Ashley flies in to discuss transfer targets

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Apache Gunship
Ashley arrives by helicopter
Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias arrived at Newcastle’s training ground by helicopter yesterday to discuss the club’s transfer priorities with manager Alan Pardew.

Pardew’s main targets were allegedly Seb Larsson and David Bentley but both of these players seem destined to play their football elsewhere.

The humiliating defeat at the hands of Stevenage might have emphasised the club’s need for a bit more quality in depth, so hopefully the pow-wow will have been fruitful and some new transfer targets will have been identified.

Apparently Ashley and Llambias also took in yesterday’s reserve game against Hibs in which Dan Gosling made a return from injury while they were at the club.

Kevin Nolan reiterated the need for new blood, saying:

If you are fresh, it always makes that bit of difference and it just shows we do need probably a couple more players and hopefully we will get them in January to help us out and get us over that finishing line at the end of the season.

I think the genuine thing was that we had had a lot of games over the Christmas period and Stevenage hadn’t and the rest was history, but fair play to them.

Hopefully, talks between them are going to be good and hopefully we will be seeing a couple of new faces soon. In the next couple of days would be nice but even if it’s in the next couple of weeks that would be perfect.

I must admit I’m a bit confused by some of the alleged transfer targets that have been mentioned this January. Names such as Robbie Keane and Shaun Wright-Phillips have been bandied about, yet I thought the Toon philosophy these days was to pick up relatively unknown gems, such as Benny and Tiote.

In fact I’m sure Mike Ashley said as much himself. I seem to remember something about ‘skilled scouting networks’ and ‘scouring the lesser leagues at home and abroad’.

Maybe the change has been brought about due to some sort of sense of urgency that experienced backup is needed for our first XI or maybe it’s something to do with Pardew’s own preferences. Either way, it seems like our transfer policy has changed during this window.

Just as a little tangent (oh no!). I read a true story about the effects of football just yesterday in a book about psychology.

Apparently a man who had suffered greatly from the ravages of war was institutionalised after refusing to speak ever again. That is all except for one time when, after 10 years of silence, he was listening to a match involving his football team on the radio. Apparently he suddenly stood up and blurted out “That bastard referree, is he trying to win the game for them?“, whereupon he sank back into silence for the rest of his life. The power of football eh?

It’s not clear whether it was the horrors of war or the horrors of poor referreeing that caused the second period of silence.

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46 Responses

  1. The january transfer window rarely offers rich pickings. No doubt Carr is scouting more Bennys and Tiotes but we probably will have to wait till the summer window for those sorts of players. I wouldn’t be too bothered if we didn’t get many in during this window. I would prefer that to signing Tom, Dick and Harry just for the sake of it. We have to be patient.

  2. Nice chopper fella.. lol

    As for the transfer targets, I’m not sure it’s Pardew who’s listing those sort of players but more like the press have court win of him saying he wouldn’t mond them but knows full well they’re out of budget for the club!!

    As for Ashleys visit, lets hope he’s willig to losen the purse strings a little to get us some fresh blood into the team, as it seems some players who don’t have any competition for places just aren’t pullin their weight at present, maybe it’s because they’re tired, who knows.. !!!

  3. Aye aye radgies!!
    Pure mental yesterday like! A only drove the helicopter for Big Mick and Wor Decka to the training groond didn’t a!!
    Pure mental Big Mick man!! He says to is, ” HOO TROY, FANCY A BASH OF MY CHOPPER?”
    A didn’t kna what he was on aboot at first cos he was filling an empty Stella can wi P!ss at the time. There’s nee toilets on them copters man.
    Anyway, he explained what he meant after I had purely howked him aal owa the shop.!
    Good thing is av done loads of training on the X Box flight simulator and it was nee different.
    Anyway a got done for speeding off the Bizzie chopper!! They reckon a didn’t stop for a cloud and summit aboot them having right of way!!
    Pure liberty takers them like! A reckon they were just tekkin the P!ss but al find oot when a gan to court.
    Apparently av got to ask for the sky sheriff when a turn up.
    Doylems! A never turn up ever anyway!
    Anyways Laters Gaters!!
    Toon Toon!

