Newcastle United v Tottenham video highlights and post match interviews.

Posted on January 22nd, 2011 | 16 Comments |

Highlights of the game, also featuring some rather funny amateur commentary. Goals from Coloccini the Colossus and (unfortunately) mini assassin, Aaron Lennon.

Alan Pardew talks deja vu after two late equalisers in two games and about how his team got “carried away” going for the second goal. He also enthuses about the quality of the game, and the sheer excitement of the latter stages amongst other things.

Uncle ‘Arry says his lot fully deserved the equaliser, but sings the praises of the “dangerous” Magpies.

Full match report from our correspondent at St James’s Park, Hugh De Payen, to follow.

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16 Responses

  1. Glad auld ‘arry bought pienaar, then gave him his debut today.
    Knew that would help us & it did.

  2. Jimi
    Hear what you say man but disagree big time

    Don’t know if you were at the game but first half lennon got nothing out of Jose second half he ran riot against Simmo. We need a right back as good as Jose. As for him improving I don’t see any improvement sorry.

    Go back to stevenage two of the goals in that game came down his flank. He might not get a lot of help from whats in front of him but his starting position is poor and he is the weak link in the back four that you cannot disagree with

  3. Happy to get 1 point before the game but not on 90min+ TT so sad but this is football and it’s really good performance from our team. Just proud of them all. HWTL !

  4. I think Simpson is not bad that much but Jose Colo and Willo is superb that make him look weak. But I confident Simpson can improve to be one of the best full back. Don’t forget this is his first season in PRM.

    It’s hard to compare him with Jose because Jose is one of the best left back in England if not Europe. If Simpson is same quality as Jose now, he will be England first choice right backer for sure.

  5. What has arry been smokin, he certainly was,nt watching the same game as me. I thought we were the better team for about 80 mins. We pressed them and should have had at least two more than we got. ranger needs a run of games to get his confidence up. He,s bound to snatch at his chances when he,s only given the last five or ten minutes of a game. Collo was absolutely imense today.My MOM. Iv,e said it for a while now that perhaps Jonas should have a run at playing up the right.He looked quite at home there.Great performance today ladsbut for a slight lapse in concentration at the end. this will come with a bit more guile and experience.
    One more point towards safety and stil in the top ten.Keep it going lads. Another point at Fulham in two weeks and all is well.HWTL.

  6. I do agree about simpson. I would stick with him considering his overall poise on the ball and pace and mobility down the flank, but his backing off players is costing us goals badly now. The third conceded against city stands out too. You can see colo going loco at him for backing off above.

    Still it’s silly to think we can click our fingers and hope to get an RB as good as jose.

  7. @ budalovesa patsy

    Jose is one of our best players, and maybe, for his position, our best player. So how can you compare him, given the position we are in, to the rest of our players? At the start of the season, it seemed everyone would have been happy with survival. Now, it seems, everyone would only be happy with perfection.

    To be honest, I can hear what you are saying, but for me it seems impatient to be comparing lads who are outdoing their expectations to lads who are fully established in the side.

    In my eyes, Jose is there. Simpson is getting there.

  8. We’re a promoted team currently sitting 7th, ahead of the other promoted sides. Accepting the unpredictability of the prem this year, that’s not bad. Simmo may not yet be a top 5 player, but we’re not yet a top 5 club. Hope we stick with him and we grow together, he’s a top man and loves newcastle.

  9. Simpson did some good things and some bad things; he’s nowhere near the best right back in the Premiership, but he ain’t the worst either and he’s still learning the game. I think there are signs of improvement and until we get anyone else, he’s our best option. He was up against one of the trickiest and paciest wingers in the PL and by the end he wasn’t getting much midfield cover – he always seemed to be on his own against Lennon plus one other. Yes he was at fault for the goal but he also got some good tackles in too.

  10. If I was offered 2 points before the last 2 games I would have taken them and been happy, still feels like a kick in the teeth how we’ve dropped points but it happens to all teams.

    Pardew has said he’s close to signing another of our players up to a new long term contract, if it’s either Enrique or Barton I’ll be happy.

    If we don’t bring in any new players I won’t be too disappointed, I’d rather they wait until the summer and get in the players they really want rather than panic buy for the sake of it.

  11. Good to see that some people are waking the hell up and noticing Simpson’s fatal weakness. When I posed the question the other day there weren’t too many agreeing with me that he simply doesn’t close down. It’s all well and good to say he can improve but he’s been doing this for a year now and cost us countless goals because of it. It’s not bloody hard. Just GO TO the player. DON’T stand 5 yards off them.

  12. Fake
    Think you aught to give the Simpson backing off attacking players a rest it`s getting both boring and something of an obsession with you and gaining converts to your ridiculess notion as ignorant of the game as yourself.
    In fact Simpson is a decent defender who is steadily improving, so stop embarrassing yourself, with this nonsense.

  13. In my opinion one of the problems at Newcastle at the moment is the general fitness levels of several of our players. Simpson is one of those players effected, backing off the attacking winger is common, it’s called jockeying. The lad got caught out yesterday, Willo didn’t help him though for the goal, first by not attacking the original goal kick from the spurs goalie, and second by being sucked inside when it was obvious the winger was gonna head to his stronger foot…

    But to be honest, we’re being a bit hypercritical, we gotta give the lad a chance to develop, he sufered a bad injury, and is just getting into the swing of things. It’s too early to class him as not good enough in my opinion…

  14. Chuck:

    Ridiculous notion? He cost us 2 points yesterday. If we get relegated/miss out on Europe or whatever by 2 points come the end of the season then we’ll see if Simpson’s flaws are a ridiculous notion. The guy is a professional footballer for god’s sake. He is paid handsomely to learn to show people onto their wrong foot, as he had obviously been told to, seeing as how Harps and Colo reacted after the goal.