yes the players are upset but dont b mistaking for one second they will dwell on it for to long nolan was already talking bout getting behind the new gaffer today who ever it is

  66. the fat controller can needs to see a doc he not right in the head , he needs locked up and the key thrown away

  67. Does anybody know anything about Pardew? What sort of football he plays, what contacts he has, what sort of players he likes.

    I don’t really know anything about him apart from that he’s a cockney yes man who will come here and work for Ashley for peanuts. :(

  68. Ashley will reap what he sows , If he goes with pardew we will get relegated , if he pulls off a coup and gets a decent anager the sky is the limit for us. But that doesn excuse what happend to Hughton

  69. id say pardew n hoots are bout the same level both hav only achieved promotion to prem in there career thats why i cant understand the appointment if true its no better than what we had the only differnce i can see is pardew is more of a no non sense type manager

  70. Not steping foot in SJP again until that fat shit is out, where did he want us to finish this seasons, 1st? deluded b**tard

  71. Even though Jol is ‘out’. I wouldn’t be suprised if that happens with the new manager so that the odds will be better and Ashley and his chums can throw more money on him down the bookies. Ashley this is all fun and games to you isn’t it, al lot of fans feel absolutely sick. He couldn’t care less man.

  72. i think had southampton playing decent stuff but thats 2 leagues below us, we all grew to love hoots but i cant remember to many ppl wanting him in charge the season we went down n he turned us round n the thing i can say is pardew u are gonna hav to hav us playing like barca turn us round

  73. I can’t accept that Ashley will hire Pardew. I just can’t accept it… surely there’s SOMEONE close enough to him to have told him that if that happens he will have a f*cking revolution on his hands? Surely? He’s been there before FFS he must have learnt his lesson? SURELY??????

    Jol is the only man for the job, but to be honest it’s taken me this long to accept the fact that we can’t rehire Hughton with a swift apology :(

    It has to be Jol. It has to be…

  74. 91 Tino 11 says:
    December 7, 2010 at 8:30 pm
    Does anyone know what car Kinnear drives and if he has a private reg?

    Why are you on car spotter?

  75. DJG,what I know about Pardew is that the fans where shocked when he got the sack(sound familier)’cause they thought he was doing a decent job with very little money(sound familier again)but when they found out what an arrogant shit he was they wern’t displeased.Someone said on a previous blog that the new manager might start to give youth more of a chance,unlike CH.Not Pardew I’m afraid, a friend of mines son is at the Southampton academy,Pardew never spoke or acknowledged the younger players,only interested in the senior players.Finally as I’ve stated on a previous blog Pardew was sacked from Southampton for screwing a directors wife.FACT

  76. Geordie69 says:
    December 7, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    91 Tino 11 says:
    December 7, 2010 at 8:30 pm
    Does anyone know what car Kinnear drives and if he has a private reg?

    Why are you on car spotter?
    Nah i was just on the A19 heading south last week and saw a car (jag i think) and it had JFK as part of the private reg, i was praying it wasn’t that useless tw@t!

  77. DJG-Have a browse of Pardew’s Wikipedia page or something mate. Have a look at his managerial record and that’s all you’ll need to solidify your opinion that he’s a sh!te appointment should he be chosen.

    There’s a reason he’s only managed one Premier League team. (Charlton were a Prem team when he took over, but he couldn’t keep them up). That reason is the fact that he led West Ham to their worst set of defeats in 70 years. There’s a reason teams like Southampton and Charlton sacked him. If he can’t take them forward, how does he advance on 11th in the league with a newly promoted team? Simple, he doesn’t. The players have made it blatantly obvious that morale is low and they’re unhappy with the change. We’re literally imploding again infront of everyone. Fantastic.

  78. Maybe it was John. F Kennedy instead, fingers crossed.

    It won’t be Kinnear, he’s got 3 in the box.

  79. Geordie69 says:
    December 7, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    91 Tino 11 says:
    December 7, 2010 at 8:30 pm
    Does anyone know what car Kinnear drives and if he has a private reg?

    Why are you on car spotter?
    Nah i was just on the A19 heading south last week and saw a car (jag i think) and it had JFK as part of the private reg, i was praying it wasn’t that useless tw@t!

