Breaking News: Carroll sold, apparently

Posted on January 31st, 2011 | 169 Comments |

Andy Carroll, Newcastle United
Handed in transfer request
Newcastle United striker Andy Carroll has been sold to Liverpool for a fee in excess of £30m.

After resisting a number of offers to sell the striker who was apparently not for sale, it seems that Andy Carroll eventually handed in a transfer request, forcing the club to reluctantly accept Liverpool’s offer.

The move begs many questions, not least as to who we’re going to replace him with. Maybe Newcastle’s recent form without him has persuaded the Toon manadrins that the club can see out the season without a replacement striker.

If, as reported, Carroll handed in a transfer request then it became much harder for the club to hold onto him.

More to follow when details are available.

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169 Responses

  1. Apparently it’s all agreed, AC leaves for 35m + add ons.
    This transfer makes no sense at all, I mean do we have a replacement lined up? The potential loss if we now get relegated far outweighs what we will get for AC.
    Total madness and back to the bad old days of being a selling club :(

  2. HAHAHAHAAAA how funny, being a spurs fan I remember a few of you coming on our blogs saying Carroll wouldnt leave Newcastle for anyone, how apparently he is a local lad and its his dream to play for Newcastle,,, how stupid do you feel.
    Londoner Ashley rejected 35!!!Yes 35million saying no deal but then your soo called local lad hands in a transfer request and demands a move to a team who have performed worse than you all year.
    The term stupid northern monkeys never made sense until now, it must be the lack of sunlight up north that makes you disillusional, now come and buy crouch for a replacement….please

  3. Surely there is no time for us to bring anyone in.
    Unreal. It’s a lot of money and all but where are the goals going to come from? I’m floored.

  4. May he burn in ****! How can a local boy go to the liverfools????? Hopefully he’ll get drunk , abuse some girl and punch her and go to jail and be rememberd as the biggest transfer flop ever…..!

  5. WTF???!!mike ashley again increasing the fans ‘ temperature..if u sell Carroll to get striker such as Zlatan Ibra or CR or edin dzeko it will be okay..but if it is to buy heskey, charlton cole,elmander or other low class striker than u r the most stupid man in the world!

  6. I’d love to hear something from Pardew about all of this. Longest he’s gone quiet since he came to the club! But in all seriousness, I feel as though we have been relegated. Utterly gutted

  7. wot can you do, he’ll end up like gazza and geordies wont give a f*ck about him when he’s an alcoholic

  8. Come On

    Ashley to Carroll

    “ANDY — Liverpool will give you £80k per week.
    We aren’t going to increase your contract.

    You have to put in a transfer request if you want any pay rise in the next 5 years.

    Andy caves for the cash.
    Ashley gets a way out and keep the cash.

  9. @hoosiertoon – ha classic – yeah at least we now know how to shut pardew up at least, just sell the crown jewels to the highest bidder.

  10. If he handed in a transfer request then wtf are Ashley going to do? If anyone is to blame here, its Carroll for talking about how alll he ever wanted was to wear the famous number 9 of NUFC and then leaving for a club who after Torres leaves arent much better than us on paper.

    35+ is a good price anyway, and no player are bigger than the club. There was life after big Al and there will be life after Big Andy.

  11. Don’t worry about the Spurs fans, they’re just angry because their club crest has a small cock on it !

  12. If Carroll has handed in a transfer request then I’m shocked and disapointed. I never ever thought that a local Geordie boy wearing the No 9 shirt at Newcastle would throw away that heritage and honour. If this is true he will be forever condemned in the North East but at least the local lasses should be safer.

  13. Yes we lost to Fulham, I believe your out the cup too, and now we both have shit strikers from 1st to 3rd choice, loads in common.

    I dont mean to mock nufc as a whole just a few fans who did what I was doing now, I knew Carroll would leave duno if its the right move for him though, he wont be loved at Anfield like he is at St James Park

  14. And to the spurs fan with the big mouth… Lets talk when Bale gets his head turned by a big club shall we?

  15. How the fcuk is anyone blaming Fat Ash on this one????? As much as I dislike him this is 100% Carroll’s fault, He’s a judas cu*nt with his transfer request. If anything Ashley and the board deserve a lot of credit for rejecting two bids, €35m is a phenomenal amt of money.