  4. Alan Pardew – Lets discuss

    Mike Ashley – whats the point there is no money available.

    A.P – Where did it go

    M.A – Blew it in roullette, Remember you were there.

  5. Troy it wasn’t funny on Toonsy blog and its still not funny on here. Your act always was lame and now even people who aren’t me are tired of it.

  6. hey have the site for toonsy’s blog or is their like a taboo and not aloud to mention it ;)

  7. I think it is very unlikely we will bring anyone to be honest.

    Although, Pardew was a born salesman. If he wasnt a football manager he would be skodas. Maybe he is just trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Any news on where Graham Carr has been travelling lately? He’s the one who finds the players (not Chris Hughton contrary to some belief)

  8. @Micky Toon
    Class line. ” people who aren’t me are tired of it”.
    Are there people who are you?

  9. hold on a minute????? The fat bastard has just flew in yesterday?? its f***ing the middle of january , its took him half a month to speak about transfers?? he should of been meeting pardue 1st jan when the window had opened and should of urgently be looking for new players , i cant stand the bloke!! the sooner hes out of newcastle the beta 4 us , he doesnt care for us man!! im not holding my breathe 4 any gud signings this jan cos the club is ran like a joke!! im a massive toon fan and we really dont deserve this fat man at our club!! any news of any new signings lads???

  10. “Troy it wasn’t funny on Toonsy blog and its still not funny on here. Your act always was lame and now even people who aren’t me are tired of it.”


  11. Ben Arfa wasnt unknown. In fact he was one of the most highly rated youngsters at one time while he was at lyon.

  12. Transfer policy HASN’T changed. What does it take for people to realise that links in papers are almost always just made up? When the club tell us directly that it’s changed, it’s changed. Until then, expect more of the same.

    Personally, I’m more than happy with that. More Tiotes, Williamsons and Bennys, please. If you can’t find any, stick with what you’ve got. With Gosling and Benny coming on stream, we’re not exactly short of options!

  13. “highly rated youngsters” – pretty much sums up the policy, doesn’t it? I don’t think “unknown” was ever part of the plan. “Good value”, yes.

  14. I know I’ll be unpopular for this, but Troy: I quite like your ditties on here. Just once in a while. It’s a little bit of Viz creeping into the blogosphere…

  15. Why do we read headlines for a week or more proclaiming we’re interested in some duff winger from Brum only to find a whole seven days later that his wage demands are too high ? Surely we’d have spoken to his agent and ascertained his clients expectations in one phone call ?

    WTF do we need all this shite in the media 24 x 7 ?

  16. Indian Magpie
    When I saw the headline I was minded to say more or less wot you did C6
    Only mine was more like.
    Right Al, apart from Smith who can I sell!!

    JackR, thats correct he was part of the Benzema double act, I’m surprised he hasn’t ended somewhere like Real, Milan or Barca.

  17. Have to admit I never read Troys stuff, just can’t be arsed to interpret it. But it’s pretty harmless so if it affords some amusement to some then I can’t see a problem with it. It’s a bit anarchic so carry on mate.

    Oops my PC just made a funny noise, hope its not about to die.

  18. moreno says:
    January 13, 2011 at 9:54 am

    “He’s the one who finds the players (not Chris Hughton contrary to some belief)”

    Not true, sadly, moreno. As I’ve mentioned many times on this ‘blog before it was Hughton who signed players such as Tiote and Ben Arfa. Tiote had been tracked since the time he played for Roda in the Netherlands, which was a long time before Carr joined the club.

    Not everything you read in the News of the World is true. ;-)

  19. cant say that lil shaun gets me too excited, Routledge can do that the role -running quickly and slightly out of control with no final ball- they’re both a poor man’s Lennon…and he’s a poor man’s Adam Johnson.

