Nolan pleads for Tiote as club appeal red card ban.

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Tiote: Four match ban if appeal fails
Tiote: Four match ban if appeal fails
Newcastle United will be making an appeal to the F.A over holding midfielder, Cheik Tiote’s red card in the club’s potentially disastrous F.A. Cup defeat against League Two’s Stevenage Borough.

The Ivory Coast player was shown a straight red card in the tie, meaning that a player who has made himself practically an essential part of Newcstle’s midfield this term could face a four match ban for what many see as a debatable sending off. This would consist of three for the original sending off, and a fourth for wasting the FA’s time if the appeal is unsuccessful. This means that if the appeal fails, Tiote will miss Premier League fixtures against Sunderland, Tottenham, Fulham and Arsenal.

Speaking of the incident, the player himself told told Tyneside paper, The Chronic:

“Maybe the referee made a mistake because I didn’t touch the player.

“I took the ball – I didn’t touch the player – and I don’t know why he gave me a red card, but this is football.

“The most important thing is the next game, and I want to play.

“Hopefully the club can do something. For me, Sunderland is a very important game, and I don’t want to miss it.”

Meanwhile, his midfield colleague and Newcastle captain, Kevin Nolan, has spoken out in defence of the player saying:

“It was never a sending off, not a chance in a million years,”

“I’m very disappointed with Andre’s decision. I thought he reffed it very well but that was not a sending off.

“I saw it on the telly and in real time. Even the centre half afterwards said Cheik didn’t touch him. It would be nice for him to come out and say that in the press because it might help us get him off.

“They were all about winning the game and you do anything to win the game but he stayed down a long time for a centre-half.”

Fingers crossed, as Tiote will be a huge loss to the team in the forthcoming matches if his ban is upheld.

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40 Responses

  1. we need tiote so much 4 th sunderland game!! newcastle are speaking 2 seb larsson , wud b mint if he played on sunday!! any news on a striker coming????

  2. I don’t hold out much hope.With the present rules a player doesn’t have to touch a player,if it’s deemed dangerous and reckless then it’s a sending off,and when I saw it in real time I must admit I thought he would get a red card.

  3. I don’t hold out much hope. I’ve only seen it online, and unfortunately it’s one of those that looks a lot worse than it is. I know the rules have changed, but where do you draw the line? How far away from a player does the ball have to be before you have to pull out of a move to reach it?

    It’s all gone a bit poofy.

  4. I’m hopeful about Larsson. Currently we’ve got Routledge, who can skin defenders, and Raylor, who can cross. We need someone who can do both.

    I know he’s bench-warming a bit at the moment, but to me he looks like an unrealised talent and should fit in well.

    Never heard of this El Arabi fella, though.

  5. The French Papers say we are linked with Arabi but who knows how accurate they are……..Never seen him play but his goal record looks impressive, highlights on youtube look similar to that of ben arfa

  6. hey lads long time no post

    was a shocking decision by the ref but we should all be used to those by now

    hopefully he will be available for sunday

    off topic but selling a match worn les ferdinand 95/96 home number 9 shirt and a sir bobby signed 09/10 home shirt signed just weeks before the great man passed away.

    you can view them at my site and get me at

  7. …which is why it’s probably garbage. We’ve got a Ben Arfa-type player by the name of Ben Arfa.

    It’s the same as the striker links. We’re the 2nd-highest scoring team out there; what makes people think we need more strikers? I’d hope that the only way we’ll see a new striker is if another goes the other way.

    After Saturday, I do wonder if anyone is every going to get Smudge back up to scratch, though – he’s just not done the business for us in any of his appearences since Tiote arrived.

    And do we even need to mention the words “left, back and cover” or are they just taken as read after so many years desperately needing some?

  8. cnt complain if hes owt like benny then! i like larsson , hes quick , gud at set peices and can cross the ball! str8 in to the team on sunday if we get him!! we shud go 4 santa cruz!!

  9. I still think people are focused on strikers when it’s depth in the more ‘engine room’ areas we should be worried about. We just went and spanked a team 5-0 with our two top strikers out injured; surely that says enough?

  10. “We just went and spanked a team 5-0 with our two top strikers out injured; surely that says enough?”

    Unfortunately we can’t play West Ham every week :(
    Same two strikers on show on Saturday and neither were good enough to get a “pants” rating.

    AC is the only BPL striker we have at this club IMO.

  11. I disagree i think we need another striker to play off Carroll mainly because we dont have one!!……..possession in an opponents half helps everyone on our team, regardless of how many goals we score.

  12. aye the team we spanked were west ham mate!! they are playing and defending terrible, we wont have an easier game this season!! we need top players in and the not so gud 1s out ! newc r a prem team and need prem players!!

