Carver praises Portugal training

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John Carver, Newcastle
Portugal trip a success
John Carver has been full of plaudits for the training undertaken during Newcastle United’s trip to Portugal.

Alan Pardew was extolling the virtue of the Portugal trip just the other day and now it’s the turn of John carver.

So good has been this Portugal ‘boot camp’ that it’s now reckoned to be the best ever training session undertaken by any football club ever.

Carver said:

Sometimes people look at these breaks and see it as a holiday but it was nothing of the sort for the players.

First of all it was wet and windy and cold in Portugal – but it wasn’t about getting sun anyway, it was about finding somewhere with facilities that we could use because ours were out of action because of the frost last week. The players have worked really hard.

There have been double sessions of fitness work as well as football sessions and circuit training and we’ve done some quality work this week, which hopefully we’ll see the benefits of when we go to Fulham on Wednesday. It was great for me, too, coming into a new group of players because it gives me the chance to get to know them and I have to be honest, there is an incredible spirit and a huge togetherness among them that has stood out for me.

That is a huge asset for this football club and the most important thing is that we keep that going.

Carver then went on to talk about the importance of keeping Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton at the club:

They are great characters. You hear a lot of stories about them from the outside but then you come into the club and you realise how important they are to the team.

They are big characters and, of course, they are great for the club. They want to be here and they are a big positive influence on and off the field for this football club.

Carver the goes on to describe how Alan Pardew is the most well-endowed man at the club:

Obviously Alan came into a difficult situation but he dealt with those problems very well.

One thing is for sure from what I have seen – the players know who is the boss.

At some clubs or in some circumstances that authority isn’t necessarily there, but in this instance everyone knows who the gaffer is.

So there you have it. Incidentally, The Journal seems to read into that interview that John Carver expects us to be pushing for the top six, yet I can’t see that he says that anywhere.

Fostering unrealistic expectations perhaps?

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8 Responses

  1. The cynic in me sees articles like these as attempts to distract attention from the lack of transfer window activity. Surely not, right?

  2. LS says:
    January 28, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    The cynic in me sees articles like these as attempts to distract attention from the lack of transfer window activity. Surely not, right?

    I thought that Pardew’s constant blathering about extending the contracts of existing players was supposed to do that, LS?

  3. If we can add one or two right players, I confident we can challenge for top6 position. But if not Top10 or just survive is more realistic target.

  4. Aye worky, I believe that to be the case too, but why have one distractional force when you can have two at twice the price? That’s the toon way!