    I like Tuncay, who’s been uploading vids of himself on youtube scoring goals, maybe justa ploy to get tony pulis back on board, but he could be moving…(hot rumour)

  20. Milner says:
    January 13, 2011 at 1:16 pm

    “cant say that lil shaun gets me too excited”

    Wright Phillips, Larsson, Bentley etc. They’re fairly predictable targets which show a lack of imagination and inspiration IMO, Milner.

  21. personally I’d like to see us try for Stephen Irelend or Adam johnson, although the likely hood is almost zero…

    Also just wanted to put a comment to see my new little Avatar… :-) Since I just found out how to get it on this site…

  22. The best transfer news so far is Bentley linked with birm and NOT US – he’s the only player i’ve ever seen where i’ve been frustrated for the opposition, and reckoned I could play better.

    agreed Larsson also, a fine crosser of the ball but Barton’s learnt to do that now…

    I think we need a player who offers something new, maybe a sharper McLoven’krands type…but no idea who would be available for us…?

  23. Has anyone considered that MA came in to confirm that some of the fringe players are being sold or lent? MA may be needed to sign incoming and outgoing transfer documents.

    I don’t know how lucrative getting into a Euro place is, but it may generate enough revenue to justify getting the bodies in to make a run at it. MA & DL know already the price of relegation. I’m sure people like MA & DL would calculate those odds and costs and act accordingly. So buck up lads, the man you love to hate may decide to take a risk to bring you more joy on the pitch.

  24. BeeGuy says:
    January 13, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    “I don’t know how lucrative getting into a Euro place is”

    BeeGuy, Can’t remember the exact figures now, but it’s MUCH more lucrative getting into the Champion’s League than it is with the Europa League. I’ll track the figures down if I get the time.

  25. Marc Albrighton is the one right winger I’ve seen that I would love to see at Newcastle.
    He scores goals, whips in some terrific deliveries and has a good engine.

    To me, he’s better than Bentley or Wright-Phillips.

  26. That wickham kid from ipswitch looked good last night. He falls into oir so called only sign young players policy.

    Read sol may be on his way to west ham.

  27. Adam Lallana latest name touted by the press today supposedly in a £5m deal from Southampton.
    Can’t see that happening as that means we would be spending £10m if you take Ben Arfas fee into account too!

  28. Worky – It’s only rough, but Europa is worth £5 million if you get through the group stage and £5 million if you win. Less depending on where you go out the comp. Obviously there is TV money for each game to go on that but it’s that much.

    The CL is worth £20 mill for getting in. £800,000 per win, £300,000 per draw. £4 million for each round. Plus TV money on top.

  29. tbh, i’m perfectly happy with the papers spouting all the crap about linking us w/ bentley, keane, swp, etc. logically, we’d never take these players on as they dont fit into the transfer philosophy (too much money, wages too high, too old, or just don’t improve the squad).
    i’d be more than happy not hearing a word about someone and then getting him in – much in the way tiote was signed.

  30. Just shows how much money we must have spunked up the wall when we were in the champions league and uefa cup competitions.

  31. Micky Toon says:
    January 13, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    “Just shows how much money we must have spunked up the wall when we were in the champions league and uefa cup competitions.”

    Spunked into the Shepherd’s and the Hall’s bank accounts too, Micky. ;-)

  32. Hope Ziani comes, he’d be a great signing, and also he’s a footballer who doesn’t give the ball away. Get him together with JB, Tiote, Nolan, HBA, the bull, Guti and Carroll pulling together and watch us go places ! Howay the lads, get him signed up..!

  33. I genuinely cant see us bringing in anyone of merrit, I was actually shocked the fat-lad pulled out the (maybe) £5m to get Benny fulltime

    as for the loan rumours about SWP etc, I wouldnt pay the kid the wages he’s on at Al-JaCity, so I doubt Ashley would either