  13. Nolan quite rightly has a dig at the centre half, big soft shite.
    Whilst watching the game it seemed as if they were testing the referee out with over reactions to challenges and he bought it every time, this is on the back of that tosspot Howard Webb telling the Blackpool players to go down more if they wanted free kicks and as we saw yesterday, despite being a World Cup ref and a MBE, he doesnt know the game of football.
    So, if De Jong leaves the ground two footed and breaks a leg and is exhonerated as it is viewed as not even being a yellow card, Tiote has a chance.

  14. Sorry to say it but Tiote,s appeal is a waste of time. Two feet off the ground and your off. It matters not if you don,t touch the player it,s a wreckless challenge. Pards should know better. Good luck for Sunday lads, wer,e gonna need it . HWTL

  15. bigbadbob (15)
    Funny you should mention about what Webb said about going down more often, very strange when Blurbatoss went down yesterday.Fcuking manchu again. The Twastard may as well have worn a red shirt. He,s supposed to uphold the laws of the game,not join in with the cheats that are ruining the game for the rest of us. How many times is that now that he,s given the Manc,s a dodgy pen. IMHO, there is corruption in the game, and it eminates from the top.

  16. Marriner wont admit he is wrong, didnt hear any apology from him for not awarding a penalty to us and a red card at Goodison Park, permatanned arsehole.

  17. 2 feet off the ground = red card!! we wont win the appeal , its the rules!! when wil we find out the crack with larsson????

  18. I agree that we probably won’t win this one. The rule is daft in the blanket way it’s applied – another nail in the coffin of ‘proper’ football – but it’s the rule.

    I need to see a decent replay, though. Didn’t look like both feet up to me, but it was on a stream. To me it looked like one-footed (other drawn back, as you would) with studs to the ball, as you would to control it.

    But I’m as biased as hell.

  19. Anyone know why the scumberland match isn’t on TV? Seems a daft one for them to leave out to me. Security issues, perhaps? But then why did they show the home one?

  20. @Whumpie

    Its live on ESPN Star Sports over here
    Well, unless theres some last min of change in schedule

    Not sure about telecasting in UK tv

  21. Whumpie – Because the Birmingham game is on instead. It was the other way round back in October so fair is fair I guess.

  22. I see instances of this ‘two feet off the ground’ thing constantly in football.

    It’s called running, apparently.

    Seriously, though – if the ball’s there to be got and you can put your foot on it without touching or going through another player, what’s wrong? If, as has been suggested, he’d literally jumped at it with both feed, studs up, I’d understand it. But from what I’ve seen, he didn’t – he leapt at it, one foot down and the other with the studs onto the ball. No contact with the player or serious danger of it.

    Am I being a bit rose-tinted here?

  23. Ah – Cheers, Toonsy. Does seem fair. Not sure who’ll have it down here, but I’ll ask about.

  24. bigbadbob says:
    January 10, 2011 at 3:49 pm
    “Nolan quite rightly has a dig at the centre half, big soft shite.
    Whilst watching the game it seemed as if they were testing the referee out with over reactions to challenges and he bought it every time”

    @bigbadbob – what did you make of Tiote clutching his face and squealing like a 10 year old girl a week earlier when clearly not even touched?

  25. Squavers, big girls blouse on that one but the week before he stood his ground after Kabul nutted him, i will never condone cheating from any player even ours.

  26. I know it’s on in the US (as said earlier) and I imagine it will be on overseas. The chances of getting a stream should be good.

  27. Don’t want a stream – want a pub! Still, I’ll take whatever’s going. Just surprised nobody’s bought the rights, as the 3pm rule doesn’t apply.

    I’ll phone around the buzzing Toon stronghold that is Exmouth and see who’s got it…

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  29. Can’t stand it when our players cheat. Jonas can’t quite shake his Argie diving instincts, and Tiote’s screaming incident was cringeworthy. On a par with Saylor’s one a few years back. Oh, the horror….

  30. Tiote lunged in with feet off the ground. However his studs were down and if he did make contact with the player it would have got his ancle at worst.

    He only went in with one foot and got the ball 100%. Personally I think a red card was debatable but I am not agianst the ref for giving it.

    The ban should be removed 100% though. He got the ball, end of.

  31. I would say there is almost no chance of the appeal being successful – it’s very simple….he flung himself in to a tackle with both feet off the ground (almost a kung fu kick lol) and if a player does that he is always going to be sent off because it is a sending off offence.

    Unfortunately those in charge seem intent on making the game a non-contact sport, personally I thought it was a great tackle (it’s a man’s game remember) but the new rules meant he had to go, and Tiote needs a miracle.

  32. 16
    porciestreet porciestreet says:
    January 10, 2011 at 3:55 pm
    toonsy toonsy says:
    January 10, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    exactly they will loose the appeal, but by any chance coz of appeal can he play on sun ? thats the only reason i can think of, both feet are off the ground no Q imo. if we loose decision its another game ban, wtf? pls explain if u can