    Yes they could have rejected the transfer request but whats the point in keeping a player that does not want to be here

  16. Bale will leave to some giant team this summer no doubt because Tottenham will no finish in Top4 this season.

  17. Come on lads. Get an offer of 15mil in for Taarabt, 10 mil for chamberlain, and 3 mil for bothroyd. Apparently every player has a price.

  18. Liverpool are probably doubling what he can get from us. It’s a sickener but unless Ashley is prepared to put the club in the sh!t with inflated wages then there not much that can be done to change the situation.

    We can’t win owt this season so so long as we survive the drop it aint all cr*p. Roll on next season.

  19. Too bad Toontastico Ashley will invest none of that in this club he’ll be booking flights to vegas both are too blame and both can rot in hell

  20. My goodness,

    How many idiot Toon fans are there???

    How on earth is Mike Ashley the enemy on this one! Carroll handed in a tranfer request!!! WTF would you want him to stay, if he doesn’t want to and Scouses are offering a massively over inflated price???????

    Sacking Hughton = stupid move YES

    Selling Carroll who wants to go for 35Mil+ = great move…

    I’ll help him pack. And can’t wait for him to FO now!!!

  21. Ginkoh… That would be a very disapointing move… We got a good price for Carroll, but we invest it all as badly as we have done in the past we might as well let fat Ash blow it away in a casino.

  22. This has to be bullshit hes a Georide Lad I want to hear it from Carroll himself but if worse comes to worse who would we replace him with at this late stage? we will go back down now. sorry to be negative but what can we do

  23. where is the source on the transfer request? Talk about hero to zero.

    Shola – if you don’t start banging in em now I’ll clobber yee myself.

  24. This joke club is playing Champions League football against Milan soon.

    And thats no joke, Bale probably would go soon but we have other quality players like VDV, Modric, Lennon and Dawson, you have 1 decent player, your the joke.

    And we will be adding Benzema to that list before deadline closure mark my words…come and buy Crouch please

  25. JJ

    Tbh – It is a lot of money. He could flop yet and not be worth half that in a few year. Plus he is crocked, atm anyway. Then again he could be worth more in a few years.

    We have to accept we are a selling club with a big fan base. Nothing more! We are totally set up for dissapointment. The money won’t be reinvested. Ashley will be straight down the casino with Del boy.

  26. Sometime Toon fans embarress me with their stupid remarks.

    Where is the common sense?

    35Mil plus add-ons for a player been in the Prem 6 months!!! And a player who got outscored by Whittingham, Chopra, Dorrans, and Adams in the championship…

    He good but not that good!

    35mil is a great deal, (he doesn’t want to be here) so let him FO…

    Time for Ranger to step up… And perhaps it will allow Vuckic an open door to get more first team opportunities.

  27. boater says:
    January 31, 2011 at 5:52 pm
    where is the source on the transfer request? Talk about hero to zero.

    Shola – if you don’t start banging in em now I’ll clobber yee myself.<< :lol:

  28. JayYid

    Fulham 4- Champions league club 0

    That IS a joke mate. Plus the fact that your goalkeeper is dodgy as owt and you don’t have a good striker. Totally relying on Bale, VDV (cheat) and Defoe is a joke mate.

  29. Aye,
    bye then then you traitor,
    not welcome round here AC.

    Don’t want players that don’t wanna be here, whomever they are.

    Now Phuck off!

  30. “And we will be adding Benzema to that list before deadline closure mark my words…come and buy Crouch please”

    Oh yes, of course you will be. Madrid will be dying to ship out one of their only two fit strikers to Tottenham Hotspur whilst gunning for the La Liga and Champions League titles.


  31. @ ConnecticutMag 29 – Lets not be too Hasty, things have been going alright of late with regards to tying up contracts etc. Personally I think pards will be given cash, I just hope he uses it wisely. Cant see him buying C Cole everyone can see he’s about the same as Shola and wouldnt improve us.

  32. JayYid you twat that twitchy face harry cant stop telling lies he is worse then aldridge prior the worlds worse liar

  33. The thing is though, everybody knows that we have money and that will inflate any deal. It’s only because of Abramovich’s money that Carroll’s price has been inflated so much. He isn’t worth more than Rooney and Villa IMO nowhere near.

