Williamson and Ranger sign new five and a half year deals at Newcastle.

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Williamson secures Tyneside future.
Williamson secures Tyneside future.
There were some strong rumours last week suggesting that Nile Ranger and Mike Williamson were set to sign new long-term contracts with Newcastle.

It appears those rumours were indeed true as it has been revealed on the official club website that both playes have signed new deals that will run to the summer of 2016.

Newcastle seem to be getting the hang of this contract malarkey. Both Andy Carroll and Tim Krul, two of our bright hopes, have been tied down to long term contracts, and rumours are abound suggesting that Steven Taylor has been offered a new improved deal. Now we have the news regarding Mike Williamson and Nile Ranger to add to the good work the club have done in the last few weeks with regard to securing the services of some of our current players.

We’ll start with Mike Williamson, as I have him pictured in the article. Mike is quite clearly happy that he has secured his future on Tyneside after being at the club for only 11 months. This is what he said to the official club website;

“Playing in the Premier League with a club like Newcastle has been a dream for me, and I was delighted to agree a new contract to continue doing that until 2016.”

“I’ve played in the lower leagues before, so to get the opportunity to play at St. James’ Park every other week – and grounds like The Emirates and Old Trafford – is fantastic for me. Me and my family have settled here quickly and it’s great to know that we’ll be staying here for a long time to come.”

So Williamson is obviously happy to commit his future to the club, but what about Ranger? Here is what he had to say;

“I’m absolutely buzzing. I’m loving it at Newcastle. I really feel I can develop here and I can only learn from some of the players here.”

“The fans have been great with me from day one, and even though I’d spent my whole life down south until I came here, this feels like home now.”

Good words from the pair of them, and I think they have both earned their respective deals to be fair. Williamson has been largely solid since he arrived last January whilst Ranger has impressed pretty much everyime he has featured for the first team.

Both of them owe a debt to Chris Hughton of course as it was Chris who brought Williamson to Newcastle and was prepared to give Ranger his chance, although injuries at the time forced his hand a little bit. Here is what the gaffer had to say regarding Mike Williamson;

“Mike has been outstanding for us since he came here. He was somebody who I tracked for a while before we got him, and he has perhaps exceeded even the expectations we had of him.”

“He has a brilliant attitude and in my opinion has been one of the best English centre-backs in the league this season. And I thoroughly believe that his best years are yet to come, so we’re thrilled to have agreed the new contract.”

Hughton then talked about young Nile Ranger’s new contract;

“Nile is a young player who is improving all the time. It’s less than 18 months since he made his first-team debut and he’s coming on in leaps and bounds.”

“Just as we have already done with Andy Carroll, we’re keen to keep our young talent at this football club and agreeing such a long-term deal with Nile is good news for all concerned. We look forward to helping him to mature and become a key player for us in the future.”

So some good news as we all head into the weekend. It’s nice to see that the club seem to be ensuring that the services of the players are secured over the long term. Whilst they are at it, can I point them in the direction of Jose Enrique and Chris Hughton?

Contracts for both of them would be brilliant, ta!

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60 Responses

  1. …does this mean that they are going to let S.Taylor go now that they have a solid defender singed up??

    Great news about them both though.

  2. great news! now just Enrique, S.Taylor and Hughon ;-)

    by the way have people seen Stevenafe has been selected for TV

  3. good news for the club there still young can only get better imo,good post TOONSY,better than digging snow eh :)

  4. Does this mean we will let Taylor go ?
    Certainly hope not ,hes much better than Williamson.
    I expect his negotiations are a bit complicated, being we appear to be offering long term contracts at present, which in his case would probably mean he would ask for more than in the case of a three or four year deal as opposed to the five on offer, if in fact that is the case.
    However he and his agent have the hammer in the negotiations, as he can walk in the summer and easily get his price (being there`s no transfer fee)
    Look the guy want`s to stay,but it`s gonna cost, you want to keep a young ex U21 Captain and possible England defender or not?
    Decisions , decisons !

  5. Gr8 news today now Taylor get on with it!! Jus got my tickets for the Liverpool game first time in the gallowgate end can’t wait hope the boys make my 5 hour drive home a happy one!!!

  6. Chuckles says:
    December 3, 2010 at 4:43 pm
    Does this mean we will let Taylor go ?
    I doubt they are related. I would imagine that Williamson’s wages are fairly reasonable since he’s was on low wages before and got such a long deal. But it does provide some stability in case a deal can’t be reached with ST.

    Well done by the club. Now sort Enrique and CH please.