    Tino mate, well the only other JFK is deed so I fooking hope not! Rather have Joking Here than Pardew though!

  80. the ‘F’ in JFK stands for ‘f’king’ which he has been labelled with by others, so I doubt he would have a number plate with it on…

  81. I wonder what will happen if it’s Pardew. The militant arm of the NUST will probably reform.

    They’ll be coming to a sportshall near you with after dinner speaker Malcolm MacDonald. :lol:

  82. I think i would prefer Steve ‘the wolly with the brolly’ Mclaren than bloody Pardew!!

  83. 110 halftimebovril says:
    December 7, 2010 at 9:00 pm
    I think i would prefer Steve ‘the wolly with the brolly’ Mclaren than bloody Pardew!!

    Me 2, but not to sure whether McLarens are any good in this weather!

  84. You know Clint, you might be onto something there, we could have asked Paul the Octopus. He got all his world cup predictions right. Pity he’s dead like.

    It was always going to be a long winter with the very cold Weather coming in late November. It’s just got a lot colder and a lot longer.

    Dramatic enough for you. Lee Ryder feel free to use that one, you pinch everything else off the internet.

  85. i dont care if jols agent has ruled him out am convinced it is jol ive got the same feeling i had bout hba coming i was i think i will b again, managing newcastle or stand up for hoots as a friend am sorri but managing newcastle in prem for jol is to good to turn down i mean he wanted fulham job so dont tell he dosent want our job

  86. i have followed the toon for more years than the age of some of the lads that post on here,ive seen more dicks,arseholes,crooks and down right thiefs,and brain dead no-hopers,but this one takes the the trophy.
    where do we go from here doon again

  87. DJG at 109.

    I can handle unattractive football, the threat of relegation, and even a viscious maniac hell bent on destroying my club…but if this situation means the return of NUST to media prominance that very well may be the end of me.

  88. tino the players arrived on a bus, aye weird that as sky showed them turing up in there cars ,so you gan and fck yaself aswell

  89. Surrly sightings of Pardew – even if accurate – just confirm that the club are inviting applicants for interview? Doesn’t mean they – or he – have the job.

    As bewildering and self-defeating a decision as Hughton’s dismissal was – not to mention, miserably cynical – Pardew is at best a sideways step,, at least Hughton was an unknown quantity, and rapidly learning his trade in front of our very eyes. I was sure he would have built us up gradually year upon year. We’ll never know now, but we do know Pardew is proven mediocrity, or dishwater in the premiership – That’s being kind.

    I have to believe therefore the dark malevolent force of root evil incarnate/ fat ba8tard cnut/Ashley has what he considers to be a coup. i.e. Jol, or less likely – Coyle/Moyes.

    Even then, this is worse then SBR for me – God love him – as Hughton is at the beginning of his managerial years not the twilight. I thought he’d do a steady Moyes job for us over a number of years, which most true, lifelong toon supporters would welcome after the nightmares of recent times – remember this is just Ashley’s plaything for a short while, he doesn’t care about the long-term health of the club like the rest of us.

    It’s gutting to think Hughton will go on and be given respect, and maybe financial backing at a better run club. And will no doubt make a success of himself there too.

  90. Has nobody learnt a thing about MA, he will not appoint a decent experienced manager.
    The next manager will be a cheap and nasty desperado just like Pardew/JFK, that’s how fatty deals.
    Jol/MON your having a laugh aren’t you! Dream on.
    Where feckin doomed……………

  91. Funny it was just as people were begining to tolerate Ashley.Perhaps he prefers to be hated.He does make some weard decisions.Im sure our new manager was selected a while ago.

  92. Ross

    I would actually prefer Pardew to Zola. At least Pardew has some form of tactics. Zola seemed completely oblivious about what to do when West Ham were under the kosh. The only thing Zola has in his favour is his style of play.

  93. Toro-I’m more just thinking of managers who are out of a job mate. I dunno who i’d want. Chris Hughton preferably, lol.

  94. ploater @ 122 it’s not like you slagging one of your hero’s off – i thought you reserved that sort of treatment for us fans – & a 100 word post without any mention of wor sheila !

    – these last couple of days have been unbelievably amazing.


