Bruce apologises to Harper for Sunderland thug

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Harper attacked by mackem thug
Bruce says sorry to Harper
Steve Bruce has apologised to Steve Harper for the attack he had to suffer from a mackem fan after Newcastle’s 1-1 draw with Sunderland yesterday.

Apparently the delinquent thug got onto the pitch after the game and had a pop at Steve Harper.

It’s baffling as to quite why the thug was so upset because Sunderland had just lucked their way to a draw they barely deserved.

Anyway, Steve Bruce had this to say:

We can only apologise – thankfully Steve is not bad.

Well done to the Sunderland fans who gave the supporter up to the police. When I saw the age of him it looked like he was still in school.

I just really can’t understand society today. What goes through his mind when we have just scored with a minute to go?

Why the hell he has got to come on to the pitch and confront Steve Harper baffles me.

When you see the age of this young kid, it is quite remarkable how has got that in his mind, to run on to the pitch.

Alan Pardew added:

If you get last-minute goals then you get an overreaction. The boy was stupid.

Fortunately Steve Harper suffered no long-term damage.

Apparently 24 fans were arrested in total either before, during or after the game and the chief rozzer said:

The crowd was mainly good natured and the overwhelming majority wanted nothing more than to enjoy the action on the pitch in an atmosphere free from violence and disorder.

However, there were still some troublemakers who were determined to spoil things for the genuine fans.

Thankfully we don’t have to visit the Stadium of Light until next season now, so hopefully our players will be safe at away grounds until then.

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11 Responses

  1. Being a little dramatic aren’t we??

    He was not a delinquent thug he was a stupid kid. He didn’t ‘pop’ Harper he pushed him. Also he was celebrating and stupidly over excited not angry and looking to injure. Lets move on. His own fans grabbed him and turned him in and the manager has apologised.

    What more do we want?

  2. It’s funny how Mackem reporter Louise Taylor (the Guardian) omitted the Mackem tw@t who invaded the pitch but did mention the magpie pitch invader that had had it’s wingS ‘cruely’ clipped presumably by a Geordie so it couldn’t fly away…she’s a stupid b1tch!

  3. I’m with Charlie. Move on. They were lucky, they know it. Move on.

    …getting that draw was celebrated like they had won 5-1 !! haha

  4. Anybody else think that Bruce’s stated ambition to finish higher than the Toon just about sums up the attitude of a number of Mackems – they are too bothered about us and not about themselves? So he thinks that’s important – to finish above a newly-promoted club that hasn’t invested a third of what they have in new players?
    Clearly he has acquired that balanced personality typical of the area – a chip on both shoulders!

  5. fog time on here , alright lads. the young lad wasnt excited about the goal, he was looking foward to some loving with his sister/mother. good result shame about that fluky goal.

  6. i wonder what the Police are to do with all the mackem scum who invaded the pitch?
    its an offence to come onto the pitch – they all should be identified and prosecuted!!
    Lucky lucky mackems!!

  7. magpie6699: totally agree,he said we were classless after the home match (5-1 incase any scum are reading)yet he comes out with that tryed and tested cr@p. give it a rest fatheed.

  8. Happy cos we want to finish higher than a promoted team who has spent nothing yet your starting 11 cost more than ours? Hmmm. Head. Sand. Out.

  9. Cheer up bruce y’mackem,
    oh! What can it mean,
    To a fat plastic Geordie,
    at a shit football team.

    Repeat ad nauseam.

  10. Does anyone else think Harper was at fault for their goal? I thought he should of claimed it TBH. I thought he looked a bit dodgey throughout the match but still see him as No.1