  7. I personally think this is all part of a Mike Ashley’s long term vision for the club. Sol Campbell will probably move into a coaching role next year, or will leave football altogether. So, with Mike, Colo, and hopefully S. Taylor sorted at CB, you can have others like Kadar and Perch fill in as needed. NUFC will have a strong defensive unit that can remain intact for a couple of years…if we can get Jose as well.
    In addition, signing the young striking pair to new contracts keeps these 2 (AC and NR) working towards a great partnership.
    All of these people signed now, probably for a higher, but not grossly higher salary, and Mike Ashley can start to see his plan of solvency come to fruition. All the signings so far this season has been excellent moves and news. I agree that S. Taylor and Jose are the next two that have to be done. And for me…Jose is the priority.
    One other interesting aspect about this, is that come next season, there doesn’t have to be a lot of money paid out in signing fees as we will have most positions filled and backed up. So, be prepared for a slow transfer window for the next couple of windows.

  8. Im glad that Ranger has signed such a long contract as I can only see him being a very good striker in the future and in demand from other clubs.

    Im pleased for Williamson but I just hope in 3-4 years time it doen’t turn into an Alan Smith situation, although Williamson is no doubt on quite a bit less money and I doubt he will not be in demand, if not here then for somebody else.

  9. Chuckles says:
    December 3, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    Does this mean we will let Taylor go ?
    Certainly hope not ,hes much better than Williamson”

    hahahahahahahahahaha, chuckles by name eh…….

  10. The cynical amongst us, and there are a few, would say that extending the contracts of ‘potential’ and ‘untried’ players is a nice and cheap option while extending the contracts of better, more established players like Taylor and Enrique is too rich for our pound stretcher owner. I know which players I’d rather have signed long term…

  11. With these new long-term deals in place, does it mean Ashley is in for the long-term? Keeping players (and management) on short(er) contracts made the club more attractive to potential buyers. So now, does the opposite hold?

  12. Im not a fan of long term contracts because a lot can change in even 2 or 3 seasons. Ranger and Williamson are on quite ‘low’ money and so I can understand why he’s done it. The reason he hasen’t with Enrique is because he is a highly paid player. Its funny how when a player wants to move a contract doesn’t seem to be worth the paper it’s written on but if a player wants to stay at a club on the bench on high wages for 3 years it does. Perhaps im being unfair to Alan Smith but Xisco is a clear example of when it goes wrong. I would prefer players sign a three year contract with a possible extention after 2 years, that makes sense to me.

  13. Stu…agree with you, but let’s see what the next months bring. Especially with STaylor, maybe he’ll sign up at the end of the day. Not sure how long Jose has on his present contract though…gotta be a no brainer though, get him signed up !

  14. MM

    Jose still has another season as does Smith and Harper. They run out in 2012. Ranger was aswell but now he’s 2016.

  15. Have not seen a quote from Xisco since pre-season & not a peep from Zamberela ever. Something fishy going on there, as NUFC could at least re-coup some portion of their wages if they were loaned out. Plus, if they were playing for someone else & got hurt, the insurance on the player would cover the salary.

    I continue to believe that Xisco has real potential, but that the key to unlocking it is missing. Would really like to know more about this situation.

  16. Stu I agree with you mate, I just hope that MA has bigger expectations than what we think he has.
    Cheaper players can do well but I think they do better when their complimenting more experienced and IMO better players.

  17. DJG : “Its funny how when a player wants to move a contract doesn’t seem to be worth the paper it’s written on”.

    Isn’t that what a transfer fee is for, to reimburse the contract holder for loss of services?

    Williamson makes sense, in fact they both do, but really I’ve yet to see anything from ranger to suggest he will cut it at this level, let alone justify the swathes of glorious praise heaped on him by people on here. I’m hoping to be proved wrong, but he seems to lack any poise or killer instinct on the field.

  18. The point I was making is that the club might want to keep a player rather than sell them but if the player wants away they usually go re. Ben Arfa.

  19. boater says:
    December 3, 2010 at 7:08 pm
    “but really I’ve yet to see anything from ranger to suggest he will cut it at this level”

    Did Andy Carroll at his age? No, he was as raw as they come, it’s about potential mate and nurturing it so they came become a great player.

    He has the potential, the professionals who work with every day seem to think so as they gave him a new contract, the rest is up to him how good he can become.

    The work starts now with Ranger imo

  20. Ilovemike:

    “Did Andy Carroll at his age? No, he was as raw as they come, it’s about potential mate and nurturing it so they came become a great player.”