  95. Who would want our job anyhow? No money, no support from the owner, no rules! Likely to be sacked at anytime! We are not exactly an attractive job offer.

  96. Its gotta be Diego Maradonna. He would bring the craziness, unpredictability, drama, and uncertainty that we sorely need in The Toon.

    Seriously though, whats your worst fear here? Pardew. Look at Fat Mike’s track record. It can be no one else but Pardew. We’re fucked.

  97. as good as boycotting games sounds nufc runs through are blood n the draw to support the team will always win

  98. Would prefer death to Pardew but just looked in the garden shed and some feker has nicked me rope so i can’t hang me self .

  99. Davy, Ashley still has the season ticket money regardless whether or not we turn up, it is the players that suffer not that fat kent!

  100. surely ashly knows only a big name will plz the fans, hoots turned us all round thats what a good job he done bcoz i dont remember to many ppl calling for him to b giving the job after orient smashed us in pre season that time

  101. one of them twitter blokes reckon pardew giving 2year contract gutted if true, ashly ballsed up sacking hoots but he had a chance to put ryt by appointing jol but hasnt f@cked it up again

  102. Ashley just wants complete control of everything he owns or touches. C.H was trying to close the door to the dressing room and slowly eek out more control so Ashley stabbed him in the back.

    It will be someone cheap and nasty like Pardew. Then Ashley will have complete control over, Owlheed, Beardsley and Pardew. Top down control of Director, Manager and Coach.

    Then he can have complete control over how the team plays, who the manager signs ext.

    Hughton is better off out of it IMO, he will get a job easily and will never look back.

  103. DJG

    #146 – That has got to be the best and probably most accurate thing you have said all day.

  104. FCUK just took all the shoe laces out me shoes and the wifes and kids tied them all together and tried to hang meeself . The fukcing things snapped so now am ganna be stuck with the fat tw@t as owner , Pardew as manager and have to go on a diet to hang meself . Anyone got any tips to end this nightmare

  105. as much as i dont want pardew ive gotta say i dont see him as the yes man ppl are potraying him as, that whole tevez n mascherano thing proves that n proves how cr#p he is

  106. I wonder why odds have shortened on Hoddle. Lots of bets? Spotted somewhere?

    Would prefer him to Pardew, but would prefer anyone to Pardew so that doesn’t mean much. :(

  107. batty deluded why bcoz i think we can get a coach in like martin jol a proven top european coach, and bcoz i realise the only way ashly will leave is once he has us a europeleague/champions league club year in year out bcoz your the deluded one if u think he is gonna sell the club anytime soon he will only sell when he can make a sh@t load of money off it and the only way to do that is be in europe so plz tell me why he wants us in champioship as many think

  108. i aint deluded 17th in league on goal difference wud of done me at end of the season i am realistic

  109. To top it off sat game is on ESPN for the whole country to enjoy. He really knows how to make a laughing stock of us. People said we had started to become respectable. I think the media had their knives sharpened ready to pounch.

  110. well howay tell me why he hasnt sold up b4 now if ppl are so convinced thats all he wants, i aint no ashly fan far from it why the hell sack houghton when is job was to keep us in the league n on course to do it, surely he has bigger plans than survival

  111. Its no good argueing. There’s nowt we can do as fans. Ah F@@K IT, Whoever the manager is will be a little stooge. Ashley is the manager from now on.

  112. now dont confuse what am saying as me saying we shud be aiming for europe bcoz am not as i said above

  113. Well Lads still fuk all positive happening :(
    As I said yesterday Ma has made some cock up’s in his time here but I would bet there is no way he would have parted company with CH unless he had someone lined up for the job allready.
    He has put on record that we needed someone with more experience, so he cant really back down from that.
    I do think Pardew is just a smokescreen as he couldn’t really be classed as having much more experience than CH, and I really dont think that it’s just coincidence that Jol has left Ajax and he has lots of experience, but then so has JFK :(

  114. that is what am trying to say ppl think not turning up for games is gonna make him sell up am jus saying it aint gonna happen christ he sacked mesiah aka keegan n everyone still went, he refused to giv shearer the job everyone still went as far as hes concerned he done the worst to things possible n fans still turned up

