Gosling speaks on his return to action.

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Dan Gosling: First game as a Magpie.
Dan Gosling: First game as a Magpie.
Dan Gosling has been speaking on his return to action, in a “closed doors” game against Hibernian, who are now of course, managed by ex Newcastle United assistant manager, Colin Calderwood.

The 20 year old midfielder completed around 70 minutes in the 3-3 draw, in which Gosling almost scored after 15 minutes of the game, with a mazy run and shot eventually being blocked by the Hibs keeper, Graham Stack. This was Gosling’s first game in a black and white shirt, and he admitted to feeling somewhat “tired” after being out of the game for so long with an anterior cruciate injury picked up while playing for his last club, Everton.

Speaking to the club’s official website, he said of the game, and his general condition:

“I’m tired but I feel alright. I stiffened up a little bit but it was a good run-out and I really enjoyed it.

“I was getting more confident as the game went on and it’s a shame I couldn’t last the 90 minutes, but that’ll come sooner rather than later.

“The plan was to play for at least an hour and see after that, and 70 minutes was a good workout for me.

“I was a bit disappointed not to score, as I had a good chance to score and felt I should have had a penalty, but I’m sure the goals will come soon.”

On Sunday’s upcoming game against the Mackems, and whether he may force his way into contention for the game, he added:

“I’ll look out for the numbers on Sunday and see what the gaffer decides to do.”

However with a note of caution he went on:

“But I’m not getting carried away, I’ll just take it as it comes.

“We have another Reserve game against Wigan on Monday, so I’m sure I’ll play some part in that, so I’ll look forward to that one as well.”

It seems as if the young star may still have a little way to go before he attains full match fitness, though a place on the bench, and possibly a late appearence may be on the cards. Time wil tell, but he’ll certainly be a welcome addition to the Magpies’ squad.

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76 Responses

  1. As you say Worky, he aint ready for 1st team yet, be surprised if he is on bench even for Mackems game.

  2. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    January 12, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    “As you say Worky, he aint ready for 1st team yet, be surprised if he is on bench even for Mackems game.”

    Just my opinion, Grumpy. I haven’t been speaking with Alan Partridge or anything like that! :-)

  3. Mr Bellamy in trouble again,no doubt be somebody else ‘s fault.Loved him as a player though.Him and Carroll would have been mustard together both on and off the pitch.

  4. why hasnt pardue bought yet? big game sunday with shite strikers available , has any1 heard of any news of any player linked with us? its hard work bein a toon fan lads haha

  5. lads according to reports in france/algeria n germany karim ziani will sign in next 24/48 hours from wolfsburg, apperantly agree a 3m fee with addons n he is supposed to hav agreed a 3/half year deal with the option of another year n its jus a case of passing a medical, hope its true he is class player

  6. No real report of where he played, I assume if he gets a start(Gosling) it will be in the Tiote role.
    But then short of match fitness, i can see him coming on to sub for Smith whom I believe Pardew will pick as DM.

    Hmmm ! “Karim Ziani”, what`s the story on him ? where does he play (on the pitch)how old?, caps ? age? clubs?

    Looks like this window, similar to the rest will start out slow, other than deals already worked out except for the actual signing.
    Still a while to go and suppose it takes some time to do the details, seems like there`s plenty of rumors but possibly mostly paper talk.
    Though the league is still wide open to whoever wants it enough and a couple of choice buys could possibly clinch it.
    Chelsea need to rebuild as do both Liverpool and Man. U., sides getting long in the tooth.
    Going to be a two team race next season, Citeh and Arsenal, two opposits, one based on buying the best the other on developing the best.
    Obviously Citehs policy is unsustainable, whereas Arsenals is where most clubs would like to be.
    Newcastle?, right now i would take seventeenth.

  7. Chuck,
    don’t know if Gosling is a ‘destroyer’ like Tiote mate.
    Though, who knows?
    Fair enough on the other craic mate.

  8. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 12, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    “don’t know if Gosling is a ‘destroyer’ like Tiote mate.”

