Newcastle transfer rumours – Sears, Campbell, Enrique

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Freddie Sears - Newcastle target?
Freddie Sears - potential Newcastle target?
The latest from the transfer rumour-mill has West Ham striker Freddie Sears as the next Newcastle United transfer target and potential exits for Campbell and Enrique.

I’m not sure where the Sears rumour started but various reports have Pardew bemoaning the fact that the team suffered on Saturday due to the absence of Carroll and Ameobi and is thus looking at Freddie Sears to increase our striking options.

I’m a bit dubious to be honest because Sears’ first team record with West Ham isn’t exactly prolific (2 goals in 29 games), although he has apparently impressed in the reserves.

Maybe he’s ‘one for the future’ but that seems to be at odds with the rumour starting on the back of Carroll and Ameobi’s absence from Saturday’s game.

Personally I give it less chance than Kylie ringing me up to offer herself for a night of passion and adding “do you mind if I bring my sister along“. But what do I know?

An additional rumour has Sol Campbell returning to Arsenal. This makes a bit more sense given Wenger’s evident admiration of Campbell and Campbell’s very public disapproval of the sacking of Chris Hughton.

The final transfer rumour I have for you today is an alleged interest from Manchester United in Jose Enrique.

The left back has been one of our ‘stars’ over the last few seasons so I can see why other teams might be taking a look at him but I think – or at least I hope – we’d be reluctant to sell him. Good left backs always seem particularly hard to come by and I think we’d be daft to let him go. If anything we could do with some decent cover for Enrique in that area ourselves.

But hey, don’t shoot the messenger. I’m merely reporting these rumours and they all come with the usual disclaimers that they’re likely to be complete tosh!

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17 Responses

  1. More Rumors from the other blog.
    nufc1984 // Jan 10, 2011 at 9:45 AM

    French press l’equipe are reporting that were interested in buying Youssef El Arabi from Caen. he’s a winger/forward and has scored 10 goals this season. He’s available for €5 million. young athletic and full of tricks apparently. Opposite wing to Ben arfa? Thoughts??

  2. Sears – I’ve seen him play a few times and think he’s definately got a good footballing brain – This would be a good signing and fits with the new policy.

    Campbell – I would keep him until the end of this season just encase we get some bad injuries, we might still get sucked into a relagation battle and his experience will still come in handy. Only let him go if we can take an Arsenal player on loan that would benefit the squad more.

    Enrique – I really hope this is not true as United normally get their man. Enrique seems happy enough being loved at the toon so lets hope he signs a new contract soon.

    El Arabi – Sounds the sort of player we need but for that price we could probably land QPR’s Tarabat who is already settled in English football.

    Seb Larson – If we can get him for the prices quoted then that would be great business

  3. I can definitely see Campbell going to Arsenal, they’ve got a lot of their centre back injuries and he would be just what they needed physically till Vermaalen is back.

    I can’t see Jose leaving for a good while, he is probably the most passionate non-geordie player I have ever seen play for Newcastle, and when you read things like his twitter you see just how much he loves the club and town. Such a legend!

    I still think it’s worth a punt straightening out Stephen Ireland, he’s young, would be cheap and if we can get him playing to his first few Man City years standard then we would have so much creativity through the centre. Thoughts?

  4. All Toon websites contain a lot of criticism of Perch after the Stevenage game. Possibly deserved but has this become some sort or bandwagon? Yet there has been little criticism of Simpson even though highlights show clearly that he stood off his man for two of the goals. Nolan’s contribution as a captain and player seemed to be worse than that of Perch but again little criticism.

  5. groucho..sears is nothing we have already ranger and airey..who are better then him anyway..sears lost his way and to me is 2 small to be if we go down that root..then he will be dead man walking..enrique will go to a manu or real madrid..

  6. pardwho man every1s waiting for a signing, get ya skinny little finger out of your arse and do something good for once , us geordie fans havent got the patience for you 2 fart around when you and the fat man is messing with our club!!

  7. Army stop talking sh*t. We’ve already signed Ben Arfa, tbh if we don’t do anymore deals this window I’ll be happy. Current team is more than good enough to keep us up, may as well wait till the summer when we have definitely secured our safety then rebuild a bit more.

    If the players aren’t there whats the point in signing people just for the fun of it, it’s hard to even pick who we can replace in the team when we are doing this well.

  8. Groucho@5, problem with Perch is that he has contributed nothing since he came here and appears unable to step up a league, he is like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
    Simpson and Nolan have both been generally good signings.

  9. I think people are too harsh on Perch. I think it’s obvious that he isn’t cut out for the premiership (unless he improves a fair bit!), and he only even played 17 games for Forest last season.
    But slating him isn’t going to do anything for his confidence, he seems like a good guy, and always gives his all, but he just doesn’t have the quality, he has played alright on some occasions anyway.

    Little Perch stat, in the first 8 games we played with him in the team, we only had 24 shots on target at our goal, that’s 3 a game, so he must’ve have been playing half decent.

  10. Campbell never should have been signed, what a joke. Perch should go but certainly not Jose, he provides more effective consistent effort than most. How about Routledge, he’s not exactly tearing up the pitch? Right now we need more pace, passing, and scoring. The one trick pony approach with Carroll solo is ridiculous.

  11. Perch is ok, he’s just not a left-back at all and should never be played there. I have actually prefered him to Simpson at RB in the past because he knows how to close down and tackle. He was getting forward with pace and crossing aswell in his best games at RB he was actually quite good.

  12. Sears adds nothing to what we aleady have.

    Campbell is past it and should be let go.

    Enrique stays and is worth an improved cantract.

    El Arabi would be good if he is a right winger.

    Perch is a good backup to Simpson.

  13. tattyheed says:

    “simpson will never be a defender as long as my arse points downwards”

    So thats not all the time then ? According to the rumours :)

  14. Tattyhead bend over and receive as Simpson has shown he can defend but not as a unit for the whole game

  15. Sears – we need an experienced striker, we already have upcoming talents (like Ranger)

    Sol – let him go, never understood in the first place

    Jose – definate keep, only Fat Mike’s stupidity would let him go!

    El Arabi – know nothing about him! if he is another Routledge then no thanks, if he has an end product to match the pace then why not