  115. I believe Mike Ashley will choose a great duo to manage the boys. I saw him making a list just this morning while supping a cup of tea in the Grainger Market.
    Top of the list was:
    1. Rod Hull and Emu
    2.Keith Harris and Orville
    3. The Chuckle Brother
    Clearly he will be disappointed when he finds out that Rod Hull has sadly passed away and Orville will need to learn how to communicate with more clarity when addressing the team. He may be on to a winning combination with the Chuckle Brothers if they can be released from their current Cbeebies contract. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

  116. well giv me reason for being deluded rather than jus calling me it without a reason if wanting the best for my club is deluded then hell yes i am n as far as am concerned martin jol is the best option so thats what i want, i dont want pardew whos no better than what we jus had

  117. davy say >>>>am i dont agree with pardew but for ppl to say ashly is doin this for a laugh is way off the mark for i honestly think he thinks he is doin it for the good of the club <<<< your a cock suckin cun t

  118. Great news for Newcastle United then lads “Alan Pardew” just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water..looool

    oh yea and Batty you know nothing about football..

  119. jay jay no i aint an ashly fan his managerial appointments have been shocking keegan n shearer were for the fans n didnt work we all kno the reasons, kinnear n houghton were bcoz no one else wanted the job n he got lucky that hoots was good, this will be his first appointment of a manager that he actually wants n bcoz of this i can only pray that bcoz its gonna b his man he will bk him cash, as i believe he has never backed a manager coz they aint been his real choices, i actually think the one n only thing hes done ryt is say we hav to develop are own young talent from the youth system

  120. Why not try someone new…what about Fc Copenhagen manager Ståle solbakken…it will be a very good signing..

  121. Davy-Ashley sacked Hughton because Hughton wanted control mate, simple as that. As manager he expected to manage the team, the way he wanted. Pick the team he wanted and be backed to sign the players, he wanted. Even if he was working on a shoe string budget. It’s Ashleys club though and he seemingly thinks that entitles him to make decisions from top to bottom. From what we call the stadium to who plays at left back every weekend. Anybody that opposes Ashley, disagrees with him or tries to stand up for themsel will lose their job, he’s made that quite clear now.

    He doesn’t want us to be successful and raise our price tag, he just wants a yes man who will answer to everything he demands, let him make decisions when he wants to, etc. Someone who wont try and stand in his way when he’s making pathetic decisions that could be interpreted as bad for the club. He’ll sign cheap players and sell anyone young and talented for what would hopefully for him, be an inflated price tag.
    We go down, fine, he takes parachute payments. Make nee mistake about it mate, he couldn’t give a flying f*ck about the team on the field or the fans.

  122. MarkToon says:
    December 7, 2010 at 7:46 pm
    hopefully pards will be up to fat ash’s wife and they fight to the death…
    ashley eats him to depose of the evidence and shitting out pardews head causes bad bleeding and the fat dick bleeds to death

    It has been a depressing 24 hours, but this post finally made me laugh. :D Cheers!


  123. Like someone said Pedro is the new Terry Mac. A bomb go’s off and everybody is killed but somehow Terry Mac has sneeked out the back door with his life and only a burnt tash. :)

  124. Ross

    Based on what we have seen so far I think you surmise our owner well.

    This is a time when I feel sorry for all those NUFC fans who actually live in NUFC. The good times must be great there with the atmosphere and everything, but the bad times…Well, that must be almost unbearable. The worst thing about all of this is that there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. This guy is clearly here to stay. Sad times

  125. If you were Martin Jol would you come to this club right now?
    Paid peanuts, gagged, one arm tied behind your back and no control.
    NO, dont think so.
    Pardew all the way.
    Done deal IMO.