  34. Treacherous Pikey Bastard!!

    I’m no fan of Fat Man but credit him knocking back big money, once a player puts in a written request then thats pretty much it!! Club had no choice, just got to get some replacements in!!

  35. Transfer request means no signing on fee. I wonder if he really is crocked? The lad is a fool. Just shows he was only ever interested in money. All his talk of never leaving, wanting to be a legend number 9 was complete bollox.

  36. Thats the difference between Gosforth and Gateshead. Shearer = Geordie. Carroll = South of the Tyne, greedy pikey woman beating greasy haired f***ing judas. Go f**k yourself you c**t I hope your injury turns out to be serious and you rot on their treatment table instead of ours. Scum.

  37. Andy Carroll…the epitomy of the modern day footballer. A money grabbing twat who believes his own hype too much. £35m? The same as David Villa, a proven striker and a world cup winner…madness. Good riddance, enjoy playing for the scummy scousers!

    Put Vuckic in, that will be another 35+ in two seasons.

  38. Well, i for one am not disappointed, £35m + is a great deal for the club, providing it is spent on the playing squad obviously, i think in the last few games where Carroll has been injured we have played well and managed to score goals and get some good results, we were unfortunate to not beat the scum and the spuds, we will stay up this season as our midfield is exceptional and our back four are performing well, so survival will be achieved and hopefully we will have a nice sum of money to spend in the summer, we may even get a replacement in by tonight.

  39. Heard this on the BBC:-

    Emile Heskey was seen at NUFC’s ground a little while ago.

    He was aiming for Middlesborough.

  40. Kilgore_D_Sprout says:
    January 31, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    “Heard this on the BBC:-

    Emile Heskey was seen at NUFC’s ground a little while ago.

    He was aiming for Middlesborough.”


  41. Can anyone blame Carroll? We are being run by frigging idiots, once again we have been caught with our trolleys down, waiting until the last minute to get players in yet again and its not going to happen for the umpteenth time.
    Where is the back up plan?
    Ireland has failed his medical so where is the replacement for Routledge?
    What a shower of shite!

  42. Llambias is running around now like someone looking for a Turkey to cook at 11 o clock on Xmas morning.

  43. Heard on the news that Holloway gets a cut of any fee if Charlie Adam is sold. How has he managed that? Is he his agent as well as his manager?
    Wonder if Pardew gets some on AC’s fee?

    Oh, god, I’m joking about Pardew by the way, before anyone starts getting radged up about it.

  44. Carroll = Traitor. After the club sticking by him after all the crap he has caused and first chance he gets he’s on his toes. Hope he enjoys counting his readies because he wont be welcomed back in the Toon after this.Very disappointed in him but well done the club for resisting bids until then. Hope he sinks like a stone.

  45. We need a target man unless we are going to start playing decent football. Llorente but he will probaly end up at Madrid. Maybe Steve Morison from Millwall, big striker who takes no crap on the pitch.

    Two options, spash it all on a Shearer/Owen type transfer, or buy a few decent players from lesser clubs.

    Or not get anyone because we’ve left it too late.

  46. How can we NOT blame Carroll?!


    Personally, I don’t think we do… Not yet anyway.
    But we do need to get someone in on the right side.

  47. Widowmaker says:

    “Can’t fault FMA on this one if Carrol did hand in a transfer request”

    Allegedly AC’s hand was forced into asking for a transfer and you can blame Fatman for creating an environment of low expectations and nil ambition at this club. Its all very well claiming we have to reduce costs but we also have to be viable as a Premier Leagu club otherwise we’ll go down.

    You cannot tell me that Carroll was making a decison purely based upon his need for more money. He obviously believes he has more chance of winning things at Liverpool than at SJP which, bearing in mind the Bindippers crap season so far, is very sad indeed.

    The sooner this Fat Twat goes the better.

  48. Are you lot naive or what? IF Carroll wanted to leave he would have put a transfer request in days ago. The only reason he has put one in now is that the deal was stalling over Newcastle’s compensation to AC for selling him without him requesting it. With a request in the deal goes thru quicker, and at less cost to us. Get a grip.

