Gradel for Smith? Toon transfer titbits.

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Leeds winger in Smith swap?
Leeds winger in Smith swap?
Speculation is a popular January pastime in football and the latest transfer rumours have Newcastle United interested in Leeds winger Max Gradel with a possible move the other way for Alan Smith.

The rumour, courtesy of Sky Sports, does beg some questions though, the first of which being whether Leeds – currently 5th in the Championship – would actually sell someone who could be pivotal to their promotion push.

In fact, when Toon interest was first mentioned at the end of last year, Leeds boss Simon Grayson stated that Gradel is not for sale, but the rumour fails to go away and now Alan Smith has been added into the equation.

From what I can gather, Smith would only be loaned to Leeds for the rest of the season but that could act as a sweetener if Pardew is determined to secure the services of Gradel.

Gradel – a 23 year old from the Ivory Coast – has been in fine form this season, notching up 7 goals in 19 games and providing exemplary service to the strikers from the wing.

Gradel came out of the Leicester City youth academy and made a name for himself on loan to Bournmouth before being first loaned to and then signed up permanently by Leeds on a contract that runs until the summer of 2012. Gradel has admitted he’d welcome a move to the Premiership ‘at some stage’ but – wisely perhaps – has said nothing beyond that.

Rumour has it the Newcastle are prepared to bid £6m for Gradel, which would seem to be the sort of figure Mike Ashley might approve for spending on a player. As for Smith going the other way, he’s certainly a player Newcastle could do without and Smith’s history with Leeds and the assurance of regular first team football might make it attractive to the player himself.

A new winger might make sense for Newcastle too as questions have been asked (by fans, at least) as to whether Jonas and Routledge provide enough quality crosses for the likes of Carroll. Apparently Gradel is comfortable on either wing or in a support role behind the strikers, which is the sort of versatility that might prove attractive to Pardew.

But it’s all rumour of course and there’ll be plenty more of them before January’s over.

Personally, I give the rumour slightly more chance of being true than the recent prediction by ‘The Church of the SubGenius’, who claim the world will end at 7AM on Tuesday July 5th 2011, although if you’re a believer you’ll be rescued by an escape vessel piloted by some alien sex goddesses know as Xists (this is true by the way, I’m not making it up).

Which I suppose is to say I give it very little chance indeed, but you never know with these things eh?

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24 Responses

  1. Smith for Gradel, best for taraabt coupla great deals I’d love to see happen!
    Here’s one for ya, Carroll 20-30 mil…would you exchange him for elia, Sessegnon and Von wolfswinkel!

  2. Well,after seeing that toonsy is set to leave .org,will u be back here once in awhile and comment? :(

  3. Please let it be true. Couldn’t we offer our deadbeats Best, Smih and Perch for Gradel, just as Tottenham are looking to offload their deadwood on us.

    Why on earth would we want 2 over paid has beens like Keane and Crouch for Carroll?

    I really like Andy Carroll and especially his will to fight for the cause and give it everything, but just considering if he were to leave, would it really be as bad as we all fear ?

    For argument’s sake we get £30M and buy say for example Wolfswinkle or similar.

    With AC we are extremely one dimensional and we can’t really deny that. We don’t use Carroll as well as a good passing team would do. Even at Wigan, players suddenly had to pass and move off the ball, out of their comfort zone and it was good to see.

    I also wonder what dazzling intellectual conversation Carroll would have on twitter !

  4. ‘As for Smith going the other way, he’s certainly a player Newcastle could do without and Smith’s history with Leeds and the assurance of regular first team football might make it attractive to the player himself.’

    lol he’s a completely different player now to the Alan Smith they know. :)

  5. Hugh fair play … anyone who can weave the ‘The Church of the SubGenius’ into an nufc blog deserves to be on here regularly … :)

    As for Gradel I have never seen him kick a ball and so I dont know whether he would be a welcome addition or not. If he is another winger who can beat a man then not provide a cross then no thanks … we have plenty of them as it is ;)

  6. shrews – Hugh is the original .org genius. His ‘About us’ piece is still the best thing that’s been written on here.

  7. You flatter me BBM, but my writing’s seriously out of fettle and I find it hard to do just now. It’s the sort of thing that comes with regular practice IMHO and I haven’t had that recently.

    I struggle to rein in my tendency to go off on irrelevant tangents too.

    Hope you’re well BTW.

  8. HBA ‘here to stay’ on the official website – nice one.

    BBM I am relatively new to .org and so I have missed his past masterpieces. However looking forward to more of the same :)

  9. Hugh … as long as the ‘irrelevant tangents’ are amusing I don’t think that you will find many complaints :)

  10. @batty: yup. 26minutes late. ;)

    anyway,Spurs has just enquired Andy Carroll availability? And got rejected straight. :lol:

  11. Has the fat one had a change of heart and decided to spend some pennies on his man?? Lets bloody hope so! Taraabt, Gradel and a striker and Ill be a happy chappy!!
    Now Ive cursed that whats the chance of a statement being made after the game “NUFC not partaking in any more transfer activity”

  12. excellent news about Hatem Ben Arfa !!! ecstatic… let’s stabilise this year, then just watch us go next year !!

    Well done Ashley, Lambias, Pardew and the rest of the NUFC management ! (never thought I would write that…!)…and of course CH for his huge part played in this signing..

  13. is taarabat a winger or more a CM? if CM, we don’t really need him, with getting HBA on permanent, gosling coming back, and the glut of CMs we already have, do we?

  14. IF HBA is really going to be back in games in early February, NUFC could sweat it out and not have to sign a winger, as Jonas can move over onto the right side (and we can find out how good is right foot is on crosses). This would free up funds for cover for Enrique, or buying for the future. But my sense is that AP would like a winger that can put the ball into the box or carry it there himself before all else. Can’t really blame him, either. Geordie nation would be much less apprehensive with that hole plugged, as it is the one all claim they can see.