  126. well we simply wont hav a manger then bcoz no manager thats being linked will allow inteference in team selection simple, n if hes wanting a yes man what the hell do u think houghton was when he first took over, n how many ppl accused nolan of havin to much say wen hoots was in charge, pardews crap but even he refused to play tevez n mascharano when they were forced on him

  127. hoots, pardew, jol, oneil, hoddle not one of these will allow ashly to pick the team, coz if they did they shud jus quit football in heartbeat

  128. every 1 deluded on here we need to do something about ashley this carnt go on he is destroying our club ? we need to let our feelings known at the next home game ,
    we need to get pardew out b4 he gets his feet under the table , we need to start calling for his head as asp

  129. I got engaged at the weekend but I’d be in a much better mood if wor lass had said no and CH was here and Ashley wasn’t………..actually even just wor lass saying no would have done me ;-)

  130. Tommy Jensen@ 176
    why not try someone new

    Thats the fcuking problem we are constantly trying someone new . The only thing that is going to help us now is someone very rich to buy the fat cnut out or the end of the world . pardew is not the answer .

  131. Toro-The worst part for me is that he seemingly thinks his rash, ridiculous decisions are sensible ones. Whether they’re for the right reasons or not (they’re not, he’s clearly thinking with his wallet), he thinks sacking managers on the spot for no reason at all will somehow have a positive financial outcome.
    I’m now fully under the impression..well, I was before, have been for a while, but this just fully solidifies my thoughts that he couldn’t care less about the performance of the club or building a team.

    The worst part? A matter of months into Ashleys ownership, he was spotted in a scarf, laughing with the crowd and then drinking at Arsenal etc. A mate turned to me and said something along the lines of
    “I don’t like him, he’s bad news. He’s trying to make himself into this loveable figure with the fans so that when he takes you for a ride, he’s hopefully already pulled the wool over your eyes”..I told him he was talking nonsense. With every pathetic Ashley decision, my mate reminds me of that very day and gives it a simple “told you so”..As you say, he’s showing no signs of going away either. Makes you sick.

  132. Tino – good luck with that then. Get your bed sheets off then. FFS give me strength.

  133. Davy-Howay mate, of course Pardew would let Ashley give his input! If whats rumoured actually turns out to be true, they’re all mates!..He’s desperate for a job aka the cash, regardless. He’ll be desperate enough to give Ashley he’s say purely to keep the job and keep his bank account ticking over. He’s not exactly an accomplished manager that will be highly touted after every time he’s out of work. He’s sacked by lower league clubs for arsing it up on the field or acting the pr!ck off it. He’s exactly what Ashley wants and he’ll happily jump aboard the NUFC fairground ride for the sake of lining his pockets.

  134. ESPN must be rubbing their hands together, but Im glad out of sheer coincidence it’s gone to them and not greedy sky. I recon loads of neutrals will be watching just for the bedsheet brigade. Shudder to think.

  135. ross i simply refuse to believe there is any manager out there that wud allow interference in team selection, n judgin on his managerial appointments if he starts pickin the players aswell we are really fu##ed

  136. yea but the problem was in the past we gave up and at 1 stage he was going to go but then he stayed cos every 1 backed off him we need to keep going this time we will win at the end . and we also need to get rid of pardew asp we can do this if we all stick together

  137. I wish Ashley could see that big bright light at the end of the tunnel, El Toro. It’d mean he was dying.

    If not Jol, who? Pardew! wtf? I can’t believe he’d drop CH for Pardew. O wait, Ashley. Yes, I *can* believe it.

    Even Lord Westwood of the Eyepatch would be better than this muffin.

  138. Ok, I am not coming to the defense of anyone and don’t mean to ridicule anyone’s posts either, but I have some questions about comments that don’t seem to make sense…and if I point yours out, no offense.

    Why woldn’t Ashley want the club to be successful? Surely a successful club is more profitable and easier to offload? We all know that Ashley’s plan is to turn a profit from this club and to make it as self sufficient as possible. A successful club attracts better sponsors = more $$. A successful club stays in the Premier League longer = more $$. A successful club has higher gate fess (at least in theory) = more $$. Life in Prem is worth more than a parachute payment = more $$.

    Recently he has signed several players to long term contracts. Many of you/us were excited because we saw this as a step in the right direction to secure our young and promising talents. So, was that the reason or was it to make it more costly for others to buy them?
    Take the idea that MA wants the team to get relegated because it’s easier to manage and he could do so with the parachute payments. Would selling Andy Carroll demand a higher price because of the 5-year contract? It might, but if his intention is to sell off Carroll to the highest bidder, it would be more profitable to do that from the Premier League rather than Championship because people would be holding out for “firesale” type prices, right? Or, am I wrong there? Therefore staying in the Prem and paying the lower wages would make more sense. I am not disputing the idea that he may sell some of the players…but, I guess it would have to be in January under the “Ashley wants us to fail” theory.