  49. Don’t try & turn it back on ashley mate,
    carroll asked to go, period.
    He IS to blame.
    Don’t twist it round, carroll is a traitor.

  50. Rumours that Connor Wickham is on his way. If we get him and Tabaart or how ever you spell it from QPR, it will make the day a bit better.

    On Traitor boy, will he still have to bunk up with Nolan?

  51. Cheers Andy, you little Judas.

    I sincerely hope you get a big welcome back to the Toon down the Quayside next time you are back up on the drink.

    You could have been a legend at your home town club, I honestly can’t understand what you’re thinking.

  52. AndyMac

    Total garbage. That is how I would summarise your last post. How people are claiming “his hand was forced” is totally beyond me!? What complete and utter tosh. This is the reason why footballers feel invincible nowadays. It’s either the manager or owners fault, never their own. It’s pathetic.

  53. AndyMac

    Thick Carroll’s head was turned. He smelt the cash. Let’s not gloss over why. He is a traitor. He owed us big time for all the crap he has put the club through. First opportunity he is on his toes. We are building the basis of a good team and he knew it. Money spoke for him not loyalty. Well hope it chokes him.

  54. Why is everyone saying 35 mill is a good price?? Club will see f**k all of that money it will go into ashleys pocket making the fee irrelevant, might aswel have shit on his number 9 shirt, traitor

  55. I want to know th other NUFC Player reactions to this exspiecally nolan and barton and pardew of course if it’s true not just shite

  56. clinath – with a transfer request Caroll will get nowt. He is a traitor and a bullshitter. End of.

  57. biggest traitor ever too ware a toon shirt , bigger judas than ed himself even bigger than gassgoine

  58. Jeez dont pick fights with me just because you all want to wear the “Jilted lover” T shirt for the day.

    As clinath says he was forced to ask for a transfer in order to “speed up” the process thus saving Fat Man 10% of £38m

  59. Breaking news, Man Utd have refused to listen to offers for Howard Webb, Mike Dean, Peter Walton or Martin Atkinson!

  60. “As clinath says he was forced to ask for a transfer in order to “speed up” the process thus saving Fat Man 10% of £38m”

    Dear, oh dear! Let’s stick to facts, and not pathetic conspiracy theories based on…well, hot air.

  61. Remember this to all of you who are getting upset about lack of loyalty Professional footballers= shower of will never ever change.

  62. El Toro says
    “Dear, oh dear! Let’s stick to facts, and not pathetic conspiracy theories based on…well, hot air”

    Read the club web site statement :

    “The 22-year-old England international has this afternoon handed in a transfer request, which has reluctantly been accepted by the club, and Carroll is currently in talks with the Reds over a move to Anfield.”

    So that absolves Fat Man from taking the money and puts AC in the frame for being a money grabbing bastad.

    So which version, El Toro, do you suppose the club want muppets like you to believe ?

  63. He asked for a move, whats Ashley to do? TURN HIM DOWN! Keep him at least til the end of the season, when we have a replacement lined up. This is unreal.

  64. This isn’t Mike Ashley’s fault.


    He’s a prick!

    Hope he rots.

    No longer a Geordie!

  65. andy carrol can go fk himself , people need to stop these ashley conspiracy stories. Carroll could have stayed if he wanted but decided to ditch his hometown club for money. simple.

  66. I don’t believe any of this, AC handing in a transfer request, what a load of s***e. Fat Ash & Laimarse are just trying to get theirselves of the hook with the fans and pocket £35m into the bargain.

    They are just a pair of backstabbing lying bastards.

    I expect Pardew to resign first thing in the morning as when he took the job he wanted assurances that AC would not be sold.

    Christ how I hate that fat cockney t**t.


  68. All this just sinking in now…do any of you reckon Ashley, being owner and everything, would dare lie about the “reluctantly agreed” transfer request??

    Dunno…it’s just I wudda put money on Carroll’s head being not for turning, there’s mebbe’s more to this than meets the eye…

    It’s almost like I can see that Jabbanian smirk plastered all over his faces.