    Though he can play in defence (as a right back), I certainly wouldn’t describe him as a Tiote like “destroyer” either, Clint.

  9. worky,
    he does have a bit skill like Tiote though, hey?
    He looks quite deft, from what i’ve seen of him, nice touch.

    Ah! That’ll be where then. :)

  10. If we don’t get the players we apparantly want (which would be anyone so far eg: keane, bentley, larsson and I am sure ziani and others will add to that list before long) you guys reckon the current crop will be good enough for a comfortable finish above the R zone?

  11. only seen him couple times once as sub was ok but everton tend to play a defensive type game and like to hit on counter,he is one paced like but grafted hard

  12. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 12, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    he does have a bit skill like Tiote though, hey?”

    Clint, I think he’ll be a decent player, like Tiote, but he isn’t the same ‘type’ of player at all. From what I’ve seen, and I’m no expert yet, he isn’t exactly overburdened with pace, but is quite good at being in the right place at the right time, so his reading of the game seems to be good. As I’ve mentioned already, he is “versatile” (Hughton seemed to like players who could play in different positions). He could be good, but I certainly wouldm’t build him up and build any huge expectaions about him just yet. I certainly wouldn’t go crazy over him like I did about Ben Arfa, who I was sold on right away. Time will tell.

  13. Gosling’s supposed to be an attacking midfielder.

    Not sure how good he is, or they hope he will be, but he’s another body.

  14. Stuart79 says:
    January 12, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    “Not sure how good he is”

    As I wrote above, I certainly wouldn’t build him up like Ben Arfa, but he’s a versatile squad player who does have skill and potential.

  15. worky,
    exactly what i’ve thought about him.
    & y’right about not building the lad up too much, it’s gonna take him a while to get up to speed anyhoo after the injury.

  16. TBH people keep saying he’s one paced, you won’t find two slower players than Barton and Gerrard and I wouldn’t mind if he turns out like either of those two.

  17. even if we signed anybody now they aint gone settle in time for game imo,so guess we will have to go with what we got,which is not a lot without tiote/carroll,but as long as we give it a go and dont give another stevenage display

  18. Blackpool beating L’pool! They’ll stay up I reckon.

    I could have told Liverpool that bringing back a legend for the second time doesn’t work!

    Amazing really, L’pool fans just won’t accept its the players, not the manager. Their shit!

  19. The makem derby will perhaps come too early for Gosling.
    I still think if we pull our weight, put in the effort we can come home with a draw from the dark side. One thing’s for sure is that they will be right up for it, hope we are too !

  20. I remember Liverpool fans laugh to us when Keegan come back and talk shiX about our Messiah appointment. Now they know how we feel.

  21. Liverpool have been poor for a long time now, calling back Kenny Danglish was always going to be an easy option, but we’ll see if he has what it takes.
    Gotta hand it to Blackpool, they’re doing really well on limited resources

  22. It’s a weird one, or 2, if you will.
    liverpoo have to blame the players, but with blackpool you have to say: It’s their manager getting the best out of the players at his disposal, top coach Holloway, i’d pick him out as a good appointment for england, contentious yea, but i’d try him.

  23. Holloway is a legend. Funny as f**k and honest as the day is long. Not sure I’d want him at NUFC though, too much of a loose cannon.

  24. ryt sum1 in this blog show me proof ziani is cumn to newcastle!! people keep bringn his name up but nothing is up on the net that he is on his way to newcastle? any1????

  25. I don’t think Karim Zaini is good signing. Too old and waste of money. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  26. ice,
    we’ll see mate.
    I’m in the rock ‘n’ roll biz, so i works on a different track to most. But let’s just say, it ain’t helping any like, cuts is cuts.
    It certainly doesn’t help when councils raise rates by 105% in a recession like. As you can imagine, the rents & rates doon here are already astronomical even without raises like that. They’re trying their best to put people outta biz.

  27. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 12, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    “I’m in the rock ‘n’ roll biz, so i works on a different track to most.”