    I don’t think Ashley wants Newcastle to fail. I do agree that he’s looking for more of a YES man, but I am struggling with why failure WOULD be an option.
    I certainly hope the rumors of a new coach coming in and selling the likes or Enrique or Carroll or Tiote are just that, rumors. If anything, I could see those sales at the end of the year after survival is more certain…see reasons above.

    Not sure if I had a point in all that… :)

  139. Well, as my name says, fan ownership & membership is the only answer that will see off this kind of stupidity going forward. No way would a board voted in by fan-shareholders would have done something this stupid.

    Totally disgusted & sick at heart over NUFC… again…

  140. davy

    Of course there is. Pardew is desperate. There will always be someone desperate enough to do it. Hughton probably was at first before he started demanding more control.

  141. I dont see any soloution at the club before MA sells the club..this man cant have a clue what he is doing..what about a new manager come in…lose some games..then is all over agian..about high profile managers like martin jol and martin o..how long will they stay,whit small money no backing…its a tragedy..i am sorry for this great club.

  142. The point, Norcal, is that Ashley makes decisions that are bemusing at best and the only way they can be made sense of is by resorting to similarly nonsensical reasoning.

  143. DJG-I dont think Hughton had a choice mate. Never managed a club, already worked for Ashley and was told “you’re managing us”..being the gentleman he is he said fine and got on with it. Probably wondered what all the fuss was about when Ashley offered him a permanent deal given the work he’d done. He sadly knows all too well now.

    Norcal-Everything you said makes sense and is sensible. You’re missing one thing though, the fact we’re dealing with Mike Ashley and nothing he does, is sensible. I honestly wouldn’t put ANYTHING past the bloke having had to watch his actions unfold thus far. The young talent being signed to long term deals? For me, purely to increase the price should someone want to buy them mid way. If they want to break a contract, the other club pays. If not, we keep them and they go on to become top notch, brilliant, they demand a high tag and the end of the deal. It’s pretty much been openly admitted that he wants to buy young players with a view to making a profit. Not buy young players to build an exciting, youthful, talented Newcaslte United with. With Carroll you’re no longer selling a young geordie talent. You’re right when you say the league we’re playing in would manipulate his price, but you’re now also selling a 21 year old beast with “England International” on his CV. Sticks millions on his price tag as it is. I do however, don’t think he’ll go.

  144. Whats the betting there still isn’t a manager in place before the match on Sat.

    Ashley will probably find a yes man who is currently 100/1 on the list and try and get him, with enough time for his cronies to all stick £2500 at the same time. :(

  145. No manager b4 sunday. cant have unrest infront of global TV cameras.
    He really must think we are stupid.
    Ah can feel my piss boiling up nicely.

  146. SSN mentioned today how whomever next takes the job, will be our 13th manager in 13 years. That in itself is embarrassing nevermind the treatment of some of them.

  147. Hmmm…

    The words of the film on ITV right now, “Analyse this” is an exact anagram of Ashley is a “”nt.

    Spooky or what?

  148. This all comes back to what I was debating just a week or two ago. Players like Barton, Enrique, Coloccini are all on last era’s wages. They are 60k earners. Aside from Enrique (and even that’s debatable) do you see MA smiling and signing nice, length contract extensions? Of course not. He will be looking for excuses to offload them as he is simply not prepared to play the good guy any more. It is far too expensive for him. This is why I said that MA would be rubbing his hands together after Barton’s most recent return to form. He must have been crapping himself with talks of an England call-up etc. In fact, I’m willing to bet that a big portion of why Hughton was sacked is because he wanted all of those players signed up immediately. MA has now taken a new approach and he seemingly doesn’t care about the fans’ view. He doesn’t care if he is hated. He is interested only in cutting costs and recuperating what he has laid out.

  149. When I say Barton’s most recent return to form, I don’t mean the quality of his football, but instead his poor behaviour.

  150. Hmmm…

    The words of the film on ITV right now, “Analyse this” is an exact anagram of Ashley is a “”nt.

