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Roll up, roll up for the NUFC Blog 'howay-day'!
Roll up, roll up for the NUFC Blog 'howay-day'!
Roll up! Roll up! The NUFCblog awayday is here!

Well, not actually yet but it could be! The plan for this very first ever NUFCblog awayday is to get as many bloggers as possible to go to an away game and basically just have an ace time. If you are interested please read on…

The plan so far is to leave SJP on Sat the 12th Febuary for the away match at Blackburn Rovers. The reasons for picking this game is that tickets should be plentiful for non-members, it isn’t the other side of the universe and at this moment in time it is listed as a non-televised 3pm Saturday kick-off.

At this point nothing is planned until there is enough interest so please email me before you buy a ticket! The email address for the Awayday is as follows:

If you could send a brief email with any ideas for this and how many people you would like to take if in a group that would be great. After that if there is enough people we will organise travel, (of which the cost will be shared out equally) and folks can start to buy their ticket (you will be responsible for getting a ticket not the blog).

If you are interested please send me an email asap although there will be time for people to respond. Thanks everybody and hopefully there will be enough interest so we can make this happen!

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75 Responses

  1. Nice idea. Might be up for this.

    Anyone know when the away Brum game is going to be… Still got my tickets

  2. Stuart79

    Good question.

    It won’t be prisoner of war travel like on a certain another trip; but this is in the good faith that people will behave themselves and not turn up drunk/drinking on the bus ect.

    The plan will be to have a few hours in Blackburn before kickoff to meet up and have a few pints and then after the game it will be straight home otherwise I imagine we’d be there all night.

  3. Brettoon says:
    January 3, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    “Also what’s the deal with this WordPress thing..”

    Brettoon, It’s the blogging software used for both this ‘blog and Ed’s. Other types include ‘Typepad’ and ‘Movable Type’.

  4. DJG well done lad I hope you have plenty of interest mate. Make sure you dont tell batty he will have the wheels of the bus :)

  5. Bretoon – last I heard it was the 15th Feb.

    Me and the missus are buying each other a ticket for valentines day if any become available … Love is not dead !! :)

  6. Brettoon

    Tue 15.02.2011 tbc Birmingham City (a) @ St.Andrews, 7.45pm (but if both sides are eliminated from the FA Cup by 01.02.2011, then the game will be played over the weekend of Sat 19.02.2011.

  7. Anyone know about refunds at all? 15th is fine but going away with the missus on the 16th Feb so would need to get the money back..

  8. Also forgot to mention, if anyone knows a good minibus operator or something, put them in touch. :)

    Unless we get enough for a coach! That would be great.

  9. Brett…think you have up until 72 hours before any confirmed re-arranged date to get a refund.

  10. DJG…or if any non drinkers wanna drive a mini bus, maybe the rest of us could chip in for their travel costs?

  11. Spread the word to your mates. I dunno, blokes you sit next to at the match, anybody. Remember the more that go the cheaper the travel will become for everybody.

  12. Brettoon – how many tickets have you got m8? If you have 2 I will take them off your hands for face value ??

  13. What is the nearest airport to blackburn does anyone know? R be best fly to newcastle n travel down? I assume be a night out on the beer after?

  14. Shrews..

    I’ll be able to make it if it takes place on the 15th but if it’s the 19th I’ll sell mate…

  15. Brettoon – no problems. I am pretty sure one or both will get through to the next round of the FA cup and so I will get tickets through the club. There are bound to be returns given its on a tuesday.

    Cheers anyway.

  16. Johno…
    Blackpool International Airport, about 23 miles (37 km) to the west, is Blackburn’s nearest airport.[74] Manchester Airport, the busiest airport in the UK outside London,[75] is about 28 miles (45 km) to the southeast of the town.

  17. Great idea this trip but alas cant do it from down here and still get away with the trip i want to do for the manure game in april.
    I might get away with brum on the 15th tho so could be up for buying up peoples tickets.

  18. DJG – well done with the organising.

    Don’t forget about others who will be arriving from the south! We will need to know where you are headed before the game to meet up.

    Cheers :)

  19. Stuart79 says:
    January 3, 2011 at 8:08 pm
    Where’s toonsy went recently?

    Has he been locked up for crimes :lol:

  20. batty says:
    January 3, 2011 at 8:08 pm
    DJG ide drive but i havent got a liecence

    Since when has that stopped ya…

  21. :lol: rich stu ,truth be told i passed me test 2 years ago even though ive been driving for 25 years ,but got a pull 1 morning taking me eldest too the railway station so he could get back doon too base ,the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth :)

  22. Hi guys,

    Starting to get a few emails, keep them coming.