    What do you do, Clint? I know that you’re musical, but what are you working as?

  28. worky,
    anything musical mate.
    I play, write, arrange, engineer, teach, consult.
    Owt that’ll bring in the cash really.

  29. Micky,
    i’m way too radical for that kinda thing, though, come to think of it, it could be a good angle in desperate times.

  30. CLINT aye m8 heres hoping eh,
    as i said before knew things were bad even the mafia layed 25 judges off :)

  31. That’s the double Blackpool have done over liverpool :D

    Clint glad to hear it, I hate that jingle.

  32. ice,

    This year is gonna be ‘interesting’ mate, & no mistake.
    Can see a few uprisings on the horizon.

  33. CLINT divnt build my hopes up m8.

    got a close friend who is v pally with woods oot the stones,done a gig with U.HEAP,played lead git,inthe kremlin belive or not

  34. yea its the french press saying bout ziani and anyone who thinks he wud be poor signing clearly aint seen him play before

  35. CLINT aye mate best lead ive ever heard,been offered top jobs with top groups,guess what the “gear”got hold of him bloody shame,brought him here with me for a month to try and help,nee good, sitting in spain on sea front now playing for 40quid a spot when he can see straight i cry for him

  36. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 12, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    anything musical mate.
    I play, write, arrange, engineer, teach, consult.
    Owt that’ll bring in the cash really.”

    We’ll have to swap notes sometime, Clint!

  37. ice,
    that’s sad mate.
    I’ve seen a few great players fall to that, booze & the old ‘stupid club’.
    Usually the best players too.
    What a waste.

  38. DAVY aye canny player him my worry is he had big falling oot with benny while in france,going by what press said m8

  39. Couple of Toon lads dancing to the england cricket victory there.
    Geordies here, Geordies there, Geordies every phucking where, na na na nah na na nah na nah.

  40. CLINT they wont like that m8,worst ever sportsman in any sport ive seen in my life those aussies

  41. Micky,
    we shoulda went for CA a year back when his contract was over mate.
    Great player, great attitude, never stops, always chipping in.

  42. CLINT had to laugh when i was owr there,standing in the bars,,if the poms were beating them at oot they would turn tv off and turn it round,had a pal used to box he said oot there you had to knock him oot to get a draw (true)

  43. Alreet lads, this is my 1st ever post/blog on any site, what-so-ever….so please go easy on me, but i reckon sundays team should line up as follows:


    Simpson Colo Saylor Jose

    Barton Jonas

    2 of these: Best/Lovenkrands/Carroll

    If all 3 strikers are fit, then i’d like to see carroll and best as both strong enough to lead the line in a ruff and tumble game.
    Routledge on bench for best impact, he’s got quick legs, but that’s about it – so utilise ’em i say.

    cheers boys

  44. that last post didnt quite keep the shape i’d made it in, but hopefully u get the idea:
    … diamond midefield of smudger (holding), barton (right), jonas (left), nolan (Attacking mid)

  45. yeah did see a couple of toon lads in that victory over the Aussies going for the next match in Melbourne try and spot me with my Newcastle shirt on!

  46. piers kna man its near enough same as the 1st half but we have man u chelski arsenal at home instead of away ;)

  47. Batty/Piers by the very nature of the beast don’t we always play the same teams in the second half of the season as we did in the first?

  48. Mick….more or less, probably with the exception of Spurs(twice this month) and Brum due to the postponement.

  49. Sorry Milner that was a bit rude, but playing Smith = we lose !!!

    Either put Jonas right and Ferguson left with Barton and Nolan in the middle or play Colo in Tiote’s position.

  50. Nick D – Hahaha, dont worry mate i thought it was funny, just hadnt woken up yet today to respond!
    I hear what ur saying about smith, he’s not looking quite up to pace this season…any chance Haris Vuckic could step into a wider midfield role, and Jonas play the attacking support role that Nolan normally does??
    It could be a test of a system to use/swap when Benny Arfa returns…