  69. Yah Andy Carroll hands in a transfer request on the request of MA and thereby waves farewell to a huge signing on fee, just to please MA.

    Please… I loved AC as much as the next guy, but he wanted to go, to Liverpool no less who are no better off than we are… Why? because he got a new agent and that agent smelled a big payday.

    There you have, the agents make the football world turn

  70. Geordie –

    In fairness they could have said no but at that price when he didn’t want to stay why shouldn’t they sell.

    Just p1ssed off with Carroll and Carroll alone.

    See him in a Liverpool shirt makes me feel rotten sick.

    Hope his new payday ruins him

  71. Somebody probably got Carroll liquored up and said “Sign here.”

    Hey, maybe Ranger is going to be better than AC.

    Amazing how many players are gone or loaned. This must mean players in the reserves are ready to step up.

    Maybe CH knew what was going to happen and made his exit early.

    After relegation, NUFC can move over to Gateshead and tear down SJP to make an apartment block.

    Then NUFC can sign on as a development club for USA’s MLS, or Burnley.

  72. i feel absolutely gutted right now but i am looking on the bright side.if the deal really is worth as much as all the site’s are saying then let’s hope mike ashley stops laughing his way to the bank and instead we use that money in whatever little time is left this transfer season to try and get ourselves a quality striker,because i fear the chaps we have left are only going to drag us into an inevitable relegation battle.
    praying to god that whatever comes out of this day nufc comes out the best.
    nonetheless i won,t be a sourpuss so i’ll wish andy best of luck and to liverpool as well.hopefully we’ll just about finish above them.

  73. El Toro,
    y’wasting y’time arguing with the conspiracy theorists mate.
    They’ll always have a new twist.

  74. from now on we should retire the hallowed number nine shirt,only awarding it to strikers who have really proven their worth,shown how much THEIR team means to them.
    wonder what shearer,keegan et al would have to say about this current development..
    they just don’t make them like they used to anymore.

  75. This’ll sink liverpoo even further into the ‘red’, it better be worth it for them.
    Now that would be beyond funny.

  76. look at it this way 35 milion for a player who’s scored 11 prem goals with a court case still coming up who attacked another toon player and is only one goal ahead of a midfielder (nolan) 35 million lets have a giggle at liverFOOL

  77. The “Carroll is a Judas” and pro Ashley posts are f***ing laughable.
    When will you dozy buggers wake up to the fact that Ashley is pissing himself laughing at the fans again.

  78. Carroll just arrived at liverpools training ground appearently hope this is just some random joke by AC

  79. Where have these Connor Wickham rumours come from? The only striker rumours I have seen are Adrian *sniff* Mutu and Jay Bothroyd.

  80. Reports from mirror on twitter say crouch not comeing to nufc deal not going ahead!!!! who knows anymore???

  81. There is still something a bit ‘championship’ about Carroll,, very one footed. Let’s just get some players in.. lest we forget we already needed 3 before the avatar bombshell.

  82. Crouch…Bendtner…I’m sick to my stomach. Why put ourselves in the relegatin fight like this? How must the rest of the squad feel? Who the hell is going to score goals for this team on a consistent basis now? I know it’s a lot of money but I feel like without someone coming in tonight that is REAL quality (not bench warmers of teams a couple places higher than us in the standings) we could end up in a real tailspin.

  83. Honestly?

    Ok Carroll’s been in the prem and scoring and he’s probably going to become one of the all time great England number 9’s but maybe not one of the all time great Newcastle no9’s (just yet).

    If Andy really wants to play for Newcastle then this won’t stop him, he’ll just go there and in a few years after turning down their contract renewal offers…… come home to us on a Bosman being a better striker for it because by then he’ll probably be seasoned in the champs league and with titles under his belt.

    Ashley has made a gamble tbh it could pay off and we might gain from it on the other hand if we drop it will mean we’ve effectively sold one of the pottentially best tallents to come from the club ever for nothing.

    We’ll only know come the end of the season, however one thing to remember is Carroll is currently injured and we don’t know how long he’ll be out and we also don’t know if he’ll be the same player afterwards!

  84. Hopefully we can use our money more wisely than L/pool did then, Clint? ;0)

    Just hope it gets reinvested at all !