    Just to be clear you will need to get to SJP by 10am if you want to go as we will get there and have a few hours to meet them from doon sooth!

    There will be no pickup’s but if you want to meet at motorway services somewhere on the way down im sure that could be arranged.

  23. DJG says:
    January 3, 2011 at 8:18 pm
    Hi guys,

    Starting to get a few emails, keep them coming.<<<<< are you sure you want me too keep sending them you :lol:

  24. DJG…is 10am early enough as backpage travel aim to get people there for 1pm and their buses leave at 9am….just thibking aboot me drinking time like ;-)

  25. Hope you guys are keeping an eye on the darts. Anderson and lewis providing a real treat

  26. Backpage travel usually include a 45 minute stop at a services. It’s the only fun they have all day

  27. Need to be in a designated watering hole in Blackburn for 12. Three hours drinking, minimum! Also, said watering hole should be putting a buffet on.

  28. Might be up for it tho I’ll be coming from doon south and prob get the 09:30 train to preston then change for Blackburn
    Anyone else fancy it from down south?

  29. Train times below

    Sat, 12 February 2011
    Dep Station Arr Station Travel By Company
    09:30 London Euston 11:38 Preston Train Virgin Trains
    11:54 Preston 12:09 Blackburn Train Northern Rail

  30. Brettoon – Taylor is a top coach who is proven at bringing young players through, he likes to play attractive attacking football and he’s got all the experience you can get.

    He’ll be a top appointment for me.

  31. Hi All, and Happy New Year.

    So, I think I’ve mentioned before that I am trying to get to the Wolves game in April. I’ll be staying in London for my trip over that time span with just the excursion to Newcastle for the game.

    Does anyone on here take the train up from London to Newcastle to go to home games? Is it a pretty easy travel arrangement? I’ve not taken rail over there before, so am not familiar. Also, is it possible to do the train up to Newcastle and back to London after the game in the same day? I am sure it is, but I really don’t know.


  32. STUART aye m8,he was good with the under 21s,dont think he lost many games,but fell out a certain person,great coach cannot do the manager side of what

  33. NorCal ToonFan

    The trains in England are not very reliable timewise mate. Whether you try it or not is up to you though.

  34. Eek…well DJG, you’re not helping the situation. :)

    Do you work for a competitor of Rail Service? :)

    Well, then I guess the best thing to do is leave plenty of time on either side of the trip.

  35. Craigcoozy is full of shite!

    Its hardly hot of the press info, its well known that the deal is to be done this week.

  36. Aye that craigcoozy proved time and time again on Ed’s that he knew sweet FA did he not. Picked up on rumours early on, spat every single one of them out and then shouted “told you so!” on the odd one that came good. Generally spoke a load of balls though.

  37. NorCal Brit Rail are notoriously unreliable, DJG is just telling it like it is dude…

  38. NorCal ToonFan says:
    January 3, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    “Does anyone on here take the train up from London to Newcastle to go to home games? Is it a pretty easy travel arrangement? I’ve not taken rail over there before, so am not familiar. Also, is it possible to do the train up to Newcastle and back to London after the game in the same day? I am sure it is, but I really don’t know.”

    I used to NorCal and yes it possible and fairly easy with no changes, that’s where things can go most wrong. It used to be great with the Great Geordie railway (GNER), but they got rid of them and got National Express instead, who aren’t quite as good. Don’t let that put you off though.

  39. Cheers all. I think we will just be sure to leave with plenty of time to spare. Going back to London is not as big a deal…it’s getting to the game on time that will matter most.

    I just hope this trip happens…I really want to get over there to see a game…it’s been a long time.

  40. WORKY aye hes a good coach along with carver,was there not a falling out with taylor and sven or someone and he was moved out of under 21s,doest seem to be able to do a managers job,his coaching is v.good like

  41. batty…its cos none of you talk any sense, now I’m on the comment box should appear! :lol:

  42. And could someone either write a new thread or sort out the current one with a comment box?

  43. kin ‘el Taylor turned us down. Pity really..

    Step up Johnny Carver…or Bruce Wilking..too scared to head this far north probably.. ?

  44. Hes tuned it down, Shame would have been a decent appointment IMO.

    Rejected by Chris Powell and Peter Taylor in the lower leagues, Ive heard Les Reed and Brian Little are umming and aahing ower it…

  45. It’s always difficult to persuade a manager to go back to being a number 2 even if it is to a prem club…oh well…next!