    Spooky or what?

    Luvin that :)

  151. I would welcome a German or Dutch (quite a few of them are very successful internationally!) manager to be appointed. There are quite a few without a job currently, and can be quite good. It is a bit of a shame that British people never look beyond the Isle when it comes to football. Or in general a manager from outside the UK football circle, as it appears to be a shortage of appropriate managers currently on the specific UK market.

  152. If pardew does, as it seems, take over. One question i have is if we have a run of 2 points from 15 like we’ve just had. And there’s a chance with our future fixtures how does ashley think that’s going to go down. At least with houghtons run he’s had the fact he’s learning the players respect him and he has just led us to promotion. What has pardew got to back up he’s good enough for the job? Never done it anywere else, no one wants him here in the first place. A brave brave decision for ashley to make. I can only see this backfiring and it guts me.

  153. its a thin line between a brave decision and a stupid one.
    Always the latter for Jabba and co.
    God help us.

  154. Hunmag….over 1/3 of premier league managers aren’t British, I suspect thats probably a higher ratio of foreign managers than most if not all major european leagues ;-)

  155. What’s this about interviewing people for the job? Is it really possible that Ashley sacked CH without a replacement lined up?

    The man is a complete waste of air! The only thing that will save him in my eyes is if he appoints a truly international class manager – whatever that means. Just don’t let it be of the JFK and Pardew ilk.

  156. Can anyone check whether Marco van basten is available?
    Wonderful as a Player,Decent Manager. ;)

  157. @228

    As a Canadian growing up just outside Toronto, I grew up a fan of The Toronto Maple Leafs(NHL hockey).

    Sad to say they operate exactly like that article up there says Ashley wants the Toon to be like. They are owned by The Ontario Teachers Pension Fund (majority share holders) And they HAVE to turn a profit no matter what. The team spends little to no money on players and is the bottom of the league every year. They trade away draft picks for nothing and are a complete joke.

    Yet night after night the home games sell out and The Leafs rake in the cash. No need to have a winning team if the still make the owners money.

    If this turns out to be the case (and I hope it isnt) the people of Newcastle need to prevent this by not supporting Ashley and his system. Don’t give him your money. If this is allowed to happen no one will want to come to play or work for NUFC.

    I’m not suggesting he run the team like MCFC, but just not like this. Don’t run the club like a discount store! A football manager is not a sale executive. Invest wisely on the right players and coaches and get a reasonable return.

  158. If no one can afford to buy our club from that fat cnut, maybe we can organise a much smaller payment to remove that gambling moron from this life altogether!

    Sorry if that appears too strong by I am furious. The only thing that makes sense that he is using our club as some kind of ultimate gamble!

  159. Anyone else just feel completely drained by all of this? To be honest, I can’t even be bothered to speculate on managers or anything, theres an odd feeling of emptiness about the whole thing emotionally for me. I almost don’t care who takes the job now, I just feel ashamed on behalf of Ashley and NUFC for how we treated Hoots, who was by all accounts a good man. Obviously this has all been said before, I guess Jol is a good shout as he’s seeming the most likely. O Neil is a good manager, but also an absolute tw@t and tbh if i’ve learnt anything from Hoots regime, I don’t want another managerial bell end..

  160. I’m still can’t get over it !!!
    It’s heartbreaking for me
    I’ve just been supporting the toon around 4-5 years so Chris Hughton IS my favorite manager and then sht happened.

    And I just saw the news with a little clip that show Chris Hughton was leaving. T~T

    I’m gonna miss him so so much and everything about this man.

  161. lads we all kno pardew appointment is a joke but lets support the team and the manager and make this about ashly

  162. @davy, I agree with you in your last comment, we have to get behind the team and the new manager. Too many times has a manger has come in and we have instantly disliked them. This is a new era, I am sad that Hughton has gone, a brilliant manager who never deserved to be treated like he was. If the fans go out in support of Pardew and the team then maybe we could get a result against Liverpool as they aren’t good at travelling away. Although boycotts will be good, MA will just fund more of his money into the club, what about not using Sports Direct, that shop is a rip off. His prices are ludircris and he has loads of them nationwide, if we stopped people to go there and buy his stuff his business would go down the drain.