    True, but then I can’t remember people hailing Andy Carroll to the rafters either, as they do with Ranger. I’m not saying I don’t want – and believe in – Hughton to develop our younguns, just that all the hoo-ha surrounding ranger, and to some extent Ben Arfa, is scarcely based on consistent top performances thus far.

  21. NUST has about as much chacne of owning the club as some billionaire oil sheik has of buying the world cup and hosting it in a tiny, conservative, hot, desert country with no stadiums….

  22. NUST? Have they not disbanded yet? A couple of their exec directors gave up and reesigned the other day so the interest and intent is waning :lol:

  23. Well before he became a big shot in the first team wasn’t Ranger absolutely banging them in for the reserves I seem to remember. He certainly has the talent.

    At 2.15

  24. Lets not all forget that Nile is still only 19 and is part of the first team squad , the lad does have pace , strength and skill . If he can get his head right off the pitch then i think he will be a great striker on the pitch , it is well documented why Southampton threw him out . The troubles he got into has maybe held back his development as a player for a while but now he is in Newcastle and away from the people he hung around with as a kid will give his carrier the kick start it needed . I honestly think the lad is going to make it in the premiership , lets just give him the time to prove it .

  25. Axel

    Bloody hell! Not only has Ranger just tied up a long term deal on good money, but he has also just recruited his own personal “carrier”!…Well, at least there isn’t a chance of him getting injured walking to and from the training field, eh? (phew!)

    Seriously though, I am glad the club have shown faith in Ranger. Especially since all of the rumours on here about him being a “lazy troublemaker that the club can’t wait to get shot of”. To me he just seems like many kids from London. In need of an arm around the shoulder and someone to acknowledge the progress that’s being made. Hughton is great at this.

  26. EL Toro my spelling is sometimes poor but you knew what i meant ;) and your right Hughton is a great man manager and will protect the lad .

  27. Axel

    Of course I knew, but I have to draw attention to someone else’s spelling in order to deflect it from my own, ha!

  28. Glad to get them both signed up, hopefully CH, Taylor and Jose will follow although because Jose is one of the big earners(allegedly) I suspect MA may wait until Prem football is assured before negotiating his contract.

  29. Getting contracts sorted at the right price, early on, terrible move, very fishy, end of the world is obviously just around the corner.

  30. richie,
    doesn’t hurt to have a few ‘top earners’, gives the others something to aim at, hey?

  31. Aye mate,
    he deserves the wages he gets & a raise & extended contract.
    If only to make any club interested have to pay top whack to prize him from our ‘cold, dead hands’.

  32. If Tiote keeps playin the way he is I’d be offering him an improved contract in the summer too.

  33. I reckon in a couple of years,when he fills out and becomes bigger and stronger, Ranger is going to prove a great asset for the toon. If he’ll turn out to be a high scoring centre floorboard we’ll have to wait and see, but the potential is there.

    Regarding the lads apparently wayward life style, maybe he should move in with Kevin Nolan and his missus for a while as par for the course..

  34. I think like richtoon says enrique maybe collocini will get a new deal when we are guarenteed safety. If we got relagated again i don’t think we’d be able to carry the big wages again. I wonder weather collocini and enrique would take cuts with new deals? Because arn’t they on 60/80k? Not sure on that figure. I’m sure they both wouldn’t mind taking 50k if we said that was our new maximum wage. Everton have a cap at 40k and arsenal have a cap at 60k so with our revenue it would make sense to have one around 50k no?

  35. Keane allowed to leave spuds in Jan.
    Probably go to Celtic, but I’d like to see us put in a cheeky bid.

  36. When you read all the news it seems we are the only club that are tying players to long term contracts , Keane can leave the spuds , Chimbonda can leave blackburn Villa have said Friedel and Cole will be leaving in January and about half the man citeh players can leave . Are we suddenly becoming the calm , stable club of the premiership with no in coming or outgoing players ? cant be we are NUFC :)

  37. agree that as soon as we guarantee safety we should tie down Barton, Enrique and collocini – sol will poss be around for another season and can give good advice to Taylor & williamson, hopefully we’ll sign up ben arfa

  38. oh and tiote without a doubt – no saying they’ll honour them but at least we’ll be able to get top whack if they decide to leave – I can def see waspface redknapp & hodgson trying to unsettle our players in Jan

  39. Re: Keane, exactly the type of no10 we need, just not the right age or price.

    Loan in Jan till the end of the season would be perfect, however a perm deal? Nah, keep on going with the scouting/youth policy for me.

  40. Keane would be a bad investment, he has had his day and would be too expensive, i was watching Man U the other night and Giggs has hit the wall, nothing left in the tank, reminded me of when Pedro lost his yard of pace and its pitiful to watch.