  85. Some rumours that we have bid £17 million on Bendtner… Hope not, terrible attitude and that from a Dane. Much rather we got Ericksen of Ajax or perhaps a cheaky bid for Lukaku?

  86. According to the BBC, Andy Carroll was actually offered to another club last week. That is, NU were after offloading him at whatever price they could get; the Torres thing just made the money that much more. Aslo, they got him to hand in a request so he’d lose his (ACs’) cut of the fee, and the club would save some face.

    Just what I’m hearing.

  87. Thing is:
    carroll was playing a blinder at his home town club, where he knows everyone, he’s grown with the team & had it set up here for him. He’s scored 30 goals, 19 in the championship.
    Will he make the adjustment?
    Maybe not?

  88. Maybe Nut – the injury was always a smokescreen, funny how we started training this morning aint it..?

  89. boater,
    i’ve always said that the ‘injury’ was a convenient one, from my point of view, to keep him outta the public eye through the transfer window.
    But, i guess that didn’t work, when the idea of big bucks started to flow around AC & his agents head.

  90. I think in summary – we can only make a judgment on the wisdom of the Carroll sale, after we see who comes in. IT’s a 2 parter oh yeah. We have to be able to look outside the prem’ if we want someone the same or better within our budget.

    Oh my goodness – the scouser teenage chavs going crazy over carroll.. I still can’t believe this.

  91. Chap on radio 5 said Ashley was pimping out Carrol to clubs over a week ago and he has proof.

  92. Lukaku would just leave when a big club came knocking.

    Is Cavani really going to leave a club challenging for the Serie A title?

    No to Bendtner, Crouch, Elmander or Cole.

    How about Papiss Cisse at Freiburg, Pavel Pogrebnyak at Stuttgart or Moussa Sow at Lille?

  93. Kilgore you’re wasting your time m8. If they dont want to believe it they wont irrespective of the fact that Ashley was hawking Carroll around last week to other Premiership clubs.

    So let’s all blame Andy because he’s not here to defend himself and let’s all believe what that shifty, cockney barrow boy says because we havent got a backbone to complain.

  94. Alan Shearer on Andy Carroll on BBC Five Live:

    “Off the field he has been in trouble once or twice before – that would be the major area of concern for me. I spoke to Kenny months ago before he even came to Liverpool about the potential of Carroll. Kenny got myself and Chris Sutton and myself and Mike Newell together at Blackburn and he probably sees Carroll and Suarez as a similar partnership – both can score goals. Andy Carroll is unplayable on his day. We might see Charlie Adam there and with Steven Gerrard and his tremendous right foot – if you get balls into box for those guys it will be a hell of a partnership.”

  95. Again, according to the BBC and Murdoch Sports, Cole will not be leaving West Ham.

  96. Apparently the latest news on the Liverpool web site was the rejection of the second offer by NUFC.
    Subsequent to that there`s this more recent report that Carroll has insisted on a transfer, how much truth thre are to any of these reports, we will have to see.
    As for the reported highjacking by liverpool of Ireland, apparently he was rejected by NUFC for medical reasons.
    Damn ! this is crazy stuff, these windowperiods are getting crazier.

  97. JJ says:

    “On official site!!! We must be playing a 4 – 6 formation”

    You gotta larf otherwise you’d end up slashing Fatman’s wrists :)

  98. bigbadbob liked the turkey remark ;) u nd flashjonas seem to think the same as me.
    funny coz i met a m8 today at library (coz he doesnt have net at home) where he was checking out latest toon news, we both reckoned he was off.
    if cash is re invested then its a canny deal, time to move on peeps nd get prepared for fulham on wed. onwards nd upwards lads thats the crack imo

  99. Why is everyone blaming ashley for forcing him to hand in a transfer request? If Carroll didn’t want to go he wouldn’t have put in the request anyway and if he did make him do it then its more money to the club instead of to the traitor

  100. Breaking news is that Torres deal has fallen through because John Terry failed to agree terms with Torres wife!

  101. one only word to describe Andrew Carroll TRAITOR!Carroll a legend and heir of Alan Shearer?b******t he will never be like Alan Shearer!Shearer refused any possible transfer to play with Newcastle United